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Headcanon that Fidds Sits like Me™

Does anybody else have a line that strikes you was way funnier than it should, for no reason you can adequately express?

One of mine is this bit in the video game The Curse of Monkey Island where you’re trying to talk the crew of your pirate ship out of mutinying, and one of the lines you can try is:

“The sea hates a deserter, and she’ll swallow you up!”

… to which the enormous Scotsman you’re talking to responds, totally deadpan and without missing a beat:

“No, it’s the Alps that hate a deserter. The sea hates phone solicitors who call at mealtimes.”

Like, there’s absolutely no reason that should be funny, but I crack up just thinking about it.

How about you?

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what happened with the sg cast and sc was gross but now there's a wave of 'respect all fans' when bellarke fans have been dealing with this shit (pun intended) for years? where were the calls for respect then? guess we always gotta prioritize the feelings of white women huh

i do think all fans should be respected and i definitely think that they could have handled it better but you’re right.

‘bellarke is just another str8 ship’- it’s a ship between a bi woman and moc. interracial ships are always treated lesser than white m/f ships. interracial ships are always ‘oh they’re just friends/ they’re like brother and sister/ it’s platonic’ even when there is explicit romantic subtext (’love is weakness’ has been an theme since s2 and bellamy has been said to be clarke’s weakness again and again. bellamy risked his life to try and find her, clarke in turned bargained her life to save him. look at all the nuzzling and face caresses, look at the fact that clarke continues to call him everyday for 6 years because it keeps her sane, look at the fact that they’re called the head and heart both on the show and off it, there is romantic subtext there even if you don’t ship it.)

last year at sdcc ejt called it shit and rolled her eyes at it and the moment was giffed a million times with some sets having more than 10k notes laughing at it. everyone calls the shippers delusional and crazy. eric goldman called bellarke fans tr*mp supporters and then hosted the sdcc panel this year. not to mention he’s the one who said that bellamy (a moc) made a mistake by freeing slaves and is apparently ‘irredeemable’ for doing so (lemme repeat that again, the moc is irredeemable for freeing slaves, some of which were child slaves). in the press room someone asked if we’re supposed to like bellamy. ejt likes to pretend that he doesn’t even exist in order to prop up a long over relationship because (and she publicly admitted this) ‘playing a queer character was good for her career wise’ and we all know that a bi girl dating a man means she’s no longer queer right.

if your pseudo feminism and social justice only applies to (white) queer ships while completely ignoring that interracial/ non white m/f ships are also treated like garbage, then you’re transparent. yeah, that was incredibly rude, but when you tell fans of interracial couples (who are queer/ poc/ qpoc themselves) to suck it up and make fun of it, that’s a problem too. preaching that you deserve respect while refusing to extend the same courtesy to other fandoms that are treated the same way is hypocritical

chyler sending a message into the supergirl cast group chat:

It has come to my attention that some of you have made fun of an LGBTQ+ ship that many young LGBTQ+ people enjoy. As someone who has learned a lot in the past few months playing a lesbian, this is extremely hurtful, and my friends in the LGBTQ+ community deserve a lot better. Therefore, I have made several decisions. I will not be bringing my homemade brownies to shoots anymore. I am blocking all of your numbers except Katie, Odette, and David. And Melissa and Jeremy, if you ever come within a 5 foot radius of me and try to start a conversation that’s not in the script, I will get my son’s baseball bat that’s in the trunk of my minivan and beat you with it. If you wish to speak to me, talk to one of the cast members who actually cares about the LGBTQ+ community and fans we have and ask them to relay the message.


Chyler Leigh-West

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June wanders into the forrest and finds team prime and her son. Shes overjoyed to see her bby boy, but get worried when team prime tells her that there is no way out that they know of. So she and team prime put together team work to look after the kids and find a safe way out. But kobd see her and falls passionatly for this strange human. So they start to seduce her and genuinly want to keep her and her dear boy with them forever. So they always try to offer them both some fae like food.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnddd, I think I just found my new favorite faeformers au.  ~3^

Wow. Actors really need to be educated about the importance of fandom, to their ratings, to their fans’ mental health and development as people, to everything. I am so sorry to everyone who is feeling hurt by that dumb video from ComicCon. There is no excuse for harassing actors about ships, period. But there is also no excuse for actors to shit all over a fandom because of the behavior of some fans, or because they don’t like a ship. There is no excuse for homophobic, defensive outbursts. There is no excuse for trying to silence the creativity and the love and the deep connection that fans feel around a ship. That is just mean-spirited and ignorant.

