and i will continue to ship it!

“Thank you guys so much, from the bottom of our hearts!“

(But, serious, holy shit. I never thought I’d get ten followers, let alone over one hundred! Thank you all so much! Every like, reblog, follow, ask, and even cute tag has made my day. I am so grateful to all of you for enjoying my content and spreading it, I love you all! I hope this blog will continue to run and I can draw these dorks for a long long time. Thank you all for remaining so sweet and positive, especially with the current toxicity going on in the fandom! You guys are what keep me here! Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart 💕)

  • I have never seen an episode of Holby City in my life. I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned on Australian TV. But naturally, after my occasional foray into the Jemma Redgrave tag and because I follow pretty smart people I became aware of the 'Berena' ship. It looked like the sort of ship I'd get completely invested in if I decided to start watching a new show (I really don't have the time to be invested in more ships). But the fandom seemed clever and the gifs I saw looked great and it looked like a wonderful ship. I continued to follow the JRed tag and I was delighted that she'd be appearing at MCM London while I was over there. And when I heard Catherine Russell was announced too I was excited for those who were over the moon. How perfect!! Today the lines for photos with the two were a logistical disaster, but while I stood waiting for my solo with Jemma I couldn't help wishing I was part of that fandom. There were so many people in the line, I was amazed! While I stood watching Jemma and Catherine just chatting as we waited for photographers, I understood this friendship that has garnered this huge following. They were delightful and I'm afraid I'm probably going to have to watch some Holby City now...

anonymous asked:

sorry that ask but... monthly kanamari day? I didn't know something like this existed? O.o

hi Anon! Yes the 26th of every month is kanamari day, so you can expect tons of kanamari pics on twitter on that day (ノ´ з `)ノ  #毎月26日はかなまりの日

Also, the 11th of every month is kanadia day (and I actually know how this came to be - dan-san started the tag, chose the 11th because of Kanan and Dia’s birthdays (the 10th and 1st = 11) #毎月11日はかなダイの日

As a trash for both ships, I’ll be doing something on 11th & 26th each month #athyra being ambitious again



Seriously guys, you all are so amazing. This blog as come so far in just a few months (like six lol) and I am so excited to see where it continues to go in the future! This is just a dream come true and I love you all so so much! 

I must say a HUGE thank you to all of you guys as well for literally being the most awesome followers anybody could have asked for! I may not have been a part of this blog for much time but the amount of love and support I have received these past weeks is honestly overwhelming. Words can’t describe how thankful and happy I currently am and how much I love all of you, yes each and everyone of you!! I consider all of you family and when i say this i mean it! Talking to all of you has made such a positive on my and again I’m very very thankful! -Nas (Admin VanillaKookie)

Soooo, as a present to you guys we’ve (?) decided to add a few new types of requests to what we do, and also add a few new groups to our lists for who we write for

Also check out our new desktop admins page that Admin PeachJin worked really hard on! It’s gorgeous!


Here’s what each admin will be adding:

~ Admin PeachJin 🍑

I’ll be adding three new types of requests! Here’s the guidelines for them:

1. Outfit Ships: OPEN
- send me pictures (1-4) of outfits that you’re wearing! (they must be on your body in the pictures)
- max 4 groups
- I’ll ship you based on who I think will be most attracted to your style!

2. Poly Ships: OPEN
- these will be selca ships! send in 1-4 pictures
- no heavy snap chat filters that cover your face. they’ll automatically be deleted
- max 4 groups
- i’ll ship you based on your selca on who i think you’d look the best with in a poly relationship (I will pick TWO (2) members from the groups)

3. Aesthetic Associations: OPEN
- i saw these on another blog and they’re amazing
- max 1 group/max 3 artists (for ex. 1 group = BTS. But you can mix and match members, so max 3 artists would be like = Kai, Jungkook, G-Dragon)
- i’ll write a pretty length list of aesthetics I associate with each artist/member
- ex: Jungkook - distressed denim, chocolate bars, cartilage piercings, (I’ll do more in the lists but this was just an example)

I’m also adding two new groups! Sooo everyone request stuff for MASC and A.C.E because I am now officially writing for them!!! And don’t forget to check out my moodboard blog and request!!! —> @cappuccinoego

I’m also adding a bunch of new solo artists! I’ve known them for a while, just haven’t gotten around to adding them to my list —>  Beenzino, Sik K, Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung, Verbal Jint, San.E, Ailee, Anda, Lim Kim, Grace, Keith Ape, Mintty, One

~ Admin VanillaKookie 🍪

I’ll be also adding three new types of requests for y’all!! Here they are:

1. “Dating ___ Would Include” Poly! Edition

2. Song Based Scenarios (Leave an ask telling me your favourite song and idol and i’ll write a scenario based on the song!)

