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Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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You Are The Only One I Want

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin/Reader (She/Her)

Category: Angst, with a little fluff at the end

Words: 2025

Warnings: Swearing, food mentioned, violence mentioned, Eggsy is a little bit beaten up, a little bit of fighting, mention of pain pills

Prompts: “You deserve better.” & “Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

Summary: Eggsy comes home from a rough mission feeling like he is not good enough for his girlfriend.

A/N’s: Wow! So, this is the first reader insert fic that I have ever written. It also happens to be the first thing I’ve ever written that I’ve let anybody read, so please go easy on me. I’d love some constructive criticism, if anyone has any ideas on how I could make my writing any better. Thanks!  I hope you all enjoy.

Originally posted by tarons

             Eggsy hesitated to even go home that night. Part of him wanted to find somewhere else to stay for the night, his mum’s or Roxy’s. His last mission had been rough. He was beaten, bruised, and bloody. This wouldn’t be the first time he had come home to her like this. At this point he knew that she was probably used to it, that she maybe even expected it most nights and he hated that. He hated making her upset or fearful for him. He hated that when he was on a mission, she was stuck home, alone and worrying about his safety. But more than anything, he hated the fact that he was what caused her distress.

             It wasn’t until he reached their apartment building that he realized where his post mission debrief walk had taken him. While completely lost in thought he had made his way back to her. Right back to his incredible Y/N. Right back to the woman he was so helplessly in love with. Even when he was internally debating coming home or not he still found his way back to the girl he considered to be his entire world. ‘I’m never gonna be able to stay away from her.’ He shook his head at this thought.  Eggsy knew that he couldn’t keep doing this to her. He didn’t want to keep doing this to her.

              The brunette continues to stand outside of their building for a few more minutes, just allowing himself a chance to sort out his thoughts. He doesn’t know how long he ended up standing out there. It was not until a man staring down at his cell phone almost knocked him over that he finally decided that it was time to face the music. Taking one last deep breath he walks into the small building, heading straight for the elevator and hitting the button for his floor.

             As he walks down the hallway to their apartment, he sends a small smile to the single mother who lives down the hall and offers to help her bring her groceries inside but she declines with a kind smile and a simple ‘No thanks’. Eggsy stares down at the floor as he continues to walk, slightly disappointed that his plan to procrastinate the conversation he was about to have had failed.  He genuinely didn’t think that his heart could beat any faster than it already was but he is quickly proven wrong once he makes it to the end of the hall and finds himself standing in front of their door.

             The first thing he notices once he steps inside is the sweet smell of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. The familiar scent is almost able to bring a smile to his somber looking face. Y/N always made the delicious treats when she had some spare time before he came home. She had once told him that it was an old family recipe and that her mother always made them for her when she was having a rough day as a kid. A sigh escapes his lips as he hears her footsteps coming down the hall to their bedroom.  He is barely able to set down his bag before she is pulling him into a tight hug. “You’re home! I missed you while you were gone babe!” She says with such relief in her voice that it almost breaks his heart.

             “Hi beautiful. I missed you too.” He replies as he slowly pulls back from her hug to look down at his sweet girlfriend. Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun with a few pieces hanging loose around her face and at the back of her neck and she is already in pajamas. A pair of fluffy polka-dot socks are on her feet. She looks adorable (like always). She gives him a warm smile, but it starts to fade when she notices the gloomy look on his face.

             “What’s wrong Eggy?”

             The old nickname still manages to make him smile. An old reminder of simpler times when they were first introduced and she had – much like many other people he had met – misheard his name. He places a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking into the living room and sitting on their couch. He motions for her to come sit down next to him and takes one more deep breath before he finally begins to say what has been stuck in his mind since his mission ended.

             “I hate making you worry about me.” He’s barely started and the look on her face is already enough to make him want to shut up. The e/c eyed girl sitting next to him looks confused and worried, which makes what he is trying to do so much harder because this, this is exactly what he is trying to stop from happening again. The entire point of what he is saying, what he is doing was to stop himself from making her nervous anymore. He closes his eyes for a second and reminds himself of what has been going through his mind for hours, of all the times he came home and she had bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep. Or of the texts he would get from her, late at night when he was away on a mission. The ones that said things like ‘I hope you’re getting some sleep baby, but I’m still up and I just wanted to check in. Love you.’ or ‘I know you can’t tell me about what’s going on with the mission, but please tell me that you’re doing ok at least.’.

             Eggsy reopens his eyes, but this time instead of looking at her, into her kind eyes, he looks away, towards the coffee table where he sees the plate of her freshly baked cookies and his body completely deflates.  His normally cocky demeanor has been replaced with one of hesitance and resignation. His shoulders are slumped and his jaw is clenched. “You shouldn’t have to spend so much time wondering if I’m gonna come home or not. You shouldn’t be stuck awake all night because you’re thinking about what kind of danger I might be in on my missions.” He glances at the floor next to the couch as he says this and notices JB sitting there with his head tilted to the side, just staring at him, as if he too was wondering what the fuck Eggsy was doing, “I mean fuck sweetheart, you are so incredible, way too good for me. You deserve somebody who can provide you with some sense of stability. Someone who you can count on to come home to you every night. I see how exhausted you are when I get home from a mission and just when you start to get rested again, I get called away. I can’t keep doing this to you.”

             Sometime around when he had said that she was too good for him the h/c haired girl had started slowly shaking her head, looking at him in what he could only describe as pure horror. Before he could continue talking she cut him off, “Eggsy stop! I don’t care about any of that stuff! I know you can’t tell me much about your missions, but I can tell enough to know that what you do is incredibly important. You go out there and you put yourself in danger to protect other people. I will never ever be angry at you for that, for how brave that makes you baby. I would choose you over some normal picket fence life any day. It’s not even a question.”

             For the first time in minutes Eggsy looks up at her, into her e/c eyes. He is no longer able to continue to try to stay strong and Y/N can see the tears in his green eyes. Letting out a deep breath he mumbles, barely loud enough to hear, “You deserve better.”

             At this the normally collected girl bolts out of her seat next to him and throws her hands in the air before crying out, “You know what! Maybe I do, but even if that is somehow true I don’t want better! I want you!” She takes a deep breath and lowers herself to a kneeling position in front of him and gently places her hands on his knees, “I don’t care what kind of baggage comes along with you. I will gladly put up with any of it if it means that I still get to be with you and cuddle with you and love you! I love you Eggsy and I can’t stand the idea of not being your girl anymore. So please, if you genuinely believe that I would in any way be better off without you then do whatever the hell you have to get that thought out of your head!”

               The boy on the couch stares down at her and lets out a sob before collapsing forward onto the floor next to her. He clumsily pulls her towards him and hides his face into the curve of her shoulder and she carefully maneuvers herself into his lap and wraps her arms around him and for the first time since he got home she is able to truly take him in. She notices the bruises running along his cheek bones and the one surrounding his left eye. She can only imagine the bruises that lay under his suit which is now getting wrinkled by their position. After a moment, she carefully pulls away from him and rubs her thumb over his split lip.

             “Now babe please, you’re hurt. Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

             He nods while staring into her eyes and allows then both to stand up. He sits down on the couch while she rubs her hand carefully over his face one more time before she walks into the kitchen and grabs a few ice packs as well as some pain meds and water. Once he has taken the pills she sends him to get changed into some comfier clothing and grabs them both a glass of milk before sitting down on the couch and turning on the tv. She puts on some random sitcom while she waits for him to come back and finally allows herself to process everything that has just happened.

             When Eggsy walks back into the room she is just staring at the coffee table, completely lost in her own thoughts and he has to call out her name to get the girl to look up at him. He had changed into an old sweater and some sweatpants. When she does finally look up at him, he looks concerned and she gives him a small smile to let him know that she is ok before moving over slightly so that he can sit down next to her. Once he is comfortable on the couch beside her, she hands him the ice packs and the milk before reaching forward and grabbing the plate of cookies. They each grab a few and he places his arm on the couch behind her head, allowing the girl to rest against his side. He smiles after he takes his first bite of cookie and kisses her on the forehead, quietly telling her how much he loves her and her cookies.

             “I’m glad,” she says before joking, “I make them with love.”

             He chuckles. They spend the next few hours on the couch and they eventually end up laying down, him behind her, stomach and chest pressed up against her back. As the night goes on and they both begin to get sleepier and sleepier he begins to rub his hand up and down her arm. Just as she begins to drift off she turns her head to look at him and says, quietly, “You are right about me being terrified to lose you during a mission, but what scares me even more is the idea that you might leave me voluntarily.”

             He presses a kiss to her nose and gently tells her, “Don’t worry love. I ain’t going anywhere. I promise.”

@kurtwxgners Thanks for letting me tag you and I hope that you like it!


