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Kelly Marie Tran enlivens the next Star Wars with a new brand of hero.

Before actress Kelly Marie Tran had to endure the five-month casting process to join Star Wars: The Last Jedi—as Rose Tico, a Starfighter mechanic who becomes one of Finn’s (John Boyega’s) biggest allies in his continued fight against the First Order—she was knocking around the L.A. audition circuit while working as an office assistant to pay the bills. “I always thought I was going to be that weird friend on a sitcom,” says Tran, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants (her mom worked at a funeral home; her dad, at Burger King) and a UCLA communications major. “But after I got the role, I had to work for another week! Then I told my job, my family, and my friends I was moving to Canada for an indie. I had to Google pictures of Canada to send them! It was so stressful.”

Nevertheless, Tran was quick to put her stamp on the notoriously top-secret saga. “Kelly has an infectious energy and creative spirit that actually ended up influencing her character,” says director Rian Johnson. Rose “may not be glorified in the Resistance the way Rey [Daisy Ridley] and Finn are,” Tran says, “but has an important story to tell. She can and will make a difference.” Which means she’ll have the attention of many an insatiable Star Wars fan. “The best thing I did to prepare for all of that was just leave everything,” she says. “As soon as we wrapped, I bought a ticket to South Africa, lived on a wildlife reserve, and worked with endangered animals for two months—with no internet. It was absolutely perfect.”

(Elle US, Nov 2017)

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honestly. i have such a hard time picturing garrus as a daddy (the naughty kind), and it sorta bothers me bc daddy kink is one of my main kinks, but on the other hand... an actual happy daddy garrus??? the normal kind??? with his happy kids??? sign me the FUCK up!!!

the normal happy dad garrus is so wholesome and good and I love it. I like to imagine that he’d be so excited to adopt kids with shep aaaahhhhhh


Day I got- 19.

Theme- The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Summary- The reader falls asleep whilst watching Rocky Horror.

Characters- Jared x Daughter!reader, Sam x daughter!reader, Dean x Niece!reader.

Warnings- slight angst.

A/N- This is for @winchesters-favorite-girl‘s writing challenge!! Rocky Horror is one of my all time favourite musicals so it was cool writing a fic based on it.

You were curled up on the sofa in a pair of shorts and and oversized sweater, it was nearing Halloween, one of your favourite holidays.

Your dad worked in Vancouver, you lived in Texas with your mom and your three younger siblings so you didn’t see him often, but you’d call and facetime each other as much as you could.

Your mom tried to get you to go to bed but you refused, wanting to wait for him to come home.

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the losers as idiotic things i’ve done recently

richie: stopped my friend in their tracks to throw a pickle at the back of a random kid’s neck

stan: went on the teachers computer while they weren’t there to play an entire movie i had saved on my flash drive

eddie: started sobbing in an empty room because kids got mad at me for trying to go on the teachers computer and play an entire movie i had saved on my flash drive

bev: wrote my friend’s name on her bio paper in lipstick

mike: bought a water bottle that says “best dad in the galaxy” even though i’m a teenager with no kids

bill: gave my boyfriend a magnet that said “happy birthday princess” with a zoomed in baby picture of him on his birthday

ben: forgot to offer a little kid a sticker at my job and was upset about it for the rest of the day


pennywise: randomly sent my friend an envelope filled with vaguely threatening things like just one (1) false eyelash and a picture of taylor swift that just said “it’s been waiting for you”

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OC Ask: For Nico. I'd like to know more about you! :3

“Hei! Wow, I don’t know what to tell you,” says Nico, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“I’m not that interesting. Um. Well – I’m 17. I’m the oldest child of the family, it’s just me and my baby sister Liliana. Uh, my mamma had me young and my biological dad was never really in the picture but my mamma is the absolute best!” he exclaims.

“She was a waitress for a long time and we lived with my Nona until I was eight, when mamma met my step-dad – well I just call him dad – and they had Liliana then opened up the restaurant together.”

“That’s sort of why I want to go to university, I want to study business management and help them with the restaurant and maybe expand it one day. That’d be cool, continuing their hard work.”

“Friends-wise I have the sickest bros ever! There’s Ronan, Matheo and Hendrik. We’ve been best friends since like, forever. Ronan is super chill, and like always there to talk. He really cares about everything. Matheo is fun and always down to try new things. Hendrik is pretty quiet until you get to know him, I know he’s been having a hard time recently and is more closed off so I get why some people don’t like him. But he a good bro.”

“Um,” Nico blushes and a smile spreads across his face, “then there’s Emilie.”

I have a lot of feelings for my dad.

Inktober 2017 day 1: The Old Hero

Precious Dad-

Hi yes I was finally able to draw! ;w; After ruining my wrist and breaking my pc, everything seems to be repaired (for now..)!
.. I’ve been trying to finish this picture for such a long time, I’m so happy I could finally finish it! >w<
(Two down, two more to do~ xD)

(Also what happened :0 After posting this ..this post just broke (too) xD?)


