and i will go lie down now


Richard Madden as Peter Leigh in Oasis

Where I go 😗👊when I go there💦💦
No🙅more memory🙉💡💡 anymore😍only men👴👨👦 on distant🕵 ships🛳⛴, the women👵👩👧 with them🏊Swimming🏊 with them to shore🌊🌊Where I go😗👊when I go there💦💦no🙅 more whispering👀anymore😍Only hymns🎶🎶 upon your lips👄👅A mystic🎎 wisdom💡💡rising with them to shore🌊🌊touch me😫😫 just like that👌👌and that oh yeah😍👅now that’s heaven😇👼now that I like😍God😇 that’s so nice💦💦now lower👇down👇where the figs🌰lie💕

yall keep asking me about why silver chose to put the *vague possibility* that thomas is alive into flint’s head so.. [takes deep breath] 

this could mean so many things and its still early days believe it or not so i cant be sure. but the way i see it is that silver truly cares for flint and doesnt want this war to be the end of him. he doesnt want it to get to the point where he has to choose between him and madi “it is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another” like !!!! if there is ANYTHING that could stop him from going down that path john will use it. he cares about flint /so much/ thats why he didnt outright say what max told him because if he did he knew flint would do something reckless. so instead, he just asked him ‘what if’. because i do believe that /john/ believes its a possibility, you could see it in his face when max mentioned it. like he /WANTS/ flint to be happy, and he cant bare the thought of eventually leaving him. he is his only friend, hes the /only/ reason flint is still alive, flint is literally /living/ for john at this point and john knows this.. “thank you for opening that door” he /KNOWS/ this. the only reason flint keeps on going is because of him, and he knows that if he is forced to leave him in the end that it would mean james loses the last person in the world that he cares about, and that with that loss he would then give up everything 

so yes, this is a Very Sensitive Subject™ >:) he chose to only vaguely hint it to him because he is still /FULL/ of questions about thomas. he doesnt know if james would even want thomas to see him as he is now if he were alive. LOTS of midnight chats about gay feelings by the fire are still to be had!!! and who knows, if they’ve jumped onto the unrequited love train john might know about flints feelings for him, after all he knows he is at least bi so like..?? he doesnt want to break flints heart. it has been broken SO MANY TIMES. this being said if they /both/ had feelings for each other that would be the greatest motive for john wanting flint to be happy. flint had miranda and thomas like john now has madi, but now flint has no one but john. hes got no one to /live for/ no one he wants to /protect/ but john. so if there is even the slightest chance that thomas is still alive.. wouldnt john do everything he could to seek it out?? to see if thomas could end flint instead of himself having to do it? to let thomas mend his heart instead of him being forced to break it again?? like i said there are SO MANY THINGS this could mean, but when it comes down to it i truly believe everything john is doing, his motives, they are all driven by his love for those closest to him, and there is no one closer to flint in the world right now than john silver

“Once everybody else was gone, I felt, okay, the show was over. “It’s just me and you now,” I whispered to my wife.

I stood there crying and looking at her for a minute. Then I gave Selena a kiss on the forehead and stroked her hand. She looked so comfortable and peaceful lying there in the coffin that I just wanted to get in there with her and lie down beside her, put my arm around her, close the top, and say, “Let’s Go.”

After a few minutes, though, I got the ring out of my pocket and put it on Selena’s wedding ring finger. Then I got down on my knees right there and said a prayer, the tears still streaming down my face, and said my last good-bye.” - Chris Perez (To Selena, With Love)

A Love Poem - CIL 04, 5296



O, would that it be permitted to hold your delicate arms, 

fastened around my neck, and to offer kisses to your tender lips.

Go now, darling, and trust your joys to the winds;

trust me, the nature of men is fickle.

Often while I lie awake in the middle of the night, lost in love,

I reflect on these things with myself: many are they whom Fortune has lifted up high;

and in the same way these, suddenly thrown down headlong, she now oppresses:

just as when Venus has unexpectedly joined the bodies of lovers,

daylight divides them, and (they?)…


Milnor, Kristina. “Gender and Genre: The Case of CIL 4. 5296.” In Graffiti and the Literary Landscape in Roman Pompeii. 1st ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

(The picture and transcription are taken from this source, p 198 and 209. There is obviously MUCH more scholarship on this, but Milnor is a good starting place.)

I’d recommend looking up Rebecca Benefiel if you want more information specifically about graffiti in domestic spaces.


A beautiful love poem from one woman to another, neatly inscribed on the wall inside a house in Pompeii. There’s much to say about this poem, but I’ll keep it brief! There’s a lot of debate as to whether this was actually written by a woman, to a woman, and scholars sometimes bend over backwards to try to justify another explanation. But I (and many others) argue that it rejects the involvement of men both thematically and grammatically. The speaker does not seem interested in men’s “fickle nature.” The gender of the speaker can be determined by the perdita in line 4: a nominative, feminine perfect passive participle. The gender of the addressee is shown by pupula, a vocative, feminine noun (a diminutive term of endearment, literally meaning “little girl,” but probably more like “darling,” or maybe even “baby”?)

Please add your own translations, comments, and bibliography if you like!

Thanks to @ciceronian for the great request!

I am extremely offended

by KR Elsword’s

“The one who betrayed the Goddess, Apostasia!”


