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Can I please request the rfa + saeran breaking the fourth wall and finding out their in a game? I get seven kinda did but it'd be interesting to see how all of them would react.

I feel like all of the charcaters would be extremely sad to find out that they could never meet MC, so I made this kind of angsty. I also added Seven even though he kind of does know it’s a game, I just love him too much not to add him! I hope that I answered this one okay, let me know if I didn’t!! ^^


  • The irony of finally getting a girlfriend only to have her for eleven days broke Yoosung’s heart
  • He regretted every single time he called you Rika
  • You were so kind to him, you didn’t treat him like a child, you were genuinely curious about his future
  • All he wanted to do was go to you, feel how warm you would be when he hugged you
  • But that day never came
  • After all, Yoosung was just a character in a game, never being allowed to see you
  • He cried so much, more than he ever has in his life
  • But Yoosung was determined to make the most out of his limited time with you via the messenger
  • When the eleventh day came, Yoosung wept uncontrollably as he called you one last time telling you that you were his sunshine and that you would always be on his mind and that he would always love you no matter what
  • But eventually, his sunshine was taken away from him


  • Zen never thought that such a perfect girl existed until he first called you and listened to your voice
  • After years of being alone, Zen finally found someone who cared about him, not just for his pretty looks but for his true self
  • He realized that he was just a character in a game, that he would never get to see you, touch you, or kiss you
  • Zen felt his world fall apart at the seams but he knew that he had to use his remaining days to give you nothing but all of his love
  • You were incredibly supportive of him when he broke his leg and even more when he had to deal with his scandal
  • Even though he was in a game, you felt so real to him making it hurt that more more when the eleventh day came
  • In his last phone call to you, Zen tried holding back his tears as he sang gently to you, saying that he finally found his princess just like out of a fairy tale
  • However, this fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending


  • For what felt like the first time in her life, Jaehee finally found someone she could call her true friend
  • She was just known as ‘the assistant’ to everyone else but you never saw her that way, you saw her for the strong, independent woman that she was
  • And when you encouraged her to keep up with the coffee project because it made her happy, Jaehee thought about all of the different types of coffee that she would make for you when she would meet you
  • But that day would never come, Jaehee was in a game but you weren’t
  • She tried not to let her feelings get the better of her, she had finally found a friend that understood and appreciated her
  • But as the days went on, Jaehee felt something more for you, you weren’t just a friend who she liked
  • No, Jaehee had fallen in love with you without even realizing it, making it that much more painful
  • Jaehee silently cried when she called you for the last time, telling you that she loved you so much, that she would never forget you, you then told Jaehee that she was your dream
  • And you were hers


  • Jumin didn’t understand that he loved you the moment he read your first message
  • He thought that it was silly, how could he mange to love someone he never met?
  • But he did fall in love with you, something he never thought that he was capable of
  • Everyone saw him as the man with no emotions, but you didn’t, you knew that he had all of the emoitions that everyone else had, he just didn’t know how to express them
  • You treated him like any other person and Jumin would be eternally grateful to you because of that
  • His feelings of love towards you were in vain, since Jumin was just a character who could never see you
  • Even with his wealth, being with you would be impossible and Jumin felt nothing but sadness because of it
  • Nevertheless, Jumin kept a cool and calm composure for those eleven days, even though he was hurting so much on the inside
  • Jumin’s last phone call to you was one of the rare occasions that he cried, he tried his best to convey all of his feelings towards you, with him promising that you changed him and he’s become a better person because of you
  • You asked him on last request, that you would always remain in his heart and his last words were simply stated
  • As you wish


  • He knew from the very beginning that you and him could never be anything more then names on a screen
  • Seven was simply a character in a game, nothing more nothing less
  • He tried his absolute hardest not to fall in love with you, but he stupidly did
  • It was going to be so painful, almost as painful as leaving his brother, when he would have to say goodbye to you
  • But Seven didn’t want you to be sad, so he stayed as 707, joking with you so that you would be happy
  • The phone calls with you were something that he would cherish for the rest of his life
  • For those eleven days, Seven let himself be selfish and feel happy whenever he chatted with or called you
  • He didn’t let his past haunt him, Seven only focused on making you laugh and feel loved
  • Seven barely got any sleep those eleven nights since all he could think about was how his happiness would fade away in the upcoming days
  • The last phone call Seven made to you, he became Saeyoung and while talking to you, he let himself cry tell you how you saved him from his own darkness and although he would never be able to marry you at the space station
  • He would always love you to the moon and back


  • The way that you made him feel when he watched you in the RFA chat room confused him
  • Saeran had only texted you once, some vague message and even though you asked him questions, he never bothered responding
  • But as Saeran watched you chat with the other members happily, it made his heart physically hurt
  • He didn’t understand, why you were making him feel this way
  • Saeran’s life had been the equivalent of hell and he never thought he would feel joy in his life
  • However, as he watched you through the messenger, Saeran realized that he felt happy, that he had somehow fallen in love with you
  • You were so kind to the other members, giving them advice and truly caring for them
  • None of it matter though, Saeran knew that he was just a character in a game and that meeting you would be impossible
  • Even though he knew the pain of when the eleventh day arrived would be immense, Saeran continued to watch you talk to the other members
  • He had less panic attacks and even cracked a genuine smile for the first time in a very long time when he watched you talk to the RFA members
  • As the eleventh day arrived, Saeran decided to call you and confess his feelings, he didn’t care since this would be the last time he would ever hear your voice, he poured his heart out to you about how much he loved you even though this was the first time that he ever talked to you and that you showed him what true happiness was
  • And even though you were going to leave Saeran
  • He promised to love you forever and always

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A little love spell I wrote a while ago and I thought I’d share. In case you can’t read it, it says:
Use this spell on a windy day. Write the following on a piece of paper, tear it up, and release it into the wind:

“I call upon the winds of change
Place me on a new stage
Her lovely voice I want to hear
Make her know to come near
Please bring me someone that I need
But keep her will nothing but free
From the Earth to the stars above
Bring a girl that I will love ”

It may be good to write this on rose infused paper. Or perhaps you could turn it into a ritual by lighting candles fitting the effect you desire, make a circle, then write it on rose paper, finishing it up by ripping it up and sending it into the wind. Just a thought.

I wrote this spell to get a girlfriend but you could change the pronouns however you want. The little flower looking thing is actually a sigil I made to go with this spell.

“I Won’t Leave You Again”

Request: Hey Sweets. Damn today is horrible :/ Would you mind doing an imagine with Bucky where you had a one-night-stand after a rough Mission but you both have Feelings for each other which you dont talk about. So after the sex he just leaves, leaving you heart broken. Over the next days you avoid him then and Natasha finally tells him he is an ass (cause she knows what’s going on). Then he realized how stupid he was and buys you flowers and all and apologizes, then you talk about your Feelings ? :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2122

Warnings: angst, mentions of sex, fluff

A/N: i teared up while writing this. okay i changed it up a little bit. i think it is my best work. thank you for the request. i hope i dont disappoint. leave a request or just come and talk. taglist is open ( i added protective Tony because who doesnt love it)


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Heartbroken. That’s how he left you. Heartbroken, alone, and in tears.

Today’s mission was a tough one. Everyone was left battered and bruised. Steve had a bullet wound to the shoulder and Natasha broke her arm. You had a sprained wrist and cuts all over your body (being thrown through a window will do that to you.)

You and Bucky had an unspoken bond. You could fight together like a well-oiled machine, and he felt terrible that he couldn’t stop that from happening to you. All he wanted was to protect you; to keep you from harm, even though he had caused the worst pain you had ever felt.

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Look…Pidge is only a child, and yet she has already been through so much. therefore, it’s reasonable to think she would be having some problems, right?

Think about it… she would be living with the knowledge that she killed someone. It’s different, fighting in a lion versus being there in person and seeing them up close. What if the reason she yelled wasn’t because of rover falling, but because she didn’t want to let Haxus fall to his death. She was right there. she was the one who tripped him. She looked right at him and didn’t move as he hung in the air for those seconds.

Imagine Pidge having nightmares afterwards. Waking up and jolting upright, reaching out her arm to try and catch someone not there. Anytime she sees one of the paladins jump off something she freezes for a second, heart squeezing in her chest while she is brought back to that fight.

Just….she’s only fourteen and has witnessed so much death already, at her own hands within voltron. You can’t tell me she gets any enjoyment from it, yeah, she puts on a strong face for the others after a hard-fought battle but as soon as she is behind closed doors? She collapses into tears, sobs shaking her body as she is forced to relive what they’ve done, what she’s done. Staring at her hands, thinking about how she used to use them to build, to create things. But now she can only see the blood staining them in her mind, only seeing the loss and destruction she has caused.

Cool Down- Steve x Reader(f)   Chapter 9

Authors Notes: So, I wrote this a little while ago and I’m really nervous for y’all to read it. It gets really steamy in this one. But a quick reminder that I don’t write smut so that won’t be in here. But this is as close to smut as I’ll get.

