and i won't be able to see it on christmas :(

some gintama jokes that have literally made me cry laughing:

  • no toilet paper
  • kondo marrying the gorilla princess
  • dicklicious
  • “turd has died”
  • zura ratting out gintoki for being a skinflint on his deathbed and tatsuma, who is fucking loaded, holding a grudge over five hundred yen for like ten years
  • shinsengumi and mimawarigumi teaming up to solve the murder of momotarou
  • swordfish dating sim
  • “poop your pants. now. if i don’t smell shit by the time this ride is over, i’ll kill you.”
  • shinpachi being used as a christmas tree and having pairs of glasses hang from his ears as ornaments
  • literally the entire guardian spirit arc
  • “i… im jogging”

JP SIF has special Christmas lines added for each of the 9 girls! 

Here are the lines each girl has to say on Christmas!

Santa Experts

Maki - "Santa doesnt come to naughty kids’ houses, you know? Make sure you be good now♪"

Nozomi - "Kids who stay up until Santa comes won’t get presents, you know~?“

Stay Uppers

Rin - "Ahh… I’m done for… It’s impossible to stay up until Santa arrives…”

Nico - "Hey! Wake up! If you fall asleep, you won’t be able to see the moment Santa comes~!“

Stocking Stuffers

Kotori - "It’s Christmas! Did you hang a big stocking~?”

Hanayo - "I hung a big, big stocking today! Oh, but I wonder if Santa will laugh at me for being this ambitious…“

Santa’s Secret Warehouse Conspiracy

Honoka - "I think Santa has a warehouse filled with loads and loads of presents! I wanna go there~!”

Umi - “Huh? Santa takes out presents from a giant warehouse and puts them inside big stockings…?”

Cute and Clever Elichika

Eli - "Merry Christmas♪ Being able to be together with you is my present♪"

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I've never been able to see nightmare before Christmas because my parents won't let me. What's it even about?? Like I know the characters, but NOTHING else

You poor thing! Let me take you on a magical journey.

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So this is Jack Skellington:

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He’s “The Pumpkin King” in Halloween Town. He’s basically a big-time celebrity.

This is Sally:

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She’s a ragdoll (basically) who was created by Dr. Finkelstein:

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He made her to basically be a companion/servant. Sally loves Jack. But she never really talks to him, mostly because ol’ duckface here won’t let her leave. She escapes sometimes by knocking him out with a sleeping-potion like substance, but when the doctor wakes up he locks her in her room.

Every year, the townsfolk of Halloween Town throw a massive party, always trying to out-do the previous year’s. They’re responsible for all the horrors we see in our lives– shadows and vampires and clowns and werewolves and sea monsters, etc.

One year, Jack realizes that he’s had enough. He wants something different. He wanders off from the celebration, lamenting the fact that all he knows his horror– he likes scaring people and having the title he does, but there’s an ‘emptiness’ inside of him.

He walks all night and comes across this circle of trees deep in the woods. Each tree has a door on it, representing the major holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (there’s also a door for Halloween, but since Jack came from there, it’s not present at the moment). Jack is intrigued and opens the Christmas door.

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Inside, he finds Christmas Town. This is a complete change from Jack’s world– it’s colorful and cheery and wonderful. He sees that there are other things from Halloween and he LOVES it. He begins to form an idea and makes his way back to Halloween Town.

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The people of Halloween Town have been freaking out– they can’t find Jack! There’s only 364 more days until Halloween and there’s lots of work to put into it!

But Jack returns and he calls a town meeting. Everyone shows up and he shows them some of the stuff he found in Christmas Town– presents, stockings, Christmas trees. The townsfolk don’t really understand– all they know is horror. Jack is upset but in order to get his friends on board with his idea, he tells a slight un-truth:

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Yes, he makes his friends think that Santa is a monster, just like them. This gets all of them excited and Jack begins to plan for a Halloween Town Christmas.

All of the townsfolk have a job to help make Christmas. Jack calls for Sally to make him a Santa suit so he can fly over and deliver all the presents the townsfolk are making. Sally’s not super into it (she had a prophesy-like thing that showed that Jack’s Christmas would be devastating)

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but she does so because she wants to please Jack.

Jack calls the three best trick-or-treaters to help him, wanting them to go get Santa from Christmas Town.

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But because they’re tricksters, they decide to go behind Jack’s back and steal Santa for another person: Oogie Boogie.

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He’s the villain of the movie. The trick-or-treaters bring Santa to him and he holds Santa hostage, preparing to kill and eat him.

Christmas Eve arrives and Jack flies off, his dog Zero guiding the makeshift sleigh by the light of his pumpkin nose.

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Jack delivers presents to people, but they aren’t normal presents: they’re horrific, monstrous presents! People are terrified and start calling the cops. The army also gets involved and they shoot Jack’s sleigh down. The people of Halloween Town believe that Jack has been killed.

But he’s not dead (he’s a skeleton… can he even die?)– he crash-landed in a graveyard. Jack laments once more. He never meant to hurt anyone– he just wanted to celebrate the magic he saw behind that Christmas tree door.

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But he also has a revelation: he’s the Pumpkin King! He vows that he’ll put all his efforts into Halloween and make it the best he can.

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He rushes back to Halloween Town to release the real Santa, hoping he can make everything right.

Meanwhile, Oogie is still tormenting Santa. Sally had disappeared to Oogie’s lair and tried to save Santa, but got caught. Oogie is just about to kill them when Jack appears. 

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Jack pulls a loose string from Oogie’s burlap sack and releases the thousand upon thousand of bugs that Oogie was made up of.

Jack apologizes to Santa and hopes that he can make it right. Santa disappears, a little miffed that he’s in this kooky world to begin with. Jack rescues Sally and they return to town.

Santa (being the magic man he is) makes it snow in Halloween Town. The town rejoices the return of their hero and maybe, perhaps, begins to see the magic Jack saw.

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Sally has once again disappeared. She’s alone on the curly mountain when Jack appears. He basically professes his love for her and the two are left in an embrace, showing that even monsters can find love.

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This is just a brief (well… kinda) overview of the story. There’s a lot of little things that I’m not going to go into, but they really do make the story that much more charming. 

The movie was based off of a poem that Tim Burton wrote:

It’s a little different, but still adorable. 

Christmas!! Woo hoo!!!

My church has a total of 12 Christmas services that span from tomorrow until Christmas Eve. We stream our services live online. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me posting a link maybe like 10 minutes before each service starts? Services are Sunday 11, 1, 3, and 5, Monday 5:30 and 7:30, Tuesday 5:30 and 7:30, and Wednesday 1, 3, 5, and 7. These are all Eastern Standard Time. I know the internet’s not the best place to watch a Christmas service, but I thought I’d offer. Anyone interested?