and i will always cry when he says this

“he just left in the middle of an argument” dump him
“he rolls his eyes when I start to cry” dump him
“we never agree on what movie to watch and we always go with his choice” dump him
“when he’s mad he’ll stand up straight and tower over me” dump him
“his friends make me uncomfortable” dump him
“he didn’t appreciate the gift I made him” dump him
“I don’t like that he drinks every day” dump him
“sometimes he ignores what I said during sex unless I say it again” dump him
“he told me he doesn’t like it when I wear my favorite sweater” dump him
“he threw something when he got mad once” dump him
“he won’t yell but sometimes he’ll just stop responding until I stop talking about it” dump him
“he doesn’t want me to go to my friend’s parties without him, but he never wants to go” dump him
“he pouts and says his last girlfriend did it for him” dump him
“he plays pranks on me that I don’t like” dump him
“he doesn’t think my jokes are very funny and makes fun of me for it” dump him
“he wants me to wear more make up” dump him
“he got angry that I cut my hair” dump him
“he still hasn’t met my parents” dump him
“he talks about me giving him kids, but we’ve never talked about our future” dump him
“he whines that condoms don’t feel as good” dump him
“I like having a boyfriend, but I have to put up with a lot for this one” dump him (:


I just wanted to say kudos to the crew for the way they animated Yuuri crying

Crying is ugly and messy. People don’t look their best when crying. But in so many animated shows and movies, I feel like a lot of the times, even when a character is full-out bawling, they still look flawless. But here, they actually made Yuuri’s crying face so… natural. Yuuri’s a pretty attractive guy, but when he starts crying, he doesn’t look so great (no I’m not calling this boy ugly lol, just saying that his attractiveness dropped a bit with his crying face, as it should). His face is distorted, his eyebrows are knit, his eyes are scrunched up, his face is flushed, his lips are almost quivering at moments. Aside from the Ghibli Tears™ (which I honestly love, the large tear drops always have a nice artistic and emotional impact for me personally), this is a very realistic cry.

Also I really appreciated this moment…

I always feel better after a good cry, and I’m glad Yuuri feels the same and that he has no shame in crying

I love Yuri on Ice :’)

soft klance things

  • keith always straightens out the hems of lance’s shirts because them being folded bothers him. lance just smiles and lets keith do his thing
  • whenever keith gets into a Mood, lance’ll come and lay his head in keith’s lap and start talking, about anything, just to see if he can make keith smile. 
    • and when keith finds lance crying at night because he misses his family, he takes lance’s hand and kisses each finger. 
    • “one,” he says, counting after each kiss. “two. three.” they both count, and on ten their mouths meet and lance feels a little more calm, focused. 
  • keith gets out of the shower and his long hair is sopping wet, so he shakes it like a dog to get lance all wet. 
    • “stop! you’re the worst!” lance is yelling, but he’s also laughing.
    • his revenge is to take a towel and vigorously rub keith’s head until his hair poofs out. afterword he’ll sit, legs spread out and keith between them resting against his chest, and brush out keith’s hair. 
  • early morning jogs around the halls of the castle, talking softly to one another, voices echoing in the quiet.
  • lance finds a machine in the castle that takes sound and converts it into a holographic light display that fills a room. 
    • lucky for them, keith’s ipod was in his jacket pocket when blue abducted them. 
    • he plays soft vintage melodies from the beginning of the millennium while he and lance slow dance. lance’s arms are looped around keith’s neck, keith’s head resting on lance’s shoulders. soft blue lights like waves fill the room and pass through them.
    • “does this count as a bonding moment?” keith asks slyly, still not letting that go. 
    • lance grins and kisses him. long, and deep as a well, savoring it, savoring keith.. “Hm…I guess so. I’m cradling you in my arms, aren’t I?”

i’ve seen a lot of posts where lance plays with keith’s hair because he misses playing with his siblings’ hair back home, but like

what if he likes keith playing with his hair, because since he was a baby, when he was sad his family would always pat beside them and say “come here, you big baby” and lay with him and run their fingers through his hair until he stopped crying. so the first time they were cuddling and keith absently raked his fingers across lance’s scalp, he didn’t understand why lance teared up and whispered “please keep doing that” but it kinda becomes second nature to just do it whenever lance is sad or stressed and i made myself cry with this post

