and i was like umm excuse

my wife and I walk into the superclinic

my wife: I can’t remember the name of our doctor, who do I ask for?

me: Dr Vidya.

my wife: How can you remember that?! I can’t remember anything except that she looks a bit like Symmetra, just maybe a bit older. Do you think saying that would work? “Excuse me, I’m here to see Symmetra.” LOL

me: Um

me: I don’t think we want Symmetra as our doctor

my wife: Why?

Happier - Jughead Jones

Request: Hi there! I’ve been obsessed with Happier by Ed Sheeran lately. I was wondering if maybe you could do one where Jughead and the Reader broke up and Betty and Jug are together and maybe the readers a singer and she sings the song at a show or something? Thank youuu 💕💕 You writing is amazing btw

@satanwithstardust also wrote a fic based on this song, you should go and read it because she’s bae kthxbye :3 oh and uhh this goes out to… my mother! @betty-coopers-number-one-stan 

Warnings: saddish :c

Hope this was okay, and thank you so much!

Words: 2,302

It had been a month and you still found yourself huddled up in your duvet, trying to keep your mind off of recent events by listening to Hamilton and Divide on repeat. Said recent events included a certain boy who’s name used to make your cheeks heat up and your smile bloom wide. 

Currently, the name sent a spear of repentance, grief and anguish through you, practically embedding itself in your heart so you could hear it tear in two.

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Genre: Angst

Length: 4.2k words

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader/Jimin

Summary: You knew the relationship was falling apart, you just couldn’t accept it.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” Yoongi whispered.

I looked at him in disbelief. The tears that were threatening to fall soon enough shamelessly came and for a second I thought I felt my heart actually break. Deep down, I wanted everything to be a joke, I wanted this to be some sort of sick prank. But looking at Yoongi’s face, I knew it was far from that.

“Why did you do it?” I asked looking down. He stayed quiet, not daring to look at me, and after what felt like hours he took a deep breath.

“I honestly don’t know Y/N,” he began “I wasn’t thinking at all.” I let out a sob.. Wasn’t thinking? What does he mean he wasn’t thinking? Is he meaning to tell me that I didn’t cross his mind not once?

“I-It was more than just sex with her Y/N, as much as she seems to be bitch to everyone she isn’t bad. I don’t know what to do. I already lost so much by doing this.” He added as he turned to look at me.

My heart shattered. The only thing worse than getting cheated on is, having the person who cheated on you not wanting to fix it. We were invincible. Since I was 15 I vowed to commit to him and overcome any obstacles that life threw at us. Every fight we had was resolved by the end of the day because we never went to sleep mad at each other. But now, years later I never thought anything would change. And to be honest.. I was too naive to think this would last forever. Yoongi always had eyes for me, he always thought about me before he made a decision. Looking into the eyes of the love of your life and not seeing a spark anymore is heartbreaking. To feel like I was not worth fighting for anymore made me feel worthless.

“I love you Y/N, I still want you around.” Yoongi said breaking me out of my thoughts. “Even if we’re not together you will always be mine.” he added. My body went numb, my mind went blank. I looked at him and smiled. “I’ll never leave Yoongi.”

The next couple weeks were gloomy. Even though Yoongi never stopped talking to me, every night always ended with an argument, which resulted in him blocking me and ignoring me until he felt like talking to me again. Meanwhile I was constantly surrounded by a dark cloud that didn’t leave. I barely got out bed. And when I did, I would find any reason to go back to my hole of self pity. I didn’t eat much anymore and only got a couple hours of sleep at night. Constant thoughts attacked my mind telling me I wasn’t good enough to keep him, that he was better off without me, that I needed him. And as crazy as it sounds, I wanted him back more than anything. I wanted to have another chance to show that I can be a better girlfriend to him, better than her. I never asked about her. I didn’t want to know anything about her. The one girl who managed to make him do this. And from what I heard she wasn’t with Yoongi because she liked him. Anyone can tell she was just using him, but he was too blind to see that. She had him wrapped around her little finger and still slept with any guy she wanted, while Yoongi pretended that he didn’t know. And that’s what killed me.

It was around 10:30pm when Yoongi called. I mentally cursed at myself for answering so quickly, “Hey,” I said. “Hey babygirl, just wanted to hear your voice.” I could feel my face turn red and softly smiled at his words. “I miss you.” I said. For the next two hours we were on the phone and for once I was happy.

“Are you free tomorrow?” I ask. As much as I wanted to give him space, I wanted to see him.

I hear him heavily sigh and I already knew what was coming. “I’m sorry Y/N, I want to see you as much as you do but-” he mumbled. My heart sank and a feeling of sadness came over me. “Yeah I get it, she means more to you than I ever did.” I replied. “Please don’t start Y/N we were talking just fine.” he said.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. “News flash, I haven’t been fine since you chose her over me, you only knew her for a week.”

“STOP. Y/N goddammit don’t fucking start again.” He yelled out. I could hear his breathing increase and I knew him well enough to know he was pissed.

“Why are you doing this to me huh Yoongi? Was I that fucking horrible to you that you had to do this to me?” I cried. Again tears rolled down my face and I started sobbing.

“I’m not dealing with this tonight.” He said and hung up.

Fucking asshole. That’s what he’s good at, ignoring me and running away from his problems. I dialed his number again hoping he could pick up but soon realized he blocked my number. I began to panic knowing very well I wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight if he was ignoring me.

For the next hour I constantly called hoping he would unblock me but I had no luck. My sobbing increased and I began to feel suffocated in my apartment. I just wanted to run, I wanted to run until I couldn’t feel the pain anymore, I wanted to disappear. I knew I was pathetic doing this to myself. But I couldn’t help it, Min Yoongi destroyed me.

I couldn’t take being inside anymore and left my apartment to clear my head. It was almost midnight and although it wasn’t a good idea to be walking at this hour, I didn’t care. The night air made me shiver and I decided not to go very far considering it was cold. I walked to the gym right by my apartment and sat at the side of the building. I tried dialing Yoongi again, and sure enough he didn’t pick up. I put my phone back in my pocket and buried my face in my hands and cried. Why wasn’t I good enough for him anymore? Why am I still around for him begging him to come back when it’s not what he wants anymore? I was deeply in love with him to even think about moving on, and he knew that.

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be out this late crying.” A voice said, that made your head snap up.

My eyes met the face of a stranger, a very attractive stranger.

I quickly wiped my tears away and stood up backing away from him,  “Ahh I’m sorry” I replied flustered.

He chuckled, “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” I smiled at him. “That’s good to hear, but what could you possibly be doing out here this late?” I asked sarcastically.

He motioned toward the gym “I work here, on my break.”

I looked at him confused. “Isn’t it too late to for a gym to be opened?” I replied. 

“It’s opened 24/7, I work the night shifts.” He said. I nodded at him and sat back down.

“Now if you don’t mind me asking, why were you crying?” He asked.

I bit my lip and tried to come up with some random excuse. “Umm it’s just tha-” I started to say.

“Boyfriend troubles?” He blurted.   

I chuckled, “Something like that.”

“Mind telling me about it?” He asked.

I looked away sighing. “Honestly.. I’m not ready to talk about it just yet, but long story short he cheated on me.. and somehow I can’t let him go.”

“By the looks of you crying it seems like he doesn’t want the same.” He said.

“It’s.. complicated.” I answered, “He chose her but he still wants me around.”

He looked at me, “I know I barely met you but you shouldn’t give him the satisfaction of still being there for him. You’re worth more than that.”

Tears began forming and I nodded. We both sat in silence for what felt like forever until he stood and offered his hand to help me up.

“I hate to leave you alone but I have to get back to work.” He sadly said.

“Right, sorry.” I mumbled and began to make my way home.

“Before you go, I didn’t get your name” He said

“Oh right, it’s Y/N.” I answered.

He smiled at me, “Y/N, the name suits you.”

I laughed, “Thanks?”

“I’m Jimin by the way”

It was around three days later when Yoongi texted you.

“I miss you Y/N, I’m sorry about everything.”

I stared at the text for the longest time and debated on replying or not. And about an hour later I gave in and replied. This was a cycle, he always apologized after ignoring me for days, knowing I would be waiting. Dammit why was I so weak when it came to him? It was like he had me under a spell and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Can I come over right now?” another text read.

I answered a quick yes and made my way to the shower so I can look like I wasn’t miserable the past few weeks. About 30 minutes later he was at the door.

“Hey babygirl.” He said smiling.

I felt my cheeks getting hot “Hey Yoongi.” I said while leading him inside.

He took off his jacket and shoes and made himself comfortable.

I laughed to myself thinking back to memories when Yoongi would come over right after work tired and fall asleep on my bed. Or back to the first summer of us dating when he would be at my house and we would watch stupid reality TV shows, eating pizza, and enjoying each other’s company. Back when I was his everything, back when we were invincible. The older we got, the more I thought things were getting better. We were becoming more mature and we both knew what we wanted. A future together. I never expected months later for that to suddenly change.

I snapped back to reality when Yoongi cleared his throat. “Listen, I’m really sorry about-”

I stopped him, “No don’t worry about it, it was my fault.” I said quietly.

His face softened “No I shouldn’t have ignored you.”

“It’s fine..really.” I answered.

He forced a smile, “H-how have you been?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter honestly-”

“It does matter Y/N, even if you don’t believe it, I care so much.” He stated.

I started biting my nails, it was a really bad habit of mine. But whenever I get nervous I don’t know what else to do.

“You’re nervous.” He said.

I looked up embarrassed “I-I’m sorry.”

He cupped my face in hands and looked me in the eyes, “It’s me Y/N, your Yoongi don’t be nervous around me.”

He crashed his lips into mine and before I could process what was happening, I realized I was kissing him back. He deepened the kiss and before I knew it I was reaching to take his shirt off.

He stopped me. “Do you want this as bad as I do?”

I nodded and continued kissing him and led him to my bedroom.

I woke up hours later to the sound of Yoongi’s phone ringing. I groaned and nudged him to wake up to answer the phone. To my surprise however, he declined it. I shot him a confused look, “Shouldn’t you answer her?”

He shook his head, “I just want to enjoy our time together right now.” I smiled and he wrapped me in his arms. As much as I hate the situation we’re in, being with him is the only thing that can make me happy.

“I want to try and end things with her.”

My head snapped up at his sudden words, “Do you really?” I asked.

“I don’t know what I’m doing Y/N, I want to make things right for us so bad.”

“Yoongi, you know what to do to fix this.” I said softly.

He stayed quiet for a long time. I didn’t care though, just the simple words he said made me see that maybe just maybe.. it was worth waiting around for him. The sleepless nights, endless crying, everything could finally stop.

“I’m going to see her soon and I promise that I will fight for us.”

“Forever and always right?” I said.

“Forever and always.”

The next couple of days were a breeze. I managed to catch up on sleep which I’ve been so badly. I went out with friends after canceling so many times when I was down. Yoongi and I were talking just like before. I was happy. I knew it was going to take some time for us to get back together and I was happy to wait as long as he fought for us. Although I was waiting for the message informing me that he finally left her, I didn’t want to seem like I was pressuring him.

