and i was like aw such a cute episode

I used to feel so insecure about the past of my blog when I was playing ts2 only (it’s true, my game quality wasn’t the best and I used to be hyperactive about my fav characters), but the recent events (people taking pics of my favourite couples from this game, ilyyy so much) have made my heart melt and I’ve decided to post it at least from time to time when I’ve got no legacy queues, so expect some ts2 posts this week because I don’t seem to have time to open ts3… every time I want to I feel awful because I’ve got a lot of work and studying to do and feel like I’m procrastinating lmao

By the end of this week I’ll try to play the new episode of Claude’s BC and the legacy. I can’t wait for Irene’s story start, I may post her with her spouse too? I’ve got the pics drafted but can’t decide whether to spoiler or not. But they’re cute as hell.

Oh and yeah, I’m sorry for not doing those tag memes I’ve been tagged in recently! The playlist ones and stuff. It’s not like I don’t want to, they seem interesting and I’ll try to do them when I feel like that.

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"Yuri on Ice can’t possibly get gayer after episode 7”

*casually buys engagement rings*

*proposes in a church with a choir in the background*

me: haha aw that’s so cute… after all that happened, im pretty sure it cant get any gayer–

*yuuri couple dances with victor*

*pole dances like a stripper*

*dry humps victor shamelessly*

me: what the absolute fuck yuuri

First, I’d like to welcome all the new Batjokes shippers that came from watching the Lego Batman movie. :) If you’re into the fluffy cute side of this normally twisted ship and would like more cute content like you saw in the lego verison, I think the Batjokes in Batman: The Brave and the Bold might be appealing to you as well! :) They even team up in one episode, it’s fantastic. Here’s a clip of it on YT:

Now I’d like to move onto a topic I think is important to be discussed with all these new shippers arriving: if you only like the fluffy cute version of this ship, that’s fine! I understand that a lot of you are not a fan of Joker in most versions (mostly because of how awful he is to Harley) and I completely respect that. You ship what you want to ship!

But I would just like to politely ask you to treat us (a.k.a. people who ship Batjokes in all kinds of versions) with the same respect. I’ve been shipping Batjokes since 2011 and through the years I’ve gotten a lot of hate for shipping it because well … it’s a dark twisted ship (some user even talked shit about me & the ship on their blog after they found out I was shipping it). 

But the darkness of it is also appealing to me and part of the reason I ship it so much. I adore villains (not in a romanticised way – I fully acknowledge they’re awful people) and I loveee exploring complex, fucked up relationships in fiction.

And I’ve already seen people saying that anyone who ships Batjokes outside the Lego verse is problematic and bad. And that makes me really sad. Where do you think that the creators of the Lego movie got their inspiration for the Batjokes we got in it? Batman and Joker have a long history of homoerotic subtext. Some creators even flat out admitted that Joker is in love with Batman. You have to remember that there would be no amazingly adorable Lego Batjokes without its previous versions and their long history.

We’re not bad people for liking Batjokes outside of the Lego version. Everyone knows that a relationship like this is a big no in real life and shouldn’t be supported outside of fiction. Or Joker himself for that matter – he’s a fun entertaining villain but obviously no sane person supports someone like that in real life.

Anyway to conclude this little post, ship what you want to ship and respect each other. Older Batjokes fans: don’t try to force all other versions of the ship on the new shippers or call them “fake fans” (not that I’ve seen anyone do that btw - I’m saying it just in case because I’ve seen other fandoms do it with different stuff) if they only like the Lego version. And new shippers: please don’t post condescending hateful posts in the tag / send us hate for liking this ship in other versions. Let’s all share this tag with love and respect.

That’s all. Thanks for reading!


- Sherlock’s interactions with the (fake) little girl were so cute

- “this is family” “THAT’S WHY HE STAYS” yas

- 5 seconds of footage of Mrs Hudson dancing while vacuuming singlehandedly saved the episode

- “My name is Sherlock Holmes”
  “The detective?”
  “The pirate”

- “baker street boys” sounds like the name of an awful boyband

- Why the hell would Mycroft allow Moriarty to talk to her??? So dumb and out of character???

- Eurus was honestly very very creepy and I’m so in awe of her


- THE TWISTS THOUGH the little girl and the plane not being real and the whole Redbeard thing just blew my mind

- The montage at the end made me cry so hard with Mary and the whole gang at Baker Street and the speech and the music

- (also because it looked like a pretty alarming closure sign someone please confirm series 5 before I die)

- Moriarty was fierce but not important at all to the series (?)