Requsts: “Can you do one for Klaus where he’s obliviously in love with virgin reader and when he leaves town, she’s upset about why. Bestie Stefan comforts her and she ends up riding his face. Klaus finds out,gets upset, returns to show her what she’s missing?” (Not really smutty even though it should be, but there are places where you can gather enough info to literally imagine it. I just couldn’t picture this one as smutty, just more like a drama. It was still fun to write!)

The anxiety building up to the point where Klaus broke your heart made you realize how lucky you were to be oblivious. You just wished you could go back to the days where guys wouldn’t break your heart. Where they wouldn’t make you fall in love with them and then crush you. You were an oblivious nineteen year old girl who fell for Klaus Mikaelson, you let this happen. If you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have to deal with this heart ache. ‘My past promises to keep you with me no matter the destination has brought me to realize your safety is key and not just my needs for you to be by my side. I have to let you go, Y/N.’

Just thinking about the way he was talking to you. He was hurt which made his normally bubbly and happy toned accent sound dreary and cold. You hated goodbyes, and it didn’t matter what they were about. Especially when somebody said goodbye to you. Somebody you loved. Repeating his voice in your head made you feel like he was right next to you, you could feel him there. But when you opened your eyes, he wasn’t there. You opened your eyes to the front door of the boarding house where your best friend Stefan lived.

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Rose Thorns {BBH}

Description: You still loved him, even with the scars he left on your skin with his thorns.

Genre: Angst / Smut

Word Count: 5,107

Warning: Smut, mentions of death

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader (feat. Junmyeon/mentions of Jongdae and Chanyeol)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

Originally posted by baeksilisk

You remembered the day you met him like it was yesterday. You had just happened to be so lucky as to find yourself in the same coffee shop. It was cliche, really, what happened between the two of you. Fortunately, he almost spilled his coffee on your shirt and you avoided it.

You still caught his attention.

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♡ BTS Reaction: Your Birthday!

Back with another reaction! Thank you for all the notes on my very first reaction like holy cow that was a lot! So this is BTS reaction (more like what they would do) on your birthday, I hope you like this! If it’s your birthday today, happy birthday :)

♡ Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by ijjungkook

You wake up to the familiar aroma making your mouth water. “I wonder what Jinnie is doing so early?” You lazily get up the soft bed you wished to stay on forever and tiptoe to the kitchen. 

Jin was standing in front of the stove shirtless with an apron, shorts and wearing his soft slippers. He hummed to a tune that was playing from the radio. You quietly wrap your arms around his shoulders shocking him. “Y/N? Darn it you ruined the surprise! I was going to make you breakfast in bed!” He pouted leaving the spatula on the table as he turned to you. “Here try some. Say ahh” He spoon feeds you a bit of the food which tasted amazingly delicious.

“Y/N where’s your other sock? Gosh you’re so cute.” He chuckles at your carelessness leaning in for a kiss. He coos in your ear, “Tonight, we’re going to watch an old romantic movie and I’ll be making you you’re favorite dishes. It’s going to be so fun and just wait until bedtime..” You blush at his alluring words, “Other than that happy birthday Y/N…” 

♡ Min Yoongi

Originally posted by sugakookie

You excitedly perk yourself up wearing the nicest outfit and fragrance getting ready to what Yoongi has to offer on your birthday. You didn’t really have a clue to what he has planned but that made it even more intriguing. You saw that he was laying on the couch waiting for you. “Yoongi.. guess what today is?”  He turns around and his face melted at your presence. “Wow babe, you’re perfect… “ His eyes were fixated on your body and you literally had to snap your fingers to get him back to reality.

“Oh shit.. ” He quickly grabs a rose that he was hiding and hands it to you.  “You know I didn’t really have anything planned for the day but I sure know what I’m going to do with you tonight..”

You were a bit upset that he didn’t plan anything and you felt like your prepping up was a waste of time, but having him react that way around you turned you on. He suddenly pulls your waist and begins to suck on your neck leaving hickies on your body. “Ahh Yoongi..” He looks into your eyes wanting you like ever. “For this night I’ll do anything you want Y/N, it’s your birthday after all…”

♡ Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by boo-t-s

Hoseok would gladly show you off in front of the members as their jaws dropped in awe. “Yeah this girl is mine,” He grinned.

He takes you to a fancy restaurant in his nice car handing you flowers in advance. You enter the elegant place and he had already managed to reserve a fancy table near the windows that showcased the beautiful night sky. He would be all gentleman like, grasping your waist, pulling the chair out for you and kissing your hand while on the table. “You’re so precious Y/N, my treasure. I hope that you enjoy this gift.”

All of the sudden a couple of waiters and waitresses come out of nowhere and place a small birthday cake in front of you with candles. They begin to chant the birthday song, Hoseok would loudly sing the song for the whole world to hear. Right after they finish the song, you blew the candles out. “Y/N what did you wish for?”  You cutely poke at his nose, his lips curl in response, “That’s right.. I’m you’re gift… Just wait until the next present I have for you…”

♡ Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by sugaswagdaddy

“Joonie where are we going?” Namjoon had blindfolded during the ride and he carefully walked you to where he was taking you. You had to rely on your other senses and guess what he was doing. You heard a door creak open and the fragrance of roses, chocolate and wine filled the air. You tried to squint under the blindfold seeing darkness and a tint of yellow glowing lights. “Alright Y/N here we are..” He removes the blindfold and you gasp in surprise.

It was a fancy hotel room lit with candles and dim lighting, rose petals leading to the bed and a jacuzzi, a basket of tiny chocolate treats and a wine bottle accompanied with two wine glasses. Although it was a bit cliche you couldn’t help but to marvel at the work he had done for your special day. He stepped right in front of you confidently showing off the room.

“Baby I hope you’re ready cause you’re obviously not going to be sleeping tonight…” He winks and slowly wraps his hands around your waist giving your ass a squeeze before sinking his lips into yours.

♡ Park Jimin

Originally posted by pinkjuho

Jimin gently held onto your hand as you stroll around at an amusement park holding balloons. He would take a bunch of selfies with you using different filters while waiting for a ride. “Chim-chim I want that bear!” You point at a giant stuffed teddy bear that was available to get as a prize. Jimin cracked his knuckles ready to play the game of ring toss. 

“Yay! You did it!” You enthusiastically clap as he hands you the stuffed bear. “Here you go my princess.” You give him a peck on the cheek while he tries to contain the redness of his cheeks. The last ride you both take was the ferris wheel. The wheel took you high up to where it felt like touching the clouds. You raise your arms up high and he couldn’t help but to smile at your childlike behavior.

“Y/N I really hope that today was the best, was it the best?” He playfully whimpered as you lean on his chest. “Jimin, today was awesome! I love you!” Your lips glide onto his as he pulled you closer. He looked into you, eyes suddenly filled with lust. You knew that this night wasn’t going to be over.

♡  Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by vonderly

For your birthday, Taehyung took you to a shopping mall filled with the most expensive stores out there. “Y/N I didn’t expect that you buy so many things.” He struggled to carry all the shopping bags from the many stores. “You told me that I could spend as much as I want, be careful what you say!” You giggle while looking for another store.

You spotted a store that caught his eyes. You turn to look back at him and smirk knowing what you really want. You went inside as odors of perfume filled your senses. “Y/N, you’re going to buy lingerie?” His face flushed in red. “Why not Tae? Even though it’s my birthday I want to give you something in return later..” You purr throwing a thong at his face.

He quickly flings it away trying not to squirm at the undies. Taehyung’s face buries onto your neck while he stood behind you. You felt his already hard bulge poking at your ass. Taehyung’s low whisper creeps up to your ear, “Mmm I can’t wait Y/N..”

♡  Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by nochujungkookie

You sigh in pleasure as Jungkook’s palms massage your shoulders. You sat in a hot steamy bath tub filled with foam and bubbles floating in the air. Jungkook sat right behind you giving you a very pleasant massage. Today was dedicated for you, no responsibilities just relaxation. “Mmm Kookie that feels amazing..” His hands knead on your body harder making the sensation feel even more pleasurable.

“Y/N you like that?” You nod in approval, he chuckles at what he was doing to you. You feel his lips caress at the nape of your neck sending shivers down your spine. He lifts your arm out of the water and traces along the lines of your palm, making you feel at ease. “Jungkook you’re making me feel good..”

His deep chuckle made you weak, “Y/N that’s what I’m aiming for here.” He gets up and makes his way to the door, “Now I’ll leave you alone to bathe, meanwhile I’ll be preparing something for my birthday girl…” His cheeky yet sly smile indicated that his “something” was going to make this day the best day of the year.

Long story short: they all end with sex lol. I’m so emotional rn like I’ve been reading old/new fan theories and meanings to stuff they put out and it makes me so happy and proud that most of what they show to us ARMY’s is how much they love us/our support and inspirational messages. Anyway I hope you guys like this one! (some feedback would be greatly appreciated :)  I really need to finish my fanfic omg procrastination much?

