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I am putting Solas on a semi-hiatus ( which I know I’ve had that on my blog for forever, and technically… it’s always been true since I’m slow ), but for right now, my muse is low and I can’t keep trying to force myself to make replies I just can’t do right now, so basically throwing up a semi-hiatus at least makes my insides feel a little better than all gut-twisty.

Does this mean I’m not gonna ever reply? No. I’ll still come on to do replies occassionally, and I DO intend to get to those starters from here and there ( but they’re gonna just be small starters ), but it’s probably going to take a bit longer than… it already does even now. There’s stuff going on right now in my life that I wanna try to prioritize and I really am trying my hardest to become a better person, and sometimes being on Tumblr from time to time makes me feel smaller. Which isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s mine. No one has the right to make me feel this way but myself. So I want to get better, and I do feel a little better than I have in a while? I think?

But I don’t wanna… disappear for half a year like I did last time. In the mean time, I’m gonna be working on a new blog for Solas because this one is unorganized and scattered everywhere. I do feel like that’ll help me with my muse a lot. I’ve also been working on an OC for… months… I don’t know when he’ll be birthed. BUT YEAH THAT’S THE JIST OF IT. I’m sorry this kind of post seems so common, but I just wanted to write it so people at least understand why I’m such a flaky turd. 


Rick and Morty S3E5 doodles! 

This episode made me feel kinda bad for Jerry. I really hope this loser gets to be happy. But b OI THAT ASIDE, NEUTRALIZED RICK AM I RIGHT? I’ve been blessed. 

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.


“Like a centipede.”

Different ways to draw trolls: A Chart

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The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath


#That face you make when the love of your life is rambling aka Alec Lightwood’s smitten face

There is so much to unpack here, you guys. I know I’m supposed to sleep since it’s now been more than 48 hours and also my fever has spiked, but listen, there is SO MUCH TO UNPACK. I live for this stuff. I can’t just NOT.

I at least need to present a version of this idea while I’m still half-lucid. I had a few bullet points on the list that I was working on last night, and this one was my favorite by far:

The concept is that Mark has been killed numerous times over the course of the years, but somehow manages to come back, despite the fact that we witness his death. That’s because he’s being brought back to life when his death doesn’t achieve what it was designed to.

How can we prove this? Well, we witness it clearly in A Date With Markiplier. Mark dies multiple times, but we are able to “save” him by stopping his death from occurring, in a sense– that is, we can “go back in time” to prevent it. At the end of each route, we’re presented with the option to “try again”.

That’s not just a storytelling tool for the sake of having a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style narrative. We are put in a time loop. 

This isn’t a strange concept, especially for this particular series of videos. Why? Because we actually see it happen.

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At the end of the Exit video, when we try to escape, Dark physically pushes us back in time to a previous decision. (Maybe that’s why he’s so “tired of giving people a choice”– we always choose so very poorly in his eyes.) It’s not just Dark that has these abilities, either. After you decide to stay together instead of splitting up while searching for an escape, you are presented with two options: the aforementioned “Exit”, which traps you in Dark’s time loop, or a cryptic option simply labeled, “More?” 

If you choose “more”, Wilford appears to you in a literal vortex of clocks and warps your reality. No matter which option you choose, you come face to face with the fact that both of these men can manipulate time.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily prove that Mark is actively dying and being saved on numerous occasions, but a piece of information revealed today leads me to believe that this is indeed the case.

In Who Killed Markiplier?- Chapter 2, the Colonel mentions Mark dying “again”. When questioned by the detective, he states that he has “plenty of experience on the matter”. 

The chef then adds, “So do I.”

For the chef to have experience with killing Mark, or even watching Mark dying, we would have to be living in this reality:

But if that was the case, then this murder mystery never would have happened in the first place, because Mark would have already been dead. In order for both of these things to be true, both time and reality would have to be warped. He died, and he didn’t.

So, if Mark has been dying on the regular, the question of who the murderer is isn’t actually all that important. For all we know, all of them have murdered Mark at some point. Here’s what we should actually be worried about:

As far as we know, Mark has never been dead this long before. What makes this time different from all the others? And what do we have to do to get him back?