and i was like okay and i turned to leave

i honestly love the idea of shiro being so easily smitten and flat out in love with allura but also give me crushing giggly blushing allura who, despite how hard she tries to hide it, has the most massive crush on shiro and is so in love with him, down to the small things like the way his eyes sparkle when he talks about his interests, or how he stares at her lovingly, longingly for minutes on end and then blushes and turns away when she notices okay give me all the mutual pining god bless

Chaos (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader One-Shot)

Anon asked: You and Oswald alwayd have been friends and secretly in love. One day a guy tells her to go on a date so she ask Oswald advice about clothes and those things but when she is about to leave he ask her to stay and confess his feelings

It turned out to be a bit different from your ask, dear Anon! I am so sorry… While writing it just turned out like this. I hope you like it nevertheless! 

Gender Neutral fic! 

Thank you @jokesterwrites for letting me know this story can be a gender neutral fic with a few tweaks :) I made some changes and I hope it’s okay now! If not please let me know! 

- Not edited yet - 

Warnings: None, Hurt/Broken Hearts, Love Confessions, First Kiss

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ice skating with Bucky Barnes would include

Originally posted by sebastiansource

  • you met Bucky on a cold winter day
  • the numbing weather was cruel even to him, to someone who had survived countless russian winters
  • you worked in a local coffee shop and were almost closing up when you heard door open
  • looking up you saw a man, probably in his 30s, dressed in a red long sleeved shirt, a jacket and gloves
  • when he saw that there were no people in the shop, he turned around to leave, disappointment evident in his green eyes
  • “we’re not closed yet, you can order if you want”
  • him turning around and, after composing himself, ordered a hot chocolate
  • he took the furthest seat from you
  • you made his drink and served it to him with 2 chocolate cookies 
  • “but i-i didn’t order this”
  • his voice was hoarse and croaky
  • it seemed like he hadn’t talking in a long time
  • “it’s okay, it’s on the house. you look like you need a bit chocolate in your life”
  • putting on some music to fill the awkward silence
  • “what-what music is this?”
  • “uhm it’s fortyfive by bootstraps. you know it?”
  • “no, to be honest i’m more keen on the older music”
  • “if you want i can change the so-
  • “no no it’s okay, it’s different, good different, i think i like it”
  • starting a small talk about music
  • then changing the topic to books and art
  • soon he was almost finished with his drink
  • but, not wanting to go to his “apartment” and be alone with his past and his thought, he was saving his last sip
  • “you want more?”
  • “no it’s just very nice in here”
  • nice - he hasn’t used that word in years
  • “don’t wanna go home?”
  • you asked as if you read his mind
  • him shaking his head bot looking up
  • “problematic roommate?”
  • him shaking his head yet again
  • “do want to go to somewhere magical?”
  • magic - he remembered the same word coming out of different, much thinner lips
  • he remembered a honeyed voice talk about magic
  • and it felt good, it felt like home
  • “i do”
  • closing up the coffee shop 
  • heading to your magical place
  • him keeping his distance from you
  • “what’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking”
  • him tensing at your question
  • “Bucky, i think”
  • and yet again, the same honeyed voice rang in his head
  • “you think?”
  • “no, i’m Bucky, i know it, what’s your name?”
  • “y/n”
  • “yeah, right, you look like a y/n”
  • chuckling at his comment
  • “what’s that supposed to mean?”
  • “nothing bad, i promise”
  • continuing your “journey” in silence
  • taking him to a tall dark building
  • “this used to be an ice skating rink, but it shut down 9 years ago. i used to come here a lot, as a child”
  • he was wondering why you took him to a place which held so much sentimental meaning for you
  • and then he remembered - magic
  • this place was magical
  • him following you
  • putting on some skates
  • “but i don-don’t really know how to skate”
  • “it’s okay, i’ll guide you, just hold my hand”
  • him being hesitant about letting you touch him
  • “hey, i won’t hurt you, pinky promise”
  • and yet again, he swore he heard someone else say that to him, a boy
  • him holding your hand with his right one
  • it felt so odd (but good) to touch someone
  • to have someone touch him without causing any pain
  • his first step on ice was a little wobbly
  • and when he was about to lose his balance, you held his hand even tightly
  • “it’s okay, i’ve got you”
  • soon, after ten minutes of going in circles, he got a bit cocky and thought that he could do some tricks as well
  • him falling not-so-gracefully on his butt
  • laughing at him
  • “you hahaha you should have seen your face, Buck”
  • him looking at you with wide eyes
  • but then, a shy smile appeared on his chapped lips and he silently chuckled at himself
  • and, honestly, he looked so pretty smiling
  • offering him your hand to help him stand
  • him taking you down with him
  • landing directly on top of him
  • looking into each others eyes and laughing loudly
  • after an hour of attempting to skate, you both left your magical place
  • Bucky telling you that it’s his duty as a man to escort you home
  • “you’re different, Buck, good different”
  • and at that moment, he fell in love with magic, again

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fave heith fics?

There are like two on ao3…..


