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Patton’s Cardigan

A/N In my defense, I couldn’t think of a better title. (Set before both Father’s Day and Mulberry Pie Life. Like all of them, this can be read as a stand-alone fic.)

Pairing: none

Genre: hurt/comfort (ish), fluff, humour, AU, Human AU, High School AU, Family AU (all the AUs) & Dad!Patton AU

Word Count: 1100 

Warnings: heaps of swearing courtesy of Virge, mentions of fighting, one (1) injury


Patton’s sons get suspended and Patton gives the school hell.

Patton had been warned it wouldn’t be easy. The kids had a rough childhood, so a few mishaps were to be expected. It was just, he never expected… this.

Standing in front of him was a sheepish Roman, a fuming Virgil and a black-eyed Logan. The first two were commonplace – Logan’s injury, however, was not. Nor was the call from the principal earlier that afternoon warning him about this.

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Kingsman The Golden Circle Thoughts

Kingsman The Golden Circle is like 75% Hartwin. Every scene was like “hey I read that on AO3” before. I went in like hoping for 10 minutes if Harry/Eggsy. Instead the dir found some fics in AO3 and filmed it, OMG IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

They might as well have renamed it:

“Hartwin - The Movie” NC16, slash, some het, amnesia fic.

Stuff that made me SQUEAL:

First thing Eggsy does on finding Harry is to dive in for a hug

Eggsy begging Harry to stay for HIM.

Eggsy being the one who knows Harry well enough to bring him back (THAT HUG OMG THAT EYE CLOSING HUG)

Eggsy refusing to leave Harry at the base

Whiskey’s interaction feels a One sided Whiskey/Eggsy fanfic XD


I’ll admit it. Tilda/Eggsy is totally cute.

Stuff that made me go UNGH SIGH

This isn’t really the most feminist or empowering of movies to its female characters I’ll tell you that much.

Roxy deserves better.

Tequila is criminally underused.

But still, I wanted a Hartwin movie and I got it! SWEET.

anonymous asked:

Okay, so apparently you also like FMA, Horimiya, Noragami, LoZ and plenty other things I also enjoy but am too lazy to remember/mention, and also lives in perpetual suffering... will you marry me? Jk, but would you hug me? *sobs* (from a 23 yo female who's not being able to deal with life + university rn and is being saved but also kept awake till late by your tumblr ☆ ps: do you still like Mystic Messenger?)

I appreciate the proposal but I have a wife already lol

But…at the very least, uh…I can do this much

I’m not into MM as much as I used to be. I only went back because of V’s route so you can say that I’ve pretty much moved on.

Uni can be stressful but hang in there and take breaks when you need to. Try to take it easy on yourself anon o/

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I feel like i could kill myself just now. Your blog always leaves a smile on my face, cpuld you please help me? Please, a headcanon or something. Something nice. Please

Oh Gosh, Nonny, I am so sorry I am only seeing this today; work was busy and I went to bed early. Please, don’t kill yourself. I know things can be difficult, but it will get better, Lovely. You are so beautiful and wonderful and you deserve good things. *HUGS* Seriously, I am concerned, please talk to someone, I’d hate for anything bad to happen to you.

That said, I’ll try my best, but I don’t know how well I will do or if it will make you feel better.

Soft. Happy. Content. 

Those were the words on repeat in Sherlock’s blissfully quiet mind as John held him close and tight in their bed, spooning him from behind. The morning was still early as the light seeped between the curtains, painting a line across the two of them, as if it were binding them together forever; the sun giving its blessing to their union. 

A band of light, holding them together as one. A promise of more.

John’s soft snores snuffled against Sherlock’s shoulder blades, his left hand clasping protectively over Sherlock’s heart. John’s other arm tucked up and under Sherlock’s side, resting softly on Sherlock’s belly. John’s breathing unconsciously matching Sherlock’s. John’s heart thumping steadily against Sherlock’s back. John’s leg tucked neatly between Sherlock’s.

It was the most intimate Sherlock has ever felt with John.

John chuffs on a snore, breathes out heavily as he unconsciously shifts slightly, pulling Sherlock closer to himself.

Sherlock smiles to himself.

Perfection. I have found perfection.