Notes/ Warnings: Fluff, biting, steamy-not-smut-but-really-close-steam, tears, bad memories, mentions of being shot, kissing

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You closed the door behind your parents after watching them disappear down the gravel driveway. It was late and it took three hours for all of the guest, caterers and cleaning staff to finish up and go home. And, now finally, at 12:46 am, your parents had left for the airport. You dragged yourself into the kitchen and sat down on one of the bar stools and sighed into your hands.

 A strong pair of hands gripped your bare shoulders from behind and you sighed again but with a smile, knowing there was only one other person in the house. Thank goodness Tessa chose a strapless dress for you. Steve massaged your shoulders and upper back and you reveled in the brief contact he had with your bare skin.

 Steve’s lips kissed the crook of your neck and he hugged your waist. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

 You chuckled and leaned your head back on his shoulder. “That’s cause I’ve got you.”

 “Nah,” He kissed your cheek. “You’ve always been like this.”

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our relationship changed like the four seasons. we started out like summer, free and exhilarating. there was so much we wanted to do and so little time in the day to do them. then we were like autumn, picking apart pieces of each other. while we opened up to each other more, we also began to wither. soon enough, we were like winter, frozen and ice cold. we ignored one another and gave each other the cold shoulder. now we’re like spring, april showers flooding my pillow as you left. there is no more us and i can’t seem to stop the tears from soaking my bed at night.
Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 2

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.3k


Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3

When Jughead saw her walking through the door at Pop’s the next day he was torn between two opposite feelings: utter annoyance at being once again disturbed in his writing, and eagerness to share another conversation with this girl whose ability to use sarcasm as a means of communication matched his. It was a surprise to have her walked straight to his booth and sit down like they were old friends and not merely acquaintances who met the day before.

The truth was, he kind of hoped this would happen – it was a lonely life that of writer and High School outcast. Jughead wasn’t going to deny himself a little company a few hours a day if he could, especially since his best friend bailed on him the day they planned their road trip and hasn’t really spoken to him much since then. Can you feel the bitterness?

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good luck with the blog;)) anywayss - can i request for a seventeen reaction when their ex who is an idol(svt members cheated on them) makes eye contact with them while performing and then they start tearing up? is this like weird HAHA thanks!

Hi, thanks so much for sending in a request. We have both been working on these reactions so the writing style for each reaction would be a little different. We really hope you like what we’ve written and feel free to send in more requests! We would love to see more ^^

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S.coups- He would immediately notice you in the crowd, and when he sees that you are tearing up. The memories of him cheating on you will flash back, he would look at you and question himself about why he even thought about cheating on such a beautiful human being. He would regret the decision and when he sees that you are still looking at him he will smile at you with tears in his eyes too as a sign of apology.

Originally posted by jihoon

Jeonghan- He will be in complete shock to see you standing there in the crowd. He would try to avoid eye contact with you as he is embarrassed for what he did in the past, but when he sees that you had tears in your eyes he would feel even worse and maybe he would turn really quiet after that because he’s ashamed of himself for hurting you so badly.

Originally posted by svt17-carat

Joshua - You’re in the front row it would be near impossible not to see you but somehow josh didn’t immediately see you. You notice how discreetly how Vernon points you out in the crowd. When you both make eye contact your eyes begin to well up while his is filled with regret. A tears falls down staining your cheek, at that moment you could see how his expression shows how he’s disgusted in his actions, he couldn’t believe he hurt you, he couldn’t believe what he had done but it still does not change the reality of what he’s done to you.

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Jun - when he’s on that stage he’s completely immersed in the dance but suddenly you catch his eye. He immediately stops and stares at you with his mouth wide open remembering how badly he hurt you. He notices the tears in your eyes and he’s frozen. The other members try to subtly get his attention but he’s lost, lost in the memories of the when you were both happy and how he completely ruined it in a moment of weakness.

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Hoshi- When Hoshi performs he’s a total different person. You know him too well… he is fearless to show himself off on the stage but the moment he catches a glimpse of you, he would definitely pause. He would just stand there… speechless and not knowing how to react. He sees you with tears in your eyes and will immediately remembers all the bad things he’s said and done to you. The memories will strike him and he will just stand there in the middle of the stage not knowing how to react.

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Wonwoo - He notices you immediately, he sees the tears streaming down your face but he shows no regret for what he’s done. Even though he’s breaking inside at the thought of what he’s done to you, his face is straight with a cold look in his eyes. You run out of the concert as you can’t stand to see the person you loved more than anything feel nothing for you.

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Woozi- When he notices you, he would be in the middle of performing his solo song simple. He would see you standing there in the front row and he would close his eyes to avoid himself from breaking down. The things he did to you in the past still cuts him deeply, he has never forgiven himself for what he did even until this moment. After he performs he would kneel on the stage, others would not know why he was doing so but in your heart, you know the reason clearly.

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DK - He would notice you the second he steps on that stage. He could pick you in a crowd of millions. He loves you so much that even he can’t believe what he’s done to you. He can’t believe that he could do that to his soulmate. The moment he notices tears in your eyes his heart shatters at the thought of all the pain he’s given you. As a way of apologising he would always sing facing your direction to let you know that you are still in his heart and that he’s very sorry for what he has done.

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Mingyu- Mingyu is usually very cheerful on the stage, he would be bouncing around and jumping all over the place. He would also often come near the edges of the stage to get closer to the fans and he just happened to be around where you are standing. You would stand there and just waiting for him to notice you, when he does you close your eyes to prevent the tears from falling. All the bad memories, the hurtful memories still seemed clear, although you have tried your hardest to let it go but seeing Mingyu again reminds you how much it hurts. He would just be a frozen statue when he sees you and would not be able to move until the other members comes to get him.

Originally posted by seniyaa

The8- The8 would be very nervous to perform on the stage by himself as he is usually with his performance team members, so he looks around the crowd to remind himself to not stress too much because everyone here loves him dearly. When he looks around he catches your eye and he immediately steps back. He still doesn’t know how to face you for the pain he has put you through, he would hesitate to step on the stage as he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable and he would just walk off slowly and tell his members he is not feeling too well but when he turns around to see you still looking at him with tears in your eyes, he would gain the courage again to prove that even after you left… he is still trying very hard to live upto his mistakes.

Originally posted by hanwooz

Seungkwan - You’re the first person he sees when he steps out of that stage. He sees the tears immediately and all the memories flood in of the time he admitted to cheating on you. He remembers everything he said and everything you said as if it was yesterday. He jumps into the crowd and grabs you immediately. You begin to cry but not because he cheated because he came to you. He came to you and apologised. In front of thousands he cried and begged for your forgiveness. The rest of the boys jump into the crowd to help you and Seungkwan get backstage so you both can talk about your feelings.

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog

Vernon - The moment he notices you he stares into your wet eyes with his puppy dog look you can see the regret in his eyes but what he’s done to you is so painful. His face is so cute that you start to cry more, you try control yourself but you can’t. You run out of the concert with tears flooding from your eyes. Suddenly you notice a familiar voice behind you. It’s Vernon. He left his concert just to be with you. He immediately grabs you into his chest saying “I’m so sorry for hurting you, I don’t know how I could ever do that you. I can’t believe I did this. I love you so much Y/N please forgive me.”

Originally posted by performanceunit

Dino - He’s the youngest member which does cause him to have low self esteem and confidence but you were always there encouraging him. He was honest with you about the cheating but he hated the fact that you didn’t forgive and take him back. He notices you in the crowd immediately and begins to cry because he knows that you were the best thing that’s ever happened to him but because of his immaturity he’s ruined it for himself. When he sees the tears run down your cheeks he falls to his knees crying, this causes the Jeonghan to go and comfort him immediately while the other boys try to continue the song.

Admin Mi & Sunshine

MAJIM One Shots - The Multiverse Theory

A one-shot based on @majimforever’s short fiction. To all the Majim shippers - our ship’s not dead.

“So I just got off the phone and the flowers are all okay now, just had a last minute issue with the suppliers but they got that all straightened out,” says Melissa.

Jim was staring out the window of his New York apartment, deep in thought. He didn’t hear a word that his bestfriend just said. He was still unsure about telling Mayim of his important announcement. This is a big deal for the both of them and he knows telling her will not be easy.

“… and then Beth finally confirmed that they’re coming so I can close the final guest list unless you have some last minute changes?” She looks up from her iPad and realized that Jim wasn’t even listening. She walked to where he was and looked out the streets of Gramercy Park.

Jim notices and looks at her with furrowed brows when he was met with her raised eyebrows. “What?” he asks.

“Your mind’s not even here. I was asking about the guest list. Anyone else you want to add?” she asks him.

He looks down on his phone. He pushes the power button to check on the time. She should be in Manhattan by now…

“Yeah… let me just make a few phone calls and I’ll get back with you.” he answers.

“Alright, well I’m heading out for lunch with Ken. Want to go or do you want to wait for Todd?”

“I think I’ll stay in. Thank you, though.” says Jim.