Okay, that was a bit sassy. So, I turned my computer on and will link them (also there are a couple more than two, but here are my favs)

Soft Touch by CammieBella : This one I actually requested and made a small comic for here. It’s amazingly soft and warm and beautiful

Take It Easy by heyitscmei: This is fricken adorable and beautifully written. Very cute and the characterization is like spot on

it’s not your fault by sunsets: This is a very nice, comforting and uplifting one!

Alright, I’ll leave you alone by WrittenTrash: This was the first heith fic I read. It’s amazing and I will cherish it forever

I Might Need You by Damalia: This has one of my favorite most bestest of all time tropes of being caught in the rain and having to warm each other up *winks loudly*

anonymous asked:

Loved your meta on Jon Snow! Could you elaborate this: "if we’re talking about grrm creating *special* characters that’s theon or jaime objectively"? Would love to read your thoughts on them!

SURE I CAN ELABORATE (and thanks glad you enjoyed reading that <3)

okay so let’s go in order: jaime.

  • okay so jaime is an amazing example of ‘how to write a guy who seems despicable and then turns out is actually the most sensed person moral-wise around’ - OKAY I know it’s an unpopular opinion so bear with me because a lot of my opinions re jaime are not mainstream but is2g I have reasons. 
  • thing is: usually characters like jaime are straight-up assholes. I mean, when you meet this guy he’s in an incestuous relationship with his sister, generally behaves like an ass with most people and the first main thing he does plot-wise is crippling bran, which given the HE KILLED HIS KING backstory makes people go like CHRIST YOU ARE DESPICABLE. now in general you don’t see characters like that having redeeming traits that predate their shitty actions and at most they have redemption arcs where they die to atone for their sins and stuff, but thing is: jaime is subtle in that sense. because I’m not counting asos (I’ll get there in a minute) but there’s a lot of hints in the previous two books showing you that he’s not the asshole he looks like. meaning: it was stated early in the beginning that he waited for ned to come and *take the throne* even if he sat on it for who knows how long when killing aerys when he could have claimed it himself, and if it had been cersei LIKE HELL she’d have waited for ned, he’s the only family member tyrion does not want to see dead and who treats him nicely/who arguably loves him, even if you loathe him he always somehow talks sense (his drunk conversation with cat in acok is imo a character development masterpiece because you could see cat was morally right but he was technically having a lot more points especially when talking about how hypocritical is of her/her family to assume that you can always hold up your honor/fulfill your oaths). mostly, he’s at least on some level entirely aware of how fucked up he is - I mean, the moment I fell for jaime as a character was when he pushed bran out of the window and said the things I do for love with loathing. from which you deduce that he’s entirely aware that he’s doing something shitty and that he’s doing it out of *love* same as he does pretty much everything in his life, and then I was like man this guy is interesting.
  • and then you get to his chapters and man, JAIME. so, the moment you get into his head, you find out that this guy who until now you found wholly despicable actually stayed faithful to cersei all his life like your standard fairytale knight, that he actually wanted to be a fairytale knight all his life, that he joined the kingsguard both because cersei kind of convinced him to but also because HE WANTED TO BE LIKE ARTHUR DAYNE, that he actually turned out that cynical after two years of guarding aerys during which he arguably developed some bad case of ptsd (man he has a patented checking out method he advices brienne to use whenhe’s sure they bloody mummers might rape her..) and that his supposedlyu most despicable act - killing his king - actually saved an entire city and was everything but dishonorable if you looked at the facts. on top of that when he loses his hand he goes on what I call the reverse redemption arc of the century, as in - the thing is that we’re told that jaime is the same as cersei. (or so she thinks). until we have just her opinion, we might assume it’s true. then it turns out that he used to be an… actual nice person who doesn’t give a fuck about power (honest HE DID NOT TAKE THE THRONE??), and who wanted to be arthur dayne, was the only person in his family who did not abuse his brother, doesn’t judge people on their appareances like 90% of westeros (that was even before he lost his hand, if you look at it after he realizes that brienne is competent he doesn’t demean her for her looks anymore), actually is waaaay less sexist than the average (actually he’s one of the few people who don’t automatically look down on women), has turned out the way he did also thanks to his father being himself (because lol the tysha situation was pure abuse also as far as jaime was concerned never mind tat we could argue about how cersei turns textbook abusive partner after he loses his hand) and the adforementioned ptsd and that brought him to his lowest point aka pushing bran out of the window. then he loses his hand, has to face the fact that he’s not cersei’s mirror, meets brienne, decides that he wants to be the person he used to be again and - like, everyone argues about the supposed redemption arc that jaime has or doesn’t have, but imo the thing is that he started from being a basically good person, turned into a fairly horrid one due to circumstances he couldn’t have much of a say in and now he wants to go back to being the decent-ish person he was before and man, where do you see that in fantasy mainstream fiction? usually that kinda asshole stays an asshole or has the death driven redemption arc, you don’t find out that he actually was on of the most moral/modern-thinking characters in that bunch. (sorry guys jaime’s moral compass imo is a lot less screwed than it loosk like, because he’s a realist about oaths and the likes and he’s not the kind of idiot who’d put his king’s life over the entire city’s and who felt that conflicted about protecting someone who raped his wife. actually show!jaime sorta raping cersei in the sept was ridiculous also because book!jaime is like, I LOATHE RAPISTS UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY. I mean.) also I’m 100% of the opinion that his riverrun arc just shows that - he didn’t want to go, he managed the mission without technically breaking his oath and making use of the fact that he knows people think he’s a despicable person and by the end he’s just… Done with the capital D when it comes to doing what his family wants him to do or things he doesn’t want to - I mean, he goes off with brienne in a second when he sent her on a legitimate heroic quest before, who are we kidding? that is the one thing he wanted from life tbh. he even said it in asos, at some point the kid who wanted to be like arthur dayne had turned into one of the outlaws they despised that much. 
  • tldr jaime is an incredibly complex and layered character who deconstructs perfectly both your typical asshole backstabber, the arthurian knight and the courtly love trope (both with brienne and cersei) at least and imo if it wasn’t for theon he would be the most original/innovative/well-conceived character in asoiaf tbh - except that then you have theon.

