and i' really happy with how this turned out!


I’m finally done with my tiger illustration and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!! :) I really tried to push myself with this one and I think it paid off. I’m excited to hand a few of these out to some artists at ECCC that I’m trying to network with! I was really inspired by @jenbartel ‘s art and really wanted to do some fun, bright colors like she does in her work! :) 

Also, since a few people already suggested/ asked about it; I have made this available on Redbubble

This is @lillotte17‘s doing. General Lavellan AU, as in the happy offshoot where Aili finds a baby. 

Uthvir belongs to @feynites.

Adannar returns to work two years after his second son is born. 

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Some time ago I said I wanted to make some patches. I finally got the materials to do so, and of course my first one would be something fandom related… and that would also explain why I’m still awake at 5am. I’m going to bed, I’ll finish it tomorrow hopefully

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3


Quick Hobby Update!

Last night I finished off the Contemptor Dreadnought for my Horus Heresy Iron Warriors!
This model was a joy to paint, and is probably the most extensively reposed model I’ve ever created (the Betrayal at Calth Contemptor is very static looking in my opinion so I sawed it in half at the waist, repositioned the legs and the arms and did a fair bit of greenstuffing to it).
I’m really pleased with how it had turned out and this marks the completion of my Heresy Iron Warriors Legion army!
I do plan to add mode models to the force over time (as is the case with all my armies) but I’m itching to get on with other projects now so I’ll be calling it complete for the moment.

I’ll be doing a Roundup post later tonight with all the units in the army, keep an eye out for it!

Happy Hobbying!



I was really happy with how the colors and the variants turned out so I had to include them all !

Vampire! McCree waltzing into town or such.

My vampire McCree is most powerful in the sun – at high noon! The weaker the vampire, the less sun they can take. When McCree bites Hanzo in a fit of blood lust, it’s during the day, and It’s the last time Hanzo sees the sun for decades after. 

McCree will never stop feeling guilty for biting him, but selfishly is glad he did in the long run…

please do not repost or share without credit – please contact me if you do share – please do not delete the caption – photoshop cs6 – kyle brush gouache brushes

- toiek


100% crops of my piece for @born-to-make-history-zine , which is now open for preorder! everything looks so so so so beautiful (so much that i had to do a second piece altogether bc i was feeling not up to the standard) so please consider supporting!


Albus and Scorpius waltzing at the annual winter ball!!

(Albus had to drag Scorpius away from the dessert table to do so :p )

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

(@thecelticassassin - Mob in C1!!)

2. blow me while you can


                                          JUNGKOOK X READER

                             SYNOPSIS: Sometimes your boyfriend                                                             is annoying when his dick is hard.

RATING: MATURE                                                                 COUNT: 1,725

“Is that a hamster eating a miniature pie?”

It was the start of the weekend and—naturally—you were watching a video about hamsters eating tiny food on tiny furniture in a tiny house made of popsicle sticks. A bowl of popcorn was situated on your boobs and you were lying comfortably on your dorm bed. Or at least you were until Jungkook all but slammed your door open and alerted your entire floor of his presence.

“I don’t tell you how to live your life, Jungkook,” you supplied, turning your head back to the brightly lit laptop screen.

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Wholesome Week Day 7 - AU OF CHOICE

I was really happy with how this one turned out so I figured I’d post it a little early.


So in this Alternate Universe @moringmark@spatziline and their pet pig move into the Diaz’s neighborhood. The two quickly befriend Star and Marco, and join them on their adventures (with hilarious results). Also, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz love them to bits. Sugaritos are their new favorite food.

“Why is your pig wearing sunglasses?”

“His future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades!”


Oh, Keith… you really don’t wanna know.

Lance singing a happy little tune about all the places and ways he‘d like to do it with Keith 8′‘D

* Suave contra la nave = smooth against the ship
* Duro contra el muro = hard against the wall
* Macizo contra el piso = solid against the floor
* Sin pena en la arena = with no shame on the sand
*Màs feliz con Keith = more happy with Keith

Sorry I got really lazy with the colors orz

THANKS A LOT @the-five-stages-of-feels for suggesting those rhymes and the help with translating and making up a punch line with Keith’ name in it!!!! ♥ uvu
I hope you like how it turned out (and that it somehow makes sense haha)