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Hi, I have a question about NDE that maybe you/followers could answer? If it wasn't just a chemical reaction in our brains, why would we see nature, trees, flowers, etc, if nature is proper to earth and to the physical world? I mean the universe is infinite, why would we see nature? I think it proves that it's just something which happen in our brain before we die

Some people see nature other people see other things.Perhaps people see these things like grass or cities because they are familiar with them and seeing everything at once maybe overwhelming. 

Regardless from what I’ve read a lot of people see things in an unearthly way. It’s impossible to describe to us because it would be like explaining a new color. 

I think that a lot of what people see they interpret it based on what they were grew up with, so there are some cultural human interpretations Like some people may describe the bright white light as Jesus and others Buddha. But I don’t think that means NDE’s are a just a physical things that happens to the brain, I think it meant there’s a lot more to it and people use what they know to describe it once coming back. And their descriptions will never quite cover what they actually felt. Words are symbols twice removed. Somethings you can only experience. 

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I got the impression Touka wasn't a virgin because she seemed very mature about getting kaneki do to the thing....( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!!(*furiously raise eyebrows*) Or at least initiated the conversation. I read a comment somewhere(I know not credible at all) that the following chapter would touka be saying along the lines "wow, I lost mine awhile ago" Obviously that didn't happen but it's not like i'm against her being a virgin I think it's very very likely she is

Touka talks dirty, but that ain’t the reaction of a sex veteran. This kind of pain comes from a hymen being broken. Walk the walk before you talk the talk, Touka!

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Has there been a moment like this in the fandom before? A moment people were so fucking terrified that Harry is straight that they forget about everything and resort to Larry isn't real? Did hat happen with BG? I wasn't here for that he dear lord this discourse is ridiculous. I never knew singing about a woman made a man straight. Wow I'm floored.

Honestly…when it comes to a lot of fans, often myself included, it’s a lot like 

I’m really quite unaware of this hysteria you speak of, but maybe that’s because I follow mostly humour and dog blogs on Tumblr. Man, I love dogs. They’re a very close second to Harry Styles on the list of things I love most. It goes

1. Harry

2. Dogs

3. Pizza


I think what a lot of people are feeling at the moment is a bit of betrayal. I know that this “girlfriend” thing certainly caught me off guard. The signs were all there, but part of me was naively like, “Maybe it’ll be fine…maybe they’ll just do some no homo past relationship references in print interviews and that’ll be that…” And so I genuinely thought that Harry rainbow-wearin, bee tattoo-havin Styles would be free of any further bearding bullshit and then it was like 

When I say the signs were all there, I mean that the Rolling Stone article was still pushing his ex-”girlfriends”, Grimmy was bantering with him about dating women, and the fact that both Harry and Louis are still with Sony and BG hasn’t ended, all point to the fact that neither of them are looking like they’re about to come out in the immediate future. 

Of course, anyone with eyes can take a look at Harry and see that he’s clearly putting out  at the very least androgynous, and at the very most very pro-LGBTQ+ vibes with all the rainbows and pink. As always I think it’s far more important to look at Harry’s actions as opposed to whatever tabloid trash that Dan Wootton regurgitated for Simon Cowell about Harry.

I think people are entitled to be hurt and maybe feel a bit misled, but there is an entire world that Harry actually exists in that we have no idea about. No one even knew that he was in Jamaica for MONTHS. Most of the general public know a very distinct public image of Harry, and while I don’t like it, I can certainly see where pulling a completely 180 on his identity and possibly sexuality immediately prior to dropping his album would be a very hard no from certain business people. 

Of course I don’t need to like that, or in any way condone or excuse the actions of women who contribute to homophobic practises like bearding, but I’m certainly not going to blame Harry for doing what’s within his limits to try and stay as true to himself as possible. To this day neither Louis nor Harry have every said out loud in an interview that they aren’t in a relationship. There was the “people GENUINELY think” and the bullshit tweets, but the fact that something that would be so easy to dismiss, and surely in a respectful way like, “You know, I can understand why people thought that, but we’re just friends” has never been said is quite telling. I hate that Harry was put in that position in the first place, but his complete refusal to just say the word “No” has been prevalent for awhile. 

The only alternative is that they aren’t allowed to deny it because they’re queer baiting a section of the fandom, but given how distinctly homophobic their team has been at times, I find it extremely hard to believe that it’s a priority for them to pander to that demographic. And if you think that Harry “I study rainbows” Styles, who thanks fans for donating to the LGBTQ+ switchboard would stoop so low as to use queer baiting then in that instance I would certainly say that you’re the epitome of a shitty fan. 

If people want to take all of Harry’s lyrics literally, I think they should probably avoid getting a degree in English literature because their ability to read into symbolism and metaphors is severely lacking.    