so, theon:

  • christ where do I start. okay, let’s start from the deconstruction - I ranted about it a while ago but lol I can’t find the link (it’s under my janie writes meta tag if you want to look for it) - but like, theon’s a flawless destruction of the traitor trope. like, usually your typical backstabber betrays the hero/heroine, who usually doesn’t die but is majorly fucked because of that - anyway most times they stand back up, get their revenge and said backstabber gets their due and usually they did it for their own personal gain or jealoiusy and it’s always from the betrayed’s POV. also by the end we’re all happy when the backstabber gets their due.
  • theon utterly and completely destroys that because a) we get HIS pov and never robb’s, b) his betrayal is the result of a situation he had no choice in which brought him to have to deal with severe mental issues, c) when he gets his comeuppance it’s so horrific that just people with zero empathy actually would think he deserved ramsay, d) he thought he’d take WF for his personal gain but ended up losing everything instead, e) he’s the person who regrets most his own actions and he wishes he had died with robb, f) HE’S NOT DEAD YET, g) and not just that, he did one of the few arguably truly honestly 100% heroic fairytale TM actions in the books (as someone once said, him saving jeyne and jaime saving brienne in the bear pit are arguably the only two truly fairytale-worthy things anyone’s ever done in ASOIAF and look at who is behind them…) which gave him narrative redemption/catharsis since it also was a mostly selfless action done for someone no one could give two fucks about. that’s already groundbreaking territory because that shit rarely happens in mainstream fiction but it’s not even all of it.
  • okay so, acok!theon is hardly a nice person, but I think it’s very inspured that if you take into account where he comes from (the hostage situation and howhe can’t reconcile coming from a background and being unable to fit in another, never mind the IF YOUR FATHER REBELS THE GUY YOU’D LIKE TO BE YOUR FATHER COULD AND WOULD PROBABLY KILL YOU) it shows that such a context does not breed well-adjusted people, and the thing is that while I think taking WF was a ridiculous delusional fk-up, actually siding with his father was normal - I mean, in retrospective ofc he’d side with robb but in his position of course you pick your asshole family rather than your bff when picking the latter leaves you disinherited, IN A SOCIETY BASED ON HOUSE BELONGING. ops. and when he knew robb was the only prson who gave two fucks about him overall, and he still was having his AH BUT HE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ME phase to convince himself he was better off in pyke. and the fact that he takes a decision most of us would take even if it’s not the right one narrative-wise when he’s also not easy to sympathize with and the decision harms the supposed heroes of the story (the starks) is imo a+++ writing because like, I’m 90% sure that people hate theon that much because it’s a human decision and most of us would the same in his shoes, but it’s not too easy to admit that… especially when the character taking it is not relatable.
  • on top of thart you have one of the most beautiful identity arcs in fantasy fiction AT LEAST but honest it’s probably the best one I ever read and I read a fair amount of novels. like you can sum it in ‘we think we know this guy, then we see that his head is a shitty place to be, we realize he has serious identity issues in the sense that he’s split between two cultures and can’t make sense of it, we see him going waaay deep into that rabbit hole until he loses about everything for it, then he gets brainwashed into thinking he’s someone else and someone subhuman for that matter, and then he actually goes back from that on his own and finally realizes who the hell he’s supposed to be and the moment he does he does the Heroic Deed Of The Book TM’ and it′s beautiful, because when have you ever seen that much effort put into giving that amount of depth to a character whose technical actions are supposed to be all-around despicable? like guys theon’s identity arc is a punch in the stomach to read but I swear I rarely read a thing with such a cathartic ending and given that grrm gave that sl to a character the audience was not supposed to sympathize with going by your regular tropes I kee on thinkign it was a literary stroke of genius if you look at it from the technical crafting-a-story sense
  • also I could go on a long rant about how on top of that you also have one of the best narratives re an abuse victim I read in my life (because like if you count everything, the guy’s been a victim of some kind of abuse all his life way before ramsay was in the picture) and actually that’s also why I’m 99% sure he’s not headed for the cathartic death, it makes a lot more sense if he survives the story in spite of everything but this post is already hellal long and my laptop lags (guys really it’s taken me an hour and twenty to get up to this point ew) so in conclusion
  • tldr theon is absolutely groundbreaking because not only he’s a trope deconstruction, but narratively he’s the result of a lot of choices that are not mainstream or popular when it comes to that kind of character, has honestly the best written chapters in the entire thing if you ask me and he’s absolutely not the kind of character you find easily in mainstream fiction. what I mean is that jon is a chosen hero deconstruction but he’s still a chosen hero and the world is full of them, jaime is already more rare but you can find chaarcters who have some traits in common with him, and I’ve never once in my life read a character that was comparable to theon when it came to sheer originality/reading something I never ran into before. (I could SORT OF MAYBE say the same for brienne but brienne is also the warrior woman trope and there’s a lot of that around tho brienne is the best instance I’ve sene of it - anyway she’s not *original* per se, it’s original in the way grrm approaches it. anyway this is not about brienne and it’s really too long so I’m gonna cut it here) so imo theon’s actually the best character grrm has singlehandedly conceived/churmed out in his career if not just in asoiaf (but I read enouhg of the rest to be sure of that assessment) and yeah okay I’m done XD

