and i weeped

Confession time: I’m still on the Stucky train like 3 years later. It’s wild, but we’ve all got our different reasons. Subject verses Object. Who are you, who does your heart ache for? For a century and more?

If I’m being a 1000% honest, I most identify with Steve, but all my output is Bucky-centric because surprise: My heart aches for him.

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The fandom has become so toxic, Matty. I don't even know how to stay here anymore without going berserk. Uttering a single word gets me such backlash it makes me weep. I've blocked and muted and everything in between. Nothing works. I don't know why I'm telling you this but please help me. I don't know what to do anymore.

Oh, anon. I’m so, so very sorry to hear this. Have a hug, first and foremost.

I’m nobody to tell you what to do but since you left this in my inbox, I cannot leave this unanswered. 

Trust me, we all have our moments. I did as well and I took a break because sometimes that’s the only thing you can do. So, you do you without any hesitation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the thing is that the fandom is sentient. It’s something that I realized a while ago but this fandom is sentient. It holds so many people within itself, from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and what not. Imagine every difference you can conceive and put it all together under one blanket. So many thousands of people with so many different energies. And all of it feeding the fandom. Nobody is a nobody. Every single one of us is important. Everything is symbiotic.

For me, fandom is a sentient being. When there is a great moment (think the teaser for 3x20) it thrives and lives spectacularly. When there are hard times (think entire season 5), it slumps and sighs in weariness. The fandom lives because of us. We hold the reins of its life, and as so many different people, it’s inevitable that the lows will come with the highs. It is also inevitable that there will be people who disagree with you, people who’ll never like you, people with whom you’d never mix. But there are also people who would. Those are the ones I focus on.

I love Oliver. I love Felicity. Together and as individuals. I love them because they are not perfect. I love them because they are flawed human beings who make mistakes and learn and persevere through situations that break people. They inspire me and I love them. 

I may not agree with the show sometimes. (I definitely don’t) 

I may think the story sucks sometimes (I definitely do) 

I may think the characters deserve better most times (I absolutely do) 

I may miss the old way (I really do) 

I may want to smack Oliver on his head or shake Felicity sometimes. (I do)

I may want to invade the Writers Room and change the scripts (a lot)

But that does not change the one basic fact underneath everything - I connect to Olicity. (Even when they’re going through the bad times, I connect to them)

And that’s the entire point, anon. All of us are here because, despite our numerous differences and stands, at some point, we connected to them. We are united by one simple thing - Olicity. 

It’s not just a ship or a phenomenon anymore. It’s a way of life. And life has a way of being harsh sometimes.

Everyone has a right to their opinion and they should - that’s what makes everything dynamic and stops us from being sheep. Sometimes it gets rough, sometimes it’s smooth. But the most important thing is that this fandom is here because of the connection each and every one of us feels to Oliver and Felicity.

I know sometimes things become very bleak. Sometimes I get upset too, it’s unnatural not to. Thankfully, I have friends I vent to in those moments and they smack sense into me. And with that sense, also comes a reminder. About not just the bad, but the good of this fandom.

This is the same fandom that unites with a fierceness that’s unbelievable when faced with adversaries. This is the same fandom that put everything else aside and got together for a week during MTV Ship of the Year to grab that victory for our babies. This is the same fandom where Person A may not like Person B but they’d slay any outsider raising a finger at them.

I agree it has it’s hard moments, but it has those moments too that will remain with us for the rest of our lives, experiences that we couldn’t have gone through anywhere else. I like to focus on those usually. As long as people know what they are here for, that Olicity is the core of this fandom, it’s all good. I am not here for everyone who agrees or disagrees with me. I am here for Oliver and Felicity and my connection to them. This is my happy place, not naturally, but because I try my damnedest to keep it so.

So, do what makes you feel happiest here, anon. Take a break if that’s what makes you happy. Leave or stay if that does. Meet people or sit in your own corner, ignore what you don’t like or take a stand- it’s all on you. Choose your battles, as they say.

It’s like writing a story (and I’m using this analogy because this is who I am). There may be people who hate it, people who tell you they hate it, people who criticize everything harshly. But there are also people who believe and encourage and take the time to give you the best of their love. That’s who you focus on. That’s how you keep writing.

Have your own opinions. Stay strong to them. Respect what others say. They have a reason for the way they feel too. We don’t know where anyone comes from and being judgemental is the easy path, not the correct one.

Live and let live. Do you. Be happy. Try and make the most of the good bits.

