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in light of recent events involving the Josten Sass™ and its similarities to that of another fan-favourite brown-haired anti-authoritarian protag with an attitude problem, I give you:

the foxhole court, narrated by percy jackson.

  1. “I Am Offered A Foxy Deal”
  2. “I Meet The Worst Kind Of Twin Pun”
  3. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit”
  4. “My Troubled Past Comes Back To Haunt My Ass” 
  5. “I Strip, But Not In A Fun Way”
  6. “Coach Gets The Gang Together”
  7. “I Have The Worst Night Out, Ever”
  8. “I Get Dragged Into Some Gay Shit, Pt. 2″
  9. “I Become Kevin’s Super Secret Project”
  10. “I Go See A Doctor For The First Time”
  11. “We Kick Serious Jackal Butt, Sort Of”
  12. “I Don’t Want To Be On This Show”
  13. “I Want To Be On This Show”
  14. “We Get A Killer Phone Call”
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a/n: I didn’t really edit, I kind of just rewrote the whole thing I already had because someone suggested this off of my list and I figured why not get to it while I have the time and the drive! So here’s some smut about being impatient and wanting to bone your boyfriend even though he’s super busy! Enjoy!

You really didn’t want to disturb Harry.

It was rare that he got the chance to work from his home studio. It was even rarer that you happened to have your weekend off around the same time that he decided to stay home and work instead of spending his days in a studio. But just because you had the weekend off didn’t mean he could drop everything to spend all of his time with you. You still had a lot to get done before you were back at work on Monday though, so you tried to busy yourself the best that you could with your little checklist. The bedroom and bathroom needed to be deep cleaned, the kitchen needed to be reorganized, and you had your home office that needed to be set up. The only problem was you had most of those things started on Friday evening and finished on Saturday afternoon. That left you with a day and a half of doing nothing, a day and half of wanting Harry desperately from afar.

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Silly Sentence Starters

“Okay what the fuck you CAN’T eat all that shrimp in one go”

“I know I brought home six kittens but listen”

“It’s not ‘’’’’obsessive’’’’ I just like watching him throughout the day as a hobby”

“We should dress up as something cringy and film a youtube video of it,  we’ll be famous”

“God I fucking hate ducks, they have no business being so cocky”

“This is why this relationship doesn’t work, because of you, and your always in first place on rainbow road. THIS. IS. WHY.”

“I know you don’t consider Filthy Frank to be art but I do so we need to meet in the middle here”

“I am NOT gay for them, I know we kissed and tried to get married but it wasn’t like I like them or anything”

“God I want an otter, let’s go get one now. Let’s just steal it from the zoo. They can’t stop us”

“One of my socks has a whole in it so I’m going to shoot myself”

“I know bees help the Earth but my face??? not the Earth”

“Monkeys make me so uncomfortable, they scream too much”

“If another baby cries while we’re in this store I am going to fist fight it’s mother”

“Get that fucking vegetable AWAY FROM ME” 

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Based on yuri on stage event do you think Victor has a hard time thinking Yuuri's been single all this time? In the first episodes it's obvious Yuuri's never been in a relationship. Victor even knows. It's almost implied he hasn't had anything casual either. So this ex lover jealousy business and yeah I know it's mainly for laughs and they're both drunk and hung over the next day but what do you make of it? How about their types of jealousy too? Victor is all I'm his. Yuuri is all he's mine! XD

See… I’m not so convinced anymore that Yuuri is as inexperienced as we’ve been led to believe.

I feel like the creators are leaving hints/setting us up for learning that he has had a prior relationship. The fact that he won’t talk about it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s non-existent.

His relationship history is described in one of the Blu-ray booklets. I can’t remember if it’s Volume 1 or 2, but it says Yuuri’s past relationship history is “Top Secret.” Sure, he could keep his complete inexperience Top Secret, but it seems like an odd way to phrase it.

So yeah. My new headcanon is that Yuuri has an ex. And I would love to see Victor get cute-jealous about it. 

I'm not going to let it happen again.

