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Happy belated birthday! I'm pretty sure at this point Tumblr ate the ask I sent two weeks ago, so here it is again. Qui-Gon as a Force Ghost watches over the terrible tragedy that is Obi-Wan's life and regrets. He wakes up one day to find himself in the past (Probably before Bandomeer, but any time before Naboo is good) and immediately latches onto Obi-Wan. Like clings to the poor kid and refuses to let him out of his sight and doesn't screw up like he did before. Thank you for all your work! ^^

Obi-Wan is quietly patching a hole in his robe, his hand shaking ever so slightly and Qui-Gon can’t help but stare at the man his former padawan has become.

‘Force…he’s barely hitting forty five but he looks…he looks older then I did when I died..’ The ghost glanced at the shaking hands and then knelt down in front of the man, looking up at the wrinkled and tired looking face.

‘I made a mess of your life my Padawan. I left to many things unsaid and did to many things to shape your personality for the worse.’ He reached out to brush the others face with his hands, sighing when they passed through the skin.

His padawan hesitated a moment, as if he had felt something then continued his mending work of the old robe he wore to keep the sand out of his clothes.

Not that it was possible.

Anakin had been right about that. Sand got everywhere.

‘I wish…I wish I could redo it all my dearest child.’

The Force rose up in answer and both Jedi jerked to in shock and surprise as it seemed to answer Qui-Gon’s wish.

“Qui-Gon?” Obi-Wan rose in surprise, looking around with a sheen of desperation in his eyes.

Qui-Gon would have answered.

If it had not been for the Force sweeping him away, taking him apart and remaking him.

And when he opened his eyes again, he was staring up at the ceiling of the Halls of healing, the hand of a healer on his chest as he blinked slowly.

Words came hard to him and he struggled to get them out as he looked around, taking note of what he’d call a pale Yoda at the doors. “Ugh?”

“Calm you should be, a massive trauma you’ve had.” The old troll offered sharply.

“Master Yoda, please.”

The old Jedi grunted but quieted down, watching from his hover chair as the healer continued working on Qui-Gon.

“Yoda, I heard Qui-Gon col-Qui-Gon!” Mace almost fell through the door and stared at his much to pale friend as he was carefully helped to sit up. “So its true?”

“Collapsed while walking with me he did, reasons for it I do not know.”

“Best we can say is that the Force seemed to sweep him under though for wha-” Whatever the healer was about to say was never discovered because Qui-Gon suddenly jerked of the bed, almost falling over. “Obi-Wan!” He gasped.

And then he promptly went to his knees in a fit of dizziness that had the world bouncing around.

“Qui-Gon, careful!” Mace was there, helping the tall man up carefully. “Sith spit, take a few moments, breath!”

Yoda however had caught onto what the other had gasped.

“Initiate Kenobi?”

Qui-Gon, leaning heavily on the Korun, looked to Yoda. “Initiate? I…what…Force.” Qui-Gon swallowed and tried to pull his mind together. “…He’s still an Initiate?” He managed to question if a bit gruffly.

“Ages out in a month he will…” Yoda narrowed his eyes a bit. “Knew Kenobi you did not, yet now you seem to.”

“The Force…” Qui-Gon swallowed before jerking his way out of Mace arms. “I need to go find Obi-Wan.”

“You are going nowhere Master Jinn!”


His Master was a strange man.

Don’t get Obi-Wan wrong, he loved the man, he was a good teacher, a fabulous teacher who made sure Obi-Wan ate, made tea and explained concepts that sometimes went a bit over Obi-Wan’s head. But he was also an odd man who would sometimes stare at Obi-Wan as if he couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing and then there the times when Master Qui-Gon would just pull him into his lap and hold him tightly, rubbing his hand through Obi-Wan’s short spikes.

But…odd as it was…it felt nice.

Qui-Gon Jinn had the best hugs.

Warm with arms that could wrap entirely around Obi-Wan’s frame and smelled of tea and herb soap.

He was getting used to those hugs.

Those hugs were some of the best Obi-Wan had ever gotten because of how tightly the other man would hold him. He had honestly fallen asleep in those and woken up to find himself tucked into bed, wrapped in a blanket with his boots at his bedside and a glass of water by his bed.

It made him feel fuzzy and warm.

Someone cared about him.

