and i wish i could have included everyone ; ;

Antifascism shouldn’t be ‘far-left’.

And I say that as someone who is definitely far-left and vocal about it. Yeah, I want capitalism and states and borders to be destroyed. Yeah I want to redistribute all property and destroy the rich. That’s far-left and I’m not denying it. It’s stuff I believe in. I wish everyone became a leftwing extremist. The sooner we rid the world of capitalism the better. 

But opposing fascism? That shouldn’t be a 'far-left’’ characteristic . That SHOULD be something even the most half-arsed democrat can get behind. That should be something any political movement could wholeheartedly support. It’s fucking nazis. It’s not your local debate club, it’s not people that just want to talk. It’s people that want to organize genocide. If your politics do not even include ‘no nazis’, you have no moral compass at all. 

How to bring Asriel back

(undertale spoilers)

With the power of seven human souls, a monster can become godlike. However, for a soulless flower, the equivalent of seven human souls was also able to change Flowey back to who he once was – Asriel. But it may not be that simple.

A human soul is not enough

First, it’s important to get out of the way the misconception that a single human soul would be enough to bring back Asriel. If a single soul was enough for Asriel to come back, Flowey wouldn’t have become Photoshop Flowey. While Photoshop Flowey’s purpose was to regain total control of the timeline and toy with Frisk, Flowey truly wants something more than that.

Six human souls do not give him the compassion he was missing. They do not give him his old body back. Flowey only gains incredible power after absorbing six human souls. Eventually, the human souls fight back against Photoshop Flowey, in response to Frisk’s calling for their help. They save Frisk despite supposedly being under Photoshop Flowey’s control. This is why Flowey refuses to use them again after the first time.

Hee hee hee. Don’t worry.
I know there’s no REAL point in fighting you.
The human souls would probably just revolt again.

Monsters souls are needed

To achieve his “REAL FORM”, Flowey needs the equivalent of seven human souls. With god-like powers, Flowey is able to create his desired form – whether that be his child self or a new, more powerful one. However, unable to take Frisk’s soul, Flowey goes after the next best thing – the monsters’ souls.

It’s all because you MADE THEM love you.
All the time you spent listening to them…
Encouraging them… Caring about them…
Without that, they wouldn’t have come here.

» read more: how does flowey steal the monsters’ souls?

It’s interesting that Flowey doesn’t go after the monsters until Frisk befriends them. However, there is something significant about this scene. Flowey captured six monsters.

This matches the number of human souls Flowey had stolen. Perhaps, the human souls are not able to revolt if they are matched with the same number of monster souls, and Flowey needed them within grabbing reach. There is also the possibility that with a greater number of souls, the less influence each soul has within the body.

» read more: bodysharing in undertale

Regardless of the exact reason, the human souls cannot revolt and Flowey achieves his “REAL FORM.” This turns out to be far more true than he may have realized. Once Frisk saves their friends, Frisk is able to reach out to Asriel and SAVE him.

» read more: the last person saved in asriel’s battle

It is thanks to Frisk and the monster souls that Asriel is able to feel again. This would not have been possible had Flowey not absorbed the monsters’ souls. Specifically, without the souls of Frisk’s friends.

As a flower, I was soulless.
I lacked the power to love other people.
However, with everyone’s souls inside me…
I not only have my own compassion back…
But I can feel every other monster’s as well.
They all care about each other so much.
And… they care about you too, Frisk.
I wish I could tell you how everyone feels about you.
Papyrus… Sans… Undyne… Alphys…
Monsters are weird.

Asriel explicitly states that it is the monsters’ compassion that he feels. The humans, strangely enough, are not included. It is the monsters’ love for each other and Frisk that allows him to regain his own compassion. However, then Asriel reveals the sad truth.

Maintaining his true form

I have to go now.
Without the power of everyone’s souls…
I can’t keep maintaining this form.
In a little while…
I’ll turn back into a flower.

Notice how Asriel says he needs “the power of everyone’s souls” to maintain this form. This could mean that Asriel requires a power equivalent to seven souls or he requires human souls and monster souls. More than likely, he needs both cases to be true.

The power of seven human souls is god-like. It would make sense that seven human souls, or an equivalent, could keep Flowey as Asriel. However, being a soulless flower, Flowey is missing the love, hope, and compassion monster souls have. 

Love, hope, compassion… This is what people say monster SOULs are made of.
But the absolute nature of “SOUL” is unknown.
After all, humans have proven their SOULs don’t need these things to exist.

While the Snowdin Library Book claims human souls can exist without compassion, it’s unlikely that all six human souls lack love and compassion. Defying Photoshop Flowey’s control, the human souls rebelled and saved Frisk – an act of compassion towards someone in need. Consider this with what Asriel says about feeling the monsters’ compassion rather than everyone’s. Being a flower infused with monster essence, Flowey may only be in tune with other monsters’ feelings.

At first, I used my powers for good.
I became “friends” with everyone.
I solved all their problems flawlessly.

This could also be a case of knowing the monsters. Flowey was created after the six humans had perished, with their determination. He never had a chance to know any of the humans. Frisk doesn’t know them either. On the other hand, Flowey had plenty of time to befriend the monsters. Even if Flowey was missing his compassion, there is no denying that he spent time getting to know these monsters. He even mentions how Papyrus is his favorite. He knows the monsters, so he can connect with their feelings when he has their souls inside of him. Of course, this is only after Frisk saves Asriel using a memory of his best friend, Chara.


To maintain his form and compassion, Asriel would need to keep all the souls he had absorbed – humans and monsters. But that isn’t something Asriel is willing to do.

Through the different instances of bodysharing, it’s clear that souls are still capable of will and desires, even after death. Chara took control of Asriel’s body and carried their own body to the village. The human souls fight back against Flowey and save Frisk. The monster souls have their own feelings and desires. Souls aren’t sources of power – they are still people. To keep the souls for himself would mean imprisoning them for as long as a god-like creature lives – possibly forever. This would go against Asriel’s character. It would be living at the expense of others. Asriel, who refused to kill the villagers at the cost of his life, is above taking others’ lives for his own.

top 10 nicest nhl players

i decided to compile a list of the nicest guys/best experiences i have had with nhl players! this is not by any means a full list (i haven’t met every single nhl player lol) and i wish i could include 50+ pictures.

10. Braden Holtby. When the caps were in town, he stopped and signed/ took pictures with everyone! We had a little conversation and he seemed genuinely happy to meet fans. 

