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trc month } day 9 - universe alterations

Syaoran loses his memories and Sakura has to look for them

When You’re Sick (Wonho, Minhyuk, Hyungwon)

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Wonho - “Yeah, don’t worry about me.” You patted Wonho’s arm, reassuring him with a grin. The two of you had been walking down the snowy streets of Hongdae, window shopping the newly brought Christmas goods and outfits for the season. Wonho offered to give you his gloves which you politely declined. He shouldn’t have to know that you caught a small cold. You were trying to hide your coughs when the cars were noisily driving by, added on by the conversations of Korean people passing by. He looked over at you, questioning your condition but knew he would lose the fight if he continue to push with it. “Those trees are so pretty. I love the lights that…” You felt the world disappear into darkness as you felt your body fall to the ground. However, you didn’t feel the freezing, bitter, and frosty street beneath you. It was if a delicate cushion was what you fell on. At that point, your mind wandered into nothing as you forgot what happened. Meanwhile, Wonho caught your body in time, secretly thanking himself for working out in order to hold you in his built arms. He searched around, looking for the most efficient route home as he scooped up your body, where his arms were underneath your shoulders and legs. Within a short amount of time, Wonho took a subway and a short journey to his apartment. He set you down on his bed, remembering to tuck you into the blankets and applying a cold washcloth onto your forehead. “Why didn’t they tell me they were sick… Aish, always making me do favors.” He shook his head and continue to change out the cloth along with warming your hands that should have been encased in his gloves. “You should wake up now, Jagi…” Hoseok whispered into your ear. With enough effort, you pulled out of your unconscious state and looked around. “Am I home?” You touched the cloth and turned your head to Wonho, who sat next to the bed with an “are-you-serious” face. “Well, at least you can’t get out of bed for a while. Hi, I’m Wonho. Your nurse for the time being.” He chuckled and kissed your temple before taking your hand in his.

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Minhyuk - “Does it seem like I care, Jagi? You stay there and I’ll be on my way. Apparently, our date is at your house.” Minhyuk won this argument. You pushed the “end call” button before setting it on your nightstand, sighing that he was coming while you were in this state. You sat in bed, shivering underneath the cozy blankets with a kitten plushie he had given you for comfort. Its scent contained Minhyuk’s, strong but welcome. Just like his personality. “Jagi? Are you okay?” He tapped on the door before entering your room with a backpack he always carried around. “I’m okay.” You replied, coughing into your arm before leaning against the wall, closing your eyes. “I’m sorry that you’re sick, but at least I can spend more time with you. Although you’re ill, it doesn’t mean I can’t take care of you, so I brought some things that might help you take your mind of it.” Minhyuk smiled and patted your head before kissing your temple. Digging around his backpack, he brought out medicine, his laptop, earphones, and bath salts for when you want to relax in the hot water. “I won’t join if you don’t want me to,” Minhyuk joked as he shook the container. Crystallized salts that had a lavender color peaked your interest, but made you feel lazy to get out of bed. “I guess you’ll have to carry me there if I want to be clean, but yeah, no need to join me.” “If that is what you want.” The boy nodded and lifted the covers for him to fit onto your bed. It wasn’t exactly big per se, but it was enough to cuddle and sleep together. “Here, you can relax by listening to music and I’ll get some games ready for us to play. Soon, I’ll run down to the convenience store and buy some ice cream. We can play games with that, too. Sounds good?” You nodded as he gave you the earphones and kissed your cheek. “You’re so adorable when you’re sick. I’ll go crazy.” He clutched his heart and made a pained expression, which you laughed at. It felt lovely to hug him and feel better when you were sick. If only this could be forever…

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Hyungwon - “I’m going to visit them today. Monbebes, are you expecting it too? Do you feel my heart racing? I know. I probably shouldn’t be dramatic but it’s fun! Anyway, let’s go into their room…” Hyungwon spoke to the camera, looking away to find you on the couch with tissues stuck up your nose, a computer on your lap, and a washcloth on your head. “Darn, I was going to do that, too. Oh well. Say hi to Monbebes, Jagi.” He turned the camera to you which you felt you looked disgusting, but instead greeted them in a drained voice, unmotivated to lift an arm. “Do you see who I have to live with?” Hyungwon whispered into the camera before– “Hey.” You retorted. “I happen to be sick and I thought you were bringing me some ddeokbokki.” He watched you complain, pouting while he filmed your reactions. Hyungwon laughed and covered his mouth as he turned the camera back to his face, walking over to sit beside you. “Don’t worry, I have it right here.” “What?! Yay!” You clapped your hand and set the laptop on the table, grabbing the bag. But before you could, he pulled it away while you swiped at the air. “Kiss first.” “You’re going to get sick, Hyungwon-ah.” “Kiss. First.” He tilted his head down and peered at you. Kissing his cheek, Hyungwon granted you the plastic bag filled with savory treats. He set the camera on the table, later clapping his hands saying, “This looks good! I’m getting hungry just watching you eat, so I will eat now.” He smiled and dug into the ddeokbokki, relishing the sweet and spicy taste of the rice cakes. The phone rang in the distance, the two of you looking over to the source. “Sorry, Monbebes, Jagi will go get it. Jagi?” He nudged your arm which you responded with the same action. “What are you talking about? You’re healthy and can go get it yourself.” “Who is the one that always buys you food? You get it, Jagi. Love you.” You sighed and he watched you get up, grinning in content as you answered it.

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Daddy issues

What happens when you can’t pay for your 5 doughnuts and one hot chocolate order, because you forgot your wallet at home? You find yourself a sugar daddy. Or that’s what happened to a grumpy Min Yoongi.

Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft. Kim NamJoon

Word count: 5804

Warnings: smut and swearing, maybe a tiny bit of violence

A/N: Second chapter! Yay! Tomorrow I’ll post the third chapter and then I’m not sure how quickly I can update it. But fingers crossed. Anyways, writing smut has never been my forte, so please don’t be too harsh with this one. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and hopefully you’ll enjoy. Music recommandation to listen while reading: Kodaline- All I want and High hopes :)

Yoongi was standing in front of his building’s door, in the chilly mid-autumn air, with the wind gently brushing against his limbs, making his hair fly in all directions. He had his white headphones in his ears and hands in the pockets of his charcoal coat, head in his chest. Eyes closed, abjuring the cold, grey reality that was surrounding him. The trees were naked and their black branches were ripping the sky, revealing its bloody inside that was trickling down. The sunset tasted bitter.

He didn’t see or hear the black car that stopped in front of him, nor the driver who stepped outside of it. He was wearing a grey coat, dark pants and a white crisp shirt that were giving him a relaxed yet somewhat strict appearance.

“Hello, Yoongi!” he greeted the other in husky voice.

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Forgive Me - Part 7

Summery: Y/N begins her new life

Triggers: Bars, working on bucky’s metal arm again so slight nervousness

Word Count: 2000+

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this, this isn’t what I originally planed for this part but I quite like it

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‘So what do you think of that Y/N girl?’ Steve was stood over Bucky, the brunet was currently bench pressing an amount no human should be able to carry. That’s why Steve was there, just to make sure something didn’t happen and Bucky didn’t end up with a broken collarbone.

‘Tony seems really fond of her. Do you think there’s something going on?’ He pushed out as his lifted the weight.

‘No, I think she’s like his daughter. She’s young enough to be his granddaughter.’ Steve watched as Bucky put the weight on the rack above his head and sat up.

‘Remember you are almost 100 years old, punk’ Bucky giggled as he patted down his neck with a red towel.

‘You’re older than me, jerk’ Steve defended, slightly shoving Bucky’s arm. After a moment the other man spoke.