With a hug from Melissa, he was finally alone in his apartment. He went to their study and sat behind his desk. Looking at his phone again, he noticed a notification. Mayim was live on Instagram. He quickly opened the app to to watch.

A smile quickly brightened up his features. She looked radiant - her dress makes her look like an angel. She was telling people how much makeup she had on and he couldn’t help but frown at her dismissal of her fans’ compliments. Without realizing it, he started to type the words, ‘You look very very pretty’ and posted the comment.

He blinks once, twice, a few more times when he realized what he just posted. He waited for her to notice, but with the constant comments coming in, she never did. The live video ended and he placed his phone on the study table. “She looks like she’s having a nice day…”

Even when he said the words, he knows that he wants her there. How he wished Melissa never told him about Mayim’s feelings. Granted, their co-star only revealed it accidentally, but still - he wished he didn’t know.

He decided to call her later that night. When the day is done. She still has a lot on her plate for him to interrupt her thoughts.

Mayim just started getting comfortable in her hotel bed when her phone rang. Reaching for it, he noticed who was calling and smiled.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to call me since I got here,” she rushes answering the call.

“Hey. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy too. How are you?”

“ A little tired, but I’m having so much fun, so that balances it quite nicely. And you?”

“I’m doing great. Thank you…” Silence followed his words. He needs to tell her.

“So when are we having dinner? I can only do evenings this week since I still have a few guestings.”

“Yeah… I don’t think that’s possible anytime soon. Listen, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay, go ahead.” She tried to play it cool even though she felt like her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Which was irrational since she had no idea what this was about. But the tone of his voice…

The silence that followed was defeaning. Mayim broke it by asking him what’s going on.

“I’m getting married this Saturday. Todd and I are getting married.” Jim said, point-blank.

Mayim was shocked. Her mouth was agape and for a second she didn’t know how to respond. She quickly recovers and managed to get a few words out. “Co- congratulations! Oh my goodness, that’s - that’s great news! When? How did this -”

“We just - I just decided after we filmed the finale. I wanted to keep it from Todd till everything was sorted out and when I told him, he was so happy and I was happy and… This just feels right. He deserves this.” Jim explains, interrupting her.

She was trying to blink back the tears and keep her voice from sounding like she was choking. “That’s great. Again, congratulations,” was all that she could say.

“Will you be there? We would greatly appreciate it.”

“Of course. Yeah… Jim, I should go. I think Heather wants to discuss something about tomorrow’s schedule,” she lies.



“Okay. I’ll send you an email about the details. Good night.” Jim disconnects the call.

He knows… Of course he knew. Was it that obvious? But why was he so hesitant to tell her? Was he being considerate of my feelings or… She shakes her head. She’s not going to that place. She’s been burned one, too many times. He obviously doesn’t share the same feelings. Otherwise he wouldn’t be marrying another person. She laid her head on the pillow and turned off the light. The bustling traffic is muffled and the city lights glimmer through the window of her room. In the city that never sleeps, a sad soul was lulled into unconsciousness by her tears.

The venue looked incredible - no doubt a work of Jim’s friend. The flowers and the arch under which the couple will stand under in a few minutes was the best one she’s seen. Out of all the weddings she’s been to, that certainly made the number one spot.

Mayim didn’t know how she managed to even get up at all, today. While this event will probably change a lot between him and Jim, she couldn’t be any happier that her friends are finally taking this step. It’s been a long time coming and if she were being honest, she knew that it was only a matter of time. Like all other times, she needs to and will be there to support Jim and Todd.

“Mayim!” A familiar voice came from somewhere in the crowd and she looks in time to see Simon walking towards her.

“Simon! Hi,” exchanging a hug and peck on the lips, Simon and Mayim quickly jumped into discussion about the wedding and her book tour. Shortly after, the guests were ushered in to the room for the wedding.

The music played, signalling the start of the procession of the grooms. When Jim came in, Mayim couldn’t help but admire how handsome he looked - how radiant his face was. Happiness. It was etched on his face. Her eyes moistened and took a deep breath. When he was about to pass by their row, Jim caught her eyes and he nodded with a solemn smile. She did too. She will not let her own feelings ruin this for her or for Jim. This was a special day, for a very special person in her life.

The ceremony went by, the reception program commenced - everything about the wedding was beautiful. The couple looked every bit as happy as all newlyweds should. From her table, Mayim was watching Jim dance with his sister. They were whispering and making each other laugh.

The evening went by quickly and before everyone knew, it was coming to a close. Jim hasn’t seen a Mayim all night and wanted to thank her for coming - that and he wanted to see how she was. He looked around and saw her exiting the room.

“Excuse me for a moment,” he tells Todd and a few other guests.

Jim made his way through the crowd and dodged a few well-wishers to follow Mayim out in the balcony. When he was finally outside, he spotted her at the very end of the walkway. She was just admiring the view with one drink in her hand. He makes his way towards her and she looks up to see him, looking at her with a blank expression. They stood side-by-side, looking at the New York skyline, not saying a word for a while.

“Lovely wedding. Everything was beautiful about today. Including you and Todd. You both look great,” she says, looking up at him. He, in return, looks down and gives her a smile.

“Thank you. And really, thank you so much for being here today.” Jim tells her.

“Of course. I’m really happy for you. You both are dear friends of mine. I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” she responds with teary eyes.

“Mayim, I - ” he starts. He wanted to tell her so much, but he cuts him off.

“I just need to know one thing. How long have you known?” Mayim asks.

Jim looks at her. She was back to admiring the lights in front of her. He knows what she means. He knows what she was asking. He may have found out by accident, but she deserves to know.“

"A couple of year,” Jim tells her.

She nodded. The tears she was trying to hold back just rolled down her cheeks and Jim hugs her. She allowed the tears to fall down - to let it all out. They were silent tears and it broke Jim’s heart to see her like this. She may be tough most of the time, but there are times when even the strongest, let their guards down. He just never imagined he’d be the cause of her pain.

“You know I feel like I need to apologize to every host or media correspondent who asked me if I ever learned any Physics. I lied. There’s one that actually stuck with me,” Jim says, rubbing her arms, while his head rests on hers.

“What’s that?”

“That theory about multiple universe existing along with this one that we’re living in.”

“Why do you think it stuck with you?” she asks, dabbing her eyes with a napkin.

He looks away, up at the sky and back at her before answering. “Because I believe that a universe exists where we are together - in that universe, I am yours and none of these complications exist,” looking away, he writes Mayim on the glass panel in front of them. “In all other lifetimes, in any other world where there’s you and me - we belong together.” As he said those words, tears fell from his eyes.

They held each other for a little while longer. They knew they would have to come back inside to face their friends and for Mayim to congratulate Todd too. But they stayed in that moment for as long as they could. One last time before they come back to reality, one last hug filled with honesty before they embrace what this universe they’re in, holds for them.

At least they both believe that somewhere, out there, a place where they can be more than just friends, exist. That was enough for Mayim.


AN: one shot based off of these gifs… Pete Dunne/OC (I’m not the best writer but why not)

Sarah looked down at the pregnancy test again and shook her head no she couldn’t be pregnant. Her and Pete took every step in the damn book made sure she was on the pill and he wrapped it up with 3 condoms just to make sure and she was still pregnant. Pete was in the U.K now for the championship tournament so she had a little bit more time to prepare to tell him if she kept the baby. Don’t get her wrong she wanted to keep the baby and didn’t believe in abortion but she also knows that Pete is at the peak of his career and a baby was not apart of the plan.

The next two weeks was hell for Sarah between throwing up, being tired all the damn time and other symptoms that went along with being pregnant. It was about time for Pete to come home and she was not prepared for the conversation.  She was in the kitchen making a cup of peppermint tea when she heard the door open and close and knew Pete was home she would have liked a lil bit more time but she digressed. She walked into the living room and smiled seeing her boyfriend who looked tired from the way his body sagged.

“You can go upstairs and go sleep. I wake you up when I have made dinner.” Pete turned around his face which is usually in a snarl smiled well not really smiled but smirked since Pete don’t smile. His blue eyes was bright as he looked at his girlfriend how he land a gorgeous woman like her is beyond him but he was grateful.

“You are a sight for sore eyes.” He walked over to her his 5′10 frame towering over her 5′3 frame blue eyes meeting green eyes and Sarah knew she had to tell him.

“I’m pregnant Pete.”

Pete looked confused as he backed up mouthing what trying to put 2 and 2 together.

“How? We used every step in the book?”

“I’m just as confused as you are. I wanted to tell you first before I made my decision.

“And what was your decision?”

“I was either going to have an abortion or break up with you and raise the child on my own.”

Pete walked over to his girlfriend and put his hands on her waist smiling like actually smiling and it scared Sarah.

“No need to have an abortion and no need to break up with me and raise our baby by yourself. I’m in this for the long haul plus it be kind of shitty of me not to help raise the young lad to be a gentleman and a future bruiserweight like me.”

