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Hey everyone.
So there’s a lot going on in the world right now that really sucks and puts many of us in danger. I wish I had a plan or the right words or something to offer to ease your fears and to make what’s happening less scary. If there was anything I could do in this moment to protect you and those you love, I would do it. If only the world were so simple, right? I think most of us would do whatever we could if it was accessible and not in the hands of bigots and politicians who hate the people that make up their country.

As you move through the world, this coming year and for the rest of your life, there will be people who mistreat you and who don’t respect your humanity. While this happens, and happens to many of us, it’s essential that you remember that this is NOT a reflection of what you deserve. This is not a reflection of your worth as a person or an indication that you are less than anyone else.

These moments are the fights that lead us to a better world. Our collective struggle is the foundation for creating a world where those who come after us will not have to wage the same battles on the same scale.

And while there are those who are complacent in our suffering and active in our oppression, keep your sights set on your fellow community members and those who ally themselves to our cause. If anything, today shows us how many people recognize the villainous actions of those who act against us. If anything, this slight step backwards will tip the scales in our collective resolve and communal strength.

We must armor ourselves in love, in the virtue of equality, and in each other.

Please reach out if you need to. Find people you trust and share your fears and your insecurities. Find your allies.

And please don’t forget that the fight isn’t over. Love always wins.


Both -Elijah Mikaelson Smut

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Elijah sat on the edge of the bed, folding his jacket and laying it to the side. He took off his tie and rolled his sleeves up then finally, unbuttoning his shirt. I looked at him, my arms still crossed, and my brows furrowed.

Elijah laid back all the while a smirk stretching across his face. “Have a seat sweetheart.” Elijah motioned to his face making me gasp. “Mr. Mikaelson…you’re so dirty.” I smiled as I stepped out of my shorts and made my way up his body until his hands gripped my hips. “You won’t be angry with me anymore after this, I know how much you love my tongue.” Elijah laughed and before I could respond, he pulled my hips onto his tongue, running me along the length of it.

“Oh my God, I wish you were terrible at this so I could leave you.” Elijah chuckled as he paused his actions and started to thrust into me with his tongue. “It shouldn’t feel this good with your tongue in my pussy, it doesn’t even belong there.” Elijah rolled his eyes underneath me and used his nose to rub my clit.
“That’s what you’re good for, sitting there and eating my pussy like I want you to, nothing more nothing less.” Elijah grunted in response.

“Baby, I’m going to cum. I’m gonna cum all over your tongue.” I whimpered as I gripped his hair harder and rode his face faster while Elijah spread my ass cheeks and pushed me harder onto his face. His eyes widened at me, and they were begging me to cum. My hips stuttered against his mouth and I finally came onto his tongue.

I threw my head back, his name rolling off my tongue. I climbed off his face and laid beside him. He was on his back and I cuddled up into him. I ran my fingers up and down his chest, smiling at his smug look. “I love you, Elijah.” Elijah rolled to his side sharing the same smile as me, “Do you love me or my mouth?” I giggled while replying: “Both.”

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I love your creations sm! I was wondering if you had any tutorial recommendations for clothes making. All I can do is tattoos ;_;

Hello! :D Thank you so much!! I wish that I did but I really just messed around in photoshop and Sims4Studio for a really long time :P I made a lot of mistakes and screwed up a bunch, but that is how I like to learn haha. Maybe look on youtube for some tutorials to see if any of those are helpful. I wish I could do tattoos haha, I have no idea how to do those! <3

I Don’t Say No To This (Philip x Reader) (Pt. 5)

Summary: Like, after graduation and all that

TW: Death

A/N: If I am in anyway insensitive, please let me know. It is not my intention.

Masterlist Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

“Daddy! I want to go home.”

Philip laughs slightly and picks up your daughter. “We’ll be home soon. Mommy just wants to visit here for a little.”

“But, why? It’s so boring,” she whines.

You smile and walk over to the two of them. “This is where your grandma is. I miss her a lot, and it makes me happy to visit her.”