I have so many issues with the Mulan (2018) remake....

And most of them revolve around Chen Honghui and his replacement of Li Shang.

Chen Honghui is a bully who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was. And he is also going to be her “love interest”. But it’s not until he finds out that Mulan is a woman that he starts to develop feelings for her. Or even respect. (Can anyone else say “enemies to lovers” tag on ao3?) (No word yet on if they are actually going to “fall in love…” or if it’s a one sided thing. Going with Disney’s track record? It’s the former.). Until then he hates her because she’s better than him. How is that a good romance in a movie in 2017/18? Especially with how good Disney has been in the past few years! “Oh i hate you until you’re stripped of your rank and thrown out of the army and THEN I love you. Cause you’re not a guy. #nohomo.” They’ve shown in recent years that true love isn’t always your significant other, but through the people you love and who love you back (Maleficent, Brave, Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph, MOANA!!!! I can go on if you want.). If you don’t want a love interest that’s fine! Make it about the love and loyalty soldiers have to have in each other in order to make it through war alive. No possible homo involved. Plus, who’s gonna have the rank to stick their neck out for Mulan without Captain Shang there? Certainly not Chen, cause he’s just a recruit like Mulan. And the others can’t/won’t.

(Is STILL going on about Shang because holy crap Disney you screwed the pooch on this one…)

Shang felt respect and camaraderie with Ping when Ping was a man, and was deeply betrayed by the fact that he was actually a she. When Mulan saved all of China by personally ensuring the safety of the Emperor, she was honored by the highest power in the land. She. A. Woman. Was honored as one of China’s strongest warriors. And after, when Shang is willing to just let her walk away, to honor the fact that she is a warrior (and also because he doesn’t know how to approach this new incarnation of the person he’s trained with for months), the Emperor himself gives his blessing for him to go see her again. Shang is a fucking beautiful character, who loves his Father and wants to serve China and grows to respect the stand out new recruit (whether or not he actually develops feelings for Ping before the reveal). And you replace him with a bully who is offended by the bean pole little squirt who is standing in his way of eternal glory? Gtfuohwts.

Like I said, if you want #nohomo, then make it about the brotherhood that comes with living and training with the men around you for months. Make it about how you need to depend on each other to survive. Make it about how you can be more than what society expects of you! Keep Mulan single and still BAMF.

(Now onto something that isn’t Shang related…)

The music. The music plays the part it’s given. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of any disney movie, and all the other live action remakes have it! You can have a dark movie with beautiful music in it (Sound of Music, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare before Christmas). It would be a beautiful way to play on the emotions of the audience, to increase shock when the Army finally gets to the pass (after a song about what they want after the war to get to the destroyed mountain pass outpost), to show how Mulan feels about how lost she is, not knowing who she as a person truly is on the inside, THEGOSHDARNTRAININGSONG! (LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. TO DEFEAT. THE HUNS.)

Mulan was always about self empowerment and the journey to find yourself as you protect the people you love. She was a small town farm girl who was supposed to be married off. Instead she steals her fathers enlistment papers (after failing to impress the matchmaker) and runs off to the front lines. She’s risking everything to be there. And you’re taking away from that by changing the things that make these movies so beautiful. Because, the honor she received, the respect of an entire kingdom, an Emperor (and the love of a good man who respects her and her abilities as a warrior) wasn’t her being chosen. It wasn’t handed to her by someone else. It was her reward for being who she is. It was her reward for her choice. It was her reward after she worked her ass off and impressed the most important person there, was disgraced, AND THEN TURNED AROUND AND IMPRESSED THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON EVER. It was her reward after she nearly gave her life three times in service to her family and country. Not because she’s the only girl in a 50 mile radius.

She earned that respect. And no bully-cum-lover will ever be a good replacement character. The songs? Fine. No love interest? Also fine. But don’t make this a “I fall in love because you’re a girl” thing. Make it like it’s supposed to be made. Hua Mulan fought to stay alive to protect her family (her crippled father) and protect her country. She earned to respect of the people around her. Don’t cheapen that.

But I digress.

The formula was perfect, and the songs would be a nice take away from what’s sure to be a dark interpretation of war. You stuck with the original stuff and were still able to make the remakes beautiful. What are you gonna do next Disney? Put white people in there? Cast a man to play Ping and a woman to play Mulan? Remove the ancestors, Mushu, and cricket? Get rid of the three dorks who grow to be Mulan’s best friends?Please.

