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Collision Course - Part Ten

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Part Eight, Part Nine

This is the last installment save for the Epilogue. I hope you all have enjoyed the ride. - Mod Lenny

Ian insisted Jamie ride out with him to look over the fields and give his opinions.

“Ian, I ken ye know what ye’re about wi’ runnin’ the estate,” Jamie finally interrupted as they sat on their horses looking out over a field of flourishing barley. “And it doesna matter that ye brought me out here away from the house and Jenny––I’m no tellin’ ye about what happened. I said I didna want to talk about it and I’m no goin’ to. It doesna matter anymore anyway. Murtagh will be back today or the next and then I’ll be off again.”

“And will ye be sending us as little word of where ye are or what ye’re about as ye did before?” Ian asked with a scolding edge that would have left Jamie feeling ashamed if he weren’t still so numb. “Whatever it is that’s happened to ye this last… it doesna excuse yer silence the last four years.”

“I told ye what Dougal told me about Jenny,” Jamie objected.

“That explains it; it doesna excuse it,” Ian clarified. “Jenny and I will take care of Lallybroch as if it were our own and ye ken that well; it’s been her home longer than it’s been yers. But I think we both deserve a bit of honesty from ye, aye? A bit more respect than what ye’ve shown.”

“Ye’re startin’ to sound like Jenny,” Jamie remarked, the corner of his mouth ticking up a fraction.

“No, Jenny would have called ye a stubborn and ungrateful arse.”

“She already did. Ye were off dealin’ wi’ Ross the smith, gettin’ him to reshoe my horse.” Jamie reached down to pat Dóchas’ neck and the horse stamped her foot and raised her head, shaking it like a nod.

Ian sat straighter in his saddle, squinting in the direction of the house. “Ye said Murtagh ought to be back today?” Ian asked, settling down again.

“Aye.” Jamie peered in the direction Ian had been looking, raising his hand to shield his eyes from the sun.

“Was he off to fetch someone for ye?”

There were two riders slowing on the road as they approached Lallybroch’s main yard in the distance.

“Claire?” Jamie breathed, his heart breaking into an excited gallop as he turned Dóchas back the way they’d come and spurred her forward.

As soon as they entered the yard, Claire began calling for Jamie.

Murtagh dismounted and walked over to help Claire down from her horse while her eyes scanned the windows of the large stone building––Lallybroch.

“Jamie!” Claire called heading for the door.

A young boy darted out from it in front of her soon followed by a woman about Claire’s own age, shorter and her hair darker and sleeker.

“Get back inside ye wee––” Jenny scolded her son before spotting Claire and stopping abruptly in her pursuit. “Oh… And… who might you be?” Suspicion lay heavy in her voice and she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m looking for Jamie,” Claire said quickly, her attention flitting from Jenny to the child to Murtagh where he had already unpacked her medicine box and had the horses by the reins, leading them toward the stables. “My name is Claire… Claire Fraser.”

“Fraser?” Jenny’s suspicion visibly turned to bewilderment and her focus shifted from Claire to Murtagh.

“Are you Jenny? You are. You’re his sister, aren’t you?” Claire said desperately and with relief as she stepped forward. “Where is he? Where’s Jamie?”

“And you, Murtagh,” Jenny said loudly, ignoring Claire and getting Murtagh to stop and face her. “Where do ye think ye’re sneakin’ off to? Is this lass… is she sayin’ she’s  Jamie’s wife?”

From the other side of the yard came the sounds of two horses approaching and Jamie’s loud cries of, “Claire!”

“Jamie?!” Claire screamed trying not to trip over her skirts as she ran towards the noise.

“Claire!” Jamie cried as he was off Dóchas before the horse had come to a safe stop.

As Claire threw herself into Jamie’s arms, the rest of the world fell away. Tears of joy and relief streamed down her cheeks and soaked into his coat where she buried her face. She could feel him murmuring her name in disbelief into her hair as they took a few moments to just soak each other in.

“Why, Claire?” Jamie finally asked pulling back from her to look at her face. She could see the wetness in his eyes, the confusion and the relief. “Why did ye no go?”

“I couldn’t,” she said simply, raising a hand to cup his cheek. His eyes fluttered shut as he leaned into her touch.

“I’m sorry, lass,” he whispered.

“What? No, I didn’t mean… I meant I couldn’t leave you––I didn’t want to. I was there with Frank at the stones but when the moment came… I couldn’t make myself do it. I chose to stay here… I choose you,” she murmured, her hand slipping back into his hair, taking a firm hold.

