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Accidental Boner (Hyung line)


You guys were at dinner with your parents, when Namjoon started to uncomfortably move around in his seat next to you. “You okay son?” You father asks him. Namjoon nods squeezing your thigh under the table.

“Excuse us for a moment,” Namjoon says, pulling you up by your wrist. You guys stop in the main lobby of the restaurant. “I have a problem,” He whispers looking down.

“And you can wait until we get home,” You tell him, you try to go back to your parents in the dining room, that’s when he pulls you back to him, but closer. “What the hell?! Are you that desperate?”

“Babe, it’ll be 5 minutes, 10 minutes at the most in the car,” He whines. As much as you hate leaving him like that, you break his grip on your wrist and go back to your parents.

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You were watching a movie with the members at the dorm. You sat on Yoongi’s thigh, his arms around your waist, and his head resting on your shoulder.

You were moving around a bit to get comfortable, that’s when he positioned you between his legs, and squeezed your hips, making you quickly whine. “If you wanna finish the movie stay still,” He whispered into your ear with his Daegu Satoori.

[I love his satoori tbh]

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You two were out at the store, when he suddenly came up behind you, pulling you close to his body. You then feel his length poke at your butt. Luckily, you were at the checkout, but you could feel the warmth coming off his body and his unsteady breathing. “I’m sorry Jagi,” He whispered, you grab his hand and squeeze it.

“You two are a lovely couple,” The cashier compliments, you both just smile and nod as you grab the few bags you had, and leave.

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You and Jin are making dinner together. Both of you are in lazy clothing, no makeup, and messy hair. It’s the perfect date for the rainy day outside. Jin hugs you from behind, kissing the back of your neck. “Why don’t we take a break from cooking and go to the bedroom?” He smirks, you smile.

“As much as I’d love to Jinnie, I have my period,” You tell him, he pouts.

“We can put down towels,” He kisses your neck.

“We can one a lighter day,” You kiss his cheek making him pout. “I’m sorry baby, but I’ll help after dinner.”

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Haunted House | Halloween

Pairing: Theo x Reader

A/N: This was requested by @ofxmicexandxmanda, I really liked this idea so I just had to write it. I hope you all enjoy it.

Prompt: “There will be a lot of screaming tonight” from this Prompt List

Halloween Masterlist

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“I vaguely remember you telling me that there will be a lot of screaming tonight…” You whispered the words to your boyfriend, Theo, whose hand clasped around yours when a clown jumped from the dark, unseeable wall. You didn’t mean to come across as a Debby downer, but when Theo piped up about the Haunted House that was being set up twenty minutes out from Beacon Hills, you were excited but five minutes into it, the excitement has bubbled down to disappointment when you haven’t been made jump, or scream, once.

“The ad said it was good.” He replied, looking at your unimpressed facial expression. “I’m sorry, babe, I wanted us to get into the Halloween mood.” Theo’s eyes shone with regret making you frown because you were the cause of it.

You sighed, leaning against him as you emptied out of the non-scary Haunted House with a crowd of other disappointed teenagers. “I think that one was for the kiddies.” You teased, “But it did make you jump a couple of times, so it was worth it.”

“Clowns, Y/n, you know how much I hate clowns.” Theo groaned, his hand reaching to run his fingers through his lucious brown locks. You looked over your shoulder at him, giggling, and flipped your hair to the left. “But the night is still young.” He smirked, wrapping his long arms around your waist and pulling you towards his body. He dodged out of the way of other teens and families, bringing you to the corner of the fair despite your words of redirection. He leaned you up against the wire steel fence, it moving slightly when he pushed his body against yours. He dipped his head closer to your neck, his breathing fanning over your skin causing goosebumps to travel along your body.

“What’s this?” You whispered, taking a nervous breath as his fingers trailed up your white t-shirt, making it rise with his hand. Theo chuckled into your neck, his tongue licking and nibbling at the area just below your jawline, his hand gripped your waist tighter when you moaned at the sensation.

“If you’re going to complain about not screaming in there… I’ll make you scream for a complete different reason.” He whispered, the butterflies in your stomach erupting at his husky, turned on voice. You cried out a response when he started grinding his hips against yours, the evident bulge rubbing against your front area.

“Not here…” You muttered, “Let’s go to your truck.” Excitement blazed through his widened pupils, and he wrapped his fingers around your smaller hand, and took off in the direction of his vehicle, ducking and dodging through the large crowd.

Some will be longer than others, that’s just how it is when you’ve 20+ requests that you’ve do get done before Halloween, but I love Theo and I love writing him!

