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dunkirk is the kind of film you sit on after you see it. at first you’re like, yeah that was a good film. it was a different kind of war movie. then you leave the theater and you start thinking about it, all your favorite moments, the ones that made you bite your nails off. you think about the message and what christopher nolan is really trying to get across with the way he directed it. and then you realize that it’s actually sort of spectacular. because you were in the film. you weren’t just hearing a bunch of dialogue, knowing what someone was going to do next. you were basically living it. between the music and the acting, you were feeling what they were feeling. long story short, if you were unsure of dunkirk at first: sit on it. i guarantee you’ll see the beauty in it. 

listen saying supercorp are just friends is fine like yes okay but the WAY Jeremy said it is what’s the issue.

Maybe some people won’t get it but to see a f/f ship mocked like that? It’s more than gross. We are so hugely under represented as it is which is why fictional ships exist.

The way he completely disregarded and mocked the ship just shows how easily ingrained homophobic/lesbophobic reactions are within people - whether they are aware of it or not .

His response showed how he thinks such a relationship is far fetched hence his reaction and honestly could you say a m/f relationship would ever get treated like that?

What people need to understand is that it isn’t calling them “just friends” that has caused the backlash BUT how he said it.

if the spoilers and chapter are out and im sleeping, anons or somebody spam the hell out of me, so i can rise from the dead

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how does lotor treat his generals? can you post some shots of them interacting?

Like his colleagues! One of them commented to Lotor on how easy it was to have the galra pledge their loyalty and Lotor replied back with “They are easily manipulative”, Joaquim called them like a justice league, and I get sort of Ty lee, Azula, Mai squad vibes!


When you see all the DC writers interracting all together, being tumblr friends, tagging each other all the time on posts and shit, often encouraging each others, and just like, communicating a lot and all of that and…you’re too shy to participate even though you want to. 

Man, story of my life right there. Even on the fucking internet. 

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re: the tags on the last ask you answered; what IS your opinion on snape?

I was afraid someone was gonna ask me this.

The thing is it would take me like 15 pages and a manifesto to properly explain my position on his character so please dont like jump down my throat or anything if yall disagree with me because I really dont wanna get into it and youre not gonna change my mind. Ive put some unorganized thoughts under the cut:

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this is ridiculous but like i cannot wait to buy a brie larson captain marvel action figure and i cannot wait to see comic con cosplay and halloween costumes and just everything that’s going to come with this movie

Fishblr, help!!!

Heya! So I went to a summer camp about two weeks ago and of course I had to leave my betta boy Strider at home. I left my mom detailed instructions on feeding him (twice a day, two-three pellets, skip feeding on Saturdays to prevent constipation). I came home just yesterday and oh my word my boy is B L O A T E D. He’s swimming like normal but he’s just so dang fat. He’s not pineconing like he has dropsy or anything and he still begs for food. I won’t feed him for the next three days and I just gave him an espom salt bath but I don’t see any poo. What is wrong with my boy???

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AHHHHH!!! That's so exciting!! I'm so happy for you and I hope you have a safe flight and a great year! Sending good vibes and the best of luck your way

Thank you so much Tart!! I’ve been super excited ever since I found out I’d be going! Ngl, I’m slightly terrified and wary about the entire thing at times, but I’d like to think it’ll be a fantastic experience and help me improve both myself as a person and my teaching ability. Nothing to do but give it my all - so thank you for your support, it really helps~ *hugs*