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If anyone says they don’t like bbh just show them this


“They first met in 2011 when Baekhyun became an SM Entertainment’s trainee. Since then, they have developed a bond with the things they have in common. They really began to develop serious feelings for each other last year and started dating this February (2014). Baekhyun was outspoken on his fandom for Taeyeon since his trainee period. Taeyeon cared most about Baekhyun out of all the EXO members. She was attracted to his persistence in effort, despite his cute looks. There are rumours that she would sometimes watch him practice whenever he stayed in late. Taeyeon has been a good mentor for Baekhyun as well. They mostly saw each other late at night or at dawn. Dispatch first caught them together in May and the time was a little after 2AM. Most of times, they met in Taeyeon’s car. Since many people know Taeyeon and Baekhyun in Korea, they were very cautious when meeting in the city and were never seen in coffee shops. When they had no schedules, they would make a short driving trip to outskirts of Seoul. ” (x)

i love it when people tag me in posts about my bias telling me to come collect my man. i’m sitting here like, i’m so sorry he is so rude. he does that sometimes.

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Baekyeol page ♥♥♥ can you post jealous baekhyun or chanyeol gif? I love them so muchh ♡♡♥♡ thank uuu ~

Hello there! We actually have two separate tags for it, jealous!baek and jealous!yeol. These are older posts though, so how about an update?

There are definitely some gifs & pictures we haven’t shared before.

Baekhyun goes first, as he can almost rival Kai as a king of jealousy. Or is it possessiveness? Probably the second one but it borders on jealousy. Baekhyun doesn’t particularity like Chanyeol complementing others, picking others instead of him and getting chummy with others. When Chanyeol constantly brings Baekhyun in conversations, or behaves as Baekhyun’s spokesman, you can see Baekhyun smiling contently. But his face instantly goes blank and stiff when it’s the other way around. The resting bitchface also makes its appearance, as well as the forced smile.

This gif was shared before, but it’s one of our favorites. Baekhyun is tired of this shit tbh.

Kai again? Baekhyun is not amused. 

“I don’t like being here and watching this…”

Baekhyun’s face is like “not this again.“

Sometimes Baekhyun’s smile when Chanyeol interacts with other EXO members looks so forced.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Um excuse me no”

And last but not least…

And now Chanyeol, who isn’t that subtle either. Usually, you can tell that he is jealous when his face goes dark and cloudy or there is this stiff, forced smile on his lips; or sometimes he has this awful emotionless laughter.

First, another favorite:

Baekhyun being clingy with Sehun (which we were told quite recently it’s a rather regular occurrence) and Chanyeol not liking it one bit.

Another gem. Kris picks Baekhyun as the member from K he would take with him, and Chanyeol is visibly displeased…

It’s mutual because Kris picked Baekhyun, and Baekhyun picked Kris. But look at this. Baekhyun says “I love you” to Kris and Chanyeol becomes super stiff. He looks like a statue.

Another Krisbaek moment and Chanyeol is done.

[to be continued in part 2]

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if you had to associate to each exo's members one of your mutual or follower, who would it be and why? You haven't got to feel forced to do this :3 just for fun 💙

omg this is really sweet thank you!!!♡

minseok + @luhoe because she is the only minseok stan that came to my mind right now and i guess he would be a great brother in law haha ;;

junmyeon + @lawlliets beacuse i seriously havent come across another suho stan who loves him as much as lari does :( lari supports him soso much and i love reading what they write about him in their tags!! literally your #1 blog for everything suho related!!

yixing + @baekshitbyun because i know she’s nasty about him LMAO. no seriously demi loves him ALOT and would probably do everything for him

baekhyun + @sefuns because ayu is soso cute and loves baek soso much!!! i will forever be thankful to her for giffing him so much agdhdj ;;

jongdae + @dayafterdae because she runs my favourite jongdae blog EVER!!!! i love her support for him and just asdgh my favourite jongdae stan :(

chanyeol + @babyeol aghd she literally says that she was born to love chanyeol in her bio and i agree with that lmao ;; she is soso precious and sweet like she would be perfect for yeol!! also fills my dash with him alot thank you bby :(

kyungsoo + @kyungsohs because she is the only ksoo stan that came to my mind now ahdhdj and also because i love her blog^^

jongin + @dazzlynini my favourite blog when it comes to jongin!!!! always shows so much adoration for this boy ;;

sehun + @sxhuns because she is absolute trash when it comes to him adjd ;; when there is sehun on my dash i know to 99% that its from walley lmao

A lil’ somethin’ about the hug and butthurts..

first of all.. why am i seeing lots of people said shitz about that chanbaek hug..?

like seriously..? actually i don’t want to write this, but the amount of sh*tz i saw on Chanbaek tag are just ridiculous.. 


they hugged.. and we shippers are happy for it since its maybe the realest, closest contact/skinship chanbaek had for i don’t know, few years..!?

look guys.. we shippers, well most of us like chanbaek not as brothers.. many of us see chanbaek as two guys liking each other romantically.. you can see them whatever you want but thats what we see them as.. 

so can you understands why we are so happy when they hugged..? yes Chanbaek do aware of their ship’s popularity, with the amount of chanbaek banners in the venue also might be the catalyst for Sehun to decided to do it, and that hug could just be some fanservice arranged by them themselves..

but what makes us so excited and going all nuts about is how genuine Chanbaek’s and the members’ reactions are towards that 3 seconds hug..

