and i wonder if i ever cross your mind

Hey I know we don’t talk anymore but I hope
you’re okay.

I know I left but there are days where I miss your presence, there are days where I wish I could just
message you and talk like we used to. There are
days where I spend my entire night thinking and
worrying about you. I wonder if you miss me too
or if you pause for a second in your day and think
about me. Do I ever cross your mind… and even if
I did it doesn’t even matter because we don’t talk anymore, maybe that really gets to me sometimes
because I wish we still did. The thing is I’m okay
without you, you are no longer an important part
of my life. I’m okay and I don’t shed a tear over
you, but there’s a part of me deep down that still
cares and that part brings me to my knees. I wish
things didn’t have to be this way, but I guess you
just have to let go of the things that are weighing
you down and bringing unnecessary stress in your
life. I pray for you, I pray that you’re okay as it’s the
only thing that’ll truly help, and maybe one day our
paths will cross again. Until then goodbye stranger
with some memories.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #23
Jenseternity / instagram

I always stay up late thinking about you. I stay up late thinking about what I could’ve done differently. I stay up late wishing that I could turn back time. I stay up cursing at the universe for screwing up the timing. I stay up wondering if I ever cross your mind. I wonder if you ever dream about me. Or if your heart skips a beat when you see or hear my name.

I stay up waiting for a message or a phone call that will never come. I stay up thinking about what we could’ve been. I stay up wanting you back.

I stay up because I miss you.

I stay up because I miss hearing your voice.

I stay up because I want you to tell me that you love me, for one last time.

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write
I deleted a picture of you off my phone tonight along with some texts you’d sent months back. Ones telling me how much you missed me and how you needed to see me soon. I don’t get those anymore, in fact I don’t hear from you at all. I still miss you from time to time. When my eyes are heavy in the early hours of the morning or at the bottom of my 9th pint. I wonder how you are and if I ever cross your mind. If you ever see things that remind you of me and no one else, like my favourite band on tv or that film I hated so much. I still think about you but not as much anymore.
—  I maybe still love you.
Sugar Sweet | 2 |

word count: 5.3k

genre: smut & a little fluff



part 1 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

a/n: there’s very very verrrry slight dubcon, but in the end it’s consenting by both parties. just in case that isn’t your cup of tea, but i promise it’s as minimal as possible. trust me. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes.

Here was the man who gave you admittedly one of the best orgasms of your entire life and managed to make your heart go all kinds of tender within one night who also nearly tossed you out of the apartment you’d never thought you’d go to, less than 6 hours ago.

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I wonder how many times I’ve crossed your mind in the time we haven’t been speaking. when you’re lying in bed at night trying to get to sleep, do you ever see my face and wish you could place one hand on my cheek and one hand on my waist to pull me closer? at parties do you ever see girls dancing to the deafening music and you have to grip your bottle tighter because you know that I played you this song once, although the volume wasn’t so loud and my head had been resting on your shoulder. I knew it wasn’t your type of music and I knew you probably didn’t like it but what I didn’t know was that it was one of the most played songs on your whole fucking phone because it reminds you of me. when I pass you in the street how much force does it take you to avoid eye contact with me? and how much does your heart and mind race when you quickly look over when you think I won’t notice and lock eyes with me accidentally? in that short time I see everything we didn’t have, everything we could of had if things happened differently. I know you taught me so much. but I wish you could have taught me so much more. for you there have been other girls and for me there have been other guys but in everyone new I look for you and I’m surprised when I never find you and I don’t know why because the person I’m looking for if the same person I had a year ago, the same person I don’t have now.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 21

I deleted a few pictures of you off my phone today along with some messages you had sent months back. Messages where you told me how much you loved and missed me and how bad you wanted to be with me. I don’t get those anymore, in fact, I don’t hear from you at all.

I still miss you. I miss you when I lie awake in bed. I miss you when I wake up with heavy eyes in the morning. I miss you when I’m out with my friends. I miss you in the middle of a laugh. Yes, maybe I miss you a little too much.

I always wonder how you are. I wonder if you’re happy; if you’re truly happy. I wonder if you still think about me or if I ever cross your mind. I wonder if you ever see or hear things that remind you of me: like a movie I loved or a song I hated.

Yes, I think about you a lot and it may not seem like it, but I guess…I miss you less than I did yesterday.

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write
I wonder if anyone really thinks about me. The kind of thinking where your thoughts wrecking ball their way through the usual barriers, you’re not really aware of why you’re thinking of that person, or maybe you are, but you don’t have time to care because before you know it they’ve already filled your head. Maybe I’ve crossed someone’s mind. Maybe they reread our texts in hopes of resurrecting our past, just for a moment. Maybe they smelled something like my cologne and couldn’t stop themselves from remembering me the whole day. Could I ever take up that much time and space?
—  Do you ever think about me, like I think about you? // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (360/366)

Almost | Bruce Wayne

IMAGINE seeing bruce years after he broke things off
dick bruce
probably spelling/grammar errors

“You’re breaking up with me?” You scoffed.