9. Brandon Saad/Cam Atkinson: I had to include both these guys! they were such happy and smily good sports when my friends and i made them take soooo many pictures. Super sweet!

8. PK Subban: Ok i feel like this is an obvious one. PK is such a fun and nice guy and always so kind to everyone! 

7. Lars Eller: I met Lars when he was still on the habs, and he was so nice to me and my sister! we were of course so excited to get photos with one of our favorite teams and he laughed at our excitement lol.

6. Roman Josi: Roman is SO SWEET. He always takes time to talk to people and ask how they are, even in crazy autograph lines or events where everything needs to move quickly. 

5. Craig Smith: one time we battled in air hockey and managed to end in a tie. He’s always so nice and smily, he gave my sister a puck for her birthday one time and was so happy to do so! 

4. Ben Bishop: ok maybe I’m just head over heels in love with Ben, but meeting him was so great! It was his birthday so of course i run up and tell him “happy birthday” and his face lit up and he laughed “thank you!” super nice guy

3. Filip Forsberg: Fil is the OG love of my life (which is where my url comes from) and i love him so much. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten to talk to him, but he is always so kind and excited to see fans. Sometimes at public practices he’ll greet fans first saying “good morning everyone!!!”

2. Nick Foligno: Let me preface this by saying if you ever want a player to talk to you, you have to engage in the conversation. Nick Foligno is not like this. He asked me how i was doing. usually it’s the other way around. Love him!

1. Pekka Rinne: Ok .. y’all knew this was coming. Pekka isn’t even the nicest hockey player i have ever met, he is one of the nicest people on this planet. He is always so kind and nice to me and my friends every time we see him and always asks how life is going. Is it bad he knows our names now? I could go on for days about how much he cares about his fans but we would be here for a while. I will tell you that one time i gave him the DORKIEST letter and he got in touch with me to thank me for it. Can’t say enough about Peks. 

Honorable mentions who would probably be next on the list: Juuse Saros, Colin Wilson, Dougie Hamilton, TJ Oshie, Max Pacioretty, Mike Richards, Shea Weber, Tomas Vokoun, also met Wayne Gretzky one time - he signed everything but didn’t really say much lol 

inukag-4ever  asked:

I would LOVE to know what you think are the best, high quality, in-character, well-written fics out there. Other than LMAL and Feniknussen (too lazy to look up how to spell that author). I'm in desperate need of something incredible to read!!

Girl, I know that feel! Sometimes you just need a really good fic to read.

I’m happy to tell you about my go-to fics, but I get the feeling you’ve probably read (or heard of) most of them already. ^^; Hopefully there’ll be one or two in here that are new to you. (Also, please note that my InuKag bias is really obvious with this list, because they’re all InuKag-oriented.) 

  • Surprising absolutely no one, I must lead off with Sachi by Quillwing717. It’s still the best fanfic I’ve ever read. The quality of the writing is A++, the characterization is on point, and the slow burn is fucking phenomenal. Waiting on a Wish is also amazing, and I reread that one pretty frequently. She’s also written a one-shot called Holding Them that is super sweet and lovely. 
  • Nice Things by Bread Head is a oneshot I recently found that blew me away. Inuyasha and Kagome are very, very in-character, and the whole piece is bittersweet and adorable. (The author also has a multi-chapter fic, In the Shade of the Sacred Tree, that you might want to check out; the writing is excellent, but I’ll admit that I bailed on it because it made me too sad. But if you’re in the mood for sad, that should really hit the spot.) 
  • Basically anything written by Reinamy will be wonderful, but I particularly love Mistletoe Tales and Speed Dating for Dummies. This author’s writing style is awesome—the characters just come alive. 
  • The Half Breed’s Wife by Gypsyn is basically everything I ever want in a fic. Her other stuff is great too, though. I particularly enjoy Shattered and Remade for its imagery and symbolism; and A Story for Shippo is hella cute and guaranteed to make you smile.
  • I don’t know how she did it, but I Hear Your Silence by KeiChanz is pretty much InuKag perfection. Like I don’t even know what else to say about it. A+ fluff, to die for, 10/10 will absolutely read again. 
  • The writer bluepianos has some great Inuyasha fics—refreshingly well-written and well-characterized—and I especially enjoyed the one titled ふたりごと.    
  • I just recently read I Have a Confession to Make by kimiko888 and I love it. Humor can be hard to write well, but this author totally nails it. Not to mention the fact that it’s chalk-full of InuKag cute. The chapters are stand-alone pieces, and some are more in-character than others; overall, though, I think it’s a really good collection.
  • Folktale by HoneyBee31. Like, honestly? This fic does so many things really, really well. Pacing, world-building, characterization, romantic development… it’s a little gem of a fic that I reread a lot. 
  • Elemental: A Feudal Soap Opera by Xi Hou Jun is just quality writing. As the title suggests, it’s full of that good, good drama. The characterization is kinda up for debate, depending on how you interpret the characters; personally I think the characterization is good, particularly Inuyasha’s perspective.  
  • You’ve probably seen me recommend this fic before, but I have to include Therapeutic by everstar. It’s a perfect little snapshot of InuKag. Grade-A characterization, flawless writing, 10/10, wish there was a sequel. I also love this author’s (sadly unfinished) multi-chapter fic, Pieces of Me
  • Remember when I said that humor can be hard to write well? Shikigami by Elvirus knocks it outta the park. I swear, this fic reads like canon. It could be an episode from the anime or a chapter from the manga. 
  • The Hunt for the Perfect Man by CharmedReality is an excellent, funny, light-hearted read.  
  • I’m 100% sure most everyone in the fandom has heard of, if not already read, the following fic, but I’ve gotta include it in any list of well-written, well-characterized fics. Behind the Silk Screen by eien-no-basho is a top tier fic, ain’t no mistake. The amount of detail and historical research is wonderful, and the story itself is a joy to read. 
  • Again, I feel like I’m preaching to the choir with this rec, but I gotta, I just gotta: Phony Digits by our very own StoatsandWeasels is 100% worth the read. She nails Kagome’s character, and I love how she writes Sango. 

Okay, I think I’d better stop before I bury you alive. I’m sorry if these are all fics you’ve already read—if so, maybe a couple of them are due for a reread? XD

Happy reading! 

