and i wonder how the others deal with you

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Hey there! I have recently ran into this blog, and you seem pretty cool. Also, I feel so sorry that you had to deal with the whole FE14 vs FE15 thing (I personally love both games a lot and all the FE games in general). I hope the elitists stop getting in your case for having a different opinion. Anyway, I'm kind of wondering what you think of the other FE games (aside from Fates, Shadows of Valentia, and Awakening if you already talked about it).

Omg thank you ;u; You seem very cool too 💜

But personally I actually like a lot of the old FE games. Radiant Dawn is by far my personal favorite, mainly because of how the characters were generally solid and the how relationship between Ike and Soren panned out (It was really strong and well developed and in their ending implied that maybe they travelled together rather than getting married which was absolutely lovely.)

Sacred Stones would be my second favorite, even though I tend to find it long at times, but I love Lyn as a character. She’s very humble and down to earth and just a very nice person? Like the type of person you want to meet at a coffee shop and I think having a likable protagonist like that, especially a woman, helped me invest in the game a lot.

Going back to Radiant Dawn though, I am a really, really big Ike stan. I love how he seriously does care about his friends and the world in a way that isn’t THAT shoneny (especially with acceptance of Soren even though he’s Branded in Path of Radiance and his indifference towards the Laguz in the war). I think it’s also due to the fact that I’m a huge Berserk fan, and that even though Hector does match Guts (the main character of Berserk) in terms of personality, Ike was a tiny bit inspired by Guts in terms of looks (Big sword, mature attitude, raised in war, etc.), so I like him because of that as well.

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Which Superman Villains do you think would have sought him out had Clark chosen to operate out of a city other than Metropolis? (one gets the feeling that Lex Luthor probably wouldn't bother, for instance, while Mr Myxlplyx would): I was thinking a little about that "Superman settles in Keystone" Imaginary Story and wondered how his Rogues Gallery might have changed under those circumstances.

I think Lex still would, even if their hatred wouldn’t be quite as intimate given Superman wouldn’t be stealing ‘his’ city. The government would still have created Metallo to deal with him, Brainiac still would have come for him to complete his Kryptonian colleciton, Zod and the other Phantom Zoners would still hate him, Mxy would still want a playmate. But Parasite, Doomsday, Toyman, Livewire, Prankster, Atomic Skull, Silver Banshee, Hank Henshaw, Terra-Man, and plenty of others may well have ended up someone else’s problem, and Bizarro may or may not have come into being at all.

the signs as i’ve known them irl

Aries: you’re feisty and confident and loud but also ridiculously naive and quite childish. your smile is blinding and you’re fiercely protective of your friends and would go to the ends of the world for their sake. i like you. although i wish you’d learn to read situations and be more tactful, i admire your sincerity and honesty. you’re refreshingly genuine.

Taurus: you’re so hard on yourself, it’s as if you’ve put a boulder on your chest and refuse to take it off. you don’t need to handle all this pressure, but you put in on yourself anyway, and are incredibly stubborn about it. it’s okay to relax and enjoy yourself. being alive is not a punishment. you’re so much happier when unrestricted by worries; know that you don’t need to handle everything alone.

Gemini: you’re intelligent and very talkative with those whose company you enjoy. you want someone who’ll click and can engage you in conversation, whether intellectual or random. you’re so used to changing yourself to suit other people’s tastes that you aren’t sure how to be yourself anymore; to you, all of those personalities somehow seemed like genuine sides of yourself.

Cancer: you’re always so friendly and welcoming and kind with everyone, but at the same time, you always felt very distant to me. part of me feels like i wrongfully infringed on your personal space by trying to get closer, even though that’s not the case. from time to time i feel like i can see glimpses of your true feelings, but it always disappears back into a facade just as i notice.

Leo: you’re kind and helpful– and cheerful, to some extent. you really like attention. some of you are lowkey about it and some of you have zero subtlety about it, but regardless, you want to be recognized for your hard work and efforts. you feel overshadowed by people who are better than you and want to improve yourself, but may feel lost sometimes as to how to get there.

Virgo: you’re so stubborn, hardworking, and determined; i’m not sure if it’s frightening or annoying. it’s also a huge pain in the neck to argue with you because you firmly believe that your views are The Right Ones and completely disregard any arguments against it. you’re organized and neat and intelligent. i understand your feelings to some level, but i wish you were more open-minded.

Libra: you’re not a bad person, but you’re not exactly morally upstanding, either. and that comes from your ability to see situations from all sides. it’s a bit infuriating trying to ask your opinion on things because of this; you see and understand all views and end up confused and unable to decide. you’re good with people but tend to hold most of them at a distance to avoid getting hurt.