I was laying on my couch catching up on shows I’ve missed while eating ice cream, when I got a text from Namjoon asking to hang out. I smiled at myself and instantly replied telling him yes. My heart dropped suddenly remembering how much I have been shutting him out ever since this happened. Namjoon worked in the music industry and was extremely busy but he always made time for his best friend. We grew up together and he was always the one person I went to when I needed someone. Namjoon always acted like an older brother to me, a very overprotective brother I must add. When I first started dating Yoongi you can bet he didn’t approve, but as time passed he eventually accepted him. I instantly felt a wave of guilt realizing I hadn’t even told him about what happened between Yoongi and I. He knew me well enough to know that there’s something wrong just by the look on my face. I debated with myself on calling him and telling him that something came up, but I knew that would only make it worse- I never canceled on Namjoon, no matter how busy I was. Even though I wanted to avoid talking about it, I knew I had to tell my best friend. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my phone buzz besides me.

“Let’s go to dinner then? Usual place :)” the text read. I laughed to myself knowing that no matter how more successful he got, he still loved our tradition of going out for a greasy slice of pizza and a beer. I sent a quick reply and dashed to the shower to start getting ready. “Goodness Y/N what are you going to tell Namjoon?” I thought to myself. I knew I couldn’t keep this from him, he would only blame himself saying he wasn’t there enough. I quickly put together an outfit and applied makeup to look a bit more alive. Thirty minutes later, I was finally ready and out the door to my car. Well…it’s now or never.

I got to our favorite pizza place and ordered food for the both of us. Namjoon was always late, even if it was something really important. Ever since we were kids he had a habit of showing up late. I didn’t mind though and took our food to an empty table. I occupied myself with my phone and it wasn’t until 15 minutes later that he finally got here. “Y/N I’m so glad to see you!” Namjoon happily says. My face lights up and I immediately give him the biggest hug. “I haven’t seen you in so long!” I say as we both sit down, “I know I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy.” He replies with a slight frown on his face. I shot him a look, “Don’t worry, I understand just don’t forget about your best friend.”

“Never will” He says while taking a bite of his food.  I smiled and started eating, “So how’s work been?” “Tiring, busy, you name it.. I don’t care much since I’m doing something I love.” He happily replied.

“I’m proud of you and I’m so glad to hear that.” I say while taking a sip of my soda.

For the next hour we talked about memories when we were younger and catching up with each other. I completely forgot about what has been going on with me since I was so happy being with my best friend. That is, until the dreaded question came.

“So how are things going with Yoongi?” He curiously asked. My face instantly dropped and I frowned. “F-Fine, we are doing fine.” I quietly answered.

Namjoon raised his eyebrow at me and scanned my face long and hard, “You’re not telling me the truth.” He stated. I didn’t answer him and instead looked down and started biting my nails.

“You’re nervous Y/N what’s wrong?” At this point I felt the tears forming in my eyes and I felt like I was going to barf all the food I had just ate. I didn’t want to tell him, but at the same time I did. My heart was racing and my head felt like it was going to explode.

“Y/N what the hell happened?” He asked again. I sighed, “I just… we broke up but we’re trying to work things out.”

“Why did you guys break up?” He quickly asked.

“I don’t know.” I lied. I gulped hoping he would believe me but I knew there was no way he would. If I told him what Yoongi did, Namjoon would not let me anywhere close to him.

“Don’t lie to me Y/N.” I could tell he was losing patience.

“Namjoon-” I began.


“He cheated on me.” I murmured avoiding to meet his gaze.

Silence. For a while there was just silence. I refused to look up and say anything else. I was embarrassed, scared, I felt pathetic.

My head shot up when I heard Namjoon chuckle. I looked at him confused not knowing what to say, I met his eyes and boy was he pissed.

“You’re telling me that you’re willing to make things work with him again?” He rhetorically asked.

“I know you’re upset and I don’t blame you for it, but I’m willing to stay until he leaves her.” I mumbled.

His eyes widened and his face turned red, “LEAVES HER? You mean he left you for some girl? And you’re still around?” He started yelling.

Tears started falling down my face “Please don’t be upset.” I choked out.

He snorted, “Upset? Nope. I’m furious. It’s taking everything I have not to leave right now and kill that bastard.”


“No Y/N, I am not going to let you sit there and stick around until he decides to fucking value you. You deserve to find happiness and all he is doing is causing you pain.” I didn’t say anything and instead stayed quiet. He stood up and led me out the restaurant. “Let’s get you home.”

I nodded and followed him out, the cold air hit me as soon as we got out the door and I immediately regretted not bringing a sweater with me. I looked down on my phone and I saw missed calls from Yoongi. I bit my lip in confusion considering he never calls me. I decided I’d get back to him once I got home.

We made it to my car and I looked up at my best friend. Disappointment was written all over his face and I took a deep breath.

“Can we please talk tomorrow Y/N? I need to make sure you’re okay.”

“Of course. I’m sorry for ruining our night.”

He gave me a sympathetic look, “Stop, I haven’t been around much and I’m sorry for that. I promise I’ll be there more regardless of my job. I need to protect my best friend.”

I smiled at him, “Love you Joonie, get home safe?”

“Text me once you’re home alright?” He added while opening my car door.

“I will,” I said while giving him the biggest hug.

As soon as I stepped into my apartment I dialed Yoongi before doing anything else. To my surprise he didn’t answer and I frowned. I quickly sent him a text and got ready for bed. As I was just about to close my eyes, my phone rang. Groaning, I reached over and picked up without even checking who it was.

“Hello?” I groggily say.

“Y/N are you up?” The other person said and I instantly knew the voice.

“I was just about to fall asleep Yoongi, but what’s up?” I replied.

He sighed, “Can we talk?”

I frowned at the sound of his voice, “uh sure.”

“I’ll be at your place in 10 minutes.” And with that, he hung up.

Before I knew it there was knocking on the door and I immediately got up to open the door.

Yoongi looked tired, saddened, and just… different. He awkwardly walked in with his head down and I knew something was wrong. My stomach dropped, “What’s wrong Yoongi?” I whispered and reached out to hold his hand. He flinched and pulled back without looking up at me.

He let out a deep breath, “I’m sorry Y/N.”

And that’s when my world came crashing down again.

The sound of rain against my window helped distract me from my endless thoughts of pure emptiness. I continued to play with the food that I didn’t even bother to eat and sat in silence.

It had been weeks that I had a decent meal, much less smiled. I debated many times calling Namjoon, but I always fought against that thinking he was too busy. He checked in a couple times over text but I was good at feeding him lies on how I was okay. Although he was my best friend, I just didn’t want to burden him again.

The day Yoongi came, I knew he changed his mind about coming back to me. He still texted though, and I knew that I was hurting myself way more by still sticking around. Soon enough text messages came almost once a week and I could  tell he was distancing himself. What made things worse was that he flaunted his new relationship on social media, and that hurt more than anything. Yoongi was never one to brag about someone, unless the person meant a lot to him.

I was laying on my bed after coming home from a night with my friends and I was happy considering I haven’t felt this alive for about three months. I tried my best to shut the thought of him out of my head and I did what I thought was best… move on. I constantly told myself that nothing will bring me back to how I was when I was so low and needed to be strong. I was getting ready for bed and I checked my phone one last time before I decided to sleep.

And that was a big mistake. My heart dropped as I paused on a post Yoongi had uploaded of them together. I felt my throat close and tears well up in my eyes, fuck. Why the hell does this shit affect me so much? Before I knew it I was sobbing and all the feelings I was trying to avoid came rushing back. Without thinking I threw some shoes on and ran out my front door not caring how loud I slammed it. I was halfway down the street when I realized I forgot my phone and I sighed. I quickly figured I didn’t need it and continued walking. I eventually made it to the spot next to the gym I always came too and sat down breathing in the cool air. My mind began to wander and my thoughts were interrupted by a cough next to me. I shot my head up and met Jimin’s face. “Haven’t seen you in awhile.” He says. “Almost thought you got back with him.” He added. I looked away not responding, it’s almost pathetic how bad I wish that was what happened.

I heard him awkwardly sit next to me and from the corner of my eye I can see he was thinking on what to say next.  

“Please don’t feel sorry for me” I mumble while trying to blink the tears forming in my eyes.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked.

“Honestly? No. I don’t. I want everything to be okay with us, I want things to be how they were back then. I want him to be happy with just me.” I admitted. “Do you know how stupid I feel? How pitiful I look?”

“You’re not stupid for wanting that, you have every right to feel all these emotions. But Y/N please don’t let him have so much control over you. He’s not worth it.” He grabbed my face and made me look at him, “Please Y/N.” He pulled me in for a hug and just as I was about to answer him a deep voice beat me to it.

“What the hell is going on?”

I panicked quickly getting up and moving away from Jimin. “Yoongi?” I practically yelled.


author’s note: ahhh i really hope you guys liked it! I am not confident in my writing yet but i’m getting there! i wrote this after my relationship fell apart, and although I’m still getting over it, writing makes me feel so much better. 

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 7/?)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Can I just say that I always get sooo excited when someone comments on my imagines and I always want to reply and give you all hugs and say thank you but I don’t do it because I when I comment name of my other blog shows up so that would be weird and confusing lol
But yeah I see EVERYTHING and want to thank you a million times ❤
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    PART 5     PART 6

action moves like a month of so forward, somewhere around halloween

“You’re going to the Friday’s party, right?”, Jessica asked when we were warming up before dance on basketball game.

“Umm, not sure yet”, I smiled faintly.

“Excuse me? Y/N Y/L/N can’t not come for halloween party!”, Monty and Bryce were walking by us and clearly overheard.

“I’ll try my best to make it to the party, but I’m doing trick or treat with my cousin and definitely can’t cancel that”.

“You can bring you cousin to the party, the more girls the better”, Bryce sent me his probablly most disgusting smile.

“She’s six, you vein fuck”.

“Well, you can come after you will be done. Come on”, Sheri begged.

“I’ll try my best”, I repeated.

Two days later I was walking around the city with my cousin, she dressed as Joker, me as Harley Quinn and I wasn’t too amused about that, because half of the girls were dressed like Harley, but Trixie* is way too stubborn to fight with her about that. And it was actually cute how surprised she was everytime we passed someone dressed as Harley.

“Have you seen it?”, she whispered. “She was dreesed just like you!”

“I know!”, I made shocked face everytime. “But she doesn’t have this cool baseball bat“.

My dad said I can’t go around dressed like that without anything for selfdefence, so I borrowed Jeff’s bat.
I was walking around, joking with this little six-years-old nugget and didn’t even realised we went to Monty’s house until he opened the door.

“Hi, Monty”, I smiled when he opened the door.

“Trick of treat!”, Trixie shouted.

“Well, treat! You don’t mess with Joker, am I right? And who is your pretty friend?”, he smiled at me.