Do let me know what you thought about this!

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CEO!Tom being very protective at office parties/anytime when his male employees were around. Tightening his grip on your waist, jaw clenched and glaring daggers at anyone who was caught looking at your body in the tight dress he bought you. Eventually using less subtle methods like resting his hand on the top of your ass as you're next to him, ducking down to kiss your shoulder and neck when you're having a convo, whispering dirty things in your ear while keeping eye contact w your admirers, etc

  • “tom, you can’t keep grabbing my ass in public, at yOUR OWN EVENT” 
  • “darling, how else can i show that you’re mine without losing my temper on one of these fuckers?”

that’s it i’m typing from my grave


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First sentence meme: She stood on the bridge with the wind whipping her hair all around her face, watching a lone canoe navigate the rapids.

Thanks for this lovely first line. I took it to a sad place, for some reason. Hope you like it.

She stood on the bridge with the wind whipping her hair all around her face, watching a lone canoe navigate the rapids.

She’d been there before, once, on a warm summer day; back when her father was her only hero and loss, pain, and sorrow were nothing more than words.

Tears stung her eyes, and she looked down to the urn which now felt heavy in her arms.

A warm hand squeezed her shoulder; grateful, she leaned into its comforting touch.

“Ready?” he whispered.

She nodded, it was time to let go.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my Ask box and I will write the next five.

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So i have a few 'friends' right lmao? So im a switch, i can be very dom one minute and sub the next and im bi. So im with this girl whom ive known for a while and we start to watch movies and stuff like that and i decide to ask if she wants to do stuff. So getting down to it she was grinding and getting off on my thigh while i was whispering dirty things in her ear. She looked so cute and her little whines still get me off till this day- whimper anon (thats what im called on another blog 😂)

- Bear

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Eddie and Richie are having a heated makeout session and then Sonia comes home and freak outs from what she just saw

read with caution for teen boys making out

“Rich…Richie…you need to…go…” Eddie choked out as his boyfriend kissed down his neck and over his collarbones, gripping his hips and letting one of his hands tangle in his hair. He was in Richie’s lap, which was pretty common, and the two were sat in the living room where they had been watching a film not too long ago. Then Richie got bored of said film, and thought Eddie was much more entertaining. “I’m serious, my Mom’s gonna be…hmm…home soon…” Eddie’s voice trailed off and he forgot what he was talking about once Richie started sucking on the base of his neck.

“Stop talking.” Richie mumbled against Eddie’s love bite littered skin, and gripped his waist harder, moving his hips over his own and making both boys shiver. Eddie moved his head then and wrapped his slim fingers around Richie’s neck, forcing him to look up.

“Don’t tell me to shut up, Tozier.” He whispered, and Richie saw something dark in Eddie’s eyes that set his whole body on fire.

“Have I ever told you I love it when you get aggressive?” Richie smirked and Eddie shrugged.

“Only every single time you come over.” He teased, and tangled his own fingers in Richie’s hair, giving it a tug, and basking in the sound of Richie’s breath hitching. He watched him swallow nervously as that familiar urge to just drag Richie upstairs started filling Eddie’s mind. “I hate it when you distract me.” Eddie said, leaning down and whispering into Richie’s ear as he kept tugging on his hair. “I was enjoying the movie, asshole.” Richie’s eyes were squeezed shut and both of his hands were trembling on Eddie’s hips, fumbling with the hem of his shirt and just wanting it off because it was getting in the way. Eddie leaned back when Richie whined at him, tugging at the shirt and trying to pull it over his stomach, and yanked it over his head, flinging it to the floor and kissing him hard on the lips.

“Christ, Eddie…” Richie moaned and let his nails rake down Eddie’s exposed back, hearing him whine into his mouth at the stinging feeling. “Please let me take you upstairs…” Richie begged, and Eddie was just about to smile, having some smart ass reply in his head, when something clattered to the floor behind them. Both boys looked up and froze when they saw Eddie’s mother standing in the doorway of the living room, shopping bag on the floor with half of the groceries spilling out, and a look of utter horror on her face. 

“What the HELL is going on in here?!” She shouted, glaring at her son and his delinquent boyfriend, as both boys scrambled off the couch, Eddie jumping from Richie’s lap and desperately trying to search for his shirt as he sheepishly smiled up at his mother.

“Uh, hi Ma!” He nervously laughed, cursing under his breath as he realised he had flung his shirt across the room in the heat of the moment. 