Bruce sighed, running a hand through his hair. “We weren’t ever exclusive, Y/N.”

“That wasn’t what you thought last night,” You pointed out. “Fine. If you don’t want me in your life, then I’m gone.”

You pushed past him, fixing your shirt as you walked out of his room. You slipped by his kids. They had no doubt heard the entire thing. You had to fight back the heartbreak you felt. You wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of knowing how hurt you were. You could hold yourself high, be snobbish, act like you didn’t care, but that didn’t stop the fact that you actually like Bruce. Maybe even love him.

Your car was parked up front, untouched. You slid into the driver’s seat, tossing your overnight bag into the back as you pulled quickly out of the manor. Fuck Bruce Wayne.


You hummed brightly to yourself. You bustled about the lab, moving files to their rightful place as you kept a watchful eye on the machine. You were in a rush to tidy the place up before the funder got here. Working under one of the most advancing science divisions in the world had its perks, in this case, it was meeting new people.

“Just this way,” Rebecca, the department’s secretary, opened the door to the room.

“Just a moment,” You called behind you as you locked up the vile filled cooler. “Just finishing things up.”

“There’s no rush.”

You stiffened, nearly dropping your keys. Even after three years, there was no way you could forget that voice. You stood up straighter, smile wiping off your lips as your face hardened. You stuffed your keys into your pocket and turned on your heel to face them.

You avoided his eyes and looked at Rebecca, “Thank you, but I can take it from here.”

“Yes, ma'am,” She smiled brightly and slipped out of the room.

You cleared your throat, giving him a blank look. “All that you need to know is in the folders. If you have any questions, I’m sure someone else can answer them for you.”

“Y/N,” Bruce swallowed thickly, shocked. “You’re the leading scientist. I’d like to discuss my concerns with you.”

You had to bite your tongue from saying something not-so-nice. “Okay. What would you like to discuss, Mister Wayne?”

“Please, call me Bruce,” He half-smiled.

“My lunch is an hour,” You sighed. “If you have something you need to discuss, please do so now, Mister Wayne.”

He bit the inside of his cheek with a nod. He needed to focus on the stabilizer first, worry about you later. He got straight into it. He brought up his concerns, you brought up your solutions. The conversation went smoothly and before he knew it, you were getting ready to leave for lunch.

“You never told me you were interested in science,” He spoke, placing a folder back into its place.

“You never were interested in the things I liked.” You shot back.

He sighed. “I know I could have ended things better, Y/N.”

“Don’t fool yourself, Wayne,” You chuckled. “You never wanted to be in an actual relationship, not just with me. You were too invested in having a warm body next to you without the strings.” You slipped off the lab coat, grabbing your thin jacket as a replacement and started making your way towards the door, Bruce following after. You stopped, briefly looking back at him. “I know what you thought about me. Stuck up, rich, snobby. You didn’t ever think about how I thought about you. I thought you were the most amazing person I have ever met, and I’ve met Ryan Reynolds. I loved you. And you threw me aside like trash.”

He watched you slip out the door, leaving him inside your lab. You were right. He never gave you a second thought; you were basically an ongoing one night stand. It never crossed his mind to invest himself in your life. He didn’t bother getting to know you, only caring about who you were on the surface; rich, gorgeous, full of themselves.

He wondered if he had taken the moment to get to know you if maybe you’d still be in his life.

feb. 21 2017

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Need you now- Snow- Logicality. (Congrats 300 followers!!)

Thanks!!! I hope you like it. Just, I normally don’t have problems writing things related to alcohol, but just because I actually hate unhealthy coping mechanism I’m not going to use the “Im a little drunk and I need you now.”, sorry.

Also, thank you for helping me arrive to 300 followers!!!
Warning: Angst. Mutual pining andiregretnothing. HumanAU

Here the song

Marion stared at the ceiling of his room, knowing the snow was falling outside and feeling his heart breaking once again. 

He took his phone, unblocking it. He entered to Facebook, only to be reminded that today, 6 years ago, he added Logan Sanders. The tears were now slowly falling.


It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now

He grabbed the phone again, clicked on the contacts app, he couldn’t help but notice how now he wasn’t his first contact to popped out.

Said I wouldn’t call but I lost all control and I need you now

Logan sat in front of his desk, not caring about the snow that was entering his room through the window. It seemed he was reading a book, but his mind was remembering every moment.