Scorpio: you have a wild sense of humor and are rather sarcastic, but it’s mostly there to cover up your insecurities and feelings. you’re passionate but try to keep it subdued (and it works quite well, if i’m honest). it’s alright to have feelings. i don’t know exactly who hurt you in the past, but you don’t need to hide your emotions behind a quirky persona. it’s okay to let it out and just be

Sagittarius: you’re very sarcastic and funny and sometimes just plain mean on the outside, but you’re so sweet and gentle and kind on the inside; the contrast always makes me melt a little. you’re quite intelligent and try to see the bright side even if it’s hard. you don’t like sharing personal information or revealing how you feel easily. you genuinely care for your friends and want to help them.

Capricorn: i worry about you. you’re hardworking and diligent but somehow lazy at the same time. you’re also hard on yourself and have deep insecurities and strong feelings about things that you hide rather than open up about. you’re bitingly sarcastic and i love your sense of humor. you’re also incredibly kind to others, which can hurt you when others don’t show you the same kindness.

Aquarius: flighty. you’re kind and compassionate on the outside but hold a deeply-rooted bitterness within you. i dislike how you always blame everyone but yourself for your own problems, especially when they could be easily resolved if you simply lightened up a bit. part of me wonders if you care more about global and societal issues because you don’t know how to deal with the personal ones. 

Pisces: you’re passionate and emotionally fragile, though experience has taught you to hide it behind walls. when you love, it’s with full force and zero inhibitions; that’s why you get hurt so easily. you’re not easy to understand and people have ostracized you because they misinterpret your words or actions. i feel sorry for you, but at the same time i know that misguided pity is the last thing you want. 

I get a totally different feel off people depending on which homestuck character is their icon like

John: probably rly sweet and doesn’t like discourse
Rose: analytical in depth posts one minute and shitposts the next
Dave or davesprite: really cool and gay, posts about how gay they are
Jade: a sweetheart who will drag you if you step out of line
Jane: draws fanart, usually of jane, and they’re rly peaceful
Roxy: The Best™ posts, and a fun personality
Dirk or lil hal: cool but shitposts about their feelings, gets a lot of asks
Jake: I already love them based on the pfp
Aradia: they like femslash rarepairs, draws them
Tavros: really defensive over homestuck and doesn’t get memes
Sollux: a lot of shitposting. A lot.
Karkat: Sweet and wonderful. The best blog.
Nepeta: they post memes and art
Kanaya: Super Sapphic on the way
Terezi: a rolemodel who knows the ropes of homestuck tumblr perfectly
Vriska: get ready for some discourse on your dash pal
Equius: will hug you if they could, but is bad at replying to ims
Gamzee: either just started homestuck and is sweet or gets into a lot of discourse
Eridan: acts like a big deal but don’t know how to edit their theme
Feferi: a literally sweetheart who posts cute aesthetics
Calliope: seems sweet but they can destroy you
Caliborn: acts tough but can’t handle anons
Davepeta: wonderful n nice but they may be a furry.
Jasprose: their blog is anarchy
Any other sprite: a wildcard but i trust them
Any guardian but bro: a mature person, good place to go to for advice
Bro: no
Any carapacion: sweet and good
Any lepricon: gay and mysterious
Fancharacter: Cool™ and probably has a lot of art

say if it’s accurate for u in the tags I need the data

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I saw your post about tips for writing love stories and it was really helpful! While the romance between my two characters is not the main plot it is certainly a big deal. I realized that I might have fallen victim to insta love and I was wondering how to avoid writing insta love?

Insta love is basically when the characters fall in love with each other without the backing of actually knowing each other and sharing experiences. So here’s a list on how to avoid it:

1. Instant attraction is different from insta love. Just like in real life, what people see first is on the outside, which might then spark them to learn about what’s inside. So you may have a character be attracted to another character the second they lay eyes on them, and that’s okay. It’s actually a pretty good start to a romantic relationship.

2. Let them get to know each other. Share struggles or moments of vulnerability. Let them flirt, ramp up the attraction, and get them to a point where they feel close to one another. This requires a bit of time. Of course, depending on who your characters are, this could take merely a few hours, but there needs to be some time between “Hey look at that cutie” and “I would die for them.”

3. Know your characters. What makes them open up to a possible romantic partner? Why are they attracted to this person? Why do they trust them and want to be with them? If you have legitimate answers, then that can explain a quick bond between two people which can lead to a quicker romantic fling that doesn’t count as an insta love.

4. Think about if your characters romantic progressions make sense and are healthy. It’s best to do this from the perspective of a best friend. If you find yourself going “oooh gurl, why u doin that” then maybe that’s not a romance your audience can root for. If outsiders think a relationship is moving too fast with too little footing, it might be lust, not love.

Hope this helps!

Driving Lessons

Plot: Harry is convinced he has to teach Y/N how to drive.

Warnings: None

Request: Yes. 

Hope you enjoy this story! The gif isn’t mine as I would certainly not be here if I’d ever been given he chance to sit that close to Harry.

