and i was like 'is that a trick question'

SU spoilers

The newest episode of SU addressing gatekeeping and appropriation of a cause as an ally at the expense of those directly affected by the cause is brilliant. Seeing Steven tricked into questioning his own validity and identity because of parasitic “allies” that try to dictate the rules of a community they’re only apart of to exploit (especially in the form of tone policing of all things) is beautiful.

I know a lot of folk feel hurt that the false advertisement raised their hopes for something less episodic and more lore-based, but nobody is talking about this in the tags and its actually really delightful. It might not be what people were expecting, but there’s a lot to this plucky little episode. I like.

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I think Barry is going to end up in the speedforce at the end of the season. It's possible because you know in the interview when one of the helbings said that when the black flash returns, that's how barry is going to know what to do to save iris' life? well the black flash is linked with death so i'm thinking barry is gonna trade his life for iris' but the speedforce protects him and keeps him there away from savitar. God i don't want this to happen but i'd love to see it at the same time.

This is exactly what I was thinking. In order to prepare the audience emotionally, and for Barry to understand what he’s doing, it makes sense to have an episode where he “looks to” the speedforce. Also he has to run into Black Flash soon for the trick in the finale to make sense.

My only question is whether Barry will reveal his plan to the audience and to the others earlier on, or if it’ll be like the S2 finale moment where no one knew what he was going to do. Or even like the Gorilla City moment where the audience is kept in the dark while the team formulates the plan.

Because of the new synopsis I don’t think that the season is going to change with Barry disappearing in the speed force anymore. Of course, we have to the episode first to see what’s going on but it’s just a feeling I got.

LOL! I put these together just because it’s fun how two people can come to totally separate conclusions from the same piece of evidence. So why don’t you think he’ll disappear into the speedforce anymore? Perhaps you don’t think they’d overplay their hand and give too much away about the speedforce in advance?

I think that is exactly what they would do, but I’m also still thinking about Terminal Velocity and how Wally learned all about the speed force before disappearing into it. So I may be off-base because a show is not the same as a comic. We shall see what we shall see!

Time likes to trick us into believing that we’re running out of it, in a lot of ways– we really do have a lot of time, we just tend to waste it. The questions come faster than answers. What if I can’t do it? What if I suck? I just don’t remember the technique. What if it’s not good enough? Why can’t I just be good already? That’s the thing about being a perfectionist– you want to get it right the first time and be amazing at it. That’s the thick and thin. You’re already good, you’re just slowing down your own progress. Some people are truly talented… The rest? It’s hard work and grind. For art students, you’ll have many rough drafts. Half of which, you’ll never ever look at, you may never finish it. For the writer– you’ll have rough drafts everywhere, your journals will be missing journal entries, where did the time go? Where did your mind go? Where did your heart go? You used to be so passionate. What is it called again? Writer’s block? Everyone experiences it. My English professor from years ago used to give me writing assignments, she used to make us free write. Hours in, I’m still confused. She simply told us to write, because how can you claim to be something if you never do it. How can you excel if you’ve not even lifted a finger? So it’s more excess than it is a complete waste of time. So draw that same stem a million fucking times, maybe after the million + plus, you’ll finally get it right. So rewrite that paragraph, maybe then that extended metaphor will convey the beauty of the blossom, maybe then you’ll believe again. You have got to stay hopeful, because once you lose that– it’s all over. Writers, artists, musicians– if you’re in the business of being creative, you know it doesn’t end with a simple finished verse or piece– it never looks perfect. There’s always something bothering you. Something missing. Maybe that’s the trick about time… we have to convince ourselves that the seconds we put into our craft… it’ll masterpiece itself into existence. And if not… we need to put that idea into the air. How can you be a writer if you never write? How can you be an artist if you never create? How can you be a musician if you never play? How can you live your life and be satisfied unless you try? That’s the thing about hope, that’s the thing about art, music and words. There’s more to the flowers than the petals. There’s more to you than your pause. So what if it’s not Van Gogh quality? So what if it’s not Mozart or Beethoven? So what if it’s not Robert Frost? To be or not to be, that is the question. Do or do not, but at least attempt it. That isn’t quite the answer, but darling– there’s always try, there is always try.
—  Artists, musicians and writers

Laurent (Finished) Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat

Based on this quote:
“It was wasteful of nature to have bestowed those looks on one whose character was so unpleasant.”

