and i went crazy with the photo editor


ok so i was kinda testing out a new technique of coloring, i wanted to mimic the sorta crayon-y texture Snipperclips had, but..I don’t really like the way this looks tbh. at all. but its done regardless despite this shit quality and coloring

the background was also such a complete clusterfuck it was slowing down my photo editor. I really just went crazy with this aesthetic, which was a bad idea

this is also called “snipperclits.png” on my computer so lets hope my laptop doesnt get stolen again.

I had the oddest dream last night. I was at a high class party but I was a normal thing to do. There were high profile celebrities like Ian sommerhalder but I was like oh yea cool. Al though he is one of my favourite actors on earth.

Then someone died/got murdered and it was super weird. This one lady gave me a book on how to live my life. Like how to be successful and powerful. I read it and now that I’m awake I can’t remember the secrets, but I followed a few and I for powerful from it like I. Could run faster and when I got hit by a car it didn’t do much damage (later in my story)
Then the girl who gave me the book started to go crazy and killing everyone.

There was one photo we had of the night of the party That we got from police, it was off who got murdered that night. And a blurr of who/what did it. Bit if was unrecognisable because it had no hair and was smaller.

During the time I went to my mum, and did our amateur detective work at her house. our forensic photographer/small time editor edited the blur photo with potential suspects and they didn’t match up. Then I had a look and it all made sense. It was the lady who have me the book.

I went to the party venue and I saw a lonely boot, like An army or tradie book. And I put it next to the gate of the house I thought it belonged to

I was walking down the street when I heard a car, but then it served off the road and hits me. I just roll over the bonnet and out jumps a little creature with no hair (the lady who has given me the book of “secrets on life” but she last her hair and got really small and evil looking) she was holding a crow bar and hitting me with it until she threw it and I grabbed it and started hitting her with it. And then I grabbed her feet and started snacking her into the road.

Then I woke up before it ended.

I’ve had this dream twice last night and it’s crazy! I can’t stop thinking about it.