and i wonder what he's doing

  • Azriel looks to the camera: it was a pretty chill day. I went on a walk. Feyre was painting. Rhys was watching Feyre paint. I don't think Feyre noticed tho. Amren was attempting to eat normal food since she used to only drink blood. It didn't go so well for the chef. Nesta and Cassian were doing the usual. Fucking and arguing. Mor went shopping and was being really friendly to the girl who helped her out. Wonder what that was about? Elain baked some cookies. Lucien was talking to her, so I punched him. Then he went to his room cause he was in pain. So then I helped Elain in her garden. And when we went to drink tea on the porch, we heard Rhys and Feyre banging, so I took her to my special quiet spot by a lake. Like I said, pretty chill day.

You would be jamming out to No More Dream, unaware that Namjoon has been watching you this entire time. In the middle of the song you would do the splits and you got startled when Namjoon clapped. He would quickly turned off the song and carry you to the bedroom
“I wonder if you can do the splits on my dick baby*

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He would watch you with lust in his eyes as you did the splits while dancing to War of Hormone. He didn’t know you were able to do that and he was turned on to say the least
“Holy hell baby. Do that again but maybe naked this time”

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He knew that you were a dancer but didn’t know how good you were. So when he saw you spin then jump into the splits while dancing to 1Verse, he wondered what else you could do
“Somebody’s flexible..let’s see what else you can do”

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He would come with you to the dance studio and watched you dance to Autumn Leaves. He would be impressed as you slowly went into the splits. He would be really turned on by your flexibility.
“Shit babygirl that’s pretty hot.”

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You too planned on doing a dance together to his song Lie and during the bridge of the song, you lifted one of your legs behind your head and went into the splits. You look up and saw Jimin licking his lips and his eyes were full of lust.
“You see what you do to me? Now we have to take care of this”

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You guys would just be goofing off just dancing to random BTS songs in your apartment. As you danced to Baepsae, you did the splits and all of a sudden Tae had other plans.
“Let’s take this to the bedroom”

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Once he saw you do the splits while dancing to Blood Sweat and Tears, he would be a little shook but he got over it real quick and needless to say, he wanted to fuck you against the wall
“You look so sexy doing the splits. I want you to do them again after I fuck you.

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If Seokjin wasn’t in BTS...he probably would be one of those mukbang channels on YouTube with 3 million followers and fan base that’s still wonders why they watch a guy eat, and why does he looks so beautiful doing it....
Nervous Conversations

So amon requested “ Hey, I saw that your requests were open and I was wondering if you could do a Evgeni Malkin imagine where he’s nervous to talk to you because he doesn’t speak English that well.” So i did it and here it is!  Hope you enjoy 

- Cassie

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           Working at a coffee shop wasn’t exactly your ideal job but hey, it pays the bills while you’re in school and that’s what matters.  Still being in school also wasn’t ideal but you just couldn’t figure out what you wanted to be.  Some good things came out of working at the coffee shop, you got to meet quite a few different people on a regular basis.  Some regulars that came in every day, others on occasion, and some completely random people just passing through.  But your favourite of all of them had to be the Pittsburgh Penguins that came by early in the morning as you were opening or late at night before you were closing.  

           "And what can I get you today Sir?“ you ask politely not looking up as you approached the counter. 

           "Now, now is that anyway to treat your favourite customer?” the man asks causing you to look up and squeal almost jumping over the counter. 

            You run around the counter giving him a bone crushing hug causing him to stumble back slightly. 

           "See now that’s better" Sidney says laughing.

            “Good job on the road trip, you guys won 5 out of 5 games and you would have won the 5th if it weren’t for terrible reffing” you say walking back around to the other side of the counter. 

           "Believe me I’ve heard enough complaining about that for 10 years" he laughs “and i’m usually the one complaining." 

            "So where’s Geno?” you ask flushing “he’s usually with you in the mornings." 

              "What’s wrong (y/n) miss your boyfriend?” he asks teasingly.  Everyone and their grandmother knew about your crush on the Russian man, and everyone and their grandmother loved to tease you about it. 