When we first met, you and I, you asked me a question,” he said.
“Yes, I did,” she replied with a slight smirk appearing on her face.
“We were at a party. I was throwing up in the bathroom and you stumbled in, drunk and quite crazy looking. You asked me what the point of it all was. You said everything hurt. That everything always got messed up, and it was usually your fault. You were crying, hard, and you looked at me and asked me what the point was. And I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t know. I still don’t know.”
She let out a small laugh and bumped his leg with her knee. She took a deep breath and spoke.
“You see, when we first met, I was heartbroken. I just got dumped, my mom hated me, I thought I had no one. I didn’t see the point of living, of doing anything anymore,” she told him quietly.
“Well what about now?” he questioned.
“Well now,” she spoke again, louder this time, “now I’m happy. I have you, my best friend. My mom doesn’t hate me. I haven’t fucked anything up in a while. But it won’t stay like this forever. Because I’m going to mess up again and you’ll hate me and I’ll hate you and then we’ll love each other. Maybe we’ll end up together in the long run or maybe I’ll end up wishing you would drop off of the planet. What I’m trying to say is, nothing is permanent. You won’t be happy forever but you also won’t be sad forever. Things are always changing, and you can’t stop them from doing so. The point is, that there is no point. So live however the hell you want to. We’re all destined to the same inevitable ending.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write #8
Putting Yuri into perspective

This episode really had me thinking back to all Yuri and Viktor have been through. The last scene is about Yuri’s imminent retiring from skating, not necessarily a break up. But this says alot about how Yuri feels concerning his relationship with Viktor, and his anxiety. Shit, this show is just so F U L L of subtlety, that I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming.

Remember back at the end of ep 9, when Yuri says:

then Viktor says this:

and so, Yuri tears up:

I never quite understood why Yuri gets sad here - he looked so happy and determined to see Viktor just moments ago. I always thought he was just overwhelmed, but why with sadness? It’s because, as viktor says “ I wish you’d never retire”, Yuri is crushed with the weight that he knows he wants to retire very soon - after the GPF.

This scene is actually the saddest to me now. Not because Yuri starts crying, but because it says so much about how Yuri is feeling and there were no words needed. Viktor just finished telling him how he would improve his own coaching to help Yuri from that point on, but Yuri knows it’s going to be so short lived. Yuri knows his time with Viktor is coming to an end, on his own accord.

Thus, we have Yuri’s breakdown on the ice.

It’s no secret he’s an anxious wreck, as this screams volumes of his disappointment in himself, again, no words needed. But of course, he doesn’t break down entirely because of failure, but because of pressure, the pressure of being under Viktor’s flawless image. ( Notice there is a lot of emphasis on pressure in this episode, especially with how JJ’s performance went down: “so this is the pressure of the Grand Prix Final” i think he says; then phichit wanting to make his country proud, crying at the end to release said pressure). You can see the ring’s emphatic glow there, which is a nod to Viktor (and their engagement).

In this flashback, it illustrates that impressing Viktor is always on his mind:

this flashback in particular, along with his obsessive thoughts about that quad flip, tells me that being at Viktor’s standards is the only way he’ll feel good about himself. (What many people misconstrue about Yuri is that he just skates to impress Viktor - when the reality is he wants to skate so that he doesn’t make Viktor look bad. It is his anxiety speaking).

The conflict in Yuri is that he obviously loves Viktor - but he has finally come to terms that Viktor affects his skating. He already has performance anxiety and he knows that failing is going to make himself feel worse, because he’s concerned about how badly that reflects on Viktor - as he says here back in ep 7:

And that is on top of his own poor self-esteem:

I feel like this shows how Yuri is trapped by his anxiety. This is one of the most realistic depictions of mental illness that I’ve seen in media ever. The fear of failure is always in him, and it is not cured by Viktor.

In which case, I think this answers all our questions about why Yuri refers to fucking wedding rings as “good luck charms,” and why he was all “wait, WHAT?” when Viktor announced their engagement. This signifies that Yuri doesn’t want to be the one to hold Viktor back - he doesn’t feel he’s worth it.