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#26 You're best friends and his girlfriend hates you | Part 2


This was highly requested, probably the most requested pref of mine so here ya go bitches x

Read Part 1 HERE


”You look like someone who could use a drink?” A raspy voice said from your left. “Is it that bad?” You answered not taking your eyes away from Luke’s intimidating moment with Alana, almost choking her with his tongue. “Come on.” Michael chuckled reaching his hand out for you to take it and you obliged, taking his hand letting him lead you into the living room filled with people. He lead you over to a table covered up with used cups and alcohol. Sliding his hand around a blue bottle he filled up two small classes. “Cheers.” He smiled lifting up his class, waiting for you to do the same. Looking down at the bluish colored liquid, you hesitated for a moment before muttering out a cheers, letting the thick liquid stream down your throat, your face now expressing out a disgusted look. “What the hell is this.” You muttered placing the cup back on the table, grabbing a can of soda to drink the terrible taste away. “I don’t even know.” Michael laughed at your expression, yourself already feeling the alcohol affecting in your body. “Wanna sit down?” Michael asked slightly seeing your swaying state, yourself nodding letting him led you over to one of the sofas. Michael placed himself on the sofa, and you didn’t hesitate to sit on his lap. “Okay.” He said amusement, making you giggle slightly. 


“You know I’ve always wanted to kiss those plumb lips of yours.” You said quietly letting your thumb slide over Michaels bottom lip making him give your thumb a light peck which earned a giggle from you. A lazy smile came across Michael’s face, and he leaned closer to your face muttering out a “Wanna try?” Before capturing his lips with yours. He wrapped his arm around your hip pulling you closer as you reached your hand behind his neck, pulling onto his hair making him groan. Normally you weren’t a person to kiss your best friend’s best friends but the confidence boost from the alcohol made your mind white and the feeling of Michael’s lips actually relaxed you. “I ship it.” Calum laughed, pointing towards Michael and yours little scene on the couch making Luke scuff. “What the hell did you mean by that?” Luke hissed as Calum went past through him, making Calum’s face turn into a grimace. “They’re cute.” He shrugged, making Luke narrow his eyes. “They’re disgusting.” Luke commented, Calum now trying to hide and smirk. “Jealous?” “Not at all.” Luke fake cheered making Calum laugh at the blond haired boy. “I’ve been watching them the past hour. He’s almost drowning her in his drool.” Luke pointed out, making Calum look at the two of you, slowly kissing each other passionately. “You’ve got one problem.” Calum said, pointing towards Alana. “I can’t handle this – I just.” Luke mumbled out muffled words letting his hands smack his forehead, letting them fall down to his cheeks. “I can’t watch this anymore. I’m out.” He announced giving you and Michael one last glance before walking over to Alana taking her with him.


As the sound of the door was shut, the boys let out a sigh of relief, all leaning back against their spots. “What was that?” You asked timidly, the tension from before still eating you. “She – Is – A – Fucking – Nightmare.” Michael said dramatically the other boys nodding in agreement. “But she’s Cal’s girl. We gotta treat her right.” Ashton reminded making Michael groan again. “Not me.” Luke breathed, pulling out his phone. “Why not?” Michael asked, filling his mouth with popcorn. I swear if she’s gonna be rude to Y/N again I’m gonna choke her with that freaking piece of makeup brush she’s carrying everywhere. Not the way she treats Y/N. I don’t fucking care about Cal, I think we’re even now if it’s gonna be on that way.” The ever so timidly boy exclaimed making Ashton and Michaels mouth popping out, small pieces of popcorn from Michaels mouth falling down to the cushion. “Nice to see I’m not the only one who has noticed.” You mumbled standing up from the couch. “Where you going?” Luke asked standing up as well, making you sigh. “Outside. Need some fresh air. Alone.” You made an extra press on the alone, making Luke nod, sitting back on the couch again. 


The sound from the door cracking open, made you turn your gaze towards the noise, seeing Luke standing there with a blanket in his hand. Letting out a sigh you gave him a pouty shrug before turning your gaze towards Ashton’s garden, the night clear and stars everywhere. “Thought you might be freezing.” He said walking over to you, placing the blanket around your shoulders. “Thank you.” You muttered not taking your gaze away from the sky. “Listen Y/N I know that you’re pissed-““I am not fucking pissed.” You defended making Luke take a step away from you, his hands still holding the rack.  “I’m just sad I guess.” You confessed looking over at Luke to see him already staring at you. “She’s got him wrapped around her little finger. Cal is too blinded. I can’t get in any contact with him. I don’t even think I remember a day we’ve been together just the two of us. She took Calum away from me Luke. And the worst part is that he hasn’t even realized it yet.” You said your bottom lip starting to tremble making Luke take action, pulling you into his chest. As the silence fell on both of you, you tried your hardest to hold in the tears, but of course everytime you thought about Calum, small salty tears started to fell down your cheeks, making your vision blurred, burying your head into Luke’s chest.  “How about I take you home? We can have one of those movie nights that you and Cal always used to have. I promise it will be fun.” Luke suggested looking down at you with a hopeful expression, making you nod. “Yay” He laughed pulling you into the house again.  


 “Where you going?”  Mikaela asked, letting her head lean against the door she was standing next to. “Picking up Y/N at the airport. I told you that this morning.” Michael mumbled concentrated, looking around for his car keys. “Have you seen my keys?” He asked confused running a hand through his hair in frustration. “You mean..” She reached out for her back pocket pulling up a pair of keys. “These?” She said in a teasing tone, Michael letting out a smile. “Yeah.” He went over to grab them but Mikaela put them back in her pocket. “What the fuck Mika?” He asked looking between her pocket and her face. “You promised me to take me out tonight. Remember? Besides she can possibly call someone else to pick her up I guess. She does have other friends right?” She rambled on, and Michael let out a sigh. “Yeah I guess..” He trailed off, making her jump in excitement. “I love you.” She cheered kissing him on the cheek, himself shrugging.


“Pink bow, pink bow.” You mumbled, standing on your tip toes to see through the massive crowd of people, all of them waiting for their suitcases to arrive from the airplane. “There it is.” You almost yelled in excitement, some of the few other passengers giving you strange looks. They may or may not have been serving vine on the airplane, which you couldn’t deny to since the travel was long, so your blood alcohol wasn’t really the cleanest. The flight home had been an experience for you, sitting next to an older man telling you about his whole life basically. Running over to the black suitcase on the conveyors you grabbed it by the handle, stabilizing it on the ground. Letting out a sigh of relief, you placed your bag on top of it, hitching up the handle; you started to head out to the airports exit. Grabbing your phone from your pocket as you walked, you dialed Michael’s number, ready to see his smile as you came out through the doors. But when Michael’s voicemail filled your ears, a pout formed on your lips, and your eyebrows furrowed in confuse. “Where the hell is he?” You mumbled to yourself, walking through another crowd of people – this time people waiting for family or friends to arrive. Walking over to the nearest bench, you plopped yourself down, looking around lost. As a few minutes passed and you grew tired waiting you pulled your phone out, dialing Ashton’s number before pressing it to your ear. A few beeps passed until you heard the sound of Ashtons voice filling your ear. “Hi Y/N, are you home?” he asked making you sigh. “No. Michael was supposed to pick me up, but he never showed up and now I’m kind of stuck here in the airport. Could you pick me up?” You asked crossing your fingers in hope for Ashton to say yes. “Yeah sure, let me just get my jacket and I’ll be there in ten.” He mumbled, now properly occupied with trying to get ready and you let out a satisfied sigh. “Thank you so much Ash.” “No problem.” He answered before hanging up, making you stand up from the bench, taking your suitcase with you towards the exit.


“Hey speedo where is it burning?” Calum asked confused, seeing you speed past through him down the hall of the hotel. “Nowhere.” You muttered feeling him follow after you. “Come on Y/N fasten down.” Calum expressed, picking up his pace to follow you. Turning down the corridor you went over to the elevator, pressing the up button repeatedly. “Stop being so fucking stubborn.” Calum said trapping you up against the elevator door placing his hands of either side of your head. “Where you’re going?” He asked, small pants leaving his lips. “I told you. I don’t know.” You whined in frustration, the close gap between the two of you making it hard to think straight. “So you’re just going somewhere?” “Anywhere, just away from Ash and Cruella De Vil.” You said through gritted teeth, avoiding his searching eyes. “Can I at least go with you? Can’t have you walk around in the dark alone.” Calum mumbled, gesturing to the window where the moon was becoming more and more visible. “Fine.” You gave in rolling your eyes as a smile came upon his lips.


