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Do you ever watch tv? Which are better, modern tv shows or old time radio dramas?

they’re very different things. modern tv–or at least a good chunk of it–is focused around scandal, which isnt something i really care about. also theres lots of dramatic background noises to increase how dramatic things are, but mostly i really cant take it seriously. i like to watch fantasy or scifi stuff, though. and steve and i like to watch sports. (we’ve been very carefully keeping him away from any extreme sports and the xgames. the last thing we need is steve trying to use the Deathbike to do stunts).

i like to watch cutthroat kitchen. it’s basically exactly what happens when more than one avenger tries to use the kitchen at the same time, except i dont have to help clean up afterwards. 

the old radio dramas were fun. campy by modern standards, but we used to really enjoy them. tony was nice enough to get old recordings for stevie and i, so we could hear how things ended for our favorite characters. be warned: tony is terrible to listen to radio with. he gets easily distracted and starts talking. 

steve and i used to have HUGE arguments about what certain characters looked like as kids. he would draw what he thought they looked like, and i would draw what i thought they looked like, and steve would always win because nobody ever looks like what i draw. humans dont work like that. 

i am not good at drawing.

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May i place a request? What if the chocobros s/o during the ten years going missing, but after the dawn the boys discovered a Moogle Village protected by a magical barrier for keeping deamons at bay and they find out their s/o have lived here as a member of the tribe and healer but the moogle are reluctant to send them away? (They get attached to them, poor creatures)

Aww, I haven’t seen a Moogle in so long! Super cute! Moogles are like my third favorite FF mascot!


“Are you sure this is the right way?” Prompto asked, as they moved through the waist high water.

It felt almost surreal that they were traveling together, all of them, for the first time in 10 years. With Insomnia being rebuilt and Noctis to take the throne by the end of the month, was it a good idea for them to be going through this old cave system in search of possibly a false lead?

“Iris, mention there was a lot of strange activity here and that most hunters who come through this way are often confused and led astray.” Ignis replied.

“What do you say Your Highness, should we keep going or turn around?” Gladiolus inquired.

“We’ve come this far,” Noctis stated, his hand resting on the cave wall, only to gasp.

Before them was a village, straw huts, tropical fruit trees and what appeared to be Moogles, hundreds, upon hundreds of Moogles. On an island in the middle of the lake, a crystal clear lake that looked to have been protected from the years of darkness. Stepping closer, they found a barrier a soft shimmering barrier.

Focusing the magic of the King the barrier allowed them through, as they moved toward the island. The Moogles stopped what they were doing, as they stared at the new trespassers, clearly standing out in their blacks upon the light pinks and whites of their kind. Yet the barrier let them in, they were not deamon, maybe they were friends of the Lady Healer?

Noctis nearly stumbled as he felt something tug on his cape, before noticing a Moogle was tugging him in a different direction. Turning to the others as he noticed they were surrounded as well.

“I believe they are trying to tell us something.” Ignis stated, “Shall we see where they lead us?”

Noctis nodded, “All right lead the way.”

The small floating creatures moved them through the village towards a large hut, much, much larger than the others.  One of the Moogles quickly rushed in, before they heard a female voice.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” They called, before the body appeared before the door, a gasp fell from their lips, as they stared ahead. “Oh my gods.”

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Honestly not to sound oversensitive or anything but a part of me wishes that Pixelberry would include content warnings on some of their chapters.

Like they rarely go over any lines with explicit content. But there have been a few times where I thought that maybe something could be triggering for people. I’m mainly talking about the Tariq scene a couple weeks ago and even, to an extent, this Manny stuff (maybe less on the latter).

There have been other moments that are disturbing, like in Endless Summer if you enter IRIS before your know her name you head explodes. However, it’s much different because that’s like an Easter Egg where the player is trying to mess with the game, so the game messes with you right back. If you include content warning there then you ruin the moment.

But seriously, anything veering into sexual assault and even harassment territory can be sensitive for people. We’ve seen a bit of an increase in references to this stuff (my above two examples) so if tackling these issues is going to become a theme for Choices, at least give the player the opportunity to mentally prepare or opt out altogether.

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You answered an ask earlier about pacing in a story, and I was wondering if you could link me to some stuff, or elaborate? My story is sorta really fast paced, high action- it takes place over the course of 3 days, and I’m having a lot of trouble planning out my chapters and figuring out what to write next. I’ve been referencing a movie plot(also takes place over the course of about 3 days) but it’s just… can you give some more info on how to pace a story with time restraints?

What you’re talking about has nothing to do with pace, though. You’re trying to fill out your story’s events, and that’s something different entirely.

A story shouldn’t be a series of random events, many of which are just stuck in to fill out time. That wouldn’t create a very interesting story. A story needs to have a purpose, and for that to happen, your main character needs to have a goal. This happens one of two ways:

1) Your character is unhappy with their current state (ie, not having a job), so they’re motivated to form a goal (get a job before summer starts), or else they won’t have money to party with friends (stakes).

2) You have a character just living their normal life, then BAM!–something happens to turn their world upside down (sister’s name gets drawn for the Hunger Games, MC volunteers in her place), this incident motivates the MC to form a goal (survive the Hunger Games) because if they don’t, they’ll die and won’t be able to take care of their struggling family (stakes).