FISHMEAL DIDN’T HELP HIM (or couldn’t, but whatever, just shows how useless she is) WHEN HE NEEDED HER HELP



I Can’t Help It - Archie x Reader

I took some liberties with it, I hope you don’t mind! I made Reggie a bit of a sleaze too lol. And I made it as gender neutral as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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“Arch?” You frown, peering into the supposedly empty classroom, “What are you doing… here?”

He steps into view, a guilty look upon his face. How was he going to explain this to you?

“I was just… I left a book behind,” he shrugs, attempting to sidestep you into the corridor.

“Nice try, Andrews,” you move to block his path, “I know when you’re lying,”

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Some one please take this controller away from me,

How to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Step 1. Get the paraglider and leave the first area
Step 2. Find a horse, tame them, and love them.
Step 3.Get your brother to convince you to ride said horse into the LAST AREA IN THE GAME, glide ON TO Hyrule Castle, sneak inside, steal as many high level weapon as possible (including the Royal Claymore and all of the Royal Guards gear set, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THERE WAS STUFF THIS STRONG.), find a secret passage out through the library, complete “A Major Test of STREGNTH” and just waltz on out all the while only having FIVE fUCKIGN HEARTS.

this is wrong. I’m worse than Gannon. someone lock me away and throw away the key.

  • psychic: reads my mind
  • my mind: where i go, when i gO there, no more mem'ry anymore, only mEn on distant ships, the women with them swimming with them, to shore, whERe i gO, when i gO there, no more whisp'ring, anymore, only hymns upon your lips, a mystic wisdom, rising with them, to shore, TOuch Me, just like that, and that oOh yeah, now thats hEAven, now tHat i LIke, god thats sO nice, now lOwer down, where the fIGs lie, oOoHh myStill, gOd oOoh You must admit yeayeayea With the two oOoHh Anatomies god yeayeIt truly is daunting oOoHh i my mean, how everything god might yeayeayea Measure Up oOoHh my not that im saying i wouldnt ohohi not want wpuld ever not tOuch mE Moritz i have to go tOuch mE moritz wait haAah haAah Oh, Oh, OoOh where i gO, when i GO there, no more shadOWs, anymore, only mEN with golden fins, the rhythm iN them, rocking wITh them, to shore, wherree iiiwhere i go when i go there noOOO MOre weeping anymore, nono, noOnly in and out your lips, the broken wISHes, washing wITH them, to shore, touch mEtouch me, all silenAll silent baby just tEll meTell me plEase, all is forGIVen, tOuch, Consume my ohWine, oConsume my mindoh, ioh tell you how Whereigowhereigo Touch MehoOOOOoh just try itJustjust try itnowthats it Now there thats it god, Oh thatsohgodthats hEAven touch i LOve your LiGhtOh ill love you riighht well wAnder down, wherethesinscry TOuch mE, ohhhh just like that ohoOOhNow lower downooh where the sins cryohhh LOve mEoh LOVe meyeah Just for a bit hooooOOOO°°°°°oooohWe'll wander down where the  wind sighs, where the wind sighs, where the wind sighs
  • psychic: what the fuck

? i just thought of harry and louis being out??? being papped doing normal coupley things like going shopping or at the airport or whatever?? them holding hands??? sappy selfies with long captions and i love you’s??? their families ribbing them for being gross but also being Fond™ because they’re allowed to do that now???? walking the red carpet together, giving interviews and being so proud about who theyre with??? bonus points for the one not being interviewed smiling Their smile in the background ahahsuhjfghkdjkf. i mean,,,, shout outs to “my husband/boyfriend/partner” during award shows?? no more stunts, no more Drama and uhhh not to cause alarm but this might happen within the next year or so?? after so long??????? i can’t… believe i literally have to go lie down for 78 + 9 years now

LIARS!!!! OH GAWWWWWWD I HATE LIARS. And living in this neighborhood there is thousands of them!!!! Why the flip must people lie so damn much! Especially about stupid things! Like “Yeah, i just bought 5 cases of M-80’s in Oklahoma for about $5. And they are legal there and everything. Yeah my parents buy most of my guns, every once in a while i’ll use my 4,000 dollar paycheck and buy a shotgun or 2. And my brand new hummer just broke down on the highway when i was going 250mph. Stupid cars.” like that. now, what flaming part if any would a normal human being believe? And thats just one person!! Another BIG example is Brooks Brown (303-972-0602). Now, according to him, he has a 215 IQ, 5 other homes (2 in alaska, and 3 in Florida), 95mph fastball (he is only 16), runs a mile in about 5 minutes, has an uncle thats the former head of all the armed forces and has access to….Three Button… his other uncle is a multi-millionaire that lives in downtown detroit, and his neighbors are the chick that sang “r.e.s.p.e.c.t.” and the lead singer of Aerosmith. And that same uncle owns 30% of the stock of that tylenol company, And his grandparents gives..GIVES..him about 1000 dollars for each month, and his other Grandpa can blow up every house in America because all the houses have C-4 in the foundations. Again, according to Brooks Brown. OK, when people lie like that, its not impressive, no one believes it, it sounds just plain stupid, and its a friggin waste of my time.
—  Eric Harris

Moving at snail pace with this picture. Probably because I had to go back and edit Sevens face over and over again. I really hope I will finish this picture before sac anime. I stupidly hurt my back (i actually don’t even know how I did I just turned around to pick up something on the table and I felt a crack like in the manga and the next thing I know I’m in so much pain lol) now I can’t even sit and draw for more than 15 minutes before I have to go lie down because my back hurt so much -.-;; I feel like some old lady arrrgggh