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I am super delayed on posting merch I’ve bought (a mix of being very busy and also a bit lazy lol) but this music box was one of the things I was looking forward the most when I preordered it, so it’s almost a crime I haven’t posted it yet! 

I got reminded of it thanks to @sugarplum-senpai (I am still waiting to see yours, don’t be like me and procrastinate for days/weeks!!! haha) so I finally uploaded a video and some photos of it ^^.

Excuse the poor quality of the video (and the background noise from the fish tank lmao) but I think it’s enough to give you an idea! 

It really is beautiful, I was worried that would it be smaller than it is but thankfully its size is pretty normal for a music box. It’s also really well done and there’s a lot of care on the details! And of course the best part is that Eren and Levi image on the inside ♡(ŐωŐ人).

I’m really happy with my purchase, this one is definitely one of the most unique merchandise pieces I’ve bought! And as you can see my little Eren and Levi loved it too, hehe (ノ▽〃).

Make up Marichat May, Day 12: Sleepover

Title: Good Morning
Word Count: 2,059

“Nope,” Chat Noir admits, trying to keep any disappointment from sneaking into his tone. He’d never slept over at someone’s house before. His father was far too protective to have him do something like that.  

“No? They’re fun,” Marinette says nonchalantly.

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elegantly wasted | baekhyun

 ”Who are you, what are you doing in my loft and why are you only wearing a fucking towel?!”

admin: s. genre: angst, fluff, smut (in later parts), age gap (cus I love this shit), kinda daddyish, ceo! baekhyun au   

pt. 2, pt. 3, epilogue

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You could say your life situation right now was more than depressing. Not long ago, you turned 24 and finished your studies. Now, being a social sciences absolvent with a Bachelor of Arts, you were also jobless, broke and bored every day.   

Since you were also still living in the apartment you lived in for the past 24 years, you literally had nothing to do every day except for cooking, cleaning and washing the laundry sometimes.  

Your mum was a cleaning lady for a richass CEO you knew nothing about, and except for the two of you, there was no one around.  

So, being alone almost every day until six or seven in the evening, you just lied on the couch of your living room in your underwear watching TV and this was exactly what you were doing now.

It was already eight in the evening and your mum was running an hour late. It was unusual but you weren’t worried. It could happen. You were watching one of your favourite children shows when you heard keys jiggling.  

Jumping up and stretching your neck so you could see in the hall to the door from your current position on the couch, you saw your mum entering the apartment looking more than only exhausting.  

You immediately rushed to her taking the groceries from her she must have bought on the way home. Setting them down on the kitchen island you prepared a glass of water with a pill against headaches for her. “Take that, mum.” 

Your mum took the glass from you and smiled, gulping down the water with the pill. “Thank you, sweetie. Sorry, by the way, that I’m late. Your aunt had a problem, so I had to help her.” 

Upon hearing that you got keen on hearing. Your aunt and uncle were in the middle of a bad divorce and your uncle decided it was a good idea to move to Busan. So your aunt had to make little trips to the coast visiting her still husband only so she could finally get divorced. Your mothers part was to stay at her only sister’s side and travel with her and that meant you had the whole apartment for you for probably almost one week.  

Trying to hide your smile you came to her side. “That probably means you have to travel with Auntie Jihye to Busan, right?”  

Your mum sighed and nodded, placing the empty glass in the sink. “Yes but don’t be too happy too soon, miss. While I’m gone you have to clean Mr. Byuns Loft. His Loft still has to be clean even when I’m not here and you’re not that bad at cleaning. Also, you’re broke and need a job. Even if it’s only for a short period you can have the money you make while I’m gone.”

You groaned and tried to convince your mum why you couldn’t clean her boss loft while her absence. “Mum that’s illegal. I can’t clean his loft while you’re gone.” Hoping your mother would trust you, you slowly tried to go into your room but your mum thought otherwise.   

“Y/N, Mr. Byun is a very nice young man from the few times I talked to him on the phone. I never saw him in person, he never enters his loft while I’m cleaning because he’s busy working. He won’t even know you cleaned his loft for one week instead of me. You’re broke and need money, you know I can’t come up for all of your expenses. So don’t be such a lazy person and clean his loft!”  The Voice of your mum got stronger and firmer towards the end of her speech and you exactly knew you had no choice other than to clean your mums boss loft.  

Sighing you gave her a sign meaning you’d do it for her. Your mum just smiled. “I’ll write you a list of the things you have to know while you’re cleaning. Also, you have to wash his clothes if there are and if he leaves a note on the fridge it means he wants something to eat when he comes home. Also - I’m just going to write you a list, okay sweetie?”  

Nodding and obviously rolling your eyes you finally entered your room. You threw yourself on your bed closing your eyes.  

When your mum was gone it actually always meant for you, you could relax, sleep longer than usual and eat as much takeout food as you wished for but now you had to do her job.  

Sitting up you took your laptop opening google and typing in the name of Mr. Byuns Company. It was one of the few things you knew about him. This and that he was 35 and richer than you and your mum would ever be.  

You clicked on the official website of the Byun Enterprises - the name of Mr. Byuns Company - and scrolled through the employee section, the section where all the Partner companies were listed and finally the section with the bosses profile.

The section had a large picture of Mr. Byun on the top. His name, age, and works below it. You stared at his picture way longer than you preferred.   

He was handsome. No, he was fucking hot. His brown slightly strawberry red hair was slightly curled and parted in the middle showing a little bit of his forehead. His eye color was also brown and his stare was boring into your soul. His pinkish lips were formed into a slight smirk. You licked your own lips and wandered with your eyes further down the picture.  

It was only a picture displaying his upper body but it was enough for you. He wore a wine red, black button up shirt which was only buttoned till the middle of his chest. The rest was unbuttoned so you could see a bit of his strong toned chest. Over the shirt, he had a dark grey, blackish suit jacket which was open but with a black belt held together on his waist. Around his neck, there were two silver chains hanging low on his chest.  

Your heart was thumping, your underwear slightly stained and you felt a headache creeping up. You never knew your mum worked for such a good looking person.  

Scrolling down more you read what was standing under his picture - Byun Baekhyun, 35 years old, hardworking and caring. Head of the Byun Enterprises…  

Suddenly you heard a knock on your door and you quickly closed the tab with the website, followed by your laptop. Placing it to where it was before you stood up and opened the door for your mum.  

“Here’s the list of all the things you have to know while being in Mr. Byuns Loft. I also wrote down the address and the code for the door lock. Mr. Byuns Loft is in one of the tallest buildings in Seoul. When you enter it you have to pass a reception but don’t worry I already told the lady working there that you are coming instead of me.” Passing you the list she pointed out the address and the code for the door lock.  

Quickly reading all the points you choked. Mr. Byun was way too demanding what things regarding cleaning his loft, washing his clothes and cooking his food prosecuted.  

“Mum that’s too much! How am I supposed to do all of this every day for one week? I’m going to die!” Protesting you read the list again. Mr. Byun had even a special way his clothes had to be washed or that he wants his potatoes mashed and not cut. What kind of guy was he?  

Your mum chuckled and patted your head. “That’s the life of a working person, darling. Either this or having no money. It’s not even that bad you just have to get used to it then it’s kinda fun.”  

Not believing your mum one word you just sighed and closed the door after your mum had left. Putting the list on your nightstand you sat down on your bed ones again. This was going to be an awful week.

Today was your first day as Mr. Byuns cleaning Lady - only for one week of course. You had woken up extra early today. Your mum had left last evening and even until she and your aunt finally drove away, your mum had remembered you countless times to do exactly what stood on the list.  

Already being ready to go, you sat at the kitchen table and sipped from your coffee. It was half-past seven and you had to be at Mr. Byuns Loft at eight. You still didn’t know what you should clean in ten hours but your mum said you definitely needed the time. There was no way this could be fun.  

