and i was like umm excuse

one day i’ll write up a List of things i don’t agree w in regards to how cc wrote alec even tho i’m book based bc like   …   as much as i lov my kid and embrace his flaws there’s some shit that doesn’t sit in line consistently w his character At All   :/   looks bad todd

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One of the things that irks me in those antis while complaining about age difference. Either they work together with hidden homophobes or either themselves are hidden homophobes looking for some excuse to bash a gay ship. Otherwise, how come straight ships in big series like Inu Yasha never got this amount of shit antis complaining? I so bet most of them are fueled by homophobia because of the different proportion of complains.

Yeah, I think so too.

Gay ships are most likely to be attacked by discourse than straight ones will ever be.

I.e. people calling sormik incest(I’ve seen this shit) because they were raised by gramps. Or mikayuu for having spent 4 years living together and calling each other family.

Umm hello? Winry and Ed, anyone? They were raised together too???? For more years than Mika and Yuu?? Called each other family??? Ed calls Pinako “GRANNY”???=

I can’t believe all my childhood friends’ ships are incest now.

Then there’s Otayuri, with 2 years and some months of an age gap, so people call it pedophilia.

What about Mamoru and Usagi, hmm???




Male idol: *breathes 2 feet away from band member*
het cis fangirls: oH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT OH MY GOD THEY ARE DATING THEY LOVE EACH OTHER !!!!1!!1!111!!! I SHIP IT !!!!1!!11!!!!
queer fan: maybe this idol isn’t completely straig-
het cis fangirls: umm excuse me sweaty why are you asuming his sexuality you can’t do that that’s rude :)

  • [The squad is helping Goten fill in his online dating profile]
  • Trunks: Let's talk about your likes and dislikes. Umm... how about your favorite food, what would that be?
  • Goten: Oh, milk-steak.
  • Trunks: Hmm?
  • Marron: Excuse me?
  • Uub: What?
  • Goten: Milk-steak.
  • Trunks: I'm not putting milk-steak.
  • Uub: Just put regular steak and then-
  • Goten: Don't put regular steak, put milk-steak, she'll know what it is.
  • Trunks: No she won't know what it is! Nobody knows what that is. Okay, alright what's your favorite hobby?
  • Goten: Uhh... magnets.
  • Uub: Wha-like making magnets, collecting magnets?
  • Marron: Playing with magnets?
  • Goten: Just magnets.
  • Trunks: I'm just gonna put snowboarding. We'll just put snowboarding.
  • Goten: I don't really snowboard.
  • Trunks: What are some of your likes?
  • Goten: Uhh... ghouls.
  • Marron: Son of a bitch. What are you talking about?
  • Goten: Just funny little green ghouls.
  • Uub: W-What like in movies, or in cartoons?
  • Goten: Little green ghoul buddies!
  • Marron: Don't write ghouls!
  • Trunks: I'm not! I'm putting travel! Kami! What are your dislikes?
  • Goten:
  • Goten: People's knees.
  • Trunks: Oh come on dude! Come on!

Desi wife standards that just need to go away

- being fairer is prettier (I am not using that fair and lovely stuff, all tones are beautiful)

- cooking is the basis of marriage (this one is probably the most annoying one)

- being submissive as fuck is being a good wife (umm wtf i can have my own thoughts and actions thank u)

- wear traditional clothes so your husband would find you more attractive (i’m gonna wear what i feel comfortable in)

- be educated but not too educated so that the man can stay the man of the house (excuse u ???)

- be religious (okay but that’s a priority for everyone not just a wife)

- pamper the boy, clean everything for him, treat him like a king (or he can treat me like a queen am i right lol but seriously he’s a man who can at least wash dishes by himself, I’m NOT your servant)

- give it to him whenever he wants (how about no, this should be a mutual consent of when they want to do it or not do it) 

- don’t laugh too hard or talk too loud (who r u again???)

- always go out when he wants to (what if I’m tired? We go out when we both want to, not just one of us, i won’t force him to go out and he shall not force me to go out)

- stay quiet if you’re in an argument (or how about I tell him how I feel he is acting wrong so we can work it out together)

- wake up before him (why even? To make him breakfast and wait until he goes to work? I would do that occasionally out of love but this should not be a duty)

I have been told ALL of these MULTIPLE times. I’m so annoyed of this, this is just wrong. Add more if you think of any!

