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hi i just want to know what you think is the problem with bbc's sherlock?

It’s not a matter of “what do I think” is the problem. The problem is, whether I or anyone thinks it exists or not. 

Like, for starters, the fact that Steven Moffat, the creator, is a biphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, fatphobic and all-around piece of shit. [link]

Some stellar quotes include, “women are needy”, “women spend all their time hunting for husbands”, “asexuals are boring”, “bisexuals have too much sex to even bother watching his shows”, “gay characters are going through a phase”.

Or, quick google search for the two stars of the show and “problematic” 

Bendyback Cucumberpatch: [link], [link], [link]. Particularly ugly quotes include him calling autistic people “Frankenstein’s Monster” and “man infants”; saying that he (a man who inherited his fortune from slave-owners) pities JLM because he has to play Sherlock in Elementary “to feed his children”, misgendering and dead-naming Chelsea Manning, and defending a rapist.

Martin Freeman: [link], [link], [link]. Highlights include: calling Lucy Liu “a dog”, defending islamophobia, saying the n-word, joking about date rape.

And that is just the people involved in the show! I mean, it should be enough of a reason to say, yeah, this awful show that is giving a lot of money to bigoted people should be cancelled because bigots don’t deserve to make money, right? But the show itself is also a piece of flaming garbage.

BBC Sherlock is Sexist

“The three recurring female characters who were actually important to the plot were all linked by two traits. Firstly, they’re all romantically linked to one of the two male leads, and secondly, the events of this episode transformed each of them from being independent humans to acting like orbiting satellites, helpless to the gravitational pull of Sherlock’s personal storyline.”- [“His Last Vow,” Part 2: Women, eh?]

In many ways the Holmes stories are a perfect fit for Moffat’s skill-set. The puzzle-box plotting, the 24/7 bromance, the fetishisation of “masculine” reason over pesky “feminine” emotion, all suit him right down to the ground.- [Is Sherlock sexist? Steven Moffat’s wanton women]

The patronizing of women litters “An Abominable Bride.” It distracts the viewer from the layered narrative that visits a contemporary Holmes, who is self-administering an overdose of hallucinogenic drugs to facilitate a visit to the snigger-inducing “mind palace” (he might as well call it his man cave), that whisks us back to the Victorian period and the setting of Conan Doyle’s original compendium of tales. - [Sherlock (Still) Has a Woman Problem]

It appeared, at first, that “The Abominable Bride,” with its interest in women and women’s rights, was an attempt on the part of the show runners to address some of these criticisms and to create a progressive, less offensive show. Instead, it turned out to be one of the most sexist episodes ever. - [Psst, “Sherlock,” Your Sexism Is Showing]

The belief that lesbian women will somehow magically be overcome by the sight of a strong man is a popular misconception not just in pop culture, but in real life. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Moffat, who has a clear idea in his head of himself as a mesmerizing Lothario, should “happen” to write a lesbian who falls in love with a thinly-veiled version of himself. - [WILL THE NEXT SEASON OF “SHERLOCK” BE LESS SEXIST?]

BBC Sherlock is Homophobic

But it wasn’t going to be just one joke. Let’s laugh at gayness became the flavour, not just of the episode, which was rife with “I’m not gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I’m not. Gay. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s really important you don’t get the  wrong impression. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of thing.” - [Sherlock is one long gay joke]

The show’s pretty good but what caught my attention was the homo subtext with John and Sherlock. It really had the opportunity to be progressive here and have the two same-gender leads of an immensely popular and well-received show be more than just friends. (…) You don’t get to throw these things in there and then pretend like they don’t mean anything. You don’t get to tease the queers and the hetero girls who will ship it but then never actually put the queer in your show. - [Sherlock is the grossest example of queerbaiting]

On the most obvious level, Sherlock operates on a primarily heterocentric basis, and has a bad habit of presenting few and problematic queer characters. Out of six ninety-minute episodes over two series, there are a total of four (loose) mentions of queer characters, only two of which are of any serious importance. - [Queer Identities in Sherlock: A Study in Embarrassing Failures]

