and i wonder what he's doing


WONDER TWEEK: Oh jesus christ, who even told you–

WONDER TWEEK: Wait, n-no!

WONDER TWEEK: I didn’t even tell anybody!

MOSQUITO: Tell anybody what?


WONDER TWEEK: No! What if Craig actually is alive and he’s looking at your blog right now?!

WONDER TWEEK: What if he thought that it’s weird?!

WONDER TWEEK: What if he already thinks I’m weird because of earlier, and that’s why he didn’t even come to the meet up today!






MYSTERION: Knock it off!

MYSTERION: If you two are going to rough house, take it to the training area.

WONDER TWEEK: GHHGH! No, we’re not rough housing!

MOSQUITO: [crying] Bzzzhzhzhzhhhzzzzzzz…

MYSTERION: It sure sounds like it.


WONDER TWEEK: Clyde, you better hope Craig isn’t dead.

MOSQUITO: Zzzzhzzz I DO hope that!

the signs as things that my renaissance drama lecturer has said to us over the past few weeks

  • aries: “if you don’t like what i’m doing, feel free to throw something. i respond well to tomatoes”
  • taurus: “i’ve never really been one for conspiracy theories, but consider this: what if christopher marlowe faked the moon landing?”
  • gemini: “and the moral of the story is, don’t slag off agamemnon”
  • cancer: “in ten minutes my colleague will come on and do something clever. what will he do? we don’t know. maybe he’ll assemble a trestle table. maybe he’ll read us some beautiful poetry. we just don’t know, and that’s the wonder of it.”
  • leo: “i know audience participation sucks and we hate it, but you guys have to help me out here. i’m very tired and i don’t know if i remember how to read.“
  • virgo:  “i’m standing way too close to the edge of the stage. if i trip over, i will fall face first into the audience and that will be the end of the lecture.”
  • scorpio: “jeez, it’s hot in here. it’s not just me, is it? look, if someone wants to stand up and go into a dead faint, that would be good. then we can all go home.”
  • sagittarius: “for a moment there, just a second, numbers stopped being real. is five more or less than six? i haven’t slept in 2 days”
  • capricorn: “and here, in the true climactic scene of the play, hal and hotspur meet for the first time - to kill each other. and it’s - holy shit it’s so good. i’m not even going to tell you what happens. it’s too good, you have to read it yourself. this is a spoiler-free zone, my guys”
  • aquarius: “the merchant of venice is my least favourite shakespeare play, because nobody - not once, not a single time does anyone ever cross a canal. how can you set a play in venice and have no canals? basic research failure, willy. it’s a zero from me.”
  • pisces: “i’ve never read a book in my life”

Red raising Agnes tho

- him being literally the most patient father ever a) because she’s Lizzy’s and so obviously beautiful and perfect and wonderful and b) because he lost his own daughter so can’t bear spending one moment mad at Agnes when he knows you can lose it so fast

- so Agnes will like throw tantrums or sob for hours or do the things toddlers generally do and Red will just lay down next to her and ask her what’s wrong and work it out without ever resorting to time outs

- Red learning how to be happy and playful through Agnes and coming to peace finally with his own daughter

- bath time where Red sings to her and dumps like an entire toy store worth of floating things in the tub and they always end up getting more water outside of the tub than in

- Red making Agnes into a “human burrito” with his nicest, fluffiest towels

- every time Red goes on a business trip being totally unable to keep himself from buying adorable outfits or outrageously sized stuffed animals for Agnes

- Red telling Agnes stories about Liz every day and showing her pictures so when Liz wakes up Agnes will remember her instantly

- Red making the most elaborate pillow forts for Agnes

- the first time Agnes gets hurt Red flips out even though he’s already had a kid and he knows head wounds bleed a lot but Jesus Christ it just gave him flashbacks to Lizzy bleeding out beside him in the car and Dembe has to patch her up and then hold a shaking Red for ten minutes until he’s finally able to breathe again

