and i wonder what he's doing

As much as I want to see Mon-El’s suit I feel like he’s not gonna get it until he has his Hero Moment. I LOVE that he said ILY, (Chris nailed it and I could feel his words) but he also pointed out to us that what he loves the most about being a hero is being near Kara.

I’m not sure that will ever completely go away for him, she is the person that showed him who and what he wanted to be and that’s something that is always gonna be deeply ingrained in his character and what drives him, and tbh I’m not really bothered by that. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t still want more for him as a hero and as a person.

Until he has that moment of being a hero and understanding how wonderful it feels to truly help people because it’s the right thing to do he’s not gonna get there. We still haven’t seen him doing everyday heroic things, we’ve just seen him joining in on DEO missions and helping Supergirl when she needs back up.

He himself started to tell his parents that he was a hero too but stopped and said “Well, trying to be, with Kara’s help.”. He doesn’t see himself that way yet. He knows that his training is still in process, that he’s still learning. I think he also realizes that his motivations are different from hers and I think that is a part of the reason that he still struggles to see himself as a hero.

I want to see him get out there and be a part of National City as one of it’s heroes. I want to see him helping people in everyday ways. I want to see him actually experience being a hero. Everything about his growth and his character make me think that he would get genuine happiness and contentment from helping people.

The fact that they’re dragging out him getting the suit is actually awesome in some ways. Because right now he understands what a hero is but he doesn’t really feel like he is one yet. He doesn’t feel like he’s earned it and that’s because he hasn’t really, not yet, but he’s getting there.

I’m ok with waiting because I don’t just want to see Mon-El dressed like Valor. I want to see him become Valor.


I’ve been wondering why Min Hyuk wants to keep his age secret from Bong Soon so WHAT IF SHE IS ACTUALLY HIS NOONA?! THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY EPIC! PLEASE DRAMA GODS, TELL ME IT’S SO! 

He obviously knows BS’s birthdate (which is on August 15) so there is a possibility MH might be a couple of weeks or months younger than her. I can totally see Bong Soon being all cheeky and teasing him about it. Seriously, I want him to call her noona so freaking much!

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(1) My cat can be a little odd (including playing fetch and dragging sticks into the house), but I've been wondering about one thing in particular- when I come home, he likes too greet my by rubbing his nose against mine. Is that normal? Should I discourage it or is it just a personality quirk of his?

My cat also has a minor cold that he’s never totally gotten over. The vets say it’s fine but to keep an eye out for colored discharge (as of yet, no issues there). I do try to keep his eye dent things (the shallow grooves that extend down the side of the nose, not sure what they’re called) clean though. I do that by wiping my thumb (always washed) from the edge of his eye down towards his nose, because sometimes fluid gathers there and he can’t get it off. Am I harming him? Thank you :D

I haven’t heard about the nose-rubbing thing before, but I think it’s super cute and I wouldn’t consider it anything to discourage. I know cats will sometimes greet by touching noses - I’d guess it might be similar, although obviously he’s not doing it because he thinks you are a cat. 

I generally clean off eye-boogers and I’ve never had our family vet tell me it’s a bad idea. If they’re super hard, rather than using your finger you can use a damp washcloth to soften it a little - it can definitely be uncomfortable for them if it’s clumped into the hair really hard. You might also try giving him filtered water for a while - some animals get extra eye goop from, IIRC, minerals and stuff in tap water that filtered clears out. 

Love/Hate relationsip

           Ring Ring Ring. Who the hell could be calling you at four in the morning? You rolled over to look at your phone, hoping to shut it up. After your eyes adjusted to the light, you saw that you had a missed call from Louis. What the hell was so important that it couldn’t wait until morning and by morning you meant noon. You didn’t have to wait long to find out because he called again. “Hey YN, whatcha doing?”

           “Scuba diving. What kinda question is that?”

           “No need to be snarky.”

           “Louis it’s four in the morning, get to the point.”

           “Well I was wondering if you wanted to go on tour with us? If you do then you need to be packed and at the airport at 7.”

           “Of course I want to go. Why are you just inviting me now? I have almost no time to pack!” You were wide awake now. Your mind was going a million miles a minute. You needed to make a list and get everything together. “Louis I gotta go if I’m gonna get ready in time.”

           “Well I didn’t tell you because I wanted you to go and not have time to change your mind. Alright see you at the airport.”

           It took a lot less time to pack than you actually thought. You were completely packed by 5:30, so now you were just sitting and waiting until it was time to leave for the airport. Your taxi pulled up right at six. You threw your bags in the trunk, slide into the back seat, and closed your eyes until you got to the airport.