(I’m sorry for sending so many) This is another fuck-coworkers one…its not a big deal but still pissed me off. I’m a cashier at a grocery store…

A couple days ago I worked a day shift, until 3:45pm. It was super busy so I couldn’t close my register to leave, I had to wait for someone relieve me.

Well 3:48 rolls around and my relief has shown up, my feet ache, and I’m ready to go home. He’s heading to my boss to see which register he is on (like we’re all supposed to do), but then my coworker in the register next to mine calls him over.

She goes “I’m off at four, take my register.”
I attempted to butt in and tell her that I was off 3 minutes ago, but she ignores me, and leaves early.

I had to wait for her relief, and I was so pissed off at her. I know it was only 15 minutes longer, but when your feet ache and you’ve been listening to children scream and trying to ignore old men winking at you all day, you wanna go home when you’re supposed to.

I Feel Like I Don’t Even Know You Anymore - S.M ONE SHOT

Summary: Desperation allows new friends to corrupt your morals and places strain on your relationship with Shawn. 

AU: So this is very long and I spent the whole day doing it. I also hardly edited so I’m so sorry about error, but I’ve missed writing and am busy with work and just wanted to post it without waiting. I’ve missed you all so much. I hope this was alright, bit of different content and I tried to have a more serious topic but it feels a little dumb but whatever yo

Word Count: 11,070

Your name: submit What is this?

“Did you want to hang out after?” Shawn asked through the phone as I put my car keys in the ignition and turned.

“I’m not sure? Maybe? Depends what time I get home?” I paused a moment putting on my seatbelt. “Don’t wait up on me though.”

“Okay,” Shawn replied.

“Alright, I gotta go,” I said wanting to drive now.

“Okay, maybe see you then later. If not, love you.”

I smiled into the phone as I reached for my AUX cord. “Love you too.”

Both of us hung up the phone and I began to play music before exiting my driveway to head across town to my friend’s house.

The drive was quick and with no time I was sitting down in Amber’s basement with four other people playing a game of Life as they drank.

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He takes care of you ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘‘Can you write an imagine like “He takes care of you” but with Ethan? Thanks!‘‘

Response: Thank you for your request ♡ Let me know if you enjoyed it! (Check out my other imagine ‘He takes care of you’ with Grayson if anyone liked this) xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Argghh..’ you groan as you turn around in your bed, trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep. You were having the worst cramps ever and it felt like you were going to throw up. The past week you had been very sick; lying in bed was all you did the whole day. This night Ethan, your boyfriend, insisted on staying over.

Both of your parents were on a business trip, so you were home alone. Ethan, the cutie that he was, took care of you and made food for you. ‘Ahh..’ you let out another groan as your stomach was twisting and twirling. Suddenly you realise that the sounds you were making were actually really loud. You hope you didn’t wake Ethan up. Unfortunately, you did.

‘Y/N, baby? Is everything okay?’ you hear Ethans raspy voice on your left. You turn around so that you were laying on your back, hoping that the pain would soon go away in this position. ‘Yeah, I’m fine, E. Just go back to sleep.’ But, of course, Ethan knew you longer than today. He turns around and goes laying on his right side. With a supporting elbow he holds himself up while he hovers his head above yours.

He feels your forehead with the back of his hand. ‘Woah Y/N, you’re so hot. I think you have more than just a cold.’ He pulls the blanket back to your belly, so that you could get some air. ‘Yeah, probably. Thank you,’ you whisper with closed eyes while he strokes your forehead. ‘No problem,’ he says softly. You can’t help but frown deeply while another wave of sickness floods over you. Again you feel like you’re going to throw up and you quickly sit straight up.

‘What is it?’ Ethan asks worried, while he puts a hand on your lower back. But before you can say something you feel a weird sensation rush through your stomach. You pull the blanket from your body and run with a hand pressed to your mouth to the bathroom.

You barely make it to the toilet before you start puking your guts out. After a few seconds you hear the door, meaning that Ethan had walked in. A second later you feel him holding your hair back while rubbing your back. ‘Please E, I don’t want you to see me like th-‘ But before you can finish your sentence, the weird sensation comes up and you throw up again. You gently try to push him away while feeling a little embarrassed, but he doesn’t move an inch. ‘Sshh,’ Ethan hushes you. Your whole body shudders of the disgusting taste and feeling. ‘It’s okay,’ he whispers in your ear.

