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Photos from Dennis Morris’ series “Southall: A Home From Home,” a collection of images of British Sikhs taken from 1974-1982

As well as being a rare contemporary study of a thriving ethnic community, Morris’s pictures reveal the tired faces of large groups of school children gathered around Southall’s bus stops as early as 6am. Without realizing it at the time, he had stumbled across “bussing”, a blatant act of racial segregation by the local council to lower the ratio of Asian pupils in Southall by sending them to schools outside the area. “They were bussing them within the borough but outside of Southall itself, to Ealing or Hanwell,” says Morris. “The kids were too young to be out on the streets on their own at six in the morning and their parents had to leave their houses early to travel to work. I had hit on something that was quietly going on and everyone was trying to hide.”

Then followed the Southall riots and suddenly Morris struggled to get his project published or exhibited. “No one would touch it,” he says. “It was too hot for them. People are now ready to reveal the truth in some ways.”

The truth also includes poignant studies of sparsely furnished accommodation, often housing three generations to a room. There is a picture of an elderly Sikh sitting between his two granddaughters and clutching a radio cassette player [last photo in the set]. “There was him, the granddaughters and the husband and wife in that one room. I asked him what his most valuable possession was and he picked up the radio. That was quite strong for me because it makes you realize how people can work so hard and the only thing they get out of it is a radio.” And yet Home from Home reveals the richness of the community spirit in Southall and the extended families who work hard and support each other. - (x)

I’m the girl men fall in love with the idea of.
They catch glimpses of parts of me and think
 They know the rest hidden beneath the surface;

The golden girl with the flaming heart.
The playful exuberance too world weary by far.
 The nighttime temptress down on her knees.
The selfless caretaker too kind to believe.
The warrior-princess covered in scars
The simple girl who still wishes on stars.

They all choose a part of me to worship
Setting aside the rest of the puzzle pieces
Still looking for a heart to call home
Because it’s easier to put me in a box
Than to put me together until they find a whole picture.

In the end sparkling bits and baubles of me adorn their memories
Until I become the one who got away
Which is the reason I never could in the end stay.

I’d rather love the reality that is all of myself
Than be put on a pedestal so high up
There’re no odds of surviving the fall.

© Courtney Turley 2017

God I wish I could slap the fuck out of these teenagers popping vics. Fun right? Getting high of less than 3 fucking pills? Your naivety makes me sick. You’re on here posting pictures so obviously you follow these drug blogs. Do you not see how dreadful this shit is? The countless warnings and people BEGGING you guys not to go down this road, yet you do anyways? Well enjoy those two little pills. And when you find yourself a month from now willingly addicted to this shit after we have all warned you, you’ll wish you listened. Why do teenagers think it’s cool? If i had seen or heard half of what I know now when I started, I’d of never even touched the shit. Yet here are all these kids who know damn well what they’re getting into, yet still do it. What i would fucking give to not have to shove a needle in my arm just to feel normal. God I hope your parents smack your ass around and send you off to rehab before it’s too late. Cause obviously you’re all too stupid to listen to the hundreds of addicts telling you not to do this shit.

A pissed off addict tired of seeing kids addicted.

I remember seeing a post in a H50 related tag where someone had been searching for this image but in high-res. 

idk if they have ever found it, or if they are even still looking for it. But I found a copy in decently HQ. 


For Her

I would wish the stars for you if I could
But I know they’re burning balls of gas
Of millions
Of lightyears away.
I would wish a perfect life
But no life is without sadness.
I can only wish you happiness, my girl,
And that you accept those around you,
That you appreciate the good times
And persevere through the bad,
That you hold yourself to high standards,
But remember that you’ll always be
Your worst critic
And that everyone deserves a break sometimes.
I wish you will find a love in your own time,
Someone with whom the days fly by,
In whose presence nothing else matters,
In whose heart you exist purely as yourself.
I wish you a desire for self improvement,
An appreciation for the little things in life,
A tempered evaluation of the big things,
A heart made for love,
The mind to unravel the universe,
The words to speak your will,
The courage to defend your morals,
The humility to acknowledge the morals of others.
I wish you a healthy mind,
Though the scales are skewed.
I wish you the eyes to see a bright future,
And I promise,
No matter how dark your surroundings may be,
I will always be there to listen,
To teach,
To hold.
The world and I never got along.
But this is your story now.
Enter it, head high,
And know your father loves you.

“i wish people could just chill out and let the show be. enjoy it instead of analyzing every move the characters make. maybe bmw was better because when that was on, there were not on-demand services or downloading sites. i can say i find some of the story lines childish but they are still kids, even if they’re in high school. and yes, i’m more along the lines of cory and topanga’s age, yet still find myself enjoying it for what it is.”