and i was hit with feels

A Tattoo Of Your Name

genre: the holy trinity god bless (aka angst + fluff + smut)

warnings: //spoilers// dan thinks he’s being used but he isn’t, homophobia, some bullying + beating up

word count: 8.3k lov e mE


(sorry anon i kinda butchered it but i hope u still like it)

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“If it was wrong, why did you do it?”

His voice is tiny, barely a whisper compared to Phil’s, but it makes Phil’s head shoot up like he hadn’t expected Dan to say anything and to be honest, he probably hadn’t. Dan glances away quickly, feeling like running again but knowing the nurse would stop him before he got out.

“Because- ‘cause,” Phil stutters and Dan has to look up now. Phil never stutters. “You hit a little too close to home.”

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senses working overtime

I should not have complained about the weather. Today is cool and crisp, with a hint of wind. It’s supposed to get warmer. I hope it does. I’m going to camp later, and we’re having an end of summer beach party. Summer really does feel over. Yesterday was school orientation, and the kids went with a wild cluster of other kids, seeing old friends and showing off new hairdos and meeting teachers and finding their classrooms. Fin donned a plaid shirt and a striped tie he insisted on wearing and was a huge hit with everyone, as usual.

I have a tickle in my nose, a nice mixture of the change in the air, the goldenrod on the breeze, and probably some introductory school virus. It makes things kinda smell weird, like I have a filter in the back of my throat, and everything has a musty odor. My least favorite part of the end of vacation is the start of cold and flu season. We avoided a hospital stay last year, and I’m hoping we can do it again. Hoping with every particle of my being.

I watched the sun go down early last night. The rays hit the clouds behind the trees just right, and color seemed to spread in waves of yellow, orange, and rose. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn’t capture it. After coming back from school, it felt different. I mean, it’s still summer, right? I have noticed the sumac is changing color already. It won’t be long. I’ve already started listening to my favorite fall albums. Soon, it will be nothing but Donovan’s Barabajagal, Captain Beefheart’s Mirror Man Sessions and Safe As Milk, Ani DifFranco’s stuff from Little Plastic Castle on up, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago’s Greatest Hits, The Soft Parade from The Doors, oh, and Maybe You Should Drive and Born on a Pirate Ship by Barenaked Ladies. Okay, not so bad.

I had two pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with my coffee this morning. It was kinda perfect, considering the weather. I’m not one of those pumpkin spice nuts, but I do like to indulge in the theme of the season. I have yet to drink a Pumpkinhead, which is not pumpkin flavored, but more like a nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove wheat beer. I have had a Halloween Ale already, and that’s a dark ESB with lots of flavor. I’m sad that I drank the last Honey Blonde from my mix pack last night. That was the Brewer’s Choice for summer, so dry and delicious, and I don’t know how many more I can get this year. So good.

I got these new black socks and they leave behind this weird pilly foot residue. Every day after work, I take my shoes off at the door, pull off my socks, and walk through the grass, rubbing my feet on nature’s carpet. It feels good on my feet, and the sock remnants scrub off so I don’t track anything into the house. It’s another one of those foot etiquette things I constantly fail at, like wearing sandals to the beach and noticing I need to trim my toenails. Then I just bury my feet in the hot sand and hope no one notices. I won’t be doing that much longer. As the tan fades, so do the beach days. There’s still some summer left, but those days are numbered.

Hey everyone!!! So I made it back from my backpacking trip in one very grungy piece, and it turned out that we were actually returning back today (Friday) instead of yesterday (surprise!). It’s actually legitimately strange looking at a phone screen again. I’ll do a major update later tonight but it was INCREDIBLE as a trip and I am SO GLAD I went.
Right now I’m sitting in my dorm room showered and snazzed up and hiding from orientation activities, ostensibly bc I need a moment to slow down but really just bc I’m scared to go out there on my own without having parents here with me like everyone else. I participated so much this week though that I feel like it’s only fair. Anyways okay I’m being sooo inarticulate but tonight I’ll actually make a post about the trip (I WISH I COULD HAVE TAKEN PHOTOS) and also post pics of my super nice dorm room and answer messages and all that good stuff.

