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Why INFPs think of themselves as “frauds.”

When you’re an INFP, your biggest insecurity is that you have nothing to say.

You perceive most people as insightful, intelligent and interesting, while you are a dullard who can’t even string three words together. It’s not just that you’re shy — you feel like there’s something mentally WRONG with you.

I felt this way for decades, but I got over it by thinking about it this way. The reason everyone else’s stories are so fascinating is because YOU are the one processing them. YOU are connecting dots in your brain that make what you hear much more “involving” than the same story processed through a non-infp mind. In other words, you’re too imaginative for your own good.

Conversely, you have incredibly high standards for what constitutes a worthy conversation and what doesn’t. Comments about yourself, for example, seem egotistical and pointless. How you day is going? Who cares!!

So you LIMIT your options SEVERELY when communicating with another person, and tend to choose the words that end the conversation because you don’t want people to find out you’re an imposter.

Yeah, that’s the main thought that goes through your head, right? You’re stupid and incapable (handicapped, maybe?) and nobody has found out yet. But oddly enough, nobody seems to notice. Nobody has EVER told you that you are dumb. Weird, isn’t it?

That’s because you’re not dumb. You simply have impossibly high standards. You’re an INFP, remember.

Like I said, I struggled with this for decades. I was an “imposter” for decades, yet I STILL manage to be “successful,” despite judging myself as a “fraud” all those years ago.

That’s because I’m NOT a fraud, and neither are you. Once I realized this, I also realized that I DID have useful things to say. This post, hopefully, is one of them.

So don’t harsh on yourself, and please let me know if this helps. You see, I still appreciate verification that I’m not a fraud, even when I know it’s not true.

Have a great day, INFP.

It’s No Fucking Problem.

Your Pal,
Space Monkey

I like my music loud enough that I can feel it reverberate in my chest. That I can’t hear my own voice. That I can feel every single note, every beat, every chord. That nothing else in the world matters except what I am feeling in that moment. I like my music loud enough that I can feel.
—  Insomniac’s Journal

I’m really hesitant about that Dog’s Purpose video because not only was it PETA that released the video, but TMZ is one of the most unreliable news sources available. I’d wait a few more days until more information is released before jumping to conclusions. 

kai’s interview for esquire korea

trans cr. @ctrIbeat ♡ we have received permission from the translator to post; please do not remove credit or repost

Perhaps he knew dance before his name. Strength over dance, melody over strength, he felt that energy more than anything else. He’s solely innocent, and has an attitude that says there is nothing else in the world other than my body and music, so I’m free. As you follow that one person’s movements out of 12 as if chasing them, there should only be one question. “Do you by chance know who that person is? What’s his name?” After (hearing) this question, I often thought of the name ‘Kai’.

It’s like basic knowledge to know that his name (Kai) is read as the hanja/Chinese character 'yeol gae’ 開 (he’s used this before when talking about open mind Kai), his real name is Kim Jongin, and the fans think he’s so sexy that they unknowingly call him 'oppa’ and end up overlooking his age to call him the proper noun 'Jongin Oppa’. So that’s not a variety of something you feel, but something you learn. Something like pushing the doorbell before saying a greeting. However, isn’t Kai’s essence a bit further away? Even if that’s a little abstract, isn’t it something to willingly find out about? Because we’re all passing through one time period. I thought of something as I watched Kai moving in front of the camera like a dance. To what point/how far does 24 year old Kai want to go?

“When I dance? First, it’s fun and enjoyable when I dance. I dance almost as if I’m unconscious, but not. I’m not concerned about genres. Since I was young, I danced various genres so rather than only dancing one genre, it’s more like I pull out and use whatever I need when I need it.”