And, oh, Yuri seeing Viktor look out onto the ice:

here, we see Yuri is on a much lower plane than Viktor and we are looking with his perspective. He stands looking up at Viktor, a person who he admires so much. Again, another strange scene without words that speaks through symbolism: Yuri still sees Viktor as someone who is always going to be out of reach and always above him.

And Yuri telling Viktor this will surely challenge him, because unlike Yuri, he is confident. He’s never been in Yuri’s shoes. But I’m 99% sure they’re not going to break up. Although this is clearly Yuri saying “look. I don’t want to be the one to hold you back, I’m not worth it. You’re the one who should be on the ice, not me. I’m retiring so you can go back to Russia and go back to doing what you love, whether it be competing or coaching someone better.”


But, if we haven’t already seen, Viktor doesn’t feel that way anymore. He loves Yuri more and has done his time with winning championships. I’m actually excited to see what Viktor will tell Yuri in the next episode, for it will hopefully give Yuri piece of mind, as Viktor hasn’t entirely expressed this to him yet. Yuri is still under the impression that Viktor is coaching him because he sees Yuri as a great skater that can win the Grand Prix, when in actuality it’s because Viktor loves him. I’m thinking Viktor finally expressing his true love to him will ease his anxiety.. Fear is clearly holding him back; if he does win the GPF (and i think he will), it will not be because he is the protagonist of the story - it will be because Viktor’s love has made him stronger. Is that not what his theme is this year?

“Now that I know love, I’m stronger for it.”

All the episodes of both of them being ambiguous on the subject on their true, deep-ass feelings lead up to this point:

Love will conquer his fear.

Bring it on episode 12. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Yuuri u can't look ur boyfriend in the eye and say that you're surprised to see him cry you're suppose to hug the shit out of him and tell him that everything's gonna be okay ur mother taught u better than that what the fuck boy

jeonghan really loves his members so much. joshua wrote a letter to jeonghan saying that even when they had a hard time as trainees they always looked out for each other and then says ‘my friend, i love you’ and jeonghan started crying. we always see jeonghan smiling and laughing and teasing his members but he really does care for them so much.

I will never understand why ppl find mccree sexy bc I just can’t take him seriously with his weird dom-y lines (“I saved ur life it belongs to me now”) like in what universe is mccree the one in charge of any relationship when he always sounds like he’s about to cry when he says “don’t sass me???” America explain???

anonymous asked:

how can you say jungkook is comfortable around v if he always leans away? like at that award show recently

i have a skating anime problem

Yuri starts to say goodbye after the Grand Prix.

Victor doesn’t see it at first, and then he can’t believe it. Yuri isn’t pushing him away. It’s the opposite: he leans into Victor, smiles up at him, brushes their hands together when they’re walking side by side. But Victor catches glimpses of Yuri’s small pensive smiles when he thinks Victor’s not looking. He looks at Victor, he looks at Makkachin, he looks at the ring Victor gave him, and he smiles.

“I don’t want to leave,” Victor tells him.

“You’ll always be welcome at Hasetsu,” Yuri promises, as if that’s what Victor meant.

“I want to be beside you,” Victor tells him another time, with the seagulls crying overhead.

“I like being with you too,” says Yuri, and he blushes a little, and afterwards he is smiling that exact small smile, which Victor is starting to hate.

It’s not long before Victor is frantic. He’s used to Yuri not believing in himself. He hates it, but he’s used to it, and he has thought of dozens of ways around it, ways to shock Yuri, distract him, amuse him, infuriate him into being his best. But none of them seem to work when it comes to making Yuri believe in him. Victor didn’t think there was even a question anymore. He thought it was only a matter of time. He’s kissed Yuri! They exchanged rings!

Yuri seems to have decided there was a question, and to have answered it with a definite, sad-smiling ‘no’ before Victor even got a chance to say anything.

Victor finally snaps on a beautiful spring evening when he’s coming in from the hot springs and he hears Yuri talking to Minako. “No,” he’s saying, “I think I’m done with skating, now. It can’t get any better. So after Victor goes back to Russia -”

After Victor goes back to Russia.

