and i was a totally shitty ss

i bet kishimoto is sitting every night in his office by himself wondering how the hell there are still so many people shipping ss after he made fun of their ship and totally K.O-ed it with Gaiden?that man did everything in his power to make ss the ultimate trash ship of anime ( seriously no kiss,no wedding scenes or photos, sasuke’s long  absence and indifference, salad herself thinking ss relationship is suspicious and  trash,sakura STILL not knowing anything abput sasuke,no affectionate scenes etc)yet ss stans are still praising him and defend their shitty ship from narrative facts

Okay, seeing as how NG’s only
got one more chapter to go, I honestly have no idea what Kishimoto plans to do. Is Salad just gonna defeat the onion-head army single-handedly and in the remaining couple of panels Sasuke’s gonna be like “oh yeah sorry for abandoning you guys and shit, lol” and then she’s gonna get all teary-eyed and say “no worries daddy ur perf just like mom we can be a happy family now yay”???

In case anyone reading this actually believes he’s gonna come up with some plausible reason to validate SS and NH and whatever the hell else, newsflash: THIS WHOLE SERIES WAS DESTINED TO END UP EVEN WEAKER THAN WHEN IT STARTED. I don’t know how anyone could think that throwing a random villain in the midst of a scene literally plucked from a telenovela could make for a good storyline, but of course Kishimoto’s sole purpose for existence now seems to be concentrated on making everything go from bad to worse, and thus this shitty attempt to reanimate the Naruto fandom accomplished nothing except stripping it down even further. Literally the only people who still read this garbage are SSheeples and antis in it solely for the laughs (which I got plenty of this chapter by the way).

My point is, I was totally right when I predicted Kishimoto’s been stalling with the whole shin crap and plans to excuse the total bullshit of a couple of panels of explanations on the basis that there really was no room for proper development or construction of a well thought-out validation for SS. Not to mention that he dug himself into another hole trying to create outrage with the DNA test and Karin’s alleged status as Salad’s biological mother because no amount of Sasuke muttering,“oh ya we fucked once but I was actually totally head-over heels for Sakura so I decided to have her raise you instead” is actually going to help sort matters out.

I’m like 90% sure the whole thing’s gonna end with Sasuke and Sakura making out and Salad fangirling about it with Chou Chou in the background while Naruto smiles approvingly, but you know, I’m sure Kishi will totally come up with something even worse than that so idk.