In some moments, it was fine without music. Putting my phone down and watching the scene of Kai dancing was like music. Dance? Ballad? Fast or slow beats? What kind of mood? I don’t think any of that was important. Perhaps it’s possible for Kai to dance in a forest with only the wind blowing? Even to the 'seu seu seu seu’ sound of leaves rolling as they brush against each other. Wouldn’t his body again respond to the sounds he makes if he danced barefoot atop leaves? Like something you can’t stop once you start, as if you’re wearing enchanted shoes. Not a dance that you dance because you promised, but a dance that you dance because your body can’t help but move and draw its own shape. Is that perhaps Kai? Kai indifferently said he sometimes feels something similar onstage.

“It’s not easy to be satisfied regarding a performance. Rather than divide it by times when it’s good (dancing/performing) and times when it’s not, there just are those days. There is also a sense of becoming sharp because my focus is severe. In those moments it feels like I’m in a vacuum state, like I’m the only one onstage, and especially when I’m dancing onstage alone, sometimes I get the feel that every single cell comes to life and moves. It hurts, but because it hurts, my senses become more sharp.”

A low voice. It’s not the sound made by scratching something, but it’s definitely the sound of stepping on the ground. A way of talking that exudes confidence of being able to start running anytime since it’s strongly walking the ground. A 24 year old who laughs and says that he once thought 'There isn’t anything that I want, but it would be nice to just have a practice room at home.’ In times like these, what is the point of growing a year older every year? One person, even before becoming 10 years old, steadily pours in the amount of concentration that another person spends their whole life doing. There should be people who think the achievements of those people are coming early when compared to their age. And people who feel that it’s a bit excessive in according to circumstances. I can say this because I don’t know anything. Kai first started dancing in 3rd grade of elementary school.

“I vaguely remember it. I went to a private jazz dance school. I can remember up to the point where I sat in the back with my dad and watched. But they (his family probably) say I started dancing from the very beginning that day. They say I went out (to the jazz school) whether it rained or snowed following that day. They say I went to the jazz school everyday. And I was very happy while learning ballet. I think that’s when I started to love dance.”

What difference is there between now being unable to remember the moments of elementary school student Kim Jongin whose body responded and experienced, and EXO’s Kai who was so concentrated that he can’t remember anything once he gets offstage after a performance? Is that not perhaps truly the moment when Kai came to enjoy his own performances? Is that not why he danced and sang like that, then and now? Has time passed quickly in remembrance from the moment that child who loved dance became an SM Entertainment trainee to the time he became part of EXO? Behind the moments we are cheering, who else can estimate the weight of time as 'Jongin oppa’ knows?

“Dance is (like) food. When I look back, it’s chaotic. Dancing and singing are things that I’ve been doing everyday, so I don’t think that they’re lacking. However, I do think that I am lacking in life itself. Since I don’t know how to do anything apart from that (dancing and singing).”

The numerous question marks that emerged upon seeing Kai in front of me disappeared in the end because of these words. Words that are ordinary but hard to keep, words that only a person who achieved through concentrated experience can say. It’s also the language of someone who always looks back and makes a great effort not to stagnant. Kai also said this.

“When I’m satisfied, it’s like I stop there. There were many times when I felt stagnant since I was a trainee. Wow, times when I really wouldn’t improve. But in order to overcome that, I just practiced without a word and at some point realized that I improved. I’d say 'Why can’t I dance this dance?’ abd move on to another dance, but when I go back to the previous dance, I can do it easily. There were things like that. If I practice without an answer, it works. If I dig without an answer, it also works.”

Nowadays also, on days with no schedules, it’s consecutive practice and practice. Because he wants to sing better, lately he’s practicing Miguel’s 'Diamond’ (I looked it up and I think he means a Rihanna/Miguel mashup called 'Diamonds/Adorn’ by Travis Garland). He’s singing the cover song by Travis Garland as a guide. “My teachers are probably really annoyed of me. I really bother/pester them. Because they need to teach me.” This is why even among EXO’s fanclub 'EXO-L’, the hearts of fans who love Kai are undoubtedly just. January 14th is a day scheduled to spend together with the fans to celebrate his 24th birthday.