Colin O’Donoghue and Lana Parilla Panel--OUAT Chicago 6/10/17

Originally posted by lanasfeather

[Note:  I made an audio recording of the Colin and Lana panel, the Colin panel, and the Rebecca Mader panel.  The sound quality isn’t at all good, so rather than post it somewhere, I decided to make a transcript.  These transcripts take a while to make, so it’ll probably be another day or two before I finish the Colin panel and the Bex panel.]

Lana:  Welcome to Chicago. [gestures to Colin] For us, to us.  Welcome Colin.

Colin:  Thanks for having me.  Welcome to Chicago.

Lana:  It’s such a pleasure, such an honor to have you here. How’s everyone doing? [crowd cheers]  I see a wicked witch and Robin…

Fans [from crowd]:  I love you! You’re gorgeous!

Lana:  Thank you so much!  Anything else?  [crowd laughs, cheers, starts cheering for Colin] Colin, you’re gorgeous.

Colin:  Thank you.  I know.

Fan [from crowd]: Your accent’s sexy!

Colin: [points at fan]  Thank you very much.  Oh, it’s cosplay day.

Lana:  It is!

Colin:  A lot of great costumes here today.

Lana:  I should have dressed up as you.

Colin:  I should have dressed up as you.

Lana:  So, I’m starting on this side. [To Colin] Am I blocking you?

Colin: No.

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Reptiblr gift exchange!

So instead of a secret santa this year, I want it to be more anonymous! So the idea is, you guys submit your amazon wishlists to me using the ‘submit link’ option (PLEASE make sure that you have the option on amazon to ship to your house or else this won’t work! I will reblog an instruction on how to do so) In about a weeks time (today is 11/15) I will make a post with all of the wishlist links in it, in a random order, without usernames. 
You must be a part of reptiblr! 
If you submit your wishlist, you must purchase something for someone off of their wishlist! No entering to get freebies. 
Feel free to buy for more than one person!
While you can spend as much as you want, please don’t spend a ton on one single wishlist. If you wish to spend more money spread it out among all of the lists! I want everyone to get a present this year :) 
When you buy for someone, feel free to announce your username in the gift note! If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine too, just be sure to put that it was from the reptiblr gift exchange :) 

I wish I was able to do this in a way where people could make art for each other, cause I know not all of us have a lot of disposable income, but I couldn’t figure out a way to include this without removing the anonymous aspect of it :( 

amandavrc  asked:

Hello, Mod! I hope you're well. I'm from Caguas, Puerto Rico and I'd just like to let you know that, regarding Hurricane Irma, we're all okay. No major damage, thankfully. Only problem here is that some of us (including myself), have been without power or water for a couple days. Have a good day, and stay safe! Sending prayers to all the others in Irma's path.

Oh man that’s great to know, I’m so glad you’re alright I was so worried- I have a few good pals from Puerto Rico but even if I didn’t that Irma is a Big Mean Scary Thing and ain’t nobody deserve to have that landing on them. Huge love to you all and yeah I hope things pull through for everyone still facing this.

Heart Attack Pt 2 - H.S x Reader

Can I just say thank you for all the love you guys have been giving for the first part? I’m speechless. Thank you. I love you.

If you missed pt. 1, read it here

Quick Description: Harry had surprised you once, so it’s only fate that he would do it a second time. James Corden, the hilarious and brilliant talk show host, loved surprises as much as Harry and when he got wind that you had a crush on Harry, he decided to take his wingman role into a whole new light.


“I can’t belive we’re doing this,” Harry said, shaking his head. James and a whole camera crew stepped up to the front door of your house at the break of dawn.

“Me neither,” James giggled. “Right, so Harry, let the crew go in first and then walk in with the food.” He handed the silver tray of a rather tasty looking breakfast platter to Harry.

Harry nodded uneasily, smiling timidly. “You got this, bro.” James patted him on the back and almsot sent platter to the floor.

“Not if you knock it all down, James!” Harry belowed and they laughed. He glanced up at the front door again, excited but nervous. The boy had a plan to follow, a very interesting plan to follow. He took a deep breath.

“Okay, quietly now,” James encouraged, opening the door with the spare key your roommate had granted the crew. Harry stepped into the house behind the crew, his lips pursed in anticipation.

The Night Before:

“Y/N, it says ‘James Corden and The Late Late Show has gifted you this champagne to celebrate your recent book. Enjoy!’” Your roommate, Avery, announced. You brightened.

“Does that hint at an invitation to his show?” you questioned. Avery shrugged innocently, but he knew better. In fact, he was in on the whole deal. “Oh, and it’s my favorite! I wonder how he knew?” you wondered, taking the gift basket of three bottles of champagne into your hands.

“I say we celebrate immediately,” Avery declared, his eyes shifting to the camera that was tucked underneath a kitchen towel. He winked briefly.

“I agree. Should we invite some people over?” you asked. Avery smiled knowingly.

“One step ahead of you.”

After friends arrive and many glasses of not only champagne but other alcohol was consumed…

“So… you’re a major fan of Harry Styles, right?” Avery pried, absolutely smashed himself. He had set up more cameras that littered your house and set you down in front of one, as James had requested. James also requested Avery get you drunk talking about your crush.

You blushed immediately. “Maybe…” you slurred, smiling like a kid.

“Tell us about that,” Avery pressed. You hummed happily.

“He’s the best! He pranked me once,” you said, even though you’ve told him about it many, many times before.

“So you’re basically married now,” Avery encouraged. You brightened, your mouth popping open in surprise.

“I wish!” you gushed, earning a laugh in the small circle that had gathered.

“So you’d marry Harry?” Avery asked. You snorted.

Would I?” you blurted. “Don’t be silly… of course I would!”

Avery bellowed with laughter and decided that was good enough. The rest of the night passed in a blur and the prank was going smoothly. But the best of it was yet to happen. When the sun just barely began to rise and you were tucked into bed, drunker than a skunk, Harry Styles crept up the stairs of your large Los Angeles house.

James led the way, next the camera crew, and then the man of the hour. With directions from Avery, the group entered your room where you slept heavily. The cameraman found his planned secret place, peeking from behind the curtain. James tucked himself into the closet and Harry tiptoed toward you. He set up a handheld camera on the nightstand and then took a deep breath.

With a nod from James, Harry bent down to your eye level. “Y/N,” he cooed gently. You hummed, your hand spilling over the edge of the bed. “Y/N,” he repeated. You sighed, your eyes opening slightly. Once you spotted a barely clothed Harry, you shot straight up. Why was Harry Styles in my room and shirtless? you thought.