Come On Home: 2/5

After the war, Locus ends up spending his days on Hawaii, where he meets Kai and Grif. Nothing will ever be the same.

Thank you SO MUCH everyone who supported the first chapter!

As a warning, this chapter contains Felix, and all that he implies. While I do promise a happy ending for this universe, things are going to be rough for a while. If you wish to pretend that the first chapter is the only chapter, I will not blame you.

Thanks to @a-taller-tale for being a kickass beta!


Also on Ao3

Having two big brothers is the best.

Things are better now that Sam’s here. Dex doesn’t always look like he’s going to cry the minute Kai goes to bed because he’s so worried about bills and things. There’s someone to walk Kai home from school, some days. Dex still works a lot, but he works less now, and Sam’s job has set hours, so he’s always home for dinner. And he’s big and scary looking when he wants to be, so people don’t bother them.

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How to Explain Cultural Appropriation to Fandoms

I am not a superfan. I am a very big fan of certain things, Harry Potter being a great example. I have not memorized every detail of the books and or movies, I don’t spend crazy amounts of money on memorabilia, and I haven’t been to the theme park yet. I do, however, really really love Harry Potter, the Universe, the books, and the movies. So when I talk about being a fan, I don’t mean to parse between “real” and “fake” fans or insinuate that some people aren’t allowed to take part in a fandom. By fans, I mean people who genuinely love the subject matter they’re a fan of and have put a decent amount of work and time into that love. The metaphors and analogies I’m going to use to compare these subjects aren’t perfect, but they’re helpful, I think. 

So, imagine you’re a Harry Potter fan. You’ve read the books, seen the movies, and maybe own a couple pieces of memorabilia. You participate in the fandom online through tumblr. You follow JK Rowling on Twitter. You’ve got friends online and in person who also really like Harry Potter. You’ve got inside jokes. You share ideas about the story with one another and occasionally have spirited discussions about the books, movies, and fandom theories. You feel like you’re a part of an entire culture that accepts you and you’ve claimed that culture. It’s a good life in the fandom. 

Now imagine that you met someone who was wearing a shirt with the Deathly Hallows symbol on it and you asked them if where they got it. They reply with something like this, “Oh I found it at a thrift shop. I just liked the design.” That might be kinda surprising to you, considering it’s a well known symbol associated with Harry Potter. So you ask them if they know where it comes from and they say, “Oh yeah, I heard it had something to do with those books. I’ve never read them. I’m not really into fantasy or magic or whatever.” Now that would be really confusing, right? Why would someone who is uninterested in the culture and history of Harry Potter wear a symbol that is so blatantly associated with that culture? You ask them why they wear the Deathly Hallows symbol and they say, “For me it’s so symmetrical, which really symbolized balance in my life and how I want to live as a human.” Now that’s just annoying, right? They’ve taken something completely out of context and assigned an unrelated meaning to it - something that is very important to a fandom you belong to. They have no interest in the origin of that symbol or the significance it has in your culture. They’re just interested in wearing a symmetrical symbol on their cheap Forever 21 t shirt. Wouldn’t that kind of irk you?

So now imagine that you’re born into Harry Potter culture. Imagine that people are either born Harry Potter fans or they’re not. The world is divided into fandoms that people often cannot choose between. There are a select few fans who belong to multiple fandoms and can pass as one or the other, but for the most part people are stuck. Even the people who belong to multiple fandoms are policed by both of their fandoms to “pick a side,” as if belonging to the Supernatural fandom and the Doctor Who fandom are mutually exclusive. There are fandoms that are assigned to people based on where you were born and what language you speak. There are fandoms that are assigned to people based on the color of their skin. There are fandoms assigned to people based on socioeconomic status. Some fandoms are assigned at birth, even though that person might actually belong to a completely different fandom.

Imagine that these fandoms all have different circumstances in this world. Some fandoms are less likely to receive quality medical care. Some fandoms are more likely to be treated unfairly by police and in a court of law. Some fandoms experience poverty at a greater rate than other fandoms. Some fandoms are regularly denied their civil rights. Imagine that there are activists who argue that your fandom is a choice and that the wrong choice is abhorrent to a deity who has the power to burn you in an eternal hellfire. Imagine if an entire fandom had been enslaved by another fandom for hundreds of years. 

