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hey could you please recommend some good narry fics? im not sure if you have a fic tag :(( dont really mind which ones but im in the mood for something cute! thanks so much for any help!

or, niall falls in love during tmh. aww maan, i know so many amazing narry fics, my tags for fics are all over the place, but i’m gonna rec you some now coz’ im feeling god rn

okay so here are about 100 fic i think and i separated the by AUs and this is not nearly enough i will add other fics later!!!

first i’m gonna rec this fic, because this is my all time favourite fic and it deserves a shout out

Match made in–

A story where Harry is all, ooh, dimples, dreamy Harry, and then he’s got this blonde, belching leprechaun of a boyfriend, Niall, and everyone is like ??????? but Harry has eyes for no other.

this fic is one of the cutest fic eveeer, it’s barely 2k but i love it with my whole existence

University AU

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