and i was about to tag baekhyun

an accurate listing of exo stans on tumblr

~ use ‘:(’ a lot
~ have an appalling amount of kindness to show
~ don’t even touch them if you know yixing just updated his ig

~ chill, composed, rarely act extra or go way off
~ each one has a favourite version of minseok: from wilding onstage minseok to chill and fine asf mature minseok
~ will always fuck with a jongdae stan

~ just as wild as their man
~ stan and appreciate every single inch of jongdae
~ have 10 songs on their phone and they’re all jongdae osts and cbx songs

~ scream or spam an excessive amount of tags on baekhyun posts
~ have 586 nicknames for bbh
~ are either wilding with thirst or being super corny and poetic

~ make fun of everything pcy does but will turn around and fight anyone who comes with pcy slander
~ would give their right arm to be able to wear rolex watches and vetements hoodies for their man
~ always there to watch broadcasts so they can make 30 posts that say “CHANYTEEOL”

~ “bunny” this, “bunny” that
~ find junmyeon’s rv obsession both endearing and embarrasing
~ always on about peachy cheeks and their precious leader but will cancel you in the blink of an eye if you have any shit to say about kjm

~ some of the funniest stans on tumblr
~ always there and ready to support anything ksoo does/tries out
~ super intuitive and think about every little thing ksoo says, making it so deep that you want to cry about their post when the original topic was ksoo eating a granola bar

~ super quiet and calm
~ half of them never tag anything and the other half just tag “i love him”
~ have never been extra in their lives but they do come close when jongin does One Of Those Dances and they nut to the moon and back

~ the most informed about exo’s activities
~ only use the 🤢  and 🤧  emojis
~ want to kiss sehun’s cheeks and let him raw them at the same time, they’re very stressed


never forget this lovely day when chanyeol pretended that he was being shot by cute babies (◕‿◕✿)


after finding out about suho being a k-idol he congratulated him on his birthday!

(if you don’t remember this guy; he was on “exciting india” and came up to suho, asking him to take a picture of him and his mother, without knowing that he actually was a celebrity.)

Fic Recommendations

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*first of all, thank you very much to all these writers who spend their time creating wonderful works for our enjoyment, you saved me in a lot of sleepless nights <3*

This was mostly made for myself because I miss so so many fic updates with all that is going on in my dashboard, that I wanted to keep all my favourite fics and authors in one place so I just have to come here, click and enjoy.

So it’s going to be divided by authors, not any particular order and I’m going to list my favourite works, but I highly recommend checking their masterlists :)
Also many of these works contain smut or mature topics, beware of that and carefully read author warnings for their works.

Anyway I decided to share it because maybe you’d find something interesting here?.

*bold means highly recommended readings, personal favourites and general fangirling.


She writes for GOT7, BTS, EXO and recently VIXX.

I reaaaaally love Shanna’s world building, plots and writing flow. She makes you enjoy her stories so much. From her a personal favourite is Guardian. She just finished book 1 and is going to release book 2 on August *insert fangirl scream at guardian angel Jongdae*.

  • Binary Star [GOT7 Mark x Reader x Jaebum. Complete.]
  • Iron Crown [GOT7 Jinyoung x Reader, Vampire!AU. Complete.]
  • Control [GOT7 Mark x Reader. Complete]
  • The 7th Prince [GOT7 x Reader, Fantasy!AU. Ongoing.]
  • Addewid [EXO, Jongin x Reader, Fantasy!AU. Ongoing]
  • Guardian [EXO, Jongdae x Reader x Baekhyun. Complete]
  • No Strings [BTS, Jimin x Reader. Ongoing]
  • Wanderlust [BTS, Yoongi x Reader. Complete]


She writes for EXO.

To me, Tou is the absolute drabble queen. Her Sunday Drabble Challenge tag is a gold mine and you have to love her light but cute writings. I mean there’s nothing complicated about them, I really struggle with words so I can’t find a way to describe how wonderful and heartwarming they are and how she always manages to make me smile :).

I’ll be adding my favourites here, but there are a lot so it’s gonna be difficult.


Writes for EXO, BTS, GOT7 and MONSTA X


Writes for EXO, BTS, GOT7, MONSTA X, SHINee, 2PM and more.


Writes for BigBang, EXO, BTS, GOT7, SHINee and optional bias.