Because we are in a relationship with Oliver and Felicity. And relationships are not easy, but then, 


The animal crossing favorite outfit meme!!!  ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ I was tagged by @bramblescrossing and @mayor-aby (which ty btw //weeps I felt truly honored)

Mayor Saya is pretty simple for the most part -Got her basic outfit, the Joyrich outfit I created, her summer outfit, and then winter outfit! Pretty much only ever wears the white leather shoes and lace socks ahahah they’re my favorite~

(also//weeps I tried to find the QR codes for the bottom two cause I was sure I had them saved but I can’t find them anywhere) Also I would tag someone but…most of the mayors I follow have already done it;;; 

I’m fucking weeping, tbh if it was a slightly different era you just know Emily would cover her shoulderpads and boots with as much metal spikes as it’s humanly possible, and that belt she’s wearing would probably weigh more than the rest of her outfit combined, and the only reasons her boots don’t have a heavy-ass platform is that she’s tall enough as she is and because she needs light feet for running and parkouring, otherwise she’d wear boots that can crush a human skull with the slightest nudge.

However I’m also inclined to believe that he’s the one consulting her on the matters of aesthetics, because, despite his own decades of goth experience, he’s just an old dad and he’s not completely sure what’s fashionable these days, so Emily is the one who was like “have you considered a hoodie jacket which offers a tantalizing peek at your richly embroidered vest? and a haircut?”, because she’s all for sharp light silhouettes and diagonal lines.

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so i know it sounds Unrealistic but i want to be a comedian and tbh you're genuinely one of my inspirations like you're up there with john mulaney and aziz ansari for me?? anyways love you keep doing what you're doing

what kind of message is this… you are so nice, thank you so much? i’m not sure i really deserve to be held up beside anyone nearing their caliber, holy shit, but it means a lot of me that you think of me as an inspiration! and for the record, i don’t think dreaming of being a comedian is unrealistic as long as you find your voice and commit to it!!!

I need a plan. Going back to writing for a living means spending far too much time in a desk chair and my low back spasmed so hard today while I was walking across the basement floor and my foot landed in a low spot in the cement. Instantly on my knees on the floor, weeping. 

I’ve got to make myself get out and exercise daily. My pants are all too tight, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy bigger clothes, this is a bunch of lazy bullshit. My gut is gross. 

I intended to take a long walk today, but my back hurts too much. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe I can get Lila to carry my bike and the speed wheel down to the basement from the garage so I can get them set up, too. 

Feeling fat and slow and weak and pasty. 


I'm listening to the Hunchback of Notredame the Musical cast album and I've been weeping since 2am

This is glorious, people. LISTEN TO IT PLS I BEG YOU JOIN ME

I have cured my soul long enough to rip it all in parts over again when the remedy I believe that would put me into comfort suddenly shifted into a wall that hinders me to discover the outside, viewing alfresco. And I’m sick of seeing the world in broken mirrors I clandestinely keep in my abandoned room where I usually weep. I have spent years in my imagined prison for the thought of getting rid of my worries was the only way for a life I love to live. Engulfed by all points when the universe hit me with a sturdy rock, I don’t think I can love more than the gentle piece that have patiently waited for me to be whole by myself, with the valid and the unfounded.

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Hi! I just came to say that I LOVE your fic sfm! I started reading it yesterday and I didn't sleep until I finished it! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful story. I almost died of laughter during chap 12 when Chris asked Yuuri if he was familiar with eating Russian.😂 I can't wait for the next chapter 💖 PS. I was just listening to "Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira and thought it matched so well with Yuuri's just recently discovered feelings for Viktor that I started weeping 😂

It does match very well!

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If it makes you feel better I was writing for a fic exchange and after all our fics were out and done the person I wrote for had turned into a Freddie. I weeped for my hard work


Forgotten clothing

Have you ever lost a piece of valued clothing over time and can’t remember where/when/how it went missing and it just depresses you?

I bought a shirt the summer before my senior year in HS that had the Superman ’S’ emblem on it with a top had on top and curly side burns coming out of the sides that said “SUPER-JEW” in big red letters and I almost weep when I remember it because I honestly don’t know what happened to it….

– You know what? I’m getting these drafts done if it kills me. I have two left and I feel so, so guilty making you guys wait for so long. I’m gonna sing one more song and then get to those last two. <3 <3

½ done. Now to weep as I respond to @arrowiisms‘. xD