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So hey, let's talk about how Dean immediately looks at Cas after Jack wakes him up and how his face softens at this sight. Aren't they cute?


I mean, Jack’s “It’s me, it’s me,” (which I keep meaning to write more about, because it lacks any clarification) doesn’t really bring Dean any comfort, you know? But then he sees Cas looking apologetic, and half-asleep, it’s probably like Dean getting hit with that shock/relief/surprise/happiness of getting Cas back all over again. Because remember, this is like ONE DAY LATER. He’s still in the *blinkblinkblink* reaction phase where Cas being back is still NEW.

And then seeing Cas there is just enough of a relief that he lets himself go all sleepy and gooey again, and “who’s gonna make me coffee?” and of course it’s probably Cas, because Cas is good at that now. :)



omg but when I saw those tags I fell in love fell. in. love. with your au like?? It’s perfect?? Anyway a thousand apologies for this–but I couldn’t get the brilliance of your au out of my head so I doodled a little montage of sorts I hope you don’t mind!!


OCs in Motion

The talented and adorable @kawereen tagged me to do a face claim gif for my OC. Thank you a million for thinking of me, I was hoping somebody would do it!


Yes, I gave her different colors, but I tried to shape Demetra’s face (and body!!!) as Ashley Graham’s as much as I could. I just love this woman, how she pushes people to love themselves because everybody is beautiful and unique.

PLUS, I find her beautiful, strong, happy, and when I write Demetra’s expressions I basically pictures hers.

If they want, I’d like to tag @missragdoll84 @missragdoll84, @kaoruyogi@cute-ellyna@star–nymph  and YOU that you’re reading. Tag me if you like, so I can see your wonderful OCs!!!

Charlotte: Whizzer, do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?

Whizzer: ….Yes.

Charlotte: I was hula hooping. Cordelia and I attend a class for fitness and for fun.

Whizzer: Oh my god.

Charlotte: *scrolling thru her phone* I’ve mastered all the moves. The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsy-doodle…

Whizzer: Why are you telling me this?

Charlotte: Because no one will ever believe you.

Whizzer: No… you sick son of a bitch.

✨Get to know me✨

I was tagged by the loveliest @idunknowhyimhere 💖 thank you 💕💓

Lessssss Go


-Drink: coffee

-Phone call: a classmate

-Text message: my mum 💃🏻

-Song you listened to: My neighbour is blasting All I want for Christmas so yep

-Time you cried: hahahahaha Friday

Have you ever…..

-Dated dated someone twice: Nope

-Kissed someone and regretted it: lol yeah

-Been cheated on: thank you for this amazing question lol yeah

-Lost someone special: yes

-Been depressed: no.. I feel sad sometimes but not depressed

-Gotten drunk and thrown up: I’ve never thrown up because I was drunk 🏆

Three favorite colors…..

💜purple 🖤black 💚green

In the last year have you…..

-Made new friends: yes!!!✨💖

-Laughed until you cried: almost every day

-Found out that someone was talking about you: lmao yes but I don’t really care tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️ they can say whatever they want, I’m still doing what they can only dream 💁🏻 (LMAOOOOOO I’M SO SALTY HAHAHAHHA I SWEAR IM NOT THIS AGGRESSIVE IT’S JUST THAT I GET PRETTY SAVAGE TALKING ABOUT SNAKES 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍)

-Met someone who changed you: not in the last year

-Found out who your friends are: I don’t have a lot of friends tbh but the ones that I have are the best 👌🏻💯

-Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: not in the last year


-Do you have a any pets?: yes💘 I have 2 dogs, a cat and a turtle

-Do you want to change your name?: I don’t like it but I would never change it

-What did you do for your last birthday?: I STUDIED THE WHOLE MF DAY and then I went out to dinner

-What time did you wake up?: 10 am

-What what you were you doing at midnight last night?: working

-Name something you can’t wait for: to graduate 🎓

-When was the last time you saw your mom?: last week

-What are you listening to right now?: whatever my neighbour is listening to

-Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: Nope

-Something that gets on your nerves?: CHILDREN CRYING IN RESTAURANTS OR TRAINS

-Most visited website: idk

-hair colour: dark brow hair with light blue ombré

-Long or short hair: long

-Do you have a crush on someone?: uhhhh no? Yes? I don’t know tbh

-What do you like about yourself?: my brain 💡

-Blood type: B+

-Nickname: Smol


-Zodiac: Virgo

-Pronouns: She/Her


-Favorite T.V shows: Games of thrones, greys anatomy, two broke girls

-tattoos: YESSSS💜💓💜💕💖💗✨💘 I HAVE 5 AND IM PLANNING TO DO MORE✨💓💜💕💘💜💓💖 I LOVE THEMMMMMM💘💕💜💗💜💓✨💓💜

-Right or Left handed: both

-Surgery: A few, I almost died once because of an accident and that time I went through some surgeries