Guy belittles me..I make him lose over $100K per year.

I am a Purchasing Manager for the city I work in. I have been doing this job for 11 years. We have contracts with various vendors but I want to talk about the company that does all of our dirt/gravel/limestone work. This story happened almost 4 years ago.

When I started we had a contract with this company. I spoke to the owner quite often and he was a pleasant guy. It was a family owned business that had only 4 employees but they were always ready to help the city when we needed. Every year, the owner would drop by and sign the contract before the new year began.

Well, the owner ends up passing away and his son takes over the business. His son had worked for the company right out of high school but ended up going work somewhere else. Came back to take ownership when his dad died. I never met the guy, didn’t know him, but my wife went to high school with him. On his Facebook page, he has pictures of his huge home, 4 vehicles, 3 boats(who the hell needs 3 boats), every ATV and toy imaginable. Just out of curiosity, I check all of the invoices from prior years and saw that we paid this company anywhere from $80K-$200K per year. In the time I was there, I figured out an average of about $140K per year.

So, we were in the middle of our contract when the owner died. I had some property that I wanted to put some mobile homes on so I would need some dirt hauled to my property. I decided to use the same company that the city uses. My wife called the new owner and set everything up for a Monday to haul the dirt and form up the dirt into a pad. It would cost me about $3,000. The mobile home was going to be delivered the Tuesday afternoon.

So, I’m at my property waiting for the guy to show up. Never does. My wife calls him and he says he can’t do the job. Too busy. I find out where he’s at(through connections at my job) and I show up to the site. I didn’t tell him who I was but asked what was going on. He said he had a bigger job to do and wouldn’t be able to get to it. I tell him that I have a mobile home being delivered the next day and I needed the work and had him lined up and he said “You know, what you would have paid me won’t make a dent in my pocketbook.”

I just looked at him and said, “Alright…” and left.

So, I ended up having to call a whole bunch of different places and eventually found a guy that could do the job for me. While him and I are talking, I tell him where I work and he mentions if he could possibly do work for us as a vendor. I get his information down and tell him I’ll be in touch.

I start researching at work and come to find out, we are supposed to holding a bid for that kind of work due to the dollar amount. We just never did because no one else was interested in doing the work.

In December of that year, the new owner calls me up and asks when he can come by and sign the new contract. I inform him that “due to regulations” we have to do a bid process. He seems kind of nervous but I inform him that it’s just a process we have to go through now and he shouldn’t worry because I told him that I doubt any one else would bid. He seemed more at ease and asked how the bid process went. Informed him that I would send him the information and he would need to fill out the bid sheet and come by and drop it off in a sealed envelope by a certain date.

I call the other guy that helped me out and tell him about the bid process. I also informed him that the company we deal with and the prices that they give us already(every information we have is public knowledge so I’m not doing anything wrong) and let him know that he should bid under that.

The day before the bid open date, the new owner of said company comes by and asks for the Purchasing Manager. He doesn’t know my name, but he knows my face. I come in the lobby and his mouth instantly drops. I extend my hand and tell him hi and that I was, in fact, the guy he needed to see. He asks if there are any other bids and I inform him that we didn’t have any others come in yet, which was a lie since I had the other guys bid.

No one comes in for the bid opening, which isn’t required, but the other guy who helped me out ended up winning the bid. I call the new owner to inform him that we had another bid come in last minute before the deadline and they were less so we would have to go with them.

He. Was. Pissed.

He was stuttering and stammering. Telling me that I’m going to be taking food off his kids plate, etc. I told him there was nothing i could do. He went to the public works office and they told him the same thing.

He has lost the bid process every single year. He no longer posts pictures of his “toys” on Facebook and I believe he downsized his home as well.

EDIT: Please be aware this is not my usual content!!! It was a one off photo my dad took while we were on holiday that started spreading. DO NOT FOLLOW ME EXPECTING MORE FLUFFY COWS OR CUTE THINGS!!! I AM A FANDOM TRASH BLOG. SORRY.

So, I realised I never posted any photos from when I went to Scotland a few months back now. I started going through my pictures, and I found this.


Highland cows are best cows <3


A brief tweetstorm about my dad’s Union job and how it benefited me through the years.


