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@phil-the-stone can we consider this one as a “holding hands”?

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scammer gave couch a blowjob with elena and xmas in the room still awake they had barely said goodnight and raven was already sucking off matt and then matt came and started laughing up a storm and went and changed clothes and washed the cummed ones then cuddled raven for a bit until he made her get off and turn around so he didnt have to look at her and he only last around 4 minutes but he looked at jessica's photo on memory wall before going back to raven when he dropped his clothes in wash



their stylist gets an A+++++++++++++ for this comeback

The Eve ~ Inkigayo 170723

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Ok so I feel bad, cause all of hero academia is kids, but I think they look hot?? And I'm not a kid, but when shouto used his fire the first time or izuku showed his 6 ok or man kirishimas hardened mode it's like? Dang??? Its just confliction, most of thge time i just want to hug em but then those times happen and i hate myself

to be fair a lot of the kiddos from bnha don’t look like fifteen-sixteen year olds–Shouji is probably the most extreme example–and, my dude, there’s no shame in finding things nice to look at. as long as u know what ur doing^^

literally every frame of shouto in the anime is beautiful, especially when he uses his fire side. like. goddamn. it’s funny cuz his character design had all the makings to look like a really bad OC ((heterochromia, depressing past, super strong)) but everything about him is super likeable–his personality is the real kicker here though. he’s not your regular cool as a cucumber and silent rival y’know??? he’s just super awkward and doesn’t know how to interact with others to save his life??? he’s super earnest and takes life lessons to heart???? he’s just… such a breath of fresh air compared to other “silent, broody” protagonists and i love horikoshi for breaking the fold by creating shouto.

i don’t know why people don’t really talk about???? how hot izuku is???? i think i’ve been noticing this especially in the recent episodes (and he only gets better from here shit man). look-wise, yeah i can understand why people think he’s plain, but he’s one of those people where the longer you look at them, the more you see something about him that’s really, really nice. for me it was his shoulders and hands for some reason??? they’re really??? defined??? and then when i plugged a good pair of earphones on, i listened to his voice in both english and japanese, and jfc those moments where he mutters/talks to himself is. wow. it’s not just about his voice getting deeper–it’s what he’s talking about and why exactly he’s muttering in the first place. is it possible to find intelligence really attractive??? idk manz.

kirishima overall is freaking dope man i love him. like shouto and izuku he’s super earnest, sweet, and supportive–like, c’mon, bakugou respects him. you can tell he’s special from that alone^^ kirishima when he’s not in hardened mode is wow but when he is he’s just. ow. does that make sense???

yeahhh so ik you were initially talking about appearances anon but my thoughts kinda derailed lolol. like with character designs alone these kids are hella attractive but??? when u see their personalities??? their goals??? their morals??? 

it’s too much for my heart manz.