“I like meeting the fans. I think my fans are a bit similar to me. Our sensibility is strong, and I think there are many (similar) sides like that. It’s something I am very thankful for. I’m happy. I think I’m all set if I’m happy.”

'Even if other people compliment me, if I say no, it’s no.’ Wrapped in the ability to cross Asia and the world, he doesn’t even feel the stimulus of others. He only gets angry at himself when something is stuck, when something is stagnant, or when an idea won’t surface. Living a life that is exposed on a scale that is hard to estimate, Kai is strong and says he doesn’t know anything else, but happiness alone is important.

“Happiness itself is the joy and driving force of living life. I think obtaining that (happiness) is no different from obtaining the world.”

The eyes of people who know how to speak like this do not waver. There is no reason to wander or avoid either. It’s just a straight line that’s stuck as is, an energy that is strong with the force to break through yet also harmless. Maturity is like a gift that finds you by passing age or transcending, and Kai’s time flows without any anxiety/worries. Standing straight even alone in this shining state.

official ranking of every burrito emoji on emojipedia

a simplistic approach. a bit too simple. where are all the ingredients that make a burrito a burrito? all I see is lettuce, not enough cheese, cherry tomatoes??? i’m disappointed. if i was served this burrito in restaurant i would send it back. 2/5

a bit too hyperrealistic, but it has all the necessary ingredients for a solid burrito. i like how it’s wrapped in foil so nothing spills out. extra points for cilantro. 4/5

a decent burrito, but a little too carb heavy. lots of rice and beans but not much of anything else. i also hear these burritos have a history of exploding. 3/5

NOW we’re talking. absolutely stuffed with queso, beef, shredded cheese, rice, and is that bacon I see? i would happily let this burrito destroy my stomach. 5/5

too much rice. are those tofu cubes? tofu never belongs in a burrito. 1/5

what is this, a burrito for ants? i can’t even see what’s in it, and i’m not sure i’d risk biting into it. is that guac or lettuce? are those black beans or beef? 2/5

this is repulsive. are those marshmallows? i can’t even look at this anymore. 1/5

i’m glad the foil was brought back, but it looks like a salad in a tortilla. this looks like something you’d buy at a gas station at 3 am on the way home from your girlfriend’s house after she just dumped you, because what else are you gonna do? taco bell closed an hour ago and you forgot to buy groceries. maybe that’s why she dumped you, because you never plan ahead. i’m sorry sharon. 3/5

this is a wrap. horrible. 0/5

anonymous asked:

I honestly really want to hear your rant on Gary Marsh.

Well, with the cancellation news, now seems like a good time for this.

Marsh is an absolute prick who doesn’t give two shits about the well being of the young actors. He sees them as literal $$ and nothing else. It’s gross. And I understand Disney is a business, but he totally lacks any human empathy component.

For example, when talking about Demi, he stated, “Someone like Demi is an unbelievably talented young woman who had some challenges in her life from before we met her and will probably have those challenges far into the future. It’s not fair, if that’s the right way to express it, to lay that at the feet of the network that discovered her.” He also describes actors like Demi and Miley (aka ones who didn’t project pristine Disney images) as “going off the rails”.

He absolves the company of any responsibility because “she had challenges in her life before”. But this is the same company that pressured a 15/16 year old Demi to fix the gap in her teeth. This is the same company that, when then 18 year old Demi checked into rehab for mental health treatment, continued production on her show without her and only changed the title and called it a spin off AFTER Demi firmly said she wasn’t going to do it. It’s pretty gross how Marsh views young actors (and doesn’t think the company’s demands on them exacerbates any underlying mental health issues with them).

Marsh is also so out of touch with reality. When asked about how they prepare kids for being on Disney and the fame and the pressure, etc, he said, “We have things like a one-day seminar called Talent 101, where we bring in security experts, psychologists, showrunners and life coaches. It’s usually after the pilot but before the series launches. But at the end of the day, it’s the parents who really have to be parents. We give them all of the tools they might need, but the network is not responsible for raising their children”.