So, as part of living daily life and dealing with the sometimes harsh realities of belonging to your fandom, you cling to certain aspects of your culture. These things develop as sacred, unique, and points of pride for each fandom. The Harry Potter fans cling to the legend and symbol of the Deathly Hallows as sacred. Game of Thrones fans tell their children stories about the winter and constantly remind themselves that “Winter is Coming.” Whovians name their daughters River, after one of the strong and beautiful role models in their culture. Outlander fans braid their hair like Claire did, both because it is a practical way to keep your hair out of your face but also because it’s a style unique to them and their heritage. 

So what would happen when someone from a different fandom, perhaps a fandom that used to enslave you and still actively denies their own privilege, takes part of your culture and uses it out of context? How would it make you feel to have someone take the Deathly Hallows symbol and use it as a symbol for their new government that actively tries to exterminate an entire fandom of people? How would you feel if people just used the tardis as part of a design for some cheap t shirt that other fandoms buy and wear without ever considering where that design came from? Can you imagine another fandom taking your beautiful and practical hairstyle and using it as a prop for their garish and supposedly “edgy” new outfit? What if big movie companies made movies about your fandom’s source material and totally changed the facts? What if they misrepresented everything just because it made a movie that other fandoms would pay to see? 

See folks, this is what it would be like to see people culturally appropriating your culture. This is what happens. People of different, races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual identities, genders, develop their unique cultures and hold that culture dear. It’s part of what they own in this world. It’s part of what makes them who they are. 

So when we white people say, “Oh yeah, I’m going to make a fashion statement with some dread locks” without considering the history, cultural significance, and associations that come along with that decision, we take away and misuse something that is valuable and unique to black people. When white women take chopsticks and use them as hair accessories, we use another culture’s everyday reality as an accessory. When white people make movies about other cultures and cast white people as the lead in that movie (rather than a person actually belonging to that culture), we erase people of other cultures, colors, gender identities, sexual orientations, and nationalities from their own story and replace them with a white placeholder whose name will simply make more money. 

We get annoyed when people misuse our fandoms. We get annoyed when movie studios change and screw up our favorite parts of our favorite stories. We don’t like it when remakes mess with what was previously considered canon. In fact, fandoms go WAY OVERBOARD when policing people and their claims to belong to a fandom. We err on the side of policing people too much - asking them to prove their allegiance and knowledge in order to weed out the real fans from the fake ones. 

So why is it so hard for people to understand why black folks don’t like it when white women wear dreadlocks or cornrows like a fashion statement? Why is it so hard for people to understand why people from India take offense when white women wear a bindi to seem “cool” and “cultured?” Why is it so difficult for people to understand that white college students wearing indian costumes is really really hurtful to folks who’ve seen the loss, depression, and poverty that takes place as a result of the U.S. horrific treatment of Native Americans*? Why is it so hard for folks to understand that having an extremely wealthy football team named after a derogatory term for Native Americans is hurtful to people? 

Of all people, fans and fandoms should understand cultural appropriation perfectly. We should be able to have enough empathy to make the leap from “Man, I wish the people who made Harry Potter would have made Ginny a dynamic and strong woman like she was in the books” to “I can understand why these folks are mad about the misrepresentation and misuse of their culture.“ Fandoms have enough empathy. I know we do. 

“Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and, therefore, the foundation of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.”

-J.K. Rowling

* I realize that there is some debate about the preferred term for people who were originally inhabiting North America before white people arrived. I was taught that Native American was the polite term, and have used it ever since. I have been corrected in different directions since then; I’ve been told that Indian is the acceptable term and I’ve been told that Native American is offensive and that I should use First Nations. Since I haven’t heard of any consensus on the subject, I will continue to use the term I believe to be polite and respectful until there is a consensus otherwise. 

ToG 6 Theory: “Nameless is my price,” not yours.

Concerning the theory I’m coining as: The “Multi-Heir” Theory of the Lock. (For more info on this theory please refer to this post! Which will then refer you to this post! which will then refer you to this post! (because clearly I have a life.))

Nameless is my price” was in italics the whole book. So there is no way for anyone to discern where different characters might put the emphasis in the sentence. Let’s explore:

Nameless is my price.