The drive with the subway to the building Mr. Byun lived in was as terrible as this day would going to be. The subway was filled with rude people pushing and pressing each other. When you were still in University you had lived there, so you didn’t have to take the subway every morning and you were glad you did so.  

After you had finally arrived you stood in front of the building before entering it. It was really high and Mr. Byuns Loft was in one of the highest floors. Usually, you weren’t afraid of heights, but you had also never visited a building as tall as this, so maybe this would change.  

Passing the reception the lady behind the counter smiled at you. Like your mother had said she already told her you would come instead of her for one week.  

You looked around and saw security men almost at every entrance - even in front of the elevator. Being a little bit shy you quickly passed them and entered the elevator.  

Breathing out after the door had closed you pressed the number of the floor Mr. Byuns Loft was located at. It wasn’t the last floor but still one of the highest.  

The doors of the elevator opened after your ride to the top. At the wall had been a window so you could look outside while riding up and the way the streets, cars, and people got so small so fast made you anxious.  

You walked outside and towards the door to Mr. Byuns Loft. Luckily his loft was the only apartment on this floor besides one public bathroom. The building was very large what meant if Mr. Byuns Loft was the only apartment on this floor, the size of it had to be enormous.  

Typing in the code for the door lock the door opened and you entered his loft. The smell of a mixture of men Parfum and soap engulfed the apartment.  

Directly after entering the apartment, you were in an open big ass living room. One wall was completely made out of glass what gave away an incredible view over the skyline of Seoul. All in all the apartment was furnished very nicely and thoughtful. Everything was held in black, white and grayish colors.  

Placing your bag on the kitchen counter, you took out at the list your mum had given you before and read the first point - washing his clothes.  

You sighed and made a fist cheering you on. It was not the first time you had to wash clothes and your mum gave you such a detailed description of how to wash his clothes, you were sure you could do it.  

In the extra room where all the washing machines were, you took the basket of his clothes and started walking towards his bedroom. You were glad his apartment was not one of these confusing ones, so you found every room pretty quickly.  

Entering his bedroom you gasped. It was immense and beautiful. The colors were still the same but it looked super classy and chic. His bed was, of course, a king-sized bed made of black wood. Above it was a large painting. He even had again one wall full of glass with a connected balcony to it.  

Still having big eyes and being full of jealousy you started picking up his clothes from his bed. Your mum told you Mr. Byun always left the clothes he wanted to be washed on his bed, so you didn’t have to search for them. You didn’t know if it was a nice gesture or if he just didn’t want someone to search through his things.

Half of the day was already over. It was now four in the afternoon and you had already washed his clothes, cleaned every room except for the bathroom connected to his bedroom and you even cooked him some rice cakes.  

You were exhausted and sweaty. The thought that this was only day one of seven almost made you throw up.  

Lazily walking into his bedroom you entered his connected bathroom. It was obviously again super big and had everything in it. A bathing tube, two sinks, an enormous mirror and… a fucking rainfall shower.  

You had lost your breath. Since you were a teenager it was one of your dreams to at least shower one time in a rainfall shower.  

Starring at it for good two minutes you hesitated if you should try it out or not. I mean, you still had two hours until you had to go and according to your mother, Mr. Byun never comes home early. Also, your were sweaty and exhausted. You deserved this.  

You decided to first clean the bathroom except for the shower and then shortly hop in just to rinse your body a little bit. Your body needed and deserved some relaxation.  

Shortly after you had cleaned the bathroom, you stripped your clothes, laying them outside the bathroom on Mr. Byun’s bed.  

Opening the shower door, you quickly turned on the water and let it fall on your body. The feeling was amazing. You stood there for almost five minutes just letting the water soak your body until you found more options you could use while showering. You played a little bit with the regulator of the shower and you didn’t even realize one full hour passed by.  

Already feeling how your skin started to wrinkle from the water you exited the shower and put a towel on your body. The towel was not really large but it was enough to cover what needed to be covered.  

You walked out the bathroom and then his bedroom. You wanted your body to dry a little bit before you put on your clothes again and you saw a sound system in his living room, you still had one hour left, some music wouldn’t kill anyone.  

Switching on the sound system, the sound almost made your ears burst but after some time you got used to the clear and loud music and you started to jump around.  

Mr. Byun’s living Room had the perfect size to dance along the music that was playing from the sound system.  

You were in the middle of having fun while Mr. Byun Baekhyun was currently standing outside of the door to his loft and heard the music from his sound system blasting through the corridors.  

Hesitating if he should call the security or handle it himself he decided to first observe the situation himself. Maybe Mrs. Y/L/N wanted to listen to some music while cleaning his loft.  

Typing in the code the door opened and he entered the loft. The situation what he found in front of him was definitely not what he expected to see.  

A stranger more specific a girl was running and jumping around in his living room only wearing a towel that merely covered her buttcheeks and womanhood.

Gulping he just stood there observing the situation a little bit more until he had found his composure again and walked to the sound system, still unnoticed by you and switched it off, angrily.   

Your Head immediately turned to the sound system in shock. Your head turning into a red mess the second you saw Mr. Byun standing there with a bewildered and angry look on his face.  

“Who are you, what are you doing in my loft and why are you only wearing a fucking towel?!” He asked with an intimidating loud and annoying voice.  

In this exact moment, you had died internally.  

So, guys, this is the first part of a new story I will be writing here on tumblr and this time it’s a baekhyun story! Also can you guys all guess which baekhyun era he is displayed as here? For all the people who can’t seem to guess it (*cough* admin a. *cough*) it’s lotto era cus lotto era was daddy era in my opinion lmao and it’s my favourite baekhyun era.    

By the way, I’m still on vacation so don’t think the second part will be uploaded anytime soon since I’m writing and editing this on my phone and doing this is shit. Anyway, love you guys~  

- admin s. 🌞  

title credits: admin a. 💖

This whole Pokemon Go drama of people bashing younger generations on social media has made me think a lot. All the comments revolved around the same: “why don’t you go and adopt an actual animal?” “Or why are you so immature?”

The answer to most of these people is very simple: this is all we got. I’m going to be 25 years old in one month and I just secured my first ever permanent job. At my age my mum had a 6 year old and had a permanent job for 5 years. My dad had his own business. They had two cars, a house and a mortgage. Do you know what I have? Student loan debt, high rent for a tiny flat (that doesn’t allow pets btw!), four plants and a bus pass.

Baby boomers accuse my generation of being lazy and immature and this and that when they literally fucked everything over for us. “How do you want to buy a house do you? Well get ready to fork out a quarter of a million pounds and a kidney while you are at it!”

Travelling, fandoms and nostalgia filled games are all we got. Don’t you think I would like to have children? Don’t you think I go to sleep every night thinking I’m getting older and I haven’t reached even a quarter of the goals I set up for myself? Don’t you think that I’m scared I will never be able to afford a family? 

I grew up hearing that I could be everything I wanted. That if I worked really hard I would be rewarded for it. Well guess what? You lied. You, baby boomer, sitting comfortably in your 4-bed house with your mortgage and your white fence. You lied to all of us. So the least you can do is shut the fuck up and let me catch some Pokemon.


07/07/2017 Because I am too busy (or too lazy?) for a bullet journal, I bought a weekly planner + notebook from Leuchtturm1917 yesterday. It looks very pretty and simple and it has plenty of space for notes, which is really handy.


Imagine: Being the little sister of Daenerys and meeting Jon Snow.

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Your sister, Dany, had been rather firm with you earlier. It left you rather grumpy. You had wanted to be there when she met with this Jon Snow who was the supposed King of the North. Everyone else would be there expect you. You were asked (ordered) to stay in your chambers until Dany said so.

After the meeting, your sister was in a particularly foul mood so you made very sure to steer clear of her. For the next few days, you wandered around what used to be your family’s home and studied in the library. You wanted to brush up on the history of Westeros. In those days you simply forgot about this King and were content to lounge in the company of books.