The four-year-old gives you a confused look. “Can I meet her?”

You sigh. “I wish you could, but she’s not here anymore. She died when I was younger.”

“Is she in heaven?”

You smile at her sweet, innocent reasoning. “Yeah, yeah she is.”

“Can I sit with you? I want to talk to her.”

You take her from your husband and carry her to your mother’s grave. The little girl smiles and tries to get down. Once you set her down, you hear her whisper, “Hi, grandma. I’m Genna. Mommy really misses you, but I know that you haven’t left. You’re still watching her. I know it.”

You smile and wait for her to come back over to you and Philip.


You climb into bed and lay with your head on Philip’s chest. He runs his fingers over your hair and smiles.

“Did you hear what Genna said?” you ask.

He shakes his head. “No, what did she say?”

“She was talking to my mom. I-I don’t know. It just made me happy, y’know. My mom is able to see her grandchild grow up with a wonderful father who would give her the world if he could. She never got to see that with me.”

“She also has an amazing mother, who would do just the same.”

“She’s so lucky.”

Philip kisses the top of your head. “Try to get some sleep, love. I know you don’t sleep well when you’re pregnant.”

You giggle. “If you would stop getting me pregnant, I may be able to sleep.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t enjoy it.”

You laugh and gently hit his shoulder. “Shut up.”

He laughs even more and kisses your stomach. “And we will be just as amazing parents to our son.”

“I never doubted that.”

HTGAWM S3 Finale thoughts...

Okay so I have so many thoughts and feelings about the finale, I don’t know where to start. 

Poor Connor. He’s messed up and that scene at the start, I felt so sad for him. I just WISH we’d seen more of his torment throughout the back part of the season. If they’d genuinely built up the suicidal thoughts and the guilt over eps 10-13 it could have been even more impactful than it was. The scenes with him and Annalise were amazing and godddddd I wish we would get more of them. There’s such clear parallels between them. Everyone has Michaela pegged as the next Annalise but I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out to be Connor. I want to know if the stuff Annalise said about him was truth or her goading him. “You haven’t trusted anyone since you were a little boy.” “You’re still acting like that little boy, making up ugly stories about people because you’re scared of anyone actually getting to know you.”  WHAT HAPPENED IN CONNOR’S PAST?

I was so proud of Oliver these two episodes, I genuinely felt like he really came into his own. He stood up for himself, He stood up for Connor and he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. He’s not a doormat anymore, he’s taking control and it just felt like… development. I think he’s potentially going to slip into a bit of a Wes role? more of a mediator between everyone but fierce when he needs to be. Yes, I’m easily bought but him proposing was fkn adorable and I SWEAR to god if Pete dangles that carrot and yanks it away again, I’m gonna be pissed. They deserve some happiness, so ffs give them it already. This show needs a happy episode for once as well. 

Maybe I’m biased, but I found Laurel SUPER annoying in both the episodes, and the thought of S4 being so heavily “Laurel-centric” fills me with dread, and tbh the whole “mafia-esque” vibe to Laurel’s family just feels so…. cliche and done to death? She’s starting to act kinda… entitled. Her MAP side is definitely showing. Her marching around yelling at everyone was just so overdone, but then I don’t buy into the whole narrative of her and Wes’ relationship. They dated for all of 10 minutes, and were already arguing. She went all weird and clingy to get him in the first place… they weren’t exactly this century’s great love story, and no, she didn’t know him better than anyone. 

Wes being the fall guy felt obvious from the start, and the only real way they were ever gonna get out of the mess, but like Bonnie said, he WAS a murderer so… I don’t feel like it particularly ruins his character or his memory. The only thing I didn’t get was why the DA rolled over so easily. He fabricated ALL that evidence to frame Annalise, but rolled over, took a hit to his credibility AND gave Annalise everything she wanted? I don’t see what he gained out of it, but maybe I’m missing something.