“Made you breakfast,” Harry chimed, holding out the plate to you. You swallowed hard, all sorts of questions flooding your head.

“Wha–” you started. Harry’s finger shot onto your lips.

“Shhh, just eat up. You drank like mad last night,” Harry remarked. You stared at his hand, bewildered. He backed up a little, handing you the platter. You took it uneasily, confused as all hell.

While you stared at the plate in utter shock, Harry crept around the bed as planned and crawled in beside you. You looked down at yourself, and you were wearing a loose patterned shirt that was definitely not yours. In fact, it looked familiar… Was it…? Oh no. You paled.

What you didn’t know is that Harry had given Avery his shirt for the prank and Avery had coaxed you into the getup.

As you were deep in your thoughts and watching the toast as if it might jump up and bite you, Harry snuck up close behind you. With a quick glance at the camera, he tried not to laugh. He placed his chin on your shoulder after gathering himself and said huskily, “I had fun last night.”

Your heart skipped a beat. “Wh-what exactly happened?” you squeaked and Harry chuckled. You could feel his chest pressed against your back and it sent adrenaline shooting through you.

“I knew you would ask that…” he muttered and placed a kiss on your shoulder, sending your stomach soaring. At that moment, you wished you could have remembered the previous night. “I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to say a word.” You gulped nervously. Oh, God, you thought. What did I do? “I, uh, I promise.”

He hummed against your shoulder and you held your breath. “Absolutely nothing happened,” he said abruptly, scooting backward onto his knees. You whirled toward him and he laughed as James jumped out of the closet and the cameraman revealed himself.

“Holy–” you gasped. Everyone errupted into laughter, including Avery who appeared from behind your bedroom door. “What the hell?”

“You’ve been double pranked by Harry Styles!” James roared and you melted into embarrassment.

“How–?!” You were speechless. Your mind was swimming.

“I liked the shoulder kiss, nice touch, Harry, I almost laughed aloud,” James added.

“You mean you didn’t plan that part?” you gaped and everyone glanced at Harry. He went a slight shade of red and shrugged.

“Felt right,” he murmured and everyone laughed.

“Well, Y/N, how do you feel?” James wondered.

You blubbered like a fish for a moment. “I- I- shocked! Betrayed!” The group laughed again.

“I’m sorry, Love!” Harry stated, leaning forward and tugging you into a hug.

“You are the worst!” you yelped, struggling out of his grasp.

“No… I’m ‘the best!’” he said, imitating your performance form last night. You buried your face in your hands.

“Oh God, I remember that part,” you mumbled. Harry wrapped an arm around your shoulder and shook you.

“Don’t underestimate Styles!” he declared.

“I will get you back!” you blurted.

“H-hey! Prank war! Stay tuned for that, America!” James told the camera, earning a laugh around the room.

The cameras turned off and James came up to shake your hand, asking you if you wouldn’t mind joining him soon to shoot the Late Late Show. You agreed, still swaying in shock.

When people began to shuffle out of the room, you stood there, arms crossed and about to follow, but Harry strolled up to you, his hands hooked behind his back. You rubbed your lips together, admiring the way his collar bones popped when he did this. He had slipped on a white t-shirt somewhere after filming, but it the neck was swooped low enough to be tantilizing.

“I really am sorry,” he said and your eyes snapped up to meet his.

“You will be when I get you back,” you muttered and he chuckled.

“I like the outfit,” he motioned to my body. You laughed nervously, peering down at his shirt. Thank God it covered your practically bare lower half or else 1/3 of the world would have seen your underwear.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll just give this back–” you started walking toward your closet but he grabbed your upper arm and swung you toward him, close enough to send your head swirling but far enough to be somewhat civil.

“Keep it. I like it on you,” he said and you watched him in surprise. You then smirked.

“You sure do know how to surprise a girl,” you muttered.

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises,” he mentioned, his eyes flickering to your lips for a moment.

“Harry, Y/N, you coming?” Avery called from down the hall, making our heads snap in that direction.

“To be continued,” Harry said casually before dropping your arm and disappearing out the door.


Author’s Note

Eeep! Finished! Again, I thank you enormously for your support. I don’t have a part 3 planned, but I’m sure if you, I don’t know, popped by to give me some ideas for backfire for the lady of the story… perhaps… I don’t knowww… something could happen… ;)

Thank you, Lovelies! xx

i know we’re all sick of hearing about 13 reasons why but i just saw a huffington post article about one of the actors saying she believes it should be mandatory viewing in schools

i’m honestly. like beyond disgusted. i could write a book about why the show itself is atrocious but we’re just going to focus on the fact that that she literally believes everyone should be required to watch a series which includes GRAPHIC rape and suicide as a means of educating them. fuck you kate walsh. you portray a mother who finds her daughter dead by suicide but clearly you have ZERO understanding of what that kind of thing is really like. i’m a daughter who found her mom dead by suicide. i wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst fucking enemy.

and gosh even if 13 reasons why absolutely nailed the topic of suicide i wouldn’t agree it should be shown in schools. a huge percentage of kids have already been exposed to some of the horrific things portrayed in this series. even ones who haven’t shouldn’t be forced to watch it.

the way to change things is to have the teachers and guidance counselors integrate these topics into education and to make sure every student knows the resources available to them. like for god’s sake 13rw basically sends the message “schools will do nothing for you don’t even bother, the only way to change anything is to die” how on earth does that encourage kids to look to their learning institution for support?

i’m just. ugh. i wanna write her a strongly worded email.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your sims and I was wondering if they're available for download and if you have a list of the mods you used (or at least that gorgeous keith hair 😍😍)

i don’t have them up for DL cos i been burned one too many times by ea and so i’m now a dirty pirate but i can list a few of the cc’s? [the ones i can remember anyway lol]

Alurra: – elf ears [this person also has 2 other elf ear styles if you look thru their DLs] – default hair [u need the mesh they link] – sleepy hair – denim jacket [above outfit] – shorts [above outfit] – sleep hoodie
[i wish i could remember where i got her top and shoes cos i love these damn things xD]

Keith: – for the main hair – for the cowlick [included in the top hair, listed as ’ahoge’ and it’s in the hat section]

[hair is the same as keith’s, just without the cowlick lol] – glasses

Shiro: – hair – scar – prosthetic [base version, not the one i use…i started to recolour it (seen on my shiro) but i will prolly find a longer glove and do it from scratch…]

Lance: - jeans

Hunk: – sweatband [also used for lance’s excercise outfit]

p sure almost everything else is ea stuff [cept maybe hunk’s hair but i don’t remember where i got that]… i have a lot of custom eyes, skintones, makeup etc but i couldn’t tell you where i got any of those lol…sorryfjdghdfjk. 