I think when I read that, I busted out laughing and had to get some water because it’s heavily implied he’s looking at Laurent’s ass on that horse.

Damen’s all like, “What a cruel trick of creation to give such a shitty person an ass I can’t stop looking at!!”

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Why do so many Jews hate messianic Jews? Or say that their beliefs 'aren't compatible' with Judaism? Isn't Judaism a religion/culture/belief system that has evolved throughout the centuries to adapt (if that's even the right word) to the different questions, views, beliefs or even identities we as humans have? So what makes messianic Jews 'fake Jews' (a term I've literally heard)? Hopefully you don't mind the question im a gentile who follows a lot of Jews and I've just always been curious

Messianic Judaism didn’t emerge organically from Judaism like Chasidism or Reform or Conservative Judaism. It was created by Christians to mimic Judaism in order to “trick” Jews into practicing a Judaized version of Christianity. That alone makes it not a legitimate form of Judaism.

Messianic Judaism appropriates many practices from Rabbinic Judaism which was explicity rejected by Christianity. Jesus never practiced this form of Judaism because the Beit Hamikdash still existed during his lifetime. It doesn’t celebrate what Jesus did during his lifetime, it appropriates what other Jews did after the Romans (who killed Jesus) destroyed our Holy Temple and had to recreate our own form of Judaism in the ashes of Judaea. 

So, essentially, Messianic Judaism is both cultural appropriation and an attempt to convert Jews through deceit. It is not recognized by any extant Jewish movement and its adherents do not practice Judaism, even those few who are ethnically Jewish.

think about if dean and cas kissed on spn. like, most of the codas we write are adding in kisses into episodes where they didn’t kiss. so like if they canonically kissed, what would we write coda about? trick question the answer is cockles

Life flies by, and it’s easy to get lost in the blur. In adolescence, it’s ‘How do I fit in?’ In your 20s, it’s 'What do I want to do?’ In your 30s, 'Is this what I’m meant to do?’ I think the trick is living the questions. Not worrying so much about what’s ahead but rather sitting in the grey area - being okay with where you are.

Hour Eight : Candy

Prompt : “Damian! You can’t threaten people to get candy!”

A/N : 8 out of 24

Pairing : Damian Wayne x Batmom

[•] [•] [•]

It was Damian’s first Halloween and like any parent, you couldn’t wait to take your son out trick-or-treating. But there was just one tiny problem….

“You know he won’t go willingly, right?” Bruce said, glancing down at you as you both watched Damian munch happily on some of Alfred’s cookies.

“I know,” you groaned, pouting, “why do all of your sons have to be so complicated?”

“All of my sons?” Bruce questioned incredulously, “They’re yours as much as they’re mine.”

You shrugged with pursed lips, “But they got your broodiness.”

He couldn’t deny that.

“Miss. Wayne, if I may,” Alfred said, cutting into yours and you husband’s conversation. “Perhaps you should ask the boy before you make such assumptions. Master Damian is as unpredictable as Master Bruce when he was a child. His response just might surprise you.”

You nodded and your eyes narrowed determinedly, “You’re right, Alfred.”

“When is he never right.” Bruce muttered, which your ignored.

You placed a cheerful smile on your face and strolled over to Damian. You sat beside him and waited patiently for him to finish chewing.

Once he noticed you were there, he raised an eyebrow, “Mother? What is it? And why do you look like Grayson when he’s about to persuade me into doing something utterly idiotic?”

You didn’t answer his questions, instead you said, “Get dressed in your Robin attire tonight, Dami.”