“Where are you taking me.” You muttered looking around at the street, seeing different shops and restaurants of the city, people having fun and laughing in the windows. “A place I’ve been with Luke once. It’s awesome.” Calum smiled, making you cock one eyebrow. “I’m not sure what you guys think the definition of awesome is.” You joked making Calum laugh. “It is. I’m sure you’ll love it.” He reassured making you scoff. “How do you know that?” You asked making him shrug. “I know you love frozen yogurt.” Opening the door to Frozberry, you and him filled up your carrier with yogurt before taking a seat at one of the tables. You and him chatted for a bit before something caught your eye. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You basically warned making Calum look up from his yogurt seeing Ashton and Emily coming into view from the shops door. Trying to look away and hope for Ashton not to see you escalated quickly.  “Hey guys I didn’t know you’ll be here too.” Ashton smiled coming towards you, yourself trying not to run away from the scenario. “Can we sit here?” He asked, making you and Calum look at each other, before Calum nodded. As Emily and Ashton sat down they ordered their yogurt, Calum and him chatting for a bit whilst Emily and you stayed quiet, giving each other small glares. A sudden feeling of a hand placed on your thigh made your shriek out, removing uncontrollably in your chair, looking up at Calum in confusion.  “Play along.” He mumbled in your ear, making you sit up straight again, Ashton giving you a goofy glare. “You okay there Y/N?” he smiled making you nod. The feeling of Calum’s hand on your bare thigh was foreign but warm and it didn’t take long for you to relax into his touch. “So what a you guys doing here?” Ashton asked trying to start a conversation. As you was about to answer Calum blurted out “We’re on a date.” Making both Ashton and Emily choke on their yogurt, all of you giving Calum the same shocked glare.

The Types as Things I've Done

ENTP: I was quarantined and confined to my quarters on a cruise ship, barred from entering Canada and delivering the plague of whatever the hell awful stomach illness I developed to such a docile people.

INTP: I have literally always been so bad about reading true romantic intention, not sexual or just flattery, but definitely real romance. Maybe I don’t trust it? Idk. So I wound up going to the movies with a guy who I thought was just hanging out with me. We ran into friends there. Before the credits started, the girl’s cornered me in the bathroom–one of whom I had a serious crush on at the time–and demanded to know how my date was. I didn’t know it was a date until they pointed out he had paid. It also took me months to realize why another one of the girl’s was so hostile towards him was because she had a thing for me. I thought it was friendly aggression???

ESFJ: For my parents’ fifteenth wedding anniversary, I demanded my brother get out of bed to help me cook them breakfast to bring them before they got up for the day. Unfortunately, my twelve year old cooking skills were subpar and they didn’t eat it even though in my mind they were supposed to. I was crushed lol.

ISFJ: When I was two I had to have my tonsils removed. In pre-op, I hopped off a chair, grabbed the surgeon’s hand and swung it on the way to the operating room. I smiled up at him and told him in my super sore throated voice he was a great doctor and that I would be happy to split my ice cream with him.
(Those bastards gave me popsicles)

ENFP: I somehow convinced my entire senior class to pull the most ridiculous faces for our school ID photos. Someone chugged a container of applesauce, another person pulled a Zoolander face, another wore a spin dial hat and got as uncomfortable looking as possible, someone asked for a close up, another was fed grapes by a freshman, etc. The office was in hysterics when they were shipped in. People were happy. It was great.

INFP: I was super moody and withdrawn and sad my freshman year of college. I literally only left my dorm to eat, go to class, and drink. I had over-idealized school and didn’t fall in with the people I wanted to lol it was stupid. But I became very involved with my writing and drawing so that’s something.

ESTJ: I’m a huge seafood lover. Like gosh, I feel like an embarrassment to my mentor, Ron Swanson, because fish is a vegetable but this information is necessary. I’ve never had an allergic reaction to shellfish before, but one time in Maryland my family decided to have dinner at a crab bar on the Chesapeake. I ordered soft shell blue crab, because I had never tasted soft shell crab before and figured why not. Anyways, not too far into my meal, my cheeks go kind of numb, my throat feels like it’s kind of closing up, and I’m itchy af. I clear my throat and persevere through chewing, but my mother looks at me and asks me if I’m okay or if I want to order something else because by this point it’s pretty obvious I’m having a minor allergic reaction. I swallow, look her dead in the eye, and say even though I’ve discovered I don’t really have a liking for this type of crab, “We spent money on this. I’m going to eat it and I’m going to like it … even if it kills me.”

ISTJ: In my last year of elementary school, my teacher had a creatively lazy way of enforcing order and making the students work in a self-sustained business/government fashion. There was an interdependent hierarchy of monetary, justice, legislative, and operations positions we applied to at the beginning of each quarter, so we could have an opportunity to rotate. For a semester my job was to act as sort of police officer. We didn’t call them that in specific terms, I can’t remember the official title. But there were three of us in this very large class, and my job was to essentially hand out “tickets” for violations on rules our class had voted upon in our little senate. And these tickets were basically meant to reasonably bring about justice, ie: you’re disruptive you have to sit up at the empty desk near the teacher for x amount of time, you throw things at or to people or act like a jerk you help clean after class or grade papers or you lose recess time outside or something. We had a grievance committee who could repeal these tickets at any given time or during a Senate vote. Some of my classmates tried to buy me off after I issued them a warning, but I was unflappable and refused to be a dirty cop. I only had one person who couldn’t corrupt me try to get me fired, his vote was crushed by my classmates, and my teacher later told me I had an impeccable sense of justice.

ESFP: I instigated an intense round of the yellow light game where everyone slaps the ceiling of the car when the driver goes through a yellow light and the loser has to lose an article of clothing. I basically won every light because I refused to lose and just got to sit back and enjoy the show.

ISFP: I straight up balled angry, hot tears at The Museum of Tolerance. The evils of man made me feel physically sick as I walked through the model gas chambers. I remember running my hand over the wall and questioning who had stood somewhere similar, and so much more awful. And even though I felt all dark and twisty inside, I had never felt so proud as I was of the people who were heroic and sacrificed and fought the good fight trying to help the people trying to escape the Holocaust.

ENTJ: In high school I was voted most likely to take over the world. I had previously explained to my entire AP Government class some ‘precisely vague’ steps that a figure like a world ruler would need to take to assure such a position. Apparently, combined with a charming smile and promises of prosperity, it was an impressionable moment.

INTJ: My friend discovered a game where you can take on the role of a contagion with the goal of infecting as many people as possible. We named the plague Stupidity. At the end of the game we were told, “Stupidity Has Eradicated Humanity.” We thought it was hilarious.

ESTP: About a year ago, I spilt a gallon of boiling hot butter onto my hands as I was pulling it out of the microwave. (Yay workplace safety! We never had safety training! What a bunch of incompetent asshats!) It pooled around behind me, I went down, but basically my brain had shut off all higher processing aside from safety. So I calmly yanked myself to my feet, tore off my hat and soaked apron, and ran my hands under cool water. At this rate, I can already feel the blisters, I know my hands are least covered in second degree burn, and I can feel the butter soaking into my socks and probably burning my shins. I look to my coworker who took about an extra minute to recover from shock (which is actually a long fucking time when you’ve been scalded alive) and calmly say, “Please call my mother, I need to go the hospital. But first, help me walk into the back, I need to take my pants off.” And proceeded to fucking wink. So here I am, smirking through the worst pain of my life, and still making it sound like I’m flirting with her. Go me.

ISTP: My cousin took me bar hopping on my 21st birthday, and we wound up walking right behind a fight between these five huge ass men that had stumbled out into the street. My cousin tried to shield me back with his arm, but here I am this scrappy snowflake with a hostile perma scowl as these idiots flailed around on the pavement, and just grumbled back, “These bitches don’t know how to hit. This is embarrassing to watch. Let me end this.”

ENFJ: I briefly started a cult my sophomore year of high school. I didn’t take it very seriously, I was far too entertained, so that’s probably why we never had much footing.

