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My thoughts on the discourse(ooc)

Hey guys! It’s Kira and I wanted to just share my opinions on the discourse that’s going on in the deh fanbase. It honestly makes me pretty sad to know that there even is discourse but it is what it is. From what I’ve heard, the discourse is about all of the Connor lives aus. The real overarching theme of deh is that no one is alone and you can reach out and get help and better yourself. I’ve been suicidal in the past and on this blog, my version of Connor is definitely still learning to better himself. He still self harms, he still has depression, he’s still angry, he still acts on unhealthy impulses, none of his problems are gone, he’s working through them. It makes me feel a whole lot better when a character gets help for their problems instead of finding a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Some people may be brushing past that with their depictions but honestly, you guys? Don’t let it get to you. If they don’t want to see the message they don’t want to. All you can do is spread the word of how important this amazing musical is. I’ve never seen a better depiction of mental illness in any form of media and that can’t be looked over. Characters are flawed, that’s what makes them real. Just try not to forget that. 💖💖

Undead Bertie

Also known as I think Bertie might be a fucking zombie and I can prove it 

So let’s start at the beginning. 

We all remember Bertie’s story about the Transcontinental Botanical Gardens and I think we’re all in agreement that he’s the man in the story. Especially considering Bollard’s jab at him in Oops Part 2 

Okay so you know how the man might have died at the end of the story? 

This could very well just be a metaphor, but let’s say for the sack of this post that it wasn’t. I mean, we already know that the Bridge can keep people alive (see The Wager and Roger probably being immortal), so let’s say that that’s what happened here as well? Bertie’s out there waiting and eventually freezes to death but the Bridge brings him back. 

As for proof to back this up, I was rereading the script for Over Troubled Waters earlier and 

as well as 

and finally 

Like seriously folks, I think Bertie might be (un)dead. 

An all too familiar smirk stretched across her face as she remembered a detail she had found out about Shou.

“You know, I knew the name Suzuki sounded a little too familiar. You’re related to that esper that tried to take over the world a few months ago, right? That’s one thing that made me really afraid of my powers, knowing that there are people like him who abuse their powers to hurt the weak. I never want to be like that. Actually, I’m surprised that Mob-kun trust you enough to let you stick around. They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree-”

@gutter-guy-100 i love u and ur fic

Lies - Sidney Crosby (Part 2)

Requested by anons: Part 2 of that Sid imagine please 😍👏🏻

Part 2 of lies Sid imagine pleaaase omg

Could you do a part 2 to lies? Where you leave the fiance and you and sid are properly together and dealing with all that? You can make that one smutty too

Can you please do a part 2 of Lies??

Part 2 of the Crosby Lies imagine?

A/N: I really don’t know how I feel about this. Let me know! HUGE THANKS TO @fearfuloffailure FOR CHECKING IT SO IT IS READABLE. 

Word count: 1138

Warnings: fluff and too many feels.

Part 1

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Sidney is looking at the ring that is sitting on the coffee table; Jeremy didn’t want it back. I’ve tried to put it away, store it somewhere safe on hopes that one day my ex-fiancé will want it back, but every time I haven’t been able to do it, it just hurts too much.

“Do you want me to do it?” Sidney asks when I walk out of my bathroom wrapped on my fluffy towel.

“No, I have to do it.” I say. That ring is my closure and I’m not there yet. He nods, but doesn’t take his eyes off of the sparkling hoop.

It’s been a week since Jeremy slammed the front door of my apartment and left my life for good and I’ve never felt both more relieved and empty in my life. My life with Jeremy would’ve been comfortable, always knowing what to expect, but I’ve thrown that away for a life that my heart craves, filled with overflowing feelings and pure chemistry.

“You okay?” He has asked the same question at least a million times and my answer is always the same, no but I’ll be.

“I think so.” I say, sitting on the couch and leaning against his side, looking for warmth.

Sidney is quick to surround my shoulders with his big arm and pull me to his body even further, kissing my temple in the process. He’s had a rough week too, but he is not one to show it.

“Are we idiots?” I suddenly ask. It’s the question I’ve been asking myself day and night. “What if we are wrong and we don’t work?”