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Sorry little rant coming along coz it bothers me that everyone’s just like yeah yeah Danny is good cuz he’s got a pretty crying face, yes he does, but there’s way more to it, he can do way more! Yes he’s the master of crying sad heartbreaking scenes but he does also fun, love, fighting scenes, simple scenes so well and we should give him credit for this aswell and it’s not that I only love Danny coz he’s got a pretty face or cries pretty (it’s a wonderful gift tho his face) but I love him for his incredible talent no matter what scene he plays he makes me feel all the emotions he makes feel like this is real, like Aaron is real, he gives this character so much life it’s incredible. I think he loves Aaron even more than we do. Also if you’ve seen him in cruel summer holy moly I totally believed him being that psycho. Just woah. So I love Danny for being so talented and amazing and funny and he’s always just him no masquerade just him (drunk Danny is adorable af btw I will never forget him being drunk with Adam at the soap awards lol) anyways this got longer than it was supposed to be haha but to put it short I love Danny but I guess you knew that already haha 😍

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youre going out in THAT???

“Going out in what?” asks Baz, leaning against the doorway of our bedroom and frowning. 

I consider telling him, but we were already five minutes late meeting his uni friends at the pub and, frankly, I relish the rare moments when Baz doesn’t notice something I do.

I assure him the sweatpants Penny’d gifted him looked fine, and he smiles, leaning down to drop a kiss on my forehead, with a blush spreading its way across his grey cheeks.

However, the whole walk down to Grenadier, I couldn’t stop looking at the words “JUICY” scrawled across his ass and wondering how he managed to get dressed without noticing.

Send me the first line of a fic and I’ll write the next five!

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Hi! Just read your latest post about Zuko's awakening, yesterday your Zutara twin flame thoughts, & I was wondering if Katara hadn't run away from the tea shop, got the courage to face w him, what would have happened between them? It felt like their destiny led her to there, but she avoided the situation, so fate set another appointment for them, in that crystal cave. Azula still could capture & throw them into that "cell". What do you think?

I think that had she confronted him at the tea shop, it probably would have played out very similarly. She would be angry at first, but she would see that he has changed and they would have probably talked. I still think Azula would have captured them, though. But since she left, destiny intervened. Here is an article that detailed 11 signs of a Twin Flame relationship. It is so interesting because it is so similar to Ehasz’ plans for Zutara.

1. You met each other under unique circumstances, it looked impossible unless it was the universe which decided. It would have been impossible for you to find your twin flame except if there was another power in play, which helped bring you and your partner together. It was decided by the universe for the two souls to reunite again.

Well, since they started off as enemies, this is very true.

2. Another key twin flame sign is you were never searching for a partner to be with. Just what is unusual is that if you were out searching for the twin you would certainly not come across them. In my opinion your twin flame partner is not some one you can search and find. This twin flame relationship happens when your partner is introduced to you as if there was a contract from the universe.

The Crossroads of Destiny was a very significant title. I think that was as much a reference to Zutara as it was Zuko joining the GAAng and choosing a new destiny. Because yes, Twin Flames are destined to meet when the time is right.

3. It may just as well happen your twin might be from another country or culture, most likely to have different childhood and backgrounds. Even though there maybe differences between you both but there will be similarities in a deeper level.

Well, the Fire Prince and the Water Tribe peasant fit this very well.

4. When you do have contact with your twin flame, there will be a immediate recognition of each other, its like you always known them before even though you have not met before. Some misunderstand this as love at first sight. However this experience will be distinct for some, some may feel a intense attraction when they meet for the first time and some sense a deep wonder. Some will feel the desire to sexually merge with their twin flame.

I think it was important for the Oma and Shu story to tie in to the Crystal Catacombs.

5. Another twin flame signs is when your twin flame is in your life, you begin to change, you try to be the best you can be. This can be self improvement, furthering your career, education, or even taking care of your self, to individual growth. Meeting or being with your twin flame sparks the best of you.

That sounds like what Ehasz wanted in Book 4. Zuko is grateful to have met Katara, and vice versa.

6. When ever your twin flames comes in to your life, there maybe situation that may prevent you from being together, it could be that one of you is already with someone. If you met your twin flame, like for example online, there maybe long durations of time where you will be without being with each other. These issues will have to be resolved.

I think it would have been interesting if Zuko was forced to go back home after meeting Katara, his Twin Flame. Then Mai kind of forces herself on him and it all happens so fast. The whole dynamic would have been different if Zuko had not attacked Katara after their scene together. I’m not saying they would have been a couple at that point, but you would be able to see much more clearly that they had a connection of he didn’t betray her.

7. Separating (twin flame separation) from your twin flame can be bittersweet. Once you made the connection with your twin flame you would like to keep that way because if you do separate it can become very difficult. Because of the connection with your twin flame, you would be able to feel and communicate with them emphatically and telepathically, you would probably share the same dreams. If you are separated from your twin flame, you are still connected to them on a spiritual level.

I think that is why Zuko and Katara had their stories run parallel in The Awakening. Like Zuko is facing Ozai at the same exact time Katara was facing Hakoda.