BBC Sherlock is Racist

However, in a text so concerned with updating the Victorian source material to the contemporary period, there is very little else to the representation of Chineseness; it seems that Sherlock Holmes can use SMS messaging and GPS tracking, but Chinese culture is rendered remarkably narrow via such reductive stereotypes.- [Sherlock and the representation of Chineseness]

Unfortunately Steven Moffat, who definitely has a problem with racism – his “modern” Holmes has faced down the Yellow Peril (“Blind Banker”) and dressed like a scimitar-waving Lawrence of Arabia to rescue Irene Adler in some sinister Middle-Eastern locale (“Scandal in Belgravia”) – focuses on the “exotic travels abroad” hiatus story instead of coming up with another reason for Holmes’ disappearance. So the first thing we see in the mini-sode is a montage that boils down to the Great White Detective benevolently lending his skills to bewildered and grateful brown foreigners. - [It’s official: Elementary has spoiled me for Sherlock BBC’s casual racism.]

Given that Sherlock Holmes – the master detective who possesses the power to bring duplicitous people to their knees just through the power of his insight – then why as a character could he not ‘see through’ the obvious anti-Chinese racism that appeared throughout the script of the 2010 episode of Sherlock entitled ‘The Blind Banker’ (S1E2)? - [Sherlock Could Not See Through the Racism]

This is the crap that Steve Thompson’s script for TBB gave everyone to work with: Soo Lin Yao, a fragile little porcelain Chinese doll; a stupid brute of a Sikh warrior; Japanese geisha nicknacks for sale in a Chinese…not a shop…the script calls it an emporium… The script also tells the production designer to put up images of every non-Western character set that comes to mind (as if Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t know the difference between Greek and Chinese and Hebrew and Arabic and … ancient hieroglyphics!?) - [A Strange Yellow Squiggle: Racism in The Blind Banker]

Suddenly, my heart sinks and I realise it’s all Black Lotus, Tongs (you should see my Terror of the Curling Tongs), drugs and torture. For are we not a cruel race, as the clever programme-makers have noticed? A series of killings and a trail of yellow-themed clues lead our intrepid heroes into the dangers of Soho Chinatown where even the shop assistants are … sinister. - [Sherlock and wily orientals: Blind Banker, Episode 2 review]

You can also check out [this gifset] by @heroscafe, which shows the most important people of color in the first season of BBC Sherlock. For reference, the most important people of color in S1 are: 

  • Ella Thompson, a black therapist who gets around two minutes of screentime and who Sherlock calls an idiot.
  • Sally Donovan, a black detective who gets something like five minutes of screentime and is constantly demeaned and insulted by Sherlock in her few scenes.
  • Soo Lin Yao, the Chinese girl described as a “fragile little doll”, who dies.
  • A couple nameless Chinese villains who end up all dead.
  • A black guard of the palace who has like five minutes on screen and nearly dies.

I’m not gonna bother showing you screencaps of the show because it’s been years since I blissfully deleted all my pirated episodes of BBC Sherlock from my hard-drive, but if you really don’t yet believe that it’s a pile of flaming shit, I challenge you to go look through the show and screencap the crowd scenes during the show. 

You’ll find that, except for the racist episode in China Town and the racist episode in the Middle East, all group shots/crowd shots are compromised nearly entirely of white people, with next to no people of color even in the background.

This is in itself racist, since the official demographics for London show that at least 40% (nearly half!) of the city is inhabited by people of color. [link] The construction of a reality where people of color should exist yet they are magically erased for no reason other than Moffat not wanting to have brown and black faces visible in his scenes is racist.

BBC Sherlock is also ableist and has abuse apologia

Today we understand that both the early-years environment and genetics play a role in the development of psychopathic personality disorder. Sociopathy as a term is defunct – please stop using it, Sherlock, psychiatry has moved on. - [Dear Sherlock, stop calling yourself a sociopath!]