Writes for EXO.


Writes for EXO.

The world she created in her Other World AU fics is dazzling and magical. I seriously love it so much I read the two finished stories in 4 days. Yeah, I know.

  • Charred [EXO Chanyeol x Reader. Other World!AU. Complete]
  • Struck [EXO Jongdae x Reader. Other World!AU. Complete]
  • Roots [EXO Baekhyun x Reader. Other World!AU. Ongoing]
  • Adjusting [EXO Minseok, Other World!AU. Complete]


Writes for EXO and GOT7.

Phew, that was long. I know I’m forgetting a few, but I’ll add them here eventually. Also, if any information about any author is incorrect or not accurate, please, just let me know :3

If you have any suggestions, please, do share! I love reading new fics and discovering new and wonderful authors!.

PS: I’m making this list something permanent for my own use, but you can always access it from the sidebar <3


anon said : Could you do a married life with chanyeol! That would be amazing, thank you!!

  • looked like he was gonna pass out when he watched you walk down the aisle at the wedding because oh my God it’s the love of my life… I get to spend forever with the love of my life how did I get so lucky
  • the type to want to carry you over the threshold into your shared apartment and he’s being so careful that he doesn’t whack your head on the doorframe that he accidentally whacks your feet on it instead
  • nothing really changes except that he introduces you as his wife/husband
  • and then giggles like a little kid afterwards because oh my God
  • wants to have kids later in life and is open to adopting because he just really wants kids
  • would understand if you didn’t want to have kids because he loves you first and foremost
  • never really stops being a kid himself
  • when you two finally have children he’s sobbing in pure joy
  • no joke he’s so happy that the two of you have a family and that he’s a father
  • does everything for his children
  • would break bones to make his child laugh
  • is often hurt and you have to give him ice after the kids are all asleep
  • “okay but did you hear her laugh? it was so cute and I did that! I made her laugh! Y/N!!!!”
  • asks members to babysit when the two of you go out for date night, especially Baekhyun after your children gave him good reviews
  • Jongdae babysits often as well but you always seem to get noise complaints whenever he’s over because he’s so loud and always makes your children laugh-scream
  • you know where kids like laugh?? but are also screaming?? like when playing tag??? yeah that
  • probably does play tag with them and then tells Chanyeol about all of the broken stuff that they both work together to hide
  • lots of home cooked meals
  • honestly Chanyeol worked really hard to get better at cooking
  • a big family man tbfh
  • loves you and loves his children and loves being a husband
  • he always finds time even in his busy schedule to spend time with you and his children and nothing really changes except your family got a little bigger
⚜Admin Sam’s EXO Comeback Theory 2017 Compilation⚜

To start, here is the old compilation of my Phantom of the Opera/Mask choreography comeback theory that I’ve had for a couple of years - this concept still hasn’t manifested. I don’t know if it will never happen or if it is going to be combined with this comeback theory concept to be doubley-amazing, OR if it could possibly be the repackaged concept.

^^from MAMA 2016.

Many of you may know about the Royalty/Kings concept, and here I am going to compile what I have seen so far about it!

♛^This picture is from the old comeback theory post. People were confused by the “THTONES” but since earlier this year, similar posts started flying around saying that the title track would be called “THRONE,” which… makes more sense. cr. mydeeryo

♛There are rumors that both “Full Moon” (performed on tour) and “Phoenix” (from teaser era) will be on this album. There are also rumors that it will be a full-length album and that the repackaged has been in the works (these are looser rumors/he-said-she-said kind of stuff so take it with a grain of salt). 

♛During EXO’s fifth anniversary vlive broadcast, Jongin referenced a Korean idiom and said he’s “sharpening his sword,” which has a meaning of working hard/preparing. This led fans to believe that this is related to the royalty concept and that it could be a knightly theme or even that the choreography could be related to sword-fighting. It was an idiom but Jongin is quite book-smart and clever with his words, even though he doesn’t show it as much as Baekhyun.

@jonginssoo (view post)

♛Speaking of Baekhyun, his “it’s hot” hint - he said it again here at the Exordium dot press conference. Fans speculate that the hint was simply to say that it would be a summer concept but I’m sure it’s more than that. Some people believe that it’s wordplay, that he means “The War” in english. So sneaky~ I don’t know if it has to do with the title of the song or the song’s theme.

