and i will swim in it

swim au

late, again. my apologies. I think they’re will be about 15 chapters, so its nearing the end my friends

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Nagisa, Rei, Makoto and Haru are at a Restaurant
  • Nagisa: What do you guys want to order?
  • Haru: *reads Makoto's mind* Makoto wants hamburgers and fries
  • Rei: *Looks shocked* H-How do you know that Haruka-senpai?
  • Haru: Cause I do
  • Makoto: *blushes* I actually do want that

I think we are officially dead after this…

Thank you Seventeen, it's not like you ruined my life or something.
Things about the comeback I need to say before I sleep

1. The fact that they didn’t start off the song by saying “seventeen” broke me a bit. Because like. It’s always been there.
2. Where are shua’s lines
3. I was expecting more of a plot for the mv but it’s still beautiful so whatever?
4. Not gonna lie I had to listen to the song maybe three times before I really truly fell in love with it…don’t hate me…
5. China line is amazing and if you are just now realizing this shame on you
6. #ProtectSvtsKnees2k17
7. Seokmins high notes need I say more
8. Mingyu broke me he is flawless plz send help I swear I’m Joshua biased I promise plz believe me.
9. Remember the auditions for the skinny and attractive girls or whatever that blew up? There was only two and they literally showed up for like a second. @ pledis what are you trying to do to us ???
10. All in all svt is amazing and I stan talent and I love them and their album has such bops on it I pretty much cried the whole day god bless svt wow thank you for existing. They are the light of my life