“How’s life Mrs K?” Richie asked, trying to steady his breathing and not start having a panic attack. Mrs Kaspbrak practically growled at Richie before yelling in anger and lunging at him. Richie sprung up from the couch within seconds and hopped over the back of it, heading for the back door. Mrs K ran after him, the remaining shopping bag in hand, and started yelling profanities at him as Eddie followed them.

“Ma, don’t!” He shouted as Richie stumbled out onto the back porch, tumbling down the small steps leading into the yard, before standing up and making a bee line towards the fence.

“You stay off of my property Richard Tozier!” Sonia Kaspbrak screamed at him, throwing an apple from the bag at Richie’s retreating back. Richie scaled the fence, and turned his head to see his panting, terrified boyfriend watching him from the back door, and he winked at him.

“Same time next weekend, Eds?” He called out, just as another apple missed his head by an inch. 

That night, Eddie got grounded for a month, being told that Richie was allowed nowhere near him until he learned to control his ‘urges’. Eddie was forced to go to his room and told not to come out until the morning, even though it was barely six in the evening.

It turned out to not be that bad however, because that night Eddie heard a tapping at his window, and grinned as Richie waved at him and motioned for him to open the window.

“So, I kind of feel bad for earlier.” Richie said, leaning half of his body into Eddie’s room. “Do you mind it if I make it up to you?” Eddie couldn’t contain his smile and dragged him inside, more than ready to finish what they started. 

concept: it’s the season finale. the team just finished their last battle. while the rest of the team is celebrating, keith and lance hug, and when they separate, they both look at each other and blush. lance leans down to kiss keith, and lance whispers softly, saying “we truly are a good team, aren’t we?” keith: “oh, so you remember?” lance: “of course I do. why wouldn’t I?” they both laugh, and it ends with them looking up at the stars, holding hands, while the screen pans away from them.

BTS Reaction: Seeing Their Girlfriend’s Cleavage When She Bends Down (Part 1/3)

Requested by Anonymous

A/N: Lmao I can’t relate cause like my bra size is negative three, so like I got nothing in there but, I hope you enjoy😂😂💕

Part 2



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It was just another early morning. Jin was sitting on the kitchen table drinking his coffee, when your sleepy figure caught his attention as you walked into the room.


He said chuckling quietly, as you nodded, slowly making your way to him rubbing your eyes


You whispered bending down to look at him, placing your elbows on the table and resting your head on your hands as you looked at him. You wearing a tank top, it was very hard for him not to stare at your obvious cleavage.

“Aish.. Y/N it’s too early for this!”

He laughed nervously walking out of the room, hiding his growing boner.


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Wake up sleepy head.. You have dance practice soon..”

You giggled, climbing on top of Yoongi, resting each arm on both of his sides. Opening his eyelids slowly he looked up at your smiling figure, still being half asleep. The best thing he could master at his current state was a oh so familiar death stare. That, quietly fade off though as he lowered his stare, seeing your cleavage.

“Y/N.. Do you intend to be this suggestive all the time or are you a natural talent?”

He chuckled, placing a kiss on your lips.

I Thought You Were Already Married

So, no one asked for a part two butttt I decided to write it anyways. You don’t have to read part one to understand it. This can be read as a stand alone. If you would like to read part one, here you go.


               “Harry, you have to go in.” Sirius told his godson firmly. He tried to remain stern but the pleading green eyes of the three-year-old was hard to ignore.

                “What if they don’t like me.” The sniffle and wobbling lip was always his weakness. Merlin, where was Remus when he needed him? “What if no one wants to be my friend?”

                Sirius sighed heavily as he kneeled on the ground and cupped Harry’s cheeks. “You are going to make many friends. Probably too many to count.” He smiled softly at the wonder in those bright eyes. “Even if for some crazy reason, you don’t make a friend, I’ll always be your friend. Isn’t that enough?”

                “No.” Came the quick reply. It had Sirius rolling his eyes at his sassy godson. Harry must get that from Remus.

                “Why can’t Moony be here? He wouldn’t make me go in.”

                That had Sirius dropping his hands in defeat and adopting a pout. “I see how it is, Remus is your favorite.”

                When Harry nodded his head, Sirius let out a playful growl. “You aren’t supposed to agree!” He tickled Harry and relished the joyful squeals the boy released. He couldn’t fault Harry for preferring Remus over him. The werewolf was his favorite person too.

                “If you go in there, I promise that I’ll let you help me cheer up Remus when you get home.” Harry didn’t understand anything about the full moon or what was going on but he was smart enough at his age to know that the full moon makes Remus sad. The man was resting in bed recovering after yesterday’s transformation.