♛He also said SOMEWHERE something about them coming back as powerful warriors but I can’t for the life of me find that???!?! I wish I had saved it somewhere because I automatically thought of the royalty/knights concept. Please let me know if you know where this is from.

♛And then obviously, the royalty outfits:


♛Bringing back MAMA powers and/or having a song that is about the state of the world, similar to MAMA

♛A song that is not a love/relationship song.

♛I still think it could have the same vibe as my mask concept. Historical outfits, baroque architecture LOL. Knights/warriors/game of thrones/that sort of thing you know

♛That old joke Baek made about Kyungsoo doing pilates to prepare for the comeback LMFAO maybe some difficult choreography/b-boying/acrobatic formations like in Overdose

♛I think there will be a rapper-line song, kind of like Twenty Four, whether it’s Full Moon, Do it Together, or another song.

So I believe that’s all I have for now, send a message if you have any detective work that I’ve missed and I will tag everything with “comeback2017″ so you can visit /tagged/comeback2017 to see all of the posts/asks I answer about this!

Get to work, EXO-Ls 🔍🗒🖋


August 26 @ 8:30…the day where Chanbaek’s legendary documentary was released

And I’m still late gosh dang it

Well I got lots of gifs so plz love me

Basically he tags along with Chanyeol so he make Chanyeol do all the work

Dude I wanna cry XD not only is this precious and sounds really cheesy if you put it in a fan fiction but it just reminds me off how Chanyeol was (and is) so aware of Baekhyun like where he goes and stuff and the reason why has been revealed

Also I wanna cry at how bad quality the gifs are XD anyone know a good place/app to make gifs in good quality?

Aww Baek looks bashful XD 

A kinda HD pic

Complaining about drinks and a indirect kiss. This is already the best thing and I  haven’t even watched it

Trying to find a restaurant because y’all can’t come to north america and not try all the food 

The fact that Baekhyun legit has to stretch to just see Chan’s phone is the most precious thing

TFW ur boyfie I mean friend is too tall

I wonder if anyone past them and thought ‘wow, they are so good looking’ BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THEY ARE


They got pizza


Look at their smiles ;-;

Lol personal space? What’s that? Also the caption is so fitting

Also height difference

A picture of the recently mentioned indirect kiss

Worker: Can I have your name?

Chanyeol: ahhh… (brain fart?)

Baekhyun: Chan!

(holy meatballs he is so cute like wtaf I can’t he just said it right away like it was basically at the same time like did he know that Chanyeol was going to low-key forget his name like asdfghjkl)

Chanyeol: …what’s you say?

Baekhyun: Chan! :D

Chan: Chan?

Chanyeol : *smiles*

Ugh! This is so cute!

Also as much as I wished this was a little thing of theirs (who knows maybe it is ohohohohohohohohohoho) Baek was making a pun with the korean word for Ice. No wonder he was all proud

And I still wanna cry because I’m still broke and can’t watch the full thing :,) and to those who did watch it I envy your

But to those who didn’t like me I hope you enjoyed this spam of some moments off the internet


anonymous asked:

this may be a bit vague but do you have any unique aus? like there are a lot of coffee shops aus and even mermaid aus but do u have some aus that only have one story written about them?

Okay so not all of them only have one story written about them but they aren’t as common as the rest!

Cage Match by SlimeQueen [Taekook, Underground fighting AU, E, 20k]

look at the stars; they shine for you by aborescent [Yoonseok, Space AU, T, 4.3k]

Invisible People by mindheist [Taekook, Ballet/Fantasy AU, E, 22k]

preorder bonus by abdicar [Yoonmin, Gamer AU, G, 14k]

contractual by baekhyun (baruna) [Yoonkook, Actor AU, E, 11k]

Yoongi and the Pea, or: What the Fuck Is Wrong With Your Bed by noraebangbang [Namgi, Fairytale AU, T, 5.5k]

there’s more but the questions so broad i cant filter my tags RIP

- N

ideal girl | minseok

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  • he wouldn’t care about looks because you can become physically attracted to anyone over time
  • probably someone shorter than him or the same height
  • i think he’d like girls with cute smiles
  • EYES!! idk why but he seems like someone who really likes eyes
  • CHEEKS TOO!!! preferably chubby cheeks cos then shes his lil marshmallow 


