and i was wondering all day whether this would be too mushy to post

one saturday, i won’t have anywhere to go.
at 9:07, i’ll find you next to me
kiss your forehead
and go back to sleep

one saturday, i’ll make a slow breakfast.
while you’re in the shower,
i’m making the coffee
and you’re slipping your arms around me

one saturday, we’ll be together.
wandering farmers markets
snapping pictures of each other,
sneaking kisses

one saturday, ill go to sleep.
knowing that life can’t get better
that i’m not dreaming
that i’m finally home.

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Prompt for Sterek: "I know that we haven't talked in two years and things ended pretty badly between us but what do you mean that your engaged to be married?!?"

You send me so many wonderful prompts, love, SO HERE. LET ME ACTUALLY WRITE ONE OF THEM. I hope you like it *crosses fingers* (Pssst, I really love your icon <3) Thank you to @crossroadswrite​ for being the most beautiful beta in all the land. DEREK WOULD BE PROUD TO HAVE YOU IN HIS PACK BABY.

“I waited for you, Derek!” Stiles screams, pushing at Derek’s chest. He’s angry. Even after all this time he’s still angry and Derek doesn’t know why that makes him feel better, why it makes him feel happy, but it does. He hates himself for it, but it does. “Do you know how long I fucking waited for you to come back? For you to call? For something? Well, I did. I waited for five fucking years!”

There are tears blurring Stiles’ vision, but he doesn’t blink them away, stubborn as always. Instead, he continues to pound weakly against Derek’s chest. Derek wants to hold him, grab his hands and still him like he used to when Stiles spiralled like this. But he can’t now. He gave up that right when he left.

The last words they said to each other are ones he can’t even remember now, but the memory of Stiles running after him, screaming his name, first angry then broken, still haunts him. Sometimes he wakes up hearing them, phone already in hand to call Stiles before he realises- oh.

“Well, maybe I wasn’t ready to love you, did you ever think about that?” Derek screams back, because he has to. Arguing with Stiles has always been easier, the only time he could ever say anything to Stiles outside of being tangled up with him in the dark. “Did you ever think I needed time because I didn’t want to mess this up?”

Stiles stops at that, blinks. “You told me you didn’t want me.”

Derek winces. “I lied.”

“You told me you didn’t want me.”

“I lied,” he says again.


“I LIED!!”

“You-” Stiles’ eyes do spill over then, his fingers clenching around Derek’s jacket. “I waited.” He sobs, nose running, body starting to shake like he’s fighting a panic attack.

“I know,” Derek whispers, pulling him close, even though he knows he’s going to have to let go. Forever. “I know.”

Lowering them both to the floor, he cautiously moves his hands away, but Stiles grabs on to them, pulling them back. Stiles doesn’t like people touching him when he’s like this, but for some reason he doesn’t like Derek not touching him.

Derek wonders just how many times Stiles needed him to hold on to and he wasn’t there. The thought makes him sick and he closes his eyes, but he can’t shake it.

You’re my anchor, okay? the words come back to him. He can still see Stiles’ face that day, scared, nervous, and Derek, the idiot he was- is- selfishly let himself hope he could be enough for him just on that. That he could love Stiles the way he deserves to be.

“It’s too late now,” Stiles whispers, no part of it sounding like a question, because yeah. Eyes flicking up, Derek lets himself look back across the room to the little box that had started this whole thing. A phone call that had Derek hoping, praying that maybe- but then, no. A promise of forever to someone else. Someone named Nathan. A second time seeing it doesn’t make him feel any less miserable, even if he wants Stiles to be happy.

He waits until Stiles calms down, for him to finally pull back, eyes clear before he says, “It was always too late.” It’s a lie, but Derek can’t bring himself to say anything else. He can’t bring himself to think about all those nights he lay awake, knowing if he just called they could’ve made it work. That if he wasn’t so fucking afraid of losing Stiles for good he wouldn’t have to lose him.

Looking up slowly, Derek watches as Stiles’ eyes turn angry again. “Don’t…you…ever…say that. Don’t you ever-“

The kiss comes out of nowhere and Derek, because he could never refuse Stiles anything, doesn’t push him away. He doesn’t let himself think about why Stiles is doing it or what will happen when it stops, he only knows he wants. He only knows Stiles is the only person he’s ever felt right with, safe with, since Laura, since family and he can’t run again.