-Sport: I’m a HipHop and Modern dancer

-Vacation: I’ve been in a lot of places but mostly in Europe

-Pair of shoes: the number is 36 (EU)

-Eating: nothing rn (THATS WEIRD)

-Drinking: green tea

-I’m about to: study lmao what’s new

-Waiting for?: some pizza tbh, I don’t wait for people anymore lol

-Want?: to save all the animals

-Get married?: I mean, if it’s important for my partner I would do it but it’s not important to me

-Career?: vet

Which is better?

-Hugs or kisses?: hugs 💖 it’s so nice to listen to a person heartbeat

-Lips or eyes?: eyes

-Shorter or taller?: taller

-Older or younger?: I don’t really care about age? As long it’s a legal thing

-Nice arms or stomach?: listen I’m not that superficial but if I had to choose…. nice arms 👀👀👀

-Hook up or relationship?: it depends

-Troublemaker or hesitant?: troublemaker 😈

-Kissed a stranger?: god NO

-Drink hard liquor?: yep

-Lost glasses/contact lenses?: I don’t wear glasses

-Turned someone down?: yes, I’M SORRY

-Sex on the first date?: NOPE NOPE DON’T DO IT

-Broken someone’s heart?: I guess? Idk

-Had a broken heart?: yeah haha that’s why I don’t wait for people anymore

-Been arrested?: nope

-Cried when someone died?: yes

-Fallen for a friend?: yeah but it was just a crush

Do you believe in…..

-Yourself?: yeah not much but yeah

-Miracles?: no

-Love at first sight?: no

-Santa Claus?: nope

-Kiss on the first date?: uhhh it depends on the person?

I tag (sorry if you have already done this) my babies @feeling-unlucky @goldenmina @pjimints @jikookequalsoxygen @thanhifunny @the-dark-is-my-home @riolupika and whoever wanna do this, FEEL FREE TO TAG ME SO I CAN KNOW YOU BETTER! 💓

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3 on the salty ask list

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

Yes, I have. I’ve unfollowed some people after Magnus’ storyline in s2B because I thought the way they talked about his character development was either very dismissive and/or very hateful. I’ve also unfollowed people when I found out they shipped Ja.lec.

To be honest, I think unfollowing people whose content you fundamentally disagree with should be the norm. Someone’s blog should be a safe space for them to talk about whatever they want (with appropriate tagging) just as my dashboard should have the content I want to see and engage with. There’s no reason for me to be following people whose content make me angry and there’s no reason they have to put up with a follower getting angry with their content.

Anyway, a better question would be if I’ve blocked people over a fandom opinion and yes, I have :D mostly assholes who made their mission in life hijack every positive post people made about the show. Because fuck them and their negativity that’s why :D 

Ask me salty questions

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You talking about drarry makes me want to read some fics of those two (never have before) can you recommend me anything?


I’m assuming you have read or watched HP and are in the Know, though?  Because my one rec, my all time favourite that is in my top ten fics of any fandom I’ve ever read, is All Our Secrets Laid Bare

after that there was no coming back for me <3 also if you like it, there’s this post to start from


Golly gee, I was tagged in one of these ask 10 followers things by @chlorofluoro-artist (thank you)

Rules: tag 10 followers you’d like to get to know better

Name: Angel

Gender: Grill

⭐ sign: Gemini

Height: 5 ft 10 in (182 cm) last I checked

Sexuality: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can’t even decide how to feel about pineapple pizza, who am I

Hogwarts 🏠:  I’ve never read/watched Harry Potter (I’m SORRY) but apparently Ravenclaw. They’re…….. the book people, yes?

Average hours of 💤: I’m at the mercy of how poorly I manage my time but 5-8 hours probably 

🐶 or 🐱 person: I love dogs, I love cats.

Blanket you 💤 with:3 because I can never get warm

Dream trip: The moon. Mars is cool too, but let’s be realistic now, I’m not rich

When I made my blog: February 2017

Followers: 60, which is about 60 more than I would have thought I would have (except for you, bots, you always believed in me). Thank you!