Sidney sighs and pulls his arm away from me; we have been avoiding this conversation for days and it never seems to be a good time to bring it up. I straighten myself, holding the towel tighter against my body feeling naked and vulnerable.

“We were lying to everyone, (y/n). We were even lying to ourselves.” Sidney says, stretching the hem of his sweatshirt with his hands. “Even if we don’t work, we have to give us a chance.”

I agree with him, but I’m scared; I’m scared of being wrong about us. It’s not even about leaving and hurting Jeremy anymore, it’s about me dropping everything for a love that might be just physics and chemistry, with no poetry involved.

“Talk to me, (y/n). Please.” He begs and I lift my head to look straight at his beautiful brown eyes. Actually, saying that his eyes are brown is like saying that the sky is only one shade of blue, they have so much dimension that it is easy to get lost in them.

“I’m scared of what I’m feeling.” I try to explain how I feel, seizing my words so they don’t come off wrong. “I’ve never felt anything so intense for anyone and I’m scared that because it is so intense it will die fast.”

“It is hard to explain isn’t it?” He says and I nod, lifting my legs to put them on his lap so I can scoot closer to his body, it is kind of cold and my naked skin is chilled. “Let’s get you dressed, baby girl.”

We make our way to my bedroom and I grab a pair of panties, a pair of fuzzy knee length socks and a tank top from my closet before going through the load of laundry that I folded this morning until I find one of Sidney’s tshirts and I put it on while he looks at me from the door frame.

“It looks good on you.” He whispers, getting closer and trapping me inside his arms. “You make my heart race like nothing ever has. Not even winning the Stanley Cup feels like this.”

“Wait for me here?” I ask, getting on my tippy toes to peck his lips before walking out the room and coming back with the ring in my hand.

The white gold hoop seems to weigh a ton in my hand, but I’m ready to leave it behind and start something new with Sidney.

“(y/n), come on. We are going to be late.” Sidney yells from the living room and I sigh, looking at myself on the mirror one last time.

It’s been a year since that night, the night Sidney asked me to leave my fiancé for him, and tonight we are going to the Pittsburgh Museum Gala again, as a couple now. The last year has been as delightful as it’s been challenging, but we have worked through it, building a relationship based on respect, trust and passion.

“One minute.” I say back at him, turning around to check the back of my long gown once again.

The navy dress hugs my figure and has beads embroidered all over it, forming patterns and designs all over the fabric. My hair is pulled back in a loose bun and my makeup is simple, but there is something missing and I don’t know what it is.

“Come on baby, we have to lea… Oh wow.” Sidney has made his way to our shared bedroom and is looking at me with his mouth open. “Stunning.”

“You think?” I ask, looking back at my reflection in the mirror.

“How couldn’t I? The Eight Wonders of the world have nothing on you.” He says and I know that my cheeks are turning red.

“Let’s go, Crosby.” I take his hand in mine and pull him to the door. “I have a Stanley Cup Champion to show off.”

It is fun being Sidney’s date to the Gala, everyone stops to talk to him. Everyone is looking ridiculously good, the jewels are sparkling the glasses of champagne flowing. The air that surrounds us is thick and it is almost hard to breathe because all the bodies inside the room, so Sidney and I decide to go down the memory line to take a breather. I lean on the balustrade, just like I did that night, but this time Sidney doesn’t join me so I turn around to find him on his knee with a velvet box in his hand.

“I don’t know if I’ve lived up to the expectations you had of us, but I can say that this year has been the most incredible year of my life. Nothing was guaranteed, but we still gave it a chance and I feel like nothing has felt so right in my life. A year ago we were here and I told you that I loved you. A year ago I asked you to drop everything for me and you did. And right now I want to ask you another question.” Sidney opens up the box to reveal a beautiful yet simple ring. “(y/n), will you marry me?”