After a minute or two you pull back, still holding the toilet, just in case you had to throw up again. Ethan was still rubbing your back while studying your face. ‘Feel any better?’ he asks. You wipe your mouth and look at him. His hair was all messy and he was only wearing some sweatpants. Next to you he looked like a god.

‘Yeah, a little,’ you say and try to crack a smile. You’re feeling a little weak, so you lean on Ethan while he helps you up. He grabs a toothbrush and puts some toothpaste on it. ‘Here,’ he says and gives it to you. You gratefully take it from him.

While you were brushing your teeth you notice that you spilled a little vomiting on your shirt. Ethan disappears into the bedroom and comes back a minute later with something in his hands. You spit in the sink and clean the toothbrush.

Then you turn around to see what he had brought; a clean hoodie. He puts it down and he walks up to you. He raises your arms and pulls the dirty shirt over your head, leaving you only in a bralette. Ethan grabs the hoodie and helps you putting it on. God, it smelled so nice. It smelled like… Ethan. ‘Thank you,’ you say. He gives you a little kiss on your nose. ‘You look so cute in my clothes. And so small, too,’ he chuckles while stroking your cheek. You giggle.

‘Now let’s get back to bed,’ Ethan says with a smile, but before you can take a step he lifts you up and carries you to the bedroom. You close your eyes and enjoy his big arms holding you. You discretely sniff up his scent. Unfortunately it’s over in a few seconds when he slowly lays you down on the bed, tucking you in. He comes laying beside you and gives you a long kiss on the cheek. ‘You comfortable?’ he asks caringly. You smile and look him in the eyes. ‘Yeah, thank you. My stomach still feels not very good, though.’

Ethan pulls the blanket back again and his hand slowly lifts up the hoodie. He looks at you for permission and you nod. He gently places his warm hand on your stomach, making slow circular motions. You close your eyes while he looks at you, making sure it felt comfortable. ‘That’s so nice…’ you yawn after a minute and open your eyes, seeing him smiling. ‘Anything for my princess,’ he whispers with a soothing voice. And after a few minutes you slowly drift off to sleep.

The next morning you wake up from the sunbeams shining through the window. You felt ten times better than you did yesterday. You turn around and stretch out your arm, but the bed is empty. ‘Ethan?’ you ask, but he wasn’t anywhere in the room. Just at that moment he walks in. In his hands he’s holding a tray with a bowl of soup and a sandwich on a plate next to it. You go sit straight up.

‘Goodmorning, baby,’ he smiles and comes sitting next to you. ‘Hey babe. Aw, you shouldn’t have done that, E,’ you say while you take the soup he was offering you. ‘But I did,’ he smirks. ‘And I like taking care of you. I’ll do anything to make you feel at least a little better.’

You put your soup down and give him a kiss on his cheek. He hadn’t shaved yet and his little beard tickled your lips. ‘Thank you… I love you,’ you say. ‘I love you more,’ he says with so much admiration in his voice that it felt like your heart was going to explode out of your chest. He was the sweetest boyfriend you could ever imagine. ‘Now eat your soup,’ he says playfully. You laugh and start eating.

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I don't mind my regulars here at Golden Arches but some like to think that they're super special. Today we were hella busy, new customer every five seconds for about an hour and everyone was trying to get a seat. Now our regulars take up an entire section of seating. All they do is go for the free refills on coffee. Because we were busy, my manager asked if they could leave due to the amount of people. God the fits they threw were so embarrassing. Ya'll are here every DAY! Fuckin regulars 😑

It was never easy to tell people how have you’ve been, or are you okay. It was never easy to spill out things you don’t want to in the first place. Yes, we love to say to people how beautiful they are, how much we appreciate them, but it was never easy when it comes to ours. Whenever a question came, for example the commonly used “are you okay?”, there are lots of things coming from inside our heads that makes us think for more than a second. I’m sure not everyone can answer that question a fast as 2 or 3 seconds, or if they do, they have a following statement. I’m a busy person, and have a lot to think all day, that makes me wonder if sometimes, should I share it? I mean most people want to hear the good things, not melodramatic. Sometimes, I have this thought that I should just keep it to myself, because if I share it and that person feels the same way too, he or she will be sad. I don’t want other people to be sad because of me.

