and i was shaking for 10 minutes after this

BTS Reaction To You Being A Heavy Sleeper

Namjoon: Namjoon would become worried when you didn’t wake up after he was shaking you. “Are they alright?” he’d think to himself and he picked up the phone ready to call the ambulance when you stirred half opening your eyes giving a weak hi and then falling back asleep. He then laughed it off embarrassed about thinking the worst of things.

“I thought…ah nevermind!” he said covering his face.

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Taehyung: Taehyung was staring at you sleep for the past 10 minutes admiring your sleeping features. He was tempted to pinch your cheeks and poke your nose and he did so hoping to wake you up but you didn’t even move an inch. When he started calling out to you again you didn’t move and he was worried as he quickly checked if you were breathing. That’s when you woke up looking at him confused as to why his head was on your chest.

“Oh you’re alright! Good morning honey,” he said smiling.

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Hoseok: Hoseok had come back from showering and was holding his laptop when it started to fall down and he tried keeping it steady. He didn’t see where he was going and bumped into a lamp making it fall down with a large ‘thud’. He thought you’d wake up but you still remained asleep.

“Ah at least I didn’t wake them up!” he thought as he picked up the map checking if it was broken.

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Jin: You were studying all night and slept at 3 in the morning so Jin wasn’t surprised that you were sleeping in until the afternoon. He let you sleep for a couple more minutes until he decided to wake you up to eat something but you wouldn’t move at all. He tried everything in the book but not even a single movement and he had begun to panic when you moved a bit muttering something.

“You scared me! Do you normal sleep like this?” he asked.

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Jungkook: Jungkook flight has been delayed to arrive the next morning and you were staying awake waiting for him but of course he didn’t arrive. You slowly feel to sleep waiting for him. When he arrived he saw you sleeping on the couch and he tried to wake you up but no luck so he decided to put his luggage away. When he turned around he saw you standing in the doorway with an angry expression.

“I tried waking you up! You just can’t be woken up at all jagiya. It’s like you’re dead or something.”

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Yoongi: Yoongi wakes up with every little noise and you’re the opposite. He was woken when he heard the doors open and close. He quickly got up and started shaking you to wake up and hide so he can see who it was. Just as he was going to get up the door open and there stood Taehyung asking if he can stay the night.

“You almost gave me a heart attack! (Y/N) didn’t even wake up for starts I thought it was a burglar!”

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Jimin: Jimin came home from work and had brought takeout. He was calling out your name but you wouldn’t respond and when he went to the bedroom he saw you were fast asleep. He tapped your shoulder expecting you to wake up, then he shook your shoulder and still nothing. He then brought out the food and held it up your nose and you opened your eyes. He laughed as he sat back down on the bed.

“You can only be woken up by food? You’re something else jagiya.”

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You're welcome

A fuck coworkers story. I worked at the fast food place with the cowboy hat for a couple of months. The GM was decent, but very short tempered. Employees got yelled at a lot, both from her and customers if things were slow. I have ADHD and some problems with anxiety so I made mistakes and got slower when I was stressed (my hands would shake so I couldn’t count change quickly, and I couldn’t always process written words immediately). Despite being a decent drive through worker overall I was a little scared of her.
This new cashier that I’d barely spoken to asked me to drive her to work a couple hours after my shift ended. Sure thing, I know it’s tough not to have a car. Picked her up from her house and drove her about a mile, got there 10 minutes before her shift as per her request. Near the end of the trip she mentioned she was afraid of the GM and I agreed.
This was apparently a MISTAKE, because this girl proceeded to refuse to get out of my car. She asked me if I could see the GM inside (nope) and if her car was still there (yep), because her shift was ending at the same time the cashier’s started. She wanted to wait for the GM to leave before she went in, and she wanted to do it in my car.
By the time I was finally able to kick her out, she was almost late for her shift. Wouldn’t listen when I said I had things to do and needed to leave, didn’t offer to chip in for gas (it was a short drive there but I did go out of my way to pick her up), didn’t even say thank you. She just kept talking about how she was scared of the GM. Seriously, don’t you think I have better things to do? We’re all a little afraid of her, but not enough to hide in someone else’s car!
Apparently she wasn’t afraid of stealing from the registers, because she got fired for that after a couple weeks.