INFJ: My friend and I once found a wandering, lost drunk girl on the beach. And we were like, 'shit we can’t leave you alone. It’s getting dark. Us girls gotta stick together.’ So I offered her my water, and my phone to use but she couldn’t remember any numbers and no one would answer, and asked her where her friends were. Of course, she couldn’t remember, and I was just like okay, do you remember anything about the area where they might be? She had no idea. So I was like, alright, could totes use a sign right now. Next thing I know, I look up and there’s a flock of geese flying in a perfect formation. So I look to my friend and I’m like, alright, let’s help her look in this direction. My friend kinda gave me a wtf face like if you say so. I told her I just had a feeling. Six minutes later, drunk girl’s equally drunk friends cheer upon her return and offer us beers. And that’s how I returned a lost drunk girl with my symbolic reach in bird knowledge.

Can You Keep A Secret? - Sehun (Part 6)

A/N: Okay so first of all I realy really want to thank you guys, I hit 2K followers almost a week ago (I think I’ll still write a proper post thanking you guys), and I feel like I’ve been neglecting you guys , which makes me very sad, so I’ll try my best to always write something new to you, so here it is PART 6 (how did that happen?!), I thought about stop writing this story, just because I don’t even know, but I got tons of people saying that they wanted this to continue so bad and that made me really happy, I had to rush with the last part a little, so I’m actually more satisfied with this one.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 /Part 4/ Part 5

You felt something nudge you.Honestly you didn’t want to move , at all.That’s when you remembered you weren’t sleeping on the house’s couch or anything like that , it was Sehun’s shoulder. You woke up alarmed, thinking you had slept the entire journey, so you looked at Sehun, who was observing your half asleep state as you asked him if you were there already. He let out a quiet chuckle and said “no , we just stopped to eat , let’s?”, “hm…” , you whined at him. He looked at you furrowing his eyebrows, “what?, I’m hungry, and my parents are already in there so we have to catch up so we can eat" , you grabbed his arm before he left the car , “Sehunie.. Why don’t we eat here? I don’t want to socialize with your parents right now, and we can actually talk” , he looked at you hesitantly , considering your request, he rolled his eyes and mumbled something to himself , “fine, I’ll go buy something for us, it won’t take long” , you smiled and thanked him. 

It wasn’t just the laziness that fell over your body, you really wanted to talk to Sehun, alone. You had to do something, you wouldn’t just let him go away like this , it may be to protect you , but what if you don’t want that? What if you’d rather be in danger with him by your side than having him gone but you being safe? As you thought of how to say all that to him , he came back with your favorite snack on his hands. “Yay!! Thank you very much” , he sighed “ I said to my parents that you weren’t feeling so well , so that’s why we’re eating in the car” , “okay okay” , a couple minutes passed without any of you saying anything, or even looking at eachother, so you gathered courage and tried to initiate what you’ve both been thinking about “so , we should tal-” , “you know they really outdid with this chicken today, it’s delicious” , Sehun cut you , he was most definitely not wanting to talk about it , but you tried again, you held his hand, which made his attention turn to you , “ I’m serious, we have to talk” , he rolled his eyes and said “can’t we do that when we get to the hotel?” , “not if you’ll keep delaying it” , “I won’t” , “Sehun..”, you have him a warning gaze. “I promise”, he said while he showed you his pinky finger , indicating how you’d always promise stuff to each other in the past.

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how did papaya and luca meet?? im going to draw it if thats okay :000

LMAO remember that one anon that asked for more Luca and Papaya art [x]? I ended up replying with an Autumn! picture but originally it was going to be a comic strip about how they met. The first panel of the comic strip was featured here: [x] I was too lazy though and deleted all my progress so I’ll just type it out for you under the handy-dandy cut 

1 kinda sad but not really sad doodle down below yay~ ヾ(=ↀωↀ=)ノ”

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Diversity in Throne of Glass

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and talking with may12324 gave me the motivation to type up my thoughts.

So here’s a bit of an essay/rant about diversity in Throne of Glass. There are some things this series does really well (which should be acknowledged and celebrated), and other things that I think are problematic, and I believe it’s important to discuss both these things.

Under the cut for more (this contains spoilers for the series so far).

If you’re not in the mood for reading critical discussion about your favourite books then feel free to ignore this post, and maybe come back to it at a time when you’re in the mood for something like this :)

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anonymous asked:

Just general people you read from would be fine!! :D

Okay love ^^ haha I also have a tag that says reads and that’s where I reblog the fics I like for rereads hehe but hmm let us go down my follow list, for some unknown reason I don’t follow a lot of people so idk if this is at all comprehensive.. maybe I’m just picky or too lazy to find more LOL 

an-exotic-writer ahh the A-1 since Day 1, I’ve been reading her works since the beginning of my days as a fangirl and they just keep getting bETTER, lovely blog, lovely person, I’m her cupcake too tho ^3^ 

babyitsbts // babyitsfiction idk which one she runs on these days but I LOVE her scenarios as well ^^ haha I think I read all through her stuff in one sitting esp the wolf exo ones 

duizhangdeluxe I actually found Amanda on AFF bc of her Blanc et Nior series?? and then stalked down her tumblr and now I am in love with her muses, beautiful soul, I am a hardcore fan. 

dvehyun I believe I found Gabs somewhere the jimin smut tag LMAO I still remember reading her work and being so amazed and impressed and thought wow I really hope I can develop my writing like that, her vamp AU gives me chills. 

eungyus // nam-jihyun my MIN, my sunshine, my hope, my founder hahah she’s the person that raised me in this cold cold world of tumblr hahahh I love her writing, she is the first person I have ever requested anything from and I’m so glad I did ;-; okay she’s great at writing dark themes but when she writes fluff its so perfect *sobs for days ily* 

exoticarmy127 MY FIRST TUMBLR FRIEND AND UNNIE WHO I LOVE DEEPLY. I adore all of her stories, they have their own life in them esp Laws of Motion and Attraction. I cannot deny my love for professor V my goodness. 

jiminsnips my Kenna, I’m lowkey salty bc she’s never on these days hahahaha! but that aside I love her scenarios, esp the ones for her challenge which I lowkey attempted several times 

krismebaobei idk if they’re still really active but Fei will give you all the feels ;_; I love her scenarios so much, once again, been reading since the days the skies were one 

min-tokkiwriter ahhh I haven’t read from her recently but I’m pretty sure I have read all her older works, one of the few shinee scenario blogs I seem to follow LOL 

minearebigger same as above comment, simply bc I usually don’t read many ship type fics?? …. although her jongtae aus are indeed quite tempting 

monchims *lays oneself on ground and rolls around* Okay Cherry is one of the main reasons I started to write in the first place? Hahah even non fandom wise I find her words beautiful and put together in such a way that it intrigued me to learn how to do so myself hahah.  I  really really like A+++ also her hypotheticals// compilations are fun to read they just escalate until she just walks away XD 

palpitate-hyperventilate Jo is soooooo GOALS A F I love her writing, it took me a while to get used to her style but maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much, I love it, it makes me think, it makes me pause and wonder and ughhhhh so inspired every time I read her writing its just a masterpiece T.T  

thesammtimes Sam my goodness I love her scenarios. I don;t remeber much about it because I discovered sam at like 2am in the middle of a fic reading marathon on my phone but they are A+ quality. *2pm voice* 10 out of 10 

soul-scenarios idk if they’re active (again) I’m sorry anon but umm This unnie made me cry so. many. times. like her scenarios are a mix of angst and fluff and they always get that heart clenchy feeling that I love ahhh ;;

theboyswhomwelove duuudeee I stalked Laura even before I got a tumblr, The Trophy was one of the first few fics I started reading and omg I’m so so glad I did, I love her, and her style of writing, just the character development is always so smooth yet complex. the tru sempai. 

whisperedscenarios I luvvvv but I haven’t been able to read much recently but I know back in the days when she was an admin I JUST LOVED ALL THEIR WORKS. it was absolutely adorable and I really should catch up on my reading bc I’m sure her scenarios are still nice <3 

xiuminipple idk man Jackie makes me question what I’m doing with my life when we’re the same age //i think// her writing is so nice like seriously beautiful and so… realistic?? Her Kai College AU and Chanyeol high school AU  are my absolute FAVS. so witty and just all together really enjoyable. 

thereaderwriter also one of the few ones I have known since the beginning of my fangirl career. I love that she writes and puts songs on her scenarios bc she’s the reason I started doing so? Like I’m pretty sure she introduced me to so many songs which are my favorites now like A Good Boy by Baek Ah Yeon and Intoxicated by the Cab and one distinct one for me is her Luhan one where OC is a photographer haha I LOVE IT 

theyreallbiasruiners WAIT NO WAIT YOU CANNOT ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGET THIS ONE PERSON OKAY. She is my irl friend and my other half and the reason I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. she doesn’t post much and don’t let her scare you off lmao BUT SHE DA BAE. 

yeahhhh okay that was longer than I expected but before I follow someone I usually stalk them for a long reasonable amount of time LOL SO I JUST GUSH when it comes to the ones I follow because they are goals and I hope to be able to have such distinct style like them one day T.T and yay happy reading anon I wish you rainbows and sparkles and all the feels <3 

johndave fic recs!!