It made Sherlock want to cry at the overwhelming love he had for this man.

Sherlock is happy. Sherlock is content.

With a smile on his face, and love in his heart, Sherlock falls back asleep, knowing that in a few hours’ time, he will wake with John, share a kiss, a breakfast, a new day.

And many more after.

It’s kinda lame, but I hope you feel better, Nonny. I’m a sucker for sleepy cuddles <3

So I’m home and sad and really tired. But spending most of the day finally meeting the beautiful and wonderful @sarahchagal and talking about life, food and theater together was really really great. Can’t wait to get back soon and hug you really tight and give you chocolate and hear everything about your crazy new life. You’re wonderful and so beautiful on the in- and outside and I’m so happy I could finally meet you! Thank you for your time, your love, your smile, just for being such a beautiful friend! ♥

You never think it happens to you until it does. You never think that you’d be the one that people reblog tips for.

I wash just closely followed and taped by a man at a convention today. The only reason I’m here to talk about it is because of said reblogged tips. They might have just saved me.

When I saw that man behind me, I did a run-through of everything I knew to keep me safe. Everything I saw on this website that would help me. First, I made sure I was being followed. I picked up my pace, went around tables sporadically, mixed up my directions. I never stopped moving. When I saw he was still the same distance behind me, I knew.

Second, I looked for my friends. I had come with three other people and had split up to look at merch. But when I couldn’t find them, I did what I never thought I’d have to do. I thank all of the people I followed for reblogging it so many times.

I picked a random cosplayer my age (a Midoriya cosplayer of 15-16 years) and pretended that I just met a long lost friend. I leaned in close to give them a hug and then whispered that I was being followed. They understood IMMEDIATELY and let me follow them to a different booth. It wasn’t until I grouped with them that the man stopped following me. I later went to security and the man was already someone who they were having trouble with earlier.

Moral of the story: Please reblog tips for safety on your dash. I don’t care if it doesn’t fit. If I didn’t think of pretending I knew someone, something worse could’ve happened to me. If you’re being followed, don’t be afraid to pretend you know someone. Be careful out there. You never think it’s going to be you until it happens.


I need a hug

“But I-”

“Maybe you don’t, but I need one.”

“Oh. Okay.”

So here’s my Jensen & Misha photo op from PittCon. I went up to them and told them that Cas is my favorite and I was so sad when he died in the finale that I wanted to both hug Misha. Misha grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug and Jensen wrapped his arms around both of us. I had no idea until I saw the printed picture that mister Jensen Ross Ackles closed his eyes and cuddled up to Misha like that. These two are going to be the death of me!

It Ain’t Me: Part 6

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

*This series did not have a name until this part so don’t get confused!*

Genre: Angst 

Words: 1.4K 

Part 5 | Part 7

The beer café was almost full when you entered. Looking around, you could see the usual customers already on their tables, chatting away about good memories. A few nights ago, you and Jungkook would have been a part of this as well, just sitting somewhere in the corner, giggling about stupid shit with fills and refills after chugging Budweiser.  You swallowed and took a deep breath before going straight past your usual spot in café to the bar stools.

It’s not like you hadn’t wondered why everything was happening. In fact, wonder was a massive understatement. You had sat in your room for hours trying to reach Jungkook, trying to convince him to meet you so you could try to unravel what happened, so that you could make him believe that whatever he had seen was false. Untrue. When all had failed you even decided to barge in his workplace, but you cracked. You couldn’t do it anymore. You had nothing on this. You were running around, crying, beating yourself up and for what? Why should you?

Talking to Seulgi had been the last straw. They were dating. Even after everything that had happened in the past week, you weren’t expecting this. He had forgotten all about you, or at the very least this entire situation was clearly not as difficult for him as it was for you. After talking to her, you made a conscious decision that it was over and it would remain that way.


You glanced up at the bartender, who was looking at you expectantly. Clearly, he was waiting for your order. You asked him to come back to you after five minutes and dialed Yoongi.

He didn’t pick up. Instead you felt a light tap on your shoulder and you turned around to find Yoongi standing behind you in his cap and mask. You gave him a small smile and gestured for him take the seat beside yours. Just in time the bartender came back to take your order and you ordered two pints of Budweiser, glancing at Yoongi for approval. He nodded yes. You took a big swig as soon as the beer landed in front of you.