But yeah hello I’m back :)

(Oh also, when it came to my pre-o trip, 6 out of the 10 of is were queer. Also THREE OF US have blue undercuts with brown sides ?!?!!!! So that was a very fun revelation ALSO on of the blue haired girls was from MY HOMETOWN?!? Like we have so many mutual friends which was raddd. Also we got along super well. But yeah okay yeah ahhhhh)

Storm kills at least 12 in Dominica, rolls onward

Roseau (Dominica) (AFP) - Tropical Storm Erika left at least 12 people dead in its wake when it swept over the island of Dominica on Friday then rolled on to pummel the Dominican Republic.

While crews rushed to search for survivors and clean up scenes of chaos on Caribbean islands, the US state of Florida declared a state of emergency.

Forecasters expect the southeastern United States to feel Erika’s wrath early next week, after it has lashed Hispaniola and the north coast of Cuba.

“I can confirm 12 but the number may be higher,” Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said, in a tweet posted on his way to the hard-hit village of Petite Savanne.

Local media, however, put the death toll much higher.

According to news site The, 27 people were reported dead in Petite Savanne alone after a “massive mudslide” demolished several houses.

Shaky aerial footage of Petite Savanne posted by Skerrit on Facebook showed what appeared to be a large river of dark brown mud descending down a foggy hillside.

“Regular access to Petite Savanne is totally cut off. Telecommunications are also not functioning over there,” Skerrit tweeted.

Several injured people have been airlifted to hospital in the capital Roseau.

Skerrit also posted pictures showing swamped streets and beaches, a debris-filled air field and a road that collapsed, undercut by a torrent of water.

“I am asking residents to come out to help clean the streets, clear ravines and public buildings today,” he tweeted.

- Dominican Republic lashed -

Word of the death and destruction put the Dominican Republic on edge as it began to feel the effects of Erika later Friday.

“Tropical storm conditions are currently spreading across portions of the Dominican Republic,” the National Hurricane Center said in its 1800 GMT update.

Earlier, in anticipation of what was to come, authorities issued a red alert, the country’s highest.

Schools were closed and civil protection organizations were ordered to be at the ready so that, if necessary, they could quickly jump into action.

With unusually high waves expected, the Emergency Operations Center also closed beaches and banned vessels from leaving ports.

The Dominican Republic is particularly vulnerable to the impact of tropical storms due to the existence of rivers and streams in the capital Santo Domingo and elsewhere.

Packing maximum sustained winds of near 85 kilometers per hour (50 miles per hour), the storm could bring up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) of rain across parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as Turks and Caicos and the southeastern and central Bahamas through Saturday, according to the NHC.

“These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides,” it warned.

In Puerto Rico, Erika left nearly 150,000 people without power, but appeared not to have caused major damage.

One possible silver lining: the rains could help ease a prolonged drought in the northern Caribbean.

- Florida declares emergency -

The storm’s approach also set off a scramble to prepare as far north as the US state of Florida, where the governor declared a state of emergency.

On its current trajectory, Erika could smack into southern part of the Sunshine State by early Monday, forecasters said.

“Tropical Storm Erika poses a severe threat to the entire state of Florida and requires that timely precautions are taken to protect the communities, critical infrastructure, and general welfare of this state,” Governor Rick Scott said in declaring the state of emergency.

In Washington, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said President Barack Obama had been briefed about preparations for Erika’s possible landfall in the United States.

The center of Erika was on track to move over the Dominican Republic and Haiti over the coming hours, then to pass Turks and Caicos and move on to the central and northwestern Bahamas on Saturday.

UUUUHHHHH OKAY my thoughts so far, here goes.

