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Omg I can't decide so pick the one that calls to you. # 9,13 or 37. With sherlolly ship please

9. meeting online au

“It’s not working, Tom,” Molly said from her position on what was formerly their shared bed, hugging her knees to her chest, “we both know that. We’re just delaying the inevitable.”

Tom ignored her, continuing to throw his things into his bag, not that he had much – some spare clothes, a toothbrush, maybe a comb? He had grown to love his girlfriend’s home more than his own, even if her cat didn’t share his enthusiasm. He packed slowly, determined to drag this out for as long as he could, until she changed her mind. This wasn’t her mind, he was sure of it. Her friends had gotten into her head, talked her out of it.


He smiled triumphantly; he nearly always turned out to be correct.

“Can I have the key back?”

Tom dug the key from his pocket and, in a moment of outrage, threw it against the wall which caused Toby to flee in panic. He zipped up his bag and stormed out, vowing to never waste another moment thinking about her. Molly waited for the front door to slam behind her ex before breathing a sigh of relief and throwing away her covers, reaching for the laptop beside her. She flipped the lid, her fingers speedily opening her messenger icon. A new message awaited her and Molly settled comfortably against her pillows.


How did it go?

Molly breathed deeply, pondering her words carefully; oh, her internet chum knew all about her relationship troubles and had been reluctantly dishing out advice ever since they’d accidentally met in a chatroom some four months ago. He’d been looking for someone to help with work, she to vent; between them, they’d come to an odd sort of friendship. Not many people would be very accepting of others who wanted to share crime scene photos and autopsy reports. Molly later learned to her amusement he’d asked at least five other people before finding her, resulting in his suspension from other sites.

Molly flexed her fingers, choosing to be honest with him.


About as well as you can expect. He left, which is something.

Molly watched the screen, noticing the ‘offline’ display beside his handle; she debated closing her laptop and returning to the conversation later. Only seconds later, offline switched to online and a new message followed.


I suppose I’m wasting my time telling you you’re better off without him.

Molly smiled sadly, already typing her reply.


It doesn’t really matter. I always do this. I ruin every relationship I ever have. Just you wait.

Molly stared at the last three words, chewing her lip as she argued whether or not to send the message. She didn’t want him to take it the wrong way, scare him off.

Incoming Skype call…

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To all roadrat shippers

Look. I may hate it but you do you.
But i have to say from experience. If you see a meihem post, Junkmetra post, or any junkrat ship that doesn’t have Roadhog. DON’T SAY HE NEEDS TO BE WITH ROADHOG!
Or don’t say Roadhog needs to be in this instead of “____”!
I made an edit that included Junkmetra and Meihem and everyone was fucking complaining about how i didn’t have roadrat. NOT EVERYONE REMOTELY LIKES OR SHIPS ROADRAT! And espically don’t push people’s buttons by posting roadrat hashtags or continuously fuck around about it! Hell i even made an edit of roadrat so they can gET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE OTHER EDIT.
Don’t talk about roadrat in other ships like meihem and junkmetra or boombox (junkrat x luciò)It A) pisses people off B) makes the person feel like they have to get your every need satisfyed which a lot of people don’t like to do

I DID NOT MAKE THIS TO SPREAD NEGATIVITY. I AM MERELY SAYING PLEASE DO NOT FORCE THE SHIP UPON OTHER PEOPLE. If you ship it: great! Keep shipping it! just don’t force it upon other people 💕

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Eeey another ship ask! Becca x Mc? Or if anybody already asked that,Emma x Mc? 💞

I’LL DO BOTH! (I’ll post the Emma x MC later, donut worry. Heh,) 😄💖


·        Who said “I love you” first?

(This is like, a continuation of the first ship ask. HERE IF SOMEBODY WANTS TO READ IT😅) MC did. After Becca gave MC The Talk ™ about how it was okay for MC to tell Becca that she loved her (‘cause it was really apparent that MC really DID want to tell Becca how she felt but just couldn’t because she thought it might make Becca uncomfortable,) MC decided to let slip a few “I love you’s” occasionally so as not to overwhelm Becca with her… endearments.

Becca took quite some time to say it back, since she’s spent so much of her life shutting down that sort of sentiment that she has to ease herself back into it. Even though she knows she loves MC, she still had to work on really opening herself up to that. But when she did say it back, MC just looked at her and smiled, whispering “I know.” in her ear.


·        Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

MC. MC all the way. She is. So whipped. So whipped. She has a candid shot of Becca dozing off in the passenger seat while they were on a road trip set as her wallpaper. Becca doesn’t like the shot, but is secretly pleased and endeared. Especially when she catches MC smiling when she sees that photo when she opens her phone, like the smitten goof she is.