“So,” You began, turning around in your seat to take a good look at Yoongi, who had now taken off his mask and his cap and was facing you as well. “What did you want to talk about?”

He shrugged, running his right hand through his messy hair to calm it down. “Just, you know, everything?”

You raised a brow in a silent question. When he didn’t answer, you said, “You want to elaborate on that?”

Yoongi sighed and ran his tongue over his lips. “I’m your friend too, aren’t I?”

You nodded. “Of course you are.”

“Then please ____, you should not be the one shifting out of the city.”

You took a much humbler sip this time. “So that’s what this is about, huh?”

Yoongi didn’t answer. He just looked at you with a slightly conflicted look in his eyes.

You smiled, sensing his discomfort. Instead of easing him out, you stayed silent. You eyes once again started wandering across the place, gauging people’s expressions as they sat with their partners and friends, some laughing at jokes of reunion, others relaxing and having low-key conversations.  You wondered how many of these faces were true. Were they really enjoying or was it just a front like yours?

“You know Yoongi,” You turned back towards Yoongi, who shifted his attention from his lap to you, and started. “Jungkook and I often visited this place.”

If he was surprised by the sudden change in the topic, he didn’t show it. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Really now?”

You gave him a recalling nod and continued. “We never sat at the bar though. We would always take one of the corners and chug beer after beer.” You mused.

“Always the corners?” Yoongi asked you looking around the place. “This seems like a pretty busy place. You couldn’t have gotten corners each time.”

“We did.” You smirked. “In fact, we made it a point to come in early and just grab any of the corner tables. We were so into it that even if both us had to use the toilet, one would hold it in and guard the table.” You smiled at the memory and continued. “Jungkook would stay back to guard the table and if I took too long to finish my business, which I did because it was always fun teasing him, he would bombard my cell with calls and texts begging me to come out fast but wouldn’t leave the table.” You laughed, and Yoongi laughed along with you.

“You really love him, don’t you?” He asked you as your laughter died down, giving you a sad smile. You returned it with one of your own.

“I do.” You humorlessly laughed and soon enough, it turned into a heartbreaking cry. Yoongi reacted immediately, getting off his stool and silently putting your head on his chest in a consoling hug. You grabbed his shirt from the front, trying to stop the tears from escaping your eyes but you couldn’t. The entire week, you had been alone, beating yourself up and crying your eyes out, wondering where you went wrong.  It was coming back to you. The few seconds after you’d realized that Jungkook wasn’t even going to speak to you and his decision was final, the helplessness you felt. It was all coming back to you.

“___, I’m so sorry.” Yoongi repeated over and over again, rubbing his hands up and down your back.

“No, you don’t understand!” You cried as you removed your head from his chest to look up at him, your hands still gripping his t-shirt. You knew it. You knew that your eyes would definitely be exhibiting your helplessness at that point but how could you stop? Someone was finally ready to listen to you.

“I was helpless.” You said between sobs. “I just sat there in my room Yoongi, trying to figure out what I could possibly do. Who I could possibly talk to but there was no one! I was completely and utterly alone! Hours, for hours, I just sat in my room trying to do something! Anything!” You broke down harder. “But there was nothing I could do!” Your grip loosened on his T-shirt as your cried harder, feeling every suppressed emotion being released in your tears.

Yoongi’s hands caught yours as they fell from his t-shirt and slowly he brought it back on his chest again, fisting your hands into his own. Your cries softened as you looked up at him but the tears were still falling down.

“You listen to me right now, ___. It’s not your fault. None of it, you get that?” He looked at you directly in the eye. “I’m sorry you are going through this but moving out of the city will not help you.”

You shook your head softly. “I have no other way-“

“No.” Yoongi cut you off. “You do. You deal with it. You get your life back together and you move on.”

You lightly scoffed as you look away from him. “It’s easier said than done, Yoongi.”

Yoongi nodded and tightened his grip around your hands making you look back at him. “I know. But I will help you.”

You looked at him as you contemplated his words, judging the sincerity in them. His eyes were unwavering and his grip on you hand was not fierce but reassuring. Even though you realized that much, you couldn’t help yourself when you asked him: “Why? Why would you help me over taking his side? You’re his friend.”