So, Elementary fandom has talked about gaslighting before, and how it is used in abusive relationships. We’ve seen Irene/Moriarty do this to Sherlock in Elementary, and the same pattern appears in the newly-aired Sherlock with Sherlock and John. - [This gifset] by @stardust-rain shows how BBC!Sherlock is an abuser, which is never acknowledged in-show (unlike Elementary!Moriarty, who is explicitly described as an abuser repeatedly).

Other good reads

There are many things wrong with the BBC’s TV show “Sherlock.” People have been blinded by its lead actors and cinematography for too long. Underneath the admittedly stunning scenery and strong start, Sherlock is sexist and homophobic. - [What You Don’t Realize About Sherlock]

A brief glimpse of the new Sherlock trailer may have sent the internet into a frenzy (admittedly, much of it over John Watson’s moustache – WTF, John?) but, in what feels like a very long absence, has the BBC show’s claim to be the ultimate modern day Holmes been usurped by a pretender from overseas? It may seem heresy even to ask – but is Elementary actually better than Sherlock? - [Why ELEMENTARY Is Better Than SHERLOCK]

By the time I decided to finally watch Elementary rather than just make jokes at its expense, the entire first season had aired. Like Sherlock, Elementary season 1 was concerned with establishing the relationship between Holmes and Watson, and the villainy of Moriarty. On both fronts, it was vastly superior. - [Why ‘Elementary’ is better than ‘Sherlock’]

When Elementary premiered on CBS back in 2012, it drew heavy comparisons to BBC’s Sherlock. Sherlock’s rabid fans were not too pleased that there would be another Holmes-based series on television. They bashed the premise for being a rip-off (how you can rip off an interpretation of an iconic character in literature is beyond me) and the casting choices. However after watching three seasons of Elementary, I can firmly say that it is miles better than Sherlock for a couple of reasons. - [WHY ELEMENTARY IS BETTER THAN SHERLOCK]

To my fellow Johnlock shippers and the rest of the Sherlock fandom

There is something I need to get off my chest and, as per usual, I’m going to do it on Tumblr. First of all, I want to clarify that I am in no way, shape or form trying attack and insult anybody, I don’t want to start a fight. Also, this is probably going to be a bit long and it is 100% my opinion so I understand if you don’t give a fuck about what I have to say and scroll past this post. I do this myself, too. I just hope that there is going to be at least one person who will hear me out, or actually read me out ayyy (here goes the only person who would have given me a chance) and maybe even agree with me.

So. I’ve been a fan of Sherlock and a Johnlock shipper for more than 2 years now. Even tho I don’t post much, I think I’ve been a part of the TJLC community for over a year now. I’m one of those people who believes Johnlock is end game and is constantly deep in meta. But I am also in a several other fandoms and in some of them I ship the unpopular ship. That has helped me to notice something that Johnlockers do that isn’t quite right.

People don’t choose what they ship, they just either ship it or they don’t. And although to me Johnlock is the whole point of the show, I also see why people ship the other ships. Here is an example:

Sheriarty - from the moment Moriarty was introduced to the show, he’s been treated as someone who is quite similar to Sherlock but is “ön the other side”. Moriarty is portrayed as someone who is very interested in Sherlock and he has been pretty suggestive a few times. There was even an almost kiss on the actual show. I can see why people would ship it. I personally don’t because I believe that a) Sherlock is neither dark nor an actual sociopath and b) he’s always seen Moriarty as the biggest villain and has shown signs of in his own way being afraid of him. Also I think he needs someone who doesn’t present themselves in a similar way to who he tries to be. But that is just my opinion and it is equally as valid as of those of the people who ship them.

The same thing goes for every other ship concerning the characters of the show that may exist. They are all equally as valid no matter which one I think will actually become canon.