           "Shut up" you tell him looking down “I’m just curious." 

            You know you shouldn’t care about where he is, the man is always so quiet around you.  He barely says more than his coffee order and the few times you’ve hung out with some of the boys he didn’t even look at you.  You thought maybe he was just shy, but then you started coming around more and it never changed so you had just started brushing it off but then you just HAD to go falling head over heels for the man.  

           "Well, he decided to stay a little later at practice he said he has things to work on." 

           "Right, he stayed and you didn’t” you say skeptically. 

            “Shocking I know” he says laughing picking his coffee up off the counter “they don’t want me practicing too much something about concisions." 

            "It’s good someone has some sense” you mutter.  You, just like every other person didn’t like the idea of Sidney back on the ice so soon after a concussion but, just like every other person you knew it was quite impossible to keep him off the ice.  

           "Hey you’re coming over later right?“ he asks changing the subject matter quickly "Rusty wants to watch that movie Split since he couldn’t see it in theatre." 

            "Yeah probably” you say with a sigh.

            “Good because your boyfriend has been missing you too." 

            "Go home and take a nap” you tell him shoving him out. 


          “(y/n) your boyfriend just got here” Rust to you from the kitchen causing your cheeks to flare red, “go on in Geno she’s on the couch” you hear him say quieter.  

           "Shut up" you hear him say quietly before rounding the corner and coming into the room “hello (y/n)” he smiles sitting on the couch next to you.  Well this is a change, you think to yourself. 

            “Hey Evgeni” you smile at him.  You might call him Geno behind his back but you know that’s only for his friends and he’s never given you the ok on it.  You would never dream of calling him Geno to his face without him telling you to out of fear of offending him. 

            “You call me Geno” he says simply, causing you to smile.  

           About halfway through the movie you start getting bored, the movie was good and everything but you saw it the first week it came out.  Deciding not to disturb anyone else you silently got up and made your way out onto the back porch, sitting on one of the couches and just breathing.  

           "Can I join?“ Geno asks from the door startling you. 

           "Sure” you tell him softly inviting him to sit next to you. 

           "You’re very nice" He tells you quietly before quickly saying “no” he says shaking his head. 

            “No I’m not nice?” you question him slightly offended.

            “No” he says quickly causing you to frown “well yes but not what meant, you’re very… um, very pretty” he finally says causing you to blush once again.  

           "Thank you.“ 

           "The boys always say I am boyfriend” he chuckles a little “and you seem to not like it, why?" 

            "Well you don’t like” you tell him simply. 

           "If I like, would you like?“ 

           "Well maybe, I guess, I don’t know Geno you can’t just ask that” you let out a sigh, getting obviously flustered.  

            “I like flustering you” he tells you laughing and poking your rosy cheeks “make you feel like I feel." 

           "What?” you ask him taking his had away from your face. 

           "You make me forget English" he tells you simply “you make me turn to mush, well that what Sid say." 

           ”make you turn to mush?“ you ask him shocked, causing him to nod.

            "That is why I am quiet” he tells you “I don’t know what to say." 

          "I never know what to say to you either” you tell him quietly looking up at him. 

           "You make me afraid to talk, afraid I will mess up.“ 

           "You shouldn’t be afraid” you tell him simply. 

           "Media makes fun.“ 

            "But I won’t.  It’ll be pretty hard for you to do something I genuinely make fun of you for." 

            "Yeah?” he asks for reassurance, once you nod your head he continues, “then maybe you will let me take you out?”

            “I would love that." 

            "FINALLY” you hear various voices from above “it took about damn time." 

            You look up to see the rest of the boys watching from windows on the second floor causing you, for the millionth time, to go bright red.  "Go away” Geno yells up at them causing them and you to laugh. 

          “Let’s go back inside” you tell him pulling him up to stand beside you. 

           "Sure, just one thing" he says pulling you closer to him connecting your lips, much to the pleasure of the boys who are still watching the two of you. 