Victor sees red.

He storms in and grabs Yuri by the wrist. Minako puts her hand over her mouth, eyebrows very high. Victor flashes her a bright toothy smile. “Sorry, Minako!” he says, hearing his own voice come out high and sharp. “Yuri and I need to go to the rink now!”

“What?” says Yuri. They were at the rink all day. “Um, Victor -”

“Don’t argue with your coach, Yuri,” says Victor, dragging Yuri from the room. “It’s time to skate.”

“Victor -”

Victor slams the front door open.

“Victor -”

Victor rounds on him. “Yes?” he says sweetly.

Yuri gulps but stands his ground. His cheeks are flushed. He’s so cute, Victor thinks grimly. “You’re not wearing any pants,” says Yuri.

Victor pauses. Pants. Yes. He is in fact only wearing one of the robes from the hot spring. Even he might find it hard to skate like this.

“I will find pants,” he says with dignity. “And then we are going to the rink.”


                                                                                              ♥  h o m e  ♥

Minhyuk is so thoughtful and cheerful even when he doesn’t have to be and he’s always helping the other members and showing affection for them and trying to pick them up when they’re down and both wonho and shownu have expressed that they lean on him a lot and find comfort in his words and he’s always trying to clarify what is being said in a way that’s easy to digest like when wonho broke down crying on the v app and he explained the situation calmly and honestly and sincerely for fans and he’s so genuinely caring like he said before he was worried he would have to be bright all the time but also mentioned that being a source of happiness for other ppl makes him feel happy too and I’ve heard so many ppl say that minhyuk wasn’t needed but i honest 2 god can’t imagine the group without him he’s seriously so supportive and kind and strong and he’s the glue of the group tbh

he says when I am honey.
And leaves me hungry
for spices. He leaves 
me angry and in love. 
I love you. I 
say it so desperately
and it does not calm me.
And he does not always
say it back.
I guess it’s too
European for him to
say: I love you too.  

he says when I am alone 
in the kitchen, crying softly,
before I cut a pomegranate.
I tell him I miss him
and he does not
cause the lust might 
devour me tonight.
He only misses me 
when another man’s
hand is on my thigh 
for my body is his 

he says when he 
has spoken to his mother
about my Henna tattoos.
But he has not said
anything to my 
father about the white sheets.
I say marriage.
He says Insha'Allah.

—  Arabic Is The New French from The Immigration Series by Royla Asghar 

People who say Snape deserved to die make me so mad. Did you even read the books? At least watch the movies? He did everything to protect Harry. “But he made kids cry” HE HAD TO FUCKING PROTECT HIMSELF FROM THAT NOSELESS TOOTH NOODLE WHO WAS SKILLED IN READING MINDS ARE YOU FUCKNG KIDDING HE HAD TO DO IT, NOT BY CHOICE.

Oh……. My god…….. I just noticed the most heartbreaking thing.

When it’s Bast’s POV in the interludes, Kote is always referred to as “Kvothe”. I don’t mean when he talks, I mean the text says Kvothe because that’s how Bast thinks of him, just like when it’s Kote’s POV the text refers to him as Kote, because that’s how he thinks of himself. To Bast, he never became Kote, he’s still Kvothe, and always will be.

On a related note, Patrick Rothfuss is a master of words and I’m constantly in awe. I keep wondering what else is in there that I missed, how much more will I discover with each reread?

I’m crying because Namjoon is always so supportive of Jungkook like anytime they’re watching their performances he’s always like “woww jungkook look at jungkook” same with on their shows he’s always so heart eyes like jungkook is doing so well and he’s always cheering for him and when Jungkook talks he looks at him with this cheesy fond expression and every other time he’ll say “cute” after Jungkook finishes talking i just can’t do this with you Namjoon anyway they have a cute name too stan support stan kookiemonster

Seventeen Reaction to them making you cry during a fight

A/N: This is my own personal opinion, I’m not saying that the boys are like this, I don’t know them. I’m just not about those unrealistic imagines where they’re too nice and coddling you; from what I know through being a fan, this is how I think they’d be. 