(attempt #2, since, being the awfully talented individual that i am, i managed to delete the first one, after hours of work! yay!)

its always made me kind of sad that with davejohn fic rec lists, ppl usually tend to rec the same stuff over and over again. and, dont get me wrong! i know the classics are classics for a reason, duh, ive read most of them and love them, but!! to me fic rec lists mean introducing people to lesser-known-but-still-amazing works! so thats what im going to do right now, heheh.

(u might notice that the majority of these are fluffy as heck. no angst here. nuh uh. angst is Bad)

(also, no ongoing fics in here!)

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First Muggle Christmas- Draco x Reader

Y/N Y/L/N was excited to spend her Christmas holiday with her boyfriend of a year Draco Malfoy. The two met in secret every night in the astronomy tower. She was a muggleborn Hufflepuff. He was a pureblood Slytherin prince. If word got out to the school Draco and the Malfoy family name would be ruined. The two loved each other more than anything. They were best friends in love. Draco would tell her everything and she kept him sane. Y/N listened to him while he talked about the pressures of being a Malfoy, his fake friends, and his parents. She would stay and listen. This was more than he ever could have wanted.

“ Draco…I have a question for you.” Draco looked up at Y/N. He was currently laying down in the astronomy tower with his head on her lap. “ You were talking about how you dreaded going home for the holidays. Why don’t we spend it together?” Draco was intrigued. “ How would I pull it off?” Y/N smiled. “ You tell your parents you’re going to stay at school for the break. Instead you come home with me.” Y/N held her breath. It was a long shot but, she wanted to spend the holidays with him. “ I’ll see what I can do. Will your parents be home from America for Christmas?” Y/N shook her head. Both of her parents worked in the American muggle embassy in America. She had the choice of going with them or living alone for Holidays. Not wanted to leave Hogwarts or Draco she chose the latter. “ No they have extra work this year. So it’ll just be me this year…again.” Y/N missed her parents but, knew they would be with her if they could. “ With umbridge here, it’s getting harder and harder to see each other.” Y/N said disappointment clouding her eyes. “ I’ll try my best lovely. I promise.” Draco sealed the promise with a gentle kiss.

It took a lot of lies and arrangement to be made but, Draco did it. He convinced his parents. He could barely believe it. That night he went to the astronomy tower to see Y/N humming reading like she normally did. “ Lovely?” Y/N looked up from her book. “ Draco, how was your day?” He sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her hip. “ I got some news.” Y/N looked up her beautiful E/C eyes he loved so much full of curiosity. “ I did it. We can spend Christmas together.” Y/N dropped her book. “ Honestly?!” He nodded as the excited girl hugged him tightly. “ Oh Draco this is a dream come true!” He chuckled watching the excitement take over Y/N. “ I’ll try my best to make this the best Christmas ever, I promise.” Y/N put her pinky out for a promise. Draco took it and the two were excited to spend time with the two of them. Soon they wouldn’t have to hide a thing.

The Hogwarts express was stuffed to the brim of excited homesick children ready to be reunited with their love ones. Y/N sat in her compartment excited to get away from everything with the man she loved. “ Are you excited for the holidays Y/N?” Y/N looked up at her best friend Neville Longbottom. She enjoyed spending time with the gentle boy with a love of plants. “ Ya, i’m excited to get away from umbridge and that lot.” Neville nodded in agreement. “ It’ll be nice to get away. I hope you won’t be too lonely Y/N. you can always visit me and my gran.” Y/N smiled at the kind offer. “ I’ll be okay Neville. Oh here I got you this for Christmas.” She pulled a book out Flesh-Eating Trees of the World. The sixth year textbook Neville desperately tried to get his hands on. His gran refused to get it for him wanting him to focus focus of fifth year study. “Y/N! How did you manage this?! Thank you.” Y/N smiled at the excited boy as he riffled through the books pages. “ Doesn’t make my gift look good compared.” He handed her a copy of The Healer’s Helpmate by H. Pollingtonious. “ I know you live in a muggle household so I figured you could use this. Every household should have one.” Y/N smiled at the thought he had put into her gift. The two friends hugged as the train stopped in king cross station.

Y/N and Draco met outside the prying eyes of Hogwarts students. It was back on another train for an hour long ride to Brighton where Y/N lived. Draco was nervous he had never been in the muggle world before. Would he mess up? As if sensing his doubt Y/N held Draco’s hand reassuringly. The two made it to Brighton in one piece. “My parents sent us a cab. My apartment is a 15 minute drive from here.” Draco had never taken muggle taxi or any taxi for that matter. His parents were driven around in their family car. Y/N placed the suitcases in the boot of the car. She helped Draco get in. Draco watched out the window as a new world passed him by. He watched the grey ocean crash against the shore. He was fascinated by the buildings these muggles created without magic. The cab stopped in front of a three story white apartment by the water. “ This is it Draco.”

After walking up three flights of stairs with heavy suitcases in tow. Y/N opened the front door to her apartment. It was a lovely two bedroom apartment. The apartment was airy and cozy. With pillows and throws everywhere. The themes were cream and seafoam green. It was as if the ocean itself was extending its reach into the apartment. Draco looked at all the muggle equipment he had never seen before. It was fascinating. Y/N took his coat. He looked about the apartment. It amazes him that people could manage to fit their whole existence in such a small place. This apartment seemed bigger than his home. The house was dark full of dark wood, deep forest greens, black and browns. “ This is brilliant lovely.” Draco said sitting at the dining room table. Y/N smiled making a list of ingredients needed for dinner. “ I’m glad Draco. This is now just as much my home as it is yours. I’m going to the grocery store to get our dinner. You can wait here while I go out.” Draco stood up. “ I’ll come with you. The least I can do is carry the bags.”

The market was only a five minute walk away. Draco was captivated by the Fluorescent lit building. Food neatly piled up in displays. “ Draco would roast beef be okay for dinner?” Draco nodded being drawn towards the muggle sweets alse. Y/N giggled at Draco acting like a child. The vegetables were chosen. Draco asked so many questions. How did Y/N know which vegetable was best? How many galleons were in this muggle pound? How was this card made of plastic used to buy things?Y/N patiently answered all of his questions. “ Pick any sweets you want to try.” Y/N said finished her shopping. Draco smiled and looked at all the sweets. He settled on a Curly Wurly and a Flake.

Draco settled all his things into Y/N’s bedroom. Her bedroom was clean and the pale canary yellow walls lit up the whole room like it was spring in the middle of winter. The white post metal bed with cream comforter made Draco want to sleep peacefully. He looked at her desk to see the letters he sent her last summer were neatly scattered on the table top. Y/N couldn’t write back in fear that Draco’s parents would find out. His smile was bittersweet remembering the time they spent apart during the first summer of dating. Late nights of missing her came flooding back. Draco walked to the kitchen where Y/N was working hard to make the perfect dinner. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. This was bliss. “ You seem happy?” Y/N said stirring the pot of potatoes. “ I want to be like this forever lovely, just you and me in our little world.” He kissed the top of her head.