Every kiss.

Every word.


And I wonder if I ever cross your mind?

He grabbed his phone, unblocking in. He forgot he still had the picture of his and Marion’s anniversary as a homesceen.

He denied the tears, but his face was wet.

For me it happens all the time.

He knew this a bad idea. Marion was aware of it, and yet he couldn’t hang on the phone.

Wishing you’d come sweeping in the way you did before.

“We didn’t work out.” Logan said at one point if their conversation.

“I know.”

“Then… why do I miss you so much?” Logan… was a mess.

“I missed you too.” Marion said almost inaudible, “But… maybe this was a bad idea.”

“Calling me or dating me?”

“Calling you. Dating you was one of the best thing ever.” Both chuckled, “But it’s over.”

“I know”

Guess I’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

“I still love you… just… I don’t know what I feel anymore.” Marion said after a long paused… “I just-I just really need you know.”

Logan smiled, “I need you too, you know?”

And I don’t know how I can do without.

I just need you now


Im really proud of how this one turned out!!! I hope you like it!!!!

Shane Walsh X Sara Grimes
Setting: Season 1, episode 6 - At the CDC.
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: E for explicit / Mature audiences only.
Notes: Because I loved Shane, everything he did was to survive. If he made it to season 7, everything he did for the group then would be reasonable now. (Except the whole Lori nonsense, tsk tsk Shane.)
Summary: Shane is drunk, he interrupts reader’s late night shower to help sober himself up, clearly needing a helping hand getting back to bed.
Song: Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

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my chair ♛ sherlock

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Request made by: @paigalynn

  • Characters: Sherlock/Reader, John
  • Genre: fluff
  • Warnings: cuteness
  • Prompt: “Make me” | “Do you wanna kiss as bad as I do right now?”

Originally posted by michaelssw0rd

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It was a moment before they departed, running for their lives because Anders had engulfed Kirkwall in a sea of flames. He took a step onto Isabela’s ship, but stopped midway as a voice from behind him called his name.  

Fenris, did you ever wonder?

Wonder what?

What it would’ve been like if I wasn’t a mage and you hadn’t been a slave in Tevinter.

…No…it never crossed my mind.

A bitter smile, a callous laugh. No, not once? Not even the time when you held me close and kissed me?

It was a mistake, Anders. A mistake on both our parts all those years ago…And what of you? I can’t imagine you leaving your life as a mage behind when you waged a bloody war for your cause.

I have. Everyday ever since I was disowned by my family and dragged off into the Circle, I wondered what my life would’ve been like if I’d been born mundane. If I’d been born normal, I’d inherit my father’s farm, marry someone I love, grow crops, tend to the live stocks… I could sometime still smell my mother’s apple pie. When I see you, I’m reminded of what I can’t have all because I’m a mage.

Why are you telling me this now, Anders?

I wanted to ask you, if we had met as equals, what would’ve happened? Where would be right now and how would we get there? How much different do you think our lives would’ve been?

This is pointless, Anders. You’re wasting time. If you wish to spill your heart to me, do it after we’ve set sail. We need to leave now before Templars arrive.

I guess we’ll never find out…

A hand reached up, but it did not caress Fenris’ cheek. Heat from Anders’ hand warmed Fenris’ face, but the mage did not touch him. The small distance, the gap between their bodies, represented the crack in their relationship. It was a barrier neither could or would breach. So close and yet so far.

Anders smiled once more, his eyes tender, full of sadness and love for Fenris. He took a step away from the ship, then another. Helplessly, Fenris watched as Anders disappeared into the chaos of people, leaving without a word of farewell. Fenris boarded the ship and Anders ran for the hills. Though apart, the seedling question planted in their minds began to grow. They wondered and asked themselves:

What if?

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I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
or if you stop to think about me.
or the number of times I pop into your head.
do you feel anything when I look at you right in the eyes?
how about butterflies in your stomach when my arm briefly brushes up yours?
does your heart ever skip a beat when I smile at you?
do you like it when I joke around with you?
have you ever wanted me wrapped tightly in your arms,
with your chin resting on my head,
and our fingers intertwined?
have you ever imagined us kissing in the darkness, alone in your car, with music softly playing in the background?
do you play scenarios of us in your head over and over again?
do I take up your thoughts before you fall asleep?
are you worried about us being miles and miles apart when school starts again?
I wish you knew how much I wanted to see you everyday.
I wish you knew how much I just wanted to kiss you every time we were alone together.
I wish you knew all the crazy thoughts passing through my mind whenever our eyes met.
I sure do wish you knew how madly I fell in love with you this summer.
—  i don’t have much time to see you anymore and I fucking miss you