“It’s Harley. But just for today, normally she’s Y/N and she doesn’t dress like a hooker”, she said seriously.

“Trixie!”, I softly jerked her hand. “Where did you hear that word?”

“In tv”, she shrugged like it was nothing.

“You know, you probably shouldn’t use that word”, Monty crouched in front of Trixie and threw some candies into the basket. “Your mum might get really upset if she heard you say it”.

“Okay, I won’t.”

I was actually surprised how good Monty was with little child, because no one would expect that from typical jock and number one bully in school.

“You’re not at the party?”, I asked.

“I’m leaving soon”, he said as he was standing up. “Are you gonna show up?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll come after I’m finished. Oh come on”, I looked into Trixie’s basket. “You can do better than that, de la Cruz”.

He grinned at me and threw more candies into basket.

“Thanks! Cool!”, Trixie said excited.

“You’ll get some at the party”, he said quietly.

“Will it be trick or treat?”, I asked and bit my lower lip.

“You’ll see”.

Trixie jerked my hand. “Is that your boyfriend?”, she whispered but loud enough for Monty to hear.

“No sweetie, he’s not my boyfriend, just my friend, Monty”, I felt I started blushing.

“Okay”, she nodded her head.

“We’re gotta go, a lot of candies to get”, I smiled. “See you later. Trixie, say bye”

“Bye, Monty!”, she waved at him.

“Bye, girls”, he smiled. “Y/N, you look good when you’re blushing”, he said when we walked a little bit. I didn’t say anything, just shook me head and smile.

Three hours later I finally got to the party, went straight to the kitchen and made myself a drink.

“Where did you lost your Joker?”, Montgomery showed up next to me.

“This party wouldn’t handle Joker”, I laughed.

“You know, as much as I would like to take you upstairs or somewhere right, you should probably look for Jess. I think she and Justin had a fight”.

“Shit”, I rolled my eyes. “Thanks”, I smiled at him and took my drink.

I started looking for Jessica, but instead I spotted Justin talking to Zach, pointing at one place, and that was were I found Jess and Sheri.

“Okay, straight to the point, what happened?”, I asked.

“He’s just… ugh… I’m so tired of him!”, she shouted and drank her drink at once.

I sighed, grabbed her armed and made her follow my steps and we went to the Justin.

“What happened to you two?”, I asked Justin.

“She’s fucking psycho!”

“Can’t you just do one thing I ask you for?!”, Jessica screamed.

“Okay, I’m out”, Zach raised his hands and walked away.

“What did he do or didn’t do?”.

“I’m Nancy, he was supposed to be Sid”.

“I am Sid!”, he defended himself.

“Are you serious? Do you even have internet to check things?”

“Both of you shut up!”, I covered their mouths with my hands. “Okay, Justin you could have done a little bit better. But Jess, when you two stand next to each other no one has a doubt who you are. Sind and Nancy. Nancy and Sid”, I smiled.

“Really?”, she asked.

“Yeah”, I nodded my head. “Now, kiss”, I looked at Justin, who still looked pissed. “Oh come on, you can’t be mad at her for too long, we all know that”

He finally grinned and gave Jess a hug.

“Yay, Y/N, the peacemaker!”, Jeff came up to us and high fived me.

“Okay, Y/N, don’t freak out”, Sheri said with a tone that actually made me wanna freak out. “Don’t look but on your two o’clock is…”

Of course I looked before she even finished the sentence. “Oh, fuck”, I quickly turned my face.

“What? Who is that?”, Jess asked.

“My fucking scumbag exboyfriend, Sean”, my jaw instantly clenched. “Why is he even here? He already graduated, he wasn’t even in Liberty High”

“I think he came with Bryce’s cousin”, Sheri said.

“Fuck”, I tok a huge sip of my drink.

“Monty!”, Jess waved at de la Cruz. “Put your arm around Y/N”.

“What?”, me and Monty asked at the same time.

“He wraps his arm around you, it looks like you’re together and this Sean or whatever his name is won’t come anywhere near you”.

Her plan was pretty good, I had to admit.

“Put you fucking arm around me, Montgomery”, I said through my clenched teeth and so he did.

“He’s here?”, he asked shocked. “We all warned you, when you started dating him. First of all, you were freshman, he was senior, second of all he wasn’t even in Liberty…”

“And he was in our opponent’s basketball team”, Justin added.

“Oh, stop with the fucking basketball team, like it’s the most important part of the story”, I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, but what’s the story?”, Jessica asked, she didn’t know anything, because she wasn’t at Liberty High when everything happened.

“He banged her and she never heard of him again”, Justin said.

“We were official”, I said with sharp tone. “But yeah, he broke up with me right after we… you know”, I finished my drink with one sip.

“Okay, I’ll bring you another, cause I see you need one”, Monty took my empty cup.

“Thanks, lots of vodka, please”.

“I’ll kick his ass”, Jeff said very pissed, and Jeff is not a person who get pissed easily.

“Me too”, Foley added.

“No one’s gonna kick anybody’s ass, go outside, play some beerpong, we’re not making any scene”, I pushed to te backyard and stayed with Sheri.

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay”, she tried to cheer me up. “Monty might be, well, Monty, but he’s always there if someone needs him, and Sean can’t be that dumb, to come up to you when you have Montgomery by your side”.

“You’re probably right”, I sent her faint smile and turned around just to see that Sean was already right in front of me.

“Well hello, Y/N. You’re looking even better than when I last saw you, if that’s even possible”, he looked at me up and down.

“Yeah, that’s cool but I got somewhere to be”, I tried to walked next to him, but he took a step to the left and got in my way.

“Come on, don’t run away, we can sit somewhere and go down the memory lane, you know, good, old times”, he stroked my cheek.

“First of all, don’t touch me”, I flinched. “Second of all, there are no good, old times, leave me alone”.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin and Jessica coming to us, Jess tried to calm him down.

“Oh, come on, babe”, Sean rolled his eyes.

“She’s not your babe”, suddenly Monty stood next me and I felt like I started breathing again, even though I didn’t realised I had held my breath.

“Is she yours?”.

“She asked you to leave her alone”, Monty took a step towards Sean, so now he was separating him from me.

“Or what?”

“You really wanna see?”, I spotted Montgomery clenched his fists.

“You wanna do it outside?”

“Okay, okay”, I stepped between the two of them. “No one is gonna do anything outside, we’re not making scene”, I spotted Jessica holding Justin arm and Zach whispering something to Jeff. I also noticed music stopped playing, so now everybody’s eyes were on us.

“Oh, I see”, Sean chuckled. “Your whole protect committee is here. Jeff, Justin, Sheri… Everyone who comfort little, poor Y/N after her terrible boyfriend broke up with her”.

Monty got pissed and tried to took another step forward, but I stopped him.

“Monty, don’t”, I whispered. “Okay, Sean, it’s enough”.

I almost made Monty turn around and leave the room, but Sean just wouldn’t stop.

“Maybe if you weren’t so fucking boring in bed I wouldn’t break up with you after I fucked you two times”.

Justin got out of Jessica’s grip and this time I literally had to pushed Montgomery to stop him, only Zach could keep Jeff in place.

“Justin, don’t!”, I shouted and he stopped walking.

I turned to face Sean.

“The right word is “bored” not “boring””, I said calmly. “I was bored in bed. And maybe I wouldn’t be so fucking bored if there was anything to be excited about”, I took a glance at his crotch, making hints about size of his member worked on every guy if you wanted to shut him up. I turned back to Monty.

“Dumb slut”, I heard behind me.

Monty clenched again, his eyes were dark with rage.

“Montgomery, don’t”, I said softly and put my hands on his chest.. “Just drop it.”

“You let him talk to you like that?”, he whispered.

I smiled at him. What he didn’t noticed was that I was boiling inside. And that my hand was clenched in fist. I turned around and punched Sean right in the nose. Everybody’s jaws dropped. He put his hand on his face and when he took it away, still in shock, I punched him again.

“I don’t want to see you ever again!”, I shouted. “You hear me? Ever again!”, once I let my anger get out of me I just couldn’t stop and kicked him in the anckle. “Fucking scumbag!”

“Okay, that’s enough”, Monty grabbed me in my waist, pulled me up and carried me outside. 

“Put me down, I’ll fucking kill him. Montomery, put me down!”, I tried to punch him in his ribs with my elbow.

“Yeah, I’ll handle it”, he said quietly to someone, probably Jeff, cause we just went past him.

We left the house, Monty closed door with a kick and continued carrying me.

“Fuck you, Montgomery”, I shouted.

When we were far from people, he finally put me down, turned me, so I was standing face to face with him and he put his hands on my shoulders.

“Calm down”.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! Why you can get angry and beat the shit out of people, and I can’t?”, I looked at him

“Because you‘re better than that!”, he shouted and that stopped me for a moment. “You’re better than that”, he said calmly. “You’re better than me”.

He saw I was calmer, so he took his hands off my shoulders.

“You okay?”, he asked concerned.

“Yeah… I’m sorry… I acted like a fucking psycho”.

“Hey, hey, don’t apologize for it, the guy is a dick”.

“Did this punch at least looked good or was it that funny, pathetic show that girls always do when they hit someone with their funny little fists?”, I asked.

“Well, even though your fists are funnily small, the punch was actually impressive”, he nodded his head. “Not pathetic. At least until you kicked his anckle,then you started acting like a girl.”

“Whatever”, I rolled my eyes and realised my hand actually hurt a little bit, Monty spotted grin on my face.

“I’ll get you some ice”, he offered.

“No, just”, I touched his arm. “Let’s just… Don’t go inside for a few minutes”.

“What about your hand?”, he asked concerned. “It hurts and it’ll be worse, trust me”.

“It’s okay…”, I mumbled. I looked up because I heard door opening and saw Jeff, who carried a bag of ice. “Thank you, Atkins”, I smiled.

“We can murder him if you want, you know?”, he said.

“Nobody’s gonna murder anyone”, I rolled my eyes.

Door opened again and Zach, Justin, Sheri, Jessica and Bryce walked out.

“What the hell, dudes?”, Walker asked. “Y/N, you’re at a party fifteen minutes and you start a fight?”

“Oh God, you’re so stupid”, I sighed. “You should really pay more attention to who’s coming to your party, Bryce.”

“He’s my cousin’s friend from college and you’re acting like crazy bitch.”

“Have you even been there?!”, I asked loudly.

“Leave her alone, Bryce”, Monty said.

“Actually you know, Bryce, you and Sean would be great best friends as you both treat girls like trash”, I added.

Walker didn’t answear anything, just looked at me for a moment.

“Keep an eye on your chick, Monty”, he said finally.

“First of all, I’m not his chick, and what was that even supposed to mean?”, I asked.

“Just saying”, he shrugged and went back home.

“Fuck you, Bryce”, I shouted to him. “Did he just threatened me?”

“Come on, he’s just talking crap”, Justin said.

“No, Justin, he literally said to Monty to keep his eye on me”.