  • she gotta be understanding cos mans busy u know
  • someone who is supporting and won’t get mad at him for not returning the 3am call
  • he said once its sad that people judge others based on looks so my boy would be real happy if shes open minded and genuinely kind to everyone
  • min’s a man right so u gotta be mature enough for him but be able to be childlike and let loose cos no one likes a square!
  • u gotta be charming my girl cos if u aint he might lose interest
  • also dont irritate him even as a joke cos he’ll punch u in the face cos u remind him of baekhyun and he cant control himself
  • BUT do joke around with him cos…come on
  • needs wife material, be clean, be mean, be green, be the mystery machine but in controlled amounts cos if you nag at him too much or get jealous too much itll frustrate him
  • maybe someone shy enough to depend on him in social situations but outgoing enough to become friends with the rest of the guys
  • listen i know we all wanna be hoes but no hoe for minseok! if u want him u gotta be loyal
  • and dont be afraid to speak ur mind, if u agree with him all the time then bye to u
  • OH and someone who can admit to their faults and is seRIOUS ABOUT BEING WITH HIM!

junmyeon/suho | yixing/lay | baekhyun | jongdae/chen | chanyeol | kyungsoo/d.o | jongin/kai | sehun 


If you are a fandom hoe just like me and enjoy reading boyxboy smut greatly, then you are in the right place. This a master list of rec of my favorite pieces I have come across. I will be updating frequently for you guys. I hope you enjoy cuties :-)

Markjinson (mark + jackson + jinyoung)

Baby, I Love Your Company by jaekyu

Summary: Mark’s in a frat. So is Jackson. They might be a Thing. But also there’s Jinyoung.

Chapter: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One of my favorite fics of all time (which says a lot because I read a lot of fics). This fic literally has everything, drama and plot, smut, fluff, angst, I have no complaints. It’s so hot but so cute at the same time. A must read for everyone, read this if you want to live a happy and healthy life.

Jinson (jinyoung + jackson)

Jinyoung’s Peach by ohbutter

Summary: Jackson has pretty much wanted to fuck Jinyoung to the moon and back for as long as he has existed.

Additional tags: tease!jinyoung

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Teasing jinyoung and desperate jackson is the best thing that has ever happened to me. One of the hottest fics I have ever read, I love god. 

Jinmark (jinyoung + mark)

Keep Reading by jagseun

Summary: Mark wanted Jinyoung to read to him.

Additional tags: reading aloud, smut, riding, pwp

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One of the most unique story lines I have ever seen and it was absolutely genius (and hot).

So, What Are You Wearing? by jagseun

Summary: Mark lived in LA, Jinyoung lived in Seoul. They had a healthy long-distance relationship but sometimes meeting once every couple of months was just not enough.

Additional tags: phone sex, masturbation, dom!jinyoung, sub!mark, humor

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This is so adorable yet so hot. You wont really understand that unless you read it. So read it. 

2jae (jaebum + youngjae)

Sideways by gesuotome

Summary: Youngjae and Jaebum are both tired from work which means its time for same lazy sex.

Additional tags: frottage, smut

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Lazy sex is the best sex.

Markson (mark + jackson)

Sudden Urges by cffn

Summary: Mark feels the feels and Jackson is the target. Results are steamy.

Additional tags: bathroom sex, pwp

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Steamy hot markson bathroom sex, it doesn’t get any better than that. 

Full Hands, Full Heart by moonlightlov

Summary: Mark knows it’s just a friend helping a friend, but he can’t help wanting more.

Additional tags: handjobs, angst, fluff, smut, canon!verse

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Cute, cute, cute, cute.

Jaetuan (jaebum + mark)

Answer It by eny

Summary: Mark and Jaebum are getting it on and then get interrupted by a phone call. Jaebum makes Mark answer it.

Additional tags: anal fingering, humor, gay sex, phone sex (kind of?)

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Why isnt jb and mark a thing? This fic was so hot and there needs to be more jaetuan in this world. I am so glad someone decided to write a fic like this, it is beyond hot and I demand a part 2 asap. 


Everyone Love’s Yugyeom by ffairyy

Summary: It’s literally what the title says… Yugyeom getting fucked loved by the rest of Got7.