He doesn’t want to run again.

Pushing Stiles down, he cradles his head under his hands as he rolls on top of him, never letting his lips leave his, too scared to face what will happen when they do.

I was stupid, I love you. I was stupid, I love you, I was stupid, I-

“I know,” Stiles gasps, wrapping his legs around Derek’s waist. He doesn’t grind up, he does nothing but scramble at Derek’s back, pulling him closer until-

-until Derek’s nose is buried in his neck and they both breathe a sigh of something neither of them have ever been able to name. Home, Derek thinks. Realises. This is home.

“I hate y-” but Stiles cuts himself off, body sagging, his scent spiking with misery. “I hate that I can’t get over you.”

Derek swallows, the almost words hitting him harder than anything Stiles has ever said before. “No, say it. Say what you were going to say. I- I need to hear it.”

Stiles shakes his head. “No point when it’s a lie.”

“Say it anyway.”

“I hate you.”

And there’s that blip, that sound that makes Derek sob with relief as he buries his face back in Stiles’ neck again and shudder pathetically against him.

Several minutes pass, and Derek lets himself be held like Stiles used to hold him, sinking into him in a way he’s never been able to let himself before, before he hears, “Der?”

“Yes?” Derek whispers, sounding every bit like the small child he doesn’t want to feel like.

“I don’t love him.”

Derek swallows, not sure what to say to that because…what. He doesn’t mean to sigh in relief, doesn’t mean for his breath hitch, or do anything because he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t do a fucking thing, but…

But all he knows is he doesn’t want to let Stiles go. “You deserve to be in love,” he says, eventually. Even if not with me.

Stiles groans. “It’s going to be hell when I end it.”

“When you-” Derek raises his head, heart racing, because no. “Don’t,” he breathes. “Not for me.”

“I’m not doing it for you, you asshole. I’m doing it for me. But-” He looks away, shrugging. “I can’t not…fuck, Der.” He pushes the heels of his hands into his eyes. “I can’t not wait. I’ll always- no matter how old I get, if you leave, I’ll always be-”

“I won’t,” Derek promises, clasping his hands over Stiles’, not sure whether to smile or cry because suddenly his whole world is being handed back to him on a Stiles shaped platter, complete with moles and biting sarcasm and useless information Derek missed so badly he’d taken to reading Wikipedia himself just to fill the void, picking out all the bits Stiles would find interesting and crying because apparently he’s that pathetic. “I love you.”

Stiles’ eyes widen. “That’s the first time you’ve said that to me fully clothed.”

Derek blushes. “It’s never not been true.”

Stiles rolls his eyes, smiles. “Still hate you,” he says, and there’s that blip again.

“I know,” Derek whispers back, not quite able to let himself smile yet, too caught up in looking at Stiles’. “You’re my sun and stars, remember?”

“And you’re the moon of my life?”

Derek nods shy, hoping, and Stiles rolls his eyes again, but his heart beat picks up.

“I never expected to love you, you know,” he says, barely audible.

“But?” Derek asks.

“But I suppose I never expected to love this much either, so…” He shrugs.


“Yeah, so.”

BTS as boyfriends

Thank you to anon who requested! <3 Hope this is detailed enough! I know you said no gifs but I couldn’t help it. I was going to add some m or r rated gifs then I realised this was meant to be a ‘cute’ post. omg and I couldn’t find any good gifs for the last 3 so I was like i’ll just have gifs for the first three. But it was so unbalanced, I couldn’t even so yeah. Sorry about the gifs that don’t fit with the context! <3

Kim Namjoon

He’d be the clumsy one in the relationship. Like you guys be at a supermarket and he would manage to push the trolley into a shelf. Then you’d be flustered as everything comes tumbling down, down prices are down (Coles shoppers will get it xD) and he’d apologise over and over and over and try to put it up but knocks it down again. Okay that’s kinda exaggerating but you get the point. Anyhow, he’d give you lots of presents on any special event or just when he feels like it because he’s like that. I can imagine him holding a bunch of flowers behind him while you open the door and he’d be grinning sheepishly and you would say hi and everything then he’d just whip out that shit and you’d be surprised af. If you guys went to a theme park, he would go on the rollercoasters and scary rides with you if you insisted but I don’t think he would really enjoy it, but he’d put on a brave face for you cus anything for his babeh. Yeah, he really gives me the impression that he’d really do anything for you if you asked for it, even if he isn’t that comfortable with it. He’d try a lot in a relationship and he would do everything in his power to make it work even when you guys argue.