Seungcheol/S.Coups: It would be your first fight and neither of you would know what to expect from the other. You’d always seen Cheol as this loving caring character so it honestly surprised and scared you when he yelled at you. He immediately reigned himself in and regained his cool but tears were already pricking at your eyes as you gaped up at him, not knowing who it was that stood before you right now. “Shit… Y/N I’m sorry…” He would honestly feel so helpless bc all he wanted to do was just coddle you and make all your sadness go away but dammit he was the cause this time. You guys would probably have a far more reasonable conversation after that, working through whatever the problem was.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan just strikes me as a super bitter person when he’s mad like if he was really mad he would go after something you were insecure about just because he knew it would hurt you even if he didn’t mean what he said at all. And so you and Jeonghan would probably be having the worst fight of your entire relationship and you guys would be screaming profanities at each other. At one point Jeonghan would just take it too far and you wouldn’t reply, staring at him in disbelief. You were trying so hard not to cry all this time but you couldn’t help it anymore. Jeonghan would immediately sober, “N-No.. I’m sorry…I swear I didn’t… I didn’t mean it..” He would whimper and immediately step towards you, his heart breaking when you stepped away.

Joshua/Jisoo: Joshua seems like he’d be really cruel when he’s upset too but more of in a petty way. Like I think he’d be the type to continuously bring up old stuff while you guys fought. And you’d cry more out of frustration than anything else because you weren’t sure how much more you had to do for him to forgive you for things in the past. “Are you really trying to cleanse your own guilt by bringing up my old mistakes!?” You would yell, tears streaming down your face. His face would sober slightly and he’d clench his teeth, upset but realizing he was in the wrong too. “Can we just not talk for like 5 minutes..” he’d whisper as he hugged you tightly, “Can we both calm down before we talk about this again?”

Jun/Junhui: I feel like if he’s gotten to the point of yelling then this fight is something that has gone way too big; Jun seems like a calm person that tries to make peace as much as he can. Even if he did yell though, even before he saw you cry he would sober, realizing that he needed to calm down. Jun seems like the kind of person who never raises his voice, so for him to do so would surprise even him. The sobering would only speed up if he saw tears in your eyes. He seems like the type to just pull your head into his chest and sigh to himself, holding you. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled… We’re not going to come to any sort of understanding by yelling at each other,” and he’d cup your cheeks, making you look up at him, “I’ll order takeout, lets just sit and talk okay? Communication is the key to relationships or the heart of relationships– whatever you know what I mean!” 

Hoshi/Soonyoung: Honestly I feel like whatever her did would be an accident. Soonyoung just seems like he’s not prone to yelling at people or anything but he’d probably be kinda inconsiderate if he was stressed about something. Like how he didn’t listen to Minghao’s idea lol. Like you’d probably need to discuss something important with him like you would understand if this was like you had a bad day and you need to vent like he can’t drop all his responsibilities for you just because you’re sad but this is an important thing like idk maybe you two are moving in together or your dog is sick idk its important. And he’s just not taking you seriously he’s just like “Later Y/N, this is really important okay?” and you’re so fed up and you’re just “So is this!” “Listen this is my job, you have to be more understanding about this, I can’t compromise this okay?” and you’re just looking at him like so betrayed and you’re tearing up “But you can compromise me… Okay.” and you say it so softly like you’re not understanding why he’s making you out to be the crazy person. And this kid finally sees clearly like oh no… tears, those are tears, I caused those tears oh no. And he’s like “You know I didn’t mean it like that..” “I know… but sometimes that’s really what it feels like..” And he tries to explain but you’re like no i want a real proper discussion so you finish whatever it is you need to do for work and then we’ll talk. 