- Why are all the security people so stupid is that a requirement when they hire them


- Lestrade’s parallel with the 1st episode was so sad but so beautiful

- Mycroft trying to talk Sherlock into shooting him by being annoying broke my heart and honestly I just want to hug him after all he went through in this episode

- YAY JOHN being the brave,smart,  wonderful person I know and reminding us all of why we loved him

- Bit dissapointed that the “I love you” turned out to just be part of Eurus’ game really

- The way it ended was kinda off too (?) like after all the atrocities she has committed I can’t just buy that a hug from Sherlock was enough to solve everything and make her good again. She was fucking terrifying and definitely crazy. No mind could possibly go from such a state to total submission so easily and it would be odd to shrug it off like that after all they’ve gone through with her

- Loved all the violin scenes so much

- The scene at the beginning when they trick Mycroft was so off but also so hilarious and cute so who cares

- I love how John quickly relates mentions of love and Sherlock to Irene Adler

- Sherlock breaking down is so pure and sad and I want to give him a hug

Overall I’m neither thrilled nor dissapointed, I will make a separate post regarding tjlc but these are my thoughts on the episode in general. There quite a few things I didn’t like about it, though I enjoyed the general product very much. We were warned it would get darker, I have never been so on edge while watching TV before and all the twists produced the desired effect on me. Again, I am very concerned as for the implications of the ending: it’s the first time they end an episode with complete closure, no cliffhangers, and that they would choose to do that while ending a series too is even more alarming. However satisfying I may find the characters’ situation as it is right now, I really don’t want this to be the last we see of Sherlock…



There will be
Each with a Duration of 10 MINUTES (10 MINS OF HAPPINESS AW YIS)
The spin-off manga will be animateeed!

MEANING! We get to see:
- AnKyou in a different dimension- a magical one~
- Everyone in different character design ( Chibi-like, cute!)
- Unlucky Karma ( As in, things-falling-at-his-head-all-the-time-for-no-reason unlucky)
- Half-Armored Isogai ( I mean, the whole back part of his body is- well, nakeeed)
- Not to mention Nagisa in a TWO-PIECE SWIMSUIT and having a Body-Builder-Like Body (muscles and all) those one time
- Actually, perv Okajima and Koro-sensei were in swimsuits too, but let’s not go there


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I'm not even in your fandom but I support you and your cause

Omg is that a Ren and Nora as your icon pic? From the latest episode?! *0* omgosh that was literally my most favorite moment ahhh I love your icon!!! Renora for life!

And thank you hun, I wouldn’t have bothered–I feel like I’m too old for these discourses because it’s the same problem in every fandom over any ship I’ve been in–but I can’t stop myself when I see people harass others and even the creators/actors. So I stepped in and don’t regret it. I’ll always protect real people from horrible antis.

But thank you it means a lot. Not because antis are tearing me down (far from it I thrive in the negativity they throw at me–it makes me more positive about my ships) but this type of support helps shippers emotionally that need the reassurance. To know even outsiders see this and don’t like what antis are doing and are supportive of us too.

So no it’s you I should thank for being able to see bad stuff and go “nope ya’ll are bad not cool leave ppl alone” and still take the time to go out of your way to comfort us is super big of you!!! Thank you hun you’re the better person outta all of us.

Btw that episode of rwby really messed me up in a good way I hope we get to see more next season!

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EW wtf was the person talking about? Iris is IRIS WEST! she's not a different character because she is black now!! and he sounds like SB shippers romanticizing DRUNK HELPLESS Caitlin asking Barry to take advantage of her in that episode, that is not cute that's creepy and awful. ew again!

They told on themselves with that disgusting ass reply. 

ok time for another rant

I was promised a sanvers centric episode.

That is NOT what I got. What i did get was an episode focused entirely on karamel. You know every time a new episode comes out i think to myself : Maybe the writers will sudenly decide to not be bad at writing. Maybe i’ll actually get an episode with an realistic storyline. but every. damn. time, they continue this racist, heteronormative bullshit.

And don’t even get me started on those people who are saying “aw they’re so cute! they’re fighting like they’re married!!” OH MY GOD STOP. That was not a cute, lovers tiff, no big deal kind of thing. That was man-hell being a misogynistic little twat kind of thing. Is he aware that Kara can fly?? Is he aware that she can shoot people with freakin lasers?!?!? Kara does not need this kind of bullshit storyline leave my puppy danvers alone please she is very tiny and you’re hurting her.