“just fucking leave it, okay?!” will practically snarled at the other, wiping the blood coming out of his nose with the back of his hand. “i know how to handle myself. besides, it’s not like you care.” his face was battered from a verbal fight turned physical, pretty much because will wanted to disturb the peace of his schoolmates. “just don’t fucking tell headmaster mcgonagall, alright? keep it between you and i.”

why i am done with sm

okay before you continue reading, if you have something against kd, i would recommend leaving about now.

why does ksoo look so depressed after a kxk thing is released?

I don’t even care if kxk is real or if it was made up to cover up kd.

but just stop sm.


(even tho you obviously payed dispatch to release that. like who the hell told dispatch that they were friends and started dating bc they had a case of friend turned lover?)

also ksoo’s not going to hawaii bc he had to see a musical. 

LAME ASS EXCUSE. he could have flown there later like k__stal and l_na. 

i just hope kd are cuddling on the couch rn.

bc i exploded when i read that lately ksoo’s been crying and i saw pics from after inkigayo. he looks so sad.

@/sm: fucc you.

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Kissing Edmund would include ...😏 (I'm sorry 😂 you don't have to do this 😂)

LOL. Probably won’t be too detailed but okay? 😂

  • First kiss was when you’re mad at him. 
  • But then he said he was leaving
  • You thought he was going to battle, so in the heat of emotions you kissed him. But it turned out it was a misunderstanding. 
  • “Come back to me, okay?“ 
  • "Um, training is only two hours long.” 
  • "Training…I thought…“ 
  • There’s an awkward silence. 
  • "So, uh, I’ll see you after practice?” 
  • He liked to sneak up on you in hall, and grab you for a quick kiss. 
  • You both hated kissing in public. 
  • But when you were alone, ohohoho;) 
  • You didn’t kiss often, but when you did it was usually passionate. 
  • You always seemed to get caught by his siblings somehow. 
  • When you knew he wanted a kiss, you loved to tease him and make him wait. 
  • He tries to sneak a few, but it doesn’t work. 
  • But at the end, you give in of course.

Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted…

Excuse me, but can we just talk about this part? Dammit I’m supposed to be studying but ugh

He gestured between them, knowing Andrew would understand. “How is this okay?”    

“It isn’t a ‘this’,” Andrew said

“That’s not what I’m asking. You know it isn’t. Andrew, wait,” he insisted, because Andrew was turning away like he couldn’t hear Neil anymore. Neil reached for him, unwilling to let him leave without a real answer.

“No,” Andrew said, and Neil’s hand froze a breath from Andrew’s arm. Andrew went still as well, and they stood for a minute in awful silence. Finally Andrew looked back at him, but for a moment Neil didn’t know who he was looking at. In the space of one breath Andrew’s expression went so dark and distant Neil almost retreated. Then Andrew was back, as calm and uncaring as always, and he caught Neil’s wrist to push his hand to his side. He dug his fingers in before letting go, not quite hard enough to hurt, and said, “That’s why.”

Neil stopped when Andrew told him to. It wasn’t much, but it was more than enough. 

Like Idk what to really say. Just that I just realized that maybe by that point in The King’s Men, I think Andrew has considered to himself that he was maybe-in-love with Neil? I know in-love such a dandy word to be associated with Andrew but just that he gave Neil a reason to understand him why he chose him and they have so much respect for each other’s space and I don’t know what! my! point! is! Just that it’s one of my favorite moments in TKM and the whole andreil ride and it’s so underrated so 

okay I’m out.