8. During the cycle of separation from your twin flame, you will probably not find your self obsessing about them, you may miss them due to the fact both of you are still connected. There is no sense of clinginess or neediness because you know you have found your twin flame and destiny and fate is working for you to bring the two of you together.

It’s also why I think there was another meaning originally to Zuko hiding the Spirit Water from Azula. Since they are Twin Flames (or they were panned to be) it makes no sense that Ehasz wrote The Awakening with the intention of Zuko hiring an assassin to go after Katara right afterwards. He probably wanted this scene to demonstrate that they had a connection.

9. Another twin flame signs is that there is great level of trust, comfort and openness in a twin flame relationship. You would be able to talk to each other about anything without any judgment. There is a sense of unconditional love and acceptance for each other.

This is EXACTLY what Ehasz was talking about when he said that they were able to communicate and understand each other on a level no one else could. He was describing Twin Flames to a tee.

10. You both seem to live a parallel life to each other. Often twin flames have similar experiences in the same period in their lives, even though you have age difference or you live at different place on the planet.

Katara’s backstory with Kya was made to be intentionally similar to Zuko’s backstory with Ursa.

11. Another very important twin flame sign is that you will be working together to bring something useful to the planet. The twin flame relationship isn’t just for your enjoyment, however these relationships are very enjoyable. The two of you will work together to provide a gift to the world.

And another aspect of a Twin Flame partnership is that it is not just about the two individuals. It is about making the world a better plae. This was going to tie into the way Zuko and Katara were going to become political partners and repair the damage from the war. That is probably another reason why Ehasz wanted to explore the political ramifications of a Zutara marriage in TLOK, if he was able to.

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jaehyun x 62?

Anon said: jeffrey, 62 76?
Anon said: Jaehyun + 62 ;)
Anon said: 62 jung jaehyun?

Send in a number and a NCT member and I’ll write a drabble ^^

62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

It’s three in the morning, and you had just woken up because your bladder couldn’t hold itself for five more hours. And now, here you were, laying on your back on your bed, next to your very awake boyfriend, wondering when you could go back to sleep.

You had class and being awake really wasn’t in your best interests.

“Jaehyun, make me fall back asleep.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?” He asks. You turn your head to look at him.

“I don’t know. Do whatever you think will make me fall asleep.”

Jaehyun goes through several different ideas including getting you a glass of hot tea, giving you a backrub, trying to sing you to sleep, and even holding you to get you warm and sleepy. None of it works, and you’re back to where you were, on your back with Jaehyun next to you.

“There’s nothing else to get me to fall asleep?” Jaehyun is silent for a moment before scooting closer to you, his hand landing on your thigh. He rubs it up and down slowly, and you turn your head to look at him.

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex?”

“You were leading up to this, weren’t you, you fucker?”

“I saved it for a last resort. I figured you’d go with it,” he says smugly. Of course he thought like that.

You sigh and pull Jaehyun closer, pressing your lips to his once. “You have to do all the work.”

“Fine by me.”

“Every time Keith saw Lance, he both wondered and knew what home felt like. Logically, it didn’t make sense but that was the only way to put it. He had asked the Blue Paladin once if he missed his family, which sounded like a slip of his tongue to him. There was a short moment of hesitation—if short was what one would call Lance spitting his drink and drying himself with curses in between—but he got his answer.

That, yes, Lance missed his family like any normal human being would and Keith wondered what it said of him because he missed “a” family. It was another of those things that happened around Lance—making sense while being senseless.

So when Lance threw the question back at Keith—”I mean, you do miss your family, too, don’t you?”—the supposedly-clever ace pilot wasn’t sure where his answer came from.

“No, I don’t miss you.”

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So I just saw this comment on Thomas' most recent instagram post that said that Roman is just a few letters off from romance. Thomas is a genius if this is what he was going for?!? What do you think?

I thought so when I first saw the video, and I wondered, but wasn’t sure if it was just coincidence or not. Either way, I still really like the name chosen!!


Your breath reeks of crown royal and someone else’s laughter
You still need God too
Forgive me for the times I have made God out of you
I was never supposed to worship hands that I could touch
But couldn’t feel
It looked real
It looked right
I stopped praying
Because I forgot the sound of my own voice
I was unsure that God would recognize it
Or that he’d want to hear what I had to say
I am just a woman
A failed lover
A mess, to say the least
A body, to say the most
At least that’s the picture you painted over the mirror
And told me was my reflection
I hope they see me now
I know God hears me better
I don’t wonder if you do
I don’t want to hear you.
Your breath reeks of I miss you’s and things that are like glitter
Both of which wear off.
Wherever and however this finds you,
I hope that it is warm.
As for me?
Well you see.. …

Impromptu caption poetry by me. 03/16/17 5:18 pm
Photo by @karen__santos

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Now that Eggy has won 26 years later. We should throw him a party. and give him hundreds of different awards. What do you think?