This really wasn’t going even half as well as he’d promised me it would and slowly my faith in him and especially in his so called teaching skills began to subside. Harry was much braver than me and time had taught him how when he set his mind to something there was most likely a success to be found. I on the other hand knew what failure was and after having discovered my lack of skill when it came to driving and everything else even remotely car related I’d quickly given up all together. However Harry wouldn’t have it.

“Driving is not a big deal,” he’d groaned after learning of my fear, “And I’ll prove that tomorrow just so you know. You’re ridiculous.”

“Over are the days when you preached nothing but how wonderful you find me, huh?” I’d let my head roll back and turned to my boyfriend with a pout, “Guess the romance really does die before you know it.”

To this he’d laughed and I’d shrieked when his hands were grasping my ankles and pulling me onto his lap, where he’d then continued to tackle and kiss me noisily until I’d been convinced of how very present his love for me still was.

Secretly I had hoped he’d let the subject go, I really did. But Harry had a very persistent side to him. So that’s how I’d ended up here in the driver seat of his car with his watchful eyes set on every move I made.
My shaking hands had never before been this sweaty and I was red with embarrassment at how they even left a palm print on the steering wheel whenever I moved to brush the key. This was awful and for what had to be the tenth time I wondered why I always let him do this kind of stuff to me. A shaky breath left my lips and I glanced at Harry with uncertain eyes only to be met by his wide and confident smile.

“I don’t think I can do this, Harry.”

My voice was much thinner than expected, making his smile widen and his eyes warming with sympathy. He leaned in and his lips caught my cheek in a soft peck.

“You do look a little stressed out, love.” Harry chuckled against my skin before gently brushing his hand against my leg.

“What if I crash your car?” I asked, aware of how much he loved the blue vehicle he’d even jokingly named ‘Bradley’, “Or run over a cat? Harry, what if-”

“You’re not chickening out of this now,” Harry spoke whilst rolling his eyes, “I learned how to drive the moment I turned 18 and passed with ease and in one try only.”

I turned to him with arched brows. “Have I ever mentioned that I just love how humble you are?”

“Shut up,” Harry chuckled and squeezed my knee before withdrawing his touch and gesturing towards the wheel. “C'mon. The key’s there to be turned.”

My fingers still shook and I reluctantly touched the small object. It felt wrong and thinking of it now perhaps my feet didn’t reach the pedals well enough either… I turned to Harry once more. “But what when-”

“Y/N, I’m right next to you,” Harry huffed impatiently, “Should anything happen I’m here to step in, alright?”

With serious eyes he nodded towards the keys and I bit my lip, doubts clouding my head as I slowly turned it. Harry laughed when I jumped at the sound of the car coming to life and reached out to rub my shoulder in effort to ease the tension.

“Okay,” Harry hummed lowly, still incredibly calm considering he was sitting next to an emotional wreck, “Now you slowly release the clutch while giving it a little gas. Gently, Y/N. But don’t be shy, just-”

“I’m supposed to be gentle and not shy at the same time? How is that supposed to work, I-”

“It’s fine, c'mon,” Harry reassured me, “Yes, good! Just like that.”

Harry smiled as I slowly followed his instructions and I shrieked in happy surprise as the car moved. Oh god.


My hands held on to the wheel so tightly the whites of my knuckles became visible and I felt so hot I was certain my forehead was dripping with sweat.

“You’re driving!” Harry exclaimed, “Good girl I knew you could do it! Now turn left over there.”

“Why do you sound so surprised and turn left where?” I panicked and Harry’s hand acted quick in grabbing mine and forcing it to stay on the wheel before I could pull away.

“We’re on an empty parking space, love, turn left wherever you want so we’re going in a circle, yeah? At your own time.”

Harry’s ability to stay calm astounded me and he even managed to genuinely smile at me. My panicked state didn’t anger him at all. My teeth sunk into my lower lip as I did what he’d asked and my eyes widened when the car obeyed my commands.

“Oh my god it’s working!” I cried out, eyes finding Harry’s happy expression. I couldn’t remember a time when my heart had hammered in my chest like this before.

“You’re doing great, baby!” he encouraged and I blushed at the pride in his tone, “Eyes on the road, though, love. Know how much you like my face but right now-”

“Please wait to be a narcissist until I’m no longer in the position of potentially killing us both, okay? Does that work for you?”

Harry laughed. “Alright, sorry.”

We continued to drive in a circle and my mood increasingly got better the longer I got to enjoy my success, until Harry decided that he wanted to teach me how to park.
Now this did not work out at all and frankly it annoyed me how he didn’t let me enjoy myself a little longer. I insisted that the space he’d chosen was too narrow for his far too large vehicle and got frustrated the longer he refused to let me give up.
I could tell Harry really tried to remain patient with me and I loved him for it but even though we were on an empty parking space I could see how much closer we were coming to the wall of one of the buildings surrounding us. What if I couldn’t reach the break in time? Or if the wheel didn’t turn properly and we’d crash? Parking was the one thing many drivers struggled with anyway wasn’t it? Why the hell did he need me to humiliate myself, now?