Wonwoo: The type of man that is probably really good at the silent treatment. Like you both probably had a very passive aggressive back and forth until a silent cold war began in the house. He wouldn’t speak to you, he wouldn’t stay if you came into the room, he wouldn’t even look at you. Honestly he knew that he was being immature but it was one of those things that he had already taken too far and now he wasn’t sure how to stop. Besides you were probably even more mad at him now and if he went and talked to you after this grand show that he had put on, he’d be sacrificing his pride wouldn’t he? It wasn’t until you grabbed his arm as he was trying to leave, your voice shaking as you looked at him teary eyed, “If you’re going to act like I don’t exist then at least break up with me so I can get closure.” and that gets his attention real fast, man is whipping around like what break up what no “I don’t want that..” “Then talk to me! At least look at me for god’s sake!” and that’s how you guys end up having a heart to heart about whatever problem you were fighting about and potentially both of you end up crying. 

Jihoon/Woozi: It’s a long standing cliche that Jihoon works a lot and all the fics portray him as someone who doesn’t give him s/o enough attention. Truthfully it’s not that he doesn’t give you enough attention, its that he’s just stretched so thin that he doesn’t have time to show you how much he loves you sometimes. You’ve always been understanding about this, you’d never ever complain and only encourage him about it; but that just made him too lax in giving you his time. Maybe a month would’ve gone by and you wouldn’t have seen him once, his texts were always brief and his phone calls practically nonexistent. You wanted to be understanding but you had limits too. You’d call him, hoping that you could have some sort of discussion but almost minutes into you calling he immediately goes “Oh Y/N can I call you back, something came up.” and he’d be using a bluetooth so he wouldn’t hang up, he’d just start doing whatever it was that came up. You would assume he had hung up and couldn’t stop the tears that pricked at your eyes, “seriously…” you sniffle, “let’s just break up Lee Jihoon, you can date your job instead.” and you’d say it so bitterly, assuming he wasn’t there anymore but he’d be frozen on the other end, feeling sick to his stomach “Wh-What…?” and then he’d try to get out of the office to see you but if he couldn’t he’d force you to at least FaceTime him. 

Seokmin/Dokyeom: I don’t think he’d make you cry in the sense that he says something that makes you cry. With Seokmin it’s probably a slow rise of things that are happening but he seems like the type to always pretend that everything is okay; he might think that the only way to not lose you is to never fight. Seokmin also seems like the kind of person who hates confrontation so even if you try to bring it up he’d probably dodge and just make it seem like everything was okay. Inevitably that leads you to thinking maybe you’re the problem and that maybe you’re just too sensitive. And one day you just snap, you just start crying and you can’t stop. Luckily it was a day off for you that day but you were supposed to spend it going on a date with Seokmin. When you cancelled on him with a really flimsy excuse, he immediately went to your place. His hand would hover over the door but he pulled it back and just fished out his spare key to your apartment, not knowing what was wrong with you and not wanting to make you get up if you were sick or something. Walking in on you clutching your pillow for dear life, sobbing your heart out would make him panic in all sorts of ways. He’d probably just stand there frozen as he softly called out your name. You’d panic, acting like you weren’t just crying and one second you’re asking him how he got in and the next you’re in a warm hug, holding you tightly like you were were only thing keeping that person alive. You guys would talk eventually but a lot of it is just hugging tbh y’all have a bonding moment. 

Mingyu: He seems like he’d try to just smile and be like “why are you being like this..? Calm down..” whenever you tried to fight with him. He also seems like he takes criticism a bit to heart so whenever you tell him anything you’re worried that he’s going to get really insecure about it. And its frustrating for you. Usually you just try to take it and stop getting upset but it honestly made you feel like you were being unreasonable or psychotic every time but it wasn’t his fault either because you tended to never criticize him so when you did it seemed like it was out of the blue. You two have a very bad communication situation please work on that. But yes anyway so one time he says this and you literally lose your mind like you just start tearing up and you crouch on the ground like hugging your knees like you’re sniffling and just in a crouched position and he’s !?!?!?!? and like slowly walking up to you like “Hey… hey please don’t cry.. I’m sorry..” but tbh he has no idea what he’s apologizing for until you whisper “I’m not crazy.. stop acting like every time I say something I’m being crazy and unreasonable..” and hes very ??? “I know you aren’t crazy.. I just don’t think fighting helps and that we should talk about it” “But we don’t! You tell me to calm down and then we pretend everything is just dandy!” and that’s how you guys have your first ever proper discussion and put it all on the table. You grow as a couple tbh. 