A Night Alone (Jaewon Smut)

Originally posted by minoswhore


POV: First

Rated M (Mature)

Kinks: None

Admins: Nari and Zion

I zipped up my suitcase and looked up at myself in the mirror. I groaned at the sight of a lock of hair being out of place and set it back into place. Tonight was a special occasion and I didn’t want to look like a mess. This was the one night where I could finally be alone with my boyfriend of three years, Jaewon or otherwise known by his stage name of One. He was always busy with something and it took away so much precious time to the point where he seemed like a stranger.

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Sammy’s Gotcha

gif is not mine

Title: Sammy’s Gotcha

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,078

Warnings: injured reader, fluff

A/N: This was requested by three different people (all anon). I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

For the past week you had been incredibly stressed.  You never gave yourself time to relax.  There was no time to relax, or so you thought.  Realistically, there was time to relax, but you never did.  You wanted to keep going.  You were afraid that if you slowed down your thoughts and feelings would catch up to you.  The thoughts that stopped you for a whole week only two months ago.  It was as if your whole world as going to crash down around you once again.

Sam was always there by your side through it all.  He never failed to see the signs that things were getting bad again.  Sam saw the way you blocked them out.  Sam noticed how you didn’t sleep at night.  He could see that it was only a matter of time before you would snap.

Unfortunately, that day happened to be today.  After the three of you returned to the bunker, you went straight to your room.  Sam and Dean watched you with concerned eyes.  Dean thought it was best to let you work it out yourself, but that’s not how Sam felt.  Sam kept a reasonable distance behind you as you walked to your room.  Sam could hear your sniffles as they echoed off of the hallway walls.  

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Request: Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending of that makes any sense 🤗

Pairing: BuckyXReader

Warnings: Swearing, Self-Hate, 

A/N: This took so long to write because my Dog wanted my attention so who was I to say no? Plus I had to study for finals :p any who I hope everybody enjoys!!!! <3


It wasn’t anything new. You hated looking in mirrors. Your reflection would show just what you wanted to forget about yourself. As a kid you had your fair share of bullies and not the greatest of friends at times…. Than you grew up and started working for the Avengers, you were excited to work for them and befriend them, that is until you actually met everybody. All of the Avengers were extremely attractive, and Wanda and Natasha, they are great friends but theywere drop dead gorgeous, and you just couldn’t see anything in yourself.

You groaned it was only 5 AM and your thoughts were already like this. You rolled out of bed giving up on the idea of sleep. Your feet hit the cold floor, “Hmm nobody should be awake yet.” you say walking to your door and sneaking out. Not that you would get introuble or anything, but your hair was a mess, you didn’t have any makeup on yet, and your attire was shorts and a tanktop you looked like crap, but you really wanted to get your day started.

When you got to the kitchen you started a pot of coffee and grabbed some bread to make some toast. That is until you heard two voices coming towards you, you quickly ducked behind the counter and hid. Yes this as childish but once you heart who the voice was, you were grateful for the cover.

“Steve, I don’t want to go to one of Stark’s parties, I never have any fun at those things.” Bucky groans. 
“Come on Buck, just this once?” Steve asks despirtely. You knew Steve had been trying to get Bucky to open up and become more social. It was apart of the “healing” process. SO Steve was trying to get the old Bucky to come out of him. 
“Fine but no trying to set me up or anything like that I mean what if_ Wait why is the coffee machine on?” Bucky asks. You curse yourself for not turning it off, you decided to get up even though you didn’t want to. Once you poped up Steve and Bucky both jumped. 

“Hey guys sorry.” you say not even looking at them, you knew you looked like crap, and just Bucky seeing you like this made you feel even more insecure about yourself. 

“God, what were you doing over there?” Steve asks. You shrugged
“I didn’t know who was coming.” you state still not looking up at them. 
“So you hid?” Bucky says chuckling a little, you felt your face heat up. ‘Stupid’ you thought. Little did you know that Bucky thought it was adorable.

“Well_um_ I’m going to go.” you say practically running out of there. When you got into your room you saw a glimpse of your reflection, “Great, I looked like shit.” you say falling onto your bed. You had gained a major crush on Bucky, but why would he ever like you back? Especially when he could have girls like Natasha and Wanda, you had seen the girls that would throw themselves at the boys. So why would Bucky ever want to choose you?

2 hours later. After getting yourself at least decent. You walked into the gym where the team was training. You hated going to the gym with the entire team. But_ everybody had invited you time and time again. Plus you got to see Bucky working out, so you started coming regularly, you never stayed as long as the team and you mainly stayed out of everybodies way. You looked over to see Bucky sparing with Sam, you couldn’t help but stare as Bucky all but destroyed Sam. 

“You know you could take a picture it would last longer.” Natasha says smirking, you looked down than walked over to the weights,
“I don’t know what your talking about.” you say shyly. 
“If I have to watch you pine over a certain Super Soldier for one more day than I am going to scream. Why not just go for it?” Natasha asks, you had to hold back your scoff, of course she would say that, you loved Natasha but she was so confident and beautiful of course she didn’t have to deal with insecurites. 
“Why would he go out with me?” you ask in practically a whisper (instead of starting a fight that you knew would blow up in your face.)

“I say you just need to go for it Y/n, I mean what’s the worse that could happen?” Natasha asks and smiles. 
“He could hear me.” you say and Natasha giggles, 
“Look, you might be suprised about Barnes. Ok.” Natasha says and you nodded “Just come to the party tonight, and come all dolled up okay!” Natasha says, you normally didn’t go tot the parties, you didn’t see any point in them, it’s not like you really would have anything to do there, and the girls that Stark invited were like models, you didn’t want to be pictured up with them. 
“FIne I’ll come. But only for a little.” you say shrugging your arms. 
“Well since your coming, how about you come shopping with me and Wanda later on today?” Nat asks smiling at you. You wanted to say no but you knew Natasha only meant well so you nodded in agreement.

5 hours later: You were at the store with Nat and Wanda looking through the hundreds of dresses that were in display before you. 

“So? I heard that Bucky Barnes was going to be attending the party tonight.” Wanda says slowly peaking over at you for a reaction which you gladly didn’t give to her. 
“Yeah, I heard Steve and him talking about it this morning.” you say pulling out a blue strapless dress, you knew Natasha or Wanda would could pull this off but you weren’t too confident in your own appearance in this.
“I love that dress Y/n, you should go try it on!” Wanda squeals in excitment, you nodded and decided it wouldn’t hurt just trying it on. 

As you made your way to the dressing room you saw Nat and Wanda still looking at dresses. You sighed and went into the chaning room, slipping out of your everyday clothes you didn’t look in the mirror, before putting the dress on. You didn’t look half bad. 
“Hey Y/n don’t come out yet me and Nat want to get changed than we’ll all see each other in the dresses.” Wanda says excited, you giggled knowing you did this as a teenager with your friends. You waited until the two were ready than stepped out. Wanda had grabbed a beautiful red dress, she looked amazing in it, than your eyes roamed over to Natasha, who as luck would have it was in the same dress you were wearing.
“Oh! I didn’t see you grab this dress Y/n here you can have it.” Nat said smiling at you. 
“Oh no! You can have it. It looks much better on you than it does on me.” you say nodding, which wasn’t a lie it seemed the dress you thought looked alright on you looked perfect on her. Of course.
“I think I already have a dress at home that I could wear, than I won’t have to spend money.” you say smiling trying to get the two girls to stop looking at you in confusion.
By the end of the shopping trip Nat had gotten the dress after you persuaded her to, and Wanda had tried on 3 different dresses before deciding on one, and you went home empty handed. 

5 hours later.
Yes you had taken 2 hours to get ready but you felt a little more confident than usual. You had done your make up and it ended up looking really good, you wore a beautiful black dress that you had been saving for a special ocasion. “Well this is as good as it gets.” you say smiling, the party started 10 minutes ago, that’s when your phone went off

Nat: ‘Y/n where are you? You said you would come.’
Y/n: ‘I just finished getting ready. I’ll be down in a minute.’

You text back checking on your appearance one more time before making your way to the elvator. 
“You can do this, I mean maybe Bucky won’t even be there.” you say stepping into the elevator. 

When you got to the party you instantly became extremely insecure, and would have probably turned around if it hadn’t been for Nat seeing you, 
“Y/n! Come over here!” Nat yelled our waving you over. 
You made your way over not looking up at anybody as you made your way to Natasha and Wanda. 

“Hey Y/n! You look amazing, any special reason?” Wanda asks an eyebrow raised. You felt your cheeks heat up than looked up and around for a certain somebody. 

And that’s when you saw it. Bucky was standing next to another girl. 
She was blonde and very thin. She was wearing a tight black dress and was standing so close to Bucky that you probably could barley fit a peice of paper there. 
You felt your eyes sting. No Bucky wasn’t your boyfriend, and no he probably had no clue that you even liked him. But it still hurt. 