I’ve been really done with the show for a while, except for certain scenes. I might really be all the way done now. Very sad. And I won’t even tell you to move on to other shows just yet. You have every right to mourn this one. But other shows are there when you’re ready.

And still, the ships live on if you want them to live. Write on. Draw on. Love on. You and your ideas are valid. Try to enjoy it for what it is, if that’s important to you.

Fuck. How fucking immature.


A/N: I saw a sp about the S7 Regina and she was wearing a ring necklace… This is my take on where it came from. Thanks to Polly for giving me the idea and Grace for betaing!

It’s been three weeks. Three crazy weeks when you look at all that happened. She split herself, Mr. Hyde came into town, the ship from the Land of Untold Stories crashed down in Storybrooke and her evil half, the Queen, is trying to transform the town into chaos. It’s been three weeks, but this morning, when she went to her closet in order to pull out the beige silk blouse, one of his shirts slips from the hanger. And with it, her emotions.

Regina doesn’t know how long she stares at the dark blue tee before she bends down to pick it up. He didn’t have a wide selection of clothes, justifying it by telling her why buy lots of different things when I like these? She’d tried to argue with him about it, dragged him shopping one time, but they wound up finding more things for her instead of a new wardrobe for him. So with the few shirts, pants and jackets that occupied a rather small space in her closet, it has almost been too easy to forget his clothes were still there. Almost.

Pressing the shirt against her face, she catches a slight whiff of forest and something that is just him. And why? Why? She’s tearing up, stumbling backward until her calves hit the side of the bed and she can finally sit down, the shirt still pressed to her face, soaking up the tears. Why is she still not over it? Why do little things like this, like a simple shirt, make her break down as if his death only happened yesterday?

He died for her. Fuck, he’d thrown himself in the way between her and Hades’ crystal, not thinking at all. The idiot. Regina is still not sure why and at the same time she’s never been more certain. Because he loved her. It’s hard to believe, but he loved her so much that he died to protect her. It’s not fair, none of this is fair and when she looks around, it seems like everyone is able to bring back their dead loved ones, except for her. She’s never been this lucky. The rules of destiny were unfair, seem to make an exception for everyone… but Regina doesn’t get an exception. She’s a villain. No matter how much she’s changed, maybe she still deserves to suffer for the sins of her past.

It’s a good thing Henry isn’t here, because he would tell her the opposite, that she’s changed, that she’s a hero now, but deep down, Regina knows. Even splitting herself and crushing the Evil Queen’s heart didn’t help, just brought more trouble to the town for which she deems herself responsible.

She takes a deep breath, once again catching a hint of him which calms her down immediately as if he wanted to say stop this - you’re wrong. Thinking of it, that’s probably exactly what it is. Slowly, she dries her face with the shirt, smoothing out the wet spots and wonders whether she should wash it. But if she’s honest with herself, there is no point. As much as it hurts to think of it… She has to let go of him and maybe, maybe it is time.

This is how she finds herself later in the afternoon with a moving box, labeled with thick dark letters of his name. She’s alone in the house; Henry is staying with Emma, the pirate and the Uncharmings because it’s safer for him. Whether that’s true or not, she’s not sure, but she hadn’t been in a good place when the decision was made and didn’t have the energy to protest. Maybe Snow had tried to give her space. She doesn’t know.

It’s a simple thing, putting some shirts and pants into a box. Well, it should be a simple thing, but when it’s the last physical remains of your soulmate, it makes it a thousand times more difficult. Where does she start? While she’s telling herself to just get it over with!, her body isn’t moving at all. Why is she so powerless, why does she have no control?

Damn it, Regina.  Damn it, damn it, damn it! With every ‘damn’ she reaches into the closet, pulling out one article of his clothing and throws it behind her. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t hit the box, just wants to get his stuff out of the closet. One by one, in a state close to blind rage, she throws the things behind herself until there is nothing left other than his dark green jacket. It somehow seems stuck on the hanger, so she rips and rips, until it comes off and falls to the ground in front of her. One by one.

Out, everything is out. Her bedroom is a complete mess now. He is everywhere. His scent is everywhere and she can’t stand it any longer, sinking down onto the ground, she starts crying. Why? “Why did you have to die, Robin?”