“Are you sure you want to stay? Your career is about to sky rocket and you don’t need no baggage.” Pete smirked his famous smirked that went after that damn snarl he always did.

“You nor our son is baggage. Matter of fact gives me a bigger reason to want to hurt people and gives me a bigger reason to do this.”
Separating from his girlfriend he took a deep breath before going in his pocket revealing a velvet square box and getting down on one knee.
“We been best friends since grade school and my mom and dad knew when I introduced you but it took me a little bit longer. I’m glad I asked you out our first year of college and you accepted because dating them other girls was a going to be headache. Been with me through hell with me and I want you go through more hell with me. So Sarah do me a favor and be Mrs. Bruiserweight?”

Sarah eyes filled with tears for Pete to be an ass 99.9% of the time he sure knew how be a sweetheart that 1% that made her love him even more. Grabbing Pete by the lapels of his coat he stood up and looked nervously as he waited for her answer.

“Pete you blue eyed asshole I love you and I would love to marry you but your not teaching our child how to joint manipulate, beat people up for no reason, snarl, or anything else.”

Pete’s face broke out in a big smile and he hurriedly took the engagement ring out the box and placed it on her finger. He lifted her up and twirled her around his blue eyes filling up with tears as he slowly put her on her feet smiling down at her.

“I have my own little bruiserweight family.” Pete placed his hands on her stomach and knelt down on his knees placing his head on her stomach while Sarah smiled down at him and ran her fingers through his hair.

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amajiki & mirio (separate) reacting to their heavily injured s/o saying "you know, I really do appreciate you and I'm grateful that you're by my side" when they saw how worried they made the boys. They ended up passing out afterwards. I really really love your writing.

Amajiki Tamaki

Amajiki thought that was your way of saying goodbye to him and that scared him so much that he starts to panic because he doesn’t want to lose someone that’s so special to him. Tears begin to well up in his eyes and he gently shakes you before you start to lose all consciousness, reassuring you that you’re going to be alright and that he’s got you and a medical team is on their way, so please just hang in there for a little while longer. He starts to cry and it’s the ugly kind of crying when he sees that you finally pass out and you’re no longer able to respond to him. When he sees recovery girl he feels so relieved because that means you’re really going to be okay now, and even though you can’t hear him he informs you of what’s happening. He doesn’t leave your side and holds your hand as they carry you to the ambulance and takes you to the hospital to receive treatment. 

Mirio Togata

When Mirio catches sight of your critical condition his face falls flat and he’s not smiling anymore. He squeezes your hand a little too hard for your liking but you don’t seem to mind it because you know that he’s scared and probably blaming himself that you’re hurt so badly. It takes almost all of your strength to utter those words to him and he only tells you that it’s best you try not to talk and that you should save your energy instead. He tries to convince himself that you’re going to make it out alive even when the situation says otherwise with all the blood that’s oozing out of your body. But once the medical team arrives at the scene he feels like he can exhale again because he knows you’re going to be in good hands now and that you’re going to be okay. 

((Oh! I love it. Enjoy, my dears. /)u(\))

It wasn’t easy this new life of his, before he had met you he would sleep without his mask on. The disdain he felt when he looked in the mirror, he barely looked human anymore. His skin that was once beautifully dark and never burned in the sun was sickly, he looked like a corpse. His face was scarred up even worse than when he was Gabriel Reyes, his eyes… Well they looked like they belonged to the grim reaper himself. Dark blood red, black mist oozing out of his eyes and nose; his teeth were now unusually sharp, it had been hard adjusting to this especially since you came into his life. He always feared he would bite down too hard or cut your tongue when you kissed, you were such a fragile thing compared to him… A pure being next to what many called a monster, a demon.

You never saw that though, how you came into his life was nothing short of amazing. He saved you from some creep who was planning to do unspeakable things to you, and kill you once he was done. Gabriel may not be a “hero”, but he didn’t like seeing weaker people being taken advantage of. You called him your ‘savior’. It was annoying at first since you two would always bump into each other, but soon the Latino man found he deeply cared about you. The first hint is when he saw you with another, he couldn’t help but spy on your date, and once your date expected more than you were willing to give…. Let’s just say it didn’t end well for them.

He’d always tell you, “Listen, I am not your hero. I am the monster that hides under your bed. “You never believed that for a second, Gabriel was hurt and while he did do bad things… There was a man under that scary owl-like mask, a man who was lonely, and hurt.  A man that needed love desperately and you knew that you were the right person for the job the instant Gabriel saved you.

You’d been with Gabriel for almost a year now and you never got to see his face, you could sense it was a sore subject. Still though, Gabriel didn’t understand how much you loved him. Truthfully you could care less what he looked like; you just wanted to be able to stare in the eyes of your heart and soul whenever you kissed. You needed to look at him in the light when you made love; you were tired of him turning off the lights so you couldn’t even see his gorgeous scarred body. You tried your best to assure him and respect his boundaries, but you needed to know what his eyes looked like when he looked at you… Even if it was just for a minute!

It was then when Gabriel walked in your apartment he decidedly had taken over that you set your plan into motion. This wasn’t your first attempt; you thought he might take his mask off if you cooked for him… Turns out he was rather skilled at eating with a mask on, which made you pout like a child for the next few hours.

“Gabriel? Could you come here for a moment? “You called out from the other room, sneaking into a closet; he’d never expect this sneak attack even if he was a professional.

Gabriel Reyes slipped off his boots, jacket, and gloves. He knew you hated it when he got dirt on the carpet or scratched up the furniture, especially when you said he was worse than your damn menace of a cat who always seemed to cock-block the both of you. Cracking his back, he set off to find his significant other. “(Y/N)? Where the fuck did you go? I’m not in the mood for hide and go seek today, mi amor loco.” He groaned out in minor annoyance. He passed a slightly ajar closet on his way to your bedroom; he didn’t think much of it until suddenly he was pulled backwards and his mask carefully torn off. His first and natural instinct was to grab his gun to kill the bastard who thought they could de-mask him, probably some scumbag hoping to give away his identity to the highest bidder.

“Gabriel, don’t! It’s me. “A familiar voice yelled out, fuck. He slumped downwards once his love let go of him, equally pissed, upset, and afraid. They would leave now; he could already hear their screams of horror as they would call the local authorities to remove a ‘monster’ from their cozy little apartment.

“Mi amor… Why?” He questioned simply, he felt betrayed almost by this.

“I… I wanted to look in your eyes, just once! I just wanted to see all of you… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. You must think I’m selfish and horrible, Gabriel.” You whimpered out, seeing the look of distrust on Gabriel’s inhuman face. Tears poured from your eyes as you practically dove into his arms, holding him tightly. “Please, please forgive me. “ You pleaded endlessly, hoping Gabriel didn’t hate you.

“You’re not… Screaming, or running away. Why are you crying? Am I really that terrifying? Look, you don’t have to hug me to attempt to appease me. “He commented, rather confused by all of this. Slowly he wrapped his arms around you; he hated seeing your lovely (E/C) eyes cry. While he still felt betrayed and mad, he couldn’t hate you even if he wanted to.

“Why on earth would I run away?” You sniffled, curling into the large man.

“Because of what is behind the mask. I told you from day one, I am a monster. Haven’t you listened? That’s why I never wanted you to see… this. “He motioned to his face.

“Gabriel… You aren’t terrifying, and while you’re no saint; you certainly aren’t a monster of any type. You are as beautiful as I thought you’d be. Can’t you see? I never would’ve cared about your the mist, the scars, or any of that… I just care about you. I love you. Every inch, every imperfection, you cannot begin to see what I do whenever I look at you. “That was all it took for Gabriel to cup your face, slowly he wiped away your tears.

“ No more crying, it’ll take time for me to feel comfortable without my mask… but I am willing to take it off at least for a little while. I am still mad, but you can make it up to me later, mi amor. I love you too. “He stole a kiss from you before you could even reply, he lifted you up bridal style, deciding it was best if you two laid down for a while.

Let Me Sign *requested*

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Depressing. I even teared up a little while writing this lol don’t judge me.

Words: 1,300

“Daryl? Where are you going?” You asked running over to him. You saw him attach a gun to his bike and mount it in a hurry. “I gotta go, there’s somethin’ I need to do.” Daryl answered in a low voice. “Is this about Denise?” You asked and he didn’t didn’t answer. You wiped the bangs out of his eyes. “I know you cared about her, we all did and we will figure this out as a team. You can’t leave without a plan.” You pleaded. “Nah, I gotta do this on my own.” Daryl said shaking his head and starting up his bike. “Please, don’t do this..” Your voice cracked, making him face you again. “I love you.” He said softly. He cupped your face and kissed you with such passion that your heart clenched in your chest. He pulled back after a few moments and looked at you as if he was memorizing every part of your face. That kiss felt a goodbye.