(to anyone else reading this, my inbox is crammed rn, which is why it’s closed, so if you have something to say in response to this feel free to reblog or comment but please don’t send fanmails ‘cause they stress me out!)

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anonymous asked:

What came to my attention when Stiles hit Theo is mostly "what the hell is he made of?" I mean, he hits Theo pretty hard, Theo hurts, he's definitely strong. But, even with that, Stiles should at least hurt? I mean, he doesn't even flinch, doesn't even make a face or wince because it hurts, he seems like he doesn't feel any pain at all. And anyone who ever punched someone (or something) can say that it hurts like hell.

I can’t lie, it’s kind of hot…. :) 

Stiles probably feels some pain in the scene with Theo, but adrenaline and anger is probably drowning that out. I work part time as an step instructor and often have quite painful tendinitis. Still I never notice any of that when I’m teaching classes because I’m so concentrated and high on endorphins. Afterwards when I’ve “landed” from my training high the pain kicks in. 

But Stiles is clearly made of tougher stuff than you’d expect from a human. Scott even comments about it in 5x02 when he bangs his hand hard on the car. 

Scott: Are you okay? 
Stiles: I’m fine. 
Scott: You could’ve broken it. 
Stiles: It’s not broken. 
Scott: Let me see it. 
Stiles: I’m fine.

The hand isn’t broken. And I guess it did hurt, but for someone who’s hand should probably be broken, this face doesn’t look to be in all that much agony, does it?

He also bangs his fist on his steering wheel without wincing

And Scott looks at his hand all “why didn’t that hurt”

And then you stuff like him rooting around in broken glass without so much as a worry or a getting a cut

And when berserker Scott knocked him down, he just bounced back up

While Malia - who we know is strong, was knocked out cold

So yeah, he’s one tough cookie. 

anonymous asked:

Re: Annoying Characters, d'you have any thoughts on Navi from Ocarina of Time? I feel like I'm the only person who played that game as a kid and actually found her input kinda helpful.

man “annoying” characters in video games are a whole other balliwick because they drag with them the dreaded baggage of interactive content, and anything that feels as if it may “interrupt” that content brings on new waves of frustration and, yeah, “annoyance”

i didn’t have an n64 at the time, so i can’t really answer this to satisfaction! all i did was primarily play 4 player goldeneye at a friend’s house.

one of the frustrations with tutorial characters like navi is the sense of “are you condescending to me?”, which with experienced or older players quickly ramps up feelings of annoyance, and playing a game a second time may end up hitting it again, the whole “i already know this, why are you acting like i don’t”, forgetting that zelda is not coded exclusively for one kind of player but to be widely accessible and easy to understand and get into, so it explains itself

you’ll see this pop up a lot esp. among longtime pokemon players who get frustrated with the game explaining the same shit to them with every new iteration, wondering “why are you telling me this? are you condescending to me?”, forgetting “pokemon is primarily marketed to, and is meant to be highly accessible to, literal children”

I’ve never really worried about my follower count, but over the years, it’s climbed to a number that’s really kind of astounding. I’m not sure how much of that is the url and how much is me, but either way sometimes I feel like I don’t acknowledge the support and positivity you guys give me enough.

I can sometimes come off as sort of cynical, but really, it’s appreciated. I’m blessed to know so many of the people here that I do.

feedglasstothekids asked:

My mom is a cancer and I feel like I hit the jackpot of moms. I've been sick the past few days and she's done everything in her power to make me feel better. I've already moved out and she still comes to bring me sick supplies and rub my back and dropped up and picked up my prescriptions. I'm sure this is something almost any loving mother would do. But she never hesitates to protect or nurture me whenever needed and she always goes the extra mile. Just seems so very cancer...

aw! that is very sweet! thank you for sharing your message, yes this sounds like a happy cancer x <3

Weekly weigh-in: 8.28.15

I am back. :D

sw: 196

last week: 184.8

today: 182.4

change: -2.4 // overall: -13.6

I am so pleased with myself I can’t stand it. After ~3 weeks of post-moving stress and back pain, I really hit the ground running this week and couldn’t have worked much harder.  This week, my hydration game, workout game, nutrition game, and sleep game were ALL on point every day. (More about that later).