The 100 | John Murphy

It was a couple weeks after the 100 had established a camp, and everything was loosely in order. It was decided that you and Murphy would take the night watch every other day, and saying that Murphy was upset is an understatement. After yelling at Clarke for 10 minutes, Bellamy told him that it was either the night shift or leaving camp. 

You were upset as well, deciding that being up with Murphy all night wasn’t going to go well at all. 

During your first night watch together, both of you had sour attitudes. The nights were already getting colder and you were freezing. Murphy noticed the slight shaking and got up saying “I’ll go get some blankets or something.” 

When he returned, Murphy had two blankets and a jacket. The jacket looked like it was his. He passed you one of the blankets and the jacket. When you looked at the jacket and gave him a confused expression, he replied with “It’s an extra I had. I’d rather not have you complaining all night that you’re freezing.” 

You slid on the oversized jacket and covered yourself with the blanket. Beside you, Murphy was looking out into the woods. 

“How long do you think we’ll last?” You hear besides you. 

“What do you mean? The 100?” You question Murphy 

“Yeah, the 100.” 

“I don’t know. A majority of them are idiots, but some of them might actually be able to live down here.”

Murphy let out a quiet chuckle and looked towards you. 

“I’m betting that I won’t last through the night.” You tell him while letting out a yawn. 

“Take a nap, I’ll be here if anything happens.” He says nonchalantly.

“Thanks Murphy.”

When you woke up you noticed that besides you Murphy was asleep. ‘So much for keeping watch’ you thought. 

It was not yet light out and it looked like nobody was awake yet. You took this to your advantage to be alone with your thoughts. Murphy looked finally at peace until he started breathing heavily. 

He must’ve been having a nightmare, so you tried to wake him. You put your hands on either side of his face and stared straight into his eyes and told him “It’s not real Murphy… It’s not real.” 

Eventually he calmed down, and awkwardly thanked you for waking him. 

Over the course of the next few days, you and Murphy had gotten closer. Step by step. One day when your head was resting on his shoulder and he thought you were asleep he was saying something to himself. 

“It’s not like I have a chance with her.. I mean, look at her.” His head shifted to look at you, and without opening your eyes you whispered “I like you too Murphy…” 

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Charlotte Perospero

1. What does your muse smell like?

Sweet mint or peppermint! 

2. How often does your muse bathe/shower? any habits?

Twice a day, always! Once in the morning when he wakes up (this is usually a quick shower that lasts about 10-15 minutes) and then right after work which is often before dinner time. He prefers to take a bath at this point and have it last at least 30 minutes to an hour to help him relax from the day’s work. 

3. Does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?

From what I know, probably not. Until we get more info on him, at this point he doesn’t have any xD Though I’d like to headcanon he does sometimes :’D

4. Any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?

Not too sure at the moment. From what I do see or notice, he tends to lean back a bit more then usual. Standing up straight doesn’t seem like something he does, so I guess that counts? :’D

5. What do they sleep in?

He tends to sleep in a long, silk robe when he sleeps. Though beneath his robe he’ll wear an oversized shirt and shorts to sleep in case he doesn’t feel like wearing his robe to bed. 

6. What’s their favorite piece of clothing?

I’d like to think it’s his hat. Its special to him and he always wears it with almost every piece of clothing he has unless he doesn’t really feel like wearing it. Loosing his hat or having someone outright take it from him without his permission will definitely piss him off. 

7. What do they do when they wake up? 

Sit in bed for at least 5-10 minutes trying to wake himself up, then get out of bed to wash up/shower, get dressed, put his make-up on, and then go eat breakfast. Simple and basic morning ritual. 

8. How do they sleep? position? 

Most likely he’d sleep in a fetal position when he starts dozing off but then ends up on his flat on his stomach with his face buried in his pillow or hair. Sometimes he’ll end up twisted or tangled in his blankets if he’s really into his sleep. Though if he is sleeping with someone else, he’ll end up cuddling them. 

9. What do their hands feel like? 

I would imagine them to be quite soft to the touch since he really doesn’t do a lot of heavy work to his hands and takes good care of them. That is until you reach the tips of his fingers where it feels sharp due to his long nails. 