Nameless is my price.

Nameless is my price.

Nameless is my price.

Same sentence. ENTIRELY different meanings. 

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Kylo Ren cosplay build

The questions I’ve been getting most lately are about how I made my Kylo Ren outfit, and while I made a bunch of WIP posts, I figured it’s easier if I put everything in one place so I can quickly link it to anyone who asks. You’re welcome to scroll through my Kylo Ren tag too if you want more info. 

I should probably note that it’s not 100% screen accurate so if you’re looking to get into the 501st, this outfit meets some of the requirements but not all so make sure you double check their requirements and don’t just follow me. 

Also this entire outfit was built in about a week and a half with these 3 songs on repeat so I highly recommend working to them because they were vital to me finishing this on time: Miike Snow - Genghis Khan, Panic at the Disco - All the Boys, and Love Is The Drug from the Sucker Punch soundtrack. So just play those for a week until you go mad and you’ll be fine. 

Top picture by Cosplay Media. All others by me. 

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Okay so the back ground of my story is that everyone has the same super power. With hard work and other factors there powers can become stronger or weaker. The natives of the world are at war with other beings just as powerful as them. Now there are a number of chosen one types of characters who have a second type of power. They are either friend foe or neutral. How could you write a fight scene with super powers then write a training scene

This is a really hard question to answer without context and primarily why we don’t talk about how to write superpowers in anything other than generalities. Every setting with magic or superpowers come with their own rules and we’re not privy to what those rules are. Our focus on “realism”, technically just how weapons work in the real world, comes from that. Telling me “superpower” or even “telepathy” or “telekinesis” doesn’t actually help me much if I don’t know what it affects, it’s strengths and limitations, or how it gets used. I mean, even just telekinesis runs the gamut from “can pick up silverware” to “fling bus with startling accuracy” to “devour star system”. Move over to Star Wars, you’ll find Luke’s small time stuff in the Original Trilogy like choking, jumping, and retrieving fallen weapons to Starkiller dragging an entire star destroyer out of orbit. In the EU, one Sith Lord used the Force to slam two stars together to destroy a fleet that was chasing them. Babylon 5′s telepaths go from “can’t quite read your mind, but can tell their minds are being read” to “detonate entire planet”.

How do you write a fight scene with superpowers? You have to figure out what the superpowers can do and what they can’t do. Where the assumed upper limit is, where the actual upper limit is, and what that means for your story. Unfortunately, the primary onus for that is going to be on you.

You’ve got to figure out how the powers work, how they manifest, and the rules this society has erected to keep everyone in check. How they influence their day to day lives. How they’ve evolved to make use of them. Etc. Really good settings have very solid world building that show all levels of the society and how the powers at play have affected them. Harry Potter, for example, does an excellent job of showing the utility of magic and how the Wizarding World has evolved their use of magic to aid their everyday lives. Rowling creates a sense of wonder while simultaneously grounding the reader into her world through some rather mundane activities like travel or cleaning the kitchen.

So, world building. Fantasy settings need it. The rule set grounds you into the world. Writing combat is fairly easy once you gain a basic understanding of the rules, how they get broken, and how people behave when under pressure. Once you as the author figure out how to start thinking from that perspective, it gets a lot easier to predict how your characters are going to behave. While superpowers ultimately don’t alter the baseline of how people behave that much, they do change how the problems get solved. New toolkit, new methods with which to solve problems. Start asking yourself some basic questions:

If I had this power, what would I do with it?

How would I use it to affect my day to day existence?

What parts of my life would it make easier?

What would it make harder?

If someone was threatening me, what would I do?

Inside out rather than outside in. Then, consider the other character’s perspective in the scene. How do they respond? What do they do? If everyone has the same power and one character is more experienced at using theirs than the character who just activated their powers, then it’s unlikely the newbie can overpower them. Even if they are actually stronger. And, as you said, the strength talent is the based on hard work anyway. Your protagonist is probably going to get their ass beat the first time out and that’s okay.


(And if they show their special Chosen One ability in that fight when under pressure, I just want you to know that’s… very cliche. Not that you can’t do it, just know almost everyone does.)