Additional tags: group sex, pwp, whiny!yugyeom, orgasm control, anal sex (duh)

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One of the only ot7 fics I actually like, Not much to say, just read it and you will understand my obession, Your welcome. 

Yoonmin (yoongi + jimin)

All This Devotion Rushing Out To Me by fatal

Summary: Jimin falls apart between the strain in his arms and Yoongi’s mouth ghosting over his skin.

Additional tags: bondage, blindfolds, dirty talk, praise kink, pain kink, begging, overstimulation, sex toys, alternate universe, pwp

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This is art. This if life. This is the good life.

Love Literally by Incadence

Summary: When Jimin said he wanted a dildo for his birthday, he didn’t mean that he actually wanted a dildo for his birthday.

Additional tags: vibrators, sex toys, masturbation

Chapters: 1/1

Word count: 2.7K

Why I am recommending: This fic is just really naughty and hot so that’s why I like it lol im going to hell. Some dom!yoongi and sub!jimin to brighten up your day.

어둠 속을 밝혀줘 (Light Up The Darkness) by sungmin

SummaryConfidence is sexy. Jimin’s sure of that. And frankly, Jimin is never more confident than when he’s grinding on a stranger and can feel shaky breath on his neck, when he can practically feel the heat pulsing from the other person as they get increasingly more rules up. He loves being in control and having people under his finger, turning and shooting them a cheeky smirk, biting his lip and playing coy. It’s more exciting when they play along.When they grab him and go with the flow.Which is exactly why when he spots a guy leaning up against the bar in an expensive looking outfit and a drink in his hand, Jimin can’t help himself.

Additional tags: pwp, au, rapper!yoongi, dancer!jimin

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: The defiintion of a hot, steamy, sexy, teasing sugar daddy, tension building fic with alot of kinks and dirty talk and wow I just love this fic and you will too I promise. 

→ Can I, Hyung? by Heukhaneul

Summary: Jimin swallows for the first time, Yoongi rewards him.

Additional tags: rimming, porn without plot

Chapters 1/1

Word count: 3.1K

Why I am recommending: So much dirty talking and teasing and grinding and yes this is a gift from heaven bless up. Any Yoonmin fan would die over this fic. 

Feel So Hot On Your Lap (Let Me Ride You Out) by Heukhaneul

Summary: Yoongi wasn’t expecting to wake up under these circumstances; if anything, he didn’t expect to be woken up for another few hours considering it was his day off of work.(But, it seems like Jimin had other things planned.)

Additional tags: blow jobs, morning sex, riding

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Let’s just say after I read this, I considered myself a new person. 

Sekai (sehun + kai)

Nothing But Summer by GinForInk

Summary: While lifeguarding on the beach, Sehun has to deal with the obnoxious guys from his class who think they can skimboard. One is Kris, who he’s had a crush on for years. Another is cute, flirty Jongin, who might be just what he needs to get over him.

Additional tags: alternate universe, public sex, lifeguard sehun, comeplay, lap dance, morning sex, first time, minor drug use

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This fic basically saved my life. It has a little bit of everything and that’s what I love about it. It has fluff, angst, smut and the plot is really good too. Even if you don’t ship Sekai, this is a must read for literally every exo-l.

Baekyeol (baekhyun + chanyeol)

Good Boy by xingmyeons

Summary: The worst part is that Baekhyun just wants Chanyeol to get really rough with him. He’s wanted it right from the start, and it doesn’t make sense, because Chanyeol’s always been so gentle and sweet, and yet all Baekhyun wants to do is his boyfriend to fuck him up.

Additional tags: shameless smut, breathplay, crossdressing, hairpulling, light dom/sub, orgasm denial

Chapter: 1/1

Why I am recommending: One word. Wow. This fic is pretty kink but not too much to the point where it’s overwhelming. If you like dom chanyeol, you need to this read to lengthen your life span. 

→Your Glasses Are Fogging by callme_cutie

Summary: Just a story about two friends who move from casually jerking it together from time to time to jerking each other almost every night, to casual blowjobs until somehow feelings get involved.

Additional tags: alternate universe, mutual masturbation, hand/blow jobs, smut, pwp

Chapter: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Cute and unique story line and some nice smut, what else can I ask for. 