A one day seminar is such a joke tbh.

And it’s not just his lack of seeing things from an empathetic perspective. He’s also out of touch with reality in terms of the future of TV. Like in that 2012 interview, where he said streaming services would only help cable ratings. Like I know streaming wasn’t as prominent then as it is now (though it was still popular), but I think most people realized it was going to be something that would change how we watch TV (and not help live cable ratings).

Marsh also couldn’t give two shits about TV programming quality, as long as he can build a franchise, churn out “Disney stars” (but not take any responsibility for them), and commercialize the shit out of everything. To quote the man himself, “Our job is not to make shows, it’s to build franchises and stars”. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this heightened obsession with commercialization started with Hannah Montana, which is the same time Marsh got promoted to president.

Anyway, I understand television is a business. But Marsh is a mercenary asshat who is better suited for business that doesn’t involve children.

Am I crazy?

I am rewatching the clip and I noticed something. When Even and Isak are in the kitchen, Even gets a text, he looks down at his phone confused but sends a message back and that’s it. I thought nothing of it at first and then I realised, we heard the message sent sound! Now from what I can recall, that has never happened with a character other than the protagonist, we hear the message received and message sent sounds only when the protagonist does, we never hear that from anyone else’s phone, until now.

Regardless of the fact that this is yet another hint of Even getting season 4, it’s interesting to note the fact we hear it after he has that reaction to said text; this makes me think that whoever texted him is going to play a big part in next season like ‘hey, remember this moment, remember his reaction, this will be important’ I personally feel like it’s going to be Mikael, because no speaking character in this show is there for no reason, and we still haven’t gotten a back story there (remember the video) and Vilde said that someone who went to school with Even told them about his episode back then (I’m guessing shit went down and he’s still pissed about it) 

[TRANS] Esquire February 2017 - EXO Kai’s Interview ♡

translation credit © ctribeat [we have received permission to post; please do not repost or remove credit!]

“Happiness itself is the joy and driving force of living life. I think obtaining that (happiness) is no different from obtaining the world." – KAI

Perhaps he knew dance before his name. Strength over dance, melody over strength, he felt that energy more than anything else. He’s solely innocent, and has an attitude that says there is nothing else in the world other than my body and music, so I’m free. As you follow that one person’s movements out of 12 as if chasing them, there should only be one question. "Do you by chance know who that person is? What’s his name?” After (hearing) this question, I often thought of the name ‘Kai’.

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  • victor: i hadn't been experiencing life and love for the last 20+ years, i'd lost any inspiration, i was hearing over and over that if i lost inspiration i was "as good as dead" in the career to which i've dedicated my life and known nothing else, i was lonely, i had no friends only acquaintances or my closest friend was my dog, it took a drunken whirlwind night of dancing for me to experience genuine joyful emotions again, i literally described the pressure of continuing to compete in a way people expected of me as a "shackle around my neck," i thought i could only do things alone
  • y'all: he won things though :\
Safe and Sound - Unknown/MC Fluff Fanfic

Wow guys, it’s been a whole month since I posted anything that wasn’t Everlasting Party >_< I actually wrote this over a week ago between chapters as a bit of a break, but I tweaked it before adding it here so it’s less of an abstract idea (though I don’t really have any context around it, I just wanted to write an Unknown/MC lolol).

Spoiler-free if you know who Unknown is since I mention his name but nothing else related to him. Probably best read after Seven’s route, though. 10+ fluff :)

You still aren’t asleep when you hear the door open and someone’s footsteps approach the bed. You don’t have to roll over to know it’s Saeran. The mattress creaks under his weight as he lays down.

It’s silent for a long while and all you hear is his breathing. It’s hard to tell if he’s asleep or not. At last you roll over slightly and glance at him over your shoulder. His back is to you so all you see are his shoulders and red hair that’s still half-bleached at the ends. He hasn’t pulled the covers over himself, as though he’s afraid of tugging them away from you. You sit up slightly and drape the blanket over his body before snuggling under them yourself.