10. If you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?

Anything sweet in general or mint~ 

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((I think I might end up drawing some of these out as I plan on doing a SBS headcanon thing soon! So this’ll help :D))

Simple Glamour Facial Toner

a facial toner for a calming and beautiful presence.

things u need:

dried rose petals
lavender flowers
rose incense
apple cider vinegar
a spray bottle/container


begin by cleansing ur tools and ingredients with the smoke from the incense. I use this moment to begin focusing on my intent.

heat about 4oz of water to almost boiling, pour over rose petals and lavender flowers in a container that can close(I used a french press) and let sit for 10-15 minutes and repeat/meditate/chant ur intent.

add 2 or 3oz of apple cider vinegar and about 1oz of water to ur spray bottle
(3oz of apc for oily skin 1-2oz for sensitive or mixed skin)

add the rose and lavender water to the spray bottle.

shake and spray on after washing ur face


I stared down at the test before me. 

It couldn’t be. We couldn’t have this right now. There had to be a mistake…

“Baby girl, what’s taking you so long?” I heard his voice behind the door. “Come out now.”

I let a shaky breath escape my lips while a tear rolled down my cheek. He had to know. I gripped the test in my hand and looked down at the floor before locking the door open.

“Hey, what is it? Why were you in there for 10 minutes?” His blue eyes looked into mine, but I wished they hadn’t. I looked down again and sighed.

“I-I..” I started to say, but couldn’t form words. But after a short while of him watching me intently and me shaking and heavily breathing, I looked back up at him. “I’m pregnant… I have your baby in me, J.”

What Would You Do First?...Part 5

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Epilogue)

Sitting your body down on the couch after a very silent ride back to Matthew’s house, you walk over to the kitchen, your long limbs banging on every corner as you start to figure out how to work the fancy coffee maker Matthew has in his house.

After 10 minutes and many curse words, you bring two mugs of coffee over along with some cream and sugar, setting it down on the coffee table as you sit down slowly beside Matthew, who had only just begun to move again.

“W-wh…what…the hell!?” he shrieks.

Wincing at how high pitched your voice can get, you shake your head as you feel Matthew’s hair descend into your face.

“Matthew…are you alright?” you ask, putting your long fingers onto your knee as you watch your body wince.

“I don’t…even know why I’m doing that,” Matthew breathes, his teary stare glazing over the coffee.

Watching as he slowly reaches for a mug, fixing it the way he wants before sinking back into the couch, you curl Matthew’s long legs under your body as you reach out for your legs, bringing them over your lap as you sip on your drink.

“I couldn’t-” Matthew starts.

Seeing the fear etched on your face made you physically ill.

“Who…?” Matthew asks.

Watching him furrow your tight brow as his eyes lob over to you, you take a deep breath as you clench down on your coffee mug.

“You remember the back pain you experienced in the tub, Matthew, when I washed you up?” you ask.

“Yeah,” he breathes, his essence heaving your chest up and down as he tries to catch his breath.

“That was the man that I dated that caused the injury,” you say lowly, dropping your gaze all the way down to your coffee cup as you watch Matthew’s long fingers that you were controlling trace the outside lip of your coffee mug.

“Wait…what!?” you hear Matthew squeal.

Sighing, you close your eyes as your own heart begins to race.

“I was in a bad relationship a few years ago.  Among other things, he pushed me down the stairs when he thought I was pregnant, when really it was just because I was gaining weight because of the depression I sank in to, and it caused a slipped disc issue that still gives me problems from time to time,” you ramble.

You felt this unnecessary anger bubble in your gut even as your own mind reminisced upon the horrors of your relationship.

“The fear for him…it uh…it must be so ingrained into my mind that it’s…it’s…”

“…automatic?” Matthew finishes.

It was so weird hearing your own voice say that.

But as you began to ponder the concept of that thought, it’s when you realized something.

You realized that Matthew’s anger, the tugging want to protect you and take care of you that happened at the bar, was deeply ingrained within him.


The thought made you smile through the tears dripping down your foreign nose.

“What are…what are you smiling at?” you hear your voice pierce your thoughts.

“Uh…nothing.  It’s just…by that logic, if my fear for that man is so ingrained that its automatic, despite our…predicament,” you emphasize, “…then it means the anger I’m currently feeling and the wild need to protect you in the bar is deeply ingrained into you.”

“Good,” you hear him say with your voice as he sniffles and wipes his nose, “because women should never be treated like that,” he states.

“I agree,” you muse.

Especially not ones as beautiful as you,” he murmurs.

