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Uh, sorry if you've answered this before, I really am but.. I've been a MLP fan for years and I honestly had never heard of PP until a few days ago when I was browsing tags. She seemed funny and stuff so I followed her but now there's holy hell ton of drama that I wasn't aware of, can you give a quick run through of what's wrong with her? It's kinda opened a book in the middle and I've no idea where the first page is haha.

Oh gosh.  Well, I suppose you’re welcome to go through the tag I made so that people following me can avoid this nonsense, but I’ll try to summarize:

  • She decided to wage internet war on a blog called “Ask Princess Molestia”, on the grounds that it “encourages rape”.  The blog in question is a NSFW blog, but it is clearly marked as such (and does not violate any of tumblr’s site rules), and is not set in the show’s canon universe.  From what I saw when I took a look at it, there doesn’t appear to be a single image of rape anywhere - something that has been confirmed to me by others as well.  As I’ve said in the past, the behavior exhibited in the comic is literally no worse than how Mae West acted back in the 1920’s.
  • She makes a frequent habit of posting petty insults generalizing the male side of the MLP:FiM fan base:  These posts include quite a lot of “fedora” jokes, “small penis” jokes (so much for being against sexual harassment), and calling them “scum” and “rapists”.  She actually does this numerous times daily.  Frankly, she spends an unhealthy amount of time on it. 
  • Two of her ex-boyfriends have confirmed that she has a history of compulsive lying:  One of them made this post about her past behavior.  After viewing some of her posts, I can easily believe she has done these things, because she seems to have a genuine personality disorder (if I recall correctly, she has stated that she is on the autism spectrum, though she seems just to want to use this as an excuse for her puerile conduct).
  • Shortly after beginning her “movement” (which, frankly, is a slap in the face to real victims by trivializing a serious issue), she alleged that she was “recognized” in public by “two 6’ tall bronies”, who “harassed her” until she felt the need to hide in a changing room (though sometimes, she claims that it was a bathroom - apparently she can’t keep her story straight) where she proceeded not to call for help, seeing as she was in a public place, but to post to tumblr on her phone.  I find this story wildly implausible, especially because this supposedly happened early on in her “crusade” - beforehand, she was literally no one to the fan base.  She also claims she had her hair tucked up into a hat at the time, yet was still “recognized” (once again - there was nothing for anyone to “recognize” her FOR, so this is incredibly suspicious).
  • She claimed she wasn’t trying to have the Ask Princess Molestia blog taken down, but later posts of hers show her blatantly stating her intent to do so, as well as encouraging people to report it.
  • She allegedly tried writing to Hasbro over this.  Either she didn’t actually do it, or they didn’t care, because nothing has changed.
  • She has, on numerous occasions, expressed her hatred for show creator Lauren Faust.  God only knows why.
  •  It is constantly pointed out by her and her followers that a handful of idiots (whom do not, in any way, represent the behavior of the rest of the fan base) went so far as to send her death threats.  Meanwhile, they never seem to want to comment on the fact that they’ve made just as many, if not more death threats (and other threats of violence) at any who oppose their “movement”.  They have not only made threats against the artist of the Molestia blog, but against a teenage boy for 20 seconds of animation that was actually less crass than the average South Park episode, and even against a man over the nominations in a fandom poll that were submitted by other fans, and not him.
  • Her and her followers make a point of belittling anyone who goes on anon to ask questions.  Meanwhile, when anyone uses their screen name, they become relentlessly harassed by her followers, who then feel the need to spew vulgarity, and make baseless judgements on that person’s moral standards, no matter how politely and reasonably they have conducted themselves.  I have experience with this firsthand.  Pinkiepony does nothing to dissuade them from this behavior, and even encourages it.
  • Her followers have even called actual rape victims (including popular fan artist pixelkitties) who didn’t agree with their methods “rape enablers”, and “rape apologists” (as if they had ASKED for the trauma they endured).  They also tell these victims they “didn’t matter”, and that they “didn’t speak for all victims”.  This is from a “movement” that claims to be fighting for “victims to be heard”.  Apparently, they only believe in viewing members of a group as individual human beings when it suits their needs.  They are also quick to assume anyone that speaks out against them is male, and are so insistent upon crying “MISOGYNY!” that, if they find out the dissenting opinion is that of a woman, they will just alter it to “INTERNALIZED MISOGYNY!”.  Again, PP does nothing to stop this.  Meanwhile members of the fan base (myself included) have not only spoken out AGAINST the people that sent her death threats, but some of us have even personally gone onto the /mlp/ board to convince them not to send her or her parents letters in the mail.
  • Her and her followers have been passing around articles as “proof” that “rape jokes cause rape”, even though they are either from dubious sources, or actually say right in the article that rape jokes don’t cause rape.  They frequently pass around the “One in three/four women will become a victim of rape” “statistic”, which is also outrageously false.  They also make a point of ignoring any and every legitimate point, as well as multiple, credible studies, that discredit their claims.  Let’s not forget the backlash against video games, movies, and television being blamed for violent behavior in the early 90’s - no one could legitimately prove that, either.
  • Pinkiepony blamed “bronies” for “hacking” her computer and stealing $10.  What really happened is this.  A program that was already on her computer merely withdrew their renewal fee, because no one cancelled the service.  She claimed this withdrawal was caused by “a virus”, and was accompanied by her computer filling up with files named “Dumb Cunt”, and that it gave her the “blue screen of death”.  She then claimed that she was able to get a hold of Paypal on a Saturday afternoon, and have them respond back quickly.  Given their 24-hour waiting period for customer service, I highly doubt this.  She then alleged the entire problem to be cleared up within hours after she first posted about being “hacked”.  Needless to say, this is suspiciously convenient.
  • She and her followers had attempted to ban people from the /mlp/ board on 4chan from having vending tables at BABScon.  The proceeds from sales at these tables were to go directly to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).  This was accompanied by statements such as “donating doesn’t make you a good person!”, despite her assertions that her alleged donations are “proof” that she is a “good person”.  While their argument was “don’t give them your money - donate directly!”, they failed to take into account how many of the buyers likely would not even think of donating to RAINN themselves.  Their statement is also incredibly hypocritical, since Pinkiepony sells “Down With Molestia” t-shirts.  In the end, BABScon refused the ban request, and are allowing the vendors at the convention.  Meanwhile, this fan base that they claim is so “terrible” has donated tens of thousands of dollars to numerous charities, and all without wanting or needing recognition for it.  “Down With Molestia” has yet to show any figures in terms of donations, nor do any of them donate their time to worthy causes.
  • This “movement” promotes not only unwarranted harassment of the male side of the fan base (including sexual harassment, with comments not only about penis size, but about masturbation), but also the harmful idea that “men can’t be raped”.  They continue to vilify males in the fan base “daring” to enjoy a cartoon that’s even slightly feminine, as well as making other sexist commentary (from people who, again, claim to be against sexism).
  • Pinkiepony alone is wrought with double standards - she claims to be a “feminist”, but is extremely quick to play the “I’m just a teenage girl!” sympathy card.  She is also emotionally manipulative, and has threatened suicide for attention.
  • Her financial practices are very questionable.  She complains about not having enough money to have a vending table at Bronycon, while at the same time, she bids on pony plushies on eBay.