- weekly visits to “uncle dembe’s” house for dinner with Dembe’s daughter and granddaughter

- Red being at the park and someone mistakes him for Agnes’ dad and he can’t bring himself to correct them because she feels like his and he loves her so much

- Agnes calling Red “dada” and he tries to correct her but she won’t stop and every time she calls him that his heart melts but holy shit how is how going to explain it to Lizzy especially after telling her that Agnes real father is dead

- the first time Agnes calls Red dad in front of liz they’re all playing together in the living room of Reds house and Red freezes but liz just smiles and says “yeah Agnes give the truck to dad!” And Red has to hide his face because he’s blinking back tears

-just Red raising Agnes y'all

misswhathello  asked:

hey i was curious, do you think ahsoka would have done better as a padawan under obi-wan? or do you prefer their almost joint-mastership of her? ive seen stories where both occurs, and i was wondering how you felt about it. ahsoka is definitely one of my favorite characters in the clone wars bc shes so pragmatic and uses her brain, but sometimes she can be very brash like anakin. what do you think?

You know…

I really think she needed both Obi-wan and Anakin.

And here’s why, if you’ll allow me to step back a minute to put this into a fuller context. 

Obi-wan was the Padawan no one wanted, was the one who had to fight to get trained, who endured treatment ranging from ambivalent to outright hostile even when he was apprenticed. Obi-wan had something to prove, needed to prove that he could be a Jedi, and I think that because of this, he adhered to the Code (or at least attempted to) in a stricter manner than his natural tendencies may have pushed him to. This *is* the boy who lead a rebellion on Melida/Daan, after all, the man who jumped through a glass window, etc etc. Obi-wan was a rebel, but I think his past caused him to cling to the traditional Jedi ways in order for him to justify his own presence in the Order after so much rejection.

Okay, so why do I bring this up? 

Because Anakin was the rebel, was the different one, from the day he walked into the Jedi Temple. And despite Obi-wan’s best intentions, Anakin remained so. Anakin was unable to repress his nature, his desire to be different, to be special (and who could blame him, given his background?) And Obi-wan was so attached to Anakin, he allowed this, in spite of the Council and the Code. 

If Ahsoka had become Obi-wan’s second Padawan, would he have acted the same, or would he (once again) have tried to prove his worthiness to an organization that he had a tempestuous relationship with by having Ahsoka adhere even more to the Code to make up for Anakin’s transgressions?

In the end, for me, Obi-wan is able to be a great mentor for Ahsoka because he is one step removed from her training. I’m sure Obi-wan caught enough flak for Anakin’s actions over the years. Given his personality, I feel that he might have overcompensated in the opposite direction had he taken Ahsoka as his Padawan. 

And…I don’t think Obi-wan was ready to let Anakin go. Not through the entire Clone Wars. Not even through ROTS. Probably not until the Death Star and even then…

No, for me it worked out so well the way it was. Ahsoka was a perfect balance of Anakin’s aggressive behavior and Obi-wan’s wisdom. Ahsoka needed that inner-Anakin to walk away from the Order after the events of the “Wrong Jedi”. (I contend it was the right thing for her to do after all of that.) An Obi-wan trained Ahsoka might not have walked away, to her detriment. 

At the same time, Ahsoka never fell to the dark, was able to take the best of the Jedi philosophy and the Code to do good both during the Clone Wars and the Rebellion. And that poise we see her with when she meets up with Kana and Ezra - that’s Obi-wan’s influence, right there. 

And in the end, Ahsoka may have been the most balanced of the three of them. Anakin was too angry, Obi-wan too attached. But through them both she found a middle that I don’t think she would have achieved had she been trained exclusively with one of them. 