Why I made a Tumblr: I wanted to get comfortable with the idea of showing my art to other people and also kind of keep track of when I did what? Haven’t done very well on either since I’ve mostly just posted other people’s awesome art (ΘvΘ;)

Reasons for my url: I seriously just thought “what sounds like a real tumblr-y name” and somehow that seemed right to me. Also, gravity’s wack


I wish I could do good lines like you, @zombiecaaake , I wish I could make interesting designs like you @shockbomber , I wish I could paint like you @stefania-avr , I think you’re funny @bibariba , I think you and your art are too cool @spcebars , you are just mad skilled @nararcher , I look at your art to remind myself I need to keep working @cold-arms-warm-hugs , your art inspires me @funfabu , your art makes me happy to look at @katsu–done , I like reading through your blog @moustachezebra

and I’d like to know you better!

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ur new post is soooo dumb. ur constantly licking the asses of reylorobyn2011 and swtlee4reylo both get lots of kudos and yet u throw a tantrum when someone tags sum authors u don't like grow the fuck up.

Umm??? Shwtlee and Robyn are my friends yes, but I didn’t mean the post to be about them either.

I wanted to promote authors who actually need it. I was kind of annoyed to see them tagged as well when they don’t need the exposure.

Kindly fuck off because I do what I want with this blog.

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if you have a problem with the same post appearing on your dash all the time just unfollow those people. you met taylor so everything is easier for you there's no need to be shady as fuck in your tags. your friends reblog themselves too so please do everyone a favor and shut up

hey anon can you fucking leave my blog if you’re gonna be rude af lol yes i did get lucky enough to meet tay but guess what nothing’s easier for me when tay follows 5000 people and also because i’m an international fan where EVERYTHING is stressful !!! and even if i unfollowed people they still appear on my dash cause other people reblog posts so lol it doesn’t help much anyway… if you fucking knew me at all you’d know that i do everything in my power to help OTHERS get noticed. so if you don’t like who i am, you can kindly unfollow me, leave me and my blog alone, and shut the fuck up thx :)

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Oh, and Eder/Charity for that 'send me a ship' thing?

  • Who was the one to propose:

Another “not sure they’re going there” pairing, simply because I only just started fleshing out Charity as a character and Edérity as a ship. IF they get married, Edér’s definitely gonna be the one to propose.

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Charity. Edér’s super calm the whole way through, gives her back rubs whenever she starts getting too tense, cuddles on demand and just basically does whatever Charity needs to feel less stressed.

  • Who decorated the house:

Charity, simply because Edér doesn’t care much what the house looks like ‘cause it’s the people who make it a home.

  • Who does the cooking:

Edér. Charity’s… getting better, but she still occasionally does burn water, and regularly burns pretty much everything else, so cooking duties fall to him 95% of the time.

  • Who is more organized:

Charity. Edér’s not disorganized, per se, he’s just… less neat. More comfortable with hanging his clothes over the back of the chair in case he needs ‘em again, that sort of thing. Neither of them’s super fanatically neat, but Charity definitely cares about more than he does.

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Both are. Charity usually starts it, but Edér encourages it every chance he gets. They fit together nice. 

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

Edér’s big spoon 99% of the time. Every once in a very great while they’ll switch, but Charity really, really likes how safe she feels with him all wrapped around her like a fuzzy blond blanket.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Cuddling or pillow fights. It’s a toss-up.

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Neither, really. Edér sometimes comes home at 3 am, but that’s because he was working late, not because he’s drunk.

  • Who kills the spiders:

Edér, only because Charity just lets them live in the corners and names them and goes about her business until there’s like fifteen of the suckers and there’s so many cobwebs their house somehow looks abandoned and lived in at the same time.

  • Who falls asleep first:

Charity, most of the time. That whole mayor thing is a lot of work, so some nights even when she tries to wait up for Edér it just means falling asleep on the couch. He always carries her to bed when he gets home on those nights. It’s adorable.

  • A headcanon:

Charity’s been sweet on Edér pretty much since he helped her with the stump(hence the white camellias in the flowers she gave him). Edér was only just starting to catch feelings when Tavi suggested they fake courtship. This is going to make things fun, fun, fun. For me, at least.

  • Who has the most patience?

It’s a tie. Both of them are extremely patient individuals. Charity might be just a tad better at it, but neither of them has a short fuse.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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I was tagged by two cuties @goldenmina and @haremofparkjiminsmh to do this tag thing. thanks babes 💘


-Drink: Dr pepper 😍

-Phone call: my best friend (@rnvntlve​) on facetime 💕 

-Text message: also my best friend! 

-Song you listened to: fucking Black Suit by Super Junior because i can’t stop listening to it LMAO save me pls

-Time you cried: on thursday (two days ago)

Have you ever…

-Dated someone twice: yepp 

-Kissed someone and regretted it: nope 

-Been cheated on: not that i know of lmao yikes 

-Lost someone special: of course, too many times. 