This actually happened btw....
  • A girl I used to be friends with: why do you like seventeen anyway?
  • Me: //about to answer //
  • The girl : //cuts me off// I mean yea they're good at singing I guess... And I guess they are good looking-
  • Me: //feeling proud of my boys.... But slightly offended she said "I guess"//
  • The Girl: except for that Seungkwan kid, he's too fat.
  • Me: uMM EXCUSE Y O U? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU- !!! // goes on a rant//
  • Clary: *is desperate to get her mom back*
  • Fandom: umm...could you maybe calm down and stop thinking about yourself and your mom only? like, it doesn't give you the right to change every shadowhunter's life for that. alec is totes right in hating you btw
  • Alec: *is desperate to get his parabatai back*
Consider Your Life Choices, Hun

Amell: Okay, seriously…you need to check yourself.

Lavellan: Umm excuse me?

Amell: You’re bedding a bald elf.

Lavellan: … Uh-huh…. and your point is?

Amell: Nothing…it’s just, in my experience bald elves turn out to be 800 years old and have things for wolves.

Lavellan: Okay but Solas is not Keeper Zathrian. He’s not some scorned man hellbent on saving his people by punishing those responsible.  He just likes the Fade.

Amell: Just… think about it, okay?


Lavellan: *Sobs*

Amell: I hate to say I told you so, but I literally told you so.

Okay, Rant Time

My mom just learned about what happened to Pewds with Disney and she wouldn’t let me explain, She compared Felix to awful celebrities and then told me I should be “offended because we have Jewish background”. Umm, excuse me? #1, I know this, we’ve been through this. #2, I DON’T CARE, I’M AN ATHEIST!! #3, YOU DON’T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY MOM! I’M IN THE COMMUNITY, I’VE SEEN IT COUNTLESS TIMES AND I’M TRYING TO DEFEND THIS MAN

Mom, stay out of this community. He apologized, Mark and Ethan spoke out about it, and do you fucking think he means it?? It makes me so mad when my mom degrades the men I look up to like this, it fucking hurts because I love them and she tears them apart and okay I’m gonna fucking shut up now

  • Ozpin: Do Qrow and Winter really fight over everything?
  • Glynda: Eyup.
  • Ozpin: I bet we can find something for them to agree on.
  • Glynda: Irrelevent.
  • Ozpin: Excuse me?
  • Qrow+Winter: Meat lovers.
  • Ozpin: See-
  • Winter: I-uhhh-I mean-um-pffft. Meat lovers? We're not getting a pizza like that. I mean, we should obviously get, the, umm, cheese pizza. Yeah.
  • Qrow: You're insane.
  • *Both pull out weapons*
  • Glynda: See?
What the actual fuck

Ok I really need to say this so I apologize in advance to writers. Why the fuck are there so many fucking imagines/preferences with fucking skinny white girls like its fucking rare to see a thick/chubby girl or a colored girl imagine/ preference and No girl should feel ashamed of their body or they have color to their skin but when I am it’s honestly because I read fucking imagines its always something along the lines of “I’m a small and skinny person” “he held my skinny body close” or “my pale skinny body needed a tan so I put on my favorite bikini” like umm yes excuse me but I would not like to be ashamed of or feel bad about my body or the color of my skin thanks 😀 but no it’s always the opposite way like I have nothing against skinny white girls but it sucks having to think your someone else when you read imagines like isn’t the point of them to IMAGINE YOURSELF NOT WHAT SOMEONE WRITES YOU TO BE *GASP* there are actual other people that aren’t skinny and white?? Yes there are and they need to be noticed so please all I ask for is that there are more imagines and preferences that have thick/chubby and colored skin girls. I hope this changes some writers like I’m a writer myself and I write my imagines so YOU CAN IMAGINE YOURSELF!! No matter if your colored/not colored/skinny/chubby/thick/gay/straight what ever you are it feels like it’s you so please writers take this into heart thank you again I’m sorry.💜

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How would the guys react in being 'courting' by an old woman. And with old woman i mean to seventy to eighty. ^^

Ahaha ha omg
The chocobros reacting to an older woman’s advances

Noctis : He would be so dang confused, like… Is this really happening? Oh six, it is. UMM… He’d probably look to Ignis for help
Ignis : He’d be flattered, I mean no matter the age it’s nice to be admired But nope. He’d be polite but back away slowly.
Prompto : Prompto would straight up not realise what was happening. Like the possibility would not even cross his mind- old ladies are weird, right guys?
Gladio : He’d probably laugh it off but internally scream. He’d be just looking around for an excuse to leave.

