and i was all

the signs as things my 7 year old brother has said to me
  • Aries:You're going to die someday. Not today, but someday
  • Taurus:Aliens are just nerds that wanna be smart
  • Gemini:Have you ever even SEEN The Winter Soldier
  • Cancer:I like eating hot cheetos but later on in the bathroom i have.... problems
  • Leo:nobody cares, jazmin
  • Virgo:I bet Black Widow would win if she fought against a shark
  • Libra:garnet had white eyes didn't she? Way back when she was dressed as a pilot ((the pilot episode))
  • Scorpio:That dragon isn't his pet.... it's his bro. The dragon is his bro
  • Sagittarius:[sees a picture of a SU cosplayer] he's beautiful
  • Capricorn:they're that OLD????? ((i told him how i used to listen to FOB in middle school))
  • Aquarius:I'M NOT A BURGER
  • Pisces:I wanna go to that place. You know the place with the dead people? And you can see their bodies and houses? ((Pompeii))
this is sarah I have taken over the description writing so this vid is about the birds and the bees more specifially the gay birds and gay bees and how they'...

“prepare yourselves for some sTEAMY BURNS” - littlemisslenin

It honestly feels like I see more posts about people complaining about arguments within the fandom than I see actual conflicts within the fandom.