Surgery: Part 3

Hey guys guess what? More Logan Angst! :}

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“Though love may have begun with emotions, it is only truly ignited by a choice.”


Virgil shakily passed the book to the shot-eyed side clinging onto him. It wasn’t that he wanted to stop reading, but his voice had given out. Shocked from the reality of the situation, he had no choice but to hand it off. Perhaps Roman would have been a better choice, but Patton had already grasped the book in his hands, stroking the loose pages with long ungiven affection. Hiccupping and sobbing between paragraphs, the moral side began to read.

Wednesday. Six days before Thomas’s Surgery:

It is approximately six o’clock in the afternoon. I had been meaning to write this morning about my thoughts, but quite honestly what I have experienced up until now would be more beneficial to the reader than what I had intended to write earlier. Today was a blur, so to speak. Meaning it went by too fast for me to get an accurate grasp on all that happened. So, I will continue to use this journal to sort my thoughts at the end of each day and hopefully bring a better understanding to how Thomas should process this whole ordeal, if there even is a right way to process an end to something.

It was an idea that jolted me awake two hours before my usual alarm clock. I had been trying to comprehend ways to cope with preordained passing the night before, but somehow the thought must have stuck with me. Realizing that perhaps the thought might be troubling Virgil as well for reasons he might not understand, I decided to research the matter instead of falling back asleep. That way if he had questions, I could give them a reasonable response instead of the truth.

What I found were many ways to ignore or distract oneself from the idea that time was quickly passing, but most of these did not involve my intervention or help. They involved Roman and Patton galavanting on all their own hopes and dreams without any developed reasoning. I had decided this was not what Thomas needed, but as the day continued on I began to have second thoughts.

I’d say I started second-guessing my thoughts right about when Joan and Talyn drove Thomas to get ice cream so they could talk and plan out what to do for each day of the week until next tuesday. They made sure not to mention the reason why they were planning a week full of ‘fun’ activities, but I can explicitly recall Patton and Roman not really caring as to why we were doing this. At the beginning I began to protest each idea with varying facts about Thomas’s well-being and schedule when some very real facts began to hit me.

I do not remember when I went silent, or when I lowered my head. Or for how long Virgil had been raising his voice at me to get my attention. The weight of the realization had all dumped on my shoulders at once. Thomas did not have a schedule anymore nor could he post anymore videos until his farewell announcement. His well-being was already drastically changing and it seemed I had already become obsolete in my known function. The confusion I felt and am still feeling looms over me even as I write…

As I had mentioned earlier, Virgil was the only one to notice my horrified state. I barely remember his words, but I do remember his panicked face in front of mine. It was at that moment that I realized there was no real logical solution to what was going to transpire in six days. I felt unable to open my mouth to comfort him, because the only thing on my tongue was the truth. The facts of the real situation, having been sealed away from further revealment by the promise I had made to Thomas, hiding behind my lips and my memory. I began to realize Thomas had begun to lie to himself, and in turn to the rest of the sides. It was his logic that had created this faulty reasoning that everything was going to be fine. The cognitive distortions being forever in my favor as I was unable to correctly reason why I shouldn’t tell Virgil the truth. And I began to question if Thomas’s facts, or more directly, if I would ever be right again.

I retreated back to my room after the group had settled on a water park for the day’s adventure. The door to Virgil’s room slamming shut shortly after I arrived, told me he was just as frustrated as I was confused. I looked to all the scheduling and planning paperwork I had filled out the day of the information reveal, laid strewn about my desk in an unorderly fashion. Resentment built up in my chest as I gathered it all up and dropped it in the garbage. I remember talking to myself and reasoning that there was no need for thorough planning and that, for once, I could relax. Hah! Relax. I still don’t understand the meaning of the word.

I remembering researching a plethora of topics with the free time that I had for the rest of the day while Thomas and his friends were at the Water Park. I figured, if I couldn’t be useful then at least I would try to learn as much as I could before I was unable to function as a side any longer. It started with random topics, sporadically jumping from subject to subject, soaking up all of the facts that I knew would probably never be of use to me in the near future. As I look back on my decision now, I believe it was a coping mechanism I used as I continued processing the information I had learned about just a day before. But, I can say matter of factly that I am not unhappy with my choice.

Ironically, sometime during my nonsensical research pattern, I came across the word love. I had almost bypassed it, but in my current state as disheveled as it was, I began to look into it using the same faulty reasoning as Thomas was using to lie to the other sides. At first, it was everything that Patton basically was. The mushy, feels, icky complicated human emotions, but something snapped as I continued to read deeper into the meanings of love. What I found that immediatly brought me out of my disarrangement and straight to epiphany, was just a simple sentence. “Love is a feeling, but it is also a choice.”

My discernment began to return as I pondered this thought. These two definitions of love can work independently of each other. One can have a feeling without taking action and one can act out of love without a feeling of love behind it! The latter being one of the main reasons long term relationships and friendships last as long as they do. Love isn’t always an emotion. Now granted, emotions can act as a catalyst to help spur acts of love on to become a reality, but the thought that someone could actually love without having an emotion tied with it shocked me. Perhaps I am more capable of love than everyone, including myself, thought I was.

Quickly grabbing scrap paper, I excitedly began to research the different acts of love and their meaning. Compassion. Time spent. Empathy. Sympathy. …sacrifice. As I look back on my time as a logical side, I wish I had not been so arrogant and researched this sooner. Perhaps some of the fights I have had with Patton, Roman, and Virgil might have been avoided. At the very end of my research I closed with a statement that I am still quite confused about. “All of these acts must be performed with the expectation that you will get nothing in return. Love was never meant to be a bargain, but of an unconditional accord.” I cam to a conclusion that will awestruck me. It was really only my ignorance that kept me from the brotherly and family type of love I could have shared with my fellow sides.