You know what I first thought when they broke up karolsen?? i thought maybe they’re doing this do further develop her character outside of romantic relationships. great! And then Lena came into the picture. So I was like ??? but then I thought you know this is actually great!!! Us bisexuals would like some representation too please!! And then I heard my friend say the word “karamel” and I was like ???? and then it became canon so I was like ??????? AND THEN THIS EPISODE HAPPENNED. YOU WANT TO KNOW WAS I WAS LIKE? HERES A VISUAL REPRESENTATION :


The writers need to start stepping up their game or there’ll be a Great Gay/Bisexual/LGBT+ Migration ™ because I’m sure as hell not staying here if there isn’t any change and I feel like there are many others who agree.

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Nac: Do you plan on changing the theme colors now that Valentines is over? St. Paddy's maybe? Or Easter? I love how cute the blog always looks!

Aw thank you, lovely! I’d initially considered going green for St. Patrick’s Day but everything looked weird and more Halloweeny than anything with all the green. I think I may go for an Easter/springtime pastel pink/blue/purple colour scheme when March comes around just because I really love pastels. I’d also like to see if the new episode brings any pretty screencaps to use.


Sabriel is adorable as hell, imo.

I was rewatching Changing Chanels today and it’s honestly so cute that Sam convinces Dean not to kill Gabe. He keeps giving Gabe chances. And Gabe keeps screwing it up. Aw this ship is killing me.

That episode has a little bit of Destiel too, like Dean keeps bringing up Cas.

My Sister watches Teen Wolf
  • *Stiles and Scott are on Screen together*
  • My Sister: Aw, they're so cute together, they're like brothers... Why haven't they boned already?
  • *Stiles and Lydia are on Screen together in Season 1*
  • My Sister: Aw, look at that lovesick puppy, it's just so cute... why isn't she jumping him, like, right now!
  • *My Sister at the end of Season 1*
  • My Sister: Why haven't Scott, Lydia, Allison and Stiles entered into a Foursome yet? They would be all so awesome together!
  • *Stiles and Derek are on Screen together*
  • My Sister: Aw, look at them, trying to pretend they do not care about each other... admit your feelings and make wonderful werewolf gay-puppies!
  • *Stiles and Cora are on screen together*
  • My Sister: I don't see why people would ship those- SHE'S SMILING! OH GOD SHE'S SMILING! HE MADE HER SMILE! I'M DONE! I'M SO FUCKING DONE!!
  • *Stiles and Lydia are on screen together during Season 3*
  • My Sister: Oh for Fuck sake, just stop resisting that fucking Red String of Fate and BONE ALREADY!!!
  • *Stiles and Malia are on screen together during Echo House*
  • My Sister: Ew, gross gross gross gross gross-
  • *My Sister during Season 4*
  • My Sister: -Gross gross gross gross gross gross-
  • *My Sister right now*
  • My sister: -Gross gross gross gross gross gross-

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Hello there! First and foremost, I ADORE your artwork! Seriously, you make some AMAZINGLY awesome/funny/adorable (and sexy, in the case of the NSFW stuff), and as an Gamako/Iramako shipper, your stuff is like a beacon of light. >w< I am curious about something else KLK ship-related, though. How do you feel about Fukuroda/Hakodate (AKA Boxing x Tennis)? Apparently they identified as a couple in a bonus audio drama episode, and there are a couple of little nods in a couple of screenshots.

Aw thank-you thank-you!! That means alot QvQ

I think they’re really cute and should open a sports cafe yes indeed

I know Glee isn’t necessarily about Sam, but I think the way that he treated him was awful and I have a lot of reasons why.

First, Sam dated Quinn who cheated on him with Finn and they broke up. He went to Santana but that lasted like two episodes and all they did was make out and she was super mean to him so I don’t really count that lol.

Then there was Mercedes, and though they never really became official after her and Shane broke up… despite Sam’s trying… they did not date. Then came Brittany (ahh my favorite) and he was so cute and nice to her and then they broke up so Brit could be with her OTP, Santana, which we knew was going to happen so I guess I get it. 

Back to Mercedes which didn’t work out because of the whole sex thing… and I will admit I hated that they made Sam cheat on Mercedes with the dumb photographer but the way that Mercedes handled it was kinda weird to me. She seemed like she had just been waiting for them to break up because she knew it wouldn’t work out.

Now we come to Rachel. The second I saw how her and Sam looked at each other in the Movin’ Out episode, I shipped them pretty hard. Because Sam reminded her of home and he is the closest thing to Finn she’s ever gonna get.

And season 6 happened and my heart was happy because Sam was helping her heal and she was helping him get over Mercedes and he believed in her. He believed in everyone he dated. 