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just wondering have you ever met a celebrity and if so what did you do when you saw them

i haven’t met a celebrity per se but i have met hank green and hes really cool and nice! i just said hi but it was after a concert so a lot of ppl wanted to meet him so i just said thanks for his videos and took a pic with him. if i actually had time with a “celebrity” i would just wanna have a conversation i feel bad for everyone that is famous and people only want them for pictures and not actually for their personalities and intellect 

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I don't know whether you've mentioned this before, but a recent post of yours got me thinking - Cas can hear Dean pray to him, but how much of Dean's Cas-related thoughts do you think Cas can hear? Also as Cas could enter Dean's dreams, I wonder if Cas could tell if Dean dreams of him? If this were the case, it would be interesting to know just how much Cas knows about Dean's internal monologue due to his angel powers (from nealcassatiel, hi btw, hoping you're doing well!)


I think Cas actively turned off the option of going into Dean’s mind as it was a kind of intrusive you know? Since season 10 and having weakened grace it is less clear what he can or chooses to hear, longing of course we know due to Claire, which was picked up on again in 12x10 (THANK YOU!) but we haven’t had any actual prayers from Dean since I think the :

and then the call back to this in 11x11, when he’s just been told to “follow his heart” by the wise woman, when he can’t sleep and is clearly about to pray out loud but doesn’t, for me this is an important moment in the story that Dean has stopped praying to Cas and uses the phone now, also humanising him.

On the other hand I am like 80% sure that when Cas comes back to the bunker in 12x19 and says “i got your….messages” he definitely heard something along the lines of…

Originally posted by intektualna

…while Dean was desperately trawling through the morgue data checking for a chiselled blue eyed dorky little guy in a trench coat.

So I think it’s deliberately unclear but this season they were definitely trying to address it in the subtext, something that I can’t help but feel will be important moving forwards because why do it otherwise?

Match | 1

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Jeon Jungkook wasn’t just a playboy. That term would only loosely describe him. He had girls falling at his feet, but he didn’t notice them. His goal was to get the girls that played hard to get, use them for a temporary fuck, and block their number the second after he left their place for the final time. It gave him a rush to leave girls constantly wondering where they stood with him. They let him do it to them. It’s what made him feel so powerful.

A/N: This is my first ever story on here. This is just one of many parts to this story and I’m fucking ecstatic about it. The chapter isn’t the longest due to it being sort of the intro. The future parts will be longer. I’m dedicating this chapter and kind of the overall story to @blueagust​ she’s an amazing author and inspired me to actually write this overall work. She read over this chapter for me and I can’t thank her enough.

Without further ado, here is ‘Match’

Pairing: Fuckboy!Jungkook X Reader
Genre: ???
Word Count: 1111


You let out a groan at the loud sound of the alarm going off on your phone. You quickly grabbed it off of the table beside your bed and shut it off. Your eyes widened when you noticed the time. 8:09. You immediately rolled out of bed, showering and trying to put yourself together as quickly as you could without looking like you had just been run over by a truck. Running outside, you quickly hailed a cab that just so happened to be stopped at the corner of your apartment building waiting on the red light to turn green.

It had taken her forever to find a job that sounded halfway decent. You had been complaining to your best friend, Mina, about it when Mina had told you that an old friend had opened a bakery in the city and suggested that you apply for a job.

You did so right after your shift was over at the job you had been working at at the time. Within days you had an interview and the next week you were hired. you quit your job the following day feeling nothing but happiness as you did so.

The cab pulled up in front of the cozy looking shop. The windows were big and the sign for the shop was rustic and vintage. You stepped out of the cab and jogged inside before you were late.

“Ah! There you are, Y/N! So glad to see you!.” You instantly knew the voice belonged to Jae, the owner of the shop.

You gave him an apologetic smile and turned your attention to him. “Sorry I was almost late. Getting up this early is somewhat of an adjustment.”  

He waved his hand, “Nonsense. I understand. No worries. Now we should help you get the hang of things. Today you’ll be working the register. It’ll be the easiest. I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to overwork you on your first day.” He gave you a wink and you gave a genuine laugh. Maybe you’d finally found somewhere decent.