I immediately related all this information back to my present situation as I jumped out of my chair and began to write down my thoughts. I could let Patton know I love him by letting him have more of his way this week. I could show Virgil I love him by trying to get to know him better. I could let Roman know I love him by acknowledging that he might be correct on something, and not being mean about it. I do not have to deliberately state I love them for me to know I meant it. And even if they don’t love me back perse, I will know that I have been able to overcome a boundary that no one including myself had thought possible. Understanding that this experiment would take the total of my being, did not phase me one bit, because I knew that I had nothing left to lose, but six days time.

This satisfying realization encompassed me as I planned how to put the entirety of my research to practice. And for once, as I continue to do now, I smiled…

—End of Part 3—

japan was awesome

back and forth between tokyo, hakone, kyoto, osaka, naoshima and nara over the last 16 days with mitchell and his family and i am SO TIRED but i had such a good time!!!!!!


  • eating okonomiyaki and shopping around shinsaibashi in osaka was probably my favorite day of the whole trip honestly
  • daikanyama t-site in tokyo was really cool bookstore and beautiful inside
  • hakone in general is remote and beautiful but getting to our ryokan was fucking difficult
  • i love the bullet trains they are so casually luxurious and having the unlimited JR train pass was great and next time i would map shit out better and go to way more cities and truly get my $400 worth (though we probably took $700 worth of trains without trying)
  • family mart is so good i wish we could just pop into convenience stores here that sold muji products and solid onigiri and didn’t smell like nasty 7/11 pizza
  • we just like, didn’t go to shimokitazawa, a few hours around akihabara and only spent an evening around harajuku looking for vintage clothes so maybe i fucked up but whatever??? we spent most of our tokyo time around asakusa because mitchell’s mom booked that hotel and confused a recommendation but i really liked it because we were near a super old amusement park and the huge shrine and a big cluster of shopping, food and other attractions and it was super walkable and not as crazy as our first three days in shibuya which like, are fine but how many times can you cross the street even???? but yeah i feel like we probably just barely even slightly began to scratch the surface on tokyo and there is so much more to see and we can never see it and i mean i’ve never even been to staten island so…
  • japanese carnival/street food like takoyaki and potato spiral and mochi, which we ate at a festival near sensoji temple and ueno park in tokyo and nishiki market in kyoto
  • fushimi inari is obvious you gotta go walk all those gates and take selfies with everyone else its a long way to the top 
  • we went to nara for just like 4 hours so we could feed deer in the street and honestly it was worth it
  • naoshima for art stuff, i wish we had more time there, the teshima art museum was the most beautiful art i have ever seen in my entire life i almost cried and it was worth the $20 admission though i’d have liked to spend longer there
  • just eating so much stuff including all the amazing snacks that MUJI sells i mean muji is just great sorry i’m basic!!!!!
  • BAL mall in kyoto is like a luxury mall that pipes in hawaiian music and has a tomorrowland and a muji cafe and the nicest public toilets i’ve ever used in my life and probably ever will
  • god did i mention eating i mean just eating so much stuff and its not like we dont have ippudo ramen or conveyer belt sushi or anything else in new york but it was all way better and cheaper there 
  • tsukiji fish market was fine i guess if you don’t go in the morning when fish sales are happening then you’re kind of just buying food from the nearby businesses which isn’t so different from just going to anywhere else designed for tourists to buy tons of snack foods and packaged gift desserts
  • bento boxes in the train stations so good so easy i love all the theme ones lol
  • every coffee i drank was pretty much garbage except for a few trendy ass brooklyn/portland/whatever looking places but all the vending machine coffee was kinda shitty which is so weird to me considering japan does such great packaged foods and all the vending machines serve hot coffee and are EVERYWHERE so why wouldn’t you get it right??? milk tea was great though so i switched over
  • i don’t really go out at night so we didn’t do any big clubs but we had a drink at JBS where an older bartender plays from his massive record collection in a small room and you gotta be respectful and every drink whether it’s a glass of whiskey or a bottle of coke is $5
  • the subways are fucking confusing but once you get the hang of it they are just so efficient and on time and we went all over the place but yeah coming from new york i figured i was gonna be fine but nope it’s fucking confusing there are so many independently operated ones 
  • i hit my head on low doorways so many times i can’t even count i mean literally over a dozen times including one really nasty smack that everyone heard and rattled my fucking teeth

ok that’s it japan is very cool! i didn’t really buy anything even though we shopped so much at so many cool stores and brands like issey and yohji and dover street in ginza, kind of just bought some magnets and pins and snacks, shopping for clothes as a size large/XL was pretty impossible so i just gave up.


Title: Another Year Older

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: I couldn’t really get a good spot to fit 8 in here, so I hope you enjoy the fluff that developed with 2 and 58.  Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “Can we have 2,8,58 with Gibbs please ?”

Word Count: 579

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

2. “You know how I feel about birthdays.”
58. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”

When you first joined the team it took you a while to figure out everyone’s birthday. Abby was a huge help, she had the low-down on everyone at NCIS including the birth date of a certain Silver Fox Marine. At first, it started out with cards for your team, then maybe a little something but with Gibbs? The man who stole your heart right from the get-go? You didn’t know if he ever noticed but you took extra care in picking the cards you wrote out for him, what to buy him for a present etc.

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i wish washette was historically accurate but wasn't it like a father-son relationship??

You know besides the fact they say I love you in their letters we have no prof of Washette, honestly… or is there…

Marquis de Lafayette first met George Washington in Philadelphia in the summer of 1777. From almost his first meeting with Washington, Lafayette claimed the general as the father he had never known since he was only two years old when his own father had died in battle during the Seven Year’s War.

When they first met, Washington was a 45-year-old general struggling against terrible odds to win America’s independence on the battlefield. He was childless, but it’s doubtful that his first regard for Lafayette was paternal. Even though he immediately invited the young nobleman to move into his own quarters (wonder what they did there). 

Washington’s heartfelt attachment to Lafayette grew quickly, and before long he took on a guiding role in the young man’s life and fully returned his affection. Within months he was persuading Congress to appoint Lafayette to the command of a division in the Continental Army, which greatly delighted the young man and pleased Washington as well. By the end of 1777, the usually aloof Washington was writing to Lafayette of his “friendship and attachment” and of his “purest affection,” adding, “it will ever constitute part of my happiness to know that I stand well in your opinion.”