“um_ I’m actually not feeling well.” you say smiling at the girls, “So I think I’m going to head back up.” and before anybody could stop you, you were gone. 

Bucky’s POV:

At the gym: I had been sparring with Sam when Y/n had walked in. I was trying to stay focused while I saw Nat go over and start talking with her. While I was watching them walk over to the weights Sam knocked me down. 

“You weren’t paying attention.” Sam frowned then looked around, “oh I see why Y/n came to the gym today.” Sam chuckles.
I had gained a crush on Y/n after she was hired. She was always so understanding and amazing, but I never had the guts to ask her out or anything because_ well I’m just not the same man I used to be, and who would want to be with a guy like me? 
“Shut up birdbrain.” I mummble back checking to make sure Y/n hadn’t seen me get knocked over by Sam she hadn’t and I was glad. Soon after Y/n left the gym Nat came over to me. 
“Hey Barnes, you’re coming to the party tonight right?” Nat asks smirking at me. I nodded. 
“But I probably won’t stay for very long.” I said, I never liked Stark’s parties, it just didn’t seem right to be with so many people I didn’t know or care about I would usually go and join during the cool down or after party that only the Avengers were ever at. 
“Good I’ll see you there than.” Nat says before skipping out.

At lunch: “Where are the girls?” I asked, Y/n, Wanda, and Nat seemed to be missing.
“Oh they went dress shopping for the party tonight.” Clint says sitting down with his sandwich. 
“Y/n is going?” I ask and Clint nods, before taking a bite of his sandwich.
“Yeah, Nat was telling me that she had convinced her in the gym to come to the party.” Tony says sitting next to Bruce who was eating his own lunch while reading something off of his phone. 
“Why? Hmm Barnes?” Sam asks smirking at me. 
“No reason just wanted to know.” I mumble before Steve walks in with a smile on his face. 
“Hey guy’s how’s everything going?” he asks sitting down next to me.

At the Party: 

I had walked in with Steve who liked to be on time to anything and everything. 
“Hey Steve!” Sharon yelled out Steve nodded and walked over to talk to her. “This is my friend Abby, the one I was telling you about.” 

“oh well this is Bucky, my friend.” Steve said, I scowled at him I knew he would do this even if I had begged for him not to. He was trying to get the old Bucky back, and I tried for his sake also but the flirting part wasn’t coming to me at all, and it didn’t help that I liked someone at the moment who I didn’t know how to approach. 

“Hi I’m Abby.” the blonde said smiling a little too wide. 
“Bucky.” I said nodding. Soon Steve and Sharon left, leaving me and Abby alone. 

“So what’s it like working as an Avenger?” she asks stepping closer to me. 
I awkwardly stepped away, “It’s good i guess.” The night carried on like this where Abby would try to “flirt” with me and I didn’t know what to do, overall I was uncomfortable, and wanted the night to end. 

And that’s when Y/n walked in, she wore a black dress and nude heels, her hair was done up in an updo. She looked amazing.
“So what do you think?” Abby asks pulling my attention from Y/n back to her. She had stepped closer to me again.
“Um What? Sorry I’m a little tired right now I think I’m going to go.” I say while Abby looked upset, I looked around and saw Sam who made eye contact with me than nodded.
He walked over to Abby and asked her if she wanted to get a drink with him. “You owe me.” he mumbled before taking her over to the bar.
I sighed out of relief than turned back to see Nat and Wanda but no Y/n, I looked around for Y/n but she was no where to be seen. That is until I saw her practically running towards the exit, and from what it looked like she was crying.

Y/n POV: 

You got into your room and slid down the door no longer holding back the tears, “Stupid, I’m so stupid. Why would he even like me. When he could have a girl like  her.” you said to yourself, taking your hair out of the updo that had taken you an hour to do. You walked over to your bathroom and saw your makeup running down your face, you took your heels off and than the dress trading it for a stained tank top and some shorts. 

You than heard your door open, “Y/n?” you heard Bucky’s voice fill your room. 
“Hey Y/n you in here?” he asks and you felt yourself panicking as you heard his footsteps get closer. You turned around so your weren’t facing the door, when he got there. “Hey. Are you okay Y/n?” he asks, and you held back your sob. 
“Yeah Buck I’m fine you should go back to the party.” you say holding the tears back. 
“Y/n look at me.” he said and you slowly obeyed. You hated that you looked like this but he was already taken so what was the point of caring about what you looked like infront of him now? 

“See I knew you weren’t okay.” he says softly, “what up?” 

“I just_ you know what it’s nothing.” you say turning around again, but before you could Bucky had grabbed your shoulder stopping you from turning around. 
“You can talk to me.” Bucky says nodding, 

“No Bucky I can’t. Okay. You wouldn’t understand.” you sob, “I don’t like the way I look, I think I’m ugly, and for some odd reason whenever I’m with you those insecurities become more of a reality to me. Because I really like you, and I tried tonight to push past that but than I saw you with the blonde girl that was all over you and_” you stopped talking once you realized that you had just exploded about everything with Bucky standing right there. 
“Wait are you saying that your_ no y/n, Abby she_ Abby was just one of Steve’s stupid set ups that I didn’t want. Ok listne to me. I like you, alot.” you look up at Bucky than shake your head. 
“Bucky don’t play with me.” you say sternly. 
“Y/n I’m not okay. The reason I never acted upon my feelings were because well I thought you would never like me because of my_ well my past and my arm.” Bucky says softly. You stood there in shock. He thought you wouldn’t accept him?

“Y/n, you are not ugly, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. I mean I wasn’t paying any attention to Abby once you walked in.” Bucky says taking your face into his hands. “Y/n out of all of the girls I know, you are the most prettiest, beautiful, amazing girl.” Bucky says leaning his forehead onto yours, 
“I don’t believe you.” you say wanting to push away but not being able to. Bucky shook his head than chuckled to himself, you had a tear running down your face and he pushed it away with his thumb. He than leaned down and kissed your lips softly. He than moved to wher you could feel his hot breath on your ear, “Now do you believe me?” he asks smiling.

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Hi, may I request a first time scenario with Woozi?

“What’s up?” you asked Jihoon as you walked into the living room after a nice lunch you had had with a few of your friends.

“Nothing much,” Jihoon answered coldly, keeping his eyes locked on his phone when you talked to him. He had finally had the chance to sleep over at your place, staying in bed when you had left somewhat early to go meet up with your friends. He had been fine last night when he had come - he was his usual self making funny comments and holding you close without saying much. You had no idea what had gotten to him to make him like this.

“Sure…” you answered, not willing to bother with him right now, you had time. So, you decided to give your friend who couldn’t make it today, a call. A call during which Jihoon could not take his eyes off of you, glancing at your direction every few minutes, probably thinking that you wouldn’t notice.

He watched your lips move as you talked, the plump and soft look of them driving him nuts, his imagination running wild. He imagined kissing them at first, which was sweet, but the more you bit them and the more you ran your hands through your hair - his thoughts were getting carried away from that sweet thought to something different. In his mind, your pretty little lips were wrapped around his cock, taking him as deep as you could, nearly choking. Fuck that turned him on.

Jihoon sneakily placed his hand on his crotch, feeling the already building heat and growing erection in his pants. He kept a straight face as he stared at you talking on the phone, completely missing everything you said, merely just focusing on your movements that somehow got him so worked up.

Maybe it was that he hadn’t had any release in a while and the sexual tension between the two of you had just been growing consistently during the month that you had been dating but never coming to a release. He had felt tense ever since the morning - waking up to your ass pressing against his crotch, inevitably causing him to have an erection which he had tried to deal with for the time you were gone but failing, as he needed you. His hand could only do so much.

You noticed Jihoon taking a pillow from the couch and strategically placing it on his lap, his hand following underneath the pillow in no time. This happened quite early on during your call, which made you exaggerate your movements a lot more, making sure to give him a show.

After you ended your call, Jihoon was surprisingly quick to take action. He got up from the couch, not even caring that his bulge was visible. He walked up to you, your face revealing your amusement. “So, this was a plan of yours all along?” He asked, catching up on you as soon as he saw your expression. You nodded with a laugh, telling him that you had also noticed his business under the pillow.

He leaned in slowly, pressing his lips to yours as his eyes fluttered shut, pulling you as close as he possibly could.

The kiss wasn’t needy or desperate, contrary to your expectations, his lips soft and gentle against yours as he sucked and nibbled on your bottom lip, your hands wrapping around his neck as you tilted your head, attempting to deepen the kiss. You wanted more - that had been your plan all along.

His tongue slid into your mouth, twirling with your as he squeezed you tightly in his embrace. Though he didn’t want to pull away, he needed to take deep breaths as he started to notice his excitement getting too much for both of you.  He breathed in slowly, gently placing his lips on the side of your neck in the meantime, making his way down slowly as he nibbled and bit your skin softly.