An hour had passed and you got the works of almost everything. You had been taken several orders and so far it had been nice. Almost enjoyable, actually. You had just finished taking a customer’s order when the bell on the door made a ‘ding’ sound signaling that someone had just come in. You looked up, expecting to see a customer walk in but nearly choked on air as you noticed it wasn’t. He was wearing the same 'uniform’ you and everyone else here was. A black t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes, and a hat with the logo of the bakery on it. His hair was styled in that effortlessly messy but gorgeous way. His eyes were dark brown, his ears were pierced, and everything about him was near perfection. He radiated cockiness, though. Something that you almost always hated on a guy, but it somehow just made it him even more attractive.

“Jungkook. I see you finally decided to show up.” Jae said, coming out from the kitchen.

The boy named Jungkook shrugged, “You got lucky I guess.” He gave Jae a slight smirk.

Jae pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose and exhaled. “Just go help Soomi in the kitchen. Please.”

Jungkook grinned, “Aye aye captain.” He walked passed Jae and then turned his attention to you before throwing you a wink. A fucking wink.


You pulled your phone out from your pocket. It was 7:17. You decided to stay later than Jae asked you to so you could help clean up for tomorrow. You had just finished clearing the tables and putting the chairs up. You headed back to the break room to grab your stuff, but looked up when you heard the door to the break room open. Jungkook came striding in.

Your eyes lingered on him a little longer than necessary, but you quickly diverted your attention back to your bag where you were putting your wallet and schedule for the week into the side pocket.

You went to leave, but Jungkook had different plans. He slammed his arm against the wall beside your head.

“Y/N was it?” He smirked. A smirk that made you want to punch him, but at the same time could have had you putty in his hands. That was a new feeling for you. He didn’t need to know that though.

“Yeah. Jungkook was it?” You returned his smirk thinking that mimicking the look he had would surprise him. But it didn’t. As a matter of fact, it only seemed to fuel his ego more.

He went to say something else but the sound from the entrance door of the bakery caught you both off guard. “Kookie!” A shrill female voice called.

He rolled his eyes, not moving from the position he was in. “I’m coming babe!” He called, irritation was clear in his tone.

He returned his gaze back to you. “I’ve got…business to take care of. I hope we end up like this again. Sometime soon.”

You were having none of this bullshit.

“I don’t know what shit you think you’re pulling with me, but it’s not working. You fuck girls for a week. Drop them. Never see them again. It’s a cycle. It makes you feel good knowing you run the show.”  

You leaned in closer, putting your lips right beside his ear and dropping your voice to a low whisper. “I know the cycle. Because I practically invented that shit.”

You pulled back and were taken aback by the expression on his face. His lips no longer held a smirk, they were pulled into a straight line. His eyes weren’t wide, but the shock was evident. You grinned.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, a bottle of Chardonnay and a nice hot bath is calling my name. Have fun with the girl you got out there.”

You glanced once more at his shocked expression with a satisfied look on your face before pushing him out of the way and walking out as if you didn’t have a care in the world.



“It isn’t until he’s half an hour away from Samwell, truck rumbling beneath him, that he wonders what in the world he’s actually doing. He’s driving but there’s no destination in mind. There’s just a burning need to get away.”

A month into his senior year, Eric Bittle leaves Samwell behind for beautiful Las Vegas skies.

posters for @shipped-goldstandard ‘s fic EASE (because I love this fic with all of my heart). I can’t stress enough how much I love this story and how it strikes such a chord with me every time I read it??? Tbh I legit cried the first time I read it. And there are so many great moments in it, it was so hard to pick just two quotes. 

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Okay i said 1 for the prompt list but forgot tge ship: jimon

“Clary, what the fuck?” Simon gaped at the flashing neon lights above his head, wondering why the hell he was here instead of wrapped up in his comforter at home watching Star Wars on an endless loop. “Why are we at a strip club?!”

“Come on, Simon!” Clary exclaimed. “You can’t sit around and do nothing forever!” She glared at him with That Look and he knew that it would do him no good to fight with her.