3. “Trapped Inside A Haunted Playhouse With Got7″ Interactive Series (Reader X Got7.. While visiting an amusement park the eight friends thought visiting the notorious Haunted Playhouse was a good idea. What they didn’t know though, was that there were ghosts and all type of creatures lurking there, waiting for their next victims..Will they make it out of there alive or become one of the spirits themselves?? RULES: After Part 1 is published you will be asked to submit asks guessing what is going to happen next. I will pick my favorite(s) and they will be featured on Part 2. Same thing will happen when Part 2 is published and it goes on..)

Lastly I will be adding a new group as well! You can now officially request stuff foooorrrr… *drum roll* VROMANCE!!!

~ Admin MochaChim ☕️ 

I’m so excited to be adding some new requests for you guys as well! Here they are:

1. AU Series - This will be an explanation/imagine of a group member in a chosen AU. You can pick any member from the groups on my list, and any AU scenario you like! (A few examples are Werewolf! Jungkook, or Fuckboi! Jimin, or New Dad! Namjoon, things like that) This will be super duper fun, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your requests!

2. New Drabble Prompt - I will be posting the new prompt shortly! This prompt will include a list of quotes, and you will be able to choose one member and up to three quotes per request. I will incorporate all of your chosen quotes into a one-shot! You may also specify if you want the theme to be angst/smut/etc, but other than that I will make up the scenario soul based on your chosen quotes! Stay tuned for that!

I am really looking forward to your requests, these will be really fun to write. Thanks for everything so far, you guys are AMAZING! 

Again, we’d all like to say a huuuuge thank you and we love you all so so much! This blog wouldn’t be here without all of our amazing followers!

- 🍑 ☕️ 🍪

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Prompt # 142

“Well that was overkill.”

“No. That was style. Something you clearly lack.”

I don’t care if you’re never seen an episode of Star Trek.

If you watch the new Star Trek, you are a Trekkie and I will lovingly inform you of any references or continuity nods if you want.


If you’re only watching it for women of color being bomb ass LEADS and captains of star ships?

Even better. Welcome.

cutepunkk  asked:

ahhhh!! i need to know more about ??? because he's an edgy emo boy and i love. (also im sorry if this seems demanding, i understand you have work and commissions too!! pls don't stress abt this) ♡♡♡

It’s ok ♥ I’m glad to see ppl interested about Taemin’s AU ;;o;; ♥
Good thing I have a recent doodle of him (which I posted on my IG stories a few days ago)!

Basically ??? only wants to make his father (Saeran) proud of him ((in this AU, we continue from Jumin’s After Ending && Saeran was not rescued and everyone went on with their lives)) – also he steals Saeran’s eyeliner just like how Seojun steals Saeyoung’s makeup for cosplay lmao

*somewhere somehow taemin unknowingly wrecks this ship*

I’ll be posting some more info about them when I get to finishing their ref sheets ((since even im confused w their designs because all i have are doodles and some cgs HAHA)) ^__^ Thank you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).


a mini lyric comic thing to this song from the taiwanese movie “our times”

i’ve had this idea in my head for so long because the song just fits really well with them??? shockingly?????

The Ship That Never Was

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I have no idea why someone would ship me with you over literally anyone else.

((aaa thank you! I hope this isn’t imposing or anything I just like replying to replies that add stuff with more stuff.))

yondu lives: a concept

[this came up mid sobbing with @quicksiluers]

  • peter is crying as yondu frames his face with his hands, realising that the father he’d always wanted had been there all this time, blue and mean, but always there
  • rocket had alerted kraglin already what he’d given to yondu to save peter and their ship was ready and scanning for them to emerge from the planet. they got there in time, just in time
  • after yondu and peter had caught their breath, peter punches yondu in the gut for the stunt he just tried to pull. yondu, still wheezing, says, “ah, come off it boy. I was trying to do something good for once in my stupid life.” peter is still shaking, confronted with the near loss of the only good father figure he has in his life and continues yelling at him anyway.
  • yondu realises what he had said to peter when he thought he was going to die and he and peter stare awkwardly at each other before yondu pats peter gingerly on the shoulder and gets up to head to the cockpit to check on his ship
  • kraglin hugs him embarrassedly when he sees him, before sniffing loudly and walking away. rocket tells him he can’t believe that he has to deal with his emotional ass again
  • peter follows yondu around the ship the next five days, fidgeting and making random small talk until yondu snaps and goes, “boy I’m here, I’m alive, I swear to god!” 
  • the next time peter and rocket argue over who’s the better pilot, yondu stands behind peter, crosses his arms and glares at rocket. “i taught quill everything he knows about flying,” he says with a straight face and a small crease of his eyebrows. rocket falls silent and peter takes over with a small smirk
  • yondu doesn’t know about mantis’ power and doesn’t protest when she touches him, until she starts expounding on how much she loves and protects peter to a bemused group of guardians. the tables are turned when she touches peter, looks at yondu and bursts into tears. peter yells.