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Min Yoongi

This little shit would be the coldest but cutest boyfriend ever. Even though he is cold and full of sweg, like most 'cold’ people, he is all romantic and mushy inside. He’d like to snuggle on the coach and is more of a home person rather than someone who’d go outside regularly. But you’re fine with it (unless you’re a party person) and you guys would spend days just watching something on TV. He’d be the type to whinge when you ask him to watch a horror movie. But if you didn’t like horror movies too, you guys would settle for an action movie. Occasionally when either one of you feels brave enough and watch forces the other to watch a horror movie, you’d be clinging onto each other like there’s no tomorrow. He gives me the aura of definitely a laid back guy but he also would become jealous easily. He would ask you to make it up to him by spending the day with him or something like that. Generally, he gives me the impression of a quiet but fun and sometimes whiny boyfriend.

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Kim Seokjin

The. Best. Boyfriend. Opening your eyes, you shifted over to the left side of the bed in an attempt to snuggle with your boyfriend of a year and a bit, but your body met the coolness of the sheets leaving you startled, your eyes quickly opening. He would be downstairs making breakfast you concluded so you fell back into a light slumber. A little while later, a soft chuckle woke you up. Your eyes shot open to see your boyfriend taking out the dirty clothes from your bedroom. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you heard him say “Did you sleep well?” while pointing that 100 watt smile directly at you. You almost had to shield your eyes from the light that seemingly was radiating off his head in an harsh angelic glow. You’d go downstairs and the food would be ready and everything so you’d dig in. He would help a lot around the house but you guys would always rest at night and just snuggle in the dark, him whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you smile. I don’t see him as having a bad temper but everyone’s gotta let it out sometime. He’d love going to the arcade and whether you like it or not, you’d go with him. He’d win lots and lots of toys there and even though I can’t see him as someone who would be good at the grabbing toys game, you’d still have heaps of toys by the end of the day.

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Jung Hoseok

I can see him because gentlemanly like opening doors, helping you reach something and generally doing stuff you like. Dates with him would be the cutest things ever because he would shower you with not only presents, but food too. But even though he shows everyone his bright and cheerful side, you being his girlfriend or boyfriend would know there’s something darker going on. His happy image would be a façade when he’s having hard times. You would have to be there for comfort and support when he needs it. Of course, he would do the exact same for you and probably be better at it than you because he’s just such a happy person. He would be great at cheering you up. He’d be a passionate lover who goes for long term relationships and has a strong set of morals which he abides by. Mucking around would be inevitable in this relationship but these moments can suddenly turn and become sexier (lmao cant think of the word). To elaborate though, you guys would probably end up in the bedroom, or the table, or in the bathroom, sofa I think you get it. When you go on your first date, if you are the socially awkward type (like me. hi-5!) he would do most of the talking until you get comfortable with him. He’s just a happy person and if someone ever makes him sad, I will personally go and find the person and fuck them up with my fellow ARMYs. (see what I did there? Hahaha I’m so funny ha ha ah…..)

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Park Jimin

Like literally the cutest thing ever. He would be awkward at first but when you know him better, he would open up. Even though he has abs, he isn’t the type to be dominant but he could, not saying that people who have abs are dominant but they would typically be more confident with their body thus the dominancy; he probably can be dominant but he doesn’t give me that dominancy vibe so its probably existent but not too strong. Anyhow, when he takes you on a date, it’s gonna be all romantic and probably mushy. This includes taking you out to a super fancy restaurant or just a dinner prepared previously by him obviously. But it has to have a candle. It’s an essential. He’s such a romantic and I can’t stress that enough. I see Jimin as the teasing type. Like he would feed you food and you would be like ‘aaah’ and he’d just pop it in his mouth and grin at you. You’d be all “I hate it when you do that-” and he’d seal your words with a gentle kiss.