“Fine, let’s just get this over with,” Simon grumbled as Clary grabbed his hand and practically dragged him inside.

The music was deafening, the colors were blinding, and the dancers were stunning. It was all completely overwhelming but Simon hadn’t yet figured out if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He was grateful that Clary held on to his arm as they wove through the crowd so they wouldn’t be separated. He didn’t know what he’d do if he was alone in this place.

They passed a group of two guys and one girl in front of the stage, and Simon was confused as to how any one person, let alone all three of them, could be so gorgeous. They were sitting down talking animatedly to each other and glancing at the stage while they waited for the show to start. The girl had long dark hair, blood red lips, and heels that looked like they could kill a man. Quiet frankly, she scared Simon. She was talking to two men who were holding hands and sitting as close to each other as they could get. One of them with brightly dyed hair was decked out in rings and necklaces and makeup, while the other, dressed in black from head to toe, looked like he was trying to draw as much attention away from himself as possible. Simon wasn’t sure how that worked since he was about as tall as your average giraffe.

The music changed lights went down and the beautiful people whooped and hollered. A voice came over the speakers and Simon wished he had known how much this one sentence was about to change his life.

“Welcome to the stage, Jace Lightwood!”

Simon hardly noticed Clary practically buzzing right next to him as a man in a cropped, white shirt paired with extremely tight jean shorts (that left absolutely nothing to the imagination much to Simon’s pleasure) and spiked pumps walked on to the stage.

Simon choked on his own spit as the man, Jace apparently, looked out into the audience and caught his eye. Jace winked and when a few strands of golden hair flopped into his face, Simon felt faint. Jace smirked as he made his way over to the pole in the middle of the stage, and when Simon remembered that Jace was actually going to dance, his entire mouth went dry.

The lyrics to the song that was playing rang through Simon’s ears when Jace wrapped his hands around the pole.

“You’ve got no place to hide. Cause I’m feelin’ like a villain got a hunger inside.”

Jace swung himself around the pole and lifted his feet from the ground, twisting his legs in ways that Simon didn’t even think was possible. He could see sweat and body glitter on shining under the lights on Jace’s stomach, making him look like an angel. He looked equivalent to a Roman marble statue, carved by the gods, down to every last detail.

Simon knew he was blatantly staring, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away, not even for a second. Jace landed with a supernatural grace, throwing his head back and running his hands down his sides, all the way to his ass. He dropped to his knees and grabbed a dollar from the laughing beautiful brunette with his teeth. He ruffled her hair and she ducked, swatting his hand away, which seemed uncannily familial.

He tucked the dollar into the pocket of his shorts before making his way down the stairs on the side of the stage and into the audience. He was only walking, but he made even that look like the most erotic of dances. The sly glint in his eyes along with his perpetual smirk, made him look positively devilish.

Simon’s breathing became rapid as Jace came closer, plucking the dollar bill from Clary’s hand, his gaze finding Simon immediately. Jace hooked his finger into Simon’s Star of David necklace and brought him close so that they’re faces were only inches apart.

“What’s your name, pretty boy?” Jace asked, and hearing his voice sent a wave of dizziness through Simon’s entire body. It was husky and raspy, and his breath smelled like cinnamon gum.

“S-Simon,” he managed to stutter out, cursing every diety that could possibly exist for making him a socially awkward moron.

“Simon,” Jace repeated, and the sound of his own name coming from Jace’s lips was so incredibly hot, Simon’s nerves were vibrating with want. He could feel all eyes in the audience the two of them, but with Jace so close to him he couldn’t care less.

When Jace pulled away, Simon hated how disappointed he felt. That is until he heard Jace yell, “Hey Iz, can I get a pen?”

Simon looked up, confused, to see the brunette girl dig through her purse and toss a click pen through the air. Jace caught it with ease and reached out to grab Simon’s hand. Everywhere he touched was like a flame igniting on Simon’s skin. He wrote a phone number on the back of Simon’s hand and then threw the pen back to the girl.