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What can we learn from artists about living a creative life?
  • Lin Manuel Miranda: One of my favorite books is My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok. It’s about a young boy and his maturation into an artist. His mom always wanted him to paint pretty pictures, paint beautiful pictures. She asked, Did you paint something beautiful? And one of the great lines in the book is, No, I don’t paint pretty pictures; they’re good but they’re not pretty. It’s about honesty. Real artists show us the world in a way we recognize as our own. It’s not necessarily what we always want to hear, but it might be what we need to hear. Artists can do that in a way nothing else really can.

Fairly often, I’ve seen the same criticism aimed at the Crystal Gems:

Why do they protect humanity when they don’t seem to care about humans at all? Why dedicate a whole war and the millennia that follow to the safety of a species they don’t relate to, can’t be bothered to learn about, and look down on?

I’m pretty sure this was never what they really wanted to do on Earth.

The more we learn about the war, the more we hear about why the Crystal Gems fought, the more it seems to be about the liberation of those who were sick of Homeworld society and oppression and less to do with protecting life on Earth. That may have been Rose’s original intent, but it didn’t appear to be the primary motivation for anyone else; if taken entirely from what the gems have said on the matter, humans had nothing to do with the rebellion beyond a conceptual level. So far, the only person who’s ever specifically mentioned humans in the war has been another human. 

Rose wanted the freedom of a planet, but all other Crystal Gems have wanted freedom for themselves. Garnet wants to be able to live together as herself, Pearl wants to escape slavery and be with someone otherwise inaccessible to her under Homeworld rule, Bismuth wants to choose her job and her role.

Odds are, the plan for after the war was never “protect humanity against magical space dangers,” it was “form a new gem society on Earth, where all gems can be equal and free.” They probably wouldn’t have bothered much with humans, just shared the planet. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out that way.

There’s no telling how many Crystal Gems there used to be, but they couldn’t have imagined so few would make it out unscathed. And no matter what they hoped Earth could be for them, there’s no way to build a new society out of 3-5 survivors. Gems don’t die or breed; the same ones who fought in that war and were grown in Homeworld’s system are alive to this day. Steven and Amethyst are the only “new generation” that will ever be born into this new gem “society” outside of Homeworld rule.

That’s not a new nation setting a new precedent for the future, that’s just a small group of friends trying to treat each other well (which is still much, much better than anything Homeworld offered them, and is a perfectly worthy thing to fight for). 

All this is to explain why now they fight for something they don’t have a whole lot of interest in. There’s nothing of their own to rebuild or reinvent on a large scale. Instead, it’s just the few remaining Crystal Gems living on a planet with humans. With nothing else to do, they may as well fall back on protecting the people who inspired the rebellion in the first place.

Simply put, looking after humanity was Plan B.

I write because I miss what you used to say, and the way your voice used to shut down mine. I write because there are things you used to do that still play repeat in my head, and I can’t help but write. I write because I miss you and you don’t. I write because a lot I have to say but so little you want to hear. I write because very many are the things that remind me of you. I write because you don’t know I do. I write because that’s all I can do about us. I write because I want those who read to wish for us but mostly I write because you fucking shattered my heart and there is nothing to fix it else than spilling down words heavy to carry.
—  My purpose. 5:50
ML Sex Hotline AU

Okay I know this is super cliche, and it’s been done a million times, and I’m sorry if someone has written exactly this before, but hear me out. It’s not lewd, I swear. (Sorry, if that’s what you were hoping for)