Before you new it Daryl took off without another word. “Don’t go! I love you! Daryl!” He heard your voice fade, as he sped up faster and faster. He knew if he looked back he wouldn’t be able to leave you. Your knees went weak and you felt like you were going to collapse. “He’ll come back, he always does.” Maggie said, putting her hand on your back. “Come on, come home with me until he gets back.” She told you with a small smile, taking your hand.


“I just wish he would’ve let me know that he was going to leave in advance. He was about to go without even telling me.. If I didn’t say anything, he would have left.” You said, holding a cup of tea in your hands. “I know, he should have told you and he should have waited until we figured this out. But that’s just the way Daryl is.” Maggie said and you slowly nodded.

Suddenly Maggie fell to the floor, holding her stomach, screaming out in agony. “Maggie?! Are you ok?!” You said rushing over to her. “I think somethings wrong with the baby.” She said breathing heavily. “We need to get you to the Hilltop right now.” You said worriedly. “Can you stand up?” You asked and Maggie shook her head. “Don’t move I’m going to get Rick.” You told her and ran as fast as you could towards Ricks house. You saw him talking to Gabriel and quickly interrupted their conversation. “It’s Maggie, she’s in a lot of pain. She thinks there might be a problem with the baby.” You told Rick and he immediately followed you back to her. When you entered the house you saw Maggie still on the floor lying on her side, taking shallow breaths.

Once Maggie and all the others were settled in the RV you put a blanket over Maggie and held her hand securely in yours. “You’re going to be ok and so is the baby.” You told her, even though you didn’t fully believe your own words. Every once in a while Rick turned around in his seat checking on her. “Make sure you keep her awake. Keep talking to her.” Rick instructed you.


The group was driving around for what felt like hours, trying to get to the Hilltop. The Saviors seemed to be on every roadway, stopping the RV and making it impossible to get by. The amount of Saviors grew larger and larger. “They have all the roads blocked that lead to Hilltop.” Rick said, stopping the RV. “We could try carrying her there. She needs help now.” You said and Rick nodded. Eugene ended up taking the RV in order to throw the Saviors off guard, while the rest of the group walked, carrying Maggie on a small stretcher.

“We can do this. It’s only another mile away.” Rick said encouraging everyone to keep moving. Your arms felt like noodles as you held up your corner of the stretcher with everything you had. “Is that whistling?” You thought to yourself, before you were enveloped by a huge group of Saviors. “On your knees. Now!” A man commanded the group. Once you were on your knees you noticed Daryl kneeling across from you. He was white as a sheet, with blood seeping through his shirt. Your eyes stayed locked on each other, until you heard a voice say.. “Hi, I’m Negan.”


“I’ve got an idea.” Negan said chuckling, pointing his bat at each one of you. “Eenie meenie miney mo catch a tiger by his toe. If he hollers.. let him go. My mother told me to pick the very best one and you are it.” Negan said standing in front of Abraham. Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father, and then we’ll start.

You can breathe.

You can blink.

You can cry.

Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.” Negan said with a grin on his face. He swung his bat and hit Abraham with a huge amount of force. “Oh! Look at that! Taking it like a champ!” Negan said. All you heard was thuds and echoes of the bat making contact. Swarms of screams and sobs filled your ears, your vision went blurry. “You guys, look at my dirty girl! Sweetheart Lay your eyes on this.” Negan told Rosita. “Were you.. Were you together? That sucks. But if you were, you should know there was a reason for all this. Red.. and hell, he was, is, and will ever be red.

He just took one or six or seven for the team! So take a damn look!” Negan yelled in her face.

Daryl had enough, quickly standing up and punching Negan across the face. Hard. His men grabbed Daryl and pushed him to the floor and tears fell freely from your eyes now. “Please.. No god.. please don’t take him.. please don’t take him..” You whispered. There was only one word to describe what you were feeling right now and that was numb. “That? Oh, my! That is a no-no. The whole thing, not one bit of that shit flies here.” Negan said angrily. “Do you want me to do it? Right here.” One of his men asked, holding Daryl down. “No.” Negan answered. “No, you don’t kill them not until you try a little. And anyway that’s not how it works. Now, I already told you people, first one’s free, then - what’d I say? I said I would shut that shit down! No exceptions. Now, I don’t know what kind of lying assholes you’ve been dealing with but I’m a man of my word. First impressions are important. I need you to know me.

So back to it.”

Negan swung at your head as hard as he could. You fell backwards and started to lean up again. “No! (Y/N)! No!” Daryl sobbed, trying to get out of the strong grasp. You tasted blood in your mouth, but didn’t feel any pain. You tried to say something, but you were gurgling over your words. “It seems like you’re trying to speak, but you just took a hell of a hit.” Negan said surprised.

“Daryl, I’ll find you.” You barely managed to get out. “Oh..Oh, hell. I can see this is hard on you guys.” Negan said looking around, seeing everyone cry and shake. “I am sorry. I truly am. But I did say it.. No exceptions!” Negan shouted and continued to hit you over and over. “I’m just getting started.” Negan growled as he kept smashing his bat into you.


“You could of prevented it, another person didn’t need to get hurt, she’s dead all because of you.” Negan whispered into Daryl’s ear as he continued to sob, screaming your name. “Just let that sink in.”

Standing there by a broken tree
Her hands are all twisted, she was pointing at me
I was damned by the light, coming out of her eyes
She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky
She said walk on over here to the bitter shade
I will wrap you in my arms and you’ll know that you’re saved
Let me sign
Let me sign

I was out for a drink in a soho bar
The air was smoked out liked a cheap cigar
She rose out of her seat like a painted ghost
She was the woman that I wanted the most
As she reached for my arm I gave her my hand
I said ‘Lay me down easy let me understand’
Let me sign,
Let sign,
Can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.

As I walked through the door she was still in my head
As I entered the room she was laid there in bed
She reached out for me all twisted in black
I was on my way down, never coming back
Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.
Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Please comment & let me know if you liked it!

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To fill your time while working... could you do a headcanon or imagine of the readers' honeymoon with Carisi? Thank you for writing for us!!

I am so sorry this took me so long to get to! I hope you like it. Not gonna lie I teared up a little writing this.

“Um excuse me aren’t you forgetting something?”

You were still standing in the doorway to the small house. No longer in your wedding dress, you had changed into a simple blue dress for the flight since he wouldn’t tell you where you were going. You looked at your husband with the biggest grin on your face. The smile that seemed to permanently be etched on your face since the moment you were able to say that word. Husband. He was yours, all yours, and you were his.

 He turned towards you and gave you a look. A look that made you feel like you invented the sun. He walked over to you and leaned down to whisper in your ear “I didn’t forget doll”

He kissed you as he scooped you up into his arms and you giggled profusely. He carried you into the house you had rented on the beach. When you’d arrived you thought this was surely all a dream. You were in the most beautiful place with the most amazing man and he loved you and you loved him. If it was a dream, you never wanted to wake up.

Sonny set you down once you were in the bedroom and suddenly you were nervous. He seemed to sense that and pulled you to him and kissed your forehead. “I love you so much Y/N. We can do whatever you want at your pace.”

You had made the decision a long time ago to wait to have sex until you were married. While this was difficult at some points, Sonny had always respected your decision. To tell the truth, you thought he got something out of knowing that he would be the only man to ever get to know the intimate details of your body. You were his and only his.

You snuggled closer to him. Looking up into his eyes he leaned down and caught your lips with his. “How did I get so lucky to wind up with such a wonderful man like you Dominick Carisi Jr?”

“I’m the lucky one Mrs. Dominick Carisi Jr.”

“Mmmm Say that again.” You were glad he was holding you so tight because you would have melted to the floor otherwise.

“Mrs. Dominick. Carisi. Jr.” Between each word he kissed you. First on your forehead, then your nose, then your lips, then your neck. His hand went to the straps on your dress waiting for your okay. Then sliding them off your shoulders and letting your dress fall to the floor. His hands roamed over your body as he continued to kiss every inch of you that he could.

“I will never get tired of hearing that.” You said reaching to slide off his jacket and loosen his tie. It wasn’t rushed. There was no pressure. Not from him. Not ever from him. It was slow and intimate and full of an overwhelming love that made you giddy, want to be sick and faint all at the same time. 

Once you were out of your dress and had removed the top half of his attire he stepped back to look at the wedding lingerie set you had bought especially for this night. His eyes swept over you and he lifted you up again as he had to bring you through the door and laid you on the bed. He hovered over you and peppered you with kisses. He moved to the side and removed his slacks and looked at you seriously.

“We don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for or not comfortable with Y/N. It’s been a long day so if you just want to sleep tonight that would be completely alright. Just having you finally mine is enough.”

You looked at him and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him in for a deep, passionate kiss. “I’m done waiting Dom. I am all yours. I have always been yours. From the moment I saw you with that ridiculous mustache walking into my bakery.”

“Are you sure?”

 “About the ridiculous mustache? Oh most definitely.” You giggled and kissed him again. “I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I married you. I want you. Now and forever. For the rest of my life. I love you Sonny Carisi. And I want you and only you.”

“And I love you Y/N Carisi. Always. Even if you do hate on my stylish ‘stache”

“Just shut up and kiss me you goof.”