You turned your head, allowing him more access as your hands ran through his hair, his hands following lower as well, grabbing a handful of your ass. “Bedroom?” he asked in a mumble, and you answered by nodding, breathing heavily as he continued to kiss and nibble your soft skin, but also as you started feeling nervous about what was to come.

“So we are doing this?“ You panted softly, feeling him smile against your neck as he knew you were getting nervous. “Only if you’re up for it, you tease,” he said quietly, letting you sit on the edge of the bed.  “I’ll stop here if you want me to. I don’t want to make you feel pressured, okay?” He said gently, a slight worry apparent in his voice.

You squeezed his hand on your thigh softly, shaking your head as a shy smile spread on your lips. “Stop staring then and help me get this off,” you said finally and already began stripping out of your clothes. He blinked softly, a smirk appearing on his face soon after pressing a light kiss on your hand. “Gladly,” he answered.

Your hands started wandering over his chest, wanting to get rid of his clothes in the process as well. Jihoon’s hands caressed your back in search of your bra hooks, a grunt in triumph emerging from his mouth as he found it and tried to unclasp it, making you giggle. “I got it,” you whispered and unclasped it for him, letting your bras fall on your lap.

You fell backwards to lie on the bed, gesturing him to take off his shirt before he would continue stripping you. He sighed softly, pulling the black shirt off over his head, revealing his milky skin, his lightly defined tummy and visible happy trail causing you to bite your lip.

He noticed your expression and smiled to himself, throwing his shirt somewhere on the bedroom floor. He then helped you get out of your pants, throwing them somewhere with his shirt. After that, he rose to stand up from the floor after kneeling down in front of you and just scanned over your body, his eyes hungry.

“You,” he began, caressing every curve your body up to your waist, “Are so beautiful..”

You felt yourself blush as his hands rose up to your chest, caressing your breasts. He then wasted no time in getting his pants off and crawling on top of you, still caressing your breasts. He looked at you, as if asking for permission and when you bit your lip, he knew he had it. Jihoon kissed the skin of your breast softly, playing with the other one as his mouth worked the other, swirling and nibbling on your nipple softly.

You moaned quietly, eyes fluttering shut as you ran a hand through his hair, pulling him even closer, as his mouth feeling amazing against your skin. He repeated his action with the other breast, nibbling and sucking wherever his lips could reach as his hands travelled down your torso, slender fingers tracing random patterns against your skin.

“Jihoon,” you murmured, “please stop teasing me.”

He looked up at you, pulling away from you as he smirked. “Says you who teased me first.”

You whined softly, sliding your hand from his hair to cup his cheek and kiss his lips before he got off from top of you to slide down your panties down your thighs and doing the same with removing his own boxers. His erection sprung free as he wrapped his hand around his shaft, hissing at his own touch. He was so damn sensitive.

He propped himself above you again, and aligned himself with your entrance. Jihoonw as clearly controlling himself, moving slowly and making sure you would feel as little pain as possible. You felt a slight burn when he pushed inside of you but overall, the pleasure outdid the pain by far.

“Oh my god!” You cried out when he rocked his hips into you the first time, the pain becoming much worse suddenly. Jihoon stopped moving immediately, breathing heavily. He saw tears forming at the corners of your eyes, wiping them away with his thumb. “I’m so sorry Y/N,” he murmured, previous smile turned into a pout. You dug your fingers into his forearm, a silent message that you wanted him to keep going. He kissed you softly in attempt to alleviate the pain you were feeling, and to some extent, it was helping, his soft lips keeping you distracted from the pain that quite quickly faded.

The feeling was foreign, but good nonetheless as you squeezed your eyes shut. As you got a little braver and as he relaxed more, you both started letting out moans and whimpers as you went along. He grunted as he continued to thrust in you, eyes locked with yours as he pecked your cheeks occasionally.

“You feel so good,” Jihoon said with a shaky breath, eyes tightly shut. You moaned his name unwillingly, unable to say anything else. Your hands were tgripped in his hair, your grip tightening as you began to feel the know in your stomach building up, squirming underneath him. Jihoon couldn’t help but to cuss a little, feeling how your heat was pulsating around his cock.

“Jihoon, I -“

“I know,” he panted, head buried in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses (and probably hickies) on your skin, “I am too.”

His panting got louder and he whispered a few dirty things in your ear, making you shiver. He then began thrusting  a bit faster in you, sliding his hand between your sweaty bodies, pressing his index finger against your swollen clit, gently rolling it under his finger. The pleasure was all too much and before you knew it, you came, crying out in mere pleasure as Jihoon reached his climax as well, his release ending up on your lower stomach.

He was breathless, mumbling your name as he came down from his high. He then flopped to your side, taking your face into his hands and pulling you in for a kiss. “That was amazing,” he said in awe, not knowing what else to say.

You were in a similar situation, you didn’t know what to say. You had never felt such pleasure and now that it was over, you felt almost empty and if something, very tired.

But Jihoon took care of that, as he slowly pulled you closer to his body, wanting you to do the final move yourself, and you did. You rolled close to Jihoon, throwing your leg across his body and finding a comfortable position in his arms.

“Thank you,” you whispered and he repeated the words and although you couldn’t see his expression, you could hear his smile through his breath. “How about we take a nap,” you suggested and yawned and Jihoon complied, closing his eyes and stroking up and down your arm until you both fell asleep for a short while.

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Teach Me To Love (G Dragon Mafia!au/Soulmate!au Fic) Chapter 14

Warnings: None

Characters, Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13 Ch. 14

Days went by and all you saw of Ji were passing glances; he looked angry, determined, and tired…

“But Miss Y/L/N, we already have preparations for dinner in the-” 

“And I said I was going to make ox tail soup…is that an issue?” you questioned, cutting off the cook before you continued pulling items out of the refrigerator.

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Hurt Me, Not Him- Imagine

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Human!Reader

Warning: swearing, slight gore, slight nudity, i think that’s it??

Word Count: 1238

Summary: Klaus kidnaps you and Damon comes to save you

You groaned as you came back to consciousness. The pain in your neck throbs as you pick your head up from off your shoulder.

“Oh look, she is awake.” You open your eyes and look right into the face of Klaus. You flinch away, only to be restrained. You look up and realize you are dangling from the ceiling, your feet just barely touching the floor.

“Damon? Where’s Damon” You spat at him, “I was with him last night.” Klaus eyes gleamed even more and he couldn’t keep the smile off his lips. “Well, love, the last time I saw him he was lying on the floor of his bedroom suffering from a broken neck.” You gasped and tried pulling yourself from the roof, although you know it was useless. Even if you could escape, Klaus is a hybrid and would catch up with your human speed in no time.

You couldn’t help letting a few tears slip down your cheeks. Klaus reached out and swiped them away. You pulled yourself up and kicked him in the chest, “Get away from me! You stay away from me, you monster!” Instead of getting angry like you expected, he burst out laughing.

“You know when Damon said you were a fighter, I wasn’t expecting much, you know, from a human, but I am impressed.” He approached you, clasping a hand around your throat, bringing his face in close to yours, “Maybe we can have some fun of our own.”

“Get your filthy hybrid paws off of her.” You hear from the door. You didn’t try to stop the tears from falling. Damon stood there, a murderous look etched on his face. He took a step towards Klaus and Klaus released you and advanced toward Damon.

“We’re a little busy right now, Damon, why don’t you come back later.” Damon took another step forward, as if he were challenging Klaus. “Not without her, I would rather die here than leave you alone with her.”

“Well, mate, that can be arranged, besides you interrupted us.” He stalked back over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. Damon let out a growl and only ceased approaching when Klaus threaded his fingers through your hair and tilted your head, allowing your throat to come into view. You let out a sob, trying to free your hands, trying to escape this monster. You felt your heartbeat racing, loudly throbbing. Klaus taking no time to point it out to Damon.

“Now, Damon, do you think that’s from fear or excitement? It’s beating so fast, it might burst.”

Damon had exhausted his options, “Please Klaus, just let her go, she has nothing to do with this…” he swallowed loudly, “I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Klaus burst out laughing still holding you, his laughter causing you to shake harder.

Klaus released you and stalked towards Damon, wrapping a strong hand around his throat and looking deeply into his eyes, compelling him.

“I want you to undress her, slowly.” Damon growled and with stiff motions walked toward you. It was clear he was trying to fight what he had just been commanded to do, but your life was at stake and he would gladly trade your humility for your life. He reached up and touched your chin, looking at you.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” he breathed as he ripped your shirt down the middle and slowly pulled it off you. You decided to spare Damon and tried pulling yourself from the ceiling again. You felt Damon grab you harshly around the waist and started to pull your pants off, slower this time. You could tell he was fighting this part more. You looked at him and he was crying, silently, angrily. He stepped back when he had completed his task almost afraid to look at you, but more afraid to leave Klaus alone with your now exposed body.

“Very good,” Klaus grinned. He strode over to a cabinet and pulled out a small, dainty looking knife.

