and i wonder if i ever cross your mind

I loved you with all my soul, you showed me something I didn’t know I could possibly ever feel, but we’re both on our own paths, I hope you’re doing well, I always wonder if I ever cross your mind, doubt it but I hope you realize how much I tried, I still love you but I’m sure those feelings will also begin to diminish as time progresses

He was the love of my life, he was.
I look up at the sky and stars and wonder if he thinks about me too.
I doubt I’ll ever love another guy the way I loved him, I’m certain I won’t how can I? He was everything to me he was.

The other day off to Fayetteville I looked to the sky and thought I would’ve done everything different, we would’ve had 2 lovely kids and a house here or nearby cities but in the country side of the city.