“For now, let’s focus on you keeping ice on your hand”, Montgomery took the bag of ice I hold in my left hand and put it on the right one.

“He threatened me, you all heard it”, I pointed at all of my friends.

“Let’s just all stay together for the rest of the night, alright?”, Jess proposed. “This party has gotten really fucking weird.”

And so we did, Monty really felt into this whole “put your fucking arm around me” thing, cause whenever Sean was seen closer than on the opposite end of the party, Monty’s hand automatically went on me. And when his arm wasn’t around me, he was in the kitchen making me a drink, to make sure my cup isn’t empty.

One thing led to another and after few drinks I was very, very buzzed and that makes me very touchy so as soon as right moment came I dragged Monty into first empty room and locked the door.

“Mont, do you know what time is it?”, I asked. “It’s a hook up time”, I answered my own question before he even opened his mouth , brought him closer by his neck and kissed.

At first he was a little shocked, what kind of surprised my drunk mind, it’s not like it’s the first time we were doing it, then he got into kissing for a moment, but when he realized I was slowly moving us towards bed, he moved away.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked.

“Babe, you’re wasted”, he said.

“So? If you don’t remember I also was drunk the first time we had sex”.

“You weren’t that drunk”, he crossed his arms.

“Like you care”, I snorted.

“Maybe you should take a nap”, he offered.

“I don’t want a nap, I want you to fuck me”, I said and put my arms around his neck. “Daddy?”

At this point he almost cracked, I could tell when he bit his lower lip and close his eyes.

“I don’t take advantage of drunk girls”, he said with his eyes still closed.

“Oooh, daddy has some morals?”, my thumb went up and down on the back of his neck.

He sighed, put his hands on my hips, kissed me and started moving us towards bed.

He laid me on bed  and the moment my head touched the pillow I felt how soft and comfy it was and how tired I actually was and that I couldn’t even bother to move my lips.

“Are you tired?”, Monty asked softly.

I nodded my head.

I closed my eyes, he moved me so I was laying on side and not on my back and covered me with a blanket.

“Take a nap”, he whispered and left the room.

It felt like a minute passed when someone kneeled next to bed.

“Hey, you’re okay?”, Monty asked.

“God, you left like a minute ago, let me nap”, I mumbled and covered my head with blanket.

Montgomery giggled. “Y/N, you slept for an hour”.

“What?!”, I quickly sat on bed.  

“It’s okay”, he smiled. “Here, I got you some water”.

“Thanks”, I took a glass from him and drank it all at once. “God, I feel like shit after that nap, why did you let me nap?”, I moaned.

“Because you were wasted”.

“I wasn’t that drunk. A little buzzed, but not wasted”, I rolled my eyes.

“I called you babe and you didn’t reply with your ‘I’m not your babe’”.

“Maybe I was trying to be nice?”

Montgomery didn’t answer, just bit his lips trying not to laugh.

“What? What did I do?”, I asked. “Monty, tell me”, I punched his arm.

“You called me daddy”, he said finally.

“No, I didn’t”, I said disgusted.

He nodded his head.

“Oh my God”, I laid back and again covered my face with blanket in embarrassment. “You know it wasn’t me talking? I was wasted”.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought”, he laughed. “You want more water?”

“No, I’m good. Thank you, Monty”, I smiled.

“You’re welcome”.

*Trixie - named after Trixie from show “Lucifer” on FOX, if you haven’t watch it, I hardly recommend it, very good shit and Trixie is my favourite.

Oh, sorry this one was mostly dialogues, but I kinda struggle with describing and that kinda stuff because english is not my first language (I really have to stop using it as an excuse for everything)


“Yes, that plan is great!” You jumped up from the couch agreeing with Stefan.

You, Stefan, and Damon were in the Salvatore Boarding House living room discussing a plan to go against the Mikaelson’s. Stefan’s plan seemed to be the only one that made sense.

“Umm. Excuse me. We are not going with my little brother’s plan. You would be going to actual suicide. Did you not hear that HIS plan causes YOU danger?” Damon practically yelled glaring at his brother. Damon would do anything to keep you safe and the last thing was to put you in danger. Stefan sighed at Damon’s response.

“Look, maybe it’s for the best. But It’s not like I won’t have vampires and witches around me keeping me safe” you explained reassuring Damon stepping closer to him but he shook his head.

“Are you really taking his side against mine?”

You rolled your eyes. "Damon stop. You know this is the only option we have” you said taking a stance against your boyfriend.

“No. It’s not not. Don’t you get it? I’m not losing you again” Damon ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. Stefan saw that it was getting personal between the two of you and nicely escorted himself out.

“But Damon you won’t” you said softly walking towards him and cupping his face. “Damon listen to me, I’m never leaving you again”

Damon looked up at you. His blue eyes had a different tint at the moment. It was soft and gentle. He was worried and you never saw this side of Damon.

Love at first sight (Jasper Hale x Reader)

—————————————- Fandom: Twilight —————————————- Warnings: none —————————————- Summary: You are the new member of the cullen family, soon to find out that you are also Jasper’s mate. —————————————-Authors note: This didn’t go exactly as planned and it is my first Twilight imagine but I hope you all enjoy it. I am excited to write more of this series in the future and I hope that you will send in requests for it.


You didn’t know how long you had been laying in the woods. Hours, days, weeks, none of it mattered once you so those incredulous golden eyes peering down at you with the waves of perfect blonde hair flowing as stared down. Something had connected between the two of you that no one yet understood. The strong arms of this beautiful creature carried you through the mountains and hills. You weren’t aware of where all you had been or how long it took to reach your destination, all you knew is that you were happy to get there.

Awakening on a soft bed with silk sheets, you opened your eyes and took a look around. You hadn’t a clue where you were. It was beautiful though. You sat staring out an open window. The entire wall across from you was a glass barrier between you and an enchanting forest.

  “Was this even real” you thought to yourself.

Only moments later the door of where you now rested opened to reveal a tall handsome man. Who, although was blonde, didn’t resemble the man from your dream.

“Your awake.” He said is a shocked tone as his eyes rested on you. He has walked over and began to examine you. Normally, you would push him away, but you were so confused at the moment you couldn’t think straight. He shined a light in your eyes and listened to your heartbeat with a stethoscope as you began to question him.

  “Yes, umm… who are you? And umm… where am I?” You asked in a pleasant yet confused tone.

“Right, excuse my thoughtlessness.” He smiled. You looked into his eyes, the same ones the boy from your dream had. “My name is Carlisle. I am a doctor here in the town Forks. My son was hiking out in the woods and found you almost dead. He carried you back to our place and we have been taking care of you ever since.”

  “Ok. So, how long have a been here? Am I ok now. I feel different than before. Almost, more powerful. Like I was reborn. Is that normal.”

“Well… when Jasper, my son, got you back here you were in a very bad condition. It may sound completely insane, but you just have to believe me. Alright?”

“Go ahead. I think I can handle it.” You grew more worried by the second.

Just as Carlisle was about to speak another figure appeared in the doorway. The man from your dream.

“She’s awake!” He rushed to your side. He had gotten there in a split second, much faster than anyone you had seen before.

“Could I ask another question? Am I on some type of drug or did he just get from there to here in a matter of .05 seconds!” You nearly shouted out of shock.

“You haven’t told her yet?” The boy, you now assumed was called Jasper, spoke.

“I haven’t gotten the chance. I will give you two some privacy.” Carlisle exited the room.

Jasper spoke first. “I’m sure, as you have heard from Carlisle, that when I found and brought you back here to him you weren’t in the best of health. Well, there is something strange that you need to know. It may sounds bizarre at first, but…” you stopped him in the middle of his sentence.

“I will have to understand. Carlisle told me that part. Could you tell me now, please.” You said, because you couldn’t wait any longer.

“We are vampires. When you got here, Carlisle knew that you would die soon if we didn’t do something. So we turned you. Please don’t get upset! I know it is a lot to take in…”

You stopped him yet again by laughing hysterically. “He couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.” You thought to yourself.

You then spoke,“ Could you tell me what actually happened now?”

He sat and stared at you without moving a muscle, but then broke the silence saying,“ Let me try to prove it to you.” Jasper walked over to a cabinet a rummaged through a drawer until he slid out a mirror and brought it over to you. “When I found you, I looked into your eyes. They were blue. You looked into mine at the same time, do you remember the color.”

  “They are the same as they are now. Not normally colored, but golden.” He held up the mirror after you had responded. You jaw dropped as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were the same as his.

Jasper spoke again, he has a southern twang in his voice,“ Try to stand up and walk around.” You stood up and took a step but instead of getting closer to him you had gotten to the opposite side of the room as quick as he had only moments before.

He chucked a little as how shocked you were. “Don’t worry, darling, you will grow to get used to it.”

  “Jasper, I do have one more question. If we had only just formally met, moments ago. Then why do I feel so attached to you. Like I have known you my whole life.”

  He smiled and walked towards you. Once he finally got to you he rested a single hand in your shoulder. “I’m not exactly sure about you, but even though we just met. I had been looked for you my entire life. There is a reason that when I found you, I couldn’t just leave you there even though I thought you might die. There is a reason that I had Carlisle turn you instead of letting go like most of his other patients. We have a connection. You are my mate, as we call it around here.”

You smiled. “Jasper, everything I have been told since I awoke either seems like it isn’t true or it is a complete fantasy. I surely hadn’t been sure of anything up until this point, but this, this I don’t even have to think about. I know that this is where I am supposed to be. Right here, with you.”

Before you knew it you were pinned against the nearest wall with Jasper’s soft lips attached to yours.

  “I am so relieved that you feel the same way.” Jasper said breaking the kiss.

You breathed heavily, taken aback by the kiss you had just received. “So what now?” You asked Jasper.

“You are staying with us from this point on. We will be spending quite a bit of time getting to know each other better.” He said as his hands roamed down your body and held onto yours. “First things first though, you must meet the full family.”

“So it’s not just you and Carlisle?” You asked curiously. He let out a breathe of laughter.

“Not exactly. Don’t worry though, they are going to love you.”

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You’re a Pipe Dream, Part 1

*Smoke Shop/Hippie AU (please see notes at the end)

Andrew Minyard was annoyed. He finally had some time to himself and he wanted to finish that book Bee had let him borrow at their last session. But of course today Nicky decided that they needed to visit the local smoke shop. Which made no sense. Nicky didn’t smoke; there was no reason why they needed to go. Kevin was irritable, too, because he didn’t want to leave the dorms but he could fucking suffer for all Andrew cared.

The shop was in a miserable strip of stores that were located a few streets away from the heart of the downtown shopping area. From the outside it didn’t look like much—correction—it looked sleazy as hell, the windows dark tinted, ads pasted and peeling from the glass. The sign looked like someone’s idea of “trippy”: wobbly black letters on a tie-dye background. The place was called Pipe Dream and it was, according to the sign, a “smoke shop & adult book store.”

Andrew stared at the store while Nicky fidgeted in the back seat.