Only six weeks after they met, Lafayette was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. When he wrote to his wife afterwards, brushed off the fact that he got shot and immediately began talking about Washington. “His tender interest for me soon won my heart to him… When he sent me his personal surgeon, he told him to take care of me as if I were his son, because he loved me like one.” That is true, after Lafayette got shot, Washington called for his personal physician and told him, “Care for him as if he were my son”.

It was from Washington that he learned to appreciate the value of liberty, limited government, and the inherent rights of citizens. In Lafayette’s company he could reveal emotions that he usually kept carefully buttoned up.

Lafayette returned home to France in January 1779. He was by then so much appreciated that Congress wrote a spectacular testimonial to Louis XVI about the young man’s services. Lafayette was assured that he could resume his commission whenever he chose to return. Lafayette dashed off a last letter to Washington from his ship in Boston harbor: “The sails are just going to be hoisted, and I have but the time of taking my last leave from you”.

Back in France, Lafayette was hailed as a hero- his wife gave birth to a son. Guess what they named him? Yes. Lafayette named his son, Georges Washington de Lafayette. 

April 1780, Lafayette returned to America. When a courier brought Washington the news of his young boyfriend’s arrival, the American general reacted with such joy that tears rolled down his cheeks. With the fighting ended, Lafayette again returned home, but not before addressing another letter to his dear Washington. “Adieu, my dear General,” he wrote. “I know your heart so well that I am sure no distance can alter your attachment to me- With the same candor, I assure you that my love, my respect, my gratitude for you are above expressions, that… I more than ever feel the strength of those friendly ties that for ever bind me to you.”

Lafayette made a third visit to America in 1784. Lafayette visited his surrogate Father in Mount Vernon.. Now Washington’s concern was the need for a stronger federal government, which he made Lafayette’s passion as well, and which become the usual subject of Lafayette’s speeches to American audiences.

Once they parted parted, Washington’s tone was elegiac in the letter he wrote to Lafayette: “In the moment of our separation, upon the road as I travelled, and every hour since, I have felt all that love, respect and attachment for you with which length of years, close connexion and your merits have inspired me. I often asked myself, as our carriages separated, whether that was the last sight I should have of you? And though I wished to say no, my fears answered yes.”

Tragically, it was the last time they would ever see one another. 

Lafayette would have none of it: “No, my beloved General, our late parting was not by any means a last interview. My whole soul revolts at the idea—and could I harbour it an instant, indeed, my dear General, it would make me miserable.”

Lafayette didn’t return to the United States until 1824. In Virginia, he went to Washington’s estate at Mt. Vernon to pay his respects at the tomb of his adopted father. He sent everyone else away, including his son Georges. He meditated at the tomb for an hour in silence. After Lafayette was done, he gathered some soil from the earth, tapped it into a tiny glass volume- this scrape of Earth was sprinkled across his grave when he reached his end. 

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Pistachio@Reshi: Do you have any specific jobs as a legendary?


Other than answering questions Reshi doesnt know what else…

You could say Reshi’s goal here is to make people happy! Maybe thats what theyre here to do~

Its what they hope to do, anyway

And mod really, truly wishes that everyone has had a happy friday.

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I would like to know a little bit more about cadets, who died defending Trost. Mina, Thomas and so on. They could be interesting heroes :( Now I realise survey corps forgot them for good and all. But what if they could get Shiganshina back together!

Ooooo, this is so interesting. I see so little about them. Thank you so much for asking this! This is gonna be so fun! Yet because they’re talked about so little, I’m only able to really elaborate on a few. I wish I could tell you about all of them, but I honestly have not thought about Nack, Tom, Samuel, and the rest. But I do regularly include a few in my own musings. For them, here you go

Mina Carolina

  • It’s impossible not to be Mina’s friend. She’s so genuinely kind and caring, and impossible not to like. If Mina’s mad at you, you know you screwed up cause this girl loves everyone. And everyone loves her. 
  • She likes to make others smile and laugh. She’s one of the cadets that was often tasked with cheering people up after a hard day, or soothing nightmares, or stopping fights, because she’s just naturally good at taking care of people and spreading joy. 
  • She’s an optimist. 
  • She really attached herself to Annie Leonhardt. She saw that Annie was in need of a friend, and refused to let herself be pushed away. Even though Annie never fully opened up to her, the blonde girl clearly did accept Mina as her closest friend, and their little secret conversations and inside jokes were precious to observe. 
  • Mina had to work really hard to get good marks during training, more so on the battlefield than in the classroom. But she never complained about it, always vowing to do better when she failed, and practicing extra hard to do better. 

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Can we get a scenario where Qrow is at the bar with his female s/o and they're talking casually until he brings up having kids completely forgetting she can't have then because of past injuries? Sorry if requests arnt open I love the Qrow one you did

The bar was loud, as expected of a weekend night. It was a cacophony of shouting drunks, laughing revelers, and friends come to catch up and get absolutely plastered together. The noise didn’t bother you so much, though. You were at your own private table, your boyfriend, Qrow, seated across from you. You had been here a couple of hours, not trying to get drunk, though Qrow seemed to be on his way.
He laughed, a faint  blush on his cheeks and a mostly empty glass of whisky in his hand. “So he kept- he kept teasin’ me for not knowin’ that uh, that the skirt wasn’t parta my uniform, but the jokes on ‘im. See, I noticed the second I walked onto campus that the men’s uniform included pants, I just thought my legs looked damn fine in that ‘kilt’.”
You joined him in his laughter, the alcohol only really giving you a slight buzz at this point “Oh, I’ll bet they did.”
“Mhm, I work hard to keep myself in shape, I feel like I did everyone a favor wearin’ that, specially durin’ our landing strategy.”
The mental image flashed through your mind and your grin widened “Wish I could have seen that.” You said.
Conversation for a moment as you both took a drink, not awkwardly, though, it was never awkward between the two of you. The lull lasted until you said, “Did you and Tai ever get along completely? Or have you always had this little rivalry?”
Qrow set his now empty glass on the table, the ice clinking softly. “I wouldn’t call it a ‘rivalry’, and he used to be cooler. I guess life jus’ happens, y’know, things changed. Ha, maybe becomin’ a dad just instantly took away some of is fun.”
“Oh come on, being a dad doesn’t instantly make you lame.”
“Maybe just some people. Just hope I can keep my cool if I become one.”
Something in your gut tightened at that “Oh? If you become a- if you become a dad, hm?”
He seemed to be staring into his empty glass now. “Yeah, it might be cool to have my own little tiny hunter running around. Our own tiny hunter, perhaps.” He gave you a lopsided grin, and you tried to return it, truly you did, but your hand instinctively went to your abdomen and the scars that ran across it.
Conversation lulled again, and you wanted to take back your previous thought about it never being awkward between the two of you. Qrow ordered another drink, and for a while he seemed to drunk to notice the slight tension lining your body now. Eventually, though, the silence cut through the noise around him, and he saw how you were slowly sipping your drink, how you seemed to have retreated into your own thoughts.  
“Y/n?” He prompted.
That seemed to startle you out of your trance some, and your eyes flickered to him.
“Y/n did I- did I say somethin’ wrong?”
You shook your head slowly. “No, uh, no it’s nothing. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom real quick.” With that, you stood and made your way to the door at the back of the room. It wasn’t till you had disappeared from sight that a memory tickled the back of his mind and his eyes widened in remembrance.
Ah shit.