Michaela and Asher felt kinda on the sides, the whole “I love you” thing was sweet, but I’m starting to feel like their relationship is descending a bit into Michaela just forgiving Asher for shit constantly or overlooking crappy things he does. She does deserve better in general, she’s starting to get walked over. I did like the little scene between her and Connor though, those two are still my #1 friendship on this show. 

I didn’t hate it like I thought I might, so that’s a positive I guess?!

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A Valentine's day card that says "Hey I know you're aro, but you are flying into my heart!" (Accompanied by a charmed image of an arrow that looks like its flying) -S

(I wish I could do original gifs and graphic art because I can see this so well in my head and what a great card it would make!)


Madam Puddifoot’s does up a huge romantic affair every year on Valentine’s Day… until one year when a bunch of frustrated aros organize a protest to celebrate platonic and qp relationships - and a few even show up to celebrate just being themselves, not attached to any relationships - on Valentine’s Day. They reserve all the tables. They blow out the candles. They bring their own decorations.

They are happy and friendly and polite. They take up all the allotted time students have for Hogsmeade. The visit starts with a group of upset romantic partners outside Puddifoot’s door - but by the end of the day the datemates have all found other activities to do… activities they ended up loving the spontaneity of (there may or may not have been a group snowball fight where datemates were teams). And at the end of the day Madam Puddifoot herself isn’t mad at all. Her customers were wonderful to work for. So even though it’s not what she had in mind when she bought the shop, Madam Puddifoot adapts. 

The next time students get to visit Hogsmeade, Puddifoot has split her shop into separate rooms. One with a more romantic feel to it - a fireplace and candles and dim lights and red hearts and flowy tablecloths - and one with a less romantic feel to it - lights and fun music and big booths and beanbags - so that all are welcome in her shop.

And during Valentine’s, when she sells cards for those forgetful or didn’t have time to make one, “Hey I know you’re aro, but you are flying into my heart!” is her most popular seller.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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❣️❤️Chessy❤️❣️I don't mean to be annoying or nothing but I've had the worst day. I'm so stressed right now and I'm always so insecure, I don't have any proper friends, I make everything I do so awkward. And hurricane Dorris messed my hair up. Thank you for existing tho it helps 💌

i wish i could stroke ur hair right now u deserve all the kisses and the stroking in the world i love i hope u feel better

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aaaa GOSH i love when you reblog carving/scraping stuff it makes me so happy!!!! i rarely ever see it anywhere

I love them too!! :D I wish I could find more, but they never really show up on my dash very often ^^; I’ve been meaning to look on instagram for some, there’s a lot more there than on here!


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)

I wish Pokémon had a hug option. So I could just. You know. Randomly hug passerby while running around Alola. Hug Guzma before I battle him to confuse the F out of him. Hug Professor Kukui and have him lift me up and swing me around because he’s obviously the bear-hugging type of guy. Hug Lillie and have her shyly hug me back. Hug Hau and jump up and down with him excitedly because we’re both huge huggers and it makes us giddy. 

Hug options… I need them…

Rating Of Every Raichu Sprite From Main Series Pokemon Games

Pokemon Red/Blue: 

Detailed for what limited pallets the gameboy had back than, slightly minamalist and simplistic in design as all gen 1 Pokemon are.  I respect this elder regardless for his original design. 9/10

Pokemon Yellow:

A PERFECT BOY!!  Look at that expression full of excitement!  I wish we could have seen more of this quality Raichu in this game.  10/10

Pokemon G/S: 

Designers, c’mon now.  This isn’t fair.  You can’t just make me choose between TWO sprites to rate!!  But if I have to choose, than I prefer 1st sprite.  He’s fat, powerful and that expression on his face just screams of smugness.  The second Raichu, however, seems to have more mischievous expression rather than aggression.  Both receive a 7/10.  

 Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG: 

Not as fat, but I do like his “PUT EM UP, SCRUB” pose. 9/10

Pokemon D/P:

He’s finally relaxed, he’s no longer in constant attack mode!  I’m so proud of him of his comfort around others!  11/10

Pokemon Platinum: 

 I am concerned for his sudden shift in weight gain, but as long as he feels comfortable with his weight however, than so do I.  Now there’s just more of this big boy to hug. 9/10

Pokemon HG/SS: 

What a joyful expression!  An improvement to the previous 2nd gen sprites. I trust him. 10/10. 

Pokemon B/W/B2/W2:

Another quality sprite!  This one takes inspiration from the mid animation frame from 4th gen, I see!  I appreciate the reference.  Also, look at the those LEGS! 9/10

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS

Not much detail, and I miss his expressions and pose.  He’s happy with his transcendence to 3D but I miss the little details. :( 5/10

Pokemon Sun/Moon:

NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!  The happiest boy I’ve ever seen.  Unratable, to put a number on his perfection would be a crime.  He’s not quite as chubby however, but he must be light enough to fit on his tail.  Still enjoys a Malasada every now and than.  Finally gets his time in spotlight with his new found psychic powers away from the popularity of Pikachu.  He’s even got his own Z-move!  Good job, little buddy on your rise to stardom!  

don’t talk to me about even meeting isak in that locker room after taking the courage to break up with his four year girlfriend for this boy and then having to hear from that same boy that he decided his life would be better off without mentally ill people around him,,, dont fucking talk to me about even realizing what that meant. about him having to make a decision right there, for both his and isak’s sake. don’t talk to me about even looking isak in the eyes and saying “i think they would love you” while knowing that might be the last time they ever spoke to each other



Glitchtale by Camila Cuevas

Speedpaint will be available tomorrow because it’s like 2 am here and I’m bone tired. And this pic is screenshotted. I’ll minimize the original picture tomorrow Edit:HOLY CHRISTMAS, I WAS NEVER THIS HAPPY AT 8 AM :OOOOOOOO STAYING UP UNTIL 2 AM WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

 I just came up with a dialog frisk could say to betty, because of lols XD 

Frisk: You know, I propably shouldn’t say any of this…it’d make me a real hypocrit. I did kill my friends in another timeline just out of curiosity. No one other than sans and asriel knows about my dark past. And I even messed up my friendship with sans by bringing the reset up. I’m not proud of myself. I wish I had done better and just shut up about it. The irony here is though, that after my mistakes, a friend got a new chance for a new life and is no longer an empty shell. So in a way, making a mistake made us all happy again. pretty ironic, isn’t it? Even a little funny… hehe…but you know what is even funnier? I’m not trying to find a way to reset anymore…‘cause if I did, that means killing you won’t do anything, if you came back. I trusted you…no, WE trusted you! You made one of the kindest monsters go to prison, manipulated a traumatized mother to kill innocent people, you slaughtered children in a school and you murdered two of my friends…sans wanted the future…alphys a new start…I am NOT letting this continue any further… A friend once told me, that on beautiful weather, while the birds are singing and flowers are blooming… kids like me should be burning in hell… you though…hehe…hehehe YOUR HELL HAS JUST BEGUN!

edit: I just realized that the swords design is wrong…*dying inside*

GOT7 as things my friends have said:
  • JB: I wake up everyday hoping this will be the day you finally respect me.
  • MK: You don't need to hear me speak to know I'm judging you.
  • JY: I bet you wish you could be as clever as me. Keep trying, you'll get there.
  • BB: Does this shirt make me look bad? I'm kidding, nothing makes me look bad.
  • YJ: Being crushed to death by puppies would be a good way to go.
  • YG: Alright, you win but if this had been a dance battle I would've trashed you.
  • JS: I can't eat that! It's extremely unhealthy...just let me smell it.


1. It’s okay that you’d rather read a book instead of bitching about someone who you are indifferent to.

2. Losing weight will never improve negative body image.

3. Stop pretending to be like everyone else. It’s okay to be different.

4. There is going to come a day when you feel like giving up. And you will come so close to the edge of life that you will be able to taste it. Hold on.