With a forceful push I stepped down onto the break bringing the car to an abrupt halt that jolted Harry and myself forward.

“Fucking hell, what now?” he cried out.

“I wanted to check if the break worked,” I apologized, my breathing harsh, “Sorry.”

“Warn me next time, love. Bradley isn’t the youngest anymore, please remember that.”

“Right,” I murmured, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, love,” Harry assured, his hand finding mine to squeeze my palm, “You’re being a baby chicken but it’s endearing and I love you regardless so-”

“Oh stop it,” I rolled my eyes, “I love you as well but if you don’t shut up I’ll make Bradley kiss that wall over there.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Hope you liked it! Personally I can’t drive so I hope what H is saying in this one shot makes somewhat sense. Thank you to @deuxghosts for the help! x

Rest of my stories:

The Tenth Floor pt6

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

“You’re going to get me fired.” You hissed as Taehyung made his way over to your desk. You could feel eyes on you as he approached, and you wanted nothing more than for him to turn around and leave

“Why do you think that?” He asked innocently, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of you. 

“Look, Taehyung–just.” You couldn’t quite figure out what you were trying to say to him, too bewildered at his sudden appearance. “If you want to talk, we’ll talk. But not here–”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow as you spoke, his head tilting to the side. “While I do want to talk to you, that isn’t why I’m here.”

“What?” You said weakly, feeling your cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment. “Why then?” 

“I’m here to see Min Yoongi.” Taehyung replied, holding up a suitcase as some kind of proof. “I have some questions.” 

Questions. Namjoon said Taehyung would ask questions, and he was right. 

“About?” You prompted.

“I don’t think that concerns you.” Taehyung stood. “Now if you’ll excuse me…” 

“You can’t just walk in there!” You objected, hurrying in front of him. “I’ll… Tell Yoongi you’re here. Wait outside.” 

Taehyung being there wasn’t good. Yoongi didn’t like him, so not only would seeing his face likely put him in a bad mood, if Taehyung said anything about you, you were as good as fired.

You knocked only once on Yoongi’s door before stepping inside, and unsurprisingly Yoongi didn’t look up from what he was typing. “Kim Taehyung is here to see you.” You said, trying not to sound as nervous as you felt. Yoongi looked up at that, glancing from you to over your shoulder. Taehyung had followed you into the office, and was standing there with a smile. 

“I’m busy.” Yoongi said after a moment, looking back at his computer. “Tell him he’ll have to wait.” 

You realized after a second that you were actually expected to relay the message, and turned awkwardly towards Taehyung. “He says he’s busy at the moment, but I can look at his schedule and set you up an appointment.”

Taehyung looked from where Yoongi sat typing back to you. “Tell him that whatever he’s doing can wait, I have matters to discuss with him.” 

Yoongi snorted, but didn’t respond. Taehyung nodded for you to tell Yoongi, and you resisted the urge to roll your eyes. This was absurd. “Taehyung says that it’s important.” You abbreviated, knowing that Yoongi had heard full well what Taehyung said.

“Tell him I said too bad.” 

You sighed, looking back to Taehyung. “He says–” 

“I heard what he said.” Taehyung snapped. “Look Min. I know you’re a busy man, but so am I. So take fifteen minutes to answer my questions, or answer to the board.” 

“Is that a threat?” Yoongi sat back in his chair, studying Taehyung with a slight smile on his mouth. He thought this was fun, you picked up somewhat belatedly. 

“More of a fact.” Taehyung sat down across from Yoongi. “Now lets talk business, shall we?” 

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hi! this is a bit of a strange question but i was wondering: how do you deal with fandom frustration? when you love fandom content but frequently feel frustrated by a large portion of the fan base? i'm a fandom baby in a lot of ways and sometimes though i feel like a jerk, it's so hard not to let other people overpower my experience. i love hearing your thoughts on everything in general, but. if you have the time i'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well. hope you have a nice day. :)

hmm! this is a great question and one I’m not 100% sure of how to answer, because for the most part I have had very positive fandom experiences. but when it comes to making your fandom experience as relaxed & fun as possible, here are my tips:

1) accept right now and forever that everyone does fandom differently, and everyone is in fandom for different reasons and to get different things out of it. it doesn’t matter if people don’t ship what you ship. it doesn’t matter if they write stories of which the summary makes you recoil in horror. they are not doing this at you. accept that you are going to do you, and everyone else is going to do themselves, and unless their shit spills over into your personal space (see point 3)) then there is literally no point in trying to control the fannish experience that anyone else is having. fandom’s a large space! there’s room for everyone! 

so the thing to do is:

2) CURATE YOUR FANNISH EXPERIENCE. I’ve been doing this since ye olde days of livejournal and do it even more intensely now. essentially: find the people you like, and the parts of fandom you like, and carve out your own corners where you can hang with like-minded people. you don’t have to be right in the thick of it, reading everything, interacting with everything and everyone. you don’t have to track all the tags which are crammed full of stuff that annoys you. you can take it slowly, and be discerning.

if you want to read meta, find the people who write it and follow them. ditto art. learn to embrace ao3’s excellent search function, and to use a tumblr blacklist. if you want to read fic and are bemoaning the fact that none of it is quite what you want: write your own! enthuse about your ideas on tumblr! leave prompts on kinkmemes! befriend some writers! I have to admit I am still pretty lost when it comes making friends on tumblr because the etiquette is bizarre and variable, but hey: the messaging system exists, askboxes exist, comments on ao3 exist. sure, different people have different levels of openness to making new bosom friends, but nobody minds being engaged. we’re in fandom to be fannish, together. 