·        Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Ever since Becca has… “permitted” MC to, she always leaves “I love you’s” on the mirror for Becca to see when she enters the bathroom. To which Becca rolls her eyes at but smiles at nonetheless. Heh.

Sometimes it’s:

“Wait a few minutes before doing your business. Love you. ❤️


·        Who buys the other cheesy gifts

BECCA. Mainly because she’s the one who has a job. When she got her first paycheck from Uskea, she brought home some food for her and MC to share

Most of Becca’s gifts aren’t what you would call “cheesy”, but practical. She’ll buy MC some office supplies, like some pens and sticky notes, anything she thinks would be useful to MC. She isn’t into buying flowers and all that crap, saying that “They’ll just wilt and then you’ll just have to throw them away, and it makes me feel like I wasted my money on them.”

·        Who initiated the first kiss

Well, we all know Becca did. She didn’t initiate just a kiss though… 😉

·        Who kisses the other awake in the morning

*MC jumps on the bed, jostling Becca awake, and presses a kiss to her lips*

“Mmmrrmph! MC what the– mmph”

“Mmm, good morning.”

And Becca ends up kissing her back, winding her hands through MC’s hair. It isn’t really her most ideal way of being woken up, but she loves it.

·        Who starts tickle fights

MC, but Becca hates tickle fights (it makes her feel out of control with her body), so if they ever have some, they don’t usually last long.

·        Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Seriously? Both of them. They’ll hop in the shower when their partner is bathing. Every. Chance. They. Get. Apparently, they’re both into shower secks. On special days, they end up just lounging around in the bathtub, talking about random stuff about their relationship. Sometime just lie in there, bubbles around them, one holding the other, not saying a word.

·        Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

MC sometimes forgets to eat her meals when she’s drowning in her school work + newspaper work, so Becca takes matters into her own hands and decides to cook for MC. At first, she just goes out and gets MC some fast food take-outs, but she thought it would be sweeter if she cooks for MC, so she takes it upon herself to learn a few recipes for MC. MC rewards her every time with the sweetest, deepest kiss she can give Becca.

·        Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Actuallyyyyyy, I have a fic coming up about Becca and MC’s first date, so I’m not gonna answer this, hehe. You’re all gonna find out when I upload it though. :))))

·        Who kills/takes out the spiders

MC does. Becca isn’t exactly scared of them, but she thinks spiders are gross creatures who just make a mess everywhere they are, so she has MC take them out.

Becca: “Oh, there they are again. Those hairy limbs and those hideous eyes? Ew. Who needs that much eyes and legs? So disgusting. And don’t get me started on those god damn spiderwebs. They don’t even pay rent and they have the audacity to make a house in our house? How dare…” *rambles on and on*

MC: *rolls her eyes and gets the broom*

·        Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Becca, hahaha. She doesn’t say it as much as MC when she’s sober, but when she’s drunk? Oh, dear god.

That’s the reason why MC loves it when Becca’s drunk—she’s showered with a lot of I love you’s and cheek and forehead kisses by Becca.

MC mercilessly teases Becca the day after, when Becca’s in the middle of her hangover, to piss her off even more. Becca is never amused.

Tiny brain: plotting relationships with other muns, deciding if it’s going to be slow burn or pre established, thinking up in depth plots that highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship

Small brain: talking to the mun once or twice about plotting something, but always being too scared to continue because you feel like you’re forcing a ship

Medium brain: reblogging the ‘ship with me you cowards’ meme

Huge brain: shipping your muse with other muses but never talking to them out of fear

i had a dream. i forgot how most of the first half went i was on a cruise ship and it was a murder game. I survived but somehow changed bodies with another player who died because of that and a friend of theres wanted to kill me.

then I jumped onto another ship while at sea. This was a continuation of another dream I had, sort of, in the same universe. This was the traveling armada of the revolution.

someone jumped onto the boat and came to try to kill me and because i’m bad with faces i thought it was the woman from the murder party. It wasn’t it was a counter revolutionary. Shortly after a fog of deadly gas was everywhere and I tried not to breath it.

After the glass cleared I saw someone walking on water. Of course he wasn’t really but he was riding a whale. Not safe. The young boy traveled by whale a lot, but this time the whale threw him off. Then the whale went and tipped over one of our boats, the boat fell onto the whale and it crushed it to death.

before that it went to try to tip another ‘boat’ it was just a huge floaty that was in the shape of an octopus, somehow it stayed a float. everyone was sad that the whale friend died.

then we made a stop at an Island, we frequently made stops for supplies. Someone made me a pancake and it was very good.