“No!” Damon shouted, tackling Klaus, successfully bringing him down. The two vampires rolled around on the ground and you once again climbed up on the rope holding you in place and tried to use the weight of your body to pull it free. You heard a loud grunt and Klaus was pinning Damon on the ground, his hand on his chest pushing in towards Damon’s heart. Damon’s faced twisted in pain.

“Klaus! No, no, please, hurt me! Not him, please, please!” You screamed, the tears once again falling freely. Damon looked at you with even more pain on his face if that was possible.

Klaus used Damon’s body to push himself up.

“Fine, let’s kill two birds with one stone, shall we?” He looked back at Damon again and shoved the knife in his hand. “You do it then.”

“No,” Damon says, disgusted by the idea of hurting you. This enraged Klaus and he spat. “Do it or I’ll do it myself, it’s your choice.”

Damon sighed and reached up to cut you down. You would have fallen to the floor if he had not grabbed your hips and held you against him. You offered your still bound wrists to him and he kissed your forehead, pressing down hard. As lightly as he dared, he pierced your skin with the tip of the knife and slowly dragged it across, creating a cut a couple of inches long. You glanced up at him and his veins were throbbing under his eyes and it was obvious he was holding his breath. After making the cut, he steps away from you and gasps for breath. You cover the cut immediately putting pressure on it in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

“Wow, I am impressed,” Klaus smirked, “Now that you’ve prepared our lunch, we feast.” He speeds over to you and picks you up and forced your injured arm under his nose. He inhaled deeply, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. You struggled in his arms, Damon hovering over the two of you, unsure what to do. The smell of your blood still bothering him. “Damon, how did you find the strength not to just dig into her all the time? She is one of the sweetest smelling humans I have ever come across in my years. God, I want to know what she’d taste like.”

“Don’t you fucking dare. If you drink from her I will rip you apart.” Damon promises.

“Not even a little sip? Or is that because you know that once I start, I will never stop?” Klaus taunts and lowers it to his mouth. You struggle and attempt to pry your arm from his iron clad grip. Just as he is about to lick a stripe up the cut he drops your arm but still keeps a tight grip on your body.

“You know what, I’m going to be generous, you won’t ever have to fight the urge to kill her ever again.“ He lifted his own arm to his mouth and bit and then forced his blood down your throat.

“No!” you squealed trying to spit it out, but the damage had been done. You felt Klaus’s uninjured arm wrap around your neck and the last thing you see is Damon looking at you with those impossibly blue eyes, frozen in fear. His lips mouthing the words, “I’m sorry.” and then it all goes black.

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Roman Reigns Blurb - The Job Offer

I couldn’t believe I was actually graduating from law school today. As I sat in the sea of graduates, I looked around and tried to wrap my head around the fact that I was about to officially be done with school. Forever. It was mind-blowing and overwhelming all at once. I watched the last of the graduating class accept their diplomas and just like that, it was over. School was done. And the real world was waiting.

“What’s on your mind, babe,” Roman looked at me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

“Nothing’s wrong, hun,” I said, “I just can’t believe it’s over.” I looked around at everyone scattered around the yard of the end-of-the-year block party we were attending. “Now we all have to go out and get jobs and shit. Be actual adults.” It was daunting to even begin thinking about. “Not you, obviously, you already have a job. I’m the one making the leap into the real world. Finally. At twenty-eight years old.” I had prolonged my schooling for as long as possible and was now on the brink of being forced to be an actual adult. At twenty-eight.

“Speaking of, how did your interview go with Stephanie yesterday?” he asked.

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More Merle smut!

(Request: Can you do a Merle x Reader smut in which Reader is much younger then him)

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: smut

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You walked out of your college, heavy books in your hand and sleep on your mind. You were so tired and you couldn’t wait to go home and rest, it had been a long day.

“Hey there darlin’” you whipped your head around and saw Merle leaning on his truck, a cigarette in his hand.

You immediately smiled when you saw him and ran over to where he stood. You dropped your books on the hood of the truck and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in for a rough kiss.

“Where have you been? I haven’t heard from you in ages!” you said, excited to see him here.

“I was getting some plans ready for tonight, there’s a party at mine. You in?” he asked, offering you a smoke which you gladly took.

“Hell yeah!” you replied.

“Come on, ill drive you home so you can drop off your shit and change into something cuter” he winked at you, making you giggle.

Merle was a lot older than you, you were only in college but he was a man, most people would disagree with what you were doing but you didn’t care; you loved him. You and him had met through your dad. He was a drug user and he’d often send you to go collect what he needed, it just so happened that Merle was his dealer. You had to admit, you were an extremely innocent girl when you had met Merle, but now you lived with him on the wild side.                                                    

You watched as masses of people walked through the front door to the Dixons house. The two brothers were throwing parties practically every week, and they were always fun. There was a never-ending supply of drugs and alcohol going around. You were sat on Merle’s lap as all his friends sat on the sofas and chairs around you. they could barely keep their eyes open because they were so high. Merle had a beer bottle in one hand and his other wrapped around your waist, his fingers just lightly brushing over your skin every once in a while.

A couple of hours into the party and you were starting to feel tired. Yes, you were having a good time, but sleep was calling your name.

“Merle, I think I’m gonna head out soon” you shouted over the music.

“What?” he shouted back.

“I’m gonna leave soon!” you shouted in his ear. He looked back at you in confusion and he stood up, causing you to almost fall off his lap.

He took your hand and led you upstairs, pushing through the crowds of people who were in your way. Once upstairs and in Merle’s room he shut the door behind him, blocking out most of the music from downstairs.

“What do you mean you’re leaving sugar? The party is just getting started!”

“Merle I’m tired and I have an exam tomorrow!” you tried to plea your case.

“Just a couple more hours” he begged

“I’m sorry Merle I can’t”

You went to walk past him and leave but he shut the door as you opened it, causing you to look at him in shock.

“Merle-” You were cut off as Merle kissed you hard, grabbing your waist and pulling you against him, making you feel his hard on.

Suddenly your sleepy state diminished and you moaned into the kiss, allowing Merle to lift you up and throw you onto the bed. “You go when I say you can go baby girl” he said, his voice cracking from how much he wanted you. You felt yourself get wet at his words and you eagerly lifted your shirt over your head as Merle started to undo his jeans. You slid out of your shorts and panties and you were left completely naked.

“Fuck yeah (Y/n)!” Merle said, greedily kissing up your stomach and towards your neck. He was naked too, and you could feel his hard on pressing up against your leg. You moved your hand down between your bodies and grabbed his cock, slowly moving your hand up and down to tease him more. You flicked your thumb over his slit, collecting some precum to lubricate it.

“Fuck” he breathed against your neck. He slowly started to thrust his hips as your teasing became too much. You finally let go of his cock and he took hold of it, rubbing his tip against you slit, making you more wet.

“Shit merle!” You cried out.

He laughed at you squirming beneath him but he finally gave you what you wanted and he thrusted into you hard. You arched your back and grabbed onto his shoulders as he pounded into you. You moaned every time he hit your g-spot, and soon enough he was hitting it over and over. His head was in the crook of your neck and you could feel him sucking at it and roughly kissing it, there would definitely be hickeys there tomorrow. He grabbed onto your hair as he was coming close to his release, pulling at it and giving him more access to your soft skin. You began to feel your walls tighten around him, helping him through his high as well. You both rode out your orgasms together and when you were done he rolled over on the bed next to you. You watched as his chest rose and fell, both of you trying to get the air back in your lungs.

“Alright (y/n), now you can go” he said jokingly.

“Screw you” you laughed and put your clothes back on. “I guess I can stay a couple more hours” you said.

“That’s my girl” he smiled at you and you threw his clothes at his face, pretending to be mad that he basically fucked you into staying. You both changed and made your way back downstairs to join the party.

Behind The Scenes 3 (17/21)

Author’s note: I know this one is shorter than usual, sorry about that. Sorry for any errors.

Word count: 2192

Genre: angst?drama? idk (Suga, Jhope, Jungkook)

City: Singapore (Day 3)

Summary: Suga and Jhope confront Y/n about her cutting them out.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Now that you were back from the concert, Jungkook looked as tired as ever. In your opinion, it was his own fault for being so extra the entire time. Then again, he was probably just happy things were back to normal for the two of you. The whole day before the performance was filled with his non-stop attention to make up for the day you were not speaking to him.

You wanted to see the smile back on his face so you told him a few nice words. “You guys did great today, you especially!” you smiled.

“Well, thank you for noticing.” A bit of life now back in his face.

“You seem extra tired right now, you should take a shower first.” You said.

A smirk grew on his face and he stepped closer to you. “Ok, but how about you join me?”

You playfully rolled your eyes at him. “How about no!”

Jungkook laughed at the rejection. He wanted to keep going, but he held himself back, he knew better than to push things with you. “Well, if you change your mind, feel free to just hop in.” He walked over to his suitcase and began rummaging through it for his sleep clothes.

