and i'd like to say i've improved

@tedioza Toma um presentinho por me tolerar o suficiente pra concordar em assistir todos os episódios de South Park comigo (apesar de estamos bem longe da season atual. sigh).
Here’s a small gift for tolerating me enough to agree to watch all South Park episodes with me (even though we’re far from the current season. sigh).

On another note, it’s already been 1 year since the last time i uploaded my art here on tumblr. oops..

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I loved your improv video with Joan, and I'd just like to say that you and Joan have the most beautiful and contagious smiles I've ever seen, so thank you for brightening my day - EJ

Aw I’m so glad!!! And I can definitely see where you’re coming from with Joan’s smile, it makes me smile so much seeing it. Mine is so goofy compared to theirs, tho! Lol

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hi there! first of all, i'd like to say that your art is absolutely incredible, and every time i stumble across it, it gets me inspired to improve (like "gwa!" and "fwoosh!")! one of the things i've been recently struggling with anatomy, which also happens to be one of my favorite things about your art. would you mind doing a anatomy tutorial when you find the time?

noo way you’re so precious!! thank you so much 💕 it makes me super happy that my art inspires you too ;;

and !! i’d love to help but i’m very far from giving anatomy advice (i need to practice so many things). i really don’t want to show others wrong stuff. i can tell you the one thing i do to improve my overall skills though, it’s quick figure drawing!! there are many tutorials about this out there, and many different ways to go at it.

for example i often go to stock photo sites and collect a ton of very dynamic poses, put them next to my canvas, and then i just draw all poses with basic shapes! after a few times repeating them i draw many (like 50, 100 are even better) own poses. i draw a pose in like 15 - 30 seconds (the more poses you draw the faster you get and in the beginning its probably more realistic to aim for a minute? or two? but try to draw many)

they don’t have to be perfect, they should just convey the movement, dynamic and general proportions. i don’t erase bad parts… i just move on to the next pose

ps. i prefer silhouettes because then i can focus on the basic figure and fill in missing parts if needed, and i won’t get too distracted by details

maybe this helps you too i’m right here cheering you on if you need me

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Hey, I just wanted to say I've been following your art for a while (I don't have a tumblr sorry) and your progress as a whole has really inspired me. Recently I've seen your art improve beautifully, i love the little touches you put on them, and your colouring style is ace :33 How you draw the trolls and kids is exactly how I always thought of them, you really brighten up lame days and I'd just like to say thanks for being inspirational to a whole bunch of people :D Have a nice day!! ~(^u^)~