At the next island I called my dad to pick me up. He asked “why you always are supporting revolution” and I said “yeah but this isn’t a lifestyle that’s safe” not that i cared about safety but i rarely knew the plans on where we were going next and there wasn’t enough food and ware to leave healthy.

i was almost arrested by a counter revolutionary too and I told her my story

Prompt # 142

“Well that was overkill.”

“No. That was style. Something you clearly lack.”


he just fucking stops in the middle of his speech about games to show yugi his flexed bicep for some fucking reason and then continues without any explanation. what the fuck is going on here

The corridor is long and dark. I lean against the cold wall, barely being able to catch my breath. They’ve been chasing me for god knows how long but somehow I managed to escape. I’m safe, at least for now. 

 I sigh deeply trying to steady my breath. It’s not over yet, I think to myself. They will come back. They always come back. Always too quickly, always when I least expect them. That’s why I need to be ready to run at all times.

I can’t fight them, that’s impossible. Their numbers exceed my comprehension, their strength - my imagination. They are an organised group which rarely gets discouraged once they spot their pray. For that reason the only thing left for me to do is run. I know I can’t escape, I’m not stupid. But it certainly won’t hurt to try. 

Suddenly, a familiar ring of footsteps reaches my ears. They must’ve caught up when I was resting, I think. I get up and try to make myself run but my body refuses to move. I fall down with a loud thud, tripping over my own feet. I look behind my back, down the long corridor. Here they are, with their claws sharper than the edge of a mirror and their fangs seeking blood. Absentmindedly I notice I never looked them straight in the eyes. The boiling red suns now spilling over their angry faces drill their way through my body. I must admit I’ve always envied them such passion and commitment. 

In the last desperate yet naive attempt to save myself I begin to crawl. If I’ll go down, I’ll go down fighting. Their steps are becoming louder with every second but I can barely hear them over the sound of my heart racing. One of the shadowy figures throws himself on me crushing my lungs in the process. He grabs my throat and slams my head into the cold, stone floor. It’s over. They got me. I’m trying to scream but all that comes out is a merely audible whistle.

 As I’m blacking out I can feel their claws tearing my skin. It hurts but it will be all over soon. At least I can hope.

Their heavy breaths fill out my ears. Their screams shred my eardrums. The last thing I register before slipping into the darkness is a question asked with that hoarse yet familiar voice:

“Why don’t you draw more destiel?”

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I'm not a shipper, but @ every shippers who want a canon mlm representation, should stop erasing Keith and Shiro's relationship just because it's notp. Because from the look of it they're the ones that seems to have chance in becoming canon. People are screaming broganes! in every posts to the point of sounding like old homophobes, and even from non shipper's view, it's transparent as fuck. Like it'd be easier if people just admit that KL are not important to each other as people make out to be.

Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The very earliest Voltron interview I heard was before the show even released, and when asked about providing more lgbt rep the way they did with korrasami, Lauren said: “We have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope.” Which tells me any gay relationship they planned to expand on has been present right from the start. Add to that comments about how “Keith latches onto Shiro,” “Keith’s always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong that’ll cause him to lose Shiro,” “He supports Keith one hundred percent, he’s stuck his neck out for Keith a lot,” and “Keith and Shiro have the closest relationship”–if they were ever hinting at anything, I think it’s sheith. 

From onscreen canon interactions, Keith and Shiro’s relationship has always read as romantic to me. And claiming what they have is just brotherly when it’s so obviously different from Matt and Pidge’s dynamic–I just don’t understand it. So many of Keith and Shiro’s scenes are incredibly intimate. They confide in one another, comfort each other, offer physical reassurances and hold each other close. Keith prioritizes Shiro’s safety first and foremost and literally vows to save him, “as many times as it takes.” We see from Keith’s very first scene a tenderness between them that’s never replicated with anyone else. So much of their relationship reads as a veritable fairytale romance. I don’t think that’s an accident. 

It’s really transparent to me when people claim that this season was somehow homophobic for veering further towards allurance or not having Keith interact with Lance?? Like, people are literally claiming the staff don’t care about representation and never had any intention of including it, but?? The crew has already blatantly informed us that it was never their intention to tease Kl/ance, and they directly said they wouldn’t queerbait it. Because it was never there. Fans making serious accusations like this is incredibly transparent–if the only representation that matters to you is your ship, then I think you should reevaluate why. As a bi guy, kl/ance has always made me uncomfortable and I never saw any precedence for it in canon. 