3) if people are being jerks in your space, block ‘em. ignore ‘em. delete ‘em. I am not even remotely internet famous enough to be at risk of being deluged by trolls, but on the rare occasions that I’ve engaged in good faith and subsequently decided that I was being concern-trolled, I’ve noped cheerfully out of there. the few accusatory or unpleasant anon (because they’re always anon!) messages that have landed in my inbox, I’ve deleted without batting an eye. sometimes I share it with a friend via chat or email and we have a laugh about it, and that helps settle any residual hurt or irritation that I might feel. I’m a grown fucking woman. I keep a calm sympathetic face while being shouted at, cried on, confided in, manipulated, and projected onto, for a living. and I have zero qualms about policing the boundaries of the spaces I’ve carved out for myself–the fun, creative, relaxing, incredible places–in fandom.

4) manage your entitlement. just remind yourself every so often that nobody owes you the next chapter of that story, or the exact piece of art you want to see, or the paragraph-long comment, or the attention you crave, or the whole-hearted agreement you seek. remember that everyone has their own lives, and you’re never seeing the full picture. be gracious. be kind. try to resist the urge to snipe and snark and finger-point and complain in public; I enjoy a bit of fandom bitching as much as the next person, but I inflict it all on my friends, in chat.

5) the flipside of this is: show appreciation of the things you like. comment on that story. reblog that art with a furious tag spiral of capslock (creators LOVE tag spirals). put together a rec list–this is also a great way to show people what kind of things you like, so people who share your tastes know who to gravitate towards.

if you are frequently frustrated by a large portion of the fanbase, anon, then ask yourself: are you reading the comments? ie. are you making yourself engage with parts of fandom where people have THE WRONG OPINIONS and are writing your beloved characters THE WRONG WAY? if so: just scroll past. don’t read it. unless you really enjoy an argument, don’t feel obliged to reblog it with a detailed explanation of why they’re wrong: you’re gonna frustrate yourself and, yes, maybe end up looking like a jerk. just shrug and move on. maybe this isn’t the corner for you.

I have been following my own advice in this regard for almost 14 years. I’ve kept a handful of enduring and awesome friends from most of the major fandoms I’ve been part of, and I’m still making new ones, and I’ve (mostly) managed to avoid wank. I write what I like, and I read what I like, and I try to communicate generously and enthusiastically with people who are creating the things that I enjoy.

tl;dr - seek out the things that make you feel good, and follow them. weed out the things that make you feel bad, and ignore them. it’s fandom. it can be as serious or unserious as you like, but it IS supposed to be fun.

Thanks guys.

I just wanted to say a genuine thank you to all of my nurse (RN, LVN, LPN) colleagues around the world.

Thank you for delivering babies because the MD couldn’t get there in time… thank you for holding the crying son whose mother just took her last breath… thank you for changing the immobile elderly man’s brief and treating him with dignity… thank you for overtime… thank you for taking call… thank you for coming in on your day off to help out your colleagues … thank you for helping out the newbie nurse who is completely overwhelmed… thank you for putting on a smile and providing compassionate care even when you’re exhausted, frustrated, or disappointed… thank you for coming in for class after class with technology and equipment updates and mandatory education… thank you for having really uncomfortable conversations with patients, physicians, families, and support systems because sometimes the most caring thing we can do for someone is to just say no.

Thank you for having that perspective. Thank you for your bottom line: your patient’s wellbeing. Thank you for putting that first, before all else… before your own ego and personal opinion, before that of others… no matter how ridiculous, gross, insulting, emotional, wonderful, terrible, or sad the situation… thank you for prioritizing your patient before all else.

With so much stuff around taking care of patients (politics, long and grueling hours, dwindling budgets, ratios, red tape, constantly evolving requirements to even be allowed to be at the bedside) - thanks for with dealing all of that to provide nursing care.

So, even if your hospital or boss didn’t provide a Nurses Week celebration for you, I just want to take a moment to tell you that you are valued. You are important. You are needed. You are a nurse. It is my honor to call you colleague. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Happy Nurses Week 2017.

Now, let us dance. 

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Hi! I've just started testosterone and was wondering how to deal with feeling like 'less of a man' than cis men due to penis size? The expectation from women to have a big penis is overwhelming for cis men as it is, but what about trans men? Particularly those of us who haven't had lower surgery? Thank you!