If you’re confused or unsure then I suggest a Lit Review to see if that inspires any ideas. A Lit Review is when you go out and read a bunch of novels or view a lot of media that’s similar to your own idea to gain a better understanding of your genre. You’re not reading or viewing for enjoyment so much as raiding for ideas. It’s helpful to review what other authors have done in order to find inspiration for your own work.

You want to write a scene which involves a character new to their powers and unsure of how they work fighting someone else? Get thee to the fantasy section of the library or start reviewing superhero movies. From bad to good, there are a lot of examples from the humorous to the serious of characters screwing up, nearly dying, or scraping by.

This is all important when it comes to writing training sequences. Why? You as the author are teaching your audience about your setting. Your characters actually have to learn something and that something should be applicable to the job they’re going to perform. This requires understanding that something well enough that you can communicate what it is, what it does, and why to the characters and your audience. You want to write a training sequence for a spy? You need to understand the tradecraft and what a spy actually does. You want to write a military training sequence a la boot camp? Probably best to learn what the military is actually doing because they’re not just teaching their recruits how to kill people.

Sports movies are often mocked for being corny and cheesy, but the secondary aspects of the training are actually more important than the training itself. In the Karate Kid remake, for example, a huge part of Dre’s evolution as a character comes from his training with Mr. Han. He’s not learning to beat people up, he’s learning responsibility, respect, and building his confidence.

Good training sequences demonstrate an author’s understanding of their setting, their characters, and their subject matter. So, to teach, you first must develop your own understanding.

All combat training comes in three tiers: the physical (the body) and the psychological (the mind), and the additional overlay of whatever their training is molding them to become. This is the insidious part of training that most writer’s miss. Training isn’t just teaching you how to fight or how to use your powers, it’s changing how you think, it’s affecting your morals and your values, it’s redefining your perspective, and, in some cases, a character can come out of it as an entirely different person.

Is your character’s mind being broken down so that they can be remolded into a proper fighting machine? This is what Stanley Kubrick was talking about in Full Metal Jacket, the military’s dehumanization of recruits and stripping them of their previous identities in order to transform them into soldiers. I bring up Full Metal Jacket because it remains the go to resource for most writers when they’re writing military training sequences, but many imitate without understanding. The other big one is Fight Club. Often the theme of dehumanization actually ends up in the story through the training sequences and is portrayed as a good thing. Divergent is one such example where the themes of dehumanization and rather brutal abuse are introduced via Dauntless training methods but never extrapolated on.

Why? Because the process of transforming someone into an out and out psychopath is treated as “just hardcore” in a lot of fiction. That is the point of the Fight Club itself, by the way. It’s not about teaching someone how to actually be good at fighting. It’s actually about adrenaline junkies, about getting high off asserting physical dominance over someone else. If you want a novel that’s legitimately talking about “toxic masculinity”, then Fight Club is it. Real training doesn’t actually look anything like Fight Club, but then Fight Club isn’t actually about creating competent soldiers.

Some Quick Don’ts:

1) Don’t overestimate to be more impressive.

This is a pitfall almost everyone falls down the first time, but I’m mentioning it because everyone falls down it. Figure out what people can get away with in the real world when training, then compare that to the characters in your setting, and build into that. There’s nothing more annoying than the character who supposedly spent a year or five in solitary confinement showing no signs of sensory deprivation or crawling up the walls.

Boot Camp does blast you with near constant exercise in order to weaken your mind. If you’re interested in what they actually do, there are resources available to tell you the training regimen. It’s fairly sophisticated in what it’s actually doing.

2) Don’t go for shock value

The ones who fall down the Fight Club trap are usually going for shock value. Shock value is worthless in the long run. Substance is better.

3) Don’t forget that this is about teaching.

If the sequence isn’t teaching us something about the world, the powers, and the characters or advancing the plot, then the sequence is not necessary. And really pay attention to what your training is saying. This isn’t really one of those “fake it until you make it” endeavors, you gotta teach.