PSA to people who sell commissions 

If you’re having a bad mental health day/week you need to tell your clients about any set backs. Once you start accepting money for your hobby it becomes a job and you need to treat it like one.
Whats a person supposed to think when you go MIA for 2 months and ignore all their messages asking about progress for their commission? ESPECIALLY if they spent a large amount of money for your work.
What are they supposed to think when they see you active and drawing for yourself but ignoring their messages?
I know it’s nobodies business what you spend your money on but when a client (or multiple clients depending on how big your queue is) has been waiting 5 months for their art they’re going to question why you keep accepting commissions and buying yourself stuff but not working on any of the commissions. People are going to side eye you and not want to commission you ever again.

Having depression or any other mental illness is no excuse to not communicate with your customers.

I get it, I do. I have days where my fatigue is so bad I can hardly do anything. I have days where I do stuff for myself to de-stress.
I got sick for a week and took time off for myself and I messaged all my clients about it. It’s a simple “Hey there! I’m taking a few days for myself and I apologize for the set back!

And I’m writing this for personal reasons right now having to wait months upon months and having the artist dodge my every question meanwhile they take more and more commissions and doing personal art but not actually doing any of the work with the excuse “Well I have depression and responding to messages make me anxious
And they have a queue of over 20 people.
If you have issues when people sending you a professional message about the product they gave you money for so much that you flat out ignore them you probably shouldn’t be selling commissions. 
I know you need money but there is no excuse to this. You. Need. To. Communicate. You can’t take peoples money and run. You can’t leave them in the dark for 3 months. You can’t get pissy like that when they ask you why you’ve been ignoring them. 

Because it looks like they’re getting scammed. No one wants to get scammed. And after they’ve waited 6 months after you went MIA they’re not going to care about your “Sorry I have depression pls be patient with me uwu”
because they’ve BEEN patient and at that point it sounds like an excuse!

If you keep conducting your work like that chances are you won’t have any recurring customers. If you treat your clients like that they won’t want to buy from you anymore. 

Because seriously. Treat it like a business. Communicate. Don’t spend 6 months procrastinating. Don’t take on 30 people at once.


A bouquet of roses made of bacon is what I had last Valentine’s Day! 🌹Best Valentine’s Gift from the best boyfriend ever! 😍Despite of the busy schedule of being a doctor and attending to patients he never fails to surprise me with his efforts even though I told him he doesn’t need to. Sharing this because today is our 15th month together. ❤️ Sharing good vibes to everyone. 😘 Have a nice day!

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TalesFromThePizzaGuy: The first worst incident of my job.

Hello there! I’m still a somewhat new driver, but I’m quite satisfied with the job that I have. It’s only been four months since I started and this job beats any other job I had, minus maybe the halloween acting jobs I get involved with every year. I work between two stores of a small chain that has a few stores throughout the state, they stay open quite late and are fairly busy. One is located in the citys and the other is located in the suburbs and is considered the ‘nice’ part of the overall area. Managers and co-workers from both stores are pretty chill.

That was just the background though, this is where the story starts. This was a morning shift on Thursday (aka 4/20), and we were fairly busy at the store. It was one of those days where the other day driver was getting all the tips and I was getting all the stiffs. I think overall I made about 31$ that day which is usually what I expect out of a day shift. We were slammed though during our lunch rush, where me and the other driver were getting 2-3 runs.

It was noon and I had three runs, one was to an apartment complex down the road, another across the street, and the last one was a bit further away but it was in that general direction. I went to the first one and it was annoying as it was one of those apartments that has multiple doors to get into it, so I had to spend a bit of time there and ended up getting tipped .83 cents as well as a nice '4/20’ fragrance.

Move onto the second delivery, it was a few subs and a cheese bread, ok cool. The place I go to though is in an area I’ve never been into. I had to talk to a security guard to get in, so I first thought this was like a retirement home or some kind of business. No, this place was a neighborhood of mansions, like these are the houses that you make when you want to get creative in the sims. I wanted to take pictures of some of these houses, but I had a job to do so I went to the address and pulled up.