“What are we here for, Nicky?” Andrew asked. “Hookahs? Porn? Illicit drug deals?”

Kevin slouched down in the passenger seat, arms crossed over his chest.

“I just want to pick up some stuff for the room,” Nicky replied evasively.

“We don’t need anything they’re selling,” Kevin stated, shooting Nicky a disapproving look.

“Guys, we’re already here, can we please go in? We look like creepers right now.”

Andrew scanned the mostly empty parking lot. Pipe Dream was bordered by a derelict tattoo parlor called Lowkey Tattoo, a chicken wing takeout, and a liquor store. Andrew could already imagine the types of people who would migrate to this spot, hitting up one shop after the other and ending the night wasted, watching porn, sporting an ill-advised tattoo, and getting indigestion from 3am chicken wings and hot sauce.

“Yeah, we’re real creepers,” Andrew drawled. But he got out of the car, pocketing his keys and stretching. At the very least this should be amusing.

Nicky led the way, followed by Kevin, with Andrew bringing up the rear. A bell chimed as each of them crossed the threshold. The shop smelled strongly of incense, with a barely detectable undercurrent of pot. Andrew glanced around the space, taking in the layout and looking for threats. The only person was the guy sitting behind the counter. Once Andrew noticed him he had a difficult time looking away. The kid was cute; his curly hair dyed a deep violet that drew attention to the freckles on his cheeks. His eyes were black and Andrew instantly pegged that the kid was wearing contacts. He had gauges with skull plugs and a wicked little lip piercing. The only problem was the guy’s wardrobe: an oversized Grateful Dead t-shirt and worn jeans.

Andrew kind of hated the whole hippie throwback culture. In his opinion the good times that so many of his illogical classmates idolized never actually existed. If people wanted to do drugs, sleep around, and chill then they should just do it and not make it all about reliving the Golden Years that not even their parents experienced. Which meant that Andrew was already predisposed to dislike the guy, good looks notwithstanding.

“Hey,” the guy said, “let me know if I can help y’all find anything.” He was going for a southern accent but it didn’t quite work. Maybe it would have fooled most people but it didn’t fool Andrew. Dyed hair, contacts, fake accent…who was this kid?

“Thanks,” Nicky said cheerfully. He started browsing the shelves of merchandise, peering into the cases like he might actually buy some of the pipes displayed. His eyes strayed to the room in the back, the one separated from the rest of the shop by a beaded curtain and the handwritten sign declaring it off limits to anyone under the age of 18.

“Did I really bring you here so you could buy porn?” Andrew asked Nicky. He didn’t bother to whisper and Nicky blushed, shooting embarrassed looks towards the guy at the counter, not that the kid was paying them any special attention. Kevin snorted and shook his head.

Guys,” Nicky hissed, “shut up.”

“Oh no, Kevin, Nicky is mad at us!” Kevin started snickering. It really wasn’t that funny but whatever.

“Y’all are the worst,” Nicky muttered, and walked purposefully into the over 18 room. Andrew followed out of boredom and Kevin followed him out of necessity. Andrew snuck a peek at the worker dude but he was seemingly engrossed in some magazine.

Nicky started browsing the shelves of eclectic DVDs, but not with any real interest. Andrew had a sneaking suspicion that Nicky had some ulterior plans at work but so far he hadn’t figured it out. Kevin was examining a pinup of a very voluptuous anime girl being attacked by tentacles. Andrew did not get the appeal but apparently other people did because there was a small section labeled “hentai” in the corner.

“Kevin, if you buy that you are not putting it up in the dorm,” Andrew warned.

“What?” Kevin startled, looking almost ashamed. “No, umm, I was trying to see who the artist is. I think I recognize the drawing style…”

Andrew shook his head once, not buying that excuse at all.

“Oh my god!” Nicky squealed. “You guys! There’s Supernatural porn! How did I not know this existed? Look! Look!” He was holding up a DVD case with a man wearing a trench coat, angel wings, and nothing else. A strategically placed pizza box covered his junk and the title was The Pizza Man Cums. Nicky was beaming like he had found buried treasure. Andrew had seen enough; he left the two college boys to their fantasies and went to see what the smoke shop sold that wasn’t porn or sex toys.

The guy at the counter looked up and offered a small smile. “Need any help?” Andrew drifted closer, pretending to look at the lighters displayed at the counter. Some of them were really cool, much better than the disposable Bics he carried.

“This one’s pretty nice,” the guy said, picking up a sleek black lighter. He thumbed the wheel back and a green flame shot up. The kid stared into the flame with an intense look on his face and Andrew used the moment to read his nametag. The word RAIN was written in neat capital letters. No way was that his real name.

Andrew reached out and took the lighter, his fingers brushing against the other guy’s for a moment. A small skull was etched into the metal.

“How much?” Andrew asked.

“It’s $20. Want me to hold onto it while you look around?” The kid’s eyes were so…haunting. It had to be the black contacts, merging the iris and pupil together in a seamless circle of darkness.

“I don’t need anything else. Unless…” Andrew’s attention snagged on the cigarettes. They were all imports, lined up above a selection of pipe tobacco and flavored shisha. Andrew recognized some of the brands, not that he had a lot of time or interest to be any sort of connoisseur. “Can I get a pack of the Black Devils, chocolate flavor?”

The guy retrieved the pack and put it on the counter next to the lighter.

“You know, smoking will kill you.”

“You work in a smoke shop…” Andrew gestured at him.

“Rain, my name’s Rain,” the kid supplied. He was grinning in a way that Andrew felt was completely uncalled for.

“Yeah, okay. I’m Andrew.”

“Andrew,” Rain smiled again. “Are you a student?”

“Uh-huh. You?”

Rain shook his head, spending those purple curls falling over his forehead. If Andrew just focused on him from the neck up he could forget about the kid’s awful wardrobe.

“You’re not in high school are you?” Andrew didn’t think underage kids could work in a place like this but you never could tell.

“Oh, no! No, no. It’s just, college isn’t in the cards right now, if ever. Life. You know.” Rain’s voice was disingenuously light; he was trying to act like it didn’t matter to him but clearly it did.

Kevin took that moment to join them. His hands were empty and Andrew sneered at him.

“It’s okay, Kevin, I won’t judge you for your hentai fetish,” Andrew said. Kevin scowled and glared at him, then at Rain, who was trying to hide his smile.

“Look, man, I don’t judge, either. I’ve seen a lot of strange shit and trust me, hentai barely makes the list.”

Andrew gave Rain an appraising look. “Oh? What kind of ‘strange shit’?”

Rain shrugged. “I’d rather not say.”

Nicky had also emerged from the room and was poking around the store. He eventually joined them at the counter and set down his findings: sandalwood incense, a gay pride flag, a poster of Johnny Depp playing the piano, and the Supernatural porn. Rain rang it up without comment and put it in a purple bag that had the store’s name printed on the front.

Andrew paid for the lighter and cigarettes. For some reason he wanted to linger but then Kevin started huffing and complaining.

“Jesus, Andrew. You need to quit that stuff. You’re an athlete, you can’t perform your best when you’re poisoning your body like that.” Andrew flipped Kevin off. He had heard this ad nauseam.

Rain raised his eyebrows, glancing back and forth between Kevin and Andrew.

“What sport do you play?” he asked.

“Exy,” Andrew, Kevin, and Nicky replied in unison.

Andrew could have sworn that Rain’s skin paled.

Part 2 Part 3

[Notes: I’ve been thinking about alternate stories for Neil’s years on the run and I thought, what if Mary had gone way off the grid and they hid out in communes and farms around the world? And then I thought of Neil posing as a hippie kid named Rain. The smoke shop inspiration is from an actual shop in the town where I live called Pipe Dream. No lie. I have not been to this shop because it really does look super sketchy. My town has a high number of vape stores and smoke shops, one of which doubles as an adult bookstore. Last thing to note: I’ve never written from Andrew’s POV and I just wasn’t sure about the tone? I’m not sure exactly where this AU is going but I have some ideas!]

Exo's reaction when a random guy hints on their S/O

Request said: Exo reaction when a guy can’t take a hint that their crush/ SO dont want that guy.


Xiumin: You guys were at the coffee shop and Minseok told you that he was going to the bathroom. You sat down in a nearby table and waited for your boyfriend to come. You were scrolling down in your phone, when suddenly a random voice says “Hey pretty girl…wanna hang out sometime” . “No” you said without looking at the guy. “Why sweetheart, you haven’t seen my face” he said. “I said no!. I have a boyfriend” you said meeting his eyes. The random guy was about to say something, but he was cut off by Minseok saying “Haven’t you heard her!..Move!” 

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Suho: You guys were just waking down the streets of Hongdae  and you guys decided to stop in a nearby shop. Suddenly, a guy approaches to you, Suho didn’t noticed because he was so distracted looking around the place. “Hi, sweetheart” the guy said. “Umm… Hi” you said. “I was wondering if you could ditch your friend over there and go hang out with me?” the guys said while winking. “No” you said and started to walk pass the man. He janked your hand and said “Honey, I don’t think you can escape me” he said while strongly holding your arm. “Let me go!” you said struggling. Then Suho came to your side and janked your hand from the mysterious man and said “Get lost!” 

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Baekhyun: You guys were just enjoying your ice creams. When suddenly, this college guy approaches. You thought that he recognized Baek, but when he didn’t go straight to him but to you, you kind of wondered what he wanted. Maybe he wanted you to take a picture with Baek. “Hi…I been starring at you for a while” he said facing me. Baek was confused. “Would you like to go out…Like now?” he asked. “No..I have my boyfriend right here” you said pointing to Baek. “Him?” he said laughing. “What’s wrong with him?” you asked angrily. “Oh..Honey I could treat you better” he said, you were about yell to the the guy who just insulted your boyfriend but Baek said “Seriously, just get lost..she doesn’t want you. She wants me” Baek said while taking your hand and smirking to the guy. 

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Lay: You guys were just enjoying the afternoon at a nearby park that you had close to your apartment. You guys were laughing and enjoying yourselves.  Out of nowhere, a nice looking guys was sitting at your right side. “AH… you scared me” you said looking to the guy. “Sorry, I didn’t meant to scare you” he said sounding sincere. “Umm…is fine” you said and you were about to turn your attention back to Yixing but the guy grabbed your hand and started running with you, you started to scream and struggled to get out of his grip. “You know I’ve been watching you for a while and I like you a lot” he said. “Look I know this isn’t the right way to ask you out but…” he said. “Just let me go, you freak” you said with all your anger and fear. “ What did you just said, bitch” he said, he was about to hit you but someone grabbed his hand and said “Mess with someone of your own size…Haven’t you heard she doesn’t want you!” said a screaming Yixing. The guy let you go and you quickly crumbled to Yixing’s chest..making him soothe you until you felt better. 