You stared at your reflection in the mirror, the restroom blessedly empty save for a few stumbling ladies.
Your hand pressed against the scar tissue on your lower abdomen. Your father had told you how wonderful it was to have a child, that they were bundles of joy. You had always agreed, figuring you’d have one or two of your own someday. When your mother left for good, after already being absent most of your young life, you resolved to be better than her, to someday be not only a better huntress than her, a better person than her,  but a better mother as well. Any plans for that last goal had had a major wrench thrown in them six years ago.
Beowolves were the most common grimm type, usually the first grimm any hunter took down. It was easy, that only made the fact you had let one past your guard more embarrassing.
You were tired, there had been much more grimm to clear out than expected. Separated from the group, you were surrounded by the largest pack of beowolves you had ever seen. The worst part is you almost got out of there unscathed with just a sliver of aura left, you almost made it. Then, as you severed the head of what you thought was the last beowolf, one final wolf lunged from the tree line. You barely turned before it’s claws knocked you aside and you felt your aura shatter. You still tried to fight, you still raised your weapon and even got a few solid hits in, but you were tired. The grimm reared back and you could only stumble back a step as you felt a sharp pain and a tearing sensation as its claws left four gashes in your flesh. That step back saved you from being killed right then, but as you fell to your knees it seemed this was it.
Had it not been for another huntress stepping in and carrying you to safety, you wouldn’t have survived. As it was, though, those gashes left some deep internal harm. Three of them had been mostly healed, only leaving prominent scars on your skin, but the fourth had gone deeper. Long story short, it ruined any chance you had of having your own biological kids.
It didn’t bother you most of the time. Sure, it sucked and it hurt sometimes, but  you could still hunt, everything was mostly the same, you knew you could just adopt one day if you wanted. Something about what Qrow said bothered you though.
His own little hunter. Our own little hunter.
Did he mean he wanted his own child, one he helped make. If so you couldn’t give that to him. Had he forgotten? Maybe he was to drunk, maybe his wish to have a kid suppressed the memory of her telling him that story in his current state. You didn’t know if he was fine with adopting, you wished you had talked about it more. Though it didn’t bother you most of the time it was still a bit of a sore subject.
Splashing some water on your face, you figured you should head back. You didn’t want to worry him. As you opened the door though, you saw he wasn’t at your table. No, he was leaning against a nearby pillar, gaze cast downward in concentration. As soon as he heard the door open his eyes snapped up to meet yours, and they stayed on your face as you made your way to him.
“Qrow, why are you just standing here?”
He sighed “I uh, I realized my comment might have been a uh” he hiccupped “a bit insensitive. I- I wanted to make sure you weren’t, that you weren’t upset er anything.” There was still a blush on his cheeks, though now you thought it might have more to do with shame than drunkenness.
“Oh, Qrow.” You couldn’t help the soft smile on your face. He was so cute, even when drunk of his ass. “I know you didn’t mean it, it’s okay.”
“Still, I, I um,” He swallowed heavily and looked around. “Look, I don’t know if a bar is the best place to discuss this. I just, I don’t know if you want kids, it’s- it’s fine if ya don’t want ta adopt or anythin’, really I shouldn’t ‘ave said anything.”
You placed a hand on his arm, you weren’t used to seeing him stammer like this “Qrow really, it’s okay, I think we do need to have a talk, though. But, you’re probably right about a bar not bein the best spot, also we should wait till neither of us are buzzed.” You wrinkled you nose “Plus I would like to get away from the smell of these restrooms.”
You smiled at each other, and as you and Qrow waited for your cab, you felt a sense of peace wash over you.

Clockstrike Pt. 2

Calfreezy x Reader #10

Warnings: nope just a classic party scene

Note: This is written with the amazing @sydneyxix who has posted the first part! Thank ya Syd for writing this with me and I hope you guys like part 2. Happy New Years xx ~ K

| Part One |


“Well in that case,” you said as you dropped your coat from your shoulders and quickly pulled it off you in general. “What’s the harm?” you asked rhetorically looking up to his baby blue eyes, that quickly scanned your figure, not going unnoticed by you.

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xrbitrium’s ‘a little too late’ follow forever

WOWOWOW. i wasn’t really expecting anyone to find interest in harellan but since i’ve remade i’ve gained so many friends and people who really do like my precious baby. 

there have been plenty of ups and downs since i came back to the fandom and honestly i can’t say that i regret coming back. i wish i could make something special for all of you who’ve been here for me and i just want to let everyone know that even if they aren’t included in this list [ likely due to my forgetfulness ] that i love you, and i’m always here for everyone and anyone.

 I love you all. 

THE MAIN SQUAD : these are the people who I consider good pals and talk with on a normal basis, i’m happy to have met all of you. 

@holykniight //: @magicbound //: @ahvir //: @atishabanalras //: 
@cygnus-van-markham //: @dionadaiir //: @invindictae //: 
@hemorrhaging //: @prodigalborn

THE COOL DUDES : these are people who i just love seeing on my dash and would love to talk with more and befriend! I value you from afar and just love you and all your muses <3 

@willbeshot //: @cxllen-rxtherford //: @banalvhen //: @bornpariah //: @beefcakequnari //: @valorcorrupt //: @hisdespair​ //: @birthwrought​ //:
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in short, i really do appreciate all of you and i hope you all know you’re loved and adored. you all put a whole lotta work into your muses and i enjoy seeing you all on my dash. i wouldn’t want it any other way <3