Lauren literally said, “we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!” When asked about Lance’s future “Mr or Mrs Blue Lion,” Lauren responded exclusively with female pronouns. This isn’t like the bait and switch with building up leader Keith only to throw Shiro back in the pilot seat. Representation is serious, there is no gotcha moment, they’re not continually pushing aside kl/ance so they don’t “ruin the surprise.” 

Representation is a very real concern for Joaquim and Lauren, and they’ve already outright said teasing kl/ance was never their intention. They’re completely against queerbaiting. We’ve been definitively told no. If fans are unable to let go of fanon and refuse to acknowledge the narrative we’ve been given, then that’s on them. But it seems hypocritical to me to claim they were led on when they just refused to listen. As Lauren said: “they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”

And I’ve seen people claim–but, kl/ance is so popular! The fans love it so much, they shouldn’t discount it just yet! Things can change! And it’s incredibly clear to me that those fans are naive in their understanding of the animation industry. Joaquim said this best: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” He and Lauren outright confirmed they can’t go back and make kl/ance canon, because the decision to do so would’ve had to have been made years ago. Animation is not a medium conducive to major change. That’s just something fans will have to learn to accept. 

Lauren and Joaquim really seem like they actually care and they’re fighting for more representation. That means something to me. And if people expect me to feel sorry for fans who harass them simply because they didn’t make their OTP canon and are trying to focus on their own narrative, then they don’t know me. If it’s representation fans are concerned about and not just ships, then they shouldn’t see kl/ance as the only viable source for it. I’m sorry if people were disappointed and wanted representation in another form, I really am. I understand, I do. But I don’t think it’s fair to tear down the creators for it when they’re trying their best and act like kl/ance was somehow our only chance. 


Everything we’ve put that ship though and she just refuses to die.
It’s fucking unnatural. 

Silver 4.05

A species of warlike creatures, the dryzal, were the first to notice the humans, to them we were nothing but a bunch of hairless rats with a collective ego big enough to power an entire empire for several generations.

They took great humor in crushing us, so much so that they gave us fair warning. And that was their biggest mistake.

When they made landfall they were not greeted by an army of any kind, instead they found a small team of politicians. The Dryzal were astonished, they had even warned these beings of their presence and all they sent were people tried to talk, not to fight!

The admiral decided to humor these beings and discuss their terms of surrender, but when the human negotiator walked in, he was smiling!

“Good morning Admiral, how are you today?”

“Ready to crush you beneath my boot you puny rodent! Now stop with your useless babbling and get to business before I command my fleet to bomb your planet into submission!”

“If you wish. To put it simply you believe that you are in a superior position to us, it is my job to correct this assumption and inform you about the true hellhole of a position you put yourself in.”

At this point the Admiral was more than enraged. He had been insulted by this species again and again, and this show of bravado was the last straw.


“For starters” the politician smiled “We have enough nuclear weapons stored on in this military base alone to wipe your species out of our system, but that would be too easy. While we’ve been talking, teams of commandos have infiltrated your command ships and have taken complete control.”

He continued with a type of angry calm unknown to the dryzal “From the information we gathered from the onboard computers, we know exactly where your homeworld is and with your ships it will be absolutely no issue getting there. If you harm a single occupant of this planet we will turn every one of your weapons against you and glass your planets.”

The dryzal laughed, after all there was no way these pasty beings could have accomplished any of these feats, right?

Just to prove that the human was mentally unstable, he pulled out his communicator “Admiral Joz to Planet Eater, respond” But the com stayed silent. “Humph” he said “your sun’s solar flares must be interfering with our communication systems”

“Perhaps” said the politician shrugged “or maybe I’m right.” At this he pulled out a radio of his own and said “two shots”

The Planet Eater fired off two wide bore lasers into space, easily noticeable from the window of the building.

NOW the Admiral was listening

“What are your terms?” He asked, clearly defeated

“Leave everything behind and pack all of your troops into unarmed transports, go back to your empire and never return.”

The legend of the Humans spread quickly, and they were quickly both feared and revered as the destroyer of worlds and the freer of species. They were warriors, and nobody dared test that again



He still remembered the looks full of pity he received whenever his friends saw his empty wrists.

He had a soulmate.

Knowing that the person who was supposed to love and cherish him unconditionally was simply not there was— right beside the absence of his parents in his life— the most painful thing that could have happened to him.

Merlin. He had an actual soulmate!

Whereas his first instincts had been to panic, there was now an indescribable feeling of hope and longing bubbling in his chest.