Regina doesn’t know how long she’s been sitting there, sobbing, burying her face in her hands, thinking and overthinking everything that happened. It’s only when she looks up and the sky outside is turning almost dark that she realizes she has to stop. She has to get herself together, knows this is hard. She allowed herself one more breakdown and this was it. Now it’s time. Slowly, Regina wipes her tears away and takes a deep breath before looking at the mess in her bedroom.

The moment she tries to push herself up from the ground, her hand lands on something hard, hidden in one of Robin’s jacket pockets. Carefully, she pulls the jacket open and is surprised when a little black velvet box falls out. Her breath catches in her throat as her shaking fingers pick up the box, tentatively opening it. “Oh, Robin…”

Inside, a bed of white velvet reveals a matte golden ring with three white brilliants. The thought that this ring was most likely meant for her is so overwhelming she cannot help the tears which are once again spilling over. She should wonder when he got it, when he was going to ask her, how he would have staged the proposal, but instead her mind is quiet. So quiet, her mind is blank as she stares in wonder at the engagement ring in her hands.

A sudden warmth fills her heart. It’s something she cannot explain, it just happens, like a caressing touch of Robin’s strong hands. A smile pulls at her lips the moment she feels it and she knows, deep down, that he’s there. In her heart, where he will always stay. It doesn’t matter that Robin’s not physically there to ask her herself, Regina knows what her answer would have been.

“Yes. I do.” she says in a soft whisper and puts the ring on her finger. A perfect fit. Just like her and Robin.

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ship a mutual(s) with each member of bts

seokjin : @snowedjin @freshrosetoner @peachpjms @ilucafe 

yoongi : @btslesbian @mygsboy @bimyg @honeyboysbf @lovfx @soonyoungs

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jungkook : @btslesbian @transboyjjk @gayjks @kisskook @babygukk @spr1ng @02jjk

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Why do you ship cockles? not trying to be rude but it seem s like a gross invasion of privacy. Like, I definitely wouldn't like it if people writing inappropriate, fake things about me and my friend being together without my consent. I understand if it's two fictional characters like destiel because they're not real but real people shipping just seems so wrong.

Hello, @wearingsunglassesindoors

No problem, I don’t mind you asking at all!

Quite simply, I ship Cockles because I. FUCKING. LOVE. IT.

Look, I totally get where you’re coming from. But let me give you a little background on my headcanon and how I choose to look at Cockles. First of all, real person shipping is absolutely a touchy subject. And I get it, I really do. I want to start off by saying, I’m not one of those real person shippers who is delusional (where I think that these guys are getting their freak on behind their wives backs, their wives are covers, etc) and in fact, I absolutely love all the guys and their wives. I may have a total lady boner for Vicki Vantoch but that’s neither here nor there

I ship Cockles because I love these guys. I love their friendship, and I love how they interact with one another. I ship them because it’s easy to do so. Do I think there’s something actually going on between them romantically? Probably not. But hey, if there was, I wouldn’t be surprised, ya feel me? All three of the guys are extremely close…but when I look at how they interact with one another, Jared and Jensen definitely have more of a “bro bond” than Misha and Jensen. And I wouldn’t say that Misha and Jensen’s is necessarily of the romantic sort, but there’s a blatant difference between them. When you watch J2 panels, there’s a lot of brotherly banter, Jensen “annoyed” at Jared’s puppy dog-ness, etc. When you watch Cockles panels, there’s a lot of “flirting”, touching, etc. And look, they’re fully aware that people ship them in real life, and they play it up, no doubt about it. Now, the big thing that I want to stress here is that Cockles is RPF (real person FICTION) so while it’s about them, it’s fiction, and (most) Cockles shippers are aware of that. 

But hey, Vicki is openly bisexual (pansexual?), has written a book detailing her sexuality and the adventures of a polyamorous lifestyle, in which she said some pretty damning things about the nature of her relationship with her husband and heavily insinuated that he was an active participant in a threesome with another male. And Jensen, well…there are some pretty questionable rumors about Jensen before he met and fell in love with Danneel. I also remember watching an interview at one point in time where Danneel admitted to being bisexual, but I’m not able to find the link now, so I’m not going to use that as any kind of evidence. So in my mind, these things make it easy to ship a relationship like Cockles, or even, dare I say, JMDV (JensenxMishaxDanneelxVicki)

Quite simply, yes, I ship the fuck out of it, but you’re not going to catch me peeping in their windows or claiming their wives are beards and that the wives need to take a hike and let these guys fuck it out. I’m not so naive as to think that either of them would be unfaithful to their kickass wives, either. I ship it because I love their interactions together, whether you view them as romantic or platonic, and because dammit, these guys are fucking beautiful together and I love their friendship. I simply think that in another life, in a different situation, they could’ve been perfect together. But that’s neither here nor there.