The first member that came in my mind was Himchan :))


Yongguk : *cough* Excuse me miss, I have a question. There are 21 letters in the alphabet, right?

You : Umm…actually there are 26.

Yongguk : Oh yeah, I forgot u r a q t

Himchan : *very confident* I think I like like you. *wink*

Daehyun : Your face, I like that.

Youngjae : Listen….umm… when I look at you, my brain goes all stupid!

Jongup : *Looks at smudged writing on hand* ….  Je t’aime…?

Zelo : Wanna learn?

Can we just imagine Sirius and the rest of the Marauders watching Mean Girls

Like let’s be honest Sirius would be so obsessed with Mean Girls that it is unreal, he would go around quoting mean girls and referencing it any time he could. Also he would definitely be the one to give everyone their Mean Girls ‘roles’

Sirius: so we all know that we are the plastics and so Remus you are definitely Cady, cause you’re really smart and also really beautiful. Peter you are so Karen. We all know that I would be Regina so James that makes you Gretchen

James: umm excuse me, why are you Regina and why am I Gretchen? I am the ring leader of this group and look how long and big your hair is, it’s probably full of secrets

Sirius: okay but James, first of all I am the ring leader and top class bitch of this group, also Gretchin’s dad is a famous inventor, just like your dad, so you’re Gretchen. And we all know that Cady admires Regina

James: Remus admires me, right moony?

Meanwhile Remus is rolling the shit out of his eyes

Sirius: see I’m Regina, you’re Gretchen.

James: wait, what if I’m Janice and you’re Damian. I mean I’m just as sassy as Janice and you’re almost too gay to function

Sirius: James. You’re a genius.

Just imagine Sirius owling or floo calling James asking him to go out but James can’t go and Sirius just replying ‘boo you whore’
Or in class, when a McGonagall asks the class to answer a question so a student begins to answer but Sirius’s just shouts ‘SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE’
On October 3rd Sirius turning to Remus and asking what day it is and Remus through a sigh says ‘it’s October 3rd’ because he knows how much he loves it

Just the marauders going around quoting mean girls is my life

the thing that really fucks me up about people defending 50 shades is that even after you shoot down all their arguments of it being a non-abusive relationship, their last argument is that the third book explains why Christian Grey is like that. Like their argument is literally that his backstory excuses his abusive behavior. The fact that people think this is a good argument is fucked up. Fuck this book and fuck this movie.

Arashi “Miles away” Translation

Sorry if it’s already been posted somewhere, but I had a lot of spare time tonight so I decided to try translating a few of Arashi’s new songs starting off with Miles away ^^ Urgh, I’m fluent in both Japanese + English, but when it comes to translations, it’s a whole new different kind of art that I have yet to master. So it’s super loose and sometimes (most times?) awkward so please excuse me… If you’re looking for perfect, crystal clear translations theeennn umm click out! LOL Also, this song in particular has a lot of short phrases that either starts or ends with English words and I’m never sure if they’re supposed to be part of the phrase/sentence OR if it’s one of those random words inserted so I kind of made my own interpretations (Like “Freedom” and “Joyful”). I also tried to keep the English words in the same placement as much as possible. Anyway, enough rambling…enjoy if you do decide to keep on reading! :)

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Excuse me but not siding with every female character I lay eyes on no matter what is not misogyny.

Belle stans/ anti Rumple people, yes, that’s for you. Within the Rumbelle relationship and the myth it entails (the true love one I mean), Belle is wrong. She IS being verbally abusive and completely not understanding of Rumple in particular. Since I AM seeing Belle only as Rumple’s spouce and supposed true love and nothing else, I am going to judge her within those parameters.

Do I like seeing her only in regards to the Rumbelle relationship? Off course not. Is she written only in regards to that relationship? Unfortunatelly yes.

You are clearly missing the point of Rumple as a character if you believe he’s not a traumatised and bullied man who never got proper care for his psychological traumas. You’re treating him as “normal”, just the way Belle does in canon.

Just accept that you don’t care about Rumple as a character and move on without labelling people please. Thank you.

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CAN YOU CONTINUE THE INCUBUS JIMIN STORY (or make a new one?) IT'S AMAZING. I just found your blog and it's the best thing ever I swear.

You know, any continuation of that story from where it stopped would be smut, so I’m gonna use this as the excuse I’ve been needing to write incubus!Jimin smut. I basically extended that 3 sentence fic, so umm, here you go!
- Devi (๑◔‿◔๑)

[Warning: Explicit Content]

past midnight

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