I noticed though that the insider who bagged up all of the stuff though forgot the cheese bread, and instead put in a small pepperoni pizza. I figured though I would explain to the customer that I would call the store and get it replaced right away if they didn’t want it, and we would discount it off due to messing it up (or allow them to keep it).

The following exchange took place (as far as memory tells).

Me - Me

Guy - Not my buddy, but a docuhebag

SMom - Soccormom wife

Me - knocks on the door Hello there! I really have to say the house you have looks great

Guy - “You are 1 hour late, where the fuck is my food” - (note we quote a 30-45 min time and it was only 13 mins late)

Me - “Oh its right here, however I noticed an error in the order”

Guy - What the fuck? You cant even get the fucking order right, god damnit

Me - Oh well, we can ….

Guy - I don’t want to hear your excuses

-He then grabs the food from me that I have and slams the door on me. I knock again, as I need to see what to do-

Me - I need you to sign for that, so we can get your other order out here

Him - Urgh fine…….

SMom - -Takes the cheap tablet I use for people to sign their signatures on- “What is this I don’t understand”

Guy - This fucker is trying to get money from us, fuck him

-He then slams the door on my face again, before I knock on it one more time

Me - I need my tablet…

Guy - I don’t care, you fucking stole from me so I’ll steal from you.

-He then gets in my face, and this dude is fucking huge. He is about 40 some years old and he is a buff looking dude standing at about 6'5 or something-

Me - “Ok, well get it for you”

Guy - I’m going to get your ass fired you fucking fat fuck, go to the gym and do something with your life.

-He then throws the tablet in the yard, but its sturdy as fuck so it didn’t break or anything-

Guy - Get the fuck out of my yard before I call the cops on your ass

Now, I don’t remember every line exchanged, but that was the summary of the situation. In all honesty, I’m not a strong person when it comes to stuff like this, hell I’ve taken a few therapy sessions in order to learn how to cope with negative conflicts, aggressive people, and general confidence issues I have. I was shaking pretty bad and had a rather violent panic attack. I had another order to do, so I called my manager, explained the situation, and went on the next drive.

I was still shaking pretty bad, and even threw up a little bit in the trashbag in the car. The lady I went to after that house thought I was faking everything and signed a tip as zero and wrote in the reason saying “come up with a better sob story”. All I told her was that the last delivery I had was a bit rough, and that was it. I ended up calling my mom on the way back to the store in order to try and cope, but I was still kind of messed up.

When I went back to the store, I got to sit down for a little bit. It was the eye of the storm on our lunch rush so I got to breath it out and talk to my manager. We didn’t call the cops or anything because there was no proof one way or the other, and the people did end up getting their cheese bread. Our store doesn’t actually have a blacklist. (The one in the city does, but not this one), but I was personally blacklisted from going to that area every again par request on my part. He was still kind of new to being a manger, but I feel like he handled it well as he helped calm me down and talked to me like a normal human being rather than how previous managers at other jobs have talked to me.

The other driver was able to take the food to them and they were not outraged like before. The other driver though is a lot more apathetic than I am, and he has been in customer service a whole lot longer than me. I’m glad nothing had happened to him though as he was a lot smaller than me, and if this guy was as aggressive as he was with me, then I don’t know what would of happened.

I sort of got to talk about this in real time on one of the delivery discord servers, so the account that was given on there is more accurate as I’m someone who forgets small details whenever something even slightly traumatic (aka draws out a panic attack) happens to me.

TLDR: Guy throws a tantrum for getting his food late and his order wrong, and it really scares the shit out of me and ruins the next couple of days for me, mentally.

If any of you guys know of any good coping methods in case any of this stuff happens again, I’d love to hear them. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen much, in fact I was shown an online file of all 'aggressive reports’ as well as 'police reports’ made, and the total of both didn’t even crack twenty reports in the past 8 years the store was there. I was just rather unlucky it seems.