“But I cannot go patrolling tonight.” Damian said, confused. Today was a Monday, which meant he had school tomorrow and one of the rules you made when Dick became Robin was that he couldn’t go patrolling on the weekdays.

“It’s not for patrolling, Damian.” Bruce spoke up, and realization hit your son like a bus.

Later that night, the whole family was waiting for you two to get back home. The boys mostly because they thought you had made Damian dressed up as some really embarrassing character.

Heads snapped towards the front door and in came you and a frowning Damian.

“I do not see what the problem is, mother.” Damian said, scowling, “I was getting candy just like you demanded me to.”

“Damian! You can’t threaten people to get candy.” You stressed, “They could sue us for that, and your father already has enough on his plate.”

“But I got the candy, did I not?” Damian frowned, confusingly.

You softened at the sight. You sometimes forget he was raised by the League of Shadows by how different he acted around you.

A proud smile appeared on your lips, “The most out of everyone from what I can tell!” You boasted, ruffling his hair.

The gleam of happiness in his eyes after you praised him was indescribable. It was worth every penny in your bank account.

The Circle of Life
  • Namjoon.: It’s like, when one person dies, another person gets a chance to live. I like to call it the Circle of Life.
  • Yoongi: Oh, my God. You must stop watching The Lion King.
  • Namjoon: I like that baby lion cub. What’s his name?
  • Yoongi: Simba.
  • Namjoon: Trick question! You like it too!

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Question: How exactly did Cranberry die again? It seemed like Tama just scratched her, and KABLAM!

Well it was kind of a shock when I read the light Novel because I never thought that Tama’s magical power was fit for fighting but hell is it!.

Tama’s magical power is to literally create a hole on any surface by scratching on them. She only uses this power in the light novel / the anime to run away and hide herself so the author totally tricks you into thinking that she’s powerless in battle but damn how wrong we were about her, she is the one who kills the strongest magical girl after all.

🚨 Trigger warning for anime blood and dismembered body 🚨


So basically Tama used her magical ability on Clanberry by scratching her back resulting in creating a hole in her body that made her blow up.


Tama remains queen.

how many people in this picture are bending their knees or leaning forward so shepard doesn’t look so short? TRICK question it is ALL OF THEM. 

disclaimer before I inevitably get people whinging in my inbox and in the tags about how the heights/weights are inaccurate to the game: YES I AM AWARE THAT IN-GAME ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS HAVE ESSENTIALLY THE EXACT SAME MODEL THEREFORE THE SAME HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. I am choosing to totally fucking disregard that fact because it makes for really really boring character design.

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Going over auto patches , rigging an arm and changing cells on your elements. Not to mention a little tease on how to use the overlay layer. 

This was done in toonboom harmony so I apologize if some people came here looking for how to rig in other toonboom products.

Hope this helps feel free to ask me any questions or let me know if you would like something clarified !

Hello everyone! I asked you if you’d like me to do a master post with vocabulary in Spanish and some were interested in the idea. I decided to write vocabulary related to Halloween since this holiday is approaching. 

  • ataúd coffin
  • araña spider
  • bruja witch
  • calabaza pumpkin
  • calavera skull
  • caldero cauldron
  • caramelos sweets, candy
  • casa embrujada haunted house
  • cementerio cemetery, graveyard
  • colmillos fangs
  • decoración decoration
  • demonio demon
  • diablo devil
  • día festivo free day
  • disfraz costume
  • escalofriante spooky
  • escoba broom
  • esqueleto skeleton
  • fantasma ghost
  • fiesta party
  • gato negro black cat
  • historias de fantasmas ghost stories
  • historias de terror horror stories
  • hombre lobo werewolf
  • hueso bone
  • mago wizard
  • miedo fear
  • momia mummy
  • monstruo monster
  • murciélago bat
  • octubre October
  • otoño autumn
  • películas de terror horror films
  • poción potion
  • sangre blood
  • susto scare, fright
  • terror horror
  • truco o trato trick or treat
  • tumba grave
  • vampiro vampire
  • varita wand
  • vela candle