“I see your blue eyes
Every time I close mine
You make it hard to see
Where I belong to
When I’m not around you
It’s like I’m not with me

But I never told you
What I should have said
No, I never told you
I just held it in

And now I miss everything about you
I can’t believe it, I still want you
After all the things we’ve been through
I miss everything about you
Without you”

I don’t know who misses CAS more , Dean or me ?
Little old but relevant and beautiful video FANVID credit


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so we all know that there are…..many diverse opinions about jenny calendar. let’s put it that way. i’ve heard people say that her first loyalty was always to her family and she deliberately manipulated the scoobies and she was a vengeful person by nature, and i wanted to know what the actual actress thought of jenny’s motivations, so i asked robia that.

her response was that she wasn’t told about the plot twist initially (called it called it CALLED IT they just threw that in randomly and it was honestly a really bad choice on a lot of levels but that’s not the point right now) but that she always thought that while jenny didn’t initially come to sunnydale for the right reasons, her choices afterward were always motivated by love for giles, and all she really wanted was to make things right and live happily ever after with her love. so. essentially jenny was motivated by love, which was…god that made me so happy to hear. so fucking happy.

also she said that jenny was giles’s best love which is…honestly what jenny would say too. and the cheers that followed that added at least two years to my life.

It always makes me nervous when the Cow Chop guys talk about the LGBT+ community (specifically transgender people in this case) or things like that.
I know they don’t mean any harm (for the most part) when they talk about it, and you can tell they don’t want people to be offended. But I’ve always gotten weird vibes when they talk about it, which makes me feel weird as a non-binary kind of person. Instead of talking it over in a normal way, the energy is always nervous as all hell and can sometimes get defensive.
Plus they used slurs, even though they probably didn’t know they were slurs (still a bad thing though).
But, the plus side is that you could tell they are open to talk about things like that, they are just awkward and afraid of saying the wrong thing. Borderline aggressive maybe, but that could be because they’re afraid of being judged by their friends about what they say (I say this specifically in Aleks’ case).
James saying he wouldn’t be against being with a trans person was great and it made me hella happy!
So yeah. I just really hope this energy they give out about these things isn’t centered around transphobia and more around the fact that they know they’re not all-knowing on the subject, thus making them nervous. Sorry for the talk, I just felt a certain way after the beginning of the podcast.

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You're supposedly yoongi and jungkook biased yet everything you're going to be writing is pretty much for jungkook. You have one yoongi scenario planned and a ton of jungkook ones planed. There isn't even a point to writing bad habits because we all know the oc is going to end up with jungkook lmao

ok here’s the thing: what I write doesn’t mean a thing. jungkook, to me, is a person I can make into a very tangible character who I can see in a lot of stories but just because there are more fics of him doesn’t mean I don’t bias yoongi?? that’s like saying, “well you claim you like nct/monsta x/whomever and bias these people but you never write about them, do you even bias them?” ??? of course I do. and when it all boils down to it, what does it matter to you, or to anyone, who I bias? biasing is for fun, and if you have a problem with it, then kindly leave my blog because I can’t deal with immature people like you who can’t let others be happy with their biases lmao if you don’t like what I do, there’s this nifty thing called “unfollowing” and closing out of my blog :) 

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sorry if this is long.. I'm 17 y/o and I've been questioning my sexuality since I was about 14. I've never kissed anyone before but I think I might still be bi? thinking back to my past i remember when I was like 10 I used to tell my female friend that if I were a boy I'd want to date her etc etc, and I remember having a crush on a girl online a few years back. I'm not sure if this makes me bi, I'm too scared to come out in fear that I'll later realize Im straight, but I really just dont know +

+ I don’t know if I’m just lonely and wanting to date anyone or what, but I also feel demisexual so I can’t really “experiment” with stuff like that. this is all just confusing and im sorry this isn’t really a question, I’m just tired of constantly wondering about it. thanks for your help, I really love your blog ❤️


You don’t have to experiment or have any experience to be bi and to claim that label with confidence! If you’ve had a crush on a girl and also experience attraction to guys/nb genders, you can definitely identify as bisexual. A lot of bi people struggle with self-doubt and fearing that they are straight and tricking themselves, or just lonely and desperate, but the truth is that a straight person, no matter how lonely, will not suddenly be willing to date people of a gender they aren’t attracted to! It’s okay to be unsure and to not want to use a label and come out, but you can also definitely use the label even if you still experience self-doubt!

There have been some people that have posted about how the BBMAs marks the beginning to new fans and how ARMY is big enough and I just want to say, let new fans in.