The next morning you woke up with Sonny’s arms wrapped around you and smiled at the memory of your first night together. This was your life now. You looked at your still sleeping husband and thought about the night you had. It was everything you’d hoped it would be. He was sweet and slow and gentle but rough and dominant. He held you tight to him and told you over and over how much he loved you. 

You looked at the ring on your finger and back at your husband before running your hand through his ungelled hair.

“Good morning, Mr. Carisi.” He slowly opened his sleepy eyes. Could you love this man anymore? He pulled you in closer to him and kissed your forehead.

“Good morning, Mrs. Carisi.” This was real. This man was yours and you were his.

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How would Gaara take care of his S/O who is on her period?

This is good timing as (tmi) i’m about to start my period. Gaara is such a sweet little muffin i love writing for him so much. Hope you enjoy. xx

- so because Gaara is the Kazekage and all, he wouldn’t be able to stay home and cuddle s/o which he wouldn’t be that upset about because honestly Gaara doesn’t really know how to handle a hormonal woman

- The first time he saw his s/o while they were on their period was a whole other experience for him. He didn’t understand why they sobbed because they had seen a snake catch a mouse or why they started tearing up as the grocer handed them the bag of fruit but he was very very confused (his reaction was probably similar to that in the gif which I think is hilarious)

- he’s not stupid though. He understands what’s happening and why, he just doesn’t know how to handle it because he can’t physically change biology

- because he wouldn’t be able to be with them, he would want to make sure that they had everything that they might need; supplies, tissues, snacks, a heating pad, etc. so he would probably stop by the shops before their period started if he had time 

- if he didn’t have time or was away he would turn to Temari because she would understand way better than he ever could. He would tell her s/o’s favourite snacks and what brand of pads or tampons they like and he would ask her to get some flowers with a note saying that he loved them and would be home with them as soon as he could

- when he is actually with them though he’s a bit hesitant to do much. The poor guy is nervous to even watch a film because lord knows if they might start crying again and he just really hates to see them so emotional because he knows there’s not much he can do to make it better

- if they were having cramps he would make sure the heating pad would be to their liking and would constantly make them drink water to keep hydrated 

- if they were really bad like to the point of crying he would probably cuddle them and try and soothe them by running his hands through their hair or drawing patterns on their back. He might even rub their tummy if they asked but he’d be blushing so badly while doing it

- overall he would just try and be there for them with whatever they needed so that they would hopefully not burst into tears at absolutely everything. But even when they do he would comfort them and make sure they’re okay and just be the sweetest lil cinnamon roll ever

Tea Mugs & Tear Stains

A little blurb to share with y’all while I work away at HALF. Sorry it’s taking me so long to write this update, I wanna get it perfect! In the meantime I hope you like the little blurbs I set out! Xo.

* * *

You weren’t always the best at staying calm. 

You were usually pretty good at it. You had a level head and could keep your stress under control ninety-nine percent of the time.

But every once in a while, things would pile up and spin out of control. Every once in a while things would become too much to bear even for you, and that’s when the one percent came out.

You were making yourself a cup of tea to try to calm your anxiety. You weren’t a frequent tea drinker, Harry was usually the one to drink it and often remind you of all the health benefits, but tonight you needed something to bring you back down and ground yourself. Harry had been at the studio all evening and you didn’t want to bother him with your problems if there wasn’t a solid solution to them.

You grabbed ahold of the handle of the mug and were about to walk over to the couch when your hand betrayed you, trembling suddenly and causing a significant amount of tea to fall onto your wrist. Hissing quietly at the sting, your first instinct was to release, which sent the glass mug to the floor with a loud shatter.

The rest of the hot beverage was now spilled across the floor and sprinkled with shards of the broken mug, and that was the tipping point. 

You felt your tears well up in your eyes as kneeled onto the ground to try to clean, but you were suddenly overcome by a wave of stress and settled for sitting down in the kitchen tile and hugging your knees to your chest, curling up as small as you possibly could.

You had a laundry list of things that had to be done in your head, not to mention everything that had gone wrong or unlike you’d planned. Work had been hell this week and you’d been trying to fix everything but the universe really just seemed to be against you. You’d overworked yourself so much that you hadn’t had time to unwind, especially with Harry recording so much lately and spending less time at home. He was often the one to remind you to eat or to take a few minutes to yourself, so without that reminder you’d often forget to eat breakfast or work until you fell asleep at your computer. It all added up to this moment: you, sitting on the kitchen floor, eyes puffy and red as your cried quietly, sitting beside the broken glass.

“Baby, I’m home!” 

The sound of his voice breathed air into you for the first time in what seemed like forever. You couldn’t see him from where you were in the house and it took you a few moments to build up your voice enough to reply, but you finally replied, voice trembling.

“I’m in the k-kitchen,” you called out softly, your arms and legs beginning to shake. You suddenly got cold, and you weren’t even sure that Harry had heard your reply. But you then heard him enter the room, and it took a minute until he found you, huddled up within yourself behind the island.

“(Y/N)!” He called out your name, his eyes widening with unabashed concern as he rushed to you and got down on the ground beside you. He was on his knees, his hands on your shoulders as you began to shake more violently, your teeth chattering at this point. You didn’t remember it being this cold in the room fifteen minutes ago. 

“Babe, what’s wrong?” He tried to reach you again, his large palms caressing the length of your arms in an attempt to warm you up as he caught sight of the goosebumps on your skin.

“It’s so c-c-cold and I can’t stop c-crying and I don’t know why, I’m so sorry this is so stupid, I dropped and broke the mug, oh God, I’m so stupid I broke it I broke it I broke it,” you rambled quickly and almost incoherently, your voice coming out between short breaths and the tears still streaming steadily down your face.

You’d only ever had one panic attack before, and it was such a long time ago that you couldn’t even remember, but if you had to guess you’d say that this was another one. Your breathing was short and shallow and your frame didn’t stop shaking, no matter how hard you tried. Everything in your mind was piled up like a garbage dump, all the things that loomed above your head finally collapsing onto your shoulders.

“Oh, baby. Shhh, com’ere,” Harry cooed softly, and he situated himself behind you. He stretched his legs out on either side of your frame so you could lean against his chest, and he wrapped his arms tightly around you; one slipped firmly around your waist to hold you against him, and the instance your body was met with the warmth that radiated from his own, you immediately felt a bit more at peace. His other arm was wrapped around you across your chest, in a way that he could lay his palm flat over your chest where your heart resides.

“Breathe with me, love. You can do it, c’mon. Take all the time y’need,” he murmured against the shell of your ear in a tone so loving that you almost broke. Your own hands immediately grasped onto his that was resting atop of your heartbeat and you squeezed softly, your lids falling shut as you tilted your head back against his shoulder.

“Breathe in…breathe out…stay with me, my beautiful girl,” he guided you patiently, his voice never faltering in strength nor tenderness as he sat with you. You followed his instructions, matching your breathing to his words as best you could. His voice filled the room as he repeated himself over and over, and there was never a hint of impatience in his tone. There was only ever love and perhaps a little bit of worry here and there. 

Harry grounded you. He was the anchor that pulled you back together when everything fell apart. In every other aspect of your life you felt like you always had to be put together, because others depended on you. You didn’t often get anxious to this degree, and since you always looked like you had it together people just expected you to always be put together. But never Harry. He accepted you as you were, and he didn’t have any of those expectations. He was happy to just let you be and be there with you along the way.

About ten minutes later you were laying calmly in his arms with your eyes shut. You had finally stopped shivering, and you felt exhausted from all that crying. When the room was filled with nothing except for your quiet sniffles here and there, you heard his voice again. 

“How’re we doin’, princess?”

You exhaled a shaky sigh and gave his hand a squeeze, lifting it from your chest to your lips so that you could press soft kisses to each and every knuckle, including the ones that had been decorated with his signature rings. 

“Better…thank you, my love,” you whispered, your voice raspy from it all. You felt his lips pressing against the top of your head and staying there. You counted seven seconds until he pulled away and gave your frame a little squeeze.

“Mm, I’m glad…but you weren’t jus’ crying because of a broken dish, beautiful,” he prodded gently, settling his fingers beneath your chin to lift your features up so that he could get a good look at them. “Wha’s going on?”

You looked at his face for a long moment. You didn’t know what you would do without this man. This man, who despite being hard at work the entire day, dropped to his knees and held you for who knows how long. He had a knack for being there right when you needed him, and some days you could swear he was an actual angel.

“I’m…I’m just overwhelmed. I have so many things to do at work, and I’m so TIRED, I can’t remember when I got a good night’s rest…” you admitted, a bit shamefully. You didn’t want Harry to think that you couldn’t function without him, and you knew it was possible he’d feel a little but guilty that he wasn’t around as much this week.

He was silent for a few seconds, and you were about to speak again when you heard his voice.