First I must say I too haven’t had surgery yet. I just can’t afford it myself and this journey is a life long process. My manhood is not measured by what I carry but how I carry myself. Cis men should want to be more like me. Not the other way. I know both truths and lies and if I choose to live lies to appease others then so shall be my life. I choose to help others build their armor and instead of becoming a mold we can be the mold!!!

As for relationships, if the woman that I meet truly cared about my penis than she is not the one for me. I need a woman who loves me and my manhood as I am and willing to walk this journey at my side.


So i decided to take the plunge and got a Hazbin hotel tattoo. Now before you go shouting at me that im a idiot. let me explain

You see, for so long i never did art because i was always ashamed of it and would always say “oh i cant even draw a straight line.” After discovering @vivziepop something ignited. Watching her animations and drawings started the fire inside me to do art. It gave me the boost to actually start drawing, And im so happy i did. sure im not the best, nor will i ever be, however, i am still trying and wanting to improve. Vivziepop gave me a passion that i am so thankful for.

Not only did it spark my artistic passion, it allowed me to connect with people i would have never met otherwise. I have made some amazing friends who are the best in the world ( @zpheadcanons , @sharp-tone , @jazzakid , @dankmeemlord@zoophobianexus , @cricketschirp , @seab-the-dog , @terry-skeleton , @alexlememe     and many more)

You may say “well what if you leave the fandom” its not about the fandom itself. its about viv sparking the fire inside me to do art, for allowing me to meet some of the best people i have ever met.

now Know this wasn’t something i decided to get on a whim, i had been planning and deciding this for months on end. I had been debating if it was a good idea or if it was something stupid. In the end, i decided to do it, and i love it.

So yes, this tattoo has personal meaning to me that is very important, and yes i know its a permanent thing. 

After losing my great grandmother, uncle, and finally my dad all in the same year, i will honestly say viv and the people i have gotten the chance to meet and know have saved my life ( yeah i know that term is used all the time, but i genuinely mean it. ive had the pill bottle tipped to my lips many a times.) So something like this is a huge deal for me, and i wanted to show just how thankful i am to @vivziepop , my friends, and all the other wonderful people i have met. 

I know i will still get people saying how im an idiot, or ive ruined my life, and thats fine. i udnerstand.

Now, with that all being said, I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful new year ( or did if you see it afterwards) and lets all hope 2017 is a bit nicer. Razor out.

Bad Boy (Part 4).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: Talk about gangs, some slight violence, mentions of cuts and blood. Trashed furnitures.

Word Count: 1011.

Rating: 18+


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

As always I’m tagging my lovely, lovely wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose along with @ryverpenrad @supernatural-girl97 @brokenanxiety @palaiasaurus64 Enjoy!

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Free Companionship 'Shops'

I’ve been seeing a lot of free companionship shops or ‘Adoption Centres’ spreading recently. More than I’ve ever seen popping up before. There was a small surge last year, but this is far beyond that.

To Free Spirit ‘Shops’: NO. We will NOT promote you. Stop asking. Your asks are being deleted. Stop.

But why? That’s a valid question. There are several reasons why we are saying this.

Firstly, many, MANY of these newer 'shops’ or 'centres’ (The older ones seem to be exceptions to this) are inexperienced. They have months of experience, or a year at best. These people are taking on huge responsibilities to keep people safe by vetting spirits. Do you expect someone with three months of experience to safely know how to bind, conjure or summon, speak to and interact properly with the spirits they’re offering? Many of them are also minors, which I personally have nothing against, but may be something to take into account.

Secondly, many of the people running them are offering baby spirits. Let that sink in. Baby. Spirits. Child spirits up to the age of around the human equivalent of 13. But why is that a bad thing?

They were orphaned!
They made the choice on their own!

Okay. Cool. Let me tell you why that’s all still NOT a valid reason to be putting them up for adoption.

Baby spirits are still babies. Babies need constant care and attention. It would be best for the owner of the shop to find a member of the babies species to take it in. And if they can’t find one? An orphanage! Can’t find one of those? Find a more experienced spirit worker who has the commitment and knowledge to take care of a BABY from that species. Do not let them be companions. They need to be constantly nurtured and cared for. The role of companion does not fill these roles well. Especially if the new companion is a beginner or has never worked with that species. I saw a wonderful post the other day about this. I don’t remember who made it but it essentially covered the points of: Can you care for it properly? Can you assure that what it’s experiencing is normal for a baby of it’s species and it doesn’t need a healer? Can you teach it to control it’s powers properly and make sure everything is fine? Can you make sure that you can deal with the emotional development of a child? They only get one childhood, after all.

Lastly, free adoptions are taking money and business away from companionship shops. So many are worried. How can they compete with free? These are genuinely experienced, hard working people making a living off companionship. I understand that some people truly just want to help, and that’s perfectly fine. But with this volume of free adoptions, people will be going out of work.