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🇬🇧👋🏼 Morning Cris, what a lovely surprise to wake up to, I have over the year really warmed to Niall and truly didn't expect to like his solo work, but then what do I know. Given how popular he is/was (I read he was the most popular in US with 1d) I do wonder why SyCo and Sony didn't cling onto him like a spoiled child screaming 'mine!'. If you listen carefully enough you can here the grinding of teeth from Mr Cowell this morning.

Good morning Brit Anon!  It’s a beautiful sound, isn’t it?

I keep thinking back to all of those articles about Syco being just about to sign Niall and how he was the secret weapon artist and how excited they were, which went on for a couple of months and then Niall suddenly signed with Capitol. 

So I think they tried, I really do, I think those negotiations went on for months, BUT Syco didn’t really believe what they were telling The Sun. I think they wanted him because they thought he’d do well with existing fans, but I don’t think they really wanted him.  So when Capitol made Niall a really stellar offer that would have cost Syco real money and/or real effort, Syco gave up and wouldn’t match it.

I also think that Modest knew that if Niall left it would destroy their reputation, losing everyone in the band that they “built”, so they worked for it, for once. They pulled out every conceivable stop to get him the best deal possible.  

Whatever happened, Niall has benefited hugely and he’s done SO well and I’m SO FUCKING PROUD of him!  No one saw this coming, least of all Niall, but he has absolutely killed it solo and I couldn’t be happier about it!

FIC: In the Worlds of Ruin, We find Each Other - Heartfelt Version

I did another Dad!Libertus and Chubby!Prompto for a friend of mine. I hope you like it, boo! Also, I hope it is as cute as the last one, but considering the topic it might not be. I will have the angstier one up as soon as I finish it! So cheers and do tell me what you think below! :D

Read on AO3 or below the cut!

Spoilers for Comrades!

Summary: Dad!Libertus left Insomnia after it’s fall hopeful to meet up with Nyx once more in Galahd, but it’s been a long time and there was a call for all available fighters to join the fight in Lestallum. So he goes there when a wonderful surprise happens to arrive after he’s already set up his own chain of command.

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What do you think it would be like to spend Thanksgiving with Tom, since they don't have that in England?

A little something like this
-“thanksgiving tf is that”
-“it’s a holiday here in the states luv where we celebrate what we are thankful for and eat turkey and have dinner with our families”
-“turkey as in food”
-“hell yeah count me in”
-“he would not know what to do so most families go around the table saying one thing they are thankful for (I don’t so idk how this goes)
-“um well I’m tom holland and -“
-“babe we know who you are”
-“oh right sorry”
-“I’m thankful for,,,,,my wonderful love y/n,,,,”
-“and finally being an avenger”
-“fuck it I knew that was coming”
-“tom slow down on the turkey luv its not going anywhere”
-*tom having stuffing his face look up at you*”wut”
-after dinner tom would be like
-*tom on the floor looking dead*
-“I’ve never eaten so much in my life”
-“,,,,,will there be leftovers”
-overall it would be Tom’s best first thanksgiving ever as long as he had you:’)💞💞💞

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Hey, i love your headcanons! And since you're one of the many blogs that have a lot of Sweet Pea--which i love cause he's my favorite right now--i just wanted to ask you a question. Sorry if it's a bit weird. I was just wondering if you think Sweet Pea resides in a trailer like Jughead does? Toni said in the recent episode that her uncle locks her out so she crashes places. So do you think he stays with family or in a trailer with other Serpents? :)

Not at all! I actually thought a lot about this. To be honest, I don’t really know if he’s at Sunnyside trailer park, but that’s what I’m leaning towards at the moment until the show can provide us more insight to his living situation/life (if they ever do. side characters tend to get looked over)  If he did live in the trailer park, he definitely lives alone and it’s definitely more of a mess than FP’s place.

The only other way I see it is that he’s one of the few members that has a parent(s) at home that he lives with OR he stays with Tallboy. There’s something about the way they’re comfortable around each other that makes me believe that Tallboy is a step-in parent. That Sweet Pea has a really hard time staying with foster families and being treated like an actual child and Tallboy gives him the freedom to grow into the adult he’s supposed to be and gives him the privacy he needs/deserves. Less overbearing than a foster mother, y’know? that’s just how I see it personally. 