Oddly enough, there was a knock at the door that surprised the both of you.

“I’ll get it.” you offered and walked over to see who it was.

You looked through the peephole to see Suga and Jhope standing out in the hallway looking like lost and tired puppies. When you opened the door, they jumped up and turned to you with much urgency.

“Y/n, we need to talk.” Suga blurted out

You looked between the two of them blankly, still not wanting to talk to them. You slowly closed the door, but Jhope desperately threw his foot in its path and kept it from closing.

“Y/n.” Suga said in a soft voice. “You promised me that’d we’d talk later, now it’s later.”

He was right. You kept up with the whole silent treatment going on for long enough. Without a word, you walked back in to the room, leaving the door open so they can follow you inside. “Who was at the door, ba-“ Jungkook’s words stopped when he looked up from his suitcase and saw Suga and Jhope step into the room. “Hm? What are you guys doing here?”

“We came to have a talk with y/n.” Jhope answered.

Jungkook looked at you as your eyes wandered around the room. He came up to you and whispered, “Jimin told me everything. Are you cool with this?”

You nodded. “Just go take a shower.”

Jungkook let you all be. He walked past the three of you and to the bathroom. However, without anyone noticing, he only stayed by the restroom door and kept his eye on you as the conversation was about to begin.

“What do you guys want?” you asked.

Jhope looked over at Suga and Suga nodded that he could speak first. “Y/n, what did we do to you that you won’t speak to us?” Jhope asked.

You let out a heavy sigh, preparing for a lengthy explanation.

“Whatever we did, whatever I did, I’m sorry. We just don’t want you pushing us away like this.” Jhope added.

“… I don’t trust you guys.” you finally admitted.

The two of them looked confused and Suga was quick to get offended. “What do you mean you don’t trust us? We are your friends!”

“No, you’re not!” you raised your voice right back at him.

“Of course we’re your friends! How could you say that?!?” Jhope was confused more than anything.

You scoffed at him. “Then it doesn’t come off that way. It hasn’t in a long time!”

“What do you mean?” Suga asked.

You could feel your eyes stinging a bit at just the thought of what you were going to say, but you did your best to kept yourself at bay. “For months the both of you have been brushing me off! I’m always last for you two! You never pay attention to me cuz you were both too busy getting drunk or high, o-or when you were both lying to Aiko and Mei-hui! There was never any time for me, not even when I need you guys!”

“What are you talking about?” Suga snapped. “We have been by your side since the beginning! We have always been looking out for you!”

“But what about now?!?” your voice cracked a bit. “I need you guys now too!”

They both stayed quiet for a moment. “But we have been trying to talk to you! You were the one that was pushing us away!” Suga retorted.

“You only came to me when you were done with everything else. I was never a priority! It took you guys a few days to even realize that I wasn’t talking to either of you! Did you guys know what happened back in Beijing? Namjoon got after me and almost gave me a concussion cuz it looked like I was having “too much fun” on Jungkook’s birthday outing! Afterwards, I was scared and crying so Jungkook went to get one of you guys, but neither of you weren’t able to talk let alone be there for me!”

Both of them stayed quiet.

“Yoongi!” you finally used Suga’s real name. “Remember that little deal you made with Hiro? Big surprise, it didn’t work!” you whimpered. “Back in Os- in… in Osaka, Jimin and I were locked in the room with him! It was between me and Jimin and he came after me first!  H-h-he told me he didn’t care about the stupid money! He was going to take me if he wanted to! If-If it wasn’t for Ji-Jimin, who knows what he would have done to me!”

With tears in his eyes, Jhope asked, “Why didn’t you ever tell us? You still could have come talk to us about it…”

“Don’t say we weren’t there for you y/n! How could we have known any of this if you never said anything?!?” Suga said.

“You could have come to my room and come talk to me like before! You guys never came anymore and when I’d talk to you guys you were always on your fucking phones! It was always Mei-hui this and Aiko that! Both of you doing just as that monster told you, but what about me?!?”

“We had to!” Suga raised his voice a bit. “All this Aiko and Mei-hui stuff was for Namjoon, yeah, but it was also a way to protect you!”

“No!” you yelled. “No, no, no!” you were losing control of your voice again. “Don’t give me that bullshit! I was supposed to be the mule! Me! It was never supposed to be anyone else, but you went and opened your fucking mouth and made him change his mind! Plus, the whole reason I was supposed to be the mule in the first place is so that Hoseok can keep his fucking pills! Everything revolves around those damn fucking pills and I’m sick of it!”

Jhope lowered his head, but Suga kept at it. “I wasn’t gonna put you through having to be the mule for the whole tour! I wasn’t gonna risk anything happening to you or you getting hurt from it!” He insisted as he took a step towards you.

“So it was better to get six other girls instead?!?” you fought back.

“We care about you y/n! I care about you! At the end of the day, they were random girls, what mattered to me was that you were okay and that Namjoon got what he wanted so he wouldn’t use you against us!”

Suga’s words disgusted you. “Fuck you!” you shouted. “Don’t you hear the sick shit that’s coming out of your mouth?!?”. Your eyes shot between the two of them. Jhope had stray tears rolling down his face, while Suga fought to keep his composure. “Both of you make me sick!” you spat. “Back before the tour there was a time that I really needed you guys.” you paused to clear your throat. “I was really lonely and I felt abandoned cuz it was months s-since you guys had even snuck into my room to talk to me…” your voice began to falter, but you tried hard to keep speaking. “This was before anything had happened with Hiro and I just needed a friend. I wasn’t close to Tae or Jungkook or Jimin yet, so I looked for you guys.” you let out an ironic chuckle just thinking back to that day. You felt so stupid that at one point you felt Suga or Jhope could be there for you. “I wanted someone to vent to so I went to Hoseok’s room, but as usual, he was as high as a fucking kite!” you glared had shift from Jhope to Suga. “So I went to your room Yoongi. And no surprise, you were as wasted as can be! Stupid me stayed in your room though. I was that desperate to talk to one of my “friends”.” You studied their faces and they both looked so lost, as if you were speaking a different language. “And you wanna know what happened? You fucking kissed me because you thought I was Aiko!

“Huh? I don’t remember that!” Suga said quietly to himself, a perplexed look stayed on his face as you continued to yell at them.

“You should have heard the things you were saying that night! I know you cared about her so don’t fucking tell me she was just “some random girl” or that you were just “following orders”. I started off as just some random girl! What makes me any different from the rest of them?!? Mei-hui, Aiko, Eunhee, Lailani, Chuntao and whoever the next girl is, they were all girls that trusted you guys and were manipulated!… I’ve been stuck with you guys for what feels like years now and I’ve seen all side of you guys and accepted it all… but this, this is something else entirely! My life is not worth the lives of six others!” you cried. “I should be the one that’s dead, not the rest of those girls! It should be my body lost somewhere!” your sobs grew louder and you could feel yourself getting lost in what you were originally trying to say. “I should be dead! I should have died a long time ago! You should have let him kill me!” you screamed. “I fucking hate my fucking life! I wish I was fucking dead! If I knew this was gonna happen, I would have gladly let Namjoon kill me!”

Both boys were now overfilled with guilt and were in tears just as you were. Jhope came up to you and hugged you. He was too distraught and didn’t realize how loud he was when he said. “No y/n! Please don’t say that! Please!”

You tried to push him off because he was basically screaming in your ear.

Suga was about to walk up to you and do the same when Jungkook appeared. He pushed passed Suga and pulled Jhope off you. “Both of you leave her alone!” he ordered.

“You shut the fuck up!” Suga shouted at Jungkook. “I’m tired of your ass always getting in between us and y/n. Mind your own damn business!” Suga shouted, pulling Jungkook away from the three of you.

“It involves y/n, so it is my business!”

Suga could feel his emotions boiling. “Fuck you! You don’t mean anything to her!”

“I mean more to her than you do! You heard what she said, so both of you back off!” Jungkook said sternly, giving Suga’s shoulder a hard shove.

Suga clenched his jaw. “You’re one to talk! How many people are dead because of you, huh?” Suga got in his face and asked something he knew he would regret later, “Why don’t we ask Yoona?!?”

At just the sound of his ex’s name, a look of rage consumed Jungkook. “You fucking bastard!”. He pushed Suga hard to the wall. Jungkook charged at him, his fist drawn back to land a punch.

Suga ducked and Jungkook’s fist broke through the drywall. Suga tackled Jungkook at his core and pushed him all the way across the room and slamming him against the wall and causing a large portrait to be knocked down, shattering the glass table that was under it.

Jhope ran over to you and shielded you from the fight. “Guys! Stop!” he begged.

They didn’t listen and kept fighting. Jungkook shoved Suga off him and as Suga caught his balance, Jungkook landed a solid punch on his eye.