-Been depressed: yes. 

-Gotten drunk and thrown up: nah im only 16 and also not v interested in alc. BUT fun fact,, my friend got drunk at a party once that she was at w her gf and it was so bad she threw up in the front yard and tbh i still havent forgiven her dumbass gf for not stopping her from drinking.

Three favorite colors…

🖤black 💗pink & 💙blue

In the last year have you…

-Made new friends: yes! theyre so lovely 😣💘 

-Laughed until you cried: literally everyday.. im a mess 😂 -

Found out that someone was talking about you: not that i can recall 🤔

-Met someone who changed you: of course, yes. many people, for the good and bad. 

-Found out who your friends are: yeah~ ⭐️ 

-Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: ye.. my girlfriend 😍 

-Do you have any pets?: two kitties and one doggo 💗✨ 

-Do you want to change your name?: i used to want to but idrc anymore tbh 

-What did you do for your last birthday?: i had a “””sweet 16””” that was literally just my closest friends and I listening to music and eating bomb ass nachos and drinking homemade peach soda🍑. it was amazing and now im hungry.. 

-What time did you wake up?: i think it was around 7:30??? 

 -What you were you doing at midnight last night?: SLEEPING. my ass was exhausted rip 

-Name something you can’t wait for: this next tuesday (pray for me), to get my first tattoo, and to get my official driver’s licence 💕 

-When was the last time you saw your mom?: last night cause i havent gotten out of bed yet lmfao 

-What are you listening to right now?: Love by Taemin ❤️🤧 

-Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: yes lmao im pretty sure i have an uncle named Tom 

-Something that gets on your nerves?: arrogance, rudeness, repetitive touches or sounds.. 

-Most visited website: tumblr 🙈 

About you.. 

-Hair color: naturally? chestnut. but its blonde-ish rn (i need to dye it ughhh 

-Long or short hair: idk my hair is like a good middle length.. not too long, not too short ☺️ 

-Do you have a crush on someone?: only you baby (((((;;;;; lol can i shut up 

-What do you like about yourself?: im gonna try to be positive and say that I like my eyes and lips. also my height is cool 😤 

-Blood type: B 

-Nickname: Billy or Bil(s) 

-Relationship status: taken 🌸 

-Zodiac: Taurus ♉️ 

-Pronouns: she/her; i wouldnt mind they/them 

-Favorite T.V shows: i dont watch TV but Big Mouth from Netflix is fucking hilarious and its my favorite rn, 10/10 would recommend if you’re a sarcastic piece of shit like me 

-Tattoos: none yet! 

-Right or Left handed: right 

-Surgeries: none 

-Sport: none ew im so not athletic pls send help 

-Vacation: mexico, cross-country roadtrips, the beach,, idk 

-Pairs of shoes:

-Eating: nothing 

-Drinking: nothing 

-I’m about to: go find food~ 

-Waiting for?: tuesdayyyy⭐️🌈✨ 

-Want?: self confidence, nicer clothes, more motivation.

Which is better?

-Hugs or kisses?: i love kissing my gf but hugs are so nice 💘 

-Lips or eyes?: im a sucker for both but mostly eyes 💗 

-Shorter or taller?: uhh i like when people are taller than me!! -

-Older or younger?: what? idk?? either.. 😂 

-Nice arms or stomach?: neither my arms or stomach are nice so 🤷‍♀️ but if you’re asking abt muscles on other people,, i dont really care for them. whatever makes people happy lol 

-Hook up or relationship?: relationship🌻 

-Troublemaker or hesitant?: literally so hesitant it’s almost disabling 

-Kissed a stranger?: no. unless i gotta do it to meet BTS or some shit smh 

-Drink hard liquor?: neither, i dont drink 

-Lost glasses/contact lenses?: i lose my glasses all the time because im literally so blind lmfao help 

-Turned someone down?: probably 

-Sex on the first date?: lol no 

-Broken someone’s heart?: .. yes 

-Had a broken heart?: yeah 

-Been arrested?: nope 

-Cried when someone died?: of course 

-Fallen for a friend?: yep and now we’re been together for almost 4 years ☺️

Do you believe in…

-Yourself?: rarely. 

-Miracles?: yeah, i mean Park Jimin exists so… 

-Love at first sight?: maybe? idk 

-Santa Claus?: hes my man 😤😤 

-Kiss on the first date?: probably not but idk

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hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

i think the ultimate taz cosplay is just wearing anything you want but going up to all the lup cosplayers and handing them IOU notes for $15


Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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