“Me? Ye mean…”

She swallowed hard against the butterflies crawling their way up from her stomach. “I love you,” she whispered.

There was a flicker in Jamie’s glistening eyes that might have been surprise before he bent his forehead to hers. “And I… love you,” he whispered back, then rubbed the tip of his nose down the length of hers before kissing her in a way that made every hair on her body stand on end as it shivered through her down to her toes.

They gradually became aware of Murtagh clearing his throat loudly. He gave Jamie a nod towards Jenny and Ian before turning to continue bringing the horses to the stables, his beard barely concealing his satisfied smile.

“Would ye care to introduce us?” Jenny suggested with unveiled impatience. Ian made a noise of embarrassment or rebuke beside her.

“Right,” Jamie started out of his reverie. He gently slipped his hand into Claire’s, twining their fingers together tightly as he led her over to his family. “Jenny… Ian… This is Claire… my wife. I told ye about Jenny, Sassenach; Ian is her husband. We were lads together––and fought in France just after my Da passed.”

Claire reached a hand towards Ian who glanced briefly at Jamie before shaking it and nodding a welcome to Claire.

“And you’re expecting,” Claire nodded down to Jenny’s belly where the subtle swell could still easily be overlooked. It quickly became apparent that Jamie hadn’t noticed. “When are you due?”

“No till after the harvest comes in,” Jenny admitted, flushing under Jamie’s stunned gaze. “Come inside wi’ ye then. Ye’ve been on the road some time, I can see. Will do ye good to be able to wash and get something warm in yer belly. When ye’ve had a chance to settle, perhaps you can tell us a bit about where ye come from and just how ye come to be married to Jamie here.”

Jamie showed Claire up to his rooms and stayed with her while she tidied herself and they devised a story that would hopefully satisfy Jenny and Ian. Over an early supper and with Murtagh contributing through nods and grunts of confirmation, Jamie and Claire fumbled their way through as much of the truth as they dared share. The circumstances of Claire’s arrival at Leoch and surrounding their wedding remained intact.

“We stumbled on some Red Coats––likely those searching for the deserters I’d… disposed of,” Jamie explained, looking to Claire for support. “It was chance as much as anything that Captain Randall wasna among them when we met them but we figured it was likely just a matter of time before word reached him of meeting us and the bodies of the deserters were discovered.”

“We were afraid that the Captain would see it as an opportunity to be seized––pin more crimes on Jamie and take me in as well as some sort of accomplice,” Claire said, her nerves making her talk faster than usual.

“I told her she go to her late husband’s family, that they’d likely be better able to protect her than I could if the price on my head grew… So I left her behind wi’ Murtagh to see her off. I thought it would be safer should I go and perhaps draw the Red Coats after me.”

“But when it came down to it… I don’t know them to trust them and… Jamie’s my husband now. Where he goes, I go,” Claire explained, her focus rooted in Jamie’s eyes.

They were too absorbed in each other to notice the looks Jenny and Ian exchanged across the table. From the set of Jenny’s mouth, it was obvious that she didn’t believe a fraction of the tale they told. But glancing back from the Laird and his Lady to her own husband, Jenny’s expression softened to match Ian’s.

Jamie was an entirely different man from the one he’d been that morning. The cloud that had hung about him since he’d reappeared was gone; there was a light in his eyes and she couldn’t recall the last time she’d seen him smile so much––possibly not since their brother had been alive. There was a similar light in this woman’s––Claire’s––face when she looked at Jamie. Whatever they were hiding, Jenny decided it didn’t matter; what mattered to her was that her brother was home and happy, even if he would be leaving again soon.

Jamie and Claire retired to their room shortly after supper, pleading Claire’s need to rest and recover from her journey––returning from Craigh na Dun had taken half as long in Claire’s eagerness to be with Jamie again.

The door had only just closed behind them before they were in each other’s arms again, tugging at clothes and moving naturally toward the bed. The mattress was suddenly there pressing against the backs of Claire’s legs. She sat and hitched one leg up on the frame so that her skirts started falling away as she reached for Jamie’s belt. His arousal was already prominent beneath the soft, worn wool of his kilt. He took hold of her wrists and stalled her.

“No, Claire.” His voice was low and rough. “No like this. I’ll have ye naked.” Letting her wrists go, he set to work loosening the knot at the top of her bodice. She leaned back on the bed and succumbed to the feel of his hands working over her as he slowly stripped away each layer she wore.

As her last petticoat fell, she moved to stand reaching for the clasp of his belt once more. “Now you,” she told him. From the belt she moved to the buttons of his waistcoat, smoothing the fabric down his torso with her hands first.