If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I hope you find this helpful! 

pd: this is based on Spanish from Spain, so maybe some words are different from Spanish from other countries :)

Fantastic Beasts: Eddie Redmayne answers our burning questions
  • James Hibberd: What’s been your favorite spell to cast as Newt?
  • Eddie Redmayne: There’s one which basically stuns someone and sort of makes them kind of go almost statue-like. Shooting that, there was the most brilliant stuntman doing it, and he literally goes from fully standing to falling like a log and smacking on the ground and, I just couldn’t believe that he didn’t break his brain.
  • JH: In interviews you said you were into magic as a kid. What was your favorite trick?
  • ER: My favorite trick was this coloring book that you would open the pages, and the pages would be blank, then you’d then tap it with a wand, and you’d open the pages again and there would be like drawings, and then you’d tap in with a wand again and then all of the drawings would be colored in. That was my favorite trick. I bought it from a place from a place called Davenports Magic Shop and School. And it didn’t involved any skill, it was just a proper old-school trick.
  • JH: Who’s the one person from the Harry Potter universe that you would like Newt to meet?
  • ER: To meet in a future film? That’s really an interesting question. I think a Newt and Ron scene would be quite enjoyable. I think those guys would find each other quite intriguing. Ron and Newt would have quite a good time. I’m not sure a huge amount would be achieved.
  • JH: Have you done the Pottermore house sorting yet?
  • ER: You know what, I did the other day! And that would be really depressing for me to find out that like I’m not actually Hufflepuff and then it sorted me with Hufflepuff. I literally was by myself at home and I yelped with excitement that I got Hufflepuff. I was like, “the magic exists.”
Mad Princess

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Spoilers if you’ve not seen the film!!

So I don’t know how many of you had read many comics with Captain Boomerang in but he is a real fuck up and everyone hates him but that’s why I love him. Like, they made him a lot more likeable for the film, even though he tricks Slipknot in the comics too. 

I watched this yesterday and wrote this on the train home.

Captain Boomerang/ George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptive Family!The Joker  x reader
Words: 2916

 Initially you’d simply been a good investment to The Joker.

Having a Meta-human completely devoted to working for him and all he’d have to do is give you a place to live and food and clothing? It was a no brainer.

You didn’t question it that night, you were a preteen living on the streets of Gotham, you counted yourself as lucky as followed the young man. At the time The Joker didn’t have an empire but he was on his way and ambitious, he knew an opportunity and how to manipulate.

It didn’t work with you and he knew it but you continued to work for him because he gave you a comfortable life and valued you as an asset. Not only were you skilled in hand to hand combat, Joker paid for all your lessons, but with your powers people couldn’t really put a hand on you. You could control electricity; it flowed through you as though you were made solely to be its vessel.
The manifestation of your powers crackling through the air towards someone was truly mesmerising, a stream of blue sparks careening towards its victim with a crackling roar.

It wouldn’t be until years later, when you met El Diablo that you’d meet another capable of melding and moving such a violent source of power.

The dynamic between you and The Joker shifted when you hit Nineteen.

After all the years you had shared and the times you’d saved each other from gangs or Batman you’d grown fond of each other and a few days after your birthday The Joker introduced you to a potential ally as his daughter.
You were floored but you couldn’t stop the wide grin that came over your face, almost as wide as the one tattooed on the back of The Jokers hand. It was obvious that you couldn’t be his child, there less than a decade in age between you both and unfortunately the guy you were meeting decided to point it out.

The Joker killed him.
He got you to use your powers on him first, and from then on it went unquestioned. If Mr J said you were his kid then people better fucking believe that you were his kid.