Don’t tell me that smile on Baekhyun’s face is fake.. no ONE can fake THAT kind of smile.. i bet Baekkie are just being mischievous because Chanyeol is freaking out and shy because like i said, this is probably their first ever REAL hug on stage or on public..! 

idk what else do you want.. i know that i don’t know chanbaek.. i don’t know exo or close with them, i’m a total stranger, but i’m someone who loves exo.. when you love someone or something, you know them up and down.. mostly.. and i think i can read my chanbaek based on what i saw these past years.. what i closely see..  

tbh, i didn’t read that 5 paragraph analysis in weibo(?) about that hug, but based on what i saw, Chanbaek liked it.. and the members reactions, confirmed it.. 

Chen - their best friend - his reactions are also very fishy..

how suho and chen dropped from their supposed frozen state after they saw what Sehun want to do with Chanbaek.. and Chen’s smiles after that are just weird to me.. 

don’t make me pointed out kyungsoo’s reaction.. 

gifs cr: @awkwardmickey 

if you guys know me you know that i call Kyungsoo, Chanbaek guardian angel or kyungsoo as someone who definitely knows something about chanbaek.. whether chanbaek is real or not, kyungsoo definitely knows something.. look at kyungsoo.. he looks so happy after the hug tho. what is that..!? if chanyeol hates it, and kyungsoo knows Chanyeol hates it, i bet he won’t make such approving face and smile.. 

another thing..

the awkwardness.. 

aigoo.. guys..! 

chanbaek never hug on stage before.. like real hug..! and tbh, i dont sense any awkwardness in that hug.. what i sensed..? shyness.. both of them are embarrassed.. thats why the hug come out a little bit weird looking.. but thats not awkwardness.. Baekhyun’s face are not showing any awkwardness or un-comfortableness.. chanyeol also are smiling so widely and they even teasing each other during that hug..

i bet all of you aware that, to avoid doing what Sehun always made his victims do, fake kiss, Chanbaek use their height difference.. Chanyeol tiptoe-ing while Baekhyun lower his head.. but do you realize..? when the hug are about to happen, when Sehun pushes both of their bodies together, chanyeol drop his tiptoe and Baekhyun tiptoe instead..! 

most of you said that Baekkie open his hat so that it wont hit chanyeol’s face, right..? if he don’t want it to hit chanyeol’s face, why the heck did he tip-toed..!!!!!? he did it so that he can put his arm around Chanyeol’s shoulder/neck.. did you ever think it like that.? at all..? look at Chanbaek’s perspective.. 

ok guys.. thats all form me.. hahahaha.. i don’t understands all the hates and names and shades thrown at us Firelights regarding our reactions towards this hug.. you guys, non-Firelights have no idea how precious this moment is to us.. how long we’ve been waiting for chanbaek to atleast make an obvious fanservice together as chanbaek.. they are very popular.. Firelights is a very big family.. i always say to myself, i don’t mind even if the moment look obviously like fanservice, just please do something for us.. 

there are a lot of moments other ships has.. they hugs, kisses, teases, skinships, many more.. but chanbaek? they claimed that they are bestfriend.. the members talked about how loud and active they are when they are together.. but they dont show that to us.. we Firelights who are craving for something from them.. 

so please understands our feelings.. we got enough hates just being a Firelight.. just liking chanbaek.. why? yes because we take Chanbaek seriously.. we don’t ship chanbaek for mere reasons but for real chanbaek..  i don’t and i won’t touch about their sexuality, sexual orientations and their sexual status, because i know many people will backlash me with many other shetz regarding that.. for us, we see love in chanbaek.. thats it.. thats the only reasons we love them so much.. 


p/s: see? this is why i don’t want to make any post about my thought on that hug moment.. haishhh.. i always ended up with long ass post and emotional closing.. sigh.. aigoo.. please guys.. this is MY OPINION.. so like i always said in all of my posts, if you agree, then cool.. if you don’t, also cool.. but i don’t need your hates, your rant and your BS in my inbox or my chat.. my blog is mine and i post chanbaek.. so yeah..

have a good night  Firelights.. <3 you yall my family ^^

me: *sees baekhyun’s meaty thighs*

me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌💯 👌 👀👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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