and i will sit here consumed with lust

I was suddenly hit in the feels, so… Can we just, like, remaster this fucking show already??

It had, like the awesomest cast

Actual capable POC heroine

A handsome villain who gave his name to a TV trope


a homicidal girlfriend

an evil twin brother clone

oddly capable 80′s hairband villains

AND NOW LISTEN, because this show had a fuckton of legends included, like

fucking Oberon and Titania


K I N G  A R T H U R


Also disney heroes reenacting another disney movie.

Basically just bring back this show, it was awesome.

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I have never seen the word thicc so many times in my life as I have on your magical blog

I am A) glad that it’s a magical blog, thank you dude!

B) Thicc is amazing. Fantastic even. Thicc thighs make my knees weak, okay look at his thighs

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oh my god.

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Also those pecs, and the tiny bit of tummy, but mostly, those thighs

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Geth DO share all information and experiences, so if you were to have a relationship with one geth, you'd be having a relationship with ALL geth. Imagine trying to be intimate and the geth all trying to reach a consensus on what is the most satisfactory response to your advances?


Set it off presented an award and it was presented in exactly the way I expected it to be:

  • Dan looked fine as fuck like holy shit boy give us some warning before you break that shit out my jaw is in my lap.
  • Maxx made fun of Cody and looked incredibly proud of himself for it.
  • Cody has never lip synced (Never ever ever) and is apparently off to drown his sorrows in the bathroom so he’s not going to be on time for bus call.
  • Zach was having none of it and continues to be the ONLY person in the world who can yell shut the fuck up that perfectly.

and I was sitting here, consumed by lust for the entirety of the presentation

The man behind the Tumblr photo

As I accidentally come across his Tumblr account I am left dazed and bedazzled admiring a beautiful stranger from afar. 

This is not an optical illusion, my eyes are not witnessing a mirage, apparently it is realistically possible for someone to be so beautifully perfect as my heart and eyes both agree on something for the very first time. His photos are best compared to that of an exquisite painting perfectly sketched by masterful hands. Attractive, good-looking or just breathtakingly attractive, words fail to describe the beauty of this beholder as I lay here feeling besotted over someone I don’t even know. There’s no running back now as my heart lays imprisoned by life’s cruel game of chance and bitter circumstance, I can only wish someone like him was mine.

Intrigued and yearning to discover more my journey takes me from Tumblr to YouTube where the picturesque man comes to life before my very own eyes. His words are like poetry spoken by someone far wiser and intelligent than his age would suggest, his voice is simply to die for, as I imagine the sound of his soul as he lays naked beside me kissing me softy on the inside of my neck. Let it go Michael this gorgeous guy lives on the opposite side of the planet as the imaginary kisses on my neck fade to black before they slowly disappear.

Consumed with desire for a virtual unknown as I close my eyes and listen peacefully to the music his heart and mind have created, charmed and enchanted, moonstruck and enthralled, this man with the captivating smile has left me hopelessly smitten and dreaming. It’s nice to dream isn’t it? to visualize that wonderful life where boundaries and realistic limitations do not stop the heart from believing, and as I sit here with lust and infatuation skipping through my heart I suddenly wake up from my spellbound bubble with the harsh down-town reality surrounding me as I self proclaim ‘’Who are you fooling?’’ sinking into that ever familiar lonely state of mind.

At least for those precious few moments of delusion and hallucination the man behind the Tumblr photo even knew my name.

The man behind the Tumblr photo

Written by Michael Lee

2015 (All rights reserved)

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Dragon Age: Inquisition's release apparently is delayed six weeks and I just wanted to ask how you feel about this??

While I’m a little disappointed that I have to sit here consumed with lust for longer than anticipated, I know the dev team is working really hard and I’m happy to wait longer if it will help the game become more polished and a better experience for the player. Lots of times these things are hard to estimate and I totally get that. I also have total faith in Bioware that this decision was not made lightly, and that time will be used well.

So basically-