It was you who’d dragged Harley into both of your lives as a means of getting your pseudo-father back from Arkham Asylum, you couldn’t use your powers to break in and get him as they’d made his room completely out of an insulating material to stop electricity, a pet project of Batman’s since you’d hit him with enough electricity once to shoot the Bat out of the window.
So you took one of The Jokers henchmen and made him pretend to be insane, with some electroshock convincing, with the task of getting in touch with The Joker and then making a miraculous recovery so that he could give you Mr J’s instructions.
He came back with a simple message: Dr. Quinzel.

You tracked down her home and posing as The Jokers incredibly sane sister you knocked on her door and sobbed until she let you in. It was hard to keep the tears up, acting wasn’t really your thing, but she seemed to buy it and promised to take over his case as you sobbed and told her that you really wanted someone to save him. So that one day he could settle down and be loved by a good woman. That seemed to be the clincher.

While he was locked inside working Harleen Quizel into his own mad image, The Joker got a message out to you, he needed you to go and steal something from a vault that belonged to an enemy to show how powerful he was even under lock and key.
So you left the business in the hands of Johnny Frost, The Jokers chauffer and most useful henchmen, as you travelled to the bank across state and that’s where you first met Captain Boomerang.

He was a massive asshole and he didn’t think any higher of you, even though he continued to flirt outrageously with you and try to slap your backside on more than one occasion even after you’d
electro-shocked him the first time.

But you needed each other for this job.

You could shut down and destroy all the technological measures and disarm the guards with your electric to get you both in. But the item that you wanted was in an old school safe within the back of the bank, your powers would do nothing to help you break into it which is exactly the reason why it was in there and that’s where Boomerang was going to be helpful to you, he had experience with those safes.

“Tit for tat doll.” He’d slurred as he finished his can and threw it over his shoulder.
You rolled your eyes at him, “Can we hurry this up, I’m worried that if I stand near you any longer the smell will stick.”
He gave you a smarmy smirk, “What’s a nice girl like you doing robbing a bank anyway?”
“I’m only breaking in, you’re robbing it. My dad wants it so I’m getting to for him.” You corrected as you started to let the currents of electric buzz through you, strands of blue buzzing energy sparked dangerously in the palm of your hand.

“Ugh you’re one of them.” He sneered and you scowled at his dirty face hoping you could get him to shut up while you concentrated on the pulsing energy in your hand.

“Meta-humans, fucking waste of time, ooh I can run really fast. Oo I’m all electric, get me a car battery and I can do the same thing sweetheart!” he mocked his hands coming up to do mocking little actions.
Ignoring him you fired your electric at the bank, the result was instant, the front of the bank exploded debris flying everywhere. You ducked smoothly out of the way of half a desk that was shot your way while Captain Boomerang dramatically threw himself to the side swearing.
“Can you do that with your car battery?” You mocked and you both entered the building, you silenced the blare of the alarm with another blast.

After the heist you were both hid out in an abandoned house, both laughing and drinking cans as you listened to the sirens driving by as the police searched for you. It was unusual for both of you to have finished a job with the partner surviving it so you drank and you drank and once completely alcohol fuelled you fell into bed together.
The next morning you took your prize from your robbery as you went to leave Boomerang stopped you with a lustful look and handed you some paper with his number scrawled on it.
“Digger?” You asked with a raised eyebrow and a small smirk.
“Only to friends, in case you’re ever in need of my services.” He had stepped up close to you and gave you a playful wink.
“I think I can handle bank robbing on my own thanks.” You assured him but tucked the number away anyway knowing that you’d definitely save it.
“Not the services I was talking about.” He gave you a suggestive look and half waggled his eyebrows at you. You laughed at him and when you turned to leave he slapped your backside hard, you gave him a mild shock with your powers for amusement and shot him a wink of your own as you left.

When The Joker asked Dr. Quinzel for Machine Guns you were the one that she came too, you were ready though as you’d been stockpiling weapons knowing that he’d want something big for his escape.
When he was out he was happy that you’d done as he’d asked and kept his territories for him, it was good having a second in command that could inspire such terror. He was unhappy that you’d been with a man in his absence, not so much the act of having sex but rather that he didn’t know who. He didn’t want anyone to turn your head from your ‘family’ and if anyone were to ask he was just a concerned father.