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How does Dimitri kill Xero to fuse their souls.. just wondering

Dimitri didn’t fuse his own soul to Xero if that’s what you were thinking! rather he fused Xero’s soul to the eternal void, the infinite fabric of spacetime that connects all conceivable realities, that way no matter what they could never be taken away from him :’)

to do so he had to essentially “kill” them to make their soul immortal, as in not tied to a (mortal) physical form; he severed the connection Xero’s soul had with their body and then anchored it to something else (eternity). this is because usually, even if a being has a physical form that can regenerate ceaselessly, their soul can still be harmedー ergo if Xero’s soul was bound to something that literally has no end, there would be no way to truly unravel their existence. in short Dimitri’s fucking gay… gay disaster

Sneak Peek | Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked, 20

Keeping herself silent, Hermione prayed that he would think that she was gone and leave her be. Instead, he kept pounding on the door, calling her name, getting more and more frantic. “Don’t make me do this through the door.” She was beginning to be afraid that he was going to break down the door as it rattled in its frame. “Hermione, come on, I know you are in there!”

Cringing, Hermione held her breath, wondering how long he was going to stand out there, making a nuisance of himself. She nearly gasped when she heard someone else walking into the hallway. “Oi, just what are you doing?” she heard her neighbor, Neville Longbottom ask.

“I’m looking for Hermione,” Tom responded, his voice muffled by the door. She could practically see his jaw clenching in her mind’s eye as he tried to keep hold of his temper. “I need to speak with her.”

“Well, she obviously doesn’t want to talk to you,” Neville spat back at her, being so stupidly brave. Hermione prayed that Tom wouldn’t do something to the other man, thinking that Neville was severely underestimating what Riddle was capable of.

hey everyone !! my name is jay. 20 y/o cismale from new york who’s been obsessed with twilight since it first came out when i was in middle school !! i’ve read breaking dawn so much outside that the book is coming apart lmao. anyone i’m just your average joe who’s been blasting christmas music (mainly sinatra & michael b) since nov.1 !! i’ll be playing aro, here’s a little more about him !! (also like this if you wanna plot i’ll im you or something)

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Honestly i love shane (and ryland, drew and garret obvs)?? Ive been watching him since early 2015 and even since then hes grown so much, hes met ryland and garret, got a dog and a cat and just become a lot happier generally. His content has changed so much but you can tell he really enjoys what he does now, its been nice to see him grow up and fall in love and such lmao. My favourite youtubers are always the ones who actually enjoy what they do

Yes!! I watched him a LONG time ago when he did collabs with joey all the time and people thought he was queerbaiting (🙄), but I stopped and just went back to watching a few months ago. It’s like he’s a completely different person. Garrett and drew seem like wonderful friends and ryland is amazing too ❤️

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So your Miami Rick fic made me wonder if Morty ever developed a crush on Rick’s gal, and if Rick found out, how it would go down finding out his grandson has the hots for his lover

(I don’t do incest or pedophilia soooo here’s what I got for you, anon. Also this is my first time writing Morty so yay!)

“Oh, honey. It’s OK. Don’t be upset. He’s just a cranky, old asshole.”

You sat on the chaise lounge by the pool, soothing the distraught 14 year old. Morty had made the mistake of confessing to Rick that he admired your beauty, and Rick had proceeded to berate the poor teen for his admission.

“Oh, y-you think she’s pretty huh, Moooorrtyyy? I-I-I mean that- that’s nice and all, but Grandpa doesn’t keep her around so you can - so you can drool. S-s-so stop being a little - a little creepy creep person and shut your fucking mouth.”

Morty’s bottom lip had trembled before he’d tossed his half eaten lollipop to the ground and stormed away. You’d scolded Rick for his insensitivity and then followed, realizing the poor boy’s words weren’t meant as anything other than the harmless acknowledgement of what he considered to be your good looks.