Most importantly: my body feels better than it has in the last month. I have more energy and feel so refreshed this week. Excited to keep this going!

Psst.. thank you to everyone who has encouraged me in the past month and motivated and/or inspired me to keep my butt moving.. this includes but is not limited to fuckyouimpopeye - my challenge buddy, thats-it-no-more-excuses, 233-145, alexshealthandnutrition, fatmaninalittlesuit, fatgirlgetsfitatlast anothernsv, spaceinyerface, & mighty-fit-16

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okay so I’m like 250 away from my ultimate goal and it would mean so much for me to hit it as soon as possible (I wanted to hit it by September 7th before I start all 3 of my jobs but I feel that’s too soon) but if you guys could reblog this or something it would mean the world to me

and thank you to those who follow me already it means so much to me that you guys actually want to follow my blog ❤️



i walked outside this morning to head to the gym and was hit with a cool breeze that i haven’t felt for a long time. rather than heading to the gym, i ventured to a park near my house and got in 2.5 miles. it felt so good to be outside.

i woke up feeling like myself this morning, thanks to cold medicine and 9 solid hours of sleep. i don’t like taking a lot of medicine, i’d rather just ride out whatever it is that’s going on, unless it’s extreme, but this time i was desperate.

i got a mani/pedi last night, and like usual i choose black for my nails. black makes me feel sassy, and i love it. i also am getting my hair trimmed and i’m so excited. i haven’t had my hair cut since march, so it’s well deserved.

i feel like i’ve become a bit of a coffee snob as of late, i haven’t had starbucks in about two weeks. i’ve been making my rounds at the local coffee places and i don’t think i can ever turn back. the coffee is smoother, it’s cheaper, and it just tastes so much better.

off to run a bunch of errands to get ready for vegas, can’t even wait!

but in the girl who cries wolf, when there’s the first line ‘ever time you say to me its over you just wanna start again’ i feel like it means so much more, every time you say that you’re done, you are over with your life, you don’t really want to die; all you want to do is start living, and start again. and this hit me right in the heart

L'amore si Muove (THOUGHTS):

it starts off with such a good rhythm and then gian begins and his voice is so well placed he pronounces each word with certainty it’s amazing
the moment ignazio starts singing with that raspy voice was the moment my forehead hit the desk and i kind of wanted to hit him for making me feel like this
as ignazio’s part grows more intense i knew piero was gonna seriously fuck me up…and he did fam…and he did…i’m not even… piero’s voice evolves with each song and it’s so nice to be able to sit back and see it happen gradually
and that BRIDGE let me tell you about that bridge that brigde was the highlight of the song and a turning point on the song’s intensity as every bridge should be but nowadays you don’t see that too often so i was really surprised to hear such a good one for once and piero sang his part of the bridge from the diaphragm you can tell and it was beautiful
then the last chorus of course the notes go up an octave BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL OK
i think i just i’m in love and i listened to it repeatedly whilst writing this it’s so good and so worth the wait!!

Advice: Worried About Word Count

Anonymous asked:

I’m actually really worried about NOT getting enough words for my story. My plot is all thought out and I’ve started writing and have 10,000 words, and my goal is around 85,000. I feel like I’m never going to get there! Any tips for making sure I hit that word count?

Don’t stress too much about word count during the first draft. Remember you can always add (or subtract) in later drafts. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to help expand your word count. When you get to the end of your first draft, if you still find that your word count is falling short, you may want to see if there are any scenes you can expand, or even scenes that you can add. All that matters is that all scenes fulfill a purpose, and most of the time you should be able to find a way to give a scene some purpose. :)