                By the way Harry’s eyes lit up and a soft gasp escaped, he knew that he had won. Despite this, he couldn’t help but pray to any higher power that Harry really would make a friend. Any friend would do.


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You’ll Float Too [Bill Skarsgård/Pennywise x Fem!Reader]

A/n: Well guys, I’ve finally made the foray into the fold. Done are the days I simply reblog for this fandom– look out for some more Bill or Penny x readers coming. It’s the first day of Halloween today, so be prepared, I’m spoopily inspired :) 

Warnings: Hint of dub-con. Brief smut. Sexy clowns.


Your feet barely make a sound against the floorboards as you carefully trek out of the bedroom. Your husband, Bill Skarsgård, had told you he would just be a moment– that the noise was probably just the broken furnace in the old house you two had just bought. This was, of course, after you had so abruptly been interrupted.

“Fuck, baby,” you had whispered, grinding against him and dipping down to slip your tongue back into his mouth.

“Look at how wet you are for me,” he had growled, fingers curling up inside of you mercilessly as his thumb rubbed your clit. You bounce on his fingers, one leg on either side of his own long ones.

“Bill, I-” you gasp, squealing as he readjusted his hand, shoving his fingers even deeper.

“Love feeling that pussy squeeze around me…” he tugged you down, licking his fingers off with a pop. “Love feeling it around my dick.”

“I’ve got something else in mind,” you grinned, moving the covers down to brush your lips against his clothed, hardened cock.

“Fuck,” he breathed in turn, breath hitching as you give a lick through his pyjama pants. That was when the noise had sounded.

Your head had popped up. “What was-”

“That?” he echoed at the same time.

“It’s probably the rain,” you murmur, “The thunderstorm is loud.”

“Sure… but rain or no rain, if that fucking piece of shit of a furnace is broken again, I’m gonna-” You envelop his lips again, but he groans, softly pushing you off. “Here, I’ve gotta fix the thing, I don’t wanna freeze all night. I’ll be back in a second, babe,” he had promised, kissing your forehead. You had smiled, and tugged at his loose pyjama pants from the bed.

“You’d better be. I want these off.”

A smirk your way, and he had dashed off downstairs.

Now, it had been a long while, and you hadn’t heard him answer any of your calls for him.

Coming to the door of the basement, you open it cautiously.

“Bill, where are you?” You tug his oversized “cast” T-shirt he had kept from Allegiant further down over your panties. It was cold down here, and– you gasp. The basement was flooded. Was the thunderstorm really that bad?

“Bill,” you hiss, “I hate it down here… did you fix the furnace?!”

You hear a ripple in the water, and swallow, taking another step down. “Hey… can you hear me? It’s still freezing, it must not be wor-” You stop, and gaze around. There’s no sign of your husband. You turn, and bite your lip. Maybe he’s upstairs in the kitchen, and he faked the furnace just to get a midnight snack…

No, but you were about to go down on him. The day Bill evaded a blow job for the last slice of carrot cake in your fridge was the day hell froze over.

Speaking of freezing over… You shiver again, and begin to take two stairs at a time up– until you hear another ripple, and a small splash.

“Bill?” you repeat for the billionth time, sighing as you turn back. “What are you– oh!” You find Bill standing by the far wall, up to his knees in water.

“What are you doing?” you ask incredulously, clutching your heart at the startle. He just stares at you. “What the fuck are you looking at?” you ask playfully, and smack your ass with a small smile. “Come up and get it.” You bite your lip and turn toward the door, but Bill doesn’t follow. You huff. “I’m getting a towel for you. No way I’m letting you in the bed with soaking legs.” He still makes no move. “Bill!! Come on!”

This time, he smiles.

“But (y/n),” he says quietly, “If you come with me… you’ll float too.”

“What?” you mutter, and then you roll your eyes so far back you’re sure they’ve hit the front of your brain. “Oh Christ. Your movie line? Really? My husband played a killer clown, I’m not scared of anything.” You let out a laugh that seems out of place in the eerie, dripping basement. “Stop being a dork and come with me, will you?” You hold out a hand, making a grabby motion.

He takes a step forward. “You’ll float too.”

“Only if you provide the finest duck floaties,” you tease, grinning, “AND poolside cocktails.”

“You’ll float too.”

“Yeah, okay, that’s nice, let’s g-”

“You’ll float too,” he begins to laugh, and you frown.