I also want to finally wrap this up by saying despite me shipping Cockles, I also ship the fuck out of Jensen and Danneel, and Misha and Vicki. Their marriages give me life and if anything happened to either of their marriages, I would be fucking destroyed. Because as it is, these guys are perfect in their current and (hopefully with everything within me) permanent relationships.

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Hello! I'm really impressed at how much love your ship gets. I often hear that people hate OC x Canon ships. I have an OC x Canon ship myself but I'm way to afraid that it will get hated. Do you have any advice for me? :) <3

Heya !!

Aw, I was a bit afraid too when I started posting about them, it’s been a few months but I’m still overwhelmed by every like/reblog/message, or cute tag. 
I’ve often been too shy to show my art, but… I am glad I took the risk, because… gosh, every little thing from you guys means the world to me !

A lot of people are scared of getting hate. It’s sad because we should all be able to share what we love and create stories ! Especially shippings, it’s just crushes and love, it’s not meant to harm anyone. I do believe most people will enjoy stories with you, and share theirs with you too, and if they don’t like it, they’ll ignore it (it’s totally understandable that we don’t enjoy everything, too ! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person if you don’t support everything from everyone !) 
What I mean is, creating stories, shipping, it’s not bad, not wrong. So you shouldn’t be scared or shy. You should only feel love for them, curiosity for their story, joy to build around these characters. Not shame or fear. 
And I think it’s important to feel good about ourselves and what we do, right ? ^^

But of course, if someone wants to be rude just to be rude, it’s hard to avoid ;;

So for advices… 
Don’t be ashamed of what makes you happy, what you love.
I think it helps when people can see how happy it makes you… happiness spreads, you know ? It shows in what you do, and people feel it when they look/read. So don’t be scared to show how happy it makes you !
Be optimistic, each cute message means the world, and if there’s a bad one ? Depending on the kind of message, you can either ignore or try to reply politely, but try not to get mad owo Don’t let this stop you ! The good it brings you is way more important ! ❤

I hope… it helps a bit. I hope you do post ! And I truly hope it brings you as much joy as Khadgrin for me ❤ 

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Honestly I really like how polite some of your responses to shaladin and the other ships are. As a shidger myself it's nice to see one less person being and a-hole and I thank you for that 💖💖

like i don’t like shaladin ships but all of my friends do and i love them with my whole entire heart and really it’s a tv show i’m not gonna try to ruin it for other i may not ejoy or agree with every ship but i’m not gonna rain on the parade of others it’s just not something i want to be known for 

i want my blog to be a happy funny place for myself and other!


ships: bill weasley x fleur delacour

im in love with the idea of moving and freezing because of the body warmth next to me, of settling back in because i know its you, of being entranced by your imperfectly perfect features and dozing off to sleep again. im in love with the idea of waking up again to a pillow being thrown at my head just as i get up, of grinning blindly and trying to retaliate only to be hit again and again until im laughing in surrender. im in love with the idea of waking up, if every morning i wake up to you


Dude, i don’t know who it is, but if it’s really someone trying to make that fandom look bad they really should just stop.

You know why?

Because the toxic side of the Sta//rco fandom doesn’t need anyone to make them look bad, they can do that pretty dang well on their own.

Oh, and don’t think i forgot THIS anytime soon:

If the guy is intentionally trying to piss people off then really he’s kinda wasting his time because the fandom can speak for themselves. People are well aware how poorly the toxic Sta//rco fandom treats shipping and characters like Jackie and even Tom, and that’s always why a lot of it has a bad rap, because stuff like this is just frigging dumb and childish.

Especially since it’s mostly over a fictional pairing.

i’m not gonna say your wrong, But toxic shippers doing this kinda stuff is far from uncommon, almost normal really.

Could it be someone staging something? Sure, but really what’s the point in framing shippers for acting in ways the fandom already knows about.