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Chen: You guys were at a restaurant and Chen had to go the bathroom. You were left alone, for a few minutes. Your dishes came and since your didn’t wanted it to get cold, you started to eat quick. A guy sits on Chen’ chair. “Hi, beautiful” said a guy with a bottle of wine.  He called at a waiter and the waiter came, he asked for two wine glasses. “Umm…excuse me but do I know you?” you said asking the guy. “No but I think you’re irresistible” said the guy liking his lips. A chill came down to your spine and you wished for Chen to be already here next to you. “I got no interest on you, so could you please leave me alone” you said. “I don’t think I could do that” he said smirking. You better leave or I’ll call the cops on you” said a familiar voice. “Chen” you whispered feeling so happy that he finally came. The guy quickly left  “Thank you for the bottle of wine” screamed Chen.

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Chanyeol: You guys were entering over to the largest candy shop in Seoul, you were so happy that Chanyeol took you there. “Look…” you said excited pointing out to your favorite candies. Chanyeol would smiled and say ‘cute’ every time you said it. You were about to tell something, to Chanyeol but he suddenly wasn’t next to you. “Looks like you got ditched, love” said a guy smirking. You didn’t responded you just ignored him. You were about to walk and look for Chanyeol but the guy grabbed you hand and said “Hey, I am talking to you” he was annoyed. “Look, I don’t usually do these kind of stuff. But I can’t help but look at you..I’ve been following you around for weeks” he said. “WHAT!” you said. “Yeah” he said sounding confident about it. “Well and I am ready to take you now” he said. “I am not going anywhere with you….I don’t know you … and all I could see is that your a psychopath!” you said. “Just leave me alone” you added and started to run and the guy did the same. Suddenly you bumped into someone, you quickly began to apologize and was about to take off again but the voice stopped you “Y/N…are you look like you saw a ghost or something” Chanyeol said “Chanyeol..” you said as you hugged him tight. “There is this guy..a creepy guy after me” you said almost to the point of crying. “There you are!” the crazy guy said. “Excuse me…who the hell are you!” said an angry Chanyeol. The guy laughed. “I just want her” he said pointing to me. “You won’t have her!..she is mine…besides…I think you’ll have fun in the place I called for you” Chanyeol said pointing to the police guy behind the crazy guy. “So you knew” you said  feeling relieved. 

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D.O: You guys were walking around the park. The park was a little bit crowded than usual. You got distracted watching the lake and the beautiful scenery. You were amazed by it, that you totally forgot about your boyfriend. “Beautiful, isn’t it” said a unfamiliar voice. “Yes” you simply said. “So…I was wondering if you liked to have fun tonight” the voice said. “Umm….How about a no!” you sassed him. “You’re sassy and I like that!” he said moving closer to you. “Could you please move away, a bit…” you said biting your lip and feeling very uncomfortable. “How about a no!” he said mocking you. “Are you mocking me” you said with anger in your tone. “Gosh…you got the whole package that I am looking for…You turn me on girl” he said smirking. Suddenly a familiar voice came from your side. “Touch her and I’ll kill you!” Kyungsoo said angry. The guy quickly knew  left without a word. “I was so concerned about you…Y/N don’t ever do that again..Look what would've happen” Kyungsoo said.“I am so sorry” you said while you get to hug him and let out the tears that you been holding in. 

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Kai: You guys were dancing at a club when suddenly, Kai wasn’t dancing by your side anymore. ‘Where could he had gone?’ you asked yourself. Suddenly, you felt a pair of arms touching your hips and you immediately thought of Kai. You kept dancing and when the guy turn you around to face him, it wasn’t Kai…it was another guy. “Hey, babe” said the guy. “Um..Hello could you please let go off me..” you said. He quickly let go of your hips. You were about to leave but the guy grabbed your wrist. “Where are you going?” said the guy. “ I thought we had fun” he added. “I thought you were someone else” you said, he let off his firm grip and you just walked away but half way to your table, the guy again grabbed your wrist “what do you want?” you said annoyed. “You” said the guy. He was about to kiss you but luckily Kai came your side and snatched you from the guy. “Get yourself an another women cause she is mine” said an angry Kai.

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Sehun: You guys were at your favorite Boba shop. You guys ordered what you wanted and waited for the order to be completed. “Babe, I am going to look for my phone..I left it in the car” said Sehun. “Again” you sighed. “Okay, go” you added. While you waited for your boyfriend to come back, you got called to pick up your order. While you grabbed and walked back to your table, a guy came to your side and followed you and said “I think you boyfriend is cheating on you..what a waste” he said looking into your eyes. “Do I know you?” you asked. “NO” he said. “Okay…then why are you talking to me?” you asked. “Because I think you are pretty, and cute and you deserve so much better.Maybe a guy like me?” he winked while he said it. “I pass” you said while you put your stuff at the table. “How about we ditch your boyfriend and you go on a date with me” he said sounding persistent. “No” you said avoiding eye contact. “But” the guy started to say. “Psh..she never go out with you..Plus she has me” said Sehun. 

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This has been rolling around my head all night, I had to get it out.

It had been three months since Homecoming, three months since everything had changed. F.P had been proven innocent thanks to what Sheriff Keller called “The Scooby Gang” and their endless hunt for the truth. Jughead was living back home with his father and the man in question had been sober since his arrest, things were different for Jughead, not a bad different, the opposite in fact, just… different. That’s not to say Jughead was happy, no not at all, the young, beanie wearing boy was miserable, depressed and more lonely than he ever had been. He had lost his girlfriend three months ago, the most important thing in his life was now .. out of his life.

After the gang had proven F.Ps innocence Betty had done everything in her power to distance herself from Jughead, she almost never went into the Blue and Gold office anymore and her and Kevin ate lunch away from the group, claiming it was just too crowded. She was always doing something, when she wasn’t busy with cheerleading she was planning events for Riverdale high or finishing off assignments for Blue and Gold. He could tell she was run dry, he stared at her almost constantly, hoping one day she would return his eye contact, she would be able to see everything he felt, everything he never got to say. The craziest part?

F.P was always talking about the visits Betty payed him. The beautiful blonde would bring plates filled with food to his fathers trailer, endless amounts of Tupperware and home cooked meals now filled the fridge. His dad would say
“Well, who needs scotch, I’ve got a new vice, Betty’s blueberry pie.”

She never came by when Jughead was around, he would leave for an hour and come home to a kitchen table filled with baked goods and casseroles, His father shrugging apologetically while stuffing his face. She always seemed to know when he wouldn’t be home, it was like she had a meticulous schedule detailing when she could stop by and avoid her ex boyfriend. It drive him absolutely nuts.

So that’s why when the delicate knock rang through the trailer walls, Jughead thought nothing of it, probably just another one of F.Ps friends looking to borrow money. He sat back down in his bed debating on whether or not to close the door, he hated hearing grown men beg.

He instantly bolted upright though, when he heard the delicate voice he had grown to love

“Hi F.P, so I’m trying a new recipe, I know you hate strawberries but you have to try this tart, I think you’ll love it, oh and I patched up Jugheads winter jacket, I couldn’t find the same color thread, but I think I got a pretty close match.”

Sticking his head out of the doorway, his body covered by the wall, Jugheads eyes widened, she was here? She must not know he’s home, he caught his fathers eyes and shook his head frantically, he didn’t want him to say anything, let him just have this, he just wanted to see her, hear her voice.

“Betty you spoil us, you know you don’t have to do all this, me and the boy are okay here on our own.” He said softly, helping her carry shopping bags to the table.

Betty rolled her eyes
“I like feeding you guys, and Jughead is in a very important developmental stage right now, he can’t live off of hamburgers. He used to love when I made him my homemade garlic bread.. I um I put a loaf in there for him.” She cleared her throat, eyes suddenly sad and distant.

“What about you?” His father asked “ your too skinny girl, are you eating at all? Jughead mentioned how busy you’ve been. Got another dance coming up I heard.”

Betty nodded slowly “it’s good to keep busy, keeps my mind off of things, and yes the end of the year dance, I’m organizing it.”

“Excited?” F.p asked digging into the brownies before him,

Betty snorted
“No, I don’t think I’ll be staying. Dances don’t usually work out too well for me, my experiences haven’t been great. I just have to go and make sure everything’s in order and you know my mom, any excuse to dress me up like some Barbie doll… is umm.. do you know if Jughead will be going?” She asked shyly.

F.p glanced over her head as Jughead nodded enthusiastically. If she was gonna be there so was he.

“Sure is, the boy said he couldn’t wait to see you in your dress” F.P wiggled his brows and smiled as Betty blushed.

“I don’t know about that.” She whispered.

God Jughead loved her blush.

“ I better go, last minute dance preparations, Veronica wants to model her dress for me.” She rolled her eyes, grabbing her purse from the floor. Before she left the house F.p called after her

“Betty?” She turned around “save a dance for Jughead okay?” He asked

Betty stared at the older man for a second before whispering


As soon as the door closed, Jughead threw himself back onto his bed and squeezed his eyes shut. He missed her, damn did he miss her, everything about her.

He vaguely heard his dad enter the room

“ get that girl back son” he stated before closing the door.

He was going to. He was going to get her back.

The next day at school flew by, Jughead didn’t even get a look at Betty, he saw her in blurs, a flash of pink and blonde as she ran through the halls. When the final bell rang Archie approached him and slapped a hand to his back,
“Ready for tonight?” He asked

Jughead took a breath and nodded
“I’ve been ready.”

Archie smiled sympathetically
“Nothing unexpected will happen, I’ll make sure of it ,Veronica’s gonna get Betty alone and then you swoop in.”

Saying goodbye to Archie, Jughead made his way home, his heart racing in anticipation, it was gonna be a long night.

Standing in front of the auditorium doors, Jughead looked to his right, three months ago in this spot, he had lost the most important thing in the world to him, he was gonna make it right. Make it better. Adjusting his tie, he walked through the doors, instantly spotting Archie and Veronica, both huddled around someone. Here goes nothing.

Veronica tugged on Archie’s hand, moving him aside so Jughead could get a good look at the beautiful blonde. She was perfect. As much as she hated that word, there was no other option, she was the physical embodiment of perfect. The dark green of her dress, perfectly matching his tie thanks to Veronica. The green in her dress made her eyes pop and he couldn’t look away when his eyes met hers, her silky blonde hair was in long waves brushing her shoulders and he wanted to touch the space that her strapless dress left bare. God he needed her.

Clearing his throat Jughead made his way to a wide eyed Betty as her friends slowly backed away
“Hi” she whispered, looking down

“You look beautiful, you look…” up close he couldn’t form sentences, she was too damn gorgeous.

She blushed, smiling shyly
“Thankyou. I like your tie.” Her tiny fingers reached out to play with the silky material before she stopped half way, unsure whether she should touch him, he took advantage of the situation pulling her fingers towards him and resting her open palm on the space between his heart

“Will you dance with me?” He asked, the intensity in his eyes making her shiver before she whispered


He led her to the dance floor and pulled her against his chest, burying his face in her hair smelling the familiar peaches and cream that he had missed so dearly. This was his home, his everything, and he wasn’t letting go.