Jace leaned in and his lips brushed Simon’s ear, making his knees practically buckle. “Call me,” Jace whispered, tugging on Simon’s earlobe with his teeth before pulling away and strutting back up to the stage.

He barely heard Clary squeal in his ear while he looked at the ink scrawled on his hand. His fingers brushed over it, sure it had to be fake. Simon was never this lucky.

And if afterwards, Clary teased him relentlessly for texting the hot stripper day in and day out? Well then Simon thought it was worth it.

send me ships and prompts !!!

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I know Cybertronians don't do to well in extreme cold, but I wonder how you feel about extreme heat my lord? What is extreme heat on Cybertron?

Bearing in mind that we can bear greater extremes in either direction than humans can, extreme heat actually affects us faster and more severely than extreme cold. 

Heat slows our processor function and many other systems throughout our bodies, while colder temperatures actually allow us to function most efficiently. At temperatures well below freezing our fuel and lubrication lines may harden or crack as we move, and if our core temperature drops too low our fuel systems shut down. That takes a long time and that kind of exposure is quite rare. 

Overheating doesn’t take much at all, and once our temperatures begin to rise they can rapidly get to dangerous levels. Our bodies produce a great deal of heat on their own, and additional environmental factors can tip that balance against us. If our processor temperature goes up, from stress or activity or external heat, our systems will shift to a lower power mode and focus on dumping heat. This includes pumping coolant more rapidly and increasing fan speed to carry the heat away, and non-essential systems begin to turn off to slow power consumption and heat output. This usually manifests as slower, less coordinated movements, less detailed vision, weapon systems offlining, and even disorientation and temporary memory loss if it gets too severe. At that point it can be only a matter of minutes until processor shutdown and stasis lock. If the bot collapses in a hot place, they likely wouldn’t recover, but in a cooler place where they could radiate off some heat once powered down they would possibly come back online.

What qualifies as extreme heat for us varies by frame size and type, and even by what mode we are in. For example, I can tolerate severe heat on my plating in alt mode, since my surface heats to around 900 degrees when I reach my top speed, and can spike higher if I’m returning from orbit. In root mode that would severely injure me, since the mechanics in between my armor would be directly exposed, and my head would be hot. Seekers’ frames are designed to dump heat very efficiently, using the large surface area of our wings. We can even do this to some extent in space, where overheating is a constant danger with no air to draw off our built up heat. You’ll notice that when a Seeker lands from a flight, they keep their wings spread and hot air will blow from their fans for a long time, until their internal temperature drops. Unlike most grounders, Seekers cannot run their engines in root mode to warm themselves up, and our wings can make us lose heat too quickly in very cold air. I was miserable in Antarctica while Optimus was nice and warm, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that I was too underpowered to generate excess heat, due to starvation.

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Ok so serious question about wonder woman: what were your thoughts about the end ares scene? One if the people I watched it with said they would have preferred there was no ares at all and it actually was just the people doing it

i liked it. if you’re going to introduce a demigod superhero like diana, you need to have a villain that’s just as/more powerful for her to fight.

however, if it had just been him over all forcing everyone to do what they were doing, i would have disliked it. because he was merely giving people ideas and letting them do what they wanted with them i think it didn’t absolve mankind of their responsibility. 

Took out-of-town friends to Pub Royale for dinner and then walked to Black Dog Gelato for dessert.

They didn’t like either? HOW? Pub Royale is this amazing English/Indian pub with damn good food and cocktails, and Black Dog is arguably the best gelato in Chicago.

One friend was weird and moody the whole time, he barely even said goodbye. I took off work tomorrow so we could spend time together but he didn’t want to talk about an itinerary or meeting time. Now I’m ruminating and wondering if I said or did something to make him mad at me? And what if he doesn’t want to be friends anymore?

I’m really sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings and am always trying to make sure everyone is good and happy and enjoying themselves - sometimes to the detriment of my own wants and needs.

I hate that I internalize this stuff…but I do.


Requested by anonymous

“Hey Cheryl” you greeted slipping across from the red head in the booth she was sitting in at pops. Cheryl looked up at you and raised an eyebrow.

