and i will continue to ship it!

Imagine Lavellan losing her balance when Solas tips her back for the Fade kiss. The two of them tumbling together, all elbows and knees and it’s awkward but they’re laughing because of the giddiness of the moment and kissing, still kissing, until Solas has the sense to pull away and help her to her feet. 

Oh, look. I made myself sad again.


A continuation from this

where Lance and Pidge are dancing ;u; 
I showed @the-vegetarian-artist first bc I keep her updated on things I draw for flirtyrobot, and I hope you all like it as much as she did XD

shallura analysis :: 1x10 “collection and extraction”

Previous analysis: episode one, episode two, episode three, episode four, [no episode five], episode six, episode seven, episode eight, episode nine

Behold the most shallura heavy episode in the series, and the one that made most of us start shipping these cuties. Since there’s so much interaction and so much to go over, it kind of goes without saying that this analysis gonna be pretty long - so I’m putting most of it under a read more. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

The team is currently trying to access Sendak’s memories, something that deeply disrupted Shiro’s emotional state in the previous episode - similarly to Allura having to let go of her father - yet was the most dedicated to using Sendak’s memories. Allura mirrors this dedication, while simultaneously continuing the break against her father and what he would have approved of, shown in this exchange with Coran.

Allura: Somewhere inside Sendak’s memories we should be able to find the inside information that gives us the key to take down Zarkon.
Coran: I don’t think your father would approve of searching through an enemy’s memories.
Allura: I know, but we have to do everything we can to defeat Zarkon.

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some perc’ahlia thoughts incoming, i am SO sorry to a few ppl that have seen me promise i’d tone down how shipper-trash i can be when i post stuff :P but yeh i just. really enjoy this ship.

coz like. i’m sure i’m not the first or only person to think this, but i’m having a convo about this with a friend over in Twitter DMs. the thing i truly love most about perc’ahlia is how it has always felt and continues to feel like it’s being built. like…idk if this is just shipper goggles, but it has always taken its time, and i feel like that circles right back around to both percy’s nature as a tinkerer and inventor, and vex being a hunter and ranger. neither of them have ever really been the type to rush into things, and neither of them have ever really believed that the best things just pop into being out of nowhere. percy has the patience to put smaller components together to build into something bigger and functional, while vex has the patience to track and study her quarry before taking her shot. percy also understands that not all experiments end in success, while vex knows that not all shots hit their target, and they both know that both of these are still results to learn from. it feels like these attitudes certainly carry over into their relationship, even before they got together. to me, their major moments AND their (constant?) sexy-times feel…earned. built up to. everything they’ve done for and with each other and everything they’ve said to each other was a new cog, or a new print in the snow to follow. and each major moment they have in their relationship and/or each time they jump in the sack is itself another brick in this thing they’re constructing (and to me, it feels like they’re building a home in each other). they are individuals and a pair that are all about BECOMING instead of HAPPENING. we like to call this whole thing “slow burn,” of course, but sometimes i feel like even that doesn’t do it justice? coz fire, no matter how slow it burns, consumes whatever is set alight. being with each other, being together, doesn’t seem to be consuming them. slow-build, for me, fits them better, because they’re growing this relationship and themselves as they’re going along, making something together. and the fact that it all comes around to who they are as individuals is something that i enjoy a lot.

anonymous asked:

I have no idea what SC where thinking when that pulled the T2 stunt. It looked genuine and they both deserve Oscars for their respective performance. I was completely conned and got off the neutral fence! Given the subsequent subterfuges, I've lost respect for both SC. I also abhor the harassment & abuse by Shatner, along with SC's misleading behaviour at T2, is why I am leaving the OL fandom. That this mysoginist has been allowed to continue unchecked by SC, Tall Ships or Starz is a disgrace.

I am sorry anon. 

I truly am. 

And yes. T2 was fully unnecessary if this was what was coming. 

I’m that kind of person that’s very easily influenced by others. I just saw two posts on my dash, one right after the other. The first one was all about Continue shipping Johnlock! Be part of TJLC! Everything’s gay! and I was like YAY! Yes! Absolutely! 😄 and then the second post appeared shaming everyone who bullies the creators, blaming the johnlock community for it and saying that johnlockers are ruining the fandom and I stopped short and my brain went ’…..holy shit could this be true? I guess I really am the crazy johnlocker, I should stop’

I feel like the wildly spinning cat with the buttered piece of bread attached to its back.

Cruise Ship Crush Part 2

Josh Dun x reader

Read the rest: Part 1

Summary: You think that you may have a shot with Josh but someone continues to act as a barrier.

A/N: So this series has been at the back of mind for quite some time so I am finally continuing it!

You decided that the best thing to do was to leave Josh and April so you excused yourself awkwardly. Josh apologized saying it would only be a moment so you went and attended to some other tasks for the time being.