“Jughead, what are we doing” he heard her whisper against his chest. He pulled away partially, meeting her eyes “ I think it’s called dancing, I could be wrong.” He smirked

Betty giggled and smacked his chest
“Funny” she rolled her eyes

Jughead grabbed her hand again, pulling it back to his chest

“I miss you.” He started seriously, watching her eyes soften “I miss you so much it hurts sometimes, I know I’m an idiot, I know I hurt you, and I’m so sorry for that. But.. I need a second chance, I can be what you need. You’re everything I need.” He whispered dropping his forehead against hers and blinking back tears as hers fell freely down her face

“Jughead” she whimpered

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere, never again. Please.. just give me a second chance.”

Looking up with watery eyes, Betty placed her hands on either side of Jugheads face

“Always” she whispered, before bringing her lips to his.

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They got distant in front of cameras in 2013 but it's nothing like how distant they've been from 2015 onward (which is when I think Lauren started dating the gf). Since then they really have zero interaction whereas before they were still interacting somewhat. So I don't think it's a coincidence that they drifted apart when Lauren got seriously involved.

Umm excuse me? 2015? No interactions?? 

First half of 2015 they looked like a couple in love trying to hide it and failing miserably (nothing new) and second half they looked like a couple who just broke up and don’t know how to act around each other cause they’re obviously still fucking in love.

And also that fucking picture!!! How do you explain that fucking picture?!

Male idol: *breathes 2 feet away from band member*
het cis fangirls: oH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT OH MY GOD THEY ARE DATING THEY LOVE EACH OTHER !!!!1!!1!111!!! I SHIP IT !!!!1!!11!!!!
queer fan: maybe this idol isn’t completely straig-
het cis fangirls: umm excuse me sweaty why are you asuming his sexuality you can’t do that that’s rude :)

  • [The squad is helping Goten fill in his online dating profile]
  • Trunks: Let's talk about your likes and dislikes. Umm... how about your favorite food, what would that be?
  • Goten: Oh, milk-steak.
  • Trunks: Hmm?
  • Marron: Excuse me?
  • Uub: What?
  • Goten: Milk-steak.
  • Trunks: I'm not putting milk-steak.
  • Uub: Just put regular steak and then-
  • Goten: Don't put regular steak, put milk-steak, she'll know what it is.
  • Trunks: No she won't know what it is! Nobody knows what that is. Okay, alright what's your favorite hobby?
  • Goten: Uhh... magnets.
  • Uub: Wha-like making magnets, collecting magnets?
  • Marron: Playing with magnets?
  • Goten: Just magnets.
  • Trunks: I'm just gonna put snowboarding. We'll just put snowboarding.
  • Goten: I don't really snowboard.
  • Trunks: What are some of your likes?
  • Goten: Uhh... ghouls.
  • Marron: Son of a bitch. What are you talking about?
  • Goten: Just funny little green ghouls.
  • Uub: W-What like in movies, or in cartoons?
  • Goten: Little green ghoul buddies!
  • Marron: Don't write ghouls!
  • Trunks: I'm not! I'm putting travel! Kami! What are your dislikes?
  • Goten:
  • Goten: People's knees.
  • Trunks: Oh come on dude! Come on!

Okay. NEW SERIES! I had to do it because my love for AJ is beginning to over take my whole life. I did this one based off an AU prompt that’s been floating around. Basically the OC has an antique necklace that her grandma gave her that’s got supposed special powers to find her soulmate. She obviously doesn’t believe that, until she meet AJ Styles (the man she’s been crushing on for a while now), in person for the first time and something odd happens.
I hope you all like it!

Tag list: (Shield sisters get tagged no matter what. Even if they don’t like AJ, *Cough cough* Asylum *Cough, cough*) @i-kneel-for-king-loki @straight-outta-the-asylum @livingthestrongstyle @the-geekgoddes @geekoftv @planetahmane @ajstylesworld @littledeadrottinghood @thatwrestlingfan91 @lovemybtrboys @wrestlingbabe @xstylesxclashx @littlebluespoon @gurimujox @superrezzy00 @stardustmoonlightflower @blondekel77 @pjanina13 @wrestlingnoob @lady-laura-speaks @phenominalstyles @caffeineandreveries

Warnings: FLUFF
Word Count: 2869 (whoops)

Chapter One: Electricity

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Tom Holland Imagine: Girlfriend? What girlfriend?

Summary: You and Tom are both finally getting some recognition in Hollywood. Tom also can’t keep is mouth shut so Marvel gives him a fake girlfriend so he has excuses when he goes places. That girlfriend being you.

A/N: Making this up as I go… as usual… bear with me (Also, I haven’t taken Latin in years so give me break if some of my mythology is wrong. Seriously, I will fight you if you try and be the smart ass the corrects me.)

Warnings: none


Tom’s POV:

“I don’t understand why I have to go on this stupid date…”

“You can’t keep your damn mouth shut, that’s why.”

I glared at Harrison as he flipped through the pages of his magazine. He sighed before closing it.

“Look, mate, it’s not even like Y/N is unattractive. She’s actually quite the opposite. She’s stunning, really. And maybe this "relationship” can put you on the radar of some more casting directors as well.“

"I just don’t like hurting my fans. They all support and love me so much and I don’t want them to be hurt when they find out about Y/N and I.”

“If they’re really your fans, they’ll support you. Now promise me you won’t be a dick and piss her off.”

“I promise…”


Your POV:

“This is so stupid. Why am I being forced on this date just because he can’t keep his mouth shut? How does this benefit me? All that’s gonna happen is a bunch of teenage girls are gonna send me death threats!”

“Y/N, it’s all about publicity. Tom is a very well respected actor and he could do you some good. He can make you look desirable which is what we want if you want to land that role.”

I rolled my eyes at my agent. I put in my last earring as I smoothed my hands over my dress.

“He better be pretty damn charming or I’m gonna kill you.”

“Trust me, once you see him, you’ll be thanking me for weeks.”

Then the doorbell rang. I looked at Kasey with wide eyes. She sighed and signaled for me to get the door.

I slowly walked over and opened it up to reveal who I assumed was Tom.

Okay, so Kasey had been right about him being attractive but that means nothing if he’s a total asshole.

“Y/N? I’m Tom.”

“Hello, Tom. It’s nice to meet you.”

Tom held his arm out for me to take. He led me to a cab and held the door open for me.

Okay, he gets a point for that.

I smiled at him as he helped me in before shutting the door and walking around to his side.

“So, what are we doing tonight?”

“Well, we need to be seen so I got us tickets to see Hamilton if that’s alright with you?”

“Hamilton!? Are you serious!? We’re seeing Hamilton!?”

“Yeah, I thought it would be fun. I’ve also only learned about the revolutionary war from the UK’s perspective so I thought it would be cool to learn about it from America’s point of view.”

“Okay, well I must warn you, they do kinda mock you guys in the play.”

“Yeah, I figured. Anyway, let’s get going.”

Tom lead me into the theater after plenty of paparazzi snapped pictures of us together. He lead us to the box where our seats were and we sat down as we waited for the show to begin.

Tom and I attempted to talk while we waited for the show to start. It was very awkward considering I could see all the girls below us pointing up at Tom and I, obviously recognizing him as the new Spider-Man.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the show began…

—Time Skip—

“So, did you like it?”

“Oh my gosh, I LOVED it! I’ve only ever listened to the soundtrack and it was so amazing to actually get to SEE it! Thank you, Tom! So much!” I said as I kissed his cheek… in front of the cameras.

Tom smiled down at me as he once again helped me into the cab.

Once he was seated next to me, he sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

I pulled out my phone to see that my notifications were blowing up.

I opened Instagram to see pictures of Tom and I everywhere and let me tell you, the fans were not taking it well…

“Ugly ass bitch”

“She’s such a slut, look at how short her dress is”

“Why would Tom EVER go out with her!? She’s so ugly and can’t even act… he could do so much better.”

I felt a tear fall down my cheek and I was quick to wipe it away in hopes of Tom not noticing.

But, he did.

“What’s wrong, love?”

“Umm, it’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. What’s wrong? You can tell me. I am technically your boyfriend after all.” He said as he smiled at me.

“This can’t happen again. We can’t keep doing this. God, just one date and look what’s already happened! And it’s not even like you actually care about me! We’re only dating each other for publicity and so you have an excuse while you’re in New York!”

I shoved my phone in Tom’s face as he read through the captions, comments and tweets that had been sent to me.

“Shit, love. I’m so sorry. I-I knew this was a bad idea. I tried to tell them- shit… I’m so sorry. This is all my fault…”

“It’s not your fault, Tom. If it wasn’t you, Kasey would’ve just put me in another relationship with someone who was probably rude and a lot less attractive.”

My face turned red as I realized I had just called Tom attractive. I saw a small smile form on his face out of the corner of my eye.

“So, you’re just as attracted to me as I am to you?”


“Well, if you’re declaring this as our last date, then why earth would I let it be over anytime soon? Driver! Take us to Central Park instead.”

“Tom, what are you doing?”

“The night is still young, darling.”

The cab pulled up at Central Park and Tom and I stepped out of the cab. As it began to drive away, Tom hooked his arm in mine.

We began to walk through the park before we found a bench that satisfied Tom and we sat down.

“I’ve always loved looking at the stars.” Tom said.

I looked at him and smiled, urging him to continue.

“Ever since I was a little kid, they always fascinated me. It amazes me that we have the ability to see something so far away. I mean, it doesn’t make since, does it? We can’t see some things that are literally on us without a microscope but we can still see balls of burning gas that are millions of miles away. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s very incredible.”

I scooted close to Tom and laid my head on his shoulder.

I looked up at the stars as he continued to point out constellations.

“That’s the Big Dipper, and there’s the Little Dipper… and that ones Ursa Major and the smaller one is Ursa Minor. And if you look over there, that’s Orion’s Belt.”

I smiled as Tom continued to point out other constellations.

“Do you know the story of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor?” I asked, interrupting him.

Tom shook his head and smiled down at me.

“Long ago, there was a beautiful young maiden. The god, Zeus, began to admire her from Mt. Olympus. He fell in love with her. And one night, he disguised himself as a man and crawled into the maiden’s bed. The young maiden became pregnant and gave birth to Zeus’s son. Zeus’s wife, Hera, became furious when she found out that her husband had had an affair. And like she always did, she punished the innocent maiden. She turned the girl and her son into a bear. And Zeus, who was heartbroken by the discovery, decided that they should not be something that’s hunted like a bear, but should be something that’s admired, like the stars. He put the maiden and her son into the sky for everyone in the world to admire. Hera was not happy by this decision, but could do nothing to stop Zeus from making sure that everyone could see the beauty in the girl and her son.”

Tom was still smiling at me as I finished the myth that I had learned too many times in my Latin class.

“I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type of girl to like mythology.”

“Oh, I love it. So much.”

Unfortunately, my time with Tom came to an end. He dropped me off at my hotel where we said our final goodbye.

I spent the rest of the night staring at the stars.

—Time Skip—

I woke up one morning to pounding at the door.