...And All the Men and Women Merely Players

This is it, folks; the Smash Bros. locations that we’ve picked to be our favorites. We had quite a time figuring this list out, but we think that just shows how many great stages Smash Bros. has had! Join us after the break to see the rest of our…

Past Stages (5-1)

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Preference #9

(A/N: sorry that the Harry one is so much longer than the others, I got really carried away, and I kinda went on a rant. Its an issue that I’m currently dealing with)

You’re working too hard

Niall: It’s 3 am. You have your finals tomorrow and you know that you have to do well on them or your screwed for life. Its 3 am and your stack of books and notes had become a stack of chaos instead of the organized pile you had started with. You had an empty soda can and two empty mugs of coffee that you had tried to take advantage of the caffeine, but it’s 3 am. You’ve almost been awake for almost twenty four hours and you know that it’s bad that you have been up this long and this late, and that all the things you are studying for are probably going to be forgotten by the time you take your test, but in the state that you are in your mind is convincing itself that if you don’t memorize these flashcards, you won’t pass your test, and if you don’t pass this one test there goes your entire grade and all chances of getting into college, and if you don’t get into college you are never going to get the job that you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid. You go to the kitchen to get a refill on your coffee and you take your flashcards with you. You were so focused on learning them that you forgot how loud the coffee maker can be, and you also forgot to put a cup under the spout to catch the coffee… So now there was a puddle of hot coffee spilling off the counter and onto your feet. You were a mess and now you had a mess to clean as well as burnt toes. You groaned at the puddle and sat down with a towel to clean the mess up, you had tears forming in your eyes and you felt like a four year old sitting on the ground crying. When Niall came into the room you felt awful for waking him up. He simply said, “(Y/N), its fine, you need to go to sleep. You aren’t helping yourself pushing yourself this hard.” You stood up and watched Niall wipe up the coffee, then when he turned around to find you still standing there  he sighed, took your hand, and led you to bed. You started to tiredly argue that you needed to study but Niall simply ignored you and tucked you into bed. You were just to tired to fight it. 

Zayn: Ever since your mom got in that accident and broke her ankle, she had been bed ridden to heal. You offered to take up extra shifts to help her pay her bills since she had to take time off from her job. You also had exams coming up for school and you were extremely booked. You hand’t had a chance to talk to Zayn for a few days, and you were getting really stressed out. You had sent him a text here and there on your breaks but other than that he hand’t heard from you. Until he decided to surprise you when you were studying at home. He had brought you flowers and hoped to take you to dinner, but when you answered the door you practically burst into tears when you saw the flowers he brought you. You felt bad for being so busy and you really did miss him. You let him into your apartment that was a mess, there was almost no counter space in your kitchen, your coffee table in the living room had your school books spilling off the corners. Zayn looked around your apartment and he instantly felt awful for not checking up on you sooner. He knew that you were busy, but he didn’t realize how much you were struggling. You hadn’t showered yet and you were embarrassed by the state of your apartment. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were coming..” you tried to apologize. “(Y/N), it’s okay, why didn’t you tell me you needed some help? I would’ve come sooner,” he said guiltily. He wished that he could have come sooner to help you, he wanted to make your life easier, he knew you didn’t deserve to be as swamped as you were. You had frantically started trying to clear your laundry off of your couch so Zayn could have a place to sit. He took your hands in his and made you stop. “(Y/N), calm down! Here, you sit. I’ll clean. You need to take a break, you’re working yourself to hard. Shower, when you’re done I’ll have dinner ready for you, alright? Tonight you are taking a break,” You followed his instructions and not only had he brought you dinner, but he cleaned the kitchen and folded your laundry. By the end of the night you were feeling much better.

Liam: You had been working on this project for the last week. researching, planning, gathering supplies, and finally putting it together. You felt very proud of yourself and it was a topic that meant a lot to you. You were working so hard on this project, you had a handful of extra things added to it and you even practiced the speech more than just a few times. You thought you were finished, but just when you went to set it on the table to grab before you left for class the next day, sadly your project dropped down to the floor and a part of it broke off. You spent the next few hours trying to fix it, you hadn’t realized what time it was until Liam came down for a glass of water. “Are you still working on that thing? I thought you said it was almost done!” Liam asked confused. “I was, but it broke,” you said and hadn’t realized how upset you were until you said it out loud. It was way past midnight and you still had quite a bit to remake, you accidentally burned yourself on the hot glue gun and cursed. tears were pooling in your eyes when Liam came over to you and took a look at it. It wasn’t bad, it just set you back a bit more sleeping time. Liam helped you finish the project, and without him you probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all.