But it was then that he found the benefit of his other investment; Harley.

You’d been genuinely surprised to see her alive and as a mad mirror image of The Jokers insanity but you had to admit you liked her this way, she just seemed so free and you could tell she was head over heels for your father and that love extended to you.
The Joker was her Puddin’ and you were her little Pumpkin’.

If she had a bad day you’d call her Mumma and she’d be back to her ecstatic self, it was for all of these reasons that you told her about your tumble with Digger and she gave you motherly advise in return: which mostly consisted of her trying to find your phone so that she could call him and arrange for him to meet her and Mr J.
The Joker was happy to find that it was a criminal who had turned your head and stopped pestering you about it, instead focusing on making new contacts and arranging date nights with Harley, even though she continued to try to get hold of your phone.
You hid your phone from her after that but you did keep contact with Digger, even met up a few times for drinking, sex or heists until the Bat came for you.

The night Harley was taken The Joker ran to you, his would-be daughter, to help him get her back only to find that Batman had already taken you and that in one night he had lost both his Queen and his Princess.

Belle Reve Penitentiary was your idea of Hell and in your little padded cell, made of the same insulating material that they’d used in The Jokers at Arkham, you reined supreme.
You’d been put down stairs next to Killer Croc, out of sight out of mind, they hoped.

You’d often hear him humming to himself and breaking the bones off of the pigs carcasses and you habitually talked through the wall until the guards would come to punish you for being social. They had to be careful, they tended to stick to drugging you because if they got close enough to touch you would electrocute them.
Last week when they were trying to take you out to speak to some Solider, who had come to bother both you and Killer Croc, you’d killed three men and got all the way to Harley’s cell before they’d managed to stop you.

That’s why you were surprised when they drugged you with a dart gun, how classy, and dragged you out to have your neck stabbed. And that’s how you found yourself at the first Suicide Squad meeting. You were happy to see Harley who threw her arms around your neck and squealed happy to see her lil Pumpkin’ again.
You watched the soldiers around you all tense as she embraced you but their attention was quickly taken as more soldiers arrived carrying an angry shouting bag between them. They dropped it heavily to the floor and you groaned in annoyance as you recognised the voice.
“Oh for fucksake.” You hissed, which caught Harley’s attention, as the bag was unzipped and out sprang Digger, swinging his fists and swearing like the mad man that he was.
A few soldiers jumped his way only to get socked in the face with a heavy fist until one of them caught a hold of him and slammed him against a pole.

“Digger just stop, you idiot.” You snapped at him and he stopped, his gaze falling on you and looking more confused than the first time you’d zapped him.
The solider dropped him and he made his way over to you, “So this why you weren’t answering my calls.”
“My prison cell has awful reception.” You said dryly and next to you Killer Croc grinned.
Harley stuck out her hand and straightened her back and greeted, “Harley Quinn, Y/N’s almost mother, nice to meet ya. I’ve heard all about you.”

Your face fell and you flushed bright red and refused to look at Digger who was shaking Harley’s hand and giving you a smug smirk.
You were cut off by Rick Flag interrupting you to threaten all of your lives, no wonder your neck hurt if it was a bomb they’d stuck in you.

It had been an eventful evening.

You’d got your personal effects back, had Digger tell everyone about your skills when he’d been teasing El Diablo back at base, been shot down in a helicopter and had Harley let you know that The Joker was coming to get the both of you.