But that’s not all… your story also needs to have an antagonist (or two, or three) which means someone or something (or multiple someones and/or somethings) that throw obstacles into your character’s path as they try to reach their goal. Otherwise, if the character just had an uneventful journey from Point A to Point B, it wouldn’t be very interesting to read. What might keep Mr. Unemployed from finding that job before summer? A year worth of slacking off (apathy = antagonistic force) has led to Mr. U having very bad grades, so he gets stuck with summer school (obstacle #1). Angry about the grades, Overbearing Parents (antagonists) create a list of tasks (more obstacles) Mr. U has to complete before job hunting. At summer school, Mr. U meets the lovely Cara and they fall in love. The one problem with Cara is she’s very demanding of Mr. U’s time. When summer school is done and the parental tasks are completed, Mr. U is finally ready to start job hunting, but Cara always distracts him, making her an antagonist and each distraction an obstacle. At long last, he has a job interview, but his car breaks down on the way there (bad luck = antagonistic force, no car = obstacle). Luckily, a little sweet talking convinces Cara to take him and he gets the job. 

Just from that, it’s pretty easy to start figuring out what our scenes would need to be:

1) Mr. U has no money, and as his friends are making plans for summer fun, he realizes it might be a good idea to get a job.

2) Mr. U announces his plan to his parents and they love the idea. He starts circling possibilities in the paper.

3) Report cards are delivered and Mr. U’s grades are terrible. He won’t be able to move ahead unless he completes five weeks of summer school.

4) The parents find out about the bad grades and say no job until Mr. U completes their list of special tasks.

And so on… the story practically writes itself at this point, because you know what has to happen. You just have to decide what exact scene will best showcase that. 

So, before you worry about pacing, figure out what your story is about from beginning to end. Once you have a scene list, write the first draft of your story. When you go to revise it, you can work on creating a nice balance of exposition, action, and dialogue, leaning more toward action when you want to increase the pace, and either exposition or dialogue when you want to slow the pace. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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I started testosterone about seven months ago, and my skin has started to get really oily and I am getting acne. I have never had it before, so I don't know what works. Could you help me? It hurts and I want it gone, so how would I do that?

Kii says:

Different things work for different people, but I would recommend trying out face and body washes that are meant for oily skin, and possibly a spot treatment for problem areas. Stuff with salicylic acid works best for me, and I’ve heard African black soap to be highly recommended for people who prefer more natural skincare. If normal products aren’t working for you, you can talk to a doctor about getting prescriptions for something stronger. Remember that you often need to wait a few weeks when starting a new product before you’ll see a lot of change.

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Skeletons on Parade by Ludo gave me so much inspiration but I don't know what for. Help me Kylo.-🎩

i’m checking out the lyrics, and it seems really cool! i say go with your instinct, or you can try a bunch of different mediums and see which you like best! maybe you can write out an au based on the song, or draw some fanart, or edit a video to the song, or something like that! 💜

The Ethics of Reciprocity

Ok, going to try to knock out my thoughts in half an hour.  That’s all I have before I have to get dressed for job number two.

So the ethics of reciprocity is a big fancy name for something that we pretty much all know- the golden rule.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  It’s a lot more than just a Christian belief.  It’s actually found in 81 different religions including, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Hindi, Confucianism, Buddhism, Wicca, and  Zoroastrianism, to name a few.

It’s pretty close to a global belief.  It’s not perfect, of course.  But it’s close.  The simple idea that we should treat other people the way that we want to be treated.

Through out the history of man, there has always been groups that for whatever reason aren’t deemed worthy of the compassion that is extended to the majority of others.  There exists and has existed the prevalence of a discontinuity in man’s thinking.

We should treat others the way that we want to be treated unless…. they’re black, they’re female, they’re Catholic, they’re Jewish, they’re homosexual, they have leprosy, they have AIDS, they have a mental illness.  I could keep adding to this list of exemptions from the ethics of reciprocity for a long time.  It’s held true in human history and continues to hold true.  For the life of me, I cannot fathom the exceptions.

My fundamental beliefs on the human condition as a whole is incredibly simple.  I cannot look someone in the eye and say that they are worthy of less than anything that I have or will receive.  Nor can I look someone in the eye and believe that someone is worth more than me.  It’s all the same blood.  It’s an incredibly minor variance in DNA.  

I cannot look a trans gendered member of the military in the eye and say that they deserve to lose their job and medical care.  Instead, I have do do exactly as my heavily military family taught me and thank them for their courage and sacrifice for our nation.

I cannot look a woman in the eye and tell them that they don’t deserve the right to make decisions about their own bodies, regardless of what those decisions are.  Instead, I would encourage them to research and learn what the best option is for them.

I cannot look a man in the eye and tell him that he needs to suck up his feelings and act more manly.  Nope.  Instead I would listen with an open mind.

I cannot look into the face of a child from Syria and say that they deserve to live in danger.  No child deserves that.  None.