Draco had never been so relaxed in his entire life. Everyday he woke up to the love of his life. There was no pressure to be perfect. Christmas Eve soon arrived. Draco enjoyed adventures into the muggle world. Whither it was shopping on the high street or going to the cinema. The morning of Christmas Eve he woke up before Y/N. He quietly watched the peaceful girl beside him. She was peaceful and relax it made him even happier. Y/N E/C eyes fluttered open full of sleep. “Good morning Draco.” Y/N yawned eyes still full of sleep. “ Good morning Lovely. It’s Christmas Eve.” Y/N climbed on Draco’s chest placing her head on his chest. The steady heartbeat threatened to send her back to sleep. “ Yay.” Draco played with Y/N’s H/C hair enjoying the lazy morning.

It was a lazy day in. Y/N ordered pizza for dinner not wanting to go out or cook. Y/N crocheted while Draco did his homework. The comfortable silence ended at midnight. The couple was wrapped in a cream fuzzy blanket. “ Lovely, Merry Christmas.” Y/N kissed Draco and smiled. “ Can we exchange gifts now?” Draco asked with excitement. Y/N giggled. “ Alright, let me go get yours.” Y/N left the room leaving Draco on the couch. He was nervous. This was his shot. Y/N reappeared holding a beautifully wrapped gift in silver and red wrapping paper. Draco opened the parcel to see the watch he loved when he was shopping in the high street with Y/N. inscribed was the date of the Yule Ball when they became a couple. Draco smiled widely. “Thank you, Lovely.” Y/N was relieved. Draco took both of Y/N hands in his. “ This holiday has been the best time of my life. I want things to be like this forever. I feel at peace when I’m with you. I want…I want you to marry me when we graduate.” Y/N was dumbfounded looking at the ring Draco pulled out of his pocket. Emerald green gemstone with sleek silver band of diamonds. “ Honestly?” Y/N said tears in her eyes. “Honestly and truly.” Draco replied placing the ring on her left ring finger. Tears rolled down Y/N’s cheeks as she hugged Draco. “ I would be honoured to be your wife.” Draco hugged her back. This was a dream come true. Soon this would be his life forever. Soon.

BTS When a Boy Confesses to Them

Jin: I think Jin would be the most flattered when it came to a person confessing to them. He eyes would light up and he would try to stop his blush from creeping up too high as the cute boy spilled his feelings. He would be so much on cloud nine that when he recounted his day to the other members, he wouldn’t even be fazed by their, “Jin? You’re not even gay?” he would just continue on with his day being happy. 

Suga: Suga would be neutral when a fan boy told his confession to Suga, not because Suga was not interested but because he wasn’t surprised. Actually he would be proud of the person who had the balls to confess to him. He was Min Yoongi, he got so lit that he made it rain fire. 

J-Hope: Hobi would be really flirty with all the fans at the meet and greet. Particularly the fan boy that had just confessed his feelings to Hobi. He had been winking at this specific fan the whole time he was in line. Hobi would shyly smile at the boy before clearing up the situation and giving the fan boy a final wink to remember him by.  

Rap Monster: Namjoon would be the most mature in this situation, he would be flattered by the tall boy’s confession but would have to decline. He made sure the fan understood it was because he had different tastes, not because he was offended. Namjoon would probably give one of his cute smiles and a small wave. 

Jimin: Jimin would be such a flirty hoe when a boy at a fan meet confessed to him. They had been signing and talking to the fans when the cute boy passed a card with his confession on it to Jimin. Jimin would make up rejecting him by giving lots of aegyo and a tight hug. They would definitely leave on good terms. 

V: Tae would be so surprised that someone confessed to him, he would be so excited on the inside but would remember that he can’t date anyone. Also seeing as he wasn’t interested in boys, he should probably tell the boy confessing that. Tae would shyly tell the boy thank you before politely rejecting his confession. I think the boy would be understanding, knowing that the BTS members were too busy to date right now. 

Jungkook: I think that Kookie would be another member that would be really surprised that a boy confessed to him. He felt honored but was just really confused, which would make Kookie make the situation really awkward. It’s what he does when he doesn’t know what to do.  Kookie would make sure to gently decline the fan boy’s offer and would be a sweetheart to anyone brave enough to confess to him.   

Ah! I’m sorry this is late, I’m a lazy fuck. I hope you guys liked this reaction and keep on sending in more requests!!

- Admin Jade

Why are you here?

A/N: Y/N is home alone while Andy’s on tour and someone breaks into their house while Y/N is there and gets hurt. 

You had just finished putting all the grocery’s away when your iPhone 5 started to go off signalling you had a call coming in, it was Andy your boyfriend.

“Did you know I love hearing your sexy voice before picking up the phone,” you said gesturing to a Black Veil Brides song Andy had put for his ringtone for whenever he called you. You could hear him chuckling on the other end of the phone while you waited for his response.

“And I love hearing your sexy voice when you answer in a low seductive voice,” he commented just like the sexy voice you made, you chuckled rolling your eyes.

“I miss you,” you stated as you took a seat on the couch in the living room.

“Baby, I miss you too,” he said.

“How long do you think it’s going to be before I get to see you again?” you question as you stretched your legs onto the coffee table.

“Only about 2 months and I’ll be home for Christmas,” he tells you bringing a smile across your face as you think of seeing his beautiful face in person instead of Skype or Facetime.

“Yay! And we get to celebrate your birthday too!” you exclaimed when you remembered Andy’s birthday is the day after Christmas, he chuckled at your excitement.

“What time is it there?” Andy asked with curiosity.

“Ummm,” you started so you could look back into the kitchen to see the time on the microwave. “It’s 2:00 pm,” you tell him.

“Oh, it’s 4:00 pm here,” he says.

A couple hours had passed, you and Andy were still talking on the phone, you two could talk for days you guys are a great couple, usually late night talks/calls or until he has to perform on stage.

“Look, babe, I have to go, but I’ll call you back after the set,” Andy tells you, you nod but remembered he couldn’t see you.

“Okay, I love you,” you said.

“Love you too,” he answered back before hanging up the phone.

You sighed as you hung up your end of the call, sometimes you wish Andy was always here because you miss him a lot, but you love how he’s doing his dream which makes you happy that he can achieve it.

An hour passed you were in Andy and your’s room when you heard a huge bang, the bang made you jump a foot in the air. You quickly turned around and went to open the door but it suddenly bursted open hitting you in the head making your vision go blurry, all you saw was a black outlined figure before the figure kneed you in the stomach causing you to get winded and fall to the carpet floor. As you regained your breath you stood up to see a man going through everything you and Andy owned. You quickly and quietly got your phone off the king sized bed and dialed 911.

“911 what is your emergency?” a women asked on the other end of the phone, you were about to whisper something to her but the man in a hoodie and ski  mask saw you.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!” he hissed before he kneed you in the stomach again.

Andy’s P.O.V.

The guys and I played a great show tonight, the fans are amazing they always make us have a great show.

“So, how’s Y/N. We haven’t talked to her in awhile?” Jake asked when we got in our dressing room.

“She’s doing good, she said she had to do a whole bunch of grocery shopping today because she kept eating food and being extremely lazy,” I tell the guys which made them chuckle.

“Y/N, has always been lazy,” Ashley chuckled.

“But that’s why we love her!” CC exclaimed as we all nodded along laughing.

Suddenly, my phone started to ring, I thought it was Y/N but it’s the hospital number from back home, I instantly answered it.

“Hello?” I answered hoping nothing was wrong, but boy was I wrong.

“Yes hello. Is this Andy Biersack?” a male voice asked from the other end of the phone.


“Your girlfriend Y/N/ Y/L/N, has been in a accident,” he tells me gently.

“What happened!” I asked panicked.

“Someone broke into your house and wanted to rob the house, but Y/N got in the way,” he explains to me, all that was going through me was panic was she okay? “You need to get here as soon as possible,” he tells me.

“Yeah! I’ll be there within the next 3 hours,” I say to him before hanging up the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Jinxx asked as he saw my panicked face.

“Y/N got in accident, she was in a robbers way and got hurt,” I rushed out. “I’m catching a flight right now, we’ll have to cancel some shows but the fans will understand, we’ll rebook shows.”