“Wait, what?” you breathe, whipping your gaze up to his…yours?…?

“Let’s get real.  You’ve had to go to the bathroom, so you’ve seen my junk.  And while that doesn’t make me comfortable, there isn’t anything we can do about it.  And I’ve had to go to the bathroom, so I’ve seen your-”

“Stop!” you yelp, holding up your hand as you wince at his point.

“My point is,” he continues, physically shifting closer to you as you feel his…or rather, your…small hand settle onto his lanky knee, “that whether we like it or not, I’ve experienced a bit of your body.  And besides having a new-found respect for women who wear under-wire,” he groans, shifting his bra around, “I’ve been able to revel a bit in how beautiful you are in a way I’ve never experienced with another woman.”

You felt the color rise to your cheeks as you smirk, trying to bury your flattered smile as you hear Matthew snicker.

“So that’s what I look like blushing,” he murmurs.

And after an uncomfortable silence fills the room, you feel your small hand…powered by Matthew’s essence…slowly fall on top of yours as your lanky fingers turn upwards to interlock with your own.

You started to understand why men enjoyed the feeling of a woman’s hand within theirs.

“What that man did to you was wrong, Y/N,” Matthew states.

It was so weird hearing your own voice say that.

Strangely therapeutic.

“I know…” you trail off.

“No you don’t,” Matthew states, causing you to furrow your brow deep as you trail your gaze up to his, your stern eyes meeting your hesitant gaze as you swallow deep.

“…but in time, you will,” Matthew reassures you, squeezing your hand before letting go.

“And in the meantime?” he adds, ”We’ll stay here.  I don’t have any engagements for a couple of weeks, and I’m sure we can find a solution to our…issue…before then.”

And as you nodded in response, feeling a deep sigh escape between your lips as you take another sip of your coffee mug, you find yourself finally relaxing inside of your new body as you lean back into the couch, the cushions swallowing you whole as a realization hops into the forefront of your mind.

“You better hope so,” you murmur.

“Why’s that?” Matthew asks, bringing the coffee mug to his…your…lips.

“Because I start my period in a few days,” you state, your laughter filling the room as Matthew…in your body…begins to choke on his coffee.

Uncovering the Quiet Horrors of DC/Vertigo's 'Clean Room'

Fittingly for a comic book dealing with hidden fears and unknown danger, DC/Vertigo’s Clean Room isn’t something that makes you jump out your seat while reading. Instead, it sticks in your head and makes you feel uncomfortable after you’ve finished. With the first collection reaching bookstores today, creators Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt told THR just why that’s a good thing, and hint at what the series is really about.

“I love in-your-face, jump-cut horror, I do. But I also love that horror that gives you a feeling similar to being in a near-miss car accident, where you don’t start shaking ‘til 10 minutes further down the road. And that’s the book we wanted to make,” Simone - who’s previously written Batgirl and Birds of Prey for DC, as well as a critically acclaimed Red Sonja run for Dynamite Entertainment - said. “Not to say we don’t have some viscera, because we clearly do. But I’m blessed with an art and editorial team that has the patience to wait to drop the explosives.”

Clean Room is about what lies behind a self-help organization led by a woman called Astrid Mueller, who isn’t all she appears to be. The title refers to a particular location, where a person’s fears are revealed, but like its antagonist, there’s a lot more going on in the series than first seems to be the case. For one thing, Simone said, any Scientology metaphors readers pick up may just be red herrings.

“I have little interest in any one cult or cult-like organization. It’s the scope of it that fascinates me,” she explained. “I live in Oregon, it’s got the highest number of cults per capita in the nation, and I’ve spoken with many of these people. The rank and file are not ignorant people, or bad people. It’s often the good in their natures that is targeted for exploitation. Many believe they are doing good in the world. They are saving people. But there’s also the other kind, the kind that simmers a boiling pot of hate and fear. We have a great many militia-like organizations here. I’ve stated before that zealotry is the death of conscience.”

What makes Clean Room “painful,” Simone suggested, is that “we want to know Astrid Mueller’s heart, and she doesn’t share that. We want to know if she’s a positive force, or a dire one. And all we have to go by are her actions, which are swift and often merciless. But is she excused for that because she believes she’s doing right?”