I had a friend text me about BTS after she saw the BBMAs and wanted to know about them. And I couldn’t be happier because it shows she’s interested. (She’s also completely in love with Jin so watch out y'all)

Yes, there may be some bandwagon fans, but who cares? People are liking BTS (and finding out more K-Pop groups) and they are excited to learn about them. Don’t try to divide them or exclude them because you knew about BTS first. Be happy that more people want to stan BTS and introduce them to the fandom with love.

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I'm a theistic satanist and Laveyan satanists piss me off to some degree, mostly because they seem to think believing in supernatural stuff is stupid and unintelligent. Its also annoying that they try to remove all other kinds of satanists from the scene, making it hard for people to actually educate themselves about different kinds of satanism. Overall a lot of them seem to have a 'holier than thou' attitude. Not all of them, but certainly a lot. Guess I wanted to let you know I agree with you

Yeah, like I said, I have nothing against LaVeyan Satanists who acknowledge that other forms of Satanism exist. But the Church of Satan specifically gets on my grill because they have statements like this on their website.

Completely dismisses theistic satanists, which isn’t on.

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OKAY. I need writing advice now. Since I haven't gone through all your works, I'm not sure if you've ever written a regency piece before but if you have, do you have any general advice on going about it? (I have been prompted this and I don't wanna mess it up.)

My first writing advice customer lol! First of all, yes I have written Regency era AU. It’s actually my longest sherlolly fic! It’s called Benefits of Boredom There it is in case you feel like diving into a long one lol.

Anyway, I do remember having to do a fair bit of research for that one. (Including beekeeping, which just FYI was VERY different back then!) Partly it depends on what your prompt is about specifically. But venturing a guess, I’d imagine you need resources on courtship and social behavior. I remember finding some good resources online for that stuff. Wish I had saved them, but if you google something like “regency era courtship” you should find info. It’s often extensive though, so it can be hard to sift through. I remember there being seemingly endless details about the ins and outs of things like courtship and engagement. So depending on your plot, make your search specific. Like, “regency ball etiquette” or “regency popular dances.” Stuff like that. 😉 

Rose: And then ate all that sugar..?
Eskel: Oh no, we used the sugar to buy potatoes and tried to brew our own vodka.

I made an OC, I decided the best way to introduce her would be through a comic, so here. Her name is Rose because she’s a thorny bitch. She’s a cat witcher and she might think Eskel is a bit of a weirdo.

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Thank you so much for the follow! You're one of my favorite writers. I am actually really good friends with Sheena (conscious-ramblings) and we talk about your fics all the time! She's the one that got me to read Lost In Your Arms when it was still a WIP lol. Like I said earlier, your characterization is on point. And your DRACO IS INCREDIBLE! I had many moments I wanted to smack Harry but I understood where he was coming from, and I couldn't help but like Jake too. So good!

*blushes* You are so sweet! And I owe @conscious–ramblings a huge thank you too! :D I know a lot of people don’t like WIPs–I’m always a little wary myself–but I’ve been so blown away by how many of you guys were willing to go along on this journey with me. You’re all AMAZING. 

And believe me, the number of times I wanted to throttle Harry while writing–OMG. My wife got so used to me muttering “what a douchebag” from over on the couch that her standard response ended up just being “you can’t kill Harry” as she turned another page in her book. Poor @noeeon… :D

Home - Part 1 of ???

[This is my first fic for this particular fandom, and the first fic I have written since my senior year in high school (2003! Wow!) Since the gang revealed how the series was supposed to end and even some long standing secrets, I wanted to write a little something about what they might have gotten up to after all was said and done. I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly had fun writing it. This will likely be a multi-parter but I apologize ahead of time that I will be slow to update as I work full time, I’m married and have lots of other responsibilities. Not to mention a mini-vacation coming up at the beginning of June. So patience is the key here. But feel free to leave me comments and let me know what you think!]

Title: Home

Summary: They did it. They had taken back their lives and finally found peace again, but Rythian still isn’t quite satisfied. Something is missing. That something, is Home.

Characters: Zoeya, Rythian, Teep, Ravs (mention), Nilesy (mention) so far. Potentially more to come? Idk.

Pairings: Zoethian (if you don’t like it you can scroll on please - I know there has been some hate lately but yo, to each their own okay? c:)

Warnings: Cute shit. Yeah that’s right. Fluff central. May update for future chapters.