“What do you want?” She asked making you gulp. You hadn’t thought this through very well. You looked over at Reggie who was sitting a few booths away watching the entire thing. Reggie offered to help you which was great since he’s been with way more girls then you have.

Your phoned buzzed making you look down at the message.

Reggie: don’t just sit there like an idiot! Ask her what she’s doing on Friday 😜👍🏽

“I just wanted to know what you were doing on Friday” you finally answered her question.


Reggie: movies! Ask her to go to the movies!

“Well I have tickets to a on Friday and I was wondering if you’d want to come” you said trying your best to act smooth and casual. Cheryl stared at you for a moment you thought she was going to burst out laughing in your face.

“Fine, sure whatever”.

It took everything in you to contain your excitement.
“Seriously? Wow awesome. I’ll you see you then”.


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Hiya it's the anon from the sick /hurt headcanons (thank you so much btw it was awesome!) I was wondering if you could do some headcanons for what the guys find cute when Gardienne dose them?

Hey again, Anon! I’m glad you enjoyed the last set of headcanons, hopefully you’ll enjoy these headcanons too. ^^


  • Your pout when he’s annoyed or irritated you is uber cute to him, and is undoubtedly the main reason he spends so much time teasing you.
  • Whenever you bake him something, he just melts. The very idea of you going out of your way to make something especially for him, just because you know he likes it is just so very precious, he might actually openly express his affection for you. Don’t count on it tho
  • You can’t exactly surprise hug Ezarel since he hates being touched in the first place, but just asking him for a hug puts him in a good mood, even if he’s not in the mood for one. 


  • Loves when you chat to him while he’s doing a boring task, no matter whether it’s an amusing anecdote from your day or a weird fact you learnt from Ezarel.
  • Any form of affection, big or small is just the cutest thing to him and he’ll honestly spend hours relaying the moment in question over and over in his head, a unbelievably lovesick expression on his face.
  • Whenever you flirt with him, he thinks you’re simply adorable. Doesn’t matter if you say something so filthy everyone in 10 meter distance turns red from head to toe, it’s legitimately the cutest and hottest thing Nevra’s ever heard and he just crumbles.


  • Any time you play with Floppy, is honestly just the most endearing thing to Val. He loves seeing his two sweethearts getting along, and he’ll almost always abandon his current task to watch you both.
  • It’s not often Valkyon gives his hair more than a quick comb through and that’s the way he likes it honestly, but any attention you lavish on it is cherished, if only because your reflection in the mirror reveals your adorable concentrating expression.
  • When you come to help him with his training. There’s not much you can actually do with the physical part of it, seeing how self-efficient Valkyon is, but he finds the water bottles, light snacks, extra towels and the very gesture touching and sweet.

anonymous asked:

You and Hinata share a birthday! Both of you are such wonderful sunshine adorable people! Happy bday!!!

Originally posted by tsugumi

I’m very emotional right now, if I can be even half as sunshine-y as Hinata then I think I’m doing something right <3

Thank you for the birthday wishes (sorry I am late to reply)!! 

Hehe it’s literally the most awesome coincidence, he’d been my favorite for quite some time before I discovered it and I think I screamed, honestly. 

I think it wouldn’t matter if I told Kageyama, because he’s probably so stressed trying to both figure out what to get Hinata for his birthday, and how to smile properly at Hinata without alarming him when he wishes him, that there’s no room in his cute head for stuff like other people’s birthdays.

anonymous asked:

Which of the 19 Days boys do you think like carrots the most? (Hope you're feeling better today ❤)

what an oddly specific question I LOVE IT!!!!!!! (and thank you, anon, sadly im still not at my best today, which is why im trying to distract myself and not to think about stuff, so thanks for helping me out with this!! ❤)

okay, so, i’d say…..definitely not he tian: it’s basically canon that he doesn’t know the simplest things when it comes to cooking and foods in general, and he has apparently lived on takeouts for months before meeting guan shan, so i have the slight suspicion that he didn’t even know what a carrot looked like until a couple of days ago. even now that guan shan cooks for him from time to time and he is thankfully eating more healthy stuff, i feel like he is more of a meat kind of guy