Also, there are some people who don’t have any ships on the show. They are just there to watch a very well made tv series about a famous detective who has been a fan favourite for over a century now. And that is perfectly okay, too.

Here is my problem. I’ve seen some, not all, but quite a few Johnlock shppers talk down on people who don’t ship it. I myself have probably done it too before I experienced what it felt like first hand. We call everybody who doesn’t agree with us “casuals” and although this might be okay, what is not okay is all of the time we talk about them like they are very stupid which is not okay. I also remember seing this post recently on the tag of something that had nothing to do with Sherlock at all, which said something like “Do peple who don’t ship Johnlock even exist?”. I don’t know what the person who posted this intended to do with it and what they meant but I’ve seen a lot of people making fun of my ships and me and the rest of the fandom and Ï have seen posts adressed to people like me that say that we are weird and our ship is dumb and how we’re just some odd minority. And let me tell you, it is not nice. Now, I’m not saying that this is what that post meant but to some this is what it looked like. This is why everyone in the fandom is either a Johnlock shipper or hates Johnlock. Because we love insultng them.

Long story short, what I’m trying to say is that we should all respect each other and that no one is a lesser human because of what they ship. Because at the end of the day, it’s just fiction.

Imagine Your OTP #13

“I will throw this rock at you, I’m not kidding.”

i keep seeing sherl0llies saying that irene isnt a good match for sherlock because theyre too similar and i just…..yeah…….almost eerily similar…………almost like……………she’s meant to be a mirror that shows us something about sherlock or something like that………………maybe it has something to do with the fact that she’s gay? idk, just chewing the fat over here

Sherlock: The Final Problem

There is SO much I loved about this episode, but I’m still trying to get over it, so this list of my favourite parts will be all over the place as I recall different parts of the show…

1. Sherlock and John pranking Mycroft
2. Mrs Hudson telling Mycroft where the kettle was
3. The moment with the bomb where Sherlock complimented Mycroft
5. Mycroft trying to provoke Sherlock into killing him
6. Trevor
7. The appearance of Moriarty
8. Sherlock finally fulfilling his dream of being a pirate
9. Mrs Hudson hoovering with music blasting from her earphones
10. Molly being so emotional
11. The moments between John and Sherlock in which they reminded each other they had to be soldiers
12. The fact the skull and the headphones (and the chair) survived the blast
13. Greg called Sherlock a “good man”
14. Sherlock crying over his best friends
15. Sherlock trying to kill himself
16. The plane
17. The graves
18. Sherlock remembering his past
19. Sherlock and John raising Rosie together
20. The Baker Street Boys
21. Mycroft showing his emotions
22. Brotherly bonding between the Holmes
23. Sherlock hugging Euros
24. Sherlock destroying Molly’s coffin
25. Sherlock being called “the adult” in comparison to Mycroft
26. Sherlock playing the Sherlock theme with Euros
27. Mary and her final message
28. The remaking of the flat
29. John spray painting the face
30. Sherlock shooting the wall
31. The puppet
32. John showing his knowledge about guns
33. Sherlock being flustered by all the puzzles
34. Sherlock being comfortable handling Rosie
35. John moving back in to 221B
36. Their faces as they jumped out the windows of the flat
37. Brother mine
38. The run out of the building at the very end
39. Mycroft being scolded
40. Sherlock SHOUTING that John should listen to the truth because it is a FAMILY issue
41. John hating the brother’s fighting
42. John coming up with the idea to scare Mycroft shitless
43. Euros not letting Sherlock kill himself
44. The lack of glass
45. Sherlock using an accent
46. The brief clips from John and Sherlock’s life together after the events of the final problem
47. The fact that the final problem was Sherlock’s first problem
48. The Holmes parents being able to see their children perform a violin duet
49. Euros’ motive being simple jealousy and loneliness
50. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

I probably could keep on going but I shall stop there to save you the trouble of having to read them all/scroll past this ridiculously long post. I can’t believe this is the end. This show has been fantastic and I don’t know what I will do without it and the characters that it brought to life and made me care for, so very much.