“Why don’ we make a list, hm? You like lists, right? I see you writin’ them down all the time,” he offered as he began pressing soft kisses along the side of your neck and down your shoulder. You exhaled a happy little sigh. He was right—the first thing you always did when you were overwhelmed like this was to write down everything that was on your mind and tackle each thing one by one. It touched you that he’d payed attention enough to notice.

“That sounds like a good plan,” you said with a soft smile, the first one since you’d gotten home that day.

“Perfect. But you’re gettin’ a good couple hours o’ sleep first. No fightin’ me on it, either,” he threatened, his voice stern yet loving at the same time.

“But— ”

“No buts, (Y/N). You need your rest—I jus’ found you in pieces on the floor, for God’s sake. Not tha’ I mind holding you, but I’d rather do it without the tears,” he declared, nuzzling his nose softly against the smooth skin of your cheek. “Y’know it breaks m’heart to see you in pain…” 

You closed your eyes again and nodded, his words striking a chord with you. You knew it hurt Harry to see you in pain, maybe even more than it had hurt you.

“Alright,” you agreed.

He seemed content with your response, and gave you a final tight squeeze before unwinding himself from your frame.

“Off t’bed you go, then. I’ll get this all cleaned up,” he offered. You stood up off of the ground and turned to look at him. He had already picked himself up as well, and he looked down at you with such love and unshaken admiration that it was hard to not throw yourself at him and live in his arms the rest of your life.

“Are you coming, too?”

“Of course,” he reassured. Satisfied with his answer, you turned and headed towards the bedroom. 

About ten minutes later, when you had gotten yourself settled into bed in your (Harry’s) sweater and a pair of sweatpants, you heard him enter the room. You slowly opened your eyes and watched him as he peeled his shirt off of his torso and wiggled himself out of his jeans. You knew you were supposed to be sleeping, but you couldn’t without Harry’s warmth. So when you finally felt his body shift the mattress and his arms wind around you, you exhaled a soft sigh of relief. You heard him chuckle softly in response, his legs playfully intertwining with yours. 

“Better?” He mumbled, pressing you tight against his chest.

“Much,” you whispered, already half asleep. “I’m sorry I’m such a crying, panicky mess.”

He stayed quiet for a long time, and for a second you thought you’d said something wrong, until you felt his lips linger against the back of your shoulder, followed by a low whisper.

“If you’re gonna be a cryin’, panicky mess…well, I’ll be here t’hold you every time.”

EXO Reaction || Girlfriend Sobbing While Watching Baekhyun’s Death Scene In ‘Moon Lovers‘

I’ll skip the former exo members as it might be a little awkward for them. I’m just not sure what to write for them considering their relationship with Exo is kind of unknown


*Tears up as well, but only if it was for the same reason*
“My acting here was so good, oh boy, I know, Y/N, your boyfriend was a real man in front of the camera, you must be proud”


“Oh no, you’re watching this… sad… sad scene…”
*Sheds a single tear*


“No way you’re watching that. Crying once was enough for me”


*Sits beside you and hugs you*


*Gets emotional, like everytime someone dies in a drama*


“Ohh… It’s Baekhyunnie’s part… Hang in there Y/N, he’s not dead in real life”


*Pretty emotionless*
“He was so cringey here, don’t you think?”


“Aww, you’re so delicate and cute”


“What if I was Baekhyun… Would she cry or laugh…”


           The Haircut Part 2 (!!!Smut Warning!!!)

Barry Allen x Reader

Author: Bekah814 

(A/N): Okay so I’m a little pissed that the first one of these i did got fucking erased like i was so proud of it and its gone -cri-  so here i am re-writing through the tears.

                              ~Previously on The Haircut~

Small mewls of pleasure were coming out of your mouth as you saw Barry pulling up a chair and watching you contently while slowly stroking his long , thick , hard cock. You were thrusting your fingers in and out and rubbing your clit viciously and practically screaming Barry’s name as you were reaching your climax. All of a sudden a strong hand stopped you. “nooo” you whined as Barry chuckled and pulled your hands above your head. “I wonder what you were fantasizing about when you were fingering yourself, because you’re soaking wet babe” he said as he put your legs on his shoulders.

             “So tell me (Y/N), what were you thinking about?” He whispered huskily into your ear. “Mmm well Daddy, I was thinking about riding your face and tugging on your hair making it all messy, while you vibrate your tongue on my pussy” you purred. “luckily for you princess I can make that happen” Barry said as he sped you over to the couch and in the correct position. “Don’t pull my hair princess or i’ll be forced to punish you.” Barry said from in between your legs. “Mmm Daddy” you moaned out as he licked your pussy. “You like that?” he asked as he started to speed up. “ah , oooh yess daddy! Right there!” You practically screamed as he thrusted his vibrating tongue in and out of you pussy. You grabbed onto his hair and started grinding your hips forwards, backwards and in a circular motion, as his hands grabbed onto your ass. “Yes Daddy fucking make me cum with your tongue” you screamed just as you orgasmed. “As delicious as you taste i told you not to pull my hair princess. So now you have to be punished.” Barry said as he sat up licking your juices from around his mouth. “So come bend across daddy’s lap and let me punish you.” He said in that sultry voice that made you shiver with arousal. You quickly snapped out of your thoughts and complied with pleasure. As soon as you bent over gave your plump ass a swift smack causing you to whimper. “I told you not to pull my hair princess” smack. “But you did anyway.” smack. “Not only did you pull it” smack “you yanked it smack. With that last hit his calloused fingers rubbed over your red ass to sooth the pain he caused. “Daddy i need you to fuck me please !” you begged. “Of course princess.” he said smirking. as he got from under you and put your legs once again over his shoulders as he pumped his enlarged member and aligned it up with your entrance. He slid in nice and slow causing you both to moan out in pleasure. He wrapped one arm around your waist and the other one was on the head of the couch as he thrusted in and out of you at a fast pace. “ahh fuck ! (Y/N)! you’re so fucking tight babe.” Barry moaned out as he leaned down and peppered kisses down your neck and to your breast. “GO FASTER BARRY PLEASE!” you moaned as he slipped a nipple into his mouth and began to suck, bite and tease your breast. Your moans were out of control as he used his flash speed to go inhumanly fast. “YES! YES! YES!”  you screamed as Barry pounded into you. “fuck my tight pussy daddy! Just like that !” you exclaimed. “You like that? You like when this big dick fucks your tight little pussy?” Barry asked as he fucked you hard and fast. He knew how much you loved dirty talk so he did it as much as he could. You were on the brink of your orgasm and you could tell he was too. He gripped your hips hard while he pounded into you and you were sure it would leave marks along with the hickies on your breast. “Barry im gonna cummmmmmm!” you said reaching up and pulling on his hair. “Fuck princess I’m close too. Ughh tell daddy where you want his cum.” Barry moaned as his thrust became sloppy and faster. “Daddy i want it inside me.” You choked out as you started to squirt around Barry’s Dick. You started jerking around as you squirted. The sudden movements brought Barry the extra push he needed causing him to cum deep inside you. You moaned as you felt Barry’s hot load inside you.He continued to thrust in and out of you riding out both of your highs. With one last soft thrust he pulled his soft dick out of you and rolled over beside you. He pulled you up to his chest and kissed you passionately, when he finally released you he said  “SO (Y/N), I’ll take that as you do like my new haircut.” 

How you dare coming back? Part 4

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: the Avengers team

Words: 2395

Warning: I kind of cried while writing it… So fluff and a lot of cheesy moments

Tags: @ethereal-quiescent-meek

Request: requested by @ethereal-quiescent-meek:

“Hi could I get #16 with Tony please :)”

Note: (Y/F/N) stands for Your Full Name. And this is the last part so I hope you like it! I may have teared up a little while writing it so sorry if it’s too chesy haha

Originally posted by spangledcap

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

“I can’t believe you agreed! This is so great!” Natasha said excited.

She was helping you to get ready for your date with Tony and you swore you had never seen her so excited about anything. Meanwhile, you were just trying to control your nerves. You didn’t know what to expect from that date, you didn’t know how exactly you felt or what you wanted and, of course, you had no idea what was going on inside of Tony’s head.

“He just…he’s trying to make it up for the time we lost, I guess” you sighed and looked at her. “As friends”, you added as soon as you saw her smirk.

“Is that what you keep on telling yourself to stay calm?” She said.

“You’re a bitch” you snapped making her laugh.

“C’mon! Everyone can see that you are still head over heels for each other” she said getting up to zip your dress up. “Even Lizzie can see it and she’s just three”, she added.

“What?” You didn’t know what she meant by that. Lizzie had never said anything about you and Tony.

“She gave this to me yesterday”, Natasha said taking a folded piece of paper from her back pocket.

You looked at her for a moment before taking the paper and opened it. It was a drawing made for Lizzie, which was obvious. There was Steve, Bucky with his metal arm, Bruce with his laboratory coat, Natasha, Thor with his hammer and, at the end, there were you and Tony. You realised she had drawn you holding hands and with a big heart above your heads.