After the Home Party i’m gonna do a live on IG and reminiscence with all the bangtan albums, because i’ve never shown them all before(i think i’ve shown 2, one on my personal IG & one on my FB). So let’s cry together while looking at old Bangtan pics! So if ya wanna follow so you can join me on that day here ya go(or don’t lmao):

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So I was talking with a friend about why we like Tony so much and she said that it was because of the whole bad to good guy arc of his origin. That got me thinking, could Tony be considered a bad guy before Iron Man? I mean he wasn't a hero, but I don't think he was bad just because he made weapons. The ethics of creating weapons could be its own debate by itself. What do you think?

I personally like Tony so much because he follows the Hero’s Journey, which across cultures and time periods seems to be what people respond to (literally going into the underworld and coming out with a magical boon, lol), but his flaws are very obvious and that makes him relatable.  I don’t think creating weapons makes you a bad person, though there was some implication that he turned a blind eye to what was happening with the company because he was partying/designing or whatever, and this allowed Obie to sell weapons to terrorists.  I mean, turning over your business to someone you trust doesn’t make you a terrible person, but it definitely sets up something for a character to overcome and allows them to find redemption.  We love a good redemptive arc!  

So, I think bad guy to good guy is a bit of an oversimplification, but I do think there was an intentional redemptive storyline there, at least on the surface.  I’m one of the people who doesn’t actually think of MCU!Tony as particularly living up to his reputation in a lot of ways, but the audience is certainly supposed to see him as someone who is more of a devil-may-care-playboy type in the beginning. 

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The other day I had a break down because I haven't lost weight in almost three months after eating healthy and vegetarian (minus cheese). It was a bad day. I decided to follow your advice of eating more (which honestly, i thought was crazy) and you know what, I've lost 10lbs in the last 2 weeks and don't feel tired all the time! Before I wasn't even eating 1,500 a day, now i'm eating 2,600. Thanks again Sharee!

I’m so proud of you! And so is your body ❤️❤️❤️

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Your art is so lovely and I'm so upset I wasn't following you before?? The way you draw Iwaoi and Kuroken makes me so happy just to be able to look at them Also please continue drawing buff arm Iwa-chan because I am wEAK FOR IT



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VIRIA! I come to ask you, because I am kind of at a loss.. I know you've reblogged some of their stuff before -- Do you know what happened to rvsa?? I love their artwork so very much but that account has now been deactivated. I wasn't sure if I'm just missing some info here, like if they moved to a different username/account or something. ;_;

Oh god, nooo:(

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about it, maybe someone from my followers happens to know?

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Sorry but I can't see you as anything other than the girl who did the ice bucket challenge after getting her wisdom teeth out bc I wasn't following you before I saw that oops

hahaha thats okay but tbh im lowkey nervous people wont take me/my music serious because of that 

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do you think bolin will end up a little like bumi later in life? I mean he gets himself into a lotta whack situations by himself and the krew doesn't seem to take him that seriously (besides asami maybe)

I really don’t, actually. Bumi feels guilty for his entire existence. He wasn’t an airbender “like Aang wanted,” and he doesn’t even feel sure that his father would have been proud of him for becoming a commander in the army of the nation Aang helped to found.

There’s also the fact that Bumi’s situations that he lands himself in (like say falling off slippery cliffs and needing healing) manifest from this hurt; he doesn’t want to admit his limitations as a nonbender because he’s been infantilized his entire life for this. And he really, really hates that kind of feedback. Bumi will act out and make stupid jokes and almost take himself out of the running for being treated seriously, but it’s so other people’s laughter are on his terms. When it’s not, we see how he behaves. And when his suggestions are discounted (usually by Tenzin), he gets upset and sad.

Bolin like…is naive. And that lands him in over his head a lot. There’s also the issue that his situations are comic relief, so no one could care too much that he was terrified of Eska and miserable, because Bryke needed to milk that disturbing dynamic for lols.

But Bolin is never stuck at the kid’s table actually. Mako will be like, “bird calls, really?” to his dumb suggestions, but Bolin is never dismissed by anyone on the spot. He’s a highly valued bender, and always was. Plus he seemed quite at peace with himself from the start; he just sees certain things blow up in his face because he’s too trusting (Kai, Eska, Kuvira, Shady Shin’s wad of cash).

Then there’s also his Book 4 arc, which was all about him taking ownership of his responsibilities and actions, and boy did he rose to that challenge. Opal is an excellent, excellent influence in his life, too. She will call out behavior that’s not acceptable, and help steer him in the right direction when his aim is off, but clearly loves him at the end of the day and understands when to turn off any harshness. In my opinion they’re staying together for quite a bit, and I think that can only contribute to Bolin feeling valued and good about what he does. And yeah, he matured too, in a big way, worked overtime to fix his mistakes, and came out of the situation with more tools at his disposal than before.