You know how all traditional fairy tales end with “Happily Ever After”, but what exactly happens “ever after”? Is the story truly over? After all, the hero or heroine must have saved the day and now everything is perfect, and happy and wonderful.

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This is sad and devastating. A concert filled mostly by kids, teenagers and whole families.
You save money, you wait for your dream to come true and you finally get the chance to see your idol and a tragedy happens. You may not come back home, you may get hurt by someone who just wants to cause pain.
I’m speechless. Arianators, I hope you know we’re with you, no matter what. Tonight we are not fans, we are a family. And families stay together.
I am devastated because until today, I have never imagined myself in a scenario like this one. Given the chance, I would go to any concert. Any. And talking about an artist I like, the chances are bigger. It could be me, it could be you.
I hope Ariana is okay. You all are in my prayers.

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How did you get into dnd? ...Also how do you play it? I tried to learn but the guy teaching me was bein a butt. "How do you NOT KNOW THIS" and stuff.

honestly I got super interested in DND actually by listening to The Adventure Zone

then the more i learned about DND, the more I realized this was. literally right up my alley. like. its literally playing a game while roleplaying a character with other people and their characters and we develop a story and see how it all unfolds and all that whimsical shit?

like its literally everything i’ve ever wanted LOL

i will say though, learning about everything there is to know about DND can take. hours. honestly the BEST way to learn how to play DnD is to show up to your sessions with an open mind, and a patient DM with a friendly group and honestly its just way easier to explain everything as you’re actually going through everything step by step

it took me a few sessions to get into the swing of things! but if you’re just That curious theres so many resources online you can look into that can go into depth and break it down for ya.

20 Questions

Thanks for the tags;  @zaddysloan and @mermaidwarriorqueen!!!  I’ve been stuck at home doing work all day so this is a nice distraction!

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1) Name: Vivien

2) Nickname: Viv, Pham (every single of my friends have used my surname as a nickname as least once)

3) Zodiac sign: Virgo

4) Height: 5′8

5) Ethnicity: Chinese, Vietnamese for all i know!!

6) Orientation: Bi

7) Favorite Fruit: Strawberries!!

8) Favorite Season: summer bich

9) Favorite Book: Nice Is Just a Place in France by The Betches

10) Favorite Song: Ultralife by Oh Wonder

11) Favorite Scent: walking into Lush

12) Favorite Color: i’m a big fan of the greyscale LOL, but rose gold too 

13) Favorite Animals: geese

14) Favorite Beverage: Iced coffee

15) Favorite Movie: The Help

16) Favorite Characters: Michelle Nguyen (Endless Summer), Sansa Stark (GoT), Fred Weasley (Harry Potter), Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

17) Blanket Number: 1

18) Cat or dog: Dog

19) Follower number: 708

20) Blog created at: Uhh 2012 i think???  idk it’s been too long and i keep abandoning it here and there LOL (honestly if it weren’t for choices it would still be abandoned)

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i don’t want you to hug me without a word, or say things that my mind automatically deny, like compliments and shit, don’t say that.

all i want to hear is your god damn reassurance sometimes.

sometimes all i want is for you to hug me close and say “hey, it’ll be okay. not now, but maybe sometime, just think about that for a bit. and it’s okay for you not to believe me right now, because i know how you think, but hey, i’m here to give you just a bit of reassurance, okay?”

please, understand how i think, how my mind is and structured, don’t try to fucking change it with your words or some shit

just say those words and holy fuck i’ll promise you at some point i’ll feel okay again. at some fucking point i’ll calm down and recollect.

i don’t need your elaborate paragraphs of compliments 

i don’t need your elaborate paragraphs of anything at all after i’m done venting

because all those do is overwhelm me.
i just want something short and sweet.
just those words.

all i want for you to do is listen until the very end and say those words.

sobbing because I ran into fish dad at work and he gave me this huge hug and said “I saw your post and I just want you to know how loved you are” ??????

like he pulled away just long enough to say that and then he kissed my cheek and hugged me again and didn’t let go for the longest time and I just. stopped functioning. I don’t even remember if I said anything or not because I was so shook @ being shown that kind of affection. I’m just trying not to cry in public thinking about that y'all