I cursed whoever had woken me up from my peaceful slumber and trudged over to the door and opened it to see a package.

I picked up the box and brought it into the room and placed it on the table. I picked up a knife and began to cut the edges of the box before it opened up to reveal a book.

Not just any book.

A book on Greek mythology.

I smiled and picked up the letter that was placed on top of it.

My name was written in cursive on the front. I sat down on the couch before I opened it and read it.

Dear Y/N,

I know writing letters is old fashioned, but so is Greek mythology so I found it fitting. After the night that we spent together a few weeks ago, you haven’t left my mind. In fact, the memories of the time I spent with you drove me to purchase this book and read it. You’ve now given me an interest in Greek mythology. Ironically, the last story in the book is the story of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. As I looked at the illustrations, it felt like they were screaming at me to write this letter and send it to you. I know you said that we shouldn’t be together, but that was before we really spent time together. I would like to take you out again. For real this time. No paparazzi and no negative comments. If you are interested, please call me. I would love to have a second chance with my girlfriend.



I smiled as I read the letter over and over again before I picked up the phone to call the guy who was about to change my world forever.

Machetes and Mascara

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, 

Warnings: Fluff, Some slight violence, A touch of angst. Clueless Dean, Confused Dean, Clueless Sam, Smart Castiel, Unsure reader, Attempts at humor, Romance. 

Notes: So I wrote this for @chaos-and-the-calm67 , who wasn’t feeling good and wanted some fluffy Dean to cheer her up! I hope I did this justice!! This kind of fits in with my #LoveYourFlaws challenge, although there is no song. I just went that way with the fic, and I hope that it worked! 

Word Count: 4893

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Block B Reaction || Getting An Erection In Front Of Their Best Friend They’re Crushing On
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“Yo, I just remembered that I have some work to do at home. If you don’t mind, we could hang out a bit later or something… I *cough* need to rush if I’m to be free later”


*Doesn’t even realize at first but then…*
*As he’s in the bathroom he is freaking out*
/ WhatdoIdo? WhatdoIdo? What do I dooooooo!? DID SHE NOTICE THO /


*Struggles to keep cool*
: “Minhyuk, would you like to excuse yourself?”
“Ehe… W-what do you mean? I’m fine”




*Before you notice anything he sucessfully covers up and casually speaks*
“Umm, Y/N… Some guy matters came up so I have to go…”
Y/N: “Hm? Does Zico need you for something again?”
“… yeah”


“Yo, let’s sit down I got a cramp in my leg”
*10 minutes later*
Y/N: “So how long–”


*Takes jumper off to put it around his waist, but now his torso is cold*
: “You’re acting weird”
“Sometimes I got to”


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PaRt 11 iS WhAt I nEeD !! GoD of bLuE! I pRaY To yOu!

*laughing* I hear thy mortal plea, and thus I grant you part 11, my dear!
It was late, she should have been asleep in her metal form, but it had been so long since she’d been able to walk around of her own free will. Which is probably why Shiro seemed so surprised to see her wandering the hallways that night, after everyone had already been tucked away for bed. It had only been a day, and the first time her sisters left their Lion forms they had gone back in order to recharge.

But unlike them, Blue had been storing energy ever since she’d met her precious little pilot, waiting for the day when she’d finally have enough to form a human body to match her Paladin’s species. But now she turned on her heel to raise an eyebrow at the Black Paladin. “Oh. Blue. You’re awake this late at night? I kinda figured you would be back in your Lion form by now, since that’s what Black did the first few nights she used her human form…” Shiro trailed off, unsure how to fix the awkward and tense atmosphere.

After all, Blue was still upset over the mistreatment of her little cub. One day doesn’t fix the damage of a month. And they had damaged her Lance, unintentionally or not. Blue hummed quietly. “I have not used this form in a very long time. I was storing energy in preparation for when the system finally repaired itself.” She stated coolly as she motioned for Shiro to walk with her, instead of standing awkwardly in the middle of the hallway.

“Also, I would ask you why you yourself are not asleep like your fellow Paladins. My studies on human anatomy and physiology during my time on Earth show that lack of proper sleep leads to negative side affects.” No one was safe from Blue’s mothering side, it was just in her nature to care for others, no matter how angry she was at them. Besides, this was her cub’s potential mate. She had several questions for the Black Paladin, might as well clear them up now.

Shiro laughed wryly. “Just… felt like checking the perimeter is all. Black is currently covering the other half of the Castle.” He explained as they both padded quietly down the dimly lit hallways. Blue raised an eyebrow, figuring there was more at work than just “feeling like a walk” here, but didn’t press further. That was Black’s job, not hers.

They walked in silence for a little while, when Blue finally spoke up. “Thank you, by the way.” Shiro gave her a questioning glance. “For earlier. Carrying Lance to bed while I was busy with my sisters. Thank you.” She clarified, and as she suspected, a light blush formed across the Black Paladin’s cheeks. Hmm. Interesting. She’d have to ask Keith and Pidge a few things too it seems.

“Ah, I was just trying to be a good teammate. Besides, he was barely out of the healing pod, walking was out of the question. We’ve been treating him badly for too long, I figured I should start trying to make amends before we lost him again…” Shiro managed to keep the embarrassment out of his voice, but the look on his face was more than enough for Blue.

“Black Paladin, I want to know your intention with my cub.” She stated suddenly, stopping and pinning Shiro with her gaze, both stopping in the middle of the hallway near Pidge’s room. Shiro blinked, startled at the sudden inquiry. “My… what?” Blue folded her arms under her chest and quirked a brow, the very image of a mother interrogating her son’s future boyfriend. “Your intentions with Lance. Because I’m receiving very mixed signals from you about him and I’d like some clarification.” She asked, and Shiro suddenly got a whole lot redder.

“Oh. Well, he’s a vital part of the team and an all around nice guy to have backing you up…” Shiro tried first, but Blue stepped forward and he stepped back in return. “Your. Intentions.” She stated quietly, golden eyes full of promises of intense hurt if he said a single word wrong. “Umm, I have no intentions? I really don’t?” He squeaked, the intimidating commander of Voltron reduced to a shy and blushing schoolboy under the ancient Lion’s gaze.

Blue hummed, pleased, and stepped away, finally allowing Shiro to relax. “Hmph. Very well. If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to talk to my sisters about something.” She said calmly as she walked away, towards the Hangars, leaving a shell-shocked Black Paladin behind.

“What the hell just happened…?” Shiro muttered, as Pidge opened her door, peeking out and grinning at him. “You just got the meeting the parents lecture! From Blue!” She giggled, Shiro merely going brighter red in response and pressing his face into his palms.

“Pining denial! I fucking called it!” Red screeched, pumping her fist in the air and turning to give Green a high five. Yellow merely sighed in defeat while Black smiled indulgently. “Language, Red.” She chided lightly as Green spun around, cackling about how her calculations were always correct.

Blue rolled her eyes at her sisters, sighing. The Lions had been betting on possible mate pairs since they’d met their Paladins, and Yellow had been betting on Lance and Hunk.

Black had been torn between Lance and Shiro or Keith and Shiro until the Blade Of Marmora incident, when Red had come back smugly informing them that Keith saw Shiro as a brother more than anything else.

Green and Red had both been rooting for Shiro and Lance since day one, though they’d also been chatting about Keith and Hunk. Green had firmly declared Pidge off limits though, not that anyone was going to argue with her. The smallest cub was too young for a mate, even if she was barely a few years younger than the others.

Blue was very into the Hunk and Keith pairing, but her Lance was too precious for a mate. She’d rather tuck him away from the possibility of a broken heart, thank you. Black sidled up to her youngest sister, smirking. “Oh Bluuuuuuee~!” She purred, and the blue haired woman pouted. “Absolutely not.” Black’s smirk widened. “Come on, even you can’t deny it at this point.” Blue kept her mouth shut. “They’d be cute together and you know it.” The eldest Lion sang cheerfully, and Blue pouted even further, crossing her arms under her chest and slouching a little.

“Black, no. My cub is not ready for courting.” She argued. “Oh come on, Blue! Don’t you think they’d be adorably lovey dovey as mates?” Black wheedled, knowing she was wearing down her sibling by the waver in Blue’s lip.

A few moments of silence while Red, Yellow and Green leaned in as well, each giving the youngest Lion a knowing smile.

“…….okay, maybe a little bit cute.”” Blue mumbled in defeat, and Black grinned. “Told you so.” Blue glared at her pride. “I hate when you’re right.” She huffed. "I always am, dear sister.” Black purred, completely smug.
The Lions have a betting pool on their Paladins and nobody else is any the wiser. Soon enough Green will pull Pidge, Keith and Hunk into helping make Shance canon while secretly doubling up in getting Hunk and Keith together. What? Their Paladins deserve happiness! And Pidge needs blackmail!

But yeah. Part 12? Or should I finally end this arc and move on to the next one, the one I’m calling the Progression Arc with a shit ton of awkward flirting and fluffy Shance? And bits of Heith? :3 send me an ask telling me if you want a part 12 or the new story arc! :D

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Note: It’s been forever and a half since I’ve written, I’m sorry. Deadlines are kicking my ass, so I haven’t had time to do much of anything. Buuuuut, enjoy this super long Daveed fic! 

Word Count: 3222

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, getting drunk

AU: Roommate

“Daveed, get your ass up! It’s Tuesday!” You yelled, hitting your roommate with a pillow, trying to wake him up.

He groaned, turning over to cover his head with his arms.

“It’s my day off, Y/N, it’s too early for this shit.” His voice sounded muffled due to him laying in the bed facefirst.

“No,” you whined, “you’re my running buddy. I wanted to go on a run before the streets get busy.”

“The streets are always busy. Let me sleep.” He stated turning towards you, and cracking one eye open.

“Shut up.” You said, hitting him with a pillow again, causing some feathers to fall out of it.

“Ow,” Daveed groaned. “What the fuck, Y/N? Chill. What did I ever do to you?”

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something so magic about you (1/1)

Summary: CS Modern AU. Emma Swan just found the perfect gift for Mary Margaret’s birthday. The only problem? A blue-eyed stranger with a ridiculously attractive face and accent just stole it from right under her nose.

Rating: T

Warning: some swearing here and there

Word Count: ~6300

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Captain Swan fic so be gentle with me - or not - anyway, please let me know how I did it with this one-shot! :)

also on and ao3

She dashes hastily through the busy street, pushing her legs to their maximum capacity without flat out running. She needs to find a nice shop before closing time and buy a gift for Mary Margaret that would settle somewhere in the “decent” category. She knows the rush is completely her own damn fault, as she’s been procrastinating to the point of ridiculousness. Really, she should just pull herself together to complete all the things that she needs to get done and get them done in time at that.

Except, she’s not exactly the paragon of a good friend, or soon to be sister in law at the moment. She’s forever putting things off to the point that ultimately, they have to be done in a rush because it’s at the very last minute, as is happing now. It’s not like she had a year or anything to figure out what to get to Mary Margaret for her birthday.

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