Iconic Ashlee Simpson Things

• “I don’t own a mop”
“this is a mop”
• crying about fake eyelashes
• laying on the ground in a bowling alley for no reason ?????
• “peeing on me! par-tay!”
• [carries a flattened, empty box down one flight of stairs] “i feel so, like, exercisey”
• lowkey hatred of jessica
• sad headbanging to her own music ? why
• “have you cleaned at all in the past 3 months”
• “i hate this it looks like something jessica would wear theres no way im gonna–”
“okay! :)”
• insisting her relationship was falling apart because her boyfriend had to leave for work rather than stay and make out in front of cameras
• complaining about her car (she just forgot to turn off the parking break)
• ranting to her fellow producers (men in their 30’s) constantly about her lowkey hatred of jessica while they play instruments and ignore her
•bellbottom jeans and stilettos???? ??? ? ???
• something very minor: [happens]
ashlee: “oh JESUS!!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! HOLY FU-”
• “im so like, stressed, like…im so…stressed”
• pretending she can’t sweep so her mom will do it
• petty smiling literally 25/8
• bein cute

Gabriel imagines - Kiss me goodbye Part one

Originally posted by running-curahee

A/N: Shannon requested I make this a series for her so I hope the rest of you like it also. I’ve never really tried ideas like this before so I hope it’s okay. This first part will be a bit slow but I promise it’ll get better.

Requested by this loser (@suck-my-ackles) seeing she made an aesthetic about it (x)

Summary: Back in the day, Gabriel enlisted for the US army. He wanted to fight despite your protests.

Word count: 1, 354

Warnings: None really, Gabriel x reader, fluff

The last time there was a war, you had only been a mere child. Your father went off to fight - leaving you and your mother for which turned out to be forever. Your father died in 1918 just before the war ended. 

After that, your mother started teaching you her ways. 

What you didn’t know was that your father was a hunter and your mother a witch, they met after he hunted her down intending to kill her for a hex she didn’t conjure up. Long story short, after working together to hunt down the actual witch who was doing harm, they fell in love. 

In their vows, they promised one another to never hunt or use magic unless their lives or yours were to ever come across any supernatural danger.
However when your father died, your mother taught you how to develop as a witch since you were born a natural. 

Growing up you were intelligent and bloomed in all aspects of life, you had a great group of friends, gotten into to college and even owned a small apartment which you happily lived alone. Your mother was proud when you mastered witchcraft, but you had promised your mother the same promise she made to your father. You never used your powers, however when you turned 22 you ultimately decided to slow your ageing. That was a perk of being a witch, longitivtiy, the ability to keep a young appearance as hundreds of years go past.

Unlike your mother, you kept your promise when she died. She was killed by a hunter in 1935 after she had started using her powers a little too often, obvious and not always for good. 

In 1938, you met Gabriel, or Gabe as most people called him. You knew after a short while that the man wasn’t human, and he told you he was a trickster. He enjoyed using his powers for you since you refused to use yours for anything. Even in the 1930′s there was some lore to tricksters, and with Gabe some things didn’t add up and although you confronted him on it, he never truly told you what he was. 

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Bruce Wayne x Reader story that I'm not sure if I should write

I had a really weird dream last night that went something like this 👇🏻👇🏻 and I wrote out the plot but I’m not sure if I should write it out as a full story or not. What do you guys think??


Okay so basically Bruce’s SO leaves him when he wants to fight superman ,to try and knock some little bit of sense into him and obviously with all the shit going down at the time it hits him really really hard cause her and Alfred are literally the only two things he gives half a shit about anymore. So turns out the reader is also a vigilante but with Bruce always being out at night how’s he ever gonna know? She already knows he’s batman but doesn’t tell him about her being a vigilante because he’d freak out and lose his shit even though he can’t really talk because he’s a hypocrite. So Lex Luther has Doomsday go off to fight Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the reader and in the middle of the fight, the reader is killed. But Bruce has no idea that it’s his SO until he pulls off her mask after she died and he can’t go to either of the funerals because it would give away that he was Batman if he went to her vigilante funeral but he can’t go to her actual funeral because he met her as Batman at first instead of as Bruce Wayne when she helped him get information on a case because she’s a detective and he’s technically ‘never met her’ as Bruce Wayne. So going to either funeral would kind of give it away to people that he’s batman. So he’s of course devastated that he’s lost his SO and never got to tell her one last time that he loved her because the last time she talked to him they had an argument and he’s also devastated that she never told him she was a vigilante that he’s worked with before and he feels like her death was 199% his fault as she tried to take on Doomsday when she died in the process and he didn’t stop her.

This is really confusing I’m so sorry

I feel so guilty that my brain was responsible for putting Batsy through this like dude hasn’t he been through enough??!! 😸

(I swear to god if I actually write this I will send Bruce an apology)

Please maybe comment or like or REBLOG if you think I should write this because I’m honestly not sure about it at the moment

I hope everyone has a lovely day!! 💕

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whotheeffisbucky  asked:

I took one look at that prompt list and knew exactly what I wanted. 'We’re new parents who were excited before leaving the hospital but now I want nothing more than to have sleep'. BUCKY AND BABIES MAKE ME SO HAPPY. OK awesome thanks you're amazing <3

A/N: firstly , you’re amazing omg. I can’t believe you said I am. Second , hope you like it 💕

“What time is it?” you mumbled from under a pile of covers next to Bucky. Your week old newborn cried from her crib.

“4am” Bucky mumbled back , his bright phone lighting up his tired face as he checked the time.

“Okay it’s my turn anyway , go back to sleep” you started sitting up but Bucky gently pushed you back down.