At last, Jamie raised Claire’s shift up and over her head then reached up and pulled the pins and ties from her hair until he could bury his fingers in it. She caught his wrist as he traced the curl of one thick tendril from root to tip. Turning his wrist around, her thumb found the freshly healed scar from where Dougal’s blade had sliced the skin. The line it made was clean compared to the rough scabs of the scratches and scrapes from his accident in the woods.

“Blood of my blood,” Claire said quietly, tracing the fine line.

Jamie brought that same hand to her chin, his thumb running along the line of her jaw as her fingers continued to massage the flesh of his wrist and hand.

“Bone of my bone,” he whispered in response before bending to kiss her.

His hands were eager as they ran down the soft curves of her body before tightening around her waist and lifting her off the ground. She clung tight to his back as he bore her down on the bed, settling between her legs but keeping his weight on his forearms on either side of her.

She trailed her fingers up and down his spine, delighting as he shivered. The heat from his body––balanced so carefully above hers but barely skimming her surface––enveloped her and penetrated her, warming her bones as she was aware of the solid heaviness of him between her legs.

“I give you my body,” she whispered, spreading her legs wider and arching towards him, gasping as he pressed back against her and filled her. “That we two may be one,” she finished, her voice fainter than before.

Jamie caressed her cheek while staying still as long as he could within her. “I give ye my spirit,” he whispered, his eyes locked on hers while tracing the shape of her ear and then from her earlobe down along her neck, “till our life shall be done.”

He started to move as he bent his head to kiss her again, capturing her sigh before it could leave her lips.

“Ye’re mine,” he told her, punctuating the statement with a deep rock into her. “Mine alone… mine forever.”

“Yes,” Claire panted in agreement, her fingers digging into the firm, tight flesh of his lower back, her legs twining with his.

“My wife… my Sassenach,” Jamie grunted, his pace increasing as he drove himself harder and Claire’s hands drifted lower to the flexing muscles of his buttocks, her fingernails digging hard enough to leave marks.

“Yes,” she panted again.

“Mo nighean donn… mo chridhe… mo graidh,” he continued in Gaelic.

“Yes… And what about… you?” she sighed. “Who… do you… belong to?”

“You, Sassenach,” Jamie said, pressing his forehead to hers as he bit his lip and changed his rhythm yet again, slowing himself to stave off his release until he could bring her with him. “I’m yers… for always.”

Claire cried out as her thighs suddenly clenched around his hips, trapping him deep within her as her self shattered and scattered, leaving her trembling next to the exposed rawness of Jamie’s shattered self. She saw only him looking deep into the very soul of her as the throbbing pulse of their bodies synchronized from the blood in their veins to the breath in their lungs.

The sweat began to cool on her breasts and stomach sending a shuddering chill through her flesh.

This was why she couldn’t go, what she needed so desperately it was worth sacrificing everything and everyone she’d known in her time. It couldn’t be explained, it could only be experienced, and she’d only ever experienced it with Jamie. The recognition in his eyes, the understanding…

Claire raised her head without taking her eyes off of him until her lips met his, tender and warm, a little wet as his tongue darted out to taste her.

“I love you.”

Tha gaol agam ort.

The kindness of strangers

I was at the gym and had was starting my cool down and silently pouting about an injury (which I’ll write about later) when I was approached by a woman I’ve seen here over the past few months.

She motioned for me to take out my earphones, which I did.

“I wanted you to know we’ve seen you here working hard every day and it’s so impressive and motivating to us all!”

“Keep up the great work. It’s really impressive!”

Needless to say I was surprised and practically giddy. I thanked her and went back to my workout with a spring in my step and increased confidence I’ll push through this little setback and keep kicking butt.

Never underestimate the importance of a simple act of kindness.

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hi I don’t know if you’ll see this but I just want to tell you about my dad reacting to dan and phil. so my dad is one of the most serious guys. he’s very shy and quiet, and laughs rarely tbh but I was watching the who wants to be a millionaire video with my dad and he was genuinely laughing, like fully out loud and now he loves all their gaming videos and makes me watch them with him. he wants to listen 2 their radio show now but it doesn't exist anymore and i don't have the heart to tell him:(

ur dad seems like a cool guy and dan and phil if ur reading this do the radio show again so this anons dad doesnt have to be sad

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So we have this regular who is ALWAYS rude. Today she came up to me in the register. The moment I start ringing her up she starts complaining that the store is bad and the employees are rude to her, and she regrets ever becoming a member. Somehow I managed to smile and be moderately polite during all this. And I told her, ever so kindly: "You can withdraw your membership, free of charge." And then she starts yelling at me saying: "You can't decide that!" And accusing me of forcing her to resign!