Because, if the words on his wrists were anything to go by, his soulmate had been waiting for him just as much as he had for them.

You’re here. You’re finally here. Thought you were dead. You…

Never mind that the familiarity of those letters still caused an inexplainable rush of anxiety to run through his body.

With newfound determination, Harry Potter followed his new head of house, a certain Professor Slughorn, down into the dungeons until they were standing in front of the entrance to the Slytherin common room.

Maybe this insane mission Dumbledore had sent him on wouldn’t turn out to be so bad after all. At least he could, besides trying to get useful information out of Riddle, try to find his soulmate.

The first thing he noticed about entering the common room was that nothing had really changed from what he could still remember from second year. It was still gloomy, the lake right outside the windows still cast green shadows upon the walls and there was a small fire crackling in the hearth.

He tried to ignore the constant dripping sound echoing throughout room but that still didn’t prevent the flashes of dark chambers and black serpents to dance before his eyes.

The second thing he noticed was that all eyes were on him.
Every person that had been reading, chatting or simply dozing off before was now staring at Harry.

“Listen up, everyone! This-” a hand was placed on his shoulder “is Harry Potter. He’s a transfer student and I am proud tho say that he has been sorted into our house.”

There were quiet whispers traded back and forth now.
Curious expressions on the other’s faces.

But as of now Harry was glad to say that he hadn’t spotted Riddle, yet.

He let his fingers ghost over his wrist. Internally wrestling with the impulse to check it again for any new words.

“… Now, without much further ado, I ask all of you to be kind to our new addition. But maybe someone could volunteer to be Harry’s guide for the first few days until he knows where his classes are and has become a little more familiar with this new environment?” Slughorn let his gaze wander over the crowd questioningly.

Although Harry suspected that he was actually searching for someone specific whom he expected to answer.

His musings proved to be correct when every student simultaneously turned their head the slightest bit in the same direction and a few stepped aside to let a rather tall, brunet male through, whose blue eyes were fixed on his in a predatory manner.

He wished those flashbacks would just s t o p but he simply couldn’t tune out the low hissing of Parseltongue and the sound of snake skin dragging itself across wet stones and oh Merlin Ginny was-

“-Tom Riddle.”

Harry blinked. Slightly perplexed when the dark-lord-to-be inclined his head in a polite nod.

There was a pause.

“Harry. Harry Potter.” He answered eventually. Trying to ignore the tingling on his wrist and the unnerving glint in the other’s eyes.

As well as the bile attempting to claw up his throat at the close proximity of the future-mass-murderer.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Harry Potter.” Then, like an afterthought. “I’m sure we will get along just fine.”

Yeah. Maybe when hell freezes over and Salazar Slytherin starts step dancing on top of the astronomy tower in a pink skirt.

Without waiting for an answer, Riddle turned around— apparently expecting Harry to follow— and strutted off into the general direction of one of the staircases leading further down into the dungeons.

That realization was accompanied by a sharp tug of panic and a thought that hadn’t even occurred to him until now.

Was there maybe more than just one path leading into the Chamber of Secrets?

Rip. Tear. Kill. Let me kill.
No no no nonononononono-

A sudden wave of calm and reassurance washed over Harry and he released a breath he hadn’t even noticed he was holding.

The still new soul bond inside his mind was vibrating with poorly concealed worry and there was a moment’s worth of confusion before he caught on.

His soulmate had felt his distress and had tried to comfort him.

But that was supposed to be impossible.

He hadn’t even met his soulmate yet. The bond shouldn’t be that strong.

Harry cast a quick glance down at his wrist, catching the hastily scribbled phrases of:

Are you okay? Did something happen? Merlin forbid if something happened….

He ripped his gaze away from the words to turn his attention back to Riddle.

Never turn your back to the enemy.
He had learned that lesson the hard way.

But the other hadn’t moved an inch either. Standing before the staircase with a deep frown on his face and something akin to restlessness in his eyes.

Then his gaze settled back on Harry and his expression smoothed over. “I apologize. I spaced out there for a second. Now, shall we? The boy’s dorm is just down there and we need to get you settled in quickly if we want to get to dinner on time.”


With a foreboding sense of doom, Harry followed the Dark-Lord-to-be down the stairs.

This time effectively shutting out the unwelcome images triggered by the dark stone walls encasing them.

What he couldn’t quite shut out, however, was the soft humming of soothing emotions bleeding over the bond, and suddenly he thought that, just maybe, fate didn’t hate him so much after all.

- Tomarry [Soulmate + Time Tavel AU (part 2)]

Part 1