“So, this is where you have been hiding.” Dany mused seeming to be in a better mood.

Despite the loss of the Greyjoy ships and losing the Dorne as allies, she seemed to be in better spirits. You glanced up from the book you were reading and smiled at your older sister, “I wouldn’t call it hiding.” You answered marking the page you were on and setting the book down, “What brings you down here?” You asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“It has been brought to my attention that Jon Snow thinks I’m hiding you from them and they’re rather suspicious as too why. Tyrion thinks it’s a mistrusting statement towards them by keeping you away from their prying eyes.” You were Daenerys’s most precious item in this world—next to her children. After the death of Viserys and Drogo…Dany only had you left and she vowed that nothing would ever harm you.

Everything she was doing was for you—so that you wouldn’t have to worry about food, shelter, or love. Dany was determined to make a better world for you.

You absorb the information she’s telling you, “And what do you think?”

Dany frowned, “While I can why it seems rather odd that I’m keeping you out of sight…I understand why they’re suddenly antsy. I don’t like…but I want to invite them to a meal…and I want you there.” Dany murmurs coming to sit next to you. 

You don’t say anything and ponder. Your stomach felt anxious, why was that? You blink a few times before looking up at your older sister. She’s staring at the collection of books you have accumulated on the table with interest, “Brushing up on your history?” She smiles. She always adored how you were naturally curious about everything. She never had a care for such studies but she was glad that at least you did because it could become very handy in this war.

You nod with a grin, “Yeah, I figured I should learn about Westeros and its houses and lands. I think it’s important that one of us knows the layout of the land. I’ve wanted to study the table in the strategy room but I do not want to disturb you.”  You sheepishly say.

Dany shakes her head, “You are more then welcome to be in there, Y/N. You’re a Princess, don’t forget that.” She informs you with pride.

You snort, “I don’t like the sound of my title.”

Dany is not surprised and she’s quite amused, “And why is that?”

You giggle, “It’s not as great as your title.”

Dany laughs, “My title is boring and long.” It’s the first time in a long time that she has laughed. Your sister didn’t smile or laugh as often…you didn’t blame her. Your sister…has lost her loved ones and gone through terrible ordeals. She was a Queen and was expected to act as such.

The work of a Queen was rather tedious—in your opinion.

“I love you.” You tell her softly because you don’t say it often. You remind yourself everyday that she is only doing this because of you. Everything she has gone through was because she wanted to make a better life for you.

Dany looks at you with clear surprise before her regal safe softens greatly—a rare sight only you are allowed to see. She caresses your cheek and murmurs delicately, “I love you too.” Her voice wavers just the slightest bit.


Dinner is an awkward affair. Two days later, you are seated next to your sister. Tyrion is on your sister’s left and you her right. Missandei is next to you as well. Dragonstone is rather chilly but you don’t bother to wear much because your body temperature ran higher due to the dragon blood in you. You don’t dress as any normal…princess? Ugh, how you hated that word.

You were wearing breeches and a tight fitting loose white top. Your hair is spun in perfect curls and touching the floor—Dany always loved how long your hair was. Your hair, for some odd reason, grew quite fast. There some delicate braids that adorned your hair as you stared boredly out the windows over-looking the sea.

“I want to cut my hair.”

Dany glares at your poor joke.

You smirk.

You only say it because it annoys your sister a lot for some reason. Tyrion snickers, “Yes, you tell us everyday.” He says as he drinks his wine.

The food is about to be served when the guests arrive. It is only two of them—you expected more of them. One of them is an older man and the younger man could only be Jon Snow. Dany stands proudly, “Welcome.” You take note of your sister’s lack of title acknowledgement and try not to smile.

Jon bows his head curtly as the man bows with a bit more respect. “Thank you for inviting us.” His voice is gruff and deep—as if he’s inhaled too much smoke and there’s a curious accent to his voice. His black curls adorned his sharp and brooding face. His dark dusty eyes are almost mesmerizing and you could tell there is a story to be told behind the lingering sadness you see in them. There is a scar over his left eye and he is rather pale.

He’s handsome…that much you can say. You’ve never seen such a foreign man before. He’s caught your interest almost instantly. You could feel a slight blush touch your rosy cheeks as his dark eyes land on you. You don’t compose your emotions—you don’t like masking them. You let him see your open curiosity without shame.

“I invited you here because I wanted to formally introduce my sister,” Dany says in her strong but soft voice, “This is Princess Y/N.”

You scowl at your sister, “Really?” You try not to groan, “Princess?”

She tries not to smile at your whining, “It is your title whether you like it or not.” She sits down as Tyrion chuckles at you and Missandei tries to muffle her giggle. 

You sighed, “It’s such a boring title…not at all fear-inducing. It doesn’t even capture my personality.” Jon hasn’t taken his eyes off of you. You are aware—very aware—of his blatant staring and it leaves this squirming sensation in the pit of your stomach.

“And what personality is that?” Tyrion questions with a laugh.

Dany couldn’t help but to smile—Jon notices and is taken back.

You glare at the Imp, “Are those fighting words?” You demand hotly and even narrow your eyes playfully.

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t dare go against you.” Tyrion defends with a shake of his head.

You turn to address Jon and his advisor, “It’s nice to finally meet you, King Snow?” You tilt your head to the side in a curious manner, “Is that his proper title?”

His advisor kindly corrects you, “We haven’t figured it out yet.” His accent is also different from Jon’s and thicker. “I can see why Queen Daenerys kept you hidden away,” He smiled at you in a kind way, “You are a very beautiful dragon.” His flattery is amusing and makes you giggle.

Tyrion rolls his eyes.

Dany is amused but keeps it concealed.

Dinner is interesting. You aren’t afraid of asking Ser Davos questions about Westeros and about the North. Both Jon and Ser Davos were wary of telling you about the North but after seeing the naturally curious look on your face….they didn’t give much resistance. Jon is doing his best not to stare because he is well-aware of the stares coming from Dany. You don’t mind…you like his attention.

It is hard to keep your eyes away from him…he’s so nice to stare at.

After dinner, you and Dany are walking together. You are both headed to your respected chambers. Dany is quiet and you are too lost in your smitten thoughts to care. “He seems attracted to you.” Dany looks sour about this.

You look at her, “What?” You try your best not to blush.”

Dany wasn’t sure why she was so upset with the thought of some man taking a fancy to you…it wouldn’t be the first time. She didn’t like any man who drooled over you. You were something very precious to her and she refused to share you with anyone. She was a mother dragon fiercely protective of her children.

“Jon Snow,” She says looking at you for a reaction, “He couldn’t take his eyes off of you.”

You give her an innocent look, “Really? I didn’t notice…” You say with a shrug as you come to the door of your chambers, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, sister.” You say with a sleepy smile, “I’m going to see if Viserion will let me ride him tomorrow.”

Dany perks up, “You haven’t been with him for a few days…He seems rather antsy.” She advises you.

“I know,” You sigh feeling guilty, “I’ve been so busy with reading that I forgot to go give him some attention.” You frown. Dany bids you goodnight and you retreat into your chambers with a goofy smile as you think about Jon Snow King of the North.


The next day, you are on the beach. It’s early in the morning and you are basking in the lazy sunlight. The soothing sounds of water crashing onto the shores are enticing. You are tempted to swim in the water but you knew very well that water is freezing. You are still tempted but your sister would be furious if she found out you were swimming in that water.

Even more furious if you turned up sick.

You hear the sound of wings and then a growl from above. You look up and see Viserion. You beam at the sight of him and he lands beside you. The ground shakes beneath your feet as the massive beast draws his face near to yours. You ran your hand over his scales appreciatively and admire his beauty. He growls lowly as he stares at you.

Above his brothers fly high in the air; roaring and screeching at one another.

You feel very well protected with your favored dragon by your side and his brothers’ watching from above. You even feel warmer due to his large, warm body near yours. The dragon follows you as you walk down the shoreline looking for sea-shells or anything shiny that strikes your eye. Viserion is content to follow for awhile before he takes off into the air when his brothers begin to get rowdy with hunger.