Minghao/The8: I don’t think it would be from an actual fight. Minghao sometimes tends to take his jokes too far and while he immediately makes up for it when he realizes he might’ve hurt the person’s feelings, if you’re not the type to immediately show on your face that you’re upset he might think you were okay with it. Especially if you laughed and said something back like you probably didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing and come off as sensitive so you’d try to play it cool. But one day you may just be having a bad day and he’d say something, not realizing that you weren’t feeling well and you’d blow up. “Do you have to be like that all the time!? Am I not human? Do you think I don’t have feelings?” and he’s just staring at you like shellshocked because where is this coming from, what did he do, oh god are you crying– “I-I was just kidding.. I didn’t–” “I know it’s my fault for not saying anything but how can I we’ve only been dating for a few months and I didn’t want to come off as crazy or sensitive but I have limits okay…” and you’re just rubbing at your eyes angrily because you feel like you’re throwing a fit and you feel crazy and sensitive. But then Minghao is cupping your face and walking close till he can rest his forehead on your comfortably. “You’re not crazy or sensitive. If something I do hurts you, you have to tell me, how am I supposed to be a good boyfriend if I’m hurting your feelings all the time? I’m sorry okay? I swear I don’t mean any of it. Pinky promise.” 

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is your biggest supporter, he’s everyone’s biggest fanboy. But usually everyone doesn’t reciprocate back to him the way he cheers them on. Everyone loves him, but they don’t always show it. And that’s why he makes you cry, not because he hurts you but because he just looks so pitiful as he pours his heart out to you, admitting that it hurts him when you don’t cheer him on or congratulate him and he realizes that it’s not like everyone can be as extra as him but its still unpleasant when all someone says is congratulations. And you can’t help but cry as you hug him, not realizing that you had been hurting him all this time. Out of the two of you Seungkwan had always been the more exuberant one and you didn’t realize that he was expecting it back but you vowed to do better from that day forth. 

Vernon: I just can’t see him making anyone cry? Like he’s just too soft of a person? If anything he’s the one that’s crying? I dunno man.. If he were to make his s/o cry it’s probably like a you’re both just so stressed and its tears of frustration because he just can’t seem to get what you’re saying; you’ve reiterated your point about 10 times already and he still doesn’t understand why you’re upset and you’re at your wits end and ready to scream. And so you start crying because if you’re like me you cry when it gets too much. Your fight would probably pause with you telling him to forget it and walking out on him. The poor boy probably wouldn’t get why he was in the wrong until he went and asked his members tbh. 

Chan/Dino: He seems really old for his age. Not old, that’s mean, mature, he’s mature for his age. And because of that sometimes he finds what his older members do to be quite childish and kind of sighs at them like “Hyung wyd.” Like he’s still a bright child that knows how to have fun don’t get me wrong; its just sometimes it feels like Dino could blend into Hyung line and people who don’t know svt that well wouldn’t be surprised if you told them he was one of the older ones. So if his s/o was a person that had moments of hyperness, if he was really tired, he’d sometimes put a hand on your arm like “Y/N why are you yelling babe” And so it would honestly just be a huge misunderstanding; he’d do it a few times in one week and you’d start wondering if he found you annoying. You’d probably try to stop it all together but you’d have a moment of too much excitement randomly and he’d laugh and ask you to stop yelling and you wouldn’t know what came over you but smh you’re tearing up and Chan is sat up like !!! shoot what what did i say omg. “Sorry.. I just.. I can’t help it sometimes.. I know it’s annoying.. I’m sorry..” and hes like ??? what do you mean? Its not annoying my head just hurts right now???? And you all talk about it finally basically the moral of this entire post is, talk about things with your s/o if you want a healthy relationship. 

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: when Starfire was lost in the blizzard and felt so disoriented and alone that even her alien body couldn't ward off the cold of a Russian storm, even though she has survived the cold of space, she uttered Robin's name in the moment she knew there was a chance that she collapsed and might not make it. through everything, she has faith that he'll somehow find her and save her just like he always does. and at that same moment, Robin wants to run after her because he knows she needs him and is just so worried. their bond is so strong it makes me want to cry.