I cannot look into the eyes of a person hurting and walk away.  No one deserves to be alone when they are in pain.  No one.  There is nothing in my life that is so damned important it out weighs the importance of potentially saving or changing a life.  I will never be in that much of a rush.  And no job will ever be more important.

EVERY person deserves compassion.  EVERY person deserves respect.  EVERY person deserves decency.  It’s exactly what the ethics of reciprocity is about.  And I refuse to allow exemptions to the golden rule.


Is Anti trying to say Convoke Nobody Exuberant at their Ritual? Or something of the sort?

I get he was trying to spell out Reborn to confirm that it was one of the words that we managed to pick out, but he put the words convoke and nobody in the middle of the phrase “bring our ritual”.

He’s trying to tell us something with these words. I think he wants to unscramble the words to try to figure out what they’re trying to say.








We all know how anti sometimes scrambles his words in different order, but we know what he’s trying to say, much like when he showed up for the first time. Maybe it’s time to play word scramble with Anti? Or Maybe he put certain words there other than the reason of it spelling ‘reborn’?


found out that Potawatomi has different verbs for if something’s living or non-living, ex. “hear” a bird versus “hear” an airplane. i’ve been thinking about trying to learn a little of a language like that for a while now since it seems like a really useful distinction to be able to make (for people like me who want to learn different languages), does anyone know of any more languages that constantly do it? maybe there’s a list somewhere…?

(tried making this a question post so anyone can answer, but apparently tumblr’s not letting me : / )

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I'm not defending Ney, that was idiotic and childish and I'm mad he acted that way. But there has to be a reason for that. Ney has a hot temper but he wouldn't just lash out, Semedo had to have said something to Ney, Ney is seen as really in the wrong because he exploded, but there are two sides to every story.

I agree. I mean he’s not saint, nobody is. I’m trying to look at this from different views. We all are tired of this, there is no doubt, but I think in this whole situation we forget about someone. About Neymar. I’m the person who is the worst when it comes to make any decision even small one and I would never be able to make such decision as he has to make, this would be too much for me and I would probably become depressed as hell. He’s probably not as dramatic as me but for sure it affect him a lot and it’s not easy for him, especially with all this hate throwing at him. What I trying to say is that it’s so easy to hate but so hard to be empathetic. Much love xx 

I did it… I made a BNHA oc!!! 

His quirk is cool (in my mind); I might draw something later to show it (maybe a little story? nah I’m too lazy fml)

alright I will design the name and the costume soon okay i swear

Hey guys! This is kind of important, so please don’t skip over it. 

We’re gaining a lot of traction as far the number of members and characters go, and we seem to have a lot of want for plotting but a lot of disconnect as far as getting that done goes. I want to try something to help facilitate that and make things easier for everyone. 

So, here’s what I need from you: 

  • Please submit a short description of your character’s personality to the main. Not too long, just a few sentences, something to give people who look at it a starter idea of who your character is. 
  • Make a plot page on your blog! This can be a post or a whole page where you just list the different plots you want for your character. Then, send me that link. 

With this information, I’m going to make a plot page! It’ll be like a character page, but with links to everyone’s individual plot pages, so when you’re itching for a plot you can go check out other people’s ideas instead of just shouting to the void of the OOC. I think this’ll make this process a little smoother, and will hopefully connect us all a little closer! 

If you guys can try to get this information to me within the next 2 weeks, I’d be grateful. 

Thanks for the idea, Liv. 

Peach: Instead of baking a cake like I normally do, I’ve decided to cook something a little different! I hope you enjoy it! It’s squid!

Mario: Mmm… I can smell it from here!

Mario: This doesn’t look like a squid, it looks like a human… wait a minute…

Peach: AAH! What have I done! I swear she was just a squid when I found her… I didn’t know!

Mario: Next time, just stick with cake… Okay, Peach? You’re good at cake. Don’t try anything other than cake. I’m begging you.

Mod Teal's digging through the drafts again

This is the last one I swear.

A Falls asleep in a dangerously high place (a roof, on top of a high wall, etc.) and B is freaking out because trying to wake them up will more than likely cause them to fall. C walks up and yells something along the lines of “Get up fucker!” And scares A awake and off the roof, only to be caught by C.

And fall right back asleep in their arms.

Good going A.

new genre concept: soft apocalypse

the world as we know it has ended and mother nature starts taking back what’s hers. there are no zombies or cannibals or murderous bandits. the most valued members of the community are those who know how to garden and farm, sew and weave, treat wounds, work wood or build with bricks, cook from scratch. 

people bond together to begin rebuilding instead of killing each other. everyone teaches each other whatever they do know and works together to figure out the stuff none of them know. books become incredibly valued resources because they’re often the only way to learn critical information. if someone is elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to work at the same level as most of the community, they’re taken care of by the others, not told any sort of “survival of the fittest” bs.

as the generations ware on, communities begin expanding into small cities. some of the settlements even find ways to repurpose solar or wind power on a small scale and have electricity in some of their buildings. storytellers wander the countryside telling tales of the old world in return for some hot stew or a place to rest for the night, and the mythos of the new world start to incorporate elements of the past. the only thing that remains constant is that humans survive, and they do it by working together.


kingdom hearts appreciation week
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