It’s time for them to hunt.

You watch them disappear into the thick clouds and return to your walk. You don’t take very long to decide to go back into the castle. It’s getting to the point where the cold is beginning to numb your warm body. You should’ve brought a warm cloak. You sigh with defeat at the cold and begin to make way to the castle.

It is then that you notice Jon Snow, Ser Davos, and some Northern men heading towards a cave further down the shore. You watch with interest and wonder where they are going. Your eyes linger on Jon who looks devilish in his normal Kingly attire. As if Jon could sense your stare he turns and looks into your direction. You start to panic because you weren’t sure what to do now that he caught you staring at him.

You look away and briskly walk towards the castle with red cheeks.

“Princess Y/N,” Jon calls you by your stupid title.

Your body freezes and you curse yourself. You certainly can’t ignore him…he isn’t very far. It would be rude…you turn around and see him making way towards you. “King Snow.” You greet trying not to sound awkward. “You don’t need to call me Princess.” You informed with a small smile.

He walks up to you and smiles the slightest, “And you don’t have to call me King Snow.” There is humor in his voice.

Your smile grows with amusement, “What brings you on shore?” You ask curiously.

He grows a bit tense, “Your sister gave me permission to mine Dragon-glass.” He says a bit tersely.

You stare unfamiliar with this Dragon-glass and why Jon was mining it. You want to ask but something told you not to. “I was just walking down the shore with Viserion.” You say to change the topic.

Jon looks surprised, “Is that one yours?”

You shake your head, “No, he isn’t mine though my sister likes to think so. He’s just more affectionate towards me then the other two. My sister calls me his dragon-rider.”

“You ride him as well?” Jon blurts out.

You stare at him with amusement, “Yes, whenever he feels like giving me a ride.” 

He gets a faint hue of red on his pale cheeks, “Sorry, I was just so surprised. I didn’t think anyone besides Daenerys could get near them.” He says lightly.

You chuckle, “You are partly correct.”

“Obviously.” Jon smiles at you.

Your heart is about to burst with warmth. This Jon Snow was making you feel very high on emotions. You shiver and look over your shoulder when you see your sister with Missandei ascending down with some Dothraki.

You feel something warm drape over your shoulders and you look down at see a cloak hanging on you. You look up at Jon with surprise and red cheeks when you realize what he did. He’s blushing too. “You can’t be reckless, Y/N, you’ll get sick if you stay out here too long without proper clothing.” He says thickly avoiding eye contact.

You cover yourself more with his warm cloak and try not to look so obvious when you inhale the smell of his clothing. It smells…earthy and of soft moss. Something else is there but you can’t place it…but it smells cozy to you. “Thank you, Jon.” You murmur looking up at him with a brilliant smile.

He’s visibly stunned.

“Well, it is nice to see where you were.” Your sister spoke from behind you.

You look over your shoulder and grin at her, “Nothing like a nice stroll on the beach.”

“And without proper clothing.” Missandei adds with a frown.

Your smile faltered, “I didn’t think it would get so cold so fast.” You defended yourself.

“Lucky for you that Lord Snow was here to offer your some warmth.” Daenerys isn’t sure how she feels with this bond between her baby sister and the Lord Snow. The look on your face is one she has never seen…and Lord Snow looks quite smitten with you.

She wants to disapprove but knew that if you were to fall for Snow…she could do nothing because you deserved the love that she once had with Drogo. And if Lord Snow would return these affections then Dany would fight like any Mother of Dragons would to make sure her babies were happy.

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 possibly a part two becuz this was so cute to me.

part two!

part three!

part four!



hey guys! 

its been awhile since the last time i posted my lockscreens. i was so busy (lazy) lately so i dont really post lockscreens anymore. But im kinda back now! Got lots of lockscreens to be uploaded very soon. Hope you enjoy this lockscreens i made ya! <3

ps. send me messages tell me everything! :D



Just because I’ve been thinking about it lately and I feel like it now.


-But not really possessive, knows his boundaries.

-Has a difficult time expressing his emotions.

-Because of that he may come off as indifferent some of the time but will definitely try very hard to express his emotions more openly if you are put off by it.

-He is a very strong-willed, stubborn person but I believe he will definitely be  whipped for his partner.

-100% the type to write songs for you.

-He has mentioned before in an interview that he would like to show his girlfriend all of his music.

-If you are apart from one another he will definitely take time out of his day to call you everyday.

-If you were into it, I feel like he would like taking pictures of you since he is really into photography.

-Subtle acts of care and affection.

-I feel like tons of teasing would take place between him and his partner.

-Deep conversations/heart-to-hearts would happen at the most random of times.

-A similar relationship to a best friend relationship but obviously with more romance.

-I don’t feel like he would be huge on pet names but he wouldn’t mind if you called him them a lot of the time and he would call you by one sometimes.

-He personally reminds me a lot of a cat so their would be times where he would be really independent and times where he would get very fluffy and soft and want to be held.

-Not a lot of PDA but pecks would happen every now and then and if you wanted to like, sit on his lap or something I don’t think he would mind.

-Encourages independence from you and is supportive of your goals and dreams.

-If they weren’t busy, a lot of “lazy days” would happen.

-He would be very considerate of the toll of his idol life may have on you and your feelings about it.

-I feel like what the boys think of you and also what his older brother thinks of you would be important to him.

-Overall, he would be a very good and understanding boyfriend whom loves you so much.

dating hoshi ↴
  • dating soonyoung would be a lot of work
  • he’d be so energetic 
  • and happy all the time
  • but he taught you a few things
  • patience 
  • so you were very thankful
  • when svt were preparing for a comeback
  • and jihoon let soonyoung have a listen of their new song
  • soonyoung would rush to you
  • and show you his ideas for their choreography
  • “look! I think we should go like this, and like this..”
  • you’d laugh at how cute he was
  • he’d even insist on showing you all the choreography
  • BUT
  • when he wasn’t busy with svt
  • he’d give all his attention to you
  • he would waste no time
  • soonyoung would def show his affection through skin ship
  • hugs
  • kisses
  • all of it
  • “let me hug you”
  • “I miss you so much”
  • he’d be super touchy
  • but you loved it
  • you loved the lazy days
  • because both of you needed rest
  • he needed a break from his busy schedule
  • and you had a pretty busy one too with school/work
  • so those lazy days consisted of:
  • you and soonyoung sprawled out on the sofa
  • eating snacks
  • binge watching dramas
  • laughing and tickling
  • but sometimes
  • soonyoung did take you out
  • no matter how tired he was
  • he’d take you to the movies
  • he’d take you out to eat
  • he’d like to take walks with you
  • and he loved the touchy lessons he gave you when teaching you choreography
  • but when soonyoung needed attention
  • he would be a complete 5 year old
  • “why don’t you hug me back???”
  • you’d roll your eyes and hug soonyoung back
  • tightly
  • “I love you so much”
  • he’d snuggle into your grasp in satisfaction
  • “you’re so needy”
  • you’d tease him and he’d stick his tongue out
  • you loved soonyoung because he didn’t take life too seriously
  • he made life to seem so fun and stress free
  • he knew how to live the right way
  • to embrace life’s smallest moments
  • there was never a dull moment with him 

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I know it’s been a while! I was mentally preparing for the seventeen concert in dallas and I’m fully recovered from psd! 

So, I tried a thing…
Been meaning to work more on how to show AND tell with imagery but I be been busy (and very lazy). But last night I had an idea revolving around a chick and her hunt for the Jersey Devil (being part piney, the Jersey​ devil has always held a special place in my heart). Seeing as @sixpenceee has a scary comic/story thing going on right now, I thought I’d take a crack at getting pen to paper (or tablet pen to… tablet). However, these things are better tackled with a set plan and not at 3am. But I was kinda happy with how this turned out. Also kinda hoping it’s not too dark and murky!
Oh well. Looks it’s back to the ol’ drawing board for me!

