and i wasted my chance to draw the gerudos what was i thinking


***Just a notice we had this article in work before the recent leaks. Photo, gif searching and making, alomg with a dose of laziness and discourage caused this to be released this late. We contemplated on no longer posting but decided it would be still an interesting Smash Bros read, thanks mostly to a friend. So here it is everyone :)***


We here at Super Smash Bros. Central think Ganondorf has the most room for change in the Smash Bros. Series, out of all the missing melee veterans.  So we’re hoping this time around that he will not only return to the battle, but return with an awesome revamp! :D …To finally sever his ties with Captain Falcon and give him a moveset fitting of the bearer of the Tiforce of Power.


The main issue with Ganondorf in Melee and Brawl is that he is a Captain Falcon “semi-clone”. This was due to him being a last minute addition to Melee’s roster and his similar body type to Captain Falcon. So his moveset will be the main focus of this entry. We will try our best to imagine up a “near-complete” moveset for Ganondorf so please bear with us. In addition to basing this moveset on his appearances in past major Zelda games, we also will be taking some inspiration from Hyrule Warriors.

I know, I know. You’re probably saying “What? Hyrule Warriors? That doesn’t make any since. I know Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf is cool, but no way that will affect Smash Bros in any way.” But again bear with us, we have a reason for factoring in Hyrule Warriors which will be cleared up towards the end of this entry ;) So let’s start.

Wait before we jump forward.

Dual Swords: Based off his Wind Waker and Hyrule Warriors incarnations Ganondorf will make use of both swords and magic in this moveset (like the Robins :D). He will automatically use dark magic to summon his swords when you use a move that requires them and they will vanish again with dark magic when moves that don’t require them are used. They will appear and reappear much like in Hyrule Warriors. This will probably mean giving him two different running animation sets though, one with swords and one without.

Ok now let’s get to it.


Standard Special – Dead Man’s Volley (Ocarina of Time, and other appearances). Of course we include this as his standard. It’s become a very iconic attack of Ganondorf’s since Ocarina of Time. This will be a chargeable move, in which the longer you charge the larger and stronger the volley, until full charge in which then multiple volleys with homing capabilities will be thrown, like its operation in Ocarina of Time.

Dead Man’s Volley could make for a good long-range or medium-range attack for Ganondorf. This itself is already be an improvement for Ganondorf since his other Smash Bros incarnations are strictly close range fighters, and that is kind of difficult to work with since Ganondorf and his attacks are very slow.

Up Special: Hover (Ocarina of Time). Ganondorf will be able to hover and freely float both horizontally and vertically for a moment of time based off his hovering ability in Ocarina of Time. During Hover’s execution by pressing B (Or Standard Special Button) he will be able to still perform Dead Man’s Volley (to remain true to Ocarina of Time nostalgia). I couldn’t decide if either with this move Ganondorf should be able to hover for a set amount of time and then free-fall when time is up, or if he should gradually begin to lower and no longer be able to ascend vertically until he reaches the ground or you know fall off the screen (die, lol). What do you guys think it should be if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts?

Ganondorf will probably remain slow due to his bulkier designs in the recent years. However on foot I think he should at least be sped up to around the same point of speed of his Hyrule Warriors incarnation. But with his Hover move Ganondorf will become light and fast. It will be easier to knock him out during this move compared to him being on the ground but he will still be able to get around faster than before.

Side Special: Lighting Blade Strike (Skyward Sword via. Demise, Hyrule Warriors). Ganondorf will hold one of his blades to the sky and draw in lightning to use as a striking attack. This move could also function as a chargeable attack as well, how do you think it should function?

Demise SS:

Ganondorf HW:

Down Special: Energy Sphere Bomb (Hyrule Warriors). Ganondorf will lift his arms in the air and summon a sphere of monstrous energy, which he will then thrust into the ground. This is also a chargeable move.

**Aerial Down Special: Dark Magic Quake (Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Warriors). While in the air or using Hover, when Down B (Down Special) is pressed Ganondorf will concentrate dark energy in his palms and slam the ground causing a ferocious quake of dark magic.

-Basic Attacks-

Neutral Attack: Electric Fist Combo (Like Brawl, just make it into a combo attack with 3 hits instead of one. Maybe gab right, hook left, uppercut)

Up Tilt Attack: Cross Blade X-Slash

Side Tilt Attack: Twin Sword Play Combo

Down Tilt attack: Dual Blade Dicing Chops

Dash Attack: Same as Brawl. (Shoulder Slam)

-Smash Attacks-

Up Smash Attack: Dark Magic Expel (Hyrule Warriors). Ganondorf expels an explosive amount of dark energy from his core.