Now, you were doing your best to alleviate his hurt feelings.

“H-he-he’s such a - he’s such a jerk sometimes. I-I-I wasn’t trying to be - be creepy. You are pretty. And - and I hope that - that one day I can be with someone as pretty as you.”

You wrapped an arm around Morty’s shoulder, hugging him. He slumped against you with a sigh, and then he reached into his jacket for a lollipop, offering one to you.

Taking it, you smiled at him before unwrapping the candy.

“Don’t worry, Morty. One day, you will.”

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Hey robo I’m still having a rough time. I wondering if you could do a hc thingy with Evan when his girlfriend has really bad mental breakdowns kind of often and shuts down? (Totally not a reflection of me pfffft what??)

Evan knows what it’s like, he’d grab all the blankets and cushions he can find and make a little blanket fort with his laptop. He’ll snuggle up with you in it and turn on cheesy romantic movies, brushing his thumb over your knuckles every once and awhile. He won’t make you talk but if you want to then he’ll always listen and help you as much as he can.

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Is it to much to ask to have a schuyler sisters x reader sleepover/coffee date with "oh my're in love"

Lounging in your pajama’s, legs up over the edge of the armchair you fell into at the beginning of the night a smile that would be bigger if not for the face mask you have on spreads over your face. 

“Oh no, I know that look,” Angelica says, looking from you to Eliza and back again. 

“What look?” 

The girls all give each other a look before turning their attention back to you. 

“The ‘I wonder what he’s doing right now’ look. That is what Liza’s face looked like the entire time between first meeting Alexander and when they finally went out,” Angelica explains. 

“I’m not thinking about any guy,” you huff, turning away slightly to avoid their encouraging smiles. 

“Oh come on, just tell us who it is,” Peggy says, pleading at you with those big brown eyes.

You let out a groan, not really wanting to tell them but you know they’ll just keep bugging you if you don’t. 

“It’s Hercules. He’s just so kind every time I see him, and he makes me feel really safe and secure. We’ve been texting lately and it’s been really nice, he sends me good morning and good night texts and it’s so sweet,” you explain. 

“Oh my god… you’re in love,” Eliza says, a sweet smile on her face. 

“I’m not in love. I like him but not that much!” you exclaim. 

While you’re defending yourself to Eliza, you don’t notice Peggy reaching to snatch your phone off the coffee table. 

“Oh look at this! You’ve got two unanswered texts from him! What should I say back?” Peggy asks a devious smile on her face that spells trouble. 

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what do you think both Keith and Allura (and the rest of the paladins) fate would be after they're done? Obviously people like Lance/Hunk/Holts/Shiro would probably want to go back to earth and spend the rest of the days with their families. But both Allura and Keith have no family to return to. Do you think Allura and keith would still go to earth like the rest of them? Or would keith spend his days travelling w Allura and Coran on the Castle ship?

oh, i can definitely see keith and lu just traveling the stars after the war is over and never settling down in one spot for very long + visiting their friends on earth sometimes … they seem like the type of couple to just get up and take road trips or starship rides across the galaxy on a whim and just !! see what the vast universe has to offer their wanderlust hearts 💞 (i do wonder about shiro’s ending though — as of yet he hasn’t mentioned his family at all and i’m down with the hc that he doesn’t have a family to go back to either, that maybe he was disowned by his family or somehow he lost them)

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I’m late, but I’m thrilled Hobrien gay chicken keeps living and giving! Dylan was in radio silence again, and all of the sudden, bang, he appears in a video shirtless, with his bottom in full display for his deserved appreciation! I wonder what the next stage of Hobrien gay chicken will bring us!

I like the pics with him and his friends.  I kind of feel like it’s them “sharing” him with us while also protecting him, you know?  And more and more have been doing it.  It’s pretty interesting.