Lazy work days - Happy Lowman Headcanons

Do you do headcannons? :) If you do, could I have a head cannon about Happy Lowman and his significant other having a lazy day around TM? Please !x

For Anon
I’m doing significant other in second person as I would and imagine.

First head cannon request, wasn’t sure what to put but enjoy!

- If you didn’t work at TM then you’d certainly work close enough to visit regularly, it suits Happy because he likes having his special people close by.

- If it’s a very quiet day for the garage and club business then sometimes you and Tig would cover for Happy so that he could sneak off to drop in on his mother.

- If there was a lot of club business going on, then you were on Happy’s own personal lock down and you had to hang around TM until he could resume being your escort. The boys found it excessive and it often annoyed you but you knew, deep down, that if he felt it was that serious then you’d safer with Happy around.

- Because his hands aren’t busy working on bikes or cars on lazy days it means that your ass gets slapped – a lot.

- Also, there is a crazy amount of groping and pulling each other down the hallway into one of the empty dorm rooms for some afternoon delight. The prospects know not to barge into the rooms now since last time happy threatened to shoot them.

- If Happy’s having a lazy day but you’re still busy it means that you gain yourself a heavily tattooed shadow, he follows you around just enjoying spending time with you.

- Any guys that come to TM and look at you for too long get FIERCE glares.

- On more than one occasion he’s walked in on you and Kozik hiding dolls around the clubhouse for Tig to stumble upon.

 - Happy’s your alibi when Tig actually finds one and freaks out on everyone.

- Happy doesn’t like having to share your attention with the other Sons but he deals with it because they’re your family too. But he does have to remind himself of that when he comes into the clubhouse to find you and Juice giggling together at some weird video on his laptop.

- You spend a lot of time of the slow days with Gemma, Tara and Lyla and all of the boys panic when they see you all looking like you’re up to no good.

- You like to hide on the other side of the yard and sext Happy while he’s surrounded by the guys and watch him get flustered. Well Happy’s version of flustered.

- Even if it wasn’t a quiet day at the TM, if Hale and Unser showed up for any reason, Happy would ditch whatever he was doing and attach himself to your side. If he was out on business than Kozik or Tig took the spot next to you because of Hale’s massive, very annoying crush on you. They didn’t like the way that he looked at you but at the same time he seemed to buy into anything that you told him so you were used as an alibi by the guys all the time.

- Sometimes you steal Happy’s tools one by one and leave them as a trail for him to find and follow. The trail always leads to one of the clubhouse bedrooms.

- The first time you showed up at TM on the back of Happy’s bike, before you’d gone public with your relationship, Tig had choked on his cigarette and Chibs had to whack his back to help him out. Jax nearly gave himself whiplash doing a doing take and Juice ran off to excitedly tell everyone else that Happy Lowman had let someone else on his bike!

The Wolf’s Domain

Words: 15, 795

Everyone writes about Werewolf!McCree, and I love it, but I tried my hand at Werewolf!Hanzo. It… got a bit out of hand.

Few ever branched into the wolf’s domain. It was not a place that wanderers could merely find themselves after a single missed turn or misread sign. This was the heart of the unsettled land, secluded, safe. People did not come here on their morning walks; beautiful as it was, it was simply not the place for man.

Few that wandered here possessed kind souls, not this distance from the beaten path through the forest. Those that meandered these grounds with a weapon in hand were only looking for trouble, and, most often, they would find it. The warnings posted at every entrance to the forest that bid travelers be wary were not decorations meant to be admired and forgotten. Those that freely disobeyed these warnings would come to regret their actions in time.

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On the Brink - Chapter 7

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Warnings: Mild swearing. A little bit of angst. 

Author’s Note: I got a little carried away with this one. Special thanks to @dekahg for the idea for this chapter. Enjoy!

Tags: @krysta1kitkat @caffeine-nights@dekahg @capsofwinchesters @casteelle @tolieboy @xmaspumpkin @amyapathetic @littlepandadreamer @only-a-nerd @uruburock13 @teamfreewilllovesyou @supernatural-everyday @queen-of-the-lost-ones @jezzula @fangirl1855 @sympathyforluci @fromhellswithlove @youraveragespaceprincess @messengerofdark @imagesforfandoms @extreme-supernatural-lover @graysonatbest @kcam16201 @shadypeachrunaway @uzum4k1-uch1h4  @depravedandwickedchild @extreme-supernatural-lover @just-a-bit-evil @wayward-hell @wearealltalesintheend @nicowhereinhadesareyou @pineapplesbelongonpizza @imincastiels @stillnotginger2294 @weirdlyobsessedreader @saltyasshxe @fandom-planet-lover @cozyjaws @wait-what5 @cloudyaries

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A week later, the big SUV rolled into a small Alaskan town just over the border. You were going stir crazy having been in the vehicle for 8 days now and wanted nothing more than to never see the inside of a car again. You jumped out before the wheels stopped turning and walked a few paces away. You studied the small, rundown motel you all were going to be staying at while you hunted the alpha werewolf. You had stayed in some shoddy places before, but you thought this really took the cake. You vaguely wondered if it was vacant and if you were going to be squatting there before you saw the one light on in the dingy office. It shined dully in the dark night.

Mick stepped up next to you and smiled. You smiled back at him. True to his word, Mick had been the perfect gentleman on your second date. And on your third and fourth one as well. You were genuinely having fun with the British man. He was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everything else.

“Some help would be nice.” Dean’s gruff voice cut through the night.

You turned to see him and Ketch grabbing some bags out of the SUV’s trunk. Sam was trudging towards the office and Lucifer was just leaning against the vehicle, looking off into the distance. You sighed and went to help your brother.

The archangel hadn’t changed his mind at all in the week since he said he was done with you. He wouldn’t speak to you or even look in your direction. It was like you didn’t exist to him and it was starting to get under your skin. You hadn’t done anything wrong, but you knew that didn’t really matter. Angels were hard to figure out at the best of times, and Lucifer was especially complicated. If he wanted to be done with you, so be it. You had better things to do than worry about a moody archangel.

The research began as soon as all the bags were moved into the rooms. The whole group was gathered in the room you were sharing with Sam and Dean (they wouldn’t pay for you to have your own room - dicks), and everyone had their laptops out, or were looking through books.

You were sitting on your bed, a book opened on your lap while Mick reclined next to you with his laptop. Even so often while he was thinking, he would absent-mindedly rub your leg or your arm. You didn’t think he meant anything by it as he just naturally just seemed to be very touchy-feely, but it was driving you crazy, and not in a good way You had a thing about personal space and while you could technically be termed as “dating”, you still didn’t like it. Eventually, after one long moment where his hand had just rested on your leg before he began to type again, you hopped to your feet.

“I need some air,” You stated as four pairs of eyes looked up at you. You noticed Lucifer’s icy gaze was looking out the window, purposefully avoiding you, but you didn’t care. You had to get out of that room.

You stepped out into the chilly Alaskan night and closed the door tightly behind you. The parking lot was deserted except for the SUV and there was no one on the road. The tiny town all seemed to sleeping, which was appropriate considering it was about 2 in the morning. That’s when you realized you were finally alone. A smile broke out on your face. You hadn’t been alone in over a week and it felt so freeing.

Still grinning, you set off down the road, just reveling in the fact that you were finally alone. You walked about a mile down the road before turning off on a trailhead that would run a loop through the forest according to the map on a sign at the turnoff. The trail ran about 3 miles and was very clearly marked, so it was easy going. You figured you had gone about 2 miles down the trail when a chilly breeze began to blow. The forest was dark and silent, so there was no mistaking the voice that spoke out from behind you.

“Now what would a Winchester be doing here?”

You whirled around to see a tall woman standing about fifteen feet away, dressed in business casual attire. Her eyes flashed blue.