I have my dad’s 25-year Union ring. UAW 699 out of Saginaw, MI. So proud to have grown up in a union family. 1/

When my little sister was born, she was premature and sick as a result. My dad’s Union won health benefits helped keep her alive and safe 2/

When we were both young, we got sealants on our teeth & regular Dental checkups. We wouldn’t have been able to afford it w/out insurance 3/

When I was in elementary school I was depressed and miserable. My parents were able to afford to get me mental health care, thank you UAW 4/

At Xmas, we went to a show where all the kids got toys at the end. Some kids, it was the best toy they got that year. guess who did that? 5/

My mom only ever had to work part-time at a job she liked, and my dad came home at a reasonable hour every night. Thank you unions! 6/

In his 40s, my Dad decided he wanted to change careers. He went to school, he’s now an electrician & happy & still in the Union 7/

My life is measurably better because unions got my dad a living wage, great benefits, career mobility, and more. 8/

We lived in a nice place, went to good schools, my sister’s getting her PhD & I have a JD. And big picture, it’s because my dad is Union 9/

Don’t get me wrong, I know unions aren’t perfect. But they are sure as fuck better than the alternative. Solidarity&Brotherhood y'all 10/10

Please Help Me Out!

So, as some of you know… my car was stolen over a month ago. Well, it turns out it was being used with stolen WA license plates (the original are CA) and being driven around by some methhead who was living out of it.

It was ticketed for expired tags/parking(TWICE! THE POLICE ARE SO DUMB!!) while the thief had my car in their possession and now I need to contest the tickets in court.

It was ALSO towed because a towing company found it first (so they say, more like it was ticketed twice and taken away finally) even though I had SIGNED for it NOT TO BE TOWED if the police found it!!

The towing company charged me $250 to take out my STOLEN CAR. The battery was dead and the tank was empty and they only helped us jump it.

So, on top of the $250 my tags were expired, I am only the Legal Owner of the car (my dad is the RO) and I have to get it registered here in WA before I do ANYTHING which could mean another $100-150 I’m paying to clean up this mess!!

I have a bunch of shit I found in the car that I’m taking to the police: stuff with credit card receipts, an address, names and even a CD with pictures on it that was left in the car?

But while I do all this, I have no money for most of these things. I have to pay rent at the end of this month on top of all this so anything would be appreciated.

I should mention that whatever is donated will go towards food and supplies for my boyfriend and I and our two cats!

You can send me $$ over at PayPal with the email or

Alternatively, my boyfriend ( @buttg0d here on tumblr ) has a VenMo at buttgod

If you can’t donate, I appreciate even reblogged to signal boost this! Thank you guys.

chocolate & toothpaste - tom holland

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—- a soulmate au in which the soulmates can taste whatever the other is eating. I THOUGHT IT WAS A CUTE IDEA SO I HAD TO TRY TO WRITE IT.

@booklovergirl01 ‘s idea.


The taste of a cinnamon roll suddenly takes over my senses as I finish the last sentence of my paperwork. Licking my lips sighing happily at the taste. My soulmate always has such nice food, and all I ever have is banana on bread with a drizzle of honey on it. 

I have always wanted to know who my soulmate could be, the possibilities were honestly endless. I’m a 20 year old woman who lives in an apartment who eats banana on bread with honey about 10 times a day. Waiting to find out who my soulmate is. I don’t understand how it works though. 

Like why taste of all things, and since it’s tastes, why can’t we taste their morning breath? Or am I going to deep into this?

I sigh as I get up off my very comfortable couch heading over to the kitchen where my mother and father were sitting. They had decided to visit me before taking a flight back home, but I haven’t been able to spend very much time with them as I have been consumed with all this paperwork.

I see my mum holding a plate out to me.

Bread with banana and honey.

I smile at my mum, gladly taking the plate as I munch down onto the amazing snack. I grab my phone out of my pocket. as I talk to my dad about some news that was on the TV this morning.

I go onto Instagram looking to see all of the recent activity. When I see that a certain actor named Tom Holland had put something on his Instagram story. 

I really admired his work, as he did an amazing job in his new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. I click on his story seeing what he was doing. 

The first thing that pops up is a picture of steak. Which if I may add looked delicious. I tap so it would go to the next part, which is a video, making me turn the volume on my phone up.

“Why do I taste banana and honey? I’m just trying to enjoy my steak here soulmate, whoever you are.”

I immediately drop my bread and freeze. My mum and dad turning to face me quickly. I put my hand to my mouth. 

“No way.” I whisper as I quickly wash my mouth, seeing what I was tasting. 



I quickly run to my cupboard pulling out a plain chocolate bar taking a bite out of it chewing rapidly before running to the bathroom. As soon as I finish the chocolate I grab my toothbrush and put toothpaste on it before brushing my teeth. 

I sprint back to the kitchen grabbing my phone from the counter,

“What just happened?” My mum asks slowly.

“Mum I think I know who my soulmate is.” After quickly explaining to my mum what just happened I open up Instagram, and as soon as I see that Tom put something on his story I click on it as fast as I can.

“Okay, now i’m tasting something else that is ruining my delicious steak. Soulmate. Please let me eat my steak in peace. And who the fuck eats chocolate and brushes their teeth straight after?!” 

Holy shit.

Tom Holland is my soulmate.

oooooo I don’t know how I feel about this one.

should I do a part two?

part two   part three