Let them destroy themselves, they’re not worth making any effort towards.

Hello! @mrsariayoureakiller

I doubt it to be honest with you. Some people who ship it do it regardless of what’s supposedly coming and those who believe in their theory will probably spend the next five episodes trying to explain away what’s happening. Perhaps once the season is over it’ll lose a little steam from those who just peripherally shipped it. 

Well, as for the nastiness, it’s not universal. I think it’s concentrated in a certain group of people who are the minority. A lot of it has to do with Dany standing in the way of their ship so they hate on her or create theories about how she’ll die leaving the door open for this or that. That’s where the hate is coming from. If you think about it there aren’t any fics that I know of or maybe a few of them, that would use Sansa as an obstacle between Jon and Dany. While there is an astounding number of fics that use Dany as an obstacle between the other two. Why is that? Because despite what the haters might say they can’ t deny that the connection between Jon and Dany is there. 

As for which ship is more popular, I think as far as tumblr is concerned J and S seem to be more popular, they are certainly prolific fic writers if we go by the number of AO3 fics. On reddit Jonerys seems to be gaining popularity, although, who knows with them. As far as the general audience is concerned, the 20 million+ people who watch the show, it’s hard to say. I think it’s probably a wash. However, probably after the end of this season, they’ll be a clear preference. IMHO

P.S. I would say with book readers Jonerys is more popular. 


Thing’s heard around twitter

Jackson is abusive

Jackson called April a whore

Picture this it’s Saturday night, wine glass in hand (this is either for effect or really happened…you decide!) and scrolling my timeline on twitter on my phone while listening to a playlist on tidal (true story) Okay let’s not delve to into details. But I’m scrolling and see a ruckus on my timeline I keep scrolling….and see “Jackson is not abusive” wait…Jackson is abusive what type of progressive fake woke foolishness is going down in this fandom. When I learned this was going on I was confused, annoyed, and concerned. I also had three questions: 1.) Are you a real japril supporter 2.) How are you a supporter of this couple and trying to peg ½ of the ship as ABUSIVE do you know what you’re implying? 3.) If Jackson is abusive why are you saying this and in the next breath supporting them?

If you are calling Jackson abusive for snatching April’s arm after finding out that she was keeping something so life altering from him what about April nearly pummeling Jackson to death after him barely escaping a bus explosion minutes prior. (AN ICONIC SCENE BY THE WAY) Neither of these situations are ABUSE. These are situations that two people who are deeply in love find themselves in when their adrenaline is running full steam, emotions are all over, and they don’t know how to express how they feel calmly. This happens when you can’t take anymore I HAVE BEEN THERE! (Broken hair brushes, dishes, door knobs, and other things tell the story…another story NOT for another time.)

I had this whole drawn out post drafted (but it got deleted) about not how this is bullshit even though it is but about how I don’t understand how you can call yourself a Japril supporter and think that half the ship is abusive. Yes Jackson can be an asshole every now and again but abusive never. Which episode is this which season and which scene?

Jackson called April a whore-This i’m not even dignifying with a response that never happened. 

I wish y’all could have read the initial post of this sorry! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, stay away from google! And remember there’s a thin line between WOKE and OBNOXIOUS

ALSO I really feel like to understand certain aspects of these fictional shows you have to have lived a little bit of life to be able to relate.  This you can take how you want! Adios and can’t wait to see what Season 14 bring our favorite couple. REMEMBER AVOID GROUP THINK!

Like i said above, this is a second draft! The first is lost in draft purgatory (MAY IT REST IN PEACE) it’s probably full of run on sentences, grammatical errors, typos, anything…but i needed to get my point across.

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Brook always hums "Bink's Brew" when he brushes his teeth. At first the crew found it annoying but now they can't imagine their morning routine without it.

Also: If the crew do not hear Brook sing or hum Bink’s Sake for a while, they run around the ship, trying to make Brook happy (even if he is fine) because they find it dramatic if he does not sing it. He gets treated like a king (he doesn’t have time to tell them that he is fine because most of them are panicking).

I like the HC you wrote though, really nice 10 out of 10

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"a ship is just a ship"?! Excuse me what? When is that ever true! Ships can show a person's true colors! But I guess you're trying to pretend you're all good and innocent when really you jack off to abuse and rape :/

Child, You’re taking shipping too seriously. It’s a bunch of fictional characters. All shipping says about someone is the tropes they like.