WIth Quinn, he was protective and loving. With Mercedes he posted a video of her on youtube and put her name in lights so she would believe in herself. With Brit he married her because she thought the world was ending and got her another cat so Lord Tubbington wouldn’t be lonely. He showed Rachel she could love again and encouraged her to go back to NYADA because he knew she would regret not doing it. 

Sam has been such a wonderful and caring and supportive boyfriend and then what does he get? NOTHING. I like that he is coaching Glee but I can’t tell you how upset I got when Blaine said “Sam’s got another girlfriend” because it completely threw Sam aside. He’s just the boyfriend who gives and gets nothing in return. He is never good enough. Mercedes wanted Sam to “help heal Rachel’s heart” but I didn’t know that was ALL he’d be doing. So she can go back to Jesse St. James who was never on the show and when he was he was a jerk. I can’t tell you how sad I am for Sam and it makes sense to me why Chord has been acting weird at press. He got pushed aside and I think it’s unfair. And thinking back to when Sam said maybe if he’s lucky he’ll always be on Rachel’s wall in his little gold shorts breaks my heart because he deserves to be all over the wall. He’s everything and I love him, and I never even realized how much I did.

  • watching the episode like: OMG! OMG! OMG! that'so cute! LITTLE REGINA! LITTLE ZELENA! *screams to death* Oh please robin! THEY ARE SO CUTE OMG *screams and claps hands* NO REGINA C'MON!! oooohh FIREBALL FIGHT! My poor little babies! Oh please David! They held hands and she went to the light... GOODBYE AND HELLO *screams till throat melts* I'm dead. Aw Hades is just adorkable you guys... Ok i did not see that coming...

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A series of unfortunate events for the ask game! xx

Thank you so much!!

  • my favorite male character: Uncle Monty, no contest, I love him, he’s the sunshine of this show
  • my favorite female character: I think Jaqueline takes this one!
  • my otp: The Baudelaires/Happiness
  • my notp: It’s come to my attention that Olaf/Violet might be a thing and… that’d be a notp for me
  • my other ships: I’m pretty indifferent to ships on this show tbh? I don’t mind most of them, they’re pretty cute and all. Oh, except Lemony/Beatrice, that one breaks my heart (in a good way). And Mother/Father are pretty kickass, I enjoyed their interaction.
  • my least favorite character: I honestly don’t know how to answer this! Because I hate Olaf, but I like love to hate him you know? I enjoy his character although he is really, really awful. So yeah, let’s go with love to hate Olaf!
  • my favorite season/episode: The Reptile Room part 1. Just try and guess why!
  • who i would date off the show: Monty, to the surprise of absolutely no one

This was fun, thank you! :D

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Hey I just wanted to let you know how great it is that you're always calling out the Supergirl writers in playing into stereotypes and patterns because a lot of times I watch and it's so subversive I don't understand why the show doesn't make me as happy anymore so thank you. For standing up and saying do her justice. It inspires me to do the same both on the screen and in real life. Also, your blog is always on point. ❤️

AW this message is so cute thank you anon AND THATS RIGHT WE NEED TO CALL THEM OUT BC THEY ARE RUINING THE SHOW AND KARA AND WE CANT LET THAT HAPPEN but honestly i used to get so excited about the new episodes I used to stay up late to watch it live and right now i almost never feel like that anymore bc I know what I’m gonna see is gonna make me frustrated. there’s so much they are doing wrong i even have a hard time believing the same people that made s1 are the same ones doing what they are doing to kara. I’m trying to stay optimistic and I hope maybe my the end of the season things will be different but im not holding my breath 😩


Here´s another preview of the new episode. Aw, Jelly Discord is so cute. BTW I like his house, and BTW again. “Tree hugger”?, it was on porpouse?, you know… Fluttershy=tree … 

I believe that little hippie pony is the one who is making me nervous somehow…

Hi again, Boueibu fandom

The other day I posted about a series called Gakuen Heaven and the toothpaste scene. Well, I finished watching the series late last night. Here’s another similarity I found:

A wishing on a star scene! Also, these two particular characters made a pact during their childhood, just like Atsushi and Kinshirou. I forgot which episode shows this flashback though and them talking about it.

Someone else pointed out that Kaoru in Gakuen Heaven:

Looks an awful lot like Akoya!

Similar uniforms too!

So it appears Boueibu took a lot from this series and I can’t stop laughing.

EDIT: fortune-maiden pointed out that Kaoru’s seiyuu also voices Kinshiro. :O