“Going for a walk, what’s it look like?” You asked, your tone lazy. “The real question is, what is an angel doing out here?”

She chuckled. “The name is Serus. And I’m hunting, much like you.”

“I very much doubt that you and I are hunting the same thing, Serus.” You said gruffly. “Why don’t you cut the bullshit and tell me what you want.”

She crossed her arms. “Lucifer.”

Your head cocked to the side. “Huh?”

“You heard me.” She scowled. “I want Lucifer.”

“What for?”

“He belongs in the Cage. My brethren and I are going to make sure he goes back there.”

“And what makes you think I know where he is?” You asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Please. We caught one of Crowley’s dogs. We know about the two of you.”

You shook your head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know where Lucifer is. You’re barking up the wrong tree here.”

“So what happened after your brothers freed you then? They just let him go?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “I didn’t ask, they didn’t tell.”

“Oh how militant of you.” She said, her eyes narrowing. “Too bad. I was planning on letting you go, but now I think I’ll take you hostage. Maybe the brothers Winchester will be willing to trade.”

You shrugged and pulled an angel blade out of your jacket pocket, where you always kept it. “You can try, Serus, but I don’t think it’ll go very well for you.”

She cocked an eyebrow, her own blade sliding out of her sleeve. “Or maybe I’ll just kill you instead.”

Serus took a step towards you and your grip tightened on your blade.

“Or,” A voice rang out. “We could all just get along.”

Serus whirled around and you could see Lucifer standing several feet behind her. The moonlight cut through the trees, giving his hair a silvery glow. The sight of him bathed in the glowing light took your breath away despite the circumstances. He was truly beautiful.

Serus didn’t waste any time. She leapt towards him swiftly and silently, her lips peeled back in a terrible sneer. Lucifer was quicker though, despite not having access to his powers. A second later, he was in between you and Serus, facing the latter.

“Let’s talk about this, Serus.” He said calmly.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” She snarled. “You’re going back where you belong, Deceiver.”

“Nope. I’m not. But I’m giving you the chance to walk away. I suggest you take it.”

She flung herself at him again, her blade flying through the air. Lucifer went to sidestep her again, but this time she was expecting it and changed her angle of attack. You moved without conscious thought, stepping quickly in front of the archangel and shoving him backwards. You brought up your blade in an underhand arc, plunging the tip into her ribcage. At the same time, her blade plunged downwards right under your left shoulder. You screamed as the blade went all the way through and ripped out the other side.

Serus was screaming too, blue light pouring from every orifice as she died. Her vessel dropped to the ground and you dimly recognized the dark shadow of wings spreading out from her back across the ground.

Bitch, you thought.

Your knees buckled and you sank to the ground. The angel blade was burning in your shoulder and you knew that if it had gone any lower, you would have been dead immediately. You grasped the handle protruding from your body, steeled yourself, and yanked. The blade was firmly lodged and didn’t budge, but you almost immediately passed out from the pain. You fell onto your side, feeling your strength starting to fade. You had felt this before, many times, in Crowley’s dungeon. You would be blacking out any second now.

“Y/N!” You heard a frantic cry, but you were fading fast. Your vision began to darken and the last thing you saw before slipping into unconsciousness was a pair of icy blue eyes looking down at you with all the fear in the world.

The first thing you noticed was that your mouth felt like cotton. The second thing was that your head was pounding.

“Water,” You croaked.

You felt a cup being held up to your lips a second later and you drank the cool liquid greedily. Once you had quenched your thirst, you opened your eyes.

You were in a hospital, hooked up to at least a billion different machines. Sam, who had given you the water, sat by your side. The lines in his face were deep and you could tell he hadn’t been sleeping. Dean stood leaning against the wall a few feet away, his arms crossed over his chest. He looked even worse than Sam.

You smiled at the two of them. “Hey.”

Dean scowled. “What the hell were you doing in the middle of the damn woods, Y/N?”

Sam scowled at him, but you answered.

“Just taking a walk, Dean.” Your voice was raspy, but strong. “That’s all.”

He clenched his jaw and stalked out of the room angrily. Sam watched him go, then looked back at you.

“He’ll be okay.” He said.

“I know.” You gave him a small smile. “He’s just angry because he couldn’t help me.”

Sam took a deep breath. “That, and we just got you back, Y/N. I know we haven’t talked about it much, but we were both really worried about you for that year. We had no idea where you were, we thought you had just run off somewhere to live a normal life. You talked about it sometimes and we thought that’s what had happened. But…then we found out you had been tortured the whole time. And we hadn’t been looking for you. I know you’re going to say that it’s not our fault, but it’s still a weight we carry around every day. You’re our little sister. We’re supposed to protect you and we’ve failed twice now.”

“Sam. I’m a Hunter. Torture and angel blades in the shoulder are occupational hazards that I’ve accepted.”

He gave a small nod. “That doesn’t mean we’ve accepted them for you, Y/N.”

You pushed the button on your bed so that you were sitting up. “You don’t have to,” You said kindly. “It’s my life, you big bozo.”

Sam smiled and some of the cloud over his eyes seemed to dissipate. “I better go check on Dean.”

You watched as he left, then laid your head back on your pillow and closed your eyes. You weren’t sure how long you were out before the change in temperature woke you. The room was suddenly ice cold. You shivered and pulled the flimsy hospital blanket up to your chin. You opened your eyes a crack and saw Lucifer’s form sitting next to you in the chair that Sam had vacated.

“It’s a little cold in here,” You said, your teeth chattering.

He said nothing, but the room heated up quickly. You opened your eyes and looked at him. He sat there hunched over, his hooded gaze on you. It was a little unnerving.

“Um…hi.” You said. He still said nothing, merely stared at you. “Staring is rude, you know.”

His gaze finally dropped and he took a deep breath. He whispered something.

“What?” You asked.

“An inch.” He said, raising his voice. “An inch from your heart. That’s how close the blade was.”

“Ah, well, guess I can say it literally missed it by an inch.” You quipped, trying to hide how much that information shook you.

His gaze snapped back up to you. “You’re making jokes?” He asked in a low voice.

You lifted your good shoulder in a half shrug. “What else can I do?”

“How about not leap in front of a blade that was meant for me?” He shouted, startling you.

“You would rather I let you die?” You asked incredulously. “Are you serious?”

“I had a plan!” He said, leaping to his feet.

“Did your plan include getting stabbed to death with an angel blade?” You shot back angrily. “Because that’s what was going to happen!”

He glared at you, breathing heavily, his hands on his hips. “So you getting stabbed instead was better?”

“Uh, yeah!” You said pointedly. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not dead!”

“But you could have been,” He said, clearly frustrated. “One inch lower-”

“But I’m not.” You said firmly, interrupting him. “And neither are you. That’s a win in my book.”

He clenched his jaw, but sat back down in the chair. All the fight seemed to go out of him in an instant. He leaned against the bed, his arm and hand resting lightly on the mattress.

You studied him for a moment before asking the question you really wanted to know the answer to. “So what were you doing out there? Were you following me?”

“I was just out for a walk.” He said, not looking at you.

“You stalker.” You said, a little playfully. “You think I can’t handle myself?”

He looked at you and cocked an eyebrow. “Apparently not.”

“Pfft I had her handled. Piece of cake. Until you showed up.”

“You were outside alone at night in an area where the alpha werewolf is running around murdering people. You really think I’d let you wander off alone?”

“Aha! So you were following me!”

He sighed. “You’re impossible.”

You merely smiled. You were beginning to feel sleepy again. “I knew you still cared about me.”

He looked startled. “Who said that?”

You rolled your eyes. “Please.”

He was silent a moment and you could feel sleep dragging you ever closer.

“You’re right.” He said lowly. “I do still care.”

A funny warmth began to spread through your body, making you giddy and content all at the same time. You didn’t think it had to do with the pain meds they were giving you.