We all ran into the hospital 3 hours later, a nurse spotted us and told us to wait here while she gets the doctor.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I kept asked every five minutes feeling more and more worried, but finally a doctor came.

“Mr. Biersack?” he asked looking at me, I nodded my head. “Your girlfriend has been seriously injured, she has 4 broken ribs, a broken arm, a broken leg, and a concussion,” he explains to me, I had to make sure tears didn’t pour out of my eyes. “She’s going to be okay,” he finally tells me I felt a weight a relief lift off my chest.

“Can I see her?” I ask.

“Yes, but she’s sleeping and she’ll need her rest,” he tells me, I nod then he leads us to her hospital room.

When we got into the room, I went straight over to her and held her hand, she looked like she was in so much pain, I kissed her forehead then slid a chair to her bedside and waited until she woke.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I fluttered my eyes open, to see a blurry while ceiling, I looked to my side to see Andy holding my hand and his head resting on the bed I’m in, where am I? And why is Andy here?

I moved a little but felt pain shoot through me Andy stirred as I tried not to cry in pain.

“Hey, your awake,” Andy said lifting his head up.

“Yeah,” I said my voice cracking, just then a doctor walked in the room and everything from last night clicked inside my head, I’m at the hospital because some jackass tried rob the house, oh damn I wish I hadn’t had did anything to try and stop him.

“Oh good your awake-” the doctor began but I cut him off.

“Yeah, great. Can I have some pain killers,” I rushed out as pain filled my entire body.

“Are you in a lot of pain?” he asked stalling time to get the fucking pain killers.

“YES! NOW PLEASE GET SOME DAMN PILLS SO I DON’T HAVE TO FEEL THIS FUCKING PAIN!” I snapped, he quickly left to go get the pills. Andy squeezed my hand to make me feel a bit better.

The doctor came back with the pills and water, I took them from him and swallowed everything then waited for them to kick in. He left not wanting to get on my bad side again.

“Why are you here, Andy?” I asked looking to the side where he was sitting in a chair.

“I had gotten a call that you have been hurt and I got here ASAP,” he tells me.

“Sorry…” I mumble.

“Why are you sorry?” he questioned.

“Because if it weren’t for me, you’d be performing instead of being here with me,” I say looking into his blue eyes.

“No, don’t blame yourself it’s not your fault and besides the fans will understand. I just don’t want you to feel that much pain ever again,” he said to me kissing my forehead. “I will always be here whenever your in pain, always. I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Andy.”

A/N: I’ve been trying this new thing here^ I did another, but if you guys want you can send in request. Hopefully, my writing isn’t too bad it’s just something I’m trying out. Let me know if I should keep it up. ^.^ 

funhaustagram  asked:

ok but while they're in fiji, bruce is aggressively trying his best to deny his feelings for adam. they spent a lot of time together at rtxau and he was completely enamored when adam would make bad jokes at whatever panel and how adorable he was every time he got a little tipsy and giggly at their group dinners. now they're in a tropical vacation resort, adam's getting so goddamn tan and bruce is very screwed. both barbara and bethany are pushing him to make a move but he's /nervous/, dammit.

ok yes yes good good idk if you wanted to go back n forth or if u wanted me to write something but i felt the need to write something i felt it in my bones man

grovic fiji brocation extravaganza 2k16 floof under the cut

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anonymous asked:

Zolu, for obvious reasons! XD


Who asks the other on dates: 

they both do? they’re really spontaneous with this they’re like “…wanna do a thing?” and then they’ll be like “SURE!!!!!” or “ye”. their dates are like spur of the moment “we landed on this island lets go walk around and hold hands” kind of thing.

Who is the bigger cuddler:

zoro. zoro loves cuddling. he loves it so much. he cuddles with luffy every night because he loves the huggy feeling but he will never tell anyone that he is actually a very smol clingy swordsman.

so zoro.

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Grandma S’s Book

Witchy Challenge Day 6: A Book of Shadows

I’m behind because of my trip. I’ll try to catch up in the next few days, or I might be lazy and pretend I didn’t skip three days. :/

Grandma S’s Book

“Alright, Grandma, Pirate story.”

“Bookshelf by the window, second shelf, all the way on the left.”

“How do you do that? Your house is full of books and they aren’t even organized. I would never be able to find anything.”

“Well, Miri, you have only been here a couple of days. I’ve lived here practically my entire life. Plenty of time to learn where all the books are.”

“Okay, one more. A book about flowers.”

“I have more than one of those, but there’s one on the bookshelf by the fireplace in the very middle.”

“Yup, it’s here. Your memory is incredible.”

“Thank you dear.”

“Hey, what’s this book next to it? It doesn’t have a title.”

“Really? You found a book with no title? Is it a leather bound book?”

“Uh, yeah I think so. Why? What is it? You sound surprised. Did I find a book you don’t remember?”

“Bring it here.”

“Okay. Hey look! There’s a symbol on the front, but still no title.”

“This, Miri, is my Book of Shadows. No one has ever found it before. That symbol on the front protects it from being noticed. Not even your mother ever saw it on my shelves, although that’s not much of a surprise. She never was interested in the craft. You found it though. How curious.”

“Book of Shadows, that’s like a spell book or something right? Cool. Mom said you did magic, but she always made it sound like a joke so I didn’t really believe her. How come I’ve been here three days and you haven’t done anything?”

“Of course I have. I did some magic while I was out gardening yesterday. And my tea this morning was a spell for good health. Not all magic is black cats and bubbling cauldrons you know.”

“So you don’t have a cauldron?”

“Of course I do. I just don’t have to use it for every spell.”

“This is so cool! So what’s in the book, can I see?”

“It’s full of spells and sigils and things. Some spells that I use frequently, a few I made myself, and a few I just thought might come in handy some day. It’s sort of a textbook, recipe book, and journal all in one.”

“Ooooh, show me one you made! Please!”

“Alright, here’s a little spell ritual I use with my morning tea. This list here is different types of tea and what they’re good for.”

“Good health, courage, peaceful sleep, patience, focus and concentration. That’s one I could use at school. What else you got in here?”

“There’s a spell for good luck, one for prosperity, this one is for open communication and peaceful resolution of problems. I used to bake that one into the cookies I took to Town Hall meetings. Sometimes it worked, sometimes they were just too pig-headed.”

“Grandma S!”

“Well it’s true.”

“How long have you had your Book of Shadows?”

“Oh, a long time now. This is actually my fourth or fifth Book. The first one I started when I was just a few years older than yourself. Every few years I would decide my Book was missing something or could be better organized. Finally, this one made the cut and I’ve had it ever since.”

“May I… May I look through it?”

“Normally I would say no. It can be rather personal and there are some dangerous things in there. But it let you find it. I think you are supposed to read it. Just be careful.”

“Oh, thank you Grandma! I’ll be careful with it, I promise.”

“Now then! I feel like baking some cookies, would you like to help me?”

“Chocolate chip?”

“Of course.”

[Part-Translation] Hakumyu LIVE: 'Kakizome' Corner in Extras PART 1 [41:16-50:04]

Hiya people. Since you girls seem to enjoy the ‘Kakizome’ corner in Hakumyu LIVE, I thought of translating again because apparently all the Kakizome corners from every performances were included in the Extras! YAY! I am doing this by ears again and quickly so; expect lotsa typos, grammatical errors and well translation error? XD (because chii is lazy to QC before posting *smacked*)

No scrcaps though this time. Lazy chii is lazy *smacked with a frying pan*

Okay here goes, oh before that;

[1] Basically, the corner always starts with the same pattern in which, Hijikata-san asking the boys to write kakizome. And they go 'KAKIZOME?!’. And Hijikata-san refusing to write one. Audiences & Okita going 'EHHHH’. I’ll be marking this as [**] after this kay.