Unusually for a horror property, Clean Room centers on two women - Mueller and Chloe Pierce, a journalist trying to uncover the truth behind Mueller’s organization because her fiance committed suicide months after signing up - with both having agency and power within the story, and not having to be “saved” or defended by a male character.

“It’s certainly hard for me to imagine writing the typical slasher movie heroine in the way that they are traditionally portrayed. I just have no interest in that,” Simone said (although she added “some of my favorite heroines of all time come from horror and horror-proximity films,” singling out Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from Alien).

“The truth is, no one blinks twice if men are portrayed as having all the power in a fictional narrative, it only seems a bit odd when that’s not the case, and yeah, a big f - you to that. I love male characters, but there are thousands of writers writing millions of stories like the ones we’ve had for decades. I’m happier doing the thing that feels more like a frontier.”

Simone isn’t exploring that frontier alone; joining her on the series is Jon Davis-Hunt, a British illustrator and games designer whose resume includes work on the classic British anthology comic 2000 AD. “Jon’s not just the artist, he’s a co-creator in every sense, every panel has something he’s added to the book,” Simone said. “He never stops, he never lowers his enthusiasm. There are times when you just bless whatever fortunes you have, and that’s how I feel about Jon on this book.”

Davis-Hunt is as effusive in his praise of Simone.

“Gail writes terrific scripts,” he said. “They are just an absolute joy to draw. In many cases, she’ll explain a specific scene, not just visually, but with notes on how she wants the reader to feel, or what emotion she is hoping to convey. That really helps, especially with the big, full-page, horror moments. The big splash pages that are intended to really make the reader go 'Holy shit.’ These notes really help me research a character, or pace out a scene and she’s incredibly creative, writing some really cool, dark and disturbing little horror vignettes. They’re often shocking to read, so I’ll take the scripts and then do my best to draw them in a way that will shock her right back.”

(He’s succeeded; “He’s given me nightmares several times,” Simone admitted. “I just asked him to draw the single most horrific image of my career to date, and I’m actually dreading what it’s going to look like one he’s put his evil spell on it.” The image is set to appear in the comic book series’ 10th issue, for those brave enough to look.)

“I wanted the horror elements to be able to seep into the daylight, so I did a lot of research on clinical environments, scientific research centers and also a lot of botanical and insect reference,” the artist said when talking about his inspiration for the more fantastic imagery in the series. “Places where bright colors and light mix in with practices or organisms that involve fairly horrific stuff. From there, I just try and make the scenes in the book seem as 'normal’ as possible, or rather, stay away from more traditional or gothic horror elements.”

The collaboration between the two allows Davis-Hunt room to improvise, he explained. “I also enjoy playing with pacing and time within the book too, so quite often, I’ll add in extra panels, just to add some additional weight to a specific character moment. A little pause here or there so I can get across the reactions she has mentioned to specific dialogue.”

Working in American comics, where the average issue length is 20 pages, compared with 2000 AD’s five- to six-page episodes, allows for that kind of experimentation, he said. “On Dredd, you could get five or six scene changes in as many pages, filled with a dozen different characters. In Clean Room, I might get as many pages on a single scene, which makes me think more about that specific space, as you want to make that as interesting for the reader as possible. That’s made me think a lot more about what the characters are actually doing in the scene: What are their hands doing? What are they leaning on? What is actually in this space?”

In this series, of course, that last question might be more complicated than it first seems. As Simone put it, Clean Room isn’t just about the relationship between a journalist searching for the truth about a charismatic self-help guru. It’s that, in her words, “all the ridiculous nonsense about demons and aliens that Astrid has warned her inner circle about - well, that may all be coming true.” What is actually in this space?

Clean Room Volume 1: Immaculate Conception, which collects the first six issues of the series, is in bookstores now.