  • In the daytime, she’s Marinette. Just a normal college or mid-20s girl with a normal life. 
  • Also crushing on her hot model friend/classmate Adrien, but what else is new?
  • But there’s something about her that no one knows yet cause she has a secret:
  • Her night job is working as a phone sex operator. 
  • So Adrien, all the while, your stereotypical pure sunshine boy who knows almost nothing about the machanics of sex/sexual interaction/etc.
  • His best friend Nino wants to help a dude out, so he gives him a number to call to get him so “stress relief.”
  • Adrien is like, “Wow! A hotline just for romance questions? I’ll be able to learn so much and get a girlfriend/boyfriend in no time!”
  • He doesn’t know what a sex hotline is.
  • So innocent.
  • He calls, goes through the payment stuff, and gets connected to a girl named “Ladybug.”
  • It’s Marinette.
  • “Hello! Thanks for calling Lucky Charm Romance. I’m Ladybug. What’s your name?”
  • Adrien just responds like, “Oh, Ladybug! That’s a cool codename! Can I have one too?”
  • Marinette stays IC and just says, “Yes, please do~”
  • “Then you can call me…Chat Noir.”
  • “Okay, Chat Noir…”
  • Marinette is about to go on with her script, but during the pause Adrien starts asking questions.
  • And Marinette is so confused, but tries her best to stay IC while answering his questions. 
  • He keeps asking things about romance advice and sex and what girls/guys like. 
  • Eventually she thinks, ‘Okay, so this guy obviously doesn’t know what this is, but he’s kind of adorable, so I’ll keep talking.’
  • Plus he’s still paying so…
  • The end up just taking the entire time.
  • They constantly get off topic, Adrien enjoys the banter that Ladybug provides, and Marinette finds Chat to be great company and a nice break from getting guys off over the phone.
  • So finally when his hour is up, he asks for her phone number.
  • Ladybug says she had a great time talking but emphasizes, “I don’t date clients.”

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If i die before ever deleting my tumblr, know that my best friend whom I love very much, trust more than anybody else, has his finger print scanned on my phone/password; and will delete my private blog, delete any personal messages as they are amanah and then he will take it upon himself to announce my death on this account InshaAllaah. 

If you hear of my death, and there’s anyone speaking ill of me, slandering/backbiting about me then please leave it alone, let it be and remind them that Allaah is going to deal with me how He sees fit and there’s nothing more to it.

Please make du'aa for me and ask Allaah to pardon whatever sins and shortcomings I had.

May Allaah preserve our eeman, grant us the ability to benefit from our social media accounts and make us from those who are not held accountable! Allaahumma Aameen.

Love you all for the sake of Allaah!🖤

I just want Mary to continue sending short passive aggressive nagging DVDs to John every week. 

“John, please remember to only use the diaper cream from Boots. The other ones give Rosie a bad rash." 

"John, when you wash the bedsheets, you have to wash them on warm cycle but dry them on low or they shrink up. Remember the last time you did that after Rosie peed on our bed and then we had nothing to sleep on that night?”

“John, please tell me you’re not using the good handtowels to wipe toothpaste off the sink. You know that makes bleach stains on them. That’s what the pile of old towels on the left side of the linen closet are for.”

@conversationswithjohnlock @lawyermargo @mandysimo13 @ellipsicalelle @sweeter-than-cynicism @sundayduck @cloakstone69 and anyone else, I’d love to hear what you think Mary would continue to berate John about from the afterlife

🌸Be kind🌸

Why are the people so full of hate ? Why can’t they be kind to each other,I don’t really understand it and I don’t want to understand it! It has nothing to do with myself but I always see it on the streets or in school… Everyone is different and like/hear/wear something different. Why is it so difficult to let the people live their lives how they want to ? I sometimes see that people look at me as I were very strange just because I wear other clothes then their wear :o (it is just an example, because I have often good experience with that 😊). Or some people get bullied because their are different. Another thing is if u go outside shopping or for anything else their are often people who treat you bad without having a reason for it! So pls be kind to each other and try to treat each other well ! The other persons have also feelings and they also want to live in peace! I only want to say that pls respect and accept each other also if they are different ! If u don’t like them just ignore it! I don’t want to say that everyone is like this 😊 I see and know many people that are very kind and that makes me very glad 💕! I’m so sorry for this serious topic but I just wanted to share what I think with you🌸 🌸I wish u a lovely day/night🌸

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