Louis: Busy, busy, busy! That’s all you were, your schedule was booked from morning till night. Work, classes, catch a flight to see Louis, meet up with Louis, go to dinner with Louis and the boys, go to the show, after show party with the boys, then finally back to the hotel with Louis. You were exhausted, and you had an assignment to work on while you were on break visiting and touring with Louis. All the boys were sitting in the lounge at the hotel having a beer and talking about the show, you went down with Louis to chat while you worked on your laptop. You sat cuddled next to Louis while he chatted with the boys, your laptop fell asleep before you did. You shut it and leaned into Louis. Zayn and Liam were talking about a girl who had jumped on stage that night with Niall listening to them extremely intruiged and Harry was just eating a banana. “(Y/N)? Are you sleepy?” Louis whispered to you, “No, Im not asleep,” you responded very quietly, but your eyes were already shut. You’d been awake for a good twenty-two hours and you were really ready to crash. “Y/N…” Louis sang “Do you want to go to bed? Its okay if you do,” Louis whispered. “No, Im not tired… promise…” You mumbled quietly. Louis couldn’t see your face but he knew you were falling asleep because you hadn’t moved or said anything for a good twenty minutes. “You’re working yourself to hard, Y/N, lets go get some rest, yeah.” Louis finally decided standing up. Your head fell to the seat of the couch because you refused to move, you were to tired to try. Louis giggled at you and that drew the boys attention, they chuckled a bit at you. Louis pulled on your arms but you refused to move, “Y/N, I can’t carry you and your laptop. I think I’d drop you.” When you didn’t move or laugh at his joke he said, “Or I’d drop your computer,” He said more seriously, “You break it you buy me a new one, and rewrite my paper,” You finally sat up when your work on the computer was threatened. Louis took your hand and the two of you said goodnight to the boys and went to sleep.

Harry: You have been searching like crazy for a job to occupy your time this summer and help you for college, but every place that you have interviewed at and applied for is unwilling to hire you because you are leaving for school in the fall and they “want someone who will be there longer” or “they were at the end of their hiring process.” You were so close to giving up, but you really needed some money to pay for college. No to mention a bit of spending money to use when you were with friends. It was only June and you knew no one would hire you for the rest of the summer. Your best bet would be to find a nice family to babysit for, but even the families didn’t need nannies. You were losing all kinds of hope of finding a job, and your parents thought you weren’t even looking, they thought that you weren’t even trying to find a job. It made you feel useless and hopeless and basically like a failure. They suggested that you go back to the first job that you had, but you refused because the job was actually horrible. Everyone that worked there treated you awfully and you hated it, you even cried a few times before going into work because you hated it there so much. You thought your parents knew how much it had made you feel bad about yourself and how much you hated it, but they still thought that you were being to picky. No matter how hard you tried to convince your parents that there was just no way anyone was going to hire you before the summer was over, they still didn’t believe you. They still gave you the famous “we know you are not trying your hardest/ you’re going to disappoint me” look. So one day you had enough of listening to your parents use it as an excuse to make you feel guilty. You got your computer out, your phone book, and you scanned Facebook and asked your aunts and uncles if any of your cousins needed a nanny for the summer. Time went by really fast and before you knew it you had forgotten about your date with Harry. He was knocking on your door, you let him in and he saw all of your scribbles on the notebook, and even the good old fashioned circles in the newspaper. You weren’t dressed yet and you hand’t even taken a break to shower. You had been looking so hard for a job but so far it was all a dead end. Harry finished scanning the room and looked back at you. “So how’s the job hunt going?” He tried to smile and lighten your mood but you were so upset and flustered that it was this hard to find a job. Harry didn’t get to say much more before you burst into tears. You felt like such a failure and a disappointment to your parents. You felt like you were at a dead end and there wasn’t much of a way out. Harry wrapped you in his arms, he didn’t say anything, he just held you close to make you feel secure until your sobs softened. “(Y/N), you have the rest of your life to work. You only have about a month left before you leave. I would stop worrying about a job, and start focusing on spending your last days with your friends and family. Im not saying stop looking all together, but instead just pick up the few babysitting jobs that come once in a while.” He reassured you. You felt a little less stressed out, but you didn’t argue. You knew that was probably the best option for now, and you would just have to have a talk with your parents to tell them that it was the best you could do. Harry waited for you in the living room while you showered and got ready to go out. For the rest of the night you didn’t worry about a job, you just enjoyed the time you had with Harry.