“I’ve got her , you need rest doll” Bucky kissed your forehead. You went to sleep listening to the faint lullaby Bucky sang to your daughter , a soft smile on your face.

MCU Relationship Summaries: Bruce/Betty

The Incredible Hulk

Bruce: I hurt you. I’m dangerous. You need to stay away from me.

Betty: I love you, and you’re not that bad. Also, you came back to the university town where I’m teaching, and purposely ran into me.

Bruce: I’m a monster!

Betty: Nope.

Bruce: I turn into a monstrous Hulk!

Betty: The Hulk is just misunderstood. You have to accept yourself.

Bruce: I’m a monster, and the military is after me, and your dad’s the military.

Betty: My dad’s a jerk. 

Bruce: I’m running away now.

Betty: I’m coming with you.

Bruce: Okay.

Plot: *happens*

Bruce: Okay, now I’m really leaving, except like I don’t even tell you. I just send you back your necklace.

Betty: Booh!

The Avengers

Bruce: I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m a totally different person. Also, Tony’s kind of cute. Think I’m going to go live with him.

Tony: Whoop! Whoop!

Iron Man 3

Bruce: *blinks sleepily*…what? I’m living with Tony.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Bruce: Oh, um, you know how I had a gf once and then I left her because I thought I wasn’t worthy of love and stuff? Yeah, I’m doing that again, except you know I’m doing it to another woman, because leaving people is great.

Captain America: Civil War

Bruce: I’m not in this movie.

Betty: Me neither.

Bruce: But your dad is?

Betty: I guess so.

Bruce: Weird.

Betty’s Dad/Thadeus Ross: I still hate you, Bruce.

Bruce: Great.

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I hate that even after working 2 extra unpaid hours I still feel guilty for leaving before my two seniors even though they were okay with me leaving. I feel like I have to set my foot down and say I'm sorry all my jobs are done I have to go but there's this huge pressure of teamwork as well you know. And it's a difficult balance. I hate being taken advantage of by the system and I also would hate to be seen as a crappy team member. Sorry this has turned into a rant now. #F1 problems :/

No need to apologise! I’ve been there. You have absolutely no reason to feel guilty, but I completely know where you are coming from, because I have been there. And I’m sure a lot of us have. Even when you know that the understaffing/overwork situation is in no way your fault, you still feel that it’s your job to sort as much as possible. And whilst the really important jobs and general overseeing falls to your registrars, there is usually a small army of FY1/SHO jobs that are delegated to the juniormost, and these also need to get done. And a lot of the time we struggle on until they are done. Sometimes that’s down to us being slow at first, or not knowing which jobs can safely wait til tomorrow, and sometimes it’s down to fundamentally not having enough junior doctors for the workload.

At the start of the strikes, there was a website where juniors could log the unpaid hours that they’d worked, and it quickly racked up significant amounts of time; all over the NHS we are working many thousands of unpaid hours, probably millions over the course of a year. This is labour for which we will never be repaid, and for which we aren’t covered legally, however we still feel a huge pressure to help out as much as possible, because we know the NHS is struggling and we know the only way to avoid harm to patients sometimes is to work longer than we should. And you are entirely justified in your anger, because this should not be happening.

Although a senior could do a junior’s jobs (when my job is busy, the registrars even do ttos, cannulas etc), the things that fall to your registrar generally can’t be taken on by someone more junior. Meaning that, even if you want to, there’s usually very little you can do to ensure your registrars or consultants leave any sooner! It’s understandable that you’d feel guilty leaving before them, but they did the right thing to send you home. We’ve all felt the guilt, but you deserve what everyone else takes for granted: to go home at a reasonable time after a hard day at work. You can’t stay forever, and tiring yourself out by working too long runs the risk of affecting the quality of your work, both in those extra hours and the following day.

Thinking back to my surgical firms and that of my friends, I’ve noticed surgical jobs tend to be particularly demanding; there’s a real sense that lists need to be updated before the ward round, and daily bloods requested before you leave, so that despite dashing around the wards all day you still end up coming in early and leaving late nearly every day. Some of my friends had additional problems; if their consultants happened to notice their FY1/SHO was still around at 6 or even 7, they’d still ask them to come and ward round again. Despite the fact that their poor junior had clearly already stayed two hours late! Which, frankly, I think is inappropriate of the seniors; a consultant is perfectly able to write their own notes every now and again, and let the nurses or on-call know if something needs actioning; there is simply no need to get their junior involved 2 hours after they should have left! My own seniors were good in this respect and it was rarely something I had to worry about, but I learned an important lesson from my friends: don’t be around any longer than you have to, because work has a way of finding you if you are around any later than you have to be.

For this reason, I recommend staying off the wards once you should have left. Even if you have a TTO or some blood forms to write, find somewhere out of the way, preferably where your seniors or the ward nurses won’t easily stumble upon you, and focus on getting those tasks done. Out of sight means out of mind; when you are somewhere easily visible, you become a magnet for every job and it becomes impossible to complete the few tasks you are actually staying to do!