I fear that these free adoptions will severely discredit companionship’s reputation due to inexperienced providers and potential petty drama that could arise from such, and take more and more money and reputation away from those who truly need it.

I hope this post has informed you on some of the downsides of these free adoption services. Please stay safe. Let me know if I missed anything.

‘’I want to know all of you.’’

A/N: I didn’t intend to continue writing but I got a request I couldn’t turn down. Hope you enjoy! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Jughead X Reader

Request: Okay so can you do an imagine based off of episode 8 of Riverdale when Archie asks the group if they knew that Jughead’s dad was a serpent? But let it be that reader was there at the babyshower and it happened (jughead x reader) please. And can there be angst? Not a huge argument but more conversation between jughead and reader about knowing each other well, trust and honesty. Then fluff? I really love your writing by the way! - @senrensaretavirtuemama

Warnings: Mention of drug dealing, nothing we haven’t heard of before

Word count: 1160

Originally posted by netflixuniversity

Jughead ran his sweaty palm over his jean clad thighs, looking around the room as he wondered how he wound up there as weight pushed down on his mind. It wasn’t really his scene, cupcakes and pink banners, Polly’s baby shower. Then he spotted you, and it all felt a little lighter as you walked towards him, beaming at the tray of pastries in his hands. ‘’Thanks for helping out, Juggie.’’ Your voice was soft and for a moment he forgot about the evident encounter he would soon be facing. 

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Request: Can you do a Shawn imagine based on his song Roses or Ruin?

A/N: I decided to go for writing an imagine based on the song Roses, so I hope you enjoy!


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- - - -

You’ve been with your boyfriend for 2 years, and to be honest, it has been very on and off. Some days he’d treat you like the only girl in the world, but other days he would say, “I don’t think this feels right.” Or, “This is too much and it’s going nowhere.” Those were the days that you felt like crap, and would want it all to be over because the breaking of your heart was too much to deal with.

You would rant to Shawn about it constantly, and you always wondered how he managed to deal with you and listen to you all the time. He’s the sweetest person you’ve ever met, and he deserves the world.

When things were good with your boyfriend, they were really good. You’d go out on cute dates to cafes that he saw and said that they reminded him of you; to the cinema to see the film that you’ve been waiting to come out for 6 months, and that’s just the beginning of it. He made you truly happy.

But there’s always been one person who plays on your mind – Shawn. He makes you feel a certain way that you can’t describe even to yourself, and it makes you feel guilty that you don’t feel this way about your own boyfriend. You don’t know if he knows the effect he has on you, or if he has some feelings for you too; all you’re aware of is the pressing guilt that comes with being with one person and loving another. Or do you love them both?

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Anonymously requested.




“Uh-huh. Right. We can do that.”

You rolled your eyes. You understood that the Doctor couldn’t help getting distracted this way, but you couldn’t imagine what would happen in an emergency.

Only his shoes stuck out from under the console- he had, somehow, with his skinny little stick-body, wormed his way all the way into the tiny maintenance hatch. Nine never would have been able to do that, you thought, feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the Doctor’s previous incarnation. If the Doctor had taught you anything, it had been that the looks did not make the man, but you could help but miss those broad shoulders and strong, workman’s hands. Not that Ten wasn’t wonderful in his own way. You didn’t think it was fair that he got to be naturally skinny like that, but there was no point in whining about it, was there?


This time, he didn’t even bother responding, although you felt like you still deserved points because his foot did twitch. You smirked. Another thing you had learned, more from the TARDIS than the Doctor, was that a little mischief could go a long way if you wanted the Doctor to learn something. He was probably the only person you knew who needed a joke as lesson reinforcement, but if it worked for him, who were you to question it? What worked, worked, and you would use what you had to. Huh. You should write a book. ‘How to Train Your 900-and-Something-Year-Old Time Lord’ would be a big hit.

“Doctor, I’ve just finished dancing naked on Raxacoricofallapatorius, so I’m gonna go take a slime bath now. If you get hungry, I mixed ground glass in the jam jar.” There. That ought to do it.

“Yeah… sure thing….” Or not.

Exasperation irritably buzzed against your brain. Well, if he was going to be like that, it was time to bring out the big guns.

“… I love you.”

You had done things in your life that you regretted. Less, since you came aboard the TARDIS, but still. You knew that feeling of suddenly wishing, beyond all things, that you could roll back the clock and change something you had said or done. Everybody did. It was nothing special. And no, for your information, it is not unreasonable to try to will an event out of existence by the power of your mind. Yes, it is ridiculous, and no, it will not work, but yes, everyone does it. As are you, in this moment, even as you wondered what possessed you to say something so dangerous.

You know what? your mind reasoned, This is no big deal. Perfectly excusable. Friends tell friends that they love each other all the time. Sure, you’ve never done it with the Doctor, but you’ve got to start sometime, right? 

“Do you mean that?” the Doctor’s voice rang from inside the console, distorted and echoed.