jian yi is out as well, in my opinion: i can’t really see him being the type to like vegetables (or to eat healthy for that matter), and i feel like he probably puts so much condiment on them to add more flavour, that he doesn’t really remember what carrots taste like without it anymore

between guan shan and zheng xi, i think maybe zheng xi is the one who likes carrots (and vegetables as a whole) more: i can easily imagine guan shan being the kind of child who really disliked vegetables and never wanted to eat them, but with his parents owning a restaurant and being able to spice them up just enough to make them appetizing for him, i feel like he probably learned to appreciate them as he grew up, while i can see zheng xi being the exact opposite of guan shan as a kid and always eating his vegetables without making a fuss, both because he liked them and because he wanted to give a good example to his little sister, and now that he is in his teen i can still see him liking healthy food and munching on small pieces of carrots while he studies!! 

so, yeah, tl;dr: zheng xi is the one who likes them best, then guan shan, then probably he tian, and jian yi doesn’t really like them unless they’re drowned in condiments!!

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Hi Gotham. What are your thoughts on this passage from Outlander (just after Jenny gives birth to Maggie) Don't you think it's odd that Geillis tells Jamie that Claire is barren? ‘Perhaps it’s as well,’ Jamie said slowly, as though to himself. ‘What’s as well?’ ‘That you’re barren.’ He couldn’t see my face, buried in his chest, but he must have felt me stiffen. ‘Aye, I knew that long ago. Geillis Duncan told me, soon after we wed.’

Yes, it’s definitely odd. But not out of line with Geillis’ character - she is nosy and wants to control situations and people.

The fact that she tells this to Jamie without any objective proof makes me wonder why she told him, and what she was trying to accomplish. Perhaps test his (already obvious) love for Claire. Or spur him to take a lover from the Leoch girls, and in so doing set up Dougal for a better position at the castle. Or perhaps just for the hell of it - after all, we know that with Geillis, literally anything is possible.

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Hello! I was just wondering? What was Tae's first reaction to Namjoon when they met for the first time (assuming they've met)?

Let’s just say that if he ends up hurting Jiminie or making him do something without his actual consent? I will not hesitate to get rid of him..

queendarkcloud  asked:

Hello I am currently writing a fanfiction and am wondering what jobs would UT/UF Papyrus + US Sans have?

These are the jobs that I think they would have.

❇UT Papyrus: When the monsters if Undertale got to the surface, they kept the royal guard going and joined forces with the human police. Papyrus was finally made a member if the royal guard, but he doesn’t really do anything since there isn’t much of a need for him to do so. He is still ecstatic to hold the title though. Papyrus mostly works as a sort of secretly for the ambassador of monster and helps them to organize paperwork and keep them on schedule. He even insisted on having his own little office outside of theirs to welcome people and take calls. (This applies to my regular headcanons and the story that I have going)

❇UF Papyrus: The monsters of Underfell did the same when they got to the surface. They kept the royal guard going and joined forces with the human police. Boss was the leader and still is today, but there isn’t as much of a need for the guard as there was in the underground, so most of the time he trains there troops and is always on call in case something goes.

❇US Sans: Blueberry chose to works at a little café in the city. He’s actually a really great waiter. He’s fast, cheery and efficient, and capable of carrying numerous plates/dishes at once, even balancing some on his head. All of this while on roller skates.

vivilionheart19  asked:

(If you saw the the Malec pics of 2x15) Why do you believe both Alec and Magnus are both crying???

i did see the pics! and i almost started crying myself. what a wonderful morning that was. yay. i kind of do hope that they were both crying bc that would make my fucking heart soar. but i also think some of those stills are gonna be cut/shown in a different angle so i’m really not going to get my hopes up that we’ll see everything.

if alec is also crying i reckon it’ll be because of what magnus tells him about his mother. or maybe he’ll reveal a detail that we don’t know yet (which would be really exciting). overall, EXCITED. WE RECEIVED THE ANGST NOW GIVE ME THE FLUFF THANKS.