Wonhui (wonwoo + junhui)

Introduction to Theology by Gwanshim

Summary: Wonwoo doesn’t really want to deal with Junhui in the middle of their Theology 101 class, but Junhui is being annoyingly persistent and Wonwoo has never been good at denying him anything.(The porny University AU where Junhui is thirsty as fuck and Wonwoo gives in too easily.)

Additional tags: alternate universe, public hand jobs, over stimulation, dirty talk, public blow jobs

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: This fic is the reason why every single time I see wonwoo and jun together, I get all hot and bothered - in a good way though.

Meanie (mingyu + wonwoo)

Behind These Metaphors (I Want You Literally) by Coupsd

Summary: Wonwoo doesn’t know how his favourite regular ended up on his bed… or why he’s asking him to stay.(Or, that weed dealer AU where everything is confusing.)

Additional tags: alternative universe, drug use, oral, floor sex, drug induced sex, masturbation, bare backing

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: Hands down one of the best meanie one shots I ever read, you would be dumb not to give this work of art a chance!!

Jeongcheol (seungcheol + jeonghan)

Alone Again by Loserhoshi

Summary: They finally have time alone and they intend to make use of it.

Additional tags: porn without plot, riding, dom!seungcheol, sub!jeonghan

Chapters: 1/1

Why I am recommending: I have never read some really good smut but just enough fluff so it is not overwhelming but smooth in a way?? I don’t know, this is art okay?

EXO headcanons on having a 5′2″ S/O

Requested by; anon

Thank you so much for the 5'2" s/o bts headcanons, they were perfect (also whoever requested the got7 version is a genius). If you have time could I request an all of EXO headcanon for having a 5'2" bf/gf. -sincerely a tiny anon who loves your blog very much 💕 (tbh you’ll probably figure out who I am because I’ll shout about how perfect it is in the tags)


  • short power couple
  • matching clothes couple
  • you’ll both fight chanyeol
  • “we’ll be hobbits together forever, won’t we?”
  • forces you to workout with him


  • laughs at your cuteness
  • suble bully
  • “i feel bad for you, you can’t even reach the shelves. Kidding!”
  • always gives you hoodies because he thinks you look adorable
  • does protect you from chanyeol tall people


  • he’s the big spoon
  • “my baby looking good!”
  • doesn’t often show affection but really loves you
  • on-top-of-your-head-kisses
  • piggyback rides!


  • ready to fight Chanyeol aswell
  • back-hugger type of bf
  • often rests his head on your shoulder
  • kisses!! cheek kisses!
  • “I’ll kick anyone who mocks you about your height!”


  • an actual angel
  • “how’s my cute sweety doing?”
  • sings around you
  • helps you chosing clothes
  • lowkey mocks your height


  • biggest bully
  • he’s 100% the big spoon
  • holds things above your head
  • kiss him and you get the thing
  • “you’re so short! oh my god! you can’t even follow my walking pace!”


  • “are those my sweatpants? aren’t they way too big?”
  • same as Suho; suble bully
  • knows when to stop
  • compliments you from the moment you two wake up
  • tickles you if you refuse to kiss him


  • heart eyes
  • always supporting you with the biggest smile
  • brings you to the gym
  • “ah, you’re adorable, I can’t even describe your beauty!”
  • loving kisses!!


  • shy baby
  • put things on high places
  • can be very petty but can never stay petty at you
  • “how can I stay annoyed at you? You’re too adorable!”
  • subtle kisses and affection things
Burdened Indigo

Halloween Drabble #5

AU: Fey!Au
Genre: Future Angst / Violence / Smut
Pairing: Minseok x Reader, Yixing x Reader, ???? x Reader
Wordcount: 1025
Notes for Update: Comment if you want more!
Warnings: nothing…..
A/N: This is an idea i’ve worked on a while ago and i think i talked about it with @messyscriptorium but i’m not sure sorry if I tagged you wrong. Give it love guys <3 my second Yixing works. 

You were awoken by a melody yet unfamiliar to you, Minseok stirring against you and pulling you back against his naked chest. He pressed a kiss to the nape of your neck as you listened to the bow move against the strings of the violin. The tune kept you awake, as it swayed in the dark night. It sounded deep, and hollow, and lonely. It’s been so long since you’d heard him play this late at night, or heard him play at all.

“You want to go?” Minseok asked.