Me at dinner: *opens mouth*
Parents: yes we know you love Christopher Eccelson, Billie Piper, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Cathrine Tate, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Davrill, Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Uma Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Lin Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Pippa Soo, Renèe Elise Goldsberry, Jazzy Jones, Christopher Jackson, Jonathan Groff, Mandy Gonzalez, Karen Olivio, Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Matthew Lewis, Tom Felton, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Pratt, Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, and if they are actors all their characters and if they are singers all of their music
Me: *shuts mouth*

Sherlock Request- There’s A Wall There….

Request: Could I please request a fic where Sherlock is so concentrated on his deductions that he walks into a wall :)

Hi my lovely! This is such a perfect request and so hilarious! Ives and I were cracking up reading just the request! I hope Ive done you justice, but it is rather short I’m afraid… I didn’t want to make it long because i thought it might make it less funny if I drew it out too far, but also I’ve been watching a lot of Stephen Fry lately so it may be a tad verbose…. My apologies XP But happy reading!


Sherlock paced back and forth, concentrated. His eyes set like marbles, his face in a permanent scowl as the details of the crime danced before his eyes. His hands clasped and unclasped before him in a myriad of positions as if they couldn’t make up there mind.
“But it just doesn’t work, y/n!” He proclaimed loudly.
“What doesn’t?” You asked in a bored tone from the couch. You were a tad more concentrated on the newspaper in front of you but only because you were reading the comics.
“Where shall I start?!” His voice was exasperated but you knew it was rhetorical so you kept silent, knowing an answer would only aggravate the beast that was Sherlock’s temper.
“The timing is off… the gardener is the only one that would have the motive but he has the alibi… unless… wait…. but if he took the back routes of that street… he’d only need 13 minutes… no, 12.5…. and then he could’ve bypassed the rally and so…. maybe….” Sherlock was off in his own world, his feet were moving but his body was straight up right, his mind was so obviously locked away in his mind palace, you watched. You abandoned the comics, they were funny but they could wait. Sherlock kept babbling away about breaking the gardener’s alibi, something about backstreets and avoiding certain triggers blah blah, but all you were focused on was how far was he going to walk in that trance? And more importantly, were you going to stop him before he hit the upcoming wall in 5 steps time?
4 steps.
3 steps.
You were definitely not going to stop this. He’d been a brat all morning and this would be excellent revenge.
Sherlock hit the wall, he drooped down slightly and came back from the wall just the slightest bit.
“…I uh… I didn’t realise that was there.” He said, but it was lost in the sound of you laughing from the couch. You were so hysterical that tears formed in your eyes, especially when you saw the slightest bruise on his forehead. He turned to look at you.
“Quit laughing.” His voice was stern, and try as you might you couldn’t reply because you were wheezing for air, but you certainly didn’t ‘quit’… the laughter continued for most of the day.
Not Lost Anymore - jenna221b - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“No!” It comes out far louder than Sherlock intended. He continues, softer, urgent: “No, it’s not too late. Now I’m- I’m just an idiot but- you, you can show me-”

Sherlock was never talking to Eurus.

“But why is there an octopus in a nativity play, John? I don’t understand.”

“Actually, neither do I. But if this traffic jam continues, they’ll have to do without it, anyway.”

“And we’ll miss the chance to catch the thief red-handed.”

“That, too.”


Day 13 of the Seasonal Fucking Cheer 2016 Ficathon. I’ll try and post one drawing for each day, and tag them #sfcficathon. Today’s prompt was: 13. I barely know you, but holiday circumstances have forced us to spend a lot of concentrated time together. It’s of course inspired by the hilarious octopus kid scene in Love Actually.

okay i just watched tfp on pbs so i know i’m way behind but like

  • is that the end of the series??? that seemed awfully final and they’ve never NOT ended on a cliffhanger
  • i think the red letters in the credits were ANEMOI ? which means…what