“It’s okay,” You said, peaking at him from the corner of your eye. You couldn’t open them fully anymore. “I still care about you too.”

You moved your hand over to where his was resting and squeezed it lightly. He looked up at you in surprise. You thought you could see something else there too, something that looked like…hope? But that could have been the meds. Either way, you felt his cool hand turn and clasp yours tightly, as if he were afraid you would float away. And in a way, you were floating.

“Don’t leave me again,” You mumbled, hardly aware of what you were saying.

His other hand wrapped around yours and you felt his cool lips touch your fingers. You heard him whisper, “Never.”

And the blackness took you once more.

The next time you opened your eyes, your mind felt clearer. You knew the doctors were beginning to cut back on the meds. Hopefully you would be discharged soon.

Mick sat next to your bed, reading a lore book.

“You shouldn’t really be reading that in public.” You said.

He looked up at you and grinned. “You’re awake.”

“How astute of you.” You said, grinning back.

“Well, darling, my astuteness is what I’m known for.” He stood and leaned over to kiss you. He straightened afterwards and looked down at you. “I was worried about you.”

“I’m a hunter, Mick. This sort of thing comes with the territory.”

He nodded, but still looked a little forlorn.

You smiled up at him. “Think about this way. Now I have to stay back at the motel HQ with you instead of going after the alpha.”

He gave you a small smile. “I’d rather you were whole again, dear.”

“And I will be.” You said. “It’ll just take some time. I’ve had worse than this, believe me.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. Now, when am I being discharged?”

“Doctor said today. If you were feeling up to it.”

“Thank goodness.” You said. “I am more than feeling up to it. Is everyone else back at the motel?”

He nodded, then looked away. You knew something was bothering him.

“Out with it.” You said. “Spill it, Mick.”

He looked at you and sighed. “It’s mad.”

“Just ask.”

He sat back down and looked at you with apprehension. His voice was soft when he spoke. “Why were you and Lucifer out there alone?”

“We weren’t. Well, I mean, we were, but I thought I was alone.”

“So you didn’t plan it then?” You could see he wasn’t being accusatory. You could also see that he was afraid of the answer.

“No,” You said. “I didn’t plan alone time with Lucifer. I went for a walk and he followed me. That’s all.”

Mick gave a small nod. “Okay. Sure, okay.”

You cocked your head, curious. “Why would you think we had planned it?”

“I’m not sure.” He said, shrugging. “It just has seemed to me that you two have some sort of…connection, I suppose, and I was worried about it.”

Maybe he should be worried about it, a small voice inside your head said.

“I’m not going to deny that there’s a connection between us,” You said kindly, ignoring the stupid voice. “We shared the same cell for months. But that’s all it is. Mick, I’m dating you. No one else.”

He didn’t look completely convinced though and you couldn’t blame him. There was something between you and the archangel that you couldn’t identify. The more you wanted to pull away from him, the more you were pushed back towards him. And apparently it was the same for him.

You were discharged from the hospital, your arm in a sling to keep you from moving it, and Mick drove you back to the motel. You walked in to your room to find your brothers, Ketch, and Lucifer all sprawled out around the room. Ketch was sleeping on the couch while your brothers were sleeping on one of the beds. Lucifer was reclined lazily on the other bed and he cracked an eye as you walked in.

“About time.” He said dryly.

“Sorry, the doctors were really busy today,” You said sarcastically. “Something about having other patients.”

His mouth quirked up slightly in the corner and you knew he was happy you were back. You walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Lucifer quickly moved over so that there was more room on the blanket and you leaned back against the pillows gratefully. It was the same as before, in the cell. The cooler air around the archangel seemed to soothe your throbbing shoulder.

“Ahhhh,” You breathed, closing your eyes.

“Can I get you anything, love?” Mick asked. You opened your eyes to see Mick eyeing Lucifer. But the archangel’s gaze was on you.

“No, I’m fine. I just need to rest a bit more.”

“Alright.” Mick sat at the small table in the corner of the room. Its surface was littered with lore books and newspaper clippings. “I’ll be right here if you need anything.”

You snuggled down further into the bed and felt the temperature around Lucifer drop a few more degrees. The throbbing in your shoulder subsided even more and you sighed in relief.

“I’ll be right here too,” Lucifer said lowly, so that only you could hear.

You smiled and drifted off to sleep.

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Lazy Sunday with Deku Todoroki and Bakugo?

You guys already know I am domestic trash

  • Deku is a great storyteller. 
    • His son loves hearing all of his hero stories and the tales of his time at U.A.
    • In fact, his son is willing to go to bed earlier if it means longer story time and more tales about All Might.
    • It makes Deku really happy when his kid asks about his old mentor. He loves talking about him. 

  • Todoroki takes his kids out for ice cream every Sunday.
    • He’s very busy with his hero work. Sometimes he comes home after they’ve already gone to bed. So he makes time to connect with his kids because his relationship with them is one of the most important things in his life

  • Bakugou’s kids like to work out with him. And he doesn’t mind.
    • A lot of his arm exercises are just him lifting his kids like a pair little giggling weights.
    • They love it when he does one handed push up with them on his back
    • But the kids’ absolute favorite exercise is when Bakugou goes running while he pushes them in the stroller. “Wow! We’re going super fast, Daddy!” / “Mm, we sure are, baby girl.”
Sick Omega Headcanons

-Sick Omegas like to wear multiple layers of their Alpha’s clothes, it helps keep them warm while also soothing them by being full of the Alpha’s scent

-Alphas don’t let their Omegas do very much when they are sick, any chores or errands they will do themselves to ensure that their Omega is able to rest and recover

-A sick Omega being really crabby and constantly criticising the way their Alpha is doing things until eventually the Alpha runs out of patience and just scoops them up, puts them in their nest and then curls up behind them and tells them to go to sleep, holding them close while running their fingers through the Omega’s hair and crooning softly until they finally relax

-A sick Omega being too tired to shower so their Alpha fills the tub with hot water and bubbles and insists they take a bath together so the Omega won’t fall asleep and drown, the Omega agrees because they know the bath will include hair washing, shoulder massages, little neck kisses and praises because their Alpha is always very doting when they get sick

-Naturally Alphas always feel bad when their Omega is sick but secretly they kind of enjoy it because they adore having their mate so dependent on them

-An Alpha who is a terrible cook trying to make food for their sick Omega but something burns and the smoke detector is going off and their sleepy Omega wanders in, looks at the remainder of the burnt goop and very “kindly” points out that the food will just make them sicker before grabbing a banana and going back to bed…the whole time mentally swooning about how sweet their Alpha is for trying

-An Alpha constantly running blankets, hoodies, and socks through the dryer to ensure that their sick Omega is kept as warm as possible

-Omegas demand a lot of cuddling and naps, but even more so when they are sick, if they want to cuddle they will force themselves out of bed to find their Alpha, silently drag them away from whatever they are doing, pull them down into the nest and just collapse on top of them to keep them from getting up again, the Alphas never mind though

-Sick Omegas become very restless if they aren’t allowed to be up and doing things so their Alphas will keep giving them little gifts to keep them busy and relaxed like movies, books and puzzles

-Lazy movie days with a lot of hot drinks and long naps and the Omega repeatedly saying “we are NOT making out right now you idiot, you’ll get sick too”

[The truth behind Asian Media and Entertainments]

Hello guys. Long time no see haha x But now I’m back with a fresh material.

Not really an analysis about ChanBaek but it directly touches them too.

So, many fans ask me about relationships announced by the companies, mostly by SM Entertainment and I’ve always answered that those are practically stunts or cover ups for this or that issue.

Today, I was reading a really interesting interview and wanted to share with you all as well; the one who answered the questions works under one of the Asian Entertainment companies as well. From her answers I concluded that she’s probably a long time trainee, staff manager or maybe PR manager. As she just answers, without revealing her idientity, nationality or any other personal information, I think we can be sure of this article which touches not only the issue mentioned above, but also things like idol’s behaviour and image on stage, what are they allowed/what not, and so on.