“Bill, st-”

“You’ll float too!” his voice takes on a giggly pitch, then his face changes. “You’ll float too, you’ll float too, you’ll float too-”

You back away, and your eyes widen as Bill’s face slowly begins to peel off, revealing flesh and teeth and bone. “You’ll float too! You’ll float too!” His voice is now low, demonic, and his eyes are clouding over as blood runs from them.

“Baby,” you breathe, a tear running down your cheek. He was decomposing right before your eyes, and you could do nothing about it– it was the most horrible thing you’d ever seen.

“You’ll float TOO! YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” he begins to shout, eyes blazing as his mouth falls open.

“Stoppit!” you scream, and hide your eyes, clutching the railing. You suddenly hear silence, so you look up. There, in place of Bill, is Pennywise the fucking dancing clown, grinning over at you.

What the fuck?

“You smell lovely,” he titters, biting his lip with those sharp teeth you saw Bill take in and out during shooting. You could tell from the reflection of the water he was drooling, too. “So, so lovely, little girl.”

“Bill?” you ask softly, because really, it’s all you’ve remembered by way of words.

Bill? Bill?” Pennywise mocks, shaking himself violently, “Where are you?! It’s cold, and I’m such a slut that I can’t wait five minutes for you to fuck me!” He arches his back, mimicking your moans from upstairs, and you gasp.

“That’s right,” he giggles gleefully, “You don’t think I can smell i-t?” He takes a deep breath. “Mmmmm, I smelled it on him before I snapped his spine!”

“No,” you sob, and the clown glares.

“Yes! You smell good. Special. Like nothing I’ve ever taste-d… I want to taste you.”

You clench your jaw. Your legs are shaking, but… those eyes, boring down on you… they couldn’t… be doing things to you, could they? Suddenly, you’re disgusted with yourself.

“Are you scared?” he laughs, half to himself. “I do hope so. That will make it taste so much better.”

“Why?” you breathe shakily, “Why are you here?”

“Because,” Pennywise growled, “Just like your precious Bill said, before he died in agony…” The clown’s eyes lit up, glowing. “YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” It came out as an otherworldly scream, and suddenly, Pennywise was lurching at you, slamming you onto the staircase and tossing open your legs–

“AH!” you shriek, and open your eyes. The room is dark, and the covers over you are strewn around. Bill turns over beside you, brow crinkling as he blinks open his own eyes.

“Hey… what’s going on?” He yawns. “You okay?”

“I,” you murmur, then start crying. He wakes himself fully up now, leaning over and cradling your head.

“Hey… hey, hey, you’re okay,” he’s frowning, concerned, as he pulls you into his arms, “You’re okay… whatever it was, it was just a dream, (y/n).”

“You were… but you were–” you try to articulate, sobbing uncontrollably. Bill, with all his facial features still perfectly intact, stares down at you earnestly.

“Hey. Just a dream. Okay? I’ve got you. I’m okay. See? I’m here.” His soft voice lulls you back into a calm state, and you clutch his arms and bury your face in his chest. Maybe his movie had gotten to you more than you thought… and the secret you had kept from him that you actually found him attractive in his costume.

He lays you back down, and strokes your hair back, whispering how much he loves you in your ear. You never want to let go… sleep begins to take you again.

Bill looks down at your sleeping form, and adjusts his head on the pillow, turning over. You make no move to wake up. He closes his eyes, then they open again slowly to reveal yellow orbs. As you fall asleep, you think you hear a gentle giggle, but it was just a dream… just a dream…

The thing is, Scanlan doesn’t let this go. The Raven Queen takes Vax, sure. And right then there’s nothing he can do about it– he’s too exhausted, they’re all too physically and emotionally tired to do anything but watch as Vax walks off into the beyond with his goddess– but that doesn’t mean he’s going to give up. He looks at Vex, at the tears streaming down her face, and Keyleth, who is holding herself and trying not to break apart, and Grog and Pike and Percy, all in various stages of disbelief and grief and he cannot let it end like this.

So he forces himself to get his 8 hours of sleep, forces himself to rest, and as soon as he gets up in the morning, he reaches deep down into himself and casts. 

“I wish Vax’ildan was alive.”

And he gets nothing back. Not even a whisper. Not even a ruffle of wings.

He wants to scream, or cry, or ask Keyleth to drop him off at the Raven Queen’s temple so he can go demand his friend back, but he doesn’t. He holds it all in, and goes out to his friends.

And he tries again the next day. And the next. And the next.

“I wish Vax’ildan was back with us.”
“I wish Vax’ildan hadn’t been disintegrated.”
“I wish Vax’ildan returned to life.”