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lose your heart and your head (1/?)

summary: Now that they’ve both graduated, Annie convinces Jeff to join her on a cross-country road trip.
Word Count: ~4,500
Author’s Note: Shout out to @bethanyactually for being the best beta any writer could ask for, always helping me create better, more IC scenes.
I was hoping to post this all at once for the classic trope day, but the idea has already gotten away from me. I hope the story carries you away, too.



“I’m not going to take no for an answer.”

Apparently, in their time apart, Annie’s lost her ability to hold a conversation because Jeff doesn’t understand what the hell she’s talking about.

“First of all, yes, please come in. So glad you could stop by.” She’s not fazed by his sarcasm even a little, too busy unfolding a map across his kitchen counter. “Secondly, no for an answer to what?”

She waves him closer with a grin, and despite the warning signals going off in his head—it’s a trap and giving the inch it’ll take to hear her out will have her snagging a whole damn mile out from under your feet—he takes a seat on the barstool next to her.

“We’re going on a road trip.”

Jeff raises his eyebrows, waiting for further explanation.

Annie lets out an exasperated sigh, like she can’t believe he isn’t caught up yet, and fixes her bright, manic-with-the-promise-of-a-big-project eyes on him. “You know! A cross-country road trip to celebrate the fact that we’re both college grads now. A final adventure before we have to put our whimsy aside in the face of adulthood and corporate America!”

“Okay, Britta. You know I’m thirty-five, right? I’ve pretty much already faced adulthood.”

“That doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown the need for an adventure! Come on, I’ve already planned the route and booked the first couple hotels. All you have to do is pack, show up, and drive some of the way.”

His eyes drift to the map. Annie has circled several cities in red pen, and he wouldn’t be surprised if she had a twenty-page itinerary all typed up and ready.

He has to admit, it’s an appealing proposal. But…

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TalesFromRetail: I *paid* for the coupon! Why can't I use it?

I used to work for a major clothing retailer that started in the US and branced out internationally. Corporate decided to partner with an online site that sold cupons. Pay $20 and get a store coupon for $50 provided a minimum purchase was met.

It took almost one business day to overwhelm their servers. Customers who actually showed up with the right printed barcode were stymied by the coupon company’s two to three day backlog on authentication. They weren’t prepared for the volume of 1000 stores.

There was a number we could call to verify codes, but it was backed up worse than the servers. The coupon company answered as many calls as they could, but they just weren’t set up for the volume. My kids ran POS best they could. They dealt with some of the customers. I dealt with all of them.

I was on a first name basis with a lot of their support personnel. “Hi, Jane. M0T here. Yeah. SSDD.” The initial trial was a clusterfuck. No one above the store level learned a damn thing.

By: moving0target

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If you're busy and can't listen to BTS on full blast,plug headphones in the device and let it stream by itself all day long. Or have a device at home constantly playing the YouTube videos on repeat in a playlist or Spotify playlist. Also for international Army's, use a VPN like Tunnelbear to use a US IP address to vote on the Billboard website on May1st!


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Omgosh!! That's totally baby kisu! No papa just stay here and snuggle

Right?? He loves his papa so much he just wants to snuggle and cuddle all day long! Why can’t papa understand??

Sou, after detaching Kisumi baby from his leg for the 7th time, finally takes him up to his room and sits him down on his bed…

“Kisumi… Papa needs to clean the house…”

“Noes! Kish want cuddles!”

“We have company coming over, remember?”

Little Kisumi just looks up at Sou all confused.

“You invited Rin a couple of days ago to come and play with you…” Sou sighs. Kisumi dramatically gasps after remembering that he indeed had invited his papa’s friend to come and play with him but…

“Kish want cuddles!” He cries.

“After I clean the house and if you keep interrupting, then the longer you’ll have to wait…”

Kisumi gasps in horror.

“Now, stay…” Sou orders, trying his best to avoid the big sparkly teary eyes his little boy was already giving him with his foxie ears drooping and all. Sou sighs after only a couple of seconds and gives into those eyes. He picks Kish up and embraces him, placing a gentle kiss on top of his head. Kish returns the loving hug, smiling big from ear to ear. He just loved his papa so much that a small reminder like this now and then wouldn’t hurt ♡

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