Now, patients somehow always manage to get sick at 4:45 when you leave at 5pm. It just happens; I have a personal rule that I’ll sort out one patient who falls sick just before I leave, but anything else that kicks up on the ward has to be escalated to the on-call. I’ll do my absolute best to ensure the ward is left in a sensible state for them, and I’ll try to esure that nothing horrible is left for them to do at 5 (including that patient who decides to suddenly score a NEWS of 8 at 4:45), but I’m not staying all night to do the evening doctor’s job.  It is absolutely right and acceptable for you to ask whichever colleague is handing you jobs after hometime if they can ask the on-call doctor to do it instead. This works better for some specialities than others, as not every team has constant on-call cover and some are covered by other specialities/departments out of hours. Whenever I was on-call as an FY1, and even now, my first priority is to make sure the day team leave at as reasonable a time as possible. There are times when this can’t happen, and I think we’re all sensible enough to know when it’s only fair that we stay to help the on-call team out, or deal with a complicated case which we are the most familiar with. But many jobs which people end up staying late to do don’t actually fall in these kinds of categories.

I do recommend teamwork in the sense that colleagues of the same grade should leave together. It’s practically a law that if you stay on the ward alone even for 5 minutes to complete a TTO, you have somehow invited one cardiac arrest, two cannulas falling out, at least three abnormal blood results and a patient falling out of bed. It just happens. The last person on the ward will become a magnet for anything that goes wrong (rather than the ward calling the on-call, as should happen), so it’s only fair for the juniors to leave together to avoid someone being guilted into a pile of jobs. Look after each other, and encourage each other to stick up for your rights; there’s being a team player, and there is being taken advantage of. Too often, we’re told we’re not being a team player if we refuse to be taken advantage of, when really, the demands are unreasonable to begin with. I have met very few junior doctors who really are lazy and ‘not team players’, so I certainly don’t think most people are shirkers. If anything, I think most of us are far too accommodating of unreasonable demands at work, and in turn we risk making the situation worse by entrenching such expectations further. It’s not really juniors’ faults; good seniors shouldn’t have unfair expectations to begin with, and the best seniors think about the welfare of their underlings and do their bit to ensure that their team aren’t bullied into working when they shouldn’t.

With practice, we also get better at working out what can wait til tomorrow, and what has to be done right now. At first as FY1s, our inherent fear drives us to do everything ASAP, but you slowly figure out what can wait. Of course, this depends on how sensible your seniors are; we’ve all had that one consultant who insists that every! Single! Job! Has! To! Be! Done! Now!, which is a lot easier to ask for if you never have to go through the logistical nightmare of actioning all the jobs.

My registrars have always made it clear that part of a senior’s job is to make sure their juniors are doing OK; that also means things like checking your juniors haven’t forgotten to eat, and making sure they don’t stay any later than absolutely necessary. A good senior makes sure their juniors don’t get pulled into staying any longer than necessary, because they’ve been there, and know that it’s really hard to walk away until you’re given leave to go. I guess this reply turned out into rather a rant in itself, but I’m sure any junior has a LOT to say about staying late. I could go on, but I think that’s enough for now…

So, I decided that I need to write again. And seeing as I can’t decide on one idea without it turning into something big - I went for one of my many, many prompt lists. This is the one I decided on. It’s short and a good start.^^ If you like it, feel free to look at the other prompts and leave one. And even if you don’t I’ll try to get more writing out there. Okay, enough rambling - enjoy!

“I see that you’re studying abroad at my school and that you barely speak the language. Good thing I can speak yours, come on, I’ll help you out” AU - (Dorian x Anders - pre-slash)

Dorian had heard about him, of course. Few things escaped his notice and even fewer made it past Maeve’s attention. Which in turn meant that those secrets usually made it to Dorian by night time. They had a habit of calling each other in the evening even though they spent the majority of the day together already. Even if they didn’t have the same classes.

So of course Dorian knew about the new student. Maeve had told him where he came from, what classes he took and what his goal was. It seemed that the newbie was from the Anderfels, a country that wasn’t known for its fondness of mages. His entire schedule was packed full with medical classes, along with some introduction classes for force and elemental magic. According to Maeve, he planned on getting a healing licence in order to open a free clinic in someplace called Kirkwall.

“You actually share some classes, Dorian,” Maeve teased, hiking the strap of her bag higher onto her shoulder. “If you’d bothered to show up for them, that is.”

“My dear Maeve,” Dorian laughed, “you are aware that my fabulous looks need a lot of beauty sleep, are you not? So why, my dear, would I bother to get up early enough to …”

“There he is actually. So maybe you should take a look for yourself as to why.” Maeve grinned mischievously and Dorian couldn’t help but gaze into the direction she pointed. There, on one of the old benches, sat the topic of their conversation.

He sat with his legs curled beneath him and surrounded by books and papers. His hair, which actually gleamed in the late afternoon sun, was held back in a ponytail. Though quite a few strands had escaped their prison and framed a painfully concentrated face. Dorian had to admit, albeit only for himself, that the profile looked quite appealing from where he stood. Maybe he should have visited those early classes a bit more regularly? If the other side of that profile was equally gorgeous it might even be worth losing some sleep. Thinking of sleep Dorian couldn’t help but think that the student looked awfully tired.