Even as Vox Machina drifts apart; as Vex and Percy go back to Whitestone– little Velora, alive, so blessedly alive– with them, Keyleth back to the Ashari, Pike to rebuild her temple and Grog at her side, and Scanlan back with his daughter in Ank’harel, he keeps trying. Every morning, when his power has returned to him, he breathes, concentrates and wishes as hard as he can.

And one day, he gets a response.

The room gets cold and dark, and there’s the taste of blood in his mouth, and the sound of feathers rustling fills his ears. And the Raven Queen, it can’t be anyone else, speaks to him: And you try yet again, Ioun’s Chosen? Vax’ildan gave himself to me, so that he might save you all. Why do you fight his choice?

And Scanlan looks up at the ceiling, and he says, simply, “Because he wouldn’t stop if it were any of us. Because he’s my friend. And because Burt Reynolds didn’t say he could leave.”

There’s no response, but the silence seems thoughtful. And finally, the room gets warmer, and he swallows the taste of blood from his mouth. But the room is still empty except for him. So Scanlan bites his lip until the scream in his throat goes away, and he goes out to find his daughter.

But still he doesn’t stop. 

It takes a while. Weeks, months, years, but every morning he does it. He gets up, washes his face, and wishes with everything inside of him. He’s a gnome. He has plenty of time. If it’s the last thing he does, he will bring his friend safe home.

And some day, it clicks. And the room gets cold, and the blood returns to his mouth, and the sound of wingbeats makes his heart race, and he prepares to try and charm a goddess. Or beg or plead or argue if he has to, but he doesn’t feel Death at his shoulder.

He hears a deep sigh. And then he hears Vax: “You’re such a stubborn little gnome.”

“Yeah, well. Like I told your Lady, you didn’t ask me you could leave, and you know-”

And Vax laughs, and something inside Scanlan eases, and when the coldness and the darkness vanishes, his friend is standing before him, naked as the last time he returned. “It’s good to see you, old friend.”

“Well?” Scanlan says, standing up to his full height. Which really comes up to mid-thigh on his old friend. “Are you back? Is this it? Or is the Big RQ going to take you away again.”

Vax cants his head, as if listening really hard, then smiles. “I think I’m back. You are very, very persuasive.” He smiles wider. “And very annoying.”

“Yeah, let’s just tell the others it’s the persuasive part. And that I’m very charming– I’ve been told I’m very charming.”

“You are. The most charming. Now come on, let’s find me some clothes.”

Scanlan sighs playfully, even as he heads towards the trunk where he kept a spare set of black, half-elf sized clothes. “Do we have to? ‘Cause I gotta tell you, buddy, I’m kind of enjoying the view.”

“Well, there’s plenty of time for that later. But I think there’s some people we need to say hello to first.”

Scanlan sighs again. “If you insist.” He opened the trunk, threw the clothes in Vax’s direction. “Now come on. Breakfast is going to be ready soon, and there’s going to be all kinds of salad~”

“Yeah, yeah. Alright. Come on, little man. Let’s go greet the sun.”

Howls Like a Beast (You Flower, You Feast) 

 - by Anonymous

“You don’t love me,” Louis had said, utterly blasé as he callously fractured the heart of a Harry that was just barely eighteen.

“I do,” Harry had insisted pleadingly, green eyes already watering.

Louis had rolled his eyes, exasperated and flippant in the way only beautiful, young boys could be when faced with the affections of a baby prince. He had run his finger down Harry’s cheek then, had forced him to look into his eyes as he delivered the final blow.

“You’ll change your mind once you’ve seen more of the world,” Louis had teased, pressing a brutally delicate kiss onto Harry’s lovely, pure cheek. “Once you’ve been properly defiled.” He had whispered filthily, delighted by the gasp he heard, the frantic pink blush that had rested high on Harry’s cheeks, the power he had felt at knowing he could make the Crown Prince squirm.

I was so excited by the premise of this fic when the author asked me to contribute a drawing for it. But then she let me read it and I was blown away by the sensuality and beauty of the writing. This story is achingly good…keep an eye on this author, her writing is something truly special. 

Art by @twopoppies​ - thank you to @haztattlou for helping me with the framing!

Written for @31daysofsmut​ read it on AO3 now!

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Can u do an angst imagine when yoongi calls you clingy, you change and then regrets it

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“I love you,” you sang with a giggle into Yoongi’s ear. He seemed to cringe, a flash of annoyance passing over his brow, before he removed your hands from around his headphones which you’d lifted and replaced it on his head. “I’m trying to work right now, (y/n),” he drawled. “What,” you pouted playfully, “just my name? No baby, sweety, or honey? No milk, no suga?” You laughed at your own joke. He didn’t.