Oh, of course, he hears that.

“Of course I do,” you said, and it was the truth. How he interpreted it was his business.

The Doctor, quick and agile, wriggled his way out of the console, coming out very rumpled with his tie thrown over his shoulder and his hair all fluffed out in that just-got-lucky manner that was going to drive you crazy now that you had noticed it.

You didn’t know if you were blushing, but it felt like you were, so you thought fast and said the most brilliant thing that your mind could come up with! “I think you lost a button in there.”

Smart. Very smart, that was. Bravo. In your defense, you were under a lot of- oh, whatever. It’s not my job to explain you to yourself. Figure it out on your own. We’re getting to the good part.

“What did you just say?” he asked, and you did not like the look in his eyes. That wide-eyed, unblinking, very, very brown stare that would drive you mad if you let it. And you had let it, you supposed. Falling in love with him had been the worst idea ever.

“I said you lost a button.”

The Doctor looked at himself and found that, despite what an idiot your were (that wasn’t what he was thinking, but I’m sure you know what I mean), you had spoken the truth: a button had popped off of his shirt.

“Oh, bother it, that’s-” the Doctor stilled, cutting himself off. “No!” he exclaimed, pointing at you (and if that didn’t make you flinch, well, then nothing did). “No distractions this time. You said you loved me.”

“Yes.” And another astounding bout of witty banter from your side. Point, match.

“Did you mean it?”

“Of course I meant it!” Shut up!

“Then why didn’t you say so before?!”

The Doctor surged forward faster than you could back away, and his lips crashed against yours.

Now, at this moment, I would like to give you a little privacy, seeing as it’s nobody else’s business that the Doctor kissed you until you were forced to break away for air, so let’s just say that he was rather… passionate about the exchange. As were you.

The Doctor laughed at you as you panted for air. He grinned, looking completely, utterly happy.

“You know,” he said, “we could have done that ages ago if you had just said. Did I mention I love you too?”

Mrs Kirk {Part 2}

Originally posted by fanfic-natic

Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader  (She/Her identifying)

Warning: Accidental Marriage + Little bits of panic/angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/request: You and Jim get married. Accidentally. On a new federation planet. Without knowing about it. Turns out its legally binding. Fuck.

Part 1 XPart 3 X

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Hell of a sight.
I’m just, um… I’m having trouble shaking off the day I’ve had.
You’ll need it for what’s to come.
I won’t let anything stop us.
Indeed, the mighty have fallen.
Your city has lost its charm.
Now look, the only gratitude I need from any of you is seeing you leave the city.
Can you hear that?
And how would you have me respond?
I win Most Likely Not to Get Killed on Arrival.
You going somewhere?
We can enter his home, steal whatever we need, and leave before anyone notices.
If you’re worried about a fight, allow me to even the odds.
What’s the catch?
How are you feeling?
And when you’re better, which will be soon, you and I are going to share the biggest plate of beignets you’ve ever seen.
I don’t feel so good.
Now, if you’ll kindly excuse us, please?
You need me.
Oh, it’s not an offer.
So, you can only see me as some kind of merciless butcher.
We’re gonna do this my way.
Your way it is.
But now, your problems are becoming mine.
Where do I find this witch?
You’d make a good cat burglar.
And who might this be?
You know, there’s a difference between what we project and what we have inside of our hearts.
Let’s get to work.
Do you know what it is?
I am not gonna let anything take you.
I’m going to keep you safe; always and forever.
Tell me you have answers.
Crazy, I know.
I expect you to show this traitor the error of her ways.
I know who you are.
I know why you’re here.
Weird time to have a drink, bud.
I’m a little upside-down, ________.
Whatever this thing promised you, it’s not gonna deliver.
This is not what you are!
You can’t even help yourself.
That’s quite the monster you got lurking in there.
You want to see mine?
I want you to listen.
The heart that beats in your chest is a warrior’s heart.
I got the threat the first time.
That’s a luxury we don’t have.
You can’t hurt me anymore than I’ve already hurt myself.
You mean nothing!
Time’s up.
Any other wonderful ideas?
Clearly, we’re skipping all the hugs and hellos.
Anybody got a problem with that… I don’t give a damn.
Always with the insults. You never do learn.
You’re welcome, by the way.
How do we kill it?
Enough with this circus of sadists.
There has to be another way.
Did it work?
Come back for one last look?
So, there was good with all that bad.
I hope it brings you peace.
Do one thing for me.
Glad you showed up.
Where I’m from: you make a deal, you keep it.
You keep the benefits minus the leash.
Is this an apology or a thank you?
I’m not particularly good at either one.
I managed to find an old friend. Or enemy. I can never really tell.
Here’s to a wretched day.
I want to ask you something.
Whatever I had to do.
I don’t want that for myself.
We have to do better.
I know today was rough for you.
Or is it just getting started?
You think it’s gonna come after me?
I hope you’re right.
Nothing ever stays buried.
It’s here.