Suga stumbled and caught himself again, this time with the dresser and accidentally knocked the TV over in the process. Still seeing red, Jungkook attacked Suga with a series of punches, each one landed on Suga anywhere from the gut to the top of his head. Suga never had a chance to recover or fight back.

With all the fighting and the crying, no one noticed Rap monster step into the room until his voice boomed. “What the fucking is going on here?!?”

In that moment, Jungkook landed one last punch on Suga’s jaw and Suga fell to the floor unconscious.

Finals are coming up *screams into the abyss* so for any of you guys that also feel like they are drowning, I hope you don’t. *cries and crawls back to textbooks*

brain freeze

anonymous asked: can I please request an imagine with joe watching “you” and casp film the brain freeze challenge and just being overly protective with you? hahaha, thank you~

Word Count: 1,475 (not sorry lol)

Rating: PG-13

Hope you enjoy, feel free to send in requests here

“I still don’t like this. It could be dangerous you know,” Joe murmured from the bed as he watched you rummage through your suitcase for the swimming costume you had packed. You were both staying at Caspar’s for a few days, and he had decided it was a great time to film some collabs.

“You survived, didn’t you? Joe I’ll be fine, besides, Casp’s fans have been begging for him to film this ever since you filmed yours,” you grinned. It always made you a bit warm and fuzzy when Joe got protective over you, and you were perfectly fine with milking it for all it was worth.

“You have no idea how cold you’re going to be. I couldn’t feel my toes for a solid three hours afterwards,” he cautioned. You rolled your eyes at him, slipping out of your clothes and into your bikini.

“Joe, I’ll be fine,” you repeated, walking over and giving him a quick kiss before leaving the room. He pouted but got up to follow you anyways.

You could hear Caspar dumping the multiple bags of ice into his bathtub as you headed for his room.

“You ready for this?” He seemed excited, carefully avoiding Joe’s gaze. You watched as your boyfriend climbed onto the counter, perching there.

“As ready as I’m ever going to be. Have you got everything set up?” He nodded, pointing towards all the camera’s and lights. Josh was there as well, ready to help with filming.

“Alright then, might as well get started. Josh you good?” Caspar asked before sitting down on the toilet seat and beginning the intro.

“Hello everyone my name’s Caspar Lee, and today I’ve got a special guest with me! It’s Joe’s girlfriend Y/N, and it’s time for another episode, of brain freeze.”

You did a little dance as the camera panned to you, trying to keep a straight face when you saw Joe’s glare. Caspar saw it too, and jumped at the opportunity.

“I think Joe is afraid that I’m going to kill her,” Casp whispered to the camera, Josh swinging the camera over to him. He was still glowering and the three of you laughed.

“I kinda want to feel it first,” you said, stepping close to the tub and dipping your foot in.

“OH MY GOD!” The water was even colder than you had expected, your skin burning at the temperature change.

“I told you it was cold!” Joe exclaimed, making you stick your tongue out at him.

“Is this the part where I say my dick has shrunk 3 inches and you flash #Y/Nhasabigwillie on the screen?” You tease, turning to look at the camera, knowing that he was definitely putting that in. “Alright, let’s get on with it.”

Caspar nodded at you, and as quickly as you could, you submerged your body in the water.

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3 AM

Requested by @morgan-the-first-blog: How about when it’s a chilly January night/morning and Shawn comes home sleepy from a long day of work to mess with you in the cutest way ever?

Note: not my gif


Shawn: hey, babe, I’m going to be working late at the studio tonight, don’t wait up - I love you :)

You sigh, picking up the plate that you made for your boyfriend, scraping the contents of it into a ziploc container.

Looks like another long night to yourself.

Usually on nights like these, you would text Aaliyah and see if her and her mom would be up for a little girls’ night. Sometimes - they weren’t able to, but other times they would drop everything and come over to your place to pamper yourselves and watch a movie and just hangout. However, this time, you texted your own sister, knowing you haven’t seen her in a while.

Your sister replied that she was so happy to be invited over, and that she’ll be over in a few, which made you ecstatic. Ever since you moved out and into a place with Shawn, you were closer to his family than yours and saw them a lot more often then you did yours. That wasn’t something you hated - you absolutely loved the Mendes family, as they told you, you were apart of the family. But, there was a certain sad element to knowing you couldn’t see your own family all the time. Although, at this point in your life - Shawn was your family. And that made you happy.

Your sister, Camille, would be graduating soon, valedictorian of her class, which made you incredibly proud of her. She had always been the one that never got into trouble and got all the good grades throughout your school career. That’s something you could never take from her - but, she always had her eye on Shawn, telling you how lucky you were to have a guy like him. She was happy for you in that way - you finally got a man that she knew deserved you.

“Cam!” You say excitedly, opening the door for her and pulling her inside.

“Hey, Y/N!” She smiles, hugging you tightly. “Man, traffic sucked getting here.”

You frown slightly, that wasn’t very awesome news.

“I’m sorry, I know how far the commute over here is, I should’ve thought about that.”

“No, it’s okay! I would gladly drive forty-five minutes to get here, plus the extra twenty I spent in traffic.” She takes off her coat.

You cringe at the thought, you would’ve been in such an awful mood after that.

“So, are we getting this ladies’ night started or what?” Cam said, clapping her hands and raising her eyebrows at you.

“Yeah, come on.” You smile.

By the time Cam left, the big hand on the clock had passed the twelve, four times, signaling that it was eleven o’clock PM. 

You know that Shawn had told you he was going to be really late and to not wait up - but you couldn’t help yourself.

You grabbed some popcorn and settled in on the couch, flipping through the TV channels and watching The Intern, for the thousandth time.

You had dozed off a few times, the clock showing 3 AM and you yawn as you take into account that Shawn was not yet back from the studio. He really wasn’t kidding about working late; you shake your head and get up from the couch, stretching your arms and start you trek up to the bedroom.

But, you stop, hearing a key slide into the lock and jiggle for a second before the door opens - revealing your sleep deprived boyfriend.

“Hey, babe.” He yawns. “I told you not to wait up for me.”

You shrug, happy he was home as it felt like you two haven’t seen each other in a while. You reach up, wrapping your arms around his neck and he buries his face into your shoulder, his arms holding you tight around the waist.

“I’ve missed you.” He said, his voice muffled by your sweatshirt.

“I missed you, too. Come on, let’s go to bed.”

You take his hand, leading him to the bedroom, his other hand rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

As soon as you two were ready for bed, you got under the covers and turned off the lights, both of you knowing how tired the other one was.

But suddenly, after a few moments of shuffling and then silence, you feel a finger poke you in the side.

“Shawn, what the hell are you doing?” You mumble, scooting away from him.

“Babe, I just want to play.” He laughs, his voice laced with drowsiness.

“Shawn, we’re not dogs and you’re exhausted. We need some sleep.”

“But baby,” Shawn whines, sitting up and falling on top of you.

His fingers dig into your sides again, but this time it was lighter, and in all the right places.

You burst out laughing, trying to get away from the weirdo who was your boyfriend.

“Oh, I see how it is.” Shawn starts to laugh.

“Shawn, stop tickling me!” You squeal, squirming to get out of his grasp.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” Shawn chuckles, putting his hands up in surrender.

You gasp for breaths, trying to ease the cramps in your stomach that he caused.

“Jeez, Shawn, what’s up with you?” You ask, breathing hard.

“I don’t know, I think I’m delirious.” He says, amused. “But I’m super tired, so I have like, no idea what I’m doing.”

You glance at him strangely.

“You are making no sense.” You say, trying to catch your breath.

“I think my brain has just realized how much I missed you and it’s telling that I can’t sleep until I spend a good twenty minutes with you.”

Hearing that, honestly, made your heart flutter, but you also knew just how tired he was. He’s been gone doing things, for almost 24 hours.

“I just love you, a lot.” He pouts cutely and leans over to scatter a  million little kisses over your face.

You smile at how cute he’s being, but know that his brain is more than likely going to shut down at any moment.

“Shawn,” you say, right before he kisses your lips. “We need to get some sleep.”

“I have a better idea.” He smirks, and you really don’t like the sound of this.

Shawn gets out of bed and turns on the stereo you have in your bedroom, fidgeting with a few things right before you hear a familiar melody come from the speakers.

Honest is playing softly, until Shawn turns the volume up, which makes you have to go over and turn it down - a lot.

“Shawn, oh my god, we’re not having a dance party right now; no wonder our neighbors hate us.” You laugh.

“Babe,” Shawn takes your hands, making you sway to the music with him. “Our neighbors hate us because they’re assholes - we can’t change that fact.”

You sigh, giving in to the sweet temptation and rock with Shawn slightly until the time is about 5 AM…and Shawn just about passes out in your arms.

“Goodnight, Shawn.” You say, resting against him, getting comfortable.

“Mm,” Shawn barely gets out, due to his brain collapsing thanks to the little sleep he’s gotten.

Man, this boy was crazy, but you were crazy in love with him.


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