“Your daughter is not an idiot, (Y/N)”, Natasha stated taking the paper from your hands. “You look great, he’s going to be drooling all over the place as soon as he sees you”, she winked at you before leaving the room.

You looked at you reflection in the mirror once again. You were wearing Tony’s favourite dress. It was a red and white dress, mid-length that fitted your body perfectly. The last time you used it was three years ago so it surprised you that it still fit you. Looking at the clock you saw that you were almost late and you still had to tuck Lizzie in before you left. So you applied quickly some subtle make up before taking your purse and walking out of the room towards Lizzie’s.

When you were about to walk in, the door opened and Tony came out of it. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie. Biting your lip, you looked down when your eyes met.

“I…I came to tuck Lizzie in” you mumbled.

“Me too. She… is almost asleep so…” he took a step back so you could walk in. “I’ll be downstairs”, he told you when you opened the door. “You look beautiful, by the way”

You turned to look at him when he said that but he was already walking down the aisle to the elevator. A stupid smile appeared in your lips and a blush covered your cheeks as you walked in your daughter’s room.

“Mummy?” Lizzie’s voice was sleepy when you sat on her bed.

“Shhh…sleep, sweetheart”, you said stroking her hair slowly. “Mummy is going out tonight, ok? But Aunt Natasha and Uncle Stevie will be here if you need anything”, you told her.

“Are you going with dad?” She asked.

“Yes” you chuckled. “Now sleep. It’s already late. I love you”, you said kissing her temple softly.

“I love you too”, she mumbled but she was almost sleep already.

Silently, you walked out of the room and closed the door before heading to the living room where Tony would be waiting for you. As soon as you stepped out of the elevator, you stopped on your tracks when you looked around. The lights were down, candles were all around, making a path towards Tony who was waiting for you with a bucked of roses in front of the elevator. When you recognised the song playing on the background you teared up a little. “Vivo per Lei” de Andrea Bocelli. It wasn’t just your favourite song of all time, it was also your song. He remembered. Slowly, you walked towards him, feeling more nervous than ever before in front of him.

“These are for you”, he said handing you the flowers.

“Are beautiful”, you smiled at him as you took him and smelled them. “Thank you”, you said and looked around. “What’s this?” You smiled even more.

“I’m trying to make it right for once and I thought this would be a good start”, he said.

“It’s a great start”, you told him before kissing his cheek softly. “I’m going to put these in water and we can go”, you added.

“Don’t need to”, Bruce said suddenly coming out of the kitchen. He took the flowers from your hand and disappeared again in the kitchen.

“I needed some help” Tony chuckled. “Shall we?” He said when the elevator’s door opened.

“Sure” you said.

You had no idea what he had prepared and you were really curious but you didn’t want to spoil yourself so you just let him surprise you. And he did. First of all, he took you to have dinner in Central Park, on the bridge when you two first met. And it was the best dinner ever. It wasn’t fancy. You just had a sandwich while you were leaned against the bridge, like you did all those years ago.

“This is where we met” you told him with a smile.

“I know” he smiled at you. “And these are the same sandwiches we had that day” he added pointing at your sandwich.

“You appeared here out of nowhere with your iron suit. I didn’t know what was going on” you laughed shaking your head.

“And you tried to throw me off the bridge because you thought I was a terrorist”, he added making you both laugh. “I was just testing the suit for the first time and it still was a bit tricky”, he said with a sigh.

“So I bought you that sandwich to say sorry” you smiled. “We ate it here as people looked at you like you were some kind of freak”, you remembered looking down at the water.

With a sigh you looked at him. It was crazy how much things had changed ever since. You had grown up and you even had the most beautiful daughter ever. You looked down at the lake again, feeling so confused at the moment. Now that you were alone it was most obvious than ever that you still loved him, and that he still loved you, but how could you just go back to how it used to be?

“Remember our first date?” He asked out of the blue.

“Of course”, you laughed. “Rockefeller Center. Broken wrist for you” you said shaking your head as you looked at him.

He took two pieces of paper from his pocket and showed them to you. Tickets to skate at the Rockefeller Center that same night. Biting your lip, you looked at him as you smiled even more.

“No broken bones this time”, he said.

“Deal”, you agreed.

“Are you sure is not broken?” You asked him holding your laugh.

You two had been skating for an hour without any incident. It had been great. He had been holding your hand the whole time and just fooling around as you two took photos. But just when you were about to leave the rink, he fell down making you laugh your ass out.

“Very funny” he said sarcastic as he rubbed his damaged bum.

“It was funny, indeed”, you said sticking your tongue out.

“Are you mocking me?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

“Maybe” you smirked at him.

The nervousness had completely erased and you two were completely comfortable around each other, making jokes and laughing like you used to do when everything started. With a sigh you looked down as you remembered everything that you had gone through. You two had some fights but you had so many good memories and this date was just making them coming back to you.

“You know what else happened this day?” He asked you when you gave the skates back. “At the hospital room”, he added. You smiled and nodded.

“You kissed me”, you said.

“Exactly”, he nodded.

Without any warning, he took a step towards you, placing a hand on your cheek as he looked deeply into your eyes, making you nervous all over again. Secretly, you had been waiting for this since the moment he showed up at your apartment a month ago. He looked at you for a moment but you decided to close the space between your mouths and kissed him slowly at first, but as soon as he pulled you closer by your hips, the kiss heated up.

“We still have one more stop” he whispered against your lips.

“Really?” You said looking at him. He nodded with a small smile and took your hand. “Well, if you’re trying to recreate our history, you took me to Paris on our second date”, you smirked.

“We don’t have time for that but I’ll keep it in mind”, he winked at you. “We are going to our fourth date”, was the only thing he told you.

The fourth? If you remembered correctly, that was the Empire State building. He was shocked when you told him that you had never been to the top after living in New York for ten years so he took you there on a date and actually that was the day you two started going out as a couple. The thought made your stomach twist.

It didn’t surprise you when the security guy allowed Tony to go in and up even when it had been closed to the public for hours now. It was Tony Stark after all. While you were in the elevator he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed your head but none of you said a thing. Probably you weren’t the only one nervous at that moment.

“It’s chilly here” you said wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Here”, he said taking off his jacket and putting it around your shoulders.

“Thanks” you smiled at him before you looked around.

The view would always take your breath away. New York was a wonderful city, full of magic and light and you could really feel the vibe from up there. It was like being on the top of the world. With a sigh you turned to look at Tony expecting to see him looking at the city but, instead, he was looking at you.

“You know when I first met you I thought you were crazy”, he said making you chuckle. You deserved that. “But as we got to know each other I kind of started thinking that you could be the one, the mother of my daughter”, you bite your lip and looked down but when he kept on talking you looked up. “That’s why I asked you to be girlfriend here, on the top of the world. Somehow I wanted you to have the world since you had become my world”, he shrugged. “You gave me the best years of my life, I swear I had never been happier than when I was with you. Waking up next to you every day, seeing you making breakfast, how you would always have a reply for my sarcasm… it was you. That’s why I bought this…” he took a black velvet box from his pocket making you gasp silently.

“Tony…” you mumbled but he stopped you lifting a hand.

“Then everything went to hell. I screwed it up, like I have always done with the people and things I love. I lost you for three years, three years of living hell, of thinking about you, of missing you, of misery” he said looking down at the box. “And you appeared again, out of nowhere and giving me the best present someone could ever give me: Lizzie”, you smiled a little. “And once again you proved me wrong. I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than you” you chuckled and crossed your arms biting your lip, fighting the tears back. “And you were back to me, I had you and at the same time I didn’t but all those feelings were back and stronger than ever, making me see that you really were, are and will be the one for me. You’re literally the mother of my daughter, I love you. I’ve always loved you and after all this time I’m sick of losing time so…” he kneeled in front of you, making your tears come down your face as he opened the box, revealing the most beautiful engagement ring you had ever seen. “(Y/F/N)…will you marry me?”

It was already morning when you and Tony came back to the tower. You had spent the night literally walking around the city, recovering the time you had lost and talking about everything that happened during the years you had been apart. None of you had been with anyone else, even when you had try it but it had been impossible.

When you went back home, everyone was already up, even Lizzie was watching cartoons while she ate breakfast.

“Mummy!” She exclaimed when you two came out of the elevator.

Everyone’s eyes went to your entwined hands and Natasha gasped as she saw the ring blighting on your finger. You bended down and picked Lizzie up.

“Are you…?” Steve asked.

“We are” Tony smiled widely after he kissed Lizzie’s head.

“Are you what?” Lizzie said looking at the two of you with curious eyes. “Are you boyfriends?” She asked making you laugh but nodded. She clapped happily and then her eyes opened widely. “Are you going to be married?” She asked.

You laughed out loud along with Tony and hugged her tight. She was as clever as her father.

“We are”, you said with a huge smile.

She smiled a hugged you tight as Tony rubbed her back. You looked around to see everyone looking at you, some tearing up and some just looking at you with happiness. This was your family and this was how everything was supposed to be.