[2] I wrote the names using initials!
KI: Kondou Isami, HT: Hijikata Toshizou, OS: Okita Souji, SH: Saitou Hajime, HS: Harada Sanosuke, TH: Toudou Heisuke, NS: Nagakura Shinpachi, YS: Yamazaki Susumu, SS: Sannan-san, KC: Kazama Chikage

(4th Jan / 3pm)
- HT: Today’s theme is 'Last year’s reflection (on error/misdeeds)’
- All: 'Kyonen no hansei?’ (Last year’s reflection?)
- HT: Okay, start writing Kakizome
- TH: It is hard if you suddenly tell us to do this
- H: There’re many things that happened no? If you are done, raise your hand
- HT: After all you guys made many mistakes dont you?
- *Heisuke & Shinpachi complaining* No no not really.
- HT: Okay, anyone done?
- *Kazama raises hand*
- TH: That was fast! You’re done?
- HT: Yosh, jya, Oni’s Commander-san
- Kazama wrote: [raises a blank paper]
- KC: Talk about worthless game of you people. After thinking, as expected I have nothing to reflect on not like you guys.
- TH: HA?! What’s with that guy?
- KC: Well then
- HT: That guy, why did he even came here.. After coming all the way..

- Audiences: WRITEEE
- HT: Told ya I’m not writing okay (lol *smacks oni fukuchou* zuruiii!!!)

- HT: Okay, anyone done? Not yet? No one?
- HT: Okay Souji
- OS: What was it again? 'Kyonen no hansei’? Alright here goes
- Okita wrote: [Hito wo kirisuginai/To not recklessly kill people too much]
- HT: Yes, and the ink looks scary though *points at the 人 kanji with dripping ink*
- OS: *trying hard not to laugh*
- HT: Yeah, don’t kill people too much, okay. Yosh.

- HS: Hai!
- HT: Okay Harada.
- HS: [Yari wo Oranai/To not break my Spears] (lol, it happened to Saitou/Okita(?) too, he broke his sword during practice? Aww the boys must be working so hard:p)
- HT: Oh what do you mean by that?
- HS: Well, I havent said this before but so far I’ve broke about 3 spears.
- TH: That’s too much Sano-san
- HS: So this year, I wish I’ll try my best not to break anymore spears.
- HT: Please okay, it’ll be costly for the Shinsengumi.

- TH: Hai
- HT: Ou Heisuke!
- Heisuke wrote: [???] (sigh he is very artsy I cant read his kanji!! ; A ;)
- TH: I think I should really not go to narrow places that’s hard to get out (this is just a direct translation, I cant remember or anything in hakuouki related to that situation ._.;; anyone?)
- HT: That’s true, yeah many things happened right. And you cant you write nicely?
- TH: ISNT THIS STYLISH?! (lol yeah right *smacks* now I cant read!!!)
- HT: IF it is stylish then write it stylishly? (I hope I got this right -_-;)
- TH: *checks the screen* (lol looks like Fukuchou doesnt share the same sense of art? :p)

- HT: Yosh, next? Oh, okay then Sannan-san
- Sannan-san Wrote: [Ude wo kirarenai/To not let my arm be cut again]
- HT: Wht do you mean?
- SS: Well last year, I was cut on my arm, I let my guard down. So because of that, I am reflecting on it.
- HT: Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy, yeah.

- HT: Okay next, alright Nagakura
- NS: [Chizuru-chan no namae wo wasurenai/Not to forget Chizuru-chan’s name]
- TH: Oh yeah that happened!
- HT: What do you mean?
- NS: You see, it happened during the time when Chizuru & Souji _____? Around that time, Chizuru-chan called to me 'Nagakura-san!’ and I was thinking 'Who were you again?’
- HT: *Laughs* I see.
- TH: You said it, you said it!
- HT: Perhaps you were tired right.
- NS: And perhaps I have so many things inside my head.
- HT: Get a Hang on Yourself!
- NS: Yes sir!
(I am not sure when this happened, perhaps during the non-recording day on previous musicals XDD awww poor alien neko shuuto, he must be really @_@ *mofus*)

- HT: Right, anyone else? Okay then Saitou
- Saitou Wrote: [Sunao/To be more honest]
- HT: Meaning?
- SH: Well, last year I couldn’t be honest with that certain someone, so this year I’m thinking of being more honest and someday I’d like to be called by my name (HYAAA LKAJSHKJAS HAJIME-KYUN (more like RYOOO-KUNNN) akjsdakjd)
- Audiences: KYAAAAAAAAA Me: KYAAAAAAAAA /rolls on bed laika sushimaki/
- HT: I see. Saitou is a serious one, as expected.

- HT: Next, okay Yamazaki.
- Yamazaki Wrote: [Mou Sukoshi Medatsu/To stand out more] (lol poor kid)
- HT: Oh, meaning?
- YS: Hai, well its too dark people cant see me that well (lol ur a ninja after all XD)
- HT: I see
- YS: ??? (I cant catch it T_T)
- HT: Then how about changing your Shinobi uniform to Red? (LOL that’s no ninjaaa, you’ll attract people akjshdakd)
- YS: Yes please/Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
- TH: Who are you talking to? Who? ( XDDD)
- HT: Yosh okay lets go with that. Then lastly, Kondou-san!

- Kondou-san Wrote: [???] (I cannot read the kanji again |||orz)
- KI: During the time when Saitou-kun came back from GoryouEiji, I got excited you see. I accidentally said his name as 'Saitou-KYUN’. Im sorry Saitou-kun.
- SH: … Commander… it was embarassing…
- KI: Sorry! Lets not just focus on just practice sword but also practice on speaking smoothly.
- TH: Yep, I think that’s a good idea Kondou-san, why dont you try it?
- KI: Eh.. eh? What? Eh? Then what should I say? (this is totally adlib I think, Kondou-san is surprised here :p)
- TH: Kagyo(?) is your weakness(?). So try, [a tongue twister by Heisuke, listen to it yourself lol I dont even.. ||D]. 3 times!
- KI: 3 times?!
- HT: Yosh, then tongue twister by Kondou-san.
- KI: *tongue twister performance, full power* XD
- HT: *laughs* well well~
- KI: Thank you, that feels warm (the support from audiences)

And, the ending has the same pattern too. Hijikata-san asking them to try their best to work on their reflection/aim/etc. And ask them to clean up resulting on Heisuke-kun complaining him being bossy. And then ofcourse, HERE COMES THE BULLY-ONI-FUKUCHOU PART YAYYY *claps claps*

- SH: Fukuchou, to think of it, I haven’t seen your kakizome?
- HT: Told you I’m not writing one.
- SH: But..
- OS: Haa-ji-me-kun I found this in Hijikata-san’s room~ Then lets show it to eeee-veryone shall we? *ebil grin*
- HT: Oi oi! That’s really a bad one! Oi! OiI PLLEASE!
- OS: One two… *TADA*
- Hijikata-san Wrote: [A drawing of Ai ai gasa (symbol of love) - with Hijikata & Chizuru’s name] (LOLOL hijikata!piroshi priceless face!! aklsjdhakjd XD)
- SH: This..
- OS: Can you please explain it to us?
- HT: Well, no you see.. I wanted to write then my hand kinda slipped. And my hand slipped, and I think its a waste to throw it so I tried writing more, and and somehow it became that shape. And well first I wrote 'Toshizou’ you see, you see there’s 'Toshizou’ written right. And then, I can’t write anyone else’s names but Chizuru since she is the only girl. And I just wrote it because I don’t want to waste the paper..(aww oni fukuchou aww so innocent lol).

And in the middle of explanation… *OKITA RIPS THE AIAIGASA LOLOLOL* akljshdakjsd *EBIL OKINYAN*

- OS: Its not nice of you conquering Chizuru-chan on your own.
- HT: That’s not it.. you see. Ne, Saitou?
- SH: Fukuchou, I think.. I am a little dissillusioned.
- HT: *shocked* What’s with that.. Oi Saitou! Explain! Oi Explain!


Chii’s Note: HAHAHA. Okay this is another long one, I’m sowwy. And, I am so lazy to even bold the initials too long, chii is the master of laziness *smacked*. But I hope the translation helps, if.. anyone needs it? XD;;; I’ll be working on another 2-3 of the Kakizome corners, cant remember how many of them. PHEW~ ^^ jya jya!