Now you were walking into, what was essentially, the jaws of death and you wondered the streets heading towards what was clearly the place to avoid in the city.
With Killer Croc and Harley on either side of you, you watched as Digger walked ahead with Slipknot and you could tell that he was up to something dangerous.
“I like him!” Harley offered as you both watched your friend with benefits swing around and try to attack Katana. You narrowed your eyes at him, that wasn’t his fighting style; his swing was so weak as he moved.
It wasn’t until Slipknot’s head exploded straight off of his shoulders that you realised what Digger had been up too.  As you all continued your on foot journey, you moved so that you were next to Digger, “You’re a dick, I liked Slipknot.”
“That’s a lie you don’t like anyone.” He countered and gave you a wink, “So if that’s your mum what’s your dad like?”
“Mad.” You responded curtly as Harley smashed a window to take a purse.
“Runs in the family then.” Digger snickered to himself and pulled a can out of his massive pockets and took a drink before offering you some which you took.

You sat on top of the abandoned cars next to Deadshot as Harley repeatedly smashed her bat down on the face of one of the creatures.
“Hey enough!” Deadshot called.
“What it flinched, I saw it move! See!” She protested and nudged the body with her foot.
You laughed at her antics but stayed on top over the car and away from them, during the fight you’d tried to keep your powers as central to yourself as possible but it had left you somewhat charged and you were trying to let the energy escape you slowly while you calmed.

“Hey you were some help princess.” Digger antagonised El Diablo as he returned to the group.
“Trust me its better this way.” El Diablo advised waving his hand to make a face of fire appear in front of Digger.
“Ah you’re the fire guy eh?” He mocked and took out a lighter, “Look fire! If Y/N can control herself and she’s insane, then you should be able too.”
“It’s hereditary.” You joked and rolled your eyes at him, “We can’t all have as little self-control as you Dig.”
Harley waved her bat at Digger, “That’s my pumpkin’ you’re talking about.”

Deadshot and Flag argued briefly, the creatures you’d fought were human, or used to be, and they didn’t look like Terrorists at all. You all filed out and continued on your way towards the massive cloud of trash and danger in the sky.
As you walked under a crashed propeller Harley pulled you to one side and gave you a massive grin, “Puddin’ is on his way.”
You gave her a small smile and made your way over to Digger.
He was drinking from a can and gave it to you before pulling another out of his pocket and starting to drink from it.
“Thanks.” You mumbled to him and he gave you a sideways look at your tone.
“What’s up with you?” He asked.
“I have a mini bomb in my neck and we’re all certainly going to die.” You replied dryly and he looked to consider your answer before drinking more, you’d fallen behind the rest of the group and you could see Flag looking back to check for you.

“Could be worse.” He shrugged after a while.
“How so?” You asked confused.
Digger leaned down so that his beard scratched the side of your neck, “We could be dying and have no beer.” He shook his can slightly in front of you and kissed the side of your neck before pulling away.

“And I’m supposed to be the mad one.” You laughed and reached out your hand to his to give him a playful shock. He swore at you loudly and pulled his hand away to slap your ass.
“Ass hole.” You cursed.
“You love it.” He gave you a sleazy wink as you headed to what was almost certain to be your deaths.

Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside
Part Four – Crazy ones
Part Five – Shoot to Kill
Part Six 
- Final Part - Heathens

5 Tips for during an exam

  1. If you have text anxiety, take the test backwards: I don’t know why, but this helps me a lot. Whenever I get really overwhelmed about a test, I’ll start at the end of the test and work my way to the front. For some reason this calms me down. 
  2. If someone else in the class asks the teacher a question about the test, listen to what they’re saying: The person might be asking the same question you have and sometimes teachers unintentionally (or intentionally) give hints about the correct answer. 
  3. Write down as much as you can remember as soon as you get the test: This is most helpful in math and science classes, but yes, if there is information on the top of your head that you think you’re likely to forget in a moment of panic, WRITE IT DOWN on the front of your test. 
  4. If two multiple choice answers are opposites, the correct answer is probably one of the two: This is a trick I was taught in high school and so far it has proved to nearly always be true. 
  5. For the love of god, write down SOMETHING even if you don’t know the answer: By writing something down you have a chance to guess correctly or to get some points for just attempting an answer. There’s nothing wrong with guessing. There have been tons of times where I was hesitant to guess and I missed points because I would have guessed correctly.