“Go and charm him Dorian,” Maeve nudged him forward before turning around and heading over to one of her fellow classmates. Dorian cursed her for a moment before shaking his head. Maybe he should follow her advice. If only to make certain that the face was as gorgeous as he thought it might be. His feet seemed to agree because Dorian found himself walking before he actually decided on it.

“Good afternoon my fellow student, lovely day to study outside, isn’t it?” he greeted, once he was close enough to be heard without yelling. Still it seemed to surprise his counterpart because the book he held went flying. Catching it with one hand Dorian took a quick look at it and frowned slightly. It was a Common/Tevene dictionary and it seemed to be well used already. Looking up he found the other man biting his lip while a slight blush covered pale cheeks.

“Would it be easier if we spoke Common?” Dorian asked almost surprised at the relief showing on the rather handsome face.

“Oh Maker, yes, thank you,” even his voice was lovely, though it sounded a tad raspy as if he hadn’t used it in a while. Dorian suspected that that was the case, most likely. “I’m not fluent enough in Tevene to even attempt a conversation. It’s not as easy to learn as I had hoped it to be.”

“Oh I can imagine that the finer points of Tevene are hard to understand, though I assure you that with the right teacher you might be able to be fluent in absolutely no time,” Dorian replied and handed the dictionary back with a charming smile. The blush only seemed to deepen.

“Are you offering to teach me?” The blush stayed but the tone was as flirty as it could get. Dorian actually had to grin at that.

“Well, you seem to struggle with the language and I am rather fluent in Common, so it only makes sense, yes? Though I do wonder why you decided to study here when you lack the knowledge to understand the classes. Well, no I do not wonder, we have the best colleges in Tevinter.” Dorian didn’t mean his words to be insulting as he was truly merely curious about the students’ reasons.

“How about we start off with the basics and get to the dark and hidden past when the time is right for it? I’m Anders.” The other man, Anders, unfolded himself from the bench and Dorian swallowed when he found himself looking up. Rather far up. Then he remembered his manners.

“Dorian Pavus, at your service,” he gave a short bow and an easy smile. “Why don’t you pack up your books and follow me to the café over there. They have a lovely strawberry tart on the menue. We might enjoy something sweet while we talk about your language lessons.

Anders blushed once more but eagerly packed up his books. It seemed that he was happy for the distraction from his studies. Or it was simply because Dorian was the first to talk to him. No matter what the reason was, Dorian decided that he would take full advantage of the situation.

i’d like to go back but i can’t
i’d like to know how it’d feel
if i didn’t turn my back
and ran to you instead
if i didn’t close my eyes
and saw only you
if i didn’t inhale then exhale
and let you leave me breathless
if i didn’t let go
but i did
i had to go my own way
i had to open myself to new things
i had to breathe
as much as i want to go back
as much as i miss you
as much as i want to
laugh again, love again
wake up in the morning
thinking of you blissfully again
i can’t
i couldn’t
i shouldn’t
yesterday’s wind isn’t today’s
we just think so that it is
but no matter how hard
we try or much we want
the same breeze won’t ever pass by
never again

Thanks to those who messaged me, I’m okay. I’ve just had a really rough day. My Mom/Stepdad are pushing this shitty job onto my husband. It’s 7 days a week in a 100+ degree factory with no insurance for 6 months. Which as you know, is fucking impossible for someone with all my health problems and medications that I’d need. Not to mention I may need surgery on my wrist soon. They don’t seem to understand that he can’t just up and leave his current job without secure employment and insurance already lined up. Which in turn makes me feel like I’m holding him back and like I’m a burden. 

I’m flaring and my wrist/arm/shoulder hurt from me slipping and falling last night. So yeah, just a rough damn day. I plan on eating, watching Star Trek: Next Gen with Mike and going to bed early. 

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ALL TOO WELL which is my fave too lol

psht lemme pick a single lyric from this song……………….

I walked through the door with you, the air was cold,
But something ‘bout it felt like home somehow.
And I left my scarf there at your sister’s house,
And you’ve still got it in your drawer even now.

Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze.
We’re singing in the car, getting lost Upstate.
Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,
And I can picture it after all these days.

And I know it’s long gone,
And that magic’s not here no more,
And I might be okay,
But I’m not fine at all.

‘Cause there we are again on that little town street.
You almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me.
Wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well.

Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red.
You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed
And your mother’s telling stories about you on a tee ball team
You taught me 'bout your past, thinking your future was me.

And I know it’s long gone
And there was nothing else I could do
And I forget about you long enough
To forget why I needed to…

'Cause there we are again in the middle of the night.
We’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light
Down the stairs, I was there, I remember it all too well, yeah.

Well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up.
Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well.

Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here
'Cause I remember it all, all, all… too well.

Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it
I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it
After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own
Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone

But you keep my old scarf from that very first week
'Cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me
You can’t get rid of it 'cause you remember it all too well, yeah

'Cause there we are again, when I loved you so
Back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known
It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well

Wind in my hair, you were there, you remember it all
Down the stairs, you were there, you remember it all
It was rare, I was there, I remember it all too well

…………………….yeahhhhhhhh i love that one single lyric so much:)

send me a song and i’ll tell you my favorite lyric!