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PAIRING: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff (ft a bad boy jungkook)

Word count 1.1k


When your frenemy knocks at your door, 3 am in the morning because he doesn’t have another place to crash. What could possibly happen?

A/N: Not requested, just an idea I had. I hope you guys like it!


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“What the fuck do you want?” you stated folding your arms as found Jeon Jungkook standing in front of your door looking clad in his black leather jacket white shirt, and black jeans. Instead of replying he opted to shove you lightly with his shoulder before making his way into your apartment. 

The ease with which he thought he could invade your privacy outraged you. “I am calling the cops if you’re not out of here in 10 fucking seconds” you trailed behind him. He chuckled deeply, which sent shivers down your spine.He turned around, gently tapped your nose, winked and whispered “Give it a try kitten” He made himself comfortable on the couch, propping his feet on the coffee table. “What do you want Jeongguk?”

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Yesss~ I hope you like it, cutie 💖💖🐱

BTS Reaction | Begging them to choke you during sex


Trails of soft kisses were left down your jawline and neck, hips fluidly rolling against your own while Seokjin hit your deepest spots. Your arms flew around his neck, pulling him even closer to you, if possible. He looked completely sinful ー his hair messy, forehead damp with perspiration while his hot breath fanned against your collarbone. Between your uneven moans, you whispered your request. Jin came to a slow halt of his thrusts, and looked at you rather skeptically. He was afraid that you’ve got a little carried away because of the heat of the moment, but after you reassured him lovingly that it’s something you’ve been wanting to try for a while, he gave you a smile while rolling his eyes playfully. He planted a soft kiss against your lips and told you that when it starts to hurt too much, you must tell him to stop.

Jin started to move his hips again as his hands stroked your stomach, then went up to your chest, carefully landing on your throat. You placed your hand on his wrist reassuringly, beginning to feel the pressure making its effect while your pleasure doubled.

“God, babygirl, you look so hot with my hands around your neck..”, he huffed as he pressed further, earning a naughty smile from you.


Yoongi was taking you from behind. You felt every hard thrust he made around your pulsing nerves, his hands gripping tightly on your hips, promising more bruises for the next days. You couldn’t help but trace your hand above his, placing it softly and giving him a loving glance. He licked his lips as he made eye contact with you and his thrusts became harder and deeper inside your wet core. You couldn’t hold your uneven moans from spilling and with your free hand you held yourself from falling on the headboard. Your request for him to choke you left your lips unconsciously as your head was clouded with pleasure. Yoongi hissed at the thought and chuckled quietly at your naughtiness, making you sweat a little more.

He suddenly pulled your hair roughly for better access and crept his hand from your chest up to your throat, gripping rather tightly. You couldn’t help but moan in anticipation, your voice vibrating in your throat as Yoongi picked up his pace. His fingertips carved into your sensitive skin, while his grip began to tighten, blocking your respiration. With his deep thrusts and pressure on your throat, you felt your climax getting nearer and nearer.

“Shit, such a naughty girl you are..”, he mumbled against your shoulder, holding you close to his sweaty body.


His lips were pressed against yours, moving passionately as he held your thighs apart to hit your deepest spots. Your hands wandered to his waist, making him move faster and harder against you. He placed a hand at the back of your head, deepening the kiss as he started to pound a little faster, leaving you a moaning mess underneath him. Slowly, you placed your own hand over his larger one, guiding it lower until it reached your neck, dampened with sweat. Hoseok got the hint, but hesitated a little bit at first, wanting to make sure if you really want to initiate this act, since he was a little afraid of hurting you. But when you told him that you are 100% sure and that you trust him entirely, he placed a loving kiss on your neck, his thrusts into you never slowing.

You felt his warm hands wander from your jawline, down to your neck again, slowly starting to grip on it. Hoseok’s moves began picking up pace, leaving you shuddering slightly under him. The sloppy sound of skin on skin began echoing the room, along with your choked moans and pants.

“Fuck, Y/N.. I don’t think I can last any longer..”, Hoseok grunted from above you, as you gripped his wrists, pushing him a little deeper on your burning throat and adding more pleasure to the both of you.