5. The man who steals something that never belonged to him is worth nothing and I wish I could make you believe that you are so much better than that scum.

6. It’s going to hurt.

7. It’s going to hurt like hell. Not when the pretty boy leaves, because you never had the patience for pretty boys, but rather when your best friend turns around and leaves you in the dirt.

8. Personal hygiene, though it may seem frivolous, is important.

9. Therapy isn’t going to wave a wand and make your problems disappear. But it’ll help. Even on the days that you feel as if it is making everything worse than it has ever been.

10. After your suicide attempt people are going to treat you differently. This was a shock to them.

11. I promise you that there are better people out there than the ones in your high school.

12. When your best friend replaces you it is going to hurt and it will be as if you can actually feel your heart breaking. And you’ll tell yourself it’s because you weren’t good enough for her but sometimes people grow apart and I want you to learn how to love yourself.

13. It is going to hurt. But it won’t always be like this.

14. Focus.

15. Love yourself. In a world full of hatred, resentment and jealousy it is important to be able to make yourself happy

16. It wasn’t your fault

17. Life is this big beautiful thing and it is going to throw so much at you and it is not going to stop. Don’t give up. There is light and yes you must search for it.

—  aplacecalledhope, if posted could you source it to this blog please x 

someone shared a thing on fb where a guy put like rose petals & candles etc around their room for his gf and was like “guys this is how you treat your lady right”, and one man commented saying “guys, i’m sure your gf or wife will appreciate it more if you just regularly do your share of housework and cooking rather than making a mess in the house” and a woman replied to his comment saying “Agreed! my husband did this one valentine’s - threw rose petals around the room & on the bed and candles everywhere - and after valentine’s day was over he left it all for me to clean up” and I wish I could say I was surprised that a man would be such a colossal jackass but I’m really not. 


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my dear @otakorner!!
You’re the best space ranger partner a girl could ever ask for and about the only person in the universe I would go through the mortification of getting this cake made for lol


Also many many thanks to @thesearchingastronaut for granting me permission to use your beautiful art for this! 💕

But what he said he did and does is a textbook definition of sexual assault. And – no, no, think about this. It’s more than that. He said because I’m famous, because I’m a star, because I’m a billionaire, I can do things other people can’t. What a disgusting assertion for anyone to make. The press said, ‘Don’t you wish you were debating him?’. No, I wish I were in high school so I could take him behind the gym, that’s what I wish.

Vice President Biden wants to beat up Donald Trump.

You know, I might just miss Joe Biden more than President Obama when they leave office.

You think there’s a secret 4th episode. That’s GREAT. I agree, there were a lot of things that don’t make any sense in S4 and we could use some explaining. Don’t stop believing. 🌟

You don’t believe there’s a secret 4th episode. That is also GREAT. I agree Mofftiss are assholes and it’s hard to trust them. You don’t want to get your hopes up and get hurt again. 💖

Biggest reason for me to wish for a 4th ep: S4 lacked heart, was riddle with plot holes and I can’t believe they did that to the Three Garridebs

Biggest reason for me to not believe in a 4th ep: The horrible disappointment and Mofftiss themselves.

You think you’re a better fan because you’re in one camp or the other? Then fuck right off! We can believe in/hope for different things without being assholes to each other.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I want to speak especially to all of my fellow aromantics out there.

You are not broken for not wanting any part of romance. However you are, however you choose to exist, is 100% okay.

Maybe this time of year is hard for you, if you see friends and family members having valentines. Maybe you can just say “fuck it” and let it roll right off you. And that’s fine.

It’s okay if Valentine’s Day makes you sad and makes you wish you could fall in love. You’re not alone and, more importantly, you are awesome just the way you are, and I’ll be right here, loving you platonically.

It’s super rad if Valentine’s Day is just another day for you. As someone who feels slightly depressed during this time of year, I look up to you. Your confidence and ability to not give a fuck is awesome. I’m so proud of you.

Fellow aromantics, we can do this. We are awesome. #novalentinesplease