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Kim Taehyung

Dates with him be like crazy. Let’s just say, you would go laser tag, bowling and paint-ball. Can you imagine how that would turn out? Lots and lots and lots of giggling. Sometimes he would win. Sometimes you would win. Sometimes you’d call a truce. After, ice-cream sounds good right? He would get strawberry out of the typical ice cream flavours. You would get a chocolate. Or why not get a double scoop and share? He’d dab some on your nose and you would definitely pay him back. You both get into embarrassing situations together but you would just laugh it off, after apologising or whatnot obviously. He would hit you playfully on the shoulder sometimes. But if you were the one to initiate the hitting on shoulder, he would chase you around and you guys would end up in a heap on the ground, giggling the whole time. He’s just such a bubbly kid but he can definitely be dark and moody at times. If he ever is, a hug from you would bring a smile to his face and he would suggest some fun activity which you guys would run off to do. He’s just such a great person. The fun activity could be sitting by the ocean, legs dangling off the side, your head on his shoulder, a smile on his face as the sun waves goodbye.

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Jeon Jungkook

Sometimes you would feel a little intimidated by him because he is so good at everything but he would always be there and help you. He has the loveliest smile in the whole universe and you could spend the whole day looking at him. But if he catches you staring, he would probably blush and feel uncomfortable or he will smirk and there is no in between. He would be awkward at first and not know how to approach you. He doesn’t appear to be a man of many words so there’s going to be lots of calming silences. He would like late night walks when he is stressed and sometimes he would ask you to tag along. So you guys walk, hand in hand, in that comfortable silence listening to crickets chirp and the gentle tinkle of the moon beaming down. You got me. It would be magical. Everything you do with him would be magic because he is magic.

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Y’all magical too <3

cooking with dad | naruto

prompt: I truly believe Naruto can cook.  It’s a personal headcanon of mine that he always had the skill but never bothered to do anything with it from both laziness of twelve years of no one to show it off too. When Himawari and Boruto are born he wears the apron to make their favorites just to see them smile. His favorite little taste testers. [Taken from a post by my love zoe-chan and dedicated tomy bestie mystic-runes]

pairing: Narudad | Himawari

notes: It’s funny because this actually hits home for me. As a child I used to cook with my dad a lot so I’m going to bring some of my own childhood memories into this one. Also, I know the prompt is for both children, but I don’t write enough Himawari and Naruto so why not do it now! I hope you enjoy it!

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Dance The Night Away (Part 13)


I would just like to say that I am completely blown away by the feedback I have gotten from this. It’s amazing, thank you!!!

Summary: With Alya’s knew knowledge, there comes a problem: what are they going to do about her blog? Should she just stop? Or try to throw people off the trail??

Pairing(s): Ladybug x Chat Noir/Marinette x Adrien

Word count: 1876

Warnings: OOC and kinda shit as usual

Disclaimer: Honestly if you’re looking for canon material you’re in the wrong place


Part 1 | Part 12 | Part 14 


“So, Mari…” Alya whispered halfway through class, “about your little spotty secret…”

Marinette tore her eyes away from the board and stared at her friend suspiciously. “Yea…?” she replied.

“What are we going to do about my blog?” Alya asked softly, “it actually has a lot of followers now I’ll have you know so I can’t just stop.”

“I’m glad you think the lesson is so interesting girls!” the teacher exclaimed, interrupting their quiet murmuring.

“Sorry,” they apologised in unison.

Marinette scribbled down a quick note and slid it across the desk:

Come to my house after school. I’ll bring Adrien and we can talk about it then.


“We don’t have a project,” Adrien said suspiciously, “so why did you just tell your parents that?”

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letters; chapter two

pairing: ed/winry

rating: k+ 

a/n: so i made a post clarifying ed and winry’s relationship in this particular fic (their relationship prior to the proposal, etc.) it totally not required to read, but i just like making things as clear as possible and it’s pretty short but it just runs over the basics. i was going to add more, but the whole thing will probably be dished out later in the story sooo yep it’s right here if you’d like to take a look!

a/n2: i quite liked writing this chapter, and you all might understand why, but i won’t spoil anything. 

a/n3: i just wanted to thank you all again for the overwhelming positive response this has gotten! it means so so much to me to know you guys enjoy it, because i adore writing it! thank you, as always, for inspiring, motivating, and helping me in ways you’ll never know. wow that was mushy but thanks guys!!

prologue // chapter one


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