I have written much about this “movement”, and why it’s not only pointless, but also trivializes a serious issue, and only servers to further stain the feminist movement.  There are numerous links to my thoughts on the topic in this post.  Also, for the record, I am a woman that grew up with My Little Pony in the 80’s.  I have a very good understanding of the attitudes of the people in this “movement”, because I was once just as misguided as they are.

It is because of the type of “feminist” in this “movement” that I no longer wish to associate myself with that label.

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I insist you delete your reblog attacking my tagged as personal post and trying to make it a political issue. As I said in my rereblog, it was about a personal situation and I mentioned specifics that made it clear I wasn't talking about all situations. You tried to put words in my mouth and make me appear to think things that I don't. Don't reblog things from my blog again. You have no right to take a personal post and make it into some political rant. I'm sure to end up blocking you anyway.

First off when I reblogged it it was not tagged as a personal post or anything that discernably requested people not to reblog it or I would not have.

Second, that isn’t an attack. And I’m not making it a ‘political issue’. I reblogged it because it was tagged ‘abortion’ and not much else.

Third, you did not mention specifics in your original post and you deleted your supposed reblog where you claim to be clearing this up so I honestly have no idea where you get this notion that it was ‘clear’ that you were not talking about all situations but only one, that’s assuming you did, in fact, reblog it to clarify things because again, you deleted it if you added to it, meaning you have nothing to back up your statement there.

Fourth, I didn’t put any words in your mouth. You said, and I quote directly from your own post “Do not call yourself a mother if you are getting an abortion.“ That is not putting words in your mouth in my response to you where I said “Do not tell other people how they are allowed to see themselves.”

In no part of my response, in fact, did I ever put words in your mouth. I only went based off what your words in your post were, so maybe don’t accuse people of things they did not do.

Do not post things in the ‘abortion’ tag if you do not want your opinions discussed or refuted or for people to point out your mindset was shitty as fuck.

I have every right to reblog things tagged ‘abortion, pro life’ and NOTHING ELSE and discuss something that says something unbelievably harmful to the hundreds of people you exposed to it with absolutely nothing to indicate it was not about every single person who has had an abortion.

That was not a political rant by the way, that was me pointing out that you really do not get to tell other people what they can and cannot label themselves as. And even if your long-ass spiel was about one single person in the world? Guess what? YOU STILL DO NOT GET TO TELL THEM HOW THEY LABEL THEMSELVES. YOU DO NOT GET TO BE ANGRY AT THEIR CHOSEN LABELS. People pointing out you said something hurtful and shitty does not mean they are adding ‘political rants’ to your shitty and harmful statement.

And again, no, this post was not tagged in any way that indicated you did not wish to have it reblogged, and it was in no way specific to a single person or event, and considering how fucking rude you were, and that you outright lied to me in my ask I’m going to let the post stand as it is. You can go ahead and block me if you want, you’re not the first person to do so when someone didn’t like that I could point out they were full of shit.