You sighed deeply, you hadn’t actually seen Yixing in weeks, too busy with training the new recruits. “He sounds lonely.”

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Roots (Part Eleven)

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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‘My fiancé…’

The words hung in the air. You could feel your body go cold, and a strange buzzing begin in your ears as your breathing started to come irregularly. It was if the world was suddenly moving in slow motion.

My fiancé, my fiancé. my fiancé…

‘Fiancé?’ Baekhyun choked.

The sound of his words snapped you back into the present tense. You looked at Baekhyun where he was standing staring at Kyungsoo as if someone had punched him in the stomach. Kyungsoo, however, was looking at you, his expression unreadable.

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Roots (Prologue)

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EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

AUTHOR NOTE: IMPORTANT: Although these fics can be read independently, they are actually part of a crossover collection! The Other World Collection is all written in the same AU, with repeating characters and connected storylines. Starting with Charred, then Struck and this new fic which runs somewhat parallel to Struck. I would recommend reading Struck first at least (even if you just skim it!) - but also, I always always write so you can understand it if you have just picked it up here!

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Six Years Ago

You stared at your reflection in the small pool of water in front of you. You blinked back tears as your face stared back at you, rippling gently as a light breeze played gently across the surface of the water. Your hair was wound delicately back from your face, laced with flowers and a crown of ivy. Your skin was glowing. You looked beautiful… and miserable.

I can’t go through with this, you thought, feeling your body tremble.

‘Y/N! What are you doing?’

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anonymous asked:

#19 with Baekhyun please? And maybe he ends up using you as a decoy date cause his ditched him? Idk anything you're comfortable with!

➸ 2/? “exo month” exo fics

➸ word count: 1.6k

➸ general audience

➸ fluff

#19. “Could I sit here? All the other tables are full”

➸ a/n: godddddddd, okay so i must apologize in advance if this is a giant mess! It has been a day, and i imagined this going better but i can’t find a way to make this less lame. i still hope u like this lovely, thanks so much for the request and i hope it’s not as bad as i feel it is right now.

Baekhyun doesn’t like to go on dates–mostly first dates, but yeah, dates in general are just not his thing.

Because he was the type to talk quite a lot even when he wasn’t nervous, Baekhyun more often than not ended up talking way too much and sometimes that did not sit well with his dates. To top it off, his nerves made him terribly clumsy, and almost ninety percent of the time he either dropped or spilled something on himself or his date.  

So yeah, Baekhyun doesn’t do dates.

There are rare occurrences though, where he does give the dating scene a chance.

Which of course brings him to this current rare occasion, the one which involves him being ass face drunk the previous weekend, causing him to make promises he was now forced to commit to.

It had been a long week at work, and Chanyeol had been pestering him the entirety of it.

Apparently, a friend and coworker of his had seen them a week prior when Baekhyun had picked Chanyeol up for their weekly lunch, and had offhandedly complemented Baekhyun’s ‘handsome’ appearance.

This had delighted Chanyeol to no end, and he’d taken it upon himself to set both of them up.

The thing about Chanyeol was that somewhere along the line, he had secretly not so secretly appointed himself as ‘The Cupid’ amongst their group of friends–how lucky for Baekhyun that he was currently the only one who was single.

Hence, Chanyeol’s utter delight.

So of course when they’d all gone out for drinks that weekend, Chanyeol made sure to pester Baekhyun further onto agreeing to going on a date with this girl whose name was slipping his mind.

That couldn’t be a good sign, he thought. He was already starting on a bad foot.

Still, Baekhyun had been much too drunk that night to carry on evading his friend’s pleas of getting him to go on this date–so when a very drunk and flushed Chanyeol draped a heavy arm over his shoulder and slurred into his ear, “Baekhyun, you’re my best friend and I just want you to be happy. Take a chance man, one date, you don’t have to marry her”, Baekhyun went a little soft and he figured he’d say yes.

He had secretly hoped Chanyeol would get so wasted, he’d forget about the whole thing.

Spoilers, Chanyeol did not forget.

Which is why Baekhyun is now nervously walking towards his favorite coffee shop, a whole thirty minutes earlier than the time he and Chanyeol had agreed upon.

Blowing out a puff of air, he straightens his back, squares his shoulders and mentally tells himself, you can do this!

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