That won’t be necessary. As the literal king of the world, Robotnik can just take all the awards for himself without opposition.

And he’ll constantly show off and gloat while doing it.

“Yes, I’m very honored to have gained this award. Such an achievement to have come so far after defeating the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. Who would have thought that I would become the ruler of the world? No one thought I could rule the world, but sure enough, I now rule the world! If Sonic were here, I wonder what he would think about not winning and being dead…

100% legit confirmation Matthew narrated the Bee Movie

You see this wonderful man?

This is Jim Cummings

He provided the voice for Matthew in the Adventure Time episode “The Mountain”

Y’know, this guy.

Do you wanna know what else Jim has voiced in?

“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to get it’s fat little body off the ground. The bee of course, flies anyway, because bees don’t care what humans think.”

Those are the exact words Jim Cummings had to read from his script. You’ve probably heard it 50 million times from all the Bee Movie memes.

But honestly Jim Cummings has been in everything that ever existed in his time, so it’s not a surprise.

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Hey! I'm new here (badass blog buy the way, you rock! Fantasy and other universes like that were always my favorites) and as far as I can see, in your AUs Cas is always human, am I right? I wonder what are you thinking about canon Angel Cas? How do you imagine him or his true form maybe?

In my fics or in my art? Most of the time Castiel is actually something non-human unless I’m doing all human AUs :D (Like Castiel is an angel in the naga!Verse, or he’s a selkie or he’s a fairy etc)

I love canon angel Cas! ♥

I’m not sure how I imagine his trueform, judged by what we’ve heard angels say about their angelic bodies they’re both a mix of corporeal and made of wavelenghts. 

Zachariah says that he has 4 heads (one’s a lion) and six wings if I remember correctly. So I assume they have bodies; they have hands to wield angelic weapons and they have feet to stand on shorelines with older brothers and grip people tight and pull them from perdition.

Judging God’s track record of creatures made before humans (both Eve and the Leviathans are older than Castiel for example, both are made of matter, not just waves and light) I do think that they have something very physical about them, maybe uncomfortably mixed with insubstantial parts.

Though I usually draw Cas looking like a space ballerina (see here, also compared to a fluffy baby) because I totally suck at non-human character design.


BATIM Headcanon that Bendy only opens his mouth when visually important, such as singing or yelling. Y'know, anything to do with opening your mouth besides talking. Talking through teeth is fine for him. @bendy-and-the-headcannon-machine

BTW, if you’re wondering what he’s singing, it’s “I Don’t Want to Set The World on Fire” by The Ink Spots. I think it suits him!

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Do you ever wonder how Lisa Lisa must have been feeling in BT? Like, finally being reunited with her son but unable to tell him who she really is, seeing how much he's grown since he was a baby, probably seeing George II in some of his features and maybe personality. Like, I want to know more about what she must have been feeling and thinking through all of that

Lisa Lisa’s a really strong woman like she straight up went for and took out her husband’s killer right after it happened. So I think she’d have coped being apart from Joseph for so long since she knew he was going to be raised in good hands and realistically that there was nothing more she could do in the situation since she’d been the one caught committing a crime.
Somewhere she’d have probably resided herself to either never knowing Joseph, or never telling him that she was his mother since Erina had planned to raise him having no knowledge of hamon- given that she’d lost both her husband and her son through their interaction with it. 

I can’t imagine she’d have been too surprised about Joseph’s appearance or his height given what George looked like and what she remembers Joseph being but would definitely be able to see aspects of herself in him. I kind of get the feeling that she’d have been able to spot him a mile away in the centre of a crowd. Personally, I still don’t think she planned to tell Joseph who she was right up until the very end or at all because if he was to actually die at the end of Battle Tendency then she probably wouldn’t have wanted the chance to get more attached to him that she already was. 

I don’t know buddy, I’m unsure too 

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In Eric's journals the way he wanted NBK to go down was on par with the events of 9/11. I wonder had they not gone through with their plans and witnessed the attack, would he have been impressed or do you think his patriotism would override him and he'd hate the terrorists? Like "I respect the bad assery of what you did but stay the fuck away from my country!"

I know this guy that reminds me a scary amount of Eric, especially in the whole destruction/go America thing, so I’m basing this answer on that.

I think he would hate the terrorists but for all the wrong reasons. It would be more of a racism thing in my opinion, and Eric would take it as an almost personal attack because of his ego. Because as we know we clearly didn’t have a problem with causing terror.

But there’s also a flip side where if he did live to see 9/11, he would have then lived to hear he had not been accepted into the Marines and again ego might have made him bitter against the country and happy with it.

I honestly think it’s more likely the first one though, But if I think of anything else I’ll come back to this.