and i was listening to it today

taking a morning walk through the rainy forest while listening to “the eve” by exo on full volume and constant repeat is therapeutic

Sometimes I wonder what some of y’all think BigBang have been doing for the last eleven years (more if you count trainee time) - I saw a post yesterday saying “I can’t wait for BB to bully Seungri about his name being Richard this is so funny” like, uh, pretty sure it’s not news to them just because fans are only now finding out.  Also why would they bully him?  Why is anyone acting like this is some ridiculous joke?  It’s just a name?  It’s cute, it’s interesting info to know…why are people making fun of him about it?

Concept: a small child whose imaginary friend is Superman. He talks to “Superman” all the time, completely unaware that Clark can in fact hear everything he’s saying. The child and associated adults are infinitely surprised when reply letters from Superman start appearing in their mailbox


Today’s prompt was moon and stars and I’m such a sap I’m such a sap


Wholesome classmate interactions :’)