Side Smash Attack: Phantom Arm Slash (Hyrule Warriors). Ganondorf’s arm will become enveloped by that of a Phantom while he takes a slash at his opponent. This could serve as a good K.O. move.

Down Smash Attack: 360° Sword Swing (Hyrule Warriors). Ganondorf swings his swords rapidly all around him.


Ganondorf’s grabs don’t really need editing, but I had an interesting idea. What if Ganondorf had a grab similar to the tethers (Link and Samus) but instead different? What if he instead had a tractor beam grab, like Pac-Man’s suspected grab?

But instead using his Waves of Darkness from Ocarina of Time? Here’s what I’m talking about:

The grab wouldn’t have too far range. But if caught in the darkness the waves would draw you in. Once drawn in Ganondorf will be holding his opponent suspended in the air in a Telekinetic-chokehold, continuing to display the Triforce of Power on the back of his fist (like in the gif above)

Grab Attack: Pressing the attack button will cause Ganondorf’s opponent to be damaged by dark magic and electricity.

Up Throw: Basically the same as Brawl, but instead Ganondorf will grab his opponent out of the telekinetic hold, then rocket punch (explosion effect) them into the air.

Forward Throw: Ganondorf will release a pulse of telekinetic energy that sends you flying forward.

Backward Throw: Ganondorf will grab his opponent out of the telekinetic hold, by their neck and relentlessly fling them behind him.

Down Throw: Same as Brawl with added effect. I call this one Sword Dance lol :D Ganondorf will grab his opponent out of the telekinetic hold, and then slam them on the ground (like in Brawl), then a single possessed sword will appear and stab the fallen victim.

Final Smash: Dark Beast Ganon. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)I think Ganondorf’s Final Smash is decet enough to remain the same.

However if you wanted to make his Final Smash a playable Transformation Smash into Ganon. Then that could be a completely new moveset.

Would he use Swords?

Or his Coveted Trident?

I’ll leave that to your imagination ;) Let me know your thoughts!

Well that’s it for the moveset I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Do you think it’s a moveset fitting of the bearer of Trifoce of Power, Gerudo King Ganondorf? Do you think it’s OP (Over Powered), Weak, or Fair? What Teir do you think Ganondorf would be placed in if he had this moveset? Let me know :)

Hyrule Warriors Explanation:

Now let me explain this Hyrule Warriors business and why I took it into consideration why writing this article.

Some months ago there was a “leaked” picture of Captain Falcon and Ganondorf. It is blurry but you could see Ganondrf had a new design. Here it is:

Not sure exactly when it was “leaked” but here’s a link to a Youtuber’s video to show it was “leaked” a good while ago.

Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros Wii U / 3DS? - Moveset Theory & Leak Analysis - By TheShuxxedOne

This video was posted June 7th 2014, which I believe is not too long after this “leaked” image surfaced. Which is also long before Ganondorf was revealed for Hyrule Warriors.

But at the time of it’s “leak” I didn’t pay the image much attention. Until Hyrule Warriors came out and it was brought to my attention that the “leaked” image’s Ganondorf looks a lot like the Hyrule Warriors design. Which made me think that this could maybe, be an actual leaked image. Like the Palutena 3DS leaked images? Hmm..

So anyways that is why I took Hyrule Warriors into consideration while making the move set. It also excited me. But this “leak” still hasn’t been debunked, so that’s food for thought. What do you think about this “leak”?

And if it’s true do you think we could get Hyrule Warriors alts for Link, Zelda, and Sheik as well? Let me know!! :D

Recent Leaks:

I contemplated on not posting this article because, while I was writing this article and gotten the complete moveset together. These leaks appeared. Don’t get me wrong I had no doubt of Ganondorf’s return. The thing is though that Ganondorf was present in one of the videos, displaying some rather Captain Falcon-ish moves. If you get what I’m saying. Well none the less I’m happy I posted this anyway and my work and imagination didn’t go to waste : ) These new leaks however still do not disprove the “Hyrule Warrior’s Ganondorf Leaked Image” it could be an alternate costume. Here’s hoping and thanks for reading.

Character’s Chances of Returning: 99.99%

To Be Continued… Falco!!

So what do you think about the Moveset and the “HW Ganondorf Leak?” Comment, reblog or message. Please share your thoughts, I’m very interested. : ) Let me know! What do you think?!