His gaze softened for a second thinking about his younger friend, who was like a brother to him, but his decision did not change. He sighed as he let go of your right hand and placed his hand on your head and ran it down to your neck. “He was wrong. And I told you already,” He said and you waited for him to complete his sentence. 

“You are my friend too.”

You looked at him and for a second, his determination was beginning to convince you. Maybe…just maybe, you were not alone in this. Maybe you could come out of this and get your life back together.

However, your calming heartbeat rose once again as your eyes fixed on two figures standing behind Yoongi, one of them looking at you with the same shock written on your face. Yoongi saw the look in your eyes and let of you to turn around and follow your line of sight. His gaze hardened as he looked at exactly what you were seeing right now.

They were here. He was here.

Jungkook was here.  And his hands were intertwined with his partner who was undoubtedly your ex-best friend.


To Be Continued…

Much love, 


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Imagine your husband Bill on Jimmy Fallons late night show.

“Congratulations! You’re expecting baby number two in four months am I correct?” Jimmy asks

“Yes of course. We’re expecting a beautiful baby girl.” Bill chuckles

“I bet she’s a daddy’s girl”

Bill laughs “That she is”

Your at home on the couch watching your husband on tv with popcorn resting upon your four month old baby bump and your 4 year old son sitting next to you giggling at the sight of his father on tv.

“Look mommy, daddy on tv!” Roman pointed to his father

You gasp “Is it really?” You play around with Roman

“Yes mommy see. Daddy doesnt look like that monster anymore” Roman cuddled up to your side.

Jimmy and Bill play a couple of games and then sit back down to talk more.

“Was it true that your son Roman didn’t talk to you for a whole day because you came home dressed as Pennywise?” Jimmy asked

Bill sipped on a glass of water and nearly spat it out as he began to laugh

“Ok, let me tell you what happened. So it was aprils fools and I decided to go home dressed as Pennywise to scare my wife.” Bill giggled as he tells the story

“You what!” Jimmy gasps holding his hand to his chest

“But what I didnt know was that my son was home. I thought he’d be at daycare. So I walked in with a red balloon and saw Y/N in the kitchen making a snack while my son was sitting on the table drawing”

You watched and listened as he told the story that he thought was halirious. Your son eventually fell asleep so at least he didnt have to relive the horror.

“My son stopped and looked at me, he dropped his crayons and screamed. My wife turned around and saw me, but she didnt really know it was me. So she screamed and threw a wooden spoon at me, then rushed our son Roman and picked him up, then ran upstairs to our room and locked the door”

The audience gasped in surprise

“What happened next?” Jimmy asked like a curious little child

“Well lets just say, I went up stairs and told her that it was me. She eventually opened up the door and she was crying while holding Roman.”

The audience ‘awed’ and Jimmy pouted his lips

“I hugged them both and appologised, but Roman was so mad that he hadn’t talked to me the whole day. I would try and hug him but he would push me away and said ’Nope no hugs for you, you scared mommy’ and kicked my leg and ran to his room”

Bill laughed and the audience joined into the laughter too. The show was coming to an end and Jimmy had farewelled your husband.

Bill returned home with flowers and chocolate “Honey im home” classic line your husband would always say whenever he’s home. You got off the couch and he slowly walked towards you looking over your shoulder to see Roman sleeping on the couch. Bill leaned down and kissed your lips passionately

“I missed you” you said against his lips

“The last time you said that we ended up in the room and now we have a baby on the way” his arms wrapped around your waist

“Well its hard being away from you. Besides Roman misses you too”

“How is he?” He sighed

“He watched the show for a bit then fell asleep” you ran your fingers through his soft brown hair

“Its late. Go to bed, i’ll meet you there” he pecked your lips and moved towards the couch where your son is. He picked him ul and carried him to his bedroom

Once Roman was in bed, his eyes opened slowly.

“Daddy?” The boy yawned

“Shh its ok son. Go back to sleep. Daddy’s home now” Bill planted a soft kiss on Romans forehead and the boy then fell back into slumber. He walked out of the room and stood by the doorframe

“Goodnight my sweet boy”