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Matt hastings replied to a tweet that shared the article comparing their fade to black to some old tv show that used to do the same thing and completely... missed the point of the article... which is that LGBT couples get the fade to black treatment while non-endgame and non-canon straight couples get risque breast cupping scenes or wrapped up in blankets scenes or shirtless makeout scenes. If they gave straight couples the fade to black treatment, fine, but they don't so why does the LGBT ship?

honestly his whole “addressing” this issue is basically dodging the questions and giving vague answers like “everything will make sense later”. like how will this make sense later? i would understand that if later we would find out that alec and magnus didn’t actually end up having sex, but the whole episode 8 and literally darren swimmer himself comfirmed that they did. also continuity is not a thing with malec so that would probably get ignored too lmao. honestly i’m like done with this. obviously they don’t give two shits about what we have to say and will continue doing their own thing, even if it’s hurtful to us fans…. also to answer your question as to why does only malec get the fade to black treatment:

i heard some sourcream shippers say they’re gonna try to use the weird names we use to annoy us and tbh that’s not gonna annoy me i just think it’s hilarious like i don’t care if y'all ship slampoetry???? in fact feel free to come up with more wacky names for soulcorner it doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s hilarious and creative lmao

anonymous asked:

Look. All this shit is not even just the ship anymore. Neutral fans across SM are just tired of the lies/deceipt and passive aggressive behavior coming from production, cast crew, Starz. Throw in what you just showed from IW and Sam's continued silence on that asshole, BG and Italian lady threats and this is a fandom I no longer want to be a part off.

YUP. Exactly. I want to be a part of it but I want it to be fun again. 

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Whether the upcoming days will be sturm und drang depends solely on myself. If I want to interpret things negatively and create drama from nothing it's completely my own choice. Since so far I haven't seen any factual evidence that would support that S&C are NOT an item, I will continue my zen shipping.

Forgot to add: female/male friends attending events is no evidence of a romantic relationship. I actually would’ve been surprised if Tony hadn’t been at OWA being part of her management. Nor will I panic if I see him and an american actress at ECCC because the narrative hasn’t changed and LGF is clearly afraid of S&C together at ECCC. Zen anon


there are very few times these sorts of posts will be made. but this time, i feel like it’s completely necessary. if you have been asked in the past to not join this rp, whether it be for personal issues with the admin, forcing ships, bubble rping, or a combination of them all, joining the group under false pretenses is not only disrespectful to the admins, but the members as well and will not be tolerated.

in reference to this psa, made by one of the original admins of the scandals team, please unfollow:

demi lovato.

members, if this person continues to harass you after this has been posted, please block them. they have been asked not to join in the rp in the past, but it was an honest mistake on my part. i apologize severely to the members who have already been negatively affected by this person.

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The fandom will only die if we don't stick together. Yesterday I added a couple of people who are new to SVU, cause when I went through their blog there was the cutest headcanon with 1 like and some obscure screenshots with 2 likes & I thought, what a waste, no one is going to see this. Let's be real: We like to keep to ourselves & only reblog from the big name fans. Most of us (me included!) don't reach out to new peeps & they don't know anyone they could tag. Let's change that. :)

Oh, I totally agree, anon! And I know that there are a lot of us (myself included) who are continuing to blog about SVU/our ships regardless of the quality of this season.

I think people were probably just being so negative yesterday due to how just overwhelmingly awful Wednesday night’s episode was. It was definitely the worst of the season so far (and that’s saying something), which I think just generally but even more of a damper on people’s attitudes considering that the rest of the episodes this season probably aren’t going to be any better.

But, as I’ve said in the past, I will continue to love Barisi, Sonny, and Barba, as well as continue to support Peter and Raúl, and I know that there are a lot of people who feel the same way!

I think, unfortunately, we’re just going to have to accept that this season is a write-off and hope for improvement in the next season!

Around the time Back to the Barn aired someone pointed out that Peridot’s insistence that she is a certified Kindergartener implies a certification process. Did she study this field? Take an exam to be officially certified? Does she pursue continuing education to keep up with the latest developments?

Following my other thoughts on how do Gems mature; there is the possibility that Peridot was basically programmed to be a Kindergartener and popped out of the ground that way, ready to go. She was instantly an adult– what basic skills did she possess?

I think a lot about the scene in Back to the Moon where Amethyst-as-Jasper fudges the fact that she can’t fly a ship (and not just because of the hilarity of inviting Doc onto her lap while Eyeball cries in jealousy.) Is flying a ship an ability all jaspers innately have, or did our Jasper learn this skill at some point?

Maybe (probably) because it seems more relatable to my experiences as a human being, I like to think of Gems being deliberately taught certain skills.

AIDA be like:

“Hey guys, welcome to my AU fic of Agents of SHIELD. Just letting you guys know, there’ll be lots of Skyeward and Mackelena family feels, Phil as a teacher, and May as a HYDRA agent. Also, I’m hella anti-Fitzsimmons. Jemma’s dead in my fic because I hate that bitch. Also, just FYI, I’m shipping myself with Fitz. I know this is hella self-inserting but it’s gonna be awesome! Make sure to leave a kudos and a review and let me know if you want me to continue this fic.” 🙂🙂🙂


Supernatural 12x12

       ↳ In which, Cas is dying, Dean is still as dense as ever, and Sam is just pissed off about his ship. 

This originally was supposed to be a standalone - but I continued it because science. Part 1 (Part 2)

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

horrortale au, frisk comes back to meet their old friend pt2

genocide continues…
I guess this is before this happens though…