You felt Namjoon’s hard cock stretching out your walls with every motion he’d make. He went roughly in and out of you as you held yourself steady on his shoulders. Your moans were music to his ears everytime he hit that sweet spot of yours. His expression was entirely messed up, eyebrows scrunched together as he bit his lip. It was a great view, you could say. And you couldn’t help your naughty hands to grip for him and pull him closer to you. After you managed to choke out a breathy ‘choke me, daddy’, he grunted and smirked lightly in response, seeming to like your request, and the way you asked for it. His hands greedily traveled up your chest, arriving at your throat and, without warning, he began adding pressure.

You gripped his wrists tightly, wanting to double the pleasure. Parting your thighs even more for him to thrust deeper, you let out choked breaths and moans. His fingernails began sinking into your sensitive flesh, mixing it all with a little pain. But you wouldn’t mind. You enjoyed this moment entirely.

“Let me hear you, babygirl..”, Namjoon teased and gripped a little harder on your vibrating throat. You couldn’t help but choke out several high-pitched moans.


You felt Jimin’s warmth radiate as you shuddered under him with pleasure. His cock smoothly sliding in and out of you, as he intertwined your fingers with his. It felt heavenly, but tonight, you wanted to spice things up a bit. Jimin pressed his sticky forehead against yours, whispering your name repeatedly, moving to leave some hickeys down your neck afterwards. You took this chance and suddenly called his name, breathlessly asking for him to choke you. It was quite sudden, indeed. He began slowing down his motions, as he eyed you carefully, seeing that you were very serious about this, since you began saying it repeatedly. He carefully told you that he doesn’t want to hurt you in any way, even though he couldn’t hold back the naughty grin that crept up his gorgeous face. You reassured him with a soft kiss that everything is just fine, and that you wanted to try it this once.

You earned a shy smile from him, as he unlaced his fingers from yours. His hands were making their way up to your collarbone, caressing it gently. He then seductively made his way directly to your throat, as his movements began picking up again. Jimin gently encircled his hands securely around your neck, pressuring it further. You couldn’t help but get goosebumps at the mixture.

“You’re so naughty, princess, I can’t believe you..”, he smiled teasingly as he moved hard against your hips, making you choke out a high-pitched moan.


Your legs were swung around Taehyung’s hips, as they rolled languidly against yours. He was a sweaty mess above you while he held your thighs apart, wanting to reach your deepest spots. His grip was tight, moving to your hips to pull you even closer to him. Loud grunts and pants left his lips, combined with your mewls of pleasure. Your hands cupped his own, moving them to your throat. As you told him to choke you, barely audible because of your sounds of pleasure, he gave you a surprised look, wondering if you were serious right then. His motions came to a slow halt as he mouthed a breathless ‘are you crazy?’, to which you shook your head and huffed. You began moving your hips against his, recreating the previous friction, and guided his palms to your throat. You could see Tae was a little unsure, but when you pressed his sweaty hands against your neck, all his insecurities vanished away and a new layer of lust made its way into his pupils.

Taehyung was gentle, he let himself guided by you and added pressure everytime you moved his hands further. You watched his fucked up expression as he licked his lips every now and then. He knew that he might have discovered a new kink now.

“Y/N.. Y/N.. God, you look so good like this”, he breathed and smirked as he listened to your choked out moans everytime he’d thrust deep into you.


You were on top of Jeongguk, holding yourself steady on his sculpted chest as he pounded deep into you from underneath. His face was partly hidden beneath the soft cushions, but you could still manage to see his flustered face, sweat dripping from his temples. You slowly traced your fingers over the veins on his arms, gripping his wrists. He eyed you cautiously from between the coverings as you guided his hands from your tummy, up to your breasts when he started groping softly on them. You left out a quiet mewl and drew his hands more in the upper area, arriving at the crook of your neck. Kookie bit his lip and grunted as he started to move his hips faster. You breathed out your wish about him choking you, and you felt him shift beneath you.

After giving Jeongguk a reassuring smile, telling him that you’re entirely sure about this, he slipped from underneath you, pinning you to the bed. His hands instantly flew around your neck as his hips picked up pace again, thrusting deep into you. You felt your whole body overcoming with pleasure and choked moans erupted from your lips. Kookie’s biceps strained everytime he pounded into you, since he added more and more pressure to your throat, bringing you closer and closer to your peak.

“Such a kinky slut you are, Y/N..”, he muttered as he studied your fucked up state and slid his hard cock in and out of you, feeling your walls slowly clenching around him.

A very kinky request from a very kinky person 😉💖 Love you, boo ~ Also, I kindly apologise for any mistakes, misinterpretations and/or OOCness. Love you all!!💞🏹 • Min-Seo