Lets go~

1 Question; Is everything scripted? What idols say on interviews are scripted?

Answer: Not all the time. Expected and general questions are usually half scripted; half scripted because we only say the gist of what they have to say, we don’t require them to memorize everything, of course. This is for PR (public relations) purposes. It’s for their image and the image of the company. The artists know it anyway, that they have to keep their reputation good no matter what. Also, it’s the company’s decision if the artist will have to keep quiet about a certain topic.

2 Question: Are idols really packaged? Aren’t they showing their true personalities?

Answer: Not all the time.We only do this to artists who are considered important for the company, or the company’s favorites. One example is this actor-singer under our company, we debuted him with a manly image, a lady’s man type (because he really is handsome and looks manly). But in real life, he’s actually gay. There were scandals about him being gay because he was caught two times (he’s so stubborn about going out at night, I’ll talk about this later), 1st; with another actor of the same company, 2nd; with a male singer from the same company, but our company remained silent about it (it’s actually a strategy as well; keeping silent about scandals, because we refrain from talking about it, then people will forget about it eventually).

So the company continued on giving him projects as if no scandal has ever happened. The journalist who reported both incidents later apologized in public, she/he received a lot of hate actaully because the public really loves this guy whom they truly believe is straight. There’s also this one singer whom we debuted as a ‘’sexy-type’’ lady. But she’s actually the girly and shy type in real life.

3 Question: Does the company have control over everything involving the artist?

Answer: Basically yes, since the artist has to ask permission before doing anyting that company didn’t ask them to do. Like, even if the artist has free time, they still have to ask for permission if they can have a vacation on a certain place, or if they can hang out with this person. There are artists who are stubborn about asking for permissions actually, they sneak in and do what they want. Because of their stubborness, scandals may arise (it happened with a few artists actually, like I mentioned earlier). If that artist is very important for the company, we still keep him/her even if he/she is very stubborn. But of course, we will warn him/her, but we will offer some benefits for them to obey and stay with the company. If the artist is not so important, we will have to ask him/her the question ‘’This or the company/contract/career?’’

So yeah, company’s favorites are pretty much treated very differently than the others.

4 Question; Is fake dating really a thing/marketing strategy?

Answer: Yes. If we see that a lot of people love seeing them together, then we will show what the public wants to see. But we mostly do this to create hype for both artists and their future activities, and of course, the profit that the company can get from it. How about the fans who would be brokenhearted?This will be bad for both artists. Honestly and unfortunetly, the company doesn’t care. It’s true that we consider all publicity, as good publicity. We actually have this phrase: success from scandal. After the scandal (any kind of scandal) arose, we will not bring that up ever again. We’ll continue giving the artist their activities to still promote them and proceed as if nothing happened. This is very effective actaully.

5 Question: But why would they do this? They’re already famous, right?

Answer: Because we only use the ‘’reporting/confirming a fake relationship strategy’’ for artists who are already famous. We will never get the attention we want if we suddenly report that there are two not-so-famous artists dating.

In conclusion: here’s a famous saying. ‘’truth is stronger than fiction’’ which is true in so many different cases. Remember that NOT EVERYTHING shown is TRUE especially about celebrities who are under a contract with very big companies and agencies. We will never truly know the full truth about these artists, especially their true feelings, personalities, relationships, sexuality and their private life. As for BaekYeon and KaiStal and others, as the Chinese insider info was posted and confirmed in 2012, stated they were practiced in the entertainment industry, there’s a high possibility that the couples are fake.

There’s also possibility that they’re real and SM just took advantage of it, but it’s less likely. But we will never know if they actaully felt something for each other or not. Maybe they did fall in love with each other, or are single, maybe they actually have other romantic relationships that the public doesn’t know. Once again, I have nothing against SM, any people, any ships. The sole purpose of this is to be eye opener for those who aren’t familiar with the media and entertainment industry in Asia. I’m not claiming that everything I said is hundred percent evident and true in all of the companies, but everything I said is a common practice in Asia and is true os my country and our company. What I said is true and is based on my experiences. I didn’t include links, pictures, other proofs because I don’t want to give in my idientity, nationality and the company I work in. I’m a lazy but a busy person, I wouldn’t waste my free time writing this if they were all lies. But I know there are still people who will choose not to believe, but who am I to force you? Just remember that media and entertainment industry is very manipulative. Don’t let the media control and fool you. There are many studies, research and theories regarding the media and its efforts on the public (when I was in college, we memorized a lot of theories regarding media and its effects, just search about it if you’re interested, you’ll understand media even more. And even though media has negative effect on the public, they will still continue with their doings. Because it’s business. It’s the industry. It involves money.

-Credits to the owner-

Translate from Korean language to English by: yeolspuppy

Grammar edition and correction by: yeolspuppy 

So guys, this is it. I’ve mentioned this all many times and I hope at least now you’ll understand that not everything you see on your screens is true. Because it’s showbiz,

SHOWbiz SHOW + BUSINESS = a dirty industrial field where wealthy people that own this or that company and agency use idols in their own interests, control them, and keep the artists as money creating machines. SHOW and DO A BUSINESS. The word itself says it all, don’t you think so? They show what you are eager to see and in conclusion, they earn money. This is not a place for feelings, for emotions. SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment….. Exactly.

E N T E R T A I N M E N T. 

These people working under such big companies try hard and work their asses off every day to make a show, to entertain all your fantasies about your idol, to make useless merch with this or that popular idol’s/group’s name, just to make fans buy it. Scandals as well. Attention is what they need.

So tell me, what could catch your attention more than scandals and rumors that involve your favorite idol? I’ve said it a lot and gonna repeat it now too; as you see the relationships that are revealed by a company are nothing more but stunts. They pop out to trigger fans, to make them furious. That’s how a certain agency balances the popularity and the ratings of a certain idol.

It’s like: They talk a shit about the artist? They are furious, they are interested? = they remember the artist. The artist is needed. The artist is still able to attract people and help the company to get money. 

As long as this strategy works and the artist is popular among people, the company puts all the efforts to “sell” his image. When it stops working, because the certain artist already old, the concerts are less, the profit goes down, they just throw him/her away as well used handkerchief.

This is one of the biggest reasons why suicide, self harming, narcotics and drug overdose is widely spread among the popular artists and idols. We all are human and not everyone can be strong enough to go through all of this difficulties and stay in his mind.

As I started the article, I’ve mentioned that this all directly touches ChanBaek too because they’re idols as well and everything said above revolves around them too. Baekhyun already went through one scandal, which as we can conclude was fake publicity-stunt as well, and it’s not impossible that Chanyeol or any other EXO member (solo idols, artists, members of other groups) can be involved in that kind of scandal in future too. 

Of course, it might not happen, but better be aware and not be surprised or hurt. 

Remember, that it’s only for the media.

Don’t turn away from your idol, it’s hard for him to participate in it too, it’s hard for him to hurt you and disappoint you too. Instead, give him support and believe in what YOU see and YOU analyze, not in what the media and the companies feed you.

Remember, that it’s showbiz, where everything they do is kind of performance, a theater, where the actors are, sadly, your idols.

Remember, that relationships are real ONLY if the idols talked about it at least ONCE too, not only their agency.

Remember to have your OWN beliefs and follow them. The company doesn’t reveal your idol’s sexuality, but

Remember that not everyone can be straight and fit in your standards. I know most of my readers are ChanBaek shippers, so please guys;

Don’t leave the fandom if you see something that you don’t like.

Don’t jump into conclusions, no matter what you hear.

Don’t turn you back away, if ever any scandal happens with them, because then they’ll need us most. It’s okay to have doubts, but remember that your doubts are YOUR doubts and they don’t define reality. Love and believe regardless of the situation :)

With love, Lil (yeolspuppy) xx.

[If you post my translation of the interview and my views, please give credits. Thank you].

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