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since the san bernardino shooting, i have been scared to leave my home. in the past week, i’ve gone out only when necessary, i’ve even avoided grocery shopping.

hate crimes are rising against muslims, especially those in scarves, people like me.

last night, i had an interview, i parked my car and as i was walking up to the building, a white car sped up to me, parked, and angry looking white man got out of his car–with a bat.

he was 10 feet away, getting closer. and i had to think. in a split second i stood tall and unafraid hoping that would discourage him, and quickly pulled out my pepper spray.

he walked right passed me.

i ran into the building–where my interview was. i was visibly shaken and they could tell. i told them an angry man was about to beat someone up with a bat 40 feet from their building, they took the necessary precautions and i headed to the bathroom. i was still shaking but after a few minutes i was able to calm myself down and head into a panel interview of ten people.

this is my reality. i was infinitely lucky last night, but i can tell you in that 3 second span of seeing that man with a bat, i had already imagined myself beaten to death. but i was lucky. 

and this is just an example, a small example of the fear that is instilled deep in me, as a woman, as a visible muslim, that people want me dead. that people do not see me as a human, but rather as a target. last night, i was lucky, but i sense this fear constantly throughout my day, i never feel safe, i always feel vulnerable, because at any moment, what i’ve heard happen to my other muslim sisters–getting harassed and beaten, having someone stop their car in a busy traffic street and pull a gun out–i see these things happening to my friends, and im just waiting–because im living with the certainty that im next.

Shaking in the darkness.
Sawing oneself in half
a kind of pleasure

Look out honey
cause we’re using duality
or its using we

Either way I hope
we’re all getting
our moneys worth

Create a need
and fill it
sue it
perhaps bill it

I wrote a play once. Staged it in a studio theatre. When the lights came up the stage was full of people applauding the audience. After 10-15 minutes of the over the top applause the people in the audience started to leave and one cast member would then follow each person or couple out to their cars, clapping and cheering the whole way.

The cast member then followed the audience home up to their front door saying nothing but applause. Most everyone called the authorities and I got in a lot of trouble, but one woman followed a man to his apartment and she followed him for more than 24 hours. Into his bathroom, while he exercised, brushed his teeth. They eventually got married and had a kid. 

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but whenever i hear or see people applaud I imagine the moment of conception. The male and the female merging for a moment and blooming into the splendid stupid humanity of us.


So. I work at this grocery store. I’m writing this after it just happened because I’m so goddamn annoyed that I’m shaking. It’s a Tuesday night. We’re always slow on Tuesday’s, so we schedule accordingly. We close at 8:30. Make an announcement at 8:20 saying we’re closing in 10 minutes but that’s all we’re allowed to do. Manager thinks it’s “bad business” to ask our customers to leave. Made the announcement tonight. All was good. Maybe one person left to go through cash, like most Tuesday’s. But then. Oh but fucking then. This family with a screaming toddler comes in with a cart at 8:26. Asks when we close. We tell them in four minutes. They apologize and then say they’ll be quick. Fast forward to 8:55, still waiting on them to leave. I’m not allowed to leave until the store is closed, even if I’m only scheduled till 8:30. Problem is I’m only paid till 8:30. They won’t pay after that, but the general manager refuses to tell the customers to get out and of course he was on duty tonight. Another department manager gets frustrated with the family and finally tells them to get out and we close 25 minutes after we’re supposed to. I am so annoyed that the manager that runs the damn store thinks that we have to bow down and kiss the feet of the customers. He doesn’t realize how annoyed 90% of his staff is. I’ve been here for a year, with the company for six, and I have never had a worse manager in my life.

when-random-things-attack  asked:

HEY! what do you suppose one should do if they get very very very easily distracted. How do i stay concentrated because i never can for more than 10 minites tops

Here are a few posts that may help:

If you find a promodoro of 25 seems very unreasonable to you, try 15 minutes or whatever that works for you. Just make sure you get back to work after around 3 minutes of break so that you don’t procrastinate.

So, like, dried mulberries are hailed as a ‘superfood’ and sold for like $10 a pound online.

And I’m just sitting here like, do people realize that mulberries literally grow like weeds over almost the entire continent of North America? (And asia, and Northern Africa, and Southern Europe, and the Middle East, and India) too?. And they’re ridiculously easy to pick? Because you don’t? You just spread a sheet out under the tree and shake it, then dump all the ripe fruit into a bucket.

I have 2 full gallon buckets of mulberries right now that I collected in about 10 minutes today, and I was munching on a handful tonight at work. One of my co-workers got these big eyes and asked ‘where did you get those I can’t find fresh mulberries anywhere!”

“Um. Across the street. There’s like four trees growing in that shrubby patch on the edge of the cemetery. I went and got a couple gallons yesterday morning after I got off shift.” 

And he looked honestly astounded at the idea that you could just go find them. 

So anyway today I have to teach him how to recognize a mulberry tree and get fruit from it.