She doesn’t know what she wants except for the fact that she wants to bitch and complain about everything to the wrong people. -Abby

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“Will you marry me?” From the prompt thing!

thanks! hope you like it xx

I’m miserable all through our date night and Harry notices. “Love, do you want to talk about it?” He asks, hand reaching over to cover mine, but I pull my hand away.

“We’ve already talked about it, unless you’ve changed your stance—“

“Try to understand where I’m coming from—“

“Oh, I understand perfectly that you don’t want to marry me, Harry, don’t worry.”

He shook his head, “That’s not it and you know it.”

“We’ve been dating for five years. Five. Years. If not now then when?”

“I’m waiting for the right time.”

I sighed, “Just forget it, Harry.”

I’m not one to complain about material things and this wasn’t about the ring. I was insecure in our relationship and I always had been. Maybe that was my own fault. No, it was my own fault… But Harry sure wasn’t helping. I started thinking about getting engaged to him after our first anniversary. Harry? Didn’t even cross his mind until four. At four, almost once every three months at least we had the same argument over and over and here we were; anniversary five and still no ring.

Harry loved me and I think deep down I knew that. Who needed a ring and a piece of paper to prove that to me? That’s what I told myself on most days. But after watching friend after friend pair off and attending wedding after wedding for people who had met long after Harry and I… I was tired of fending off questions from well meaning strangers asking when our wedding was.

“Love, come on.” Harry’s voice was low and when I looked at him he was giving me that pout he knew I couldn’t resist, “It’s our anniversary, can’t we celebrate our relationship without fighting tonight?”

I bit the inside of my cheek, “I have to use the bathroom.”

My phone vibrated while I was standing by the sink with a text from Harry.

I love you. It read. I didn’t answer. Less than a minute later: I miss you. I smiled despite myself and headed back out to the table. The rest of the night was better. Harry did everything he could to get my mind off engagements and weddings; talking about stupid things we’d done, like Harry giving me a piggy back ride down the red carpet after my heel broke one time.

As Harry and I were laughing about some memory we had as Harry signed the check, there was suddenly a commotion a few tables away from us. I turned to look in time to see someone kneel in front of their significant other and pull out a ring. I knew Harry’s eyes were on me, waiting to see how I would react as a ring was slid on someone else’s finger and the restaurant erupted in applause. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and stood up, quickly pulling on my jacket and storming out of the restaurant.

“Y/N!” I heard Harry call behind me as I walked to the car. There weren’t many paparazzi out tonight. In fact, Harry had flown us to Nashville to have dinner because he knew we weren’t likely to be followed. “Babe, come on!”

“Leave me alone.” I called over my shoulder.

“Can you just turn around, please? Look at me.”

“Harry, I don’t care, it’s fine let’s just go home.”

“Will you stop walking and turn around?!

There was something in his voice that I couldn’t quite place that made me stop walking and slowly turn to face him.

Harry was on one knee in the middle of the parking lot, a small velvet box in his hands. “I know you’ve been waiting forever for this, and the truth is I never asked because I was scared. Scared you’d wake up one morning and realize you deserved better than me. And so I thought I was sparing myself the humiliation of rejection. That was stupid and selfish and a waste of everyone’s time because the truth is I knew I was going to marry you on our first date when you asked me to come with you to get a tattoo because you had made the appointment thinking our date would go awful and you’d end up leaving early and make it in time.” I laughed here, tears brimming over as I remembered vividly telling Harry that it would be rude to cancel the appointment and he had to come with me. “I bought this ring two years later and held onto it for another three because it didn’t quite make sense to me that you were still here.” Harry quickly swiped at a tear on his cheek before continuing, “Every moment by your side has been an absolute gift and I never want the moments to stop. I want to hold your hand through the hard times and cheer you on through your accomplishments. I want to start a family with you, starting by making you my wife. So… Y/N… Will you marry me?

I cried, nodded, “Yes.” I choked out, “You idiot, do you even have to ask?”

And then Harry was standing, hands shaking as he tried to slip the ring up my finger, and once it was on we were sobbing in each other’s arms. Kissing one another, repeating frantic I love yous over and over between kisses.

And suddenly it didn’t matter that he had waited five years to ask me, because no matter if he had asked me when he first bought the ring or not, our story always ended here; with Harry’s arms wrapped around me and the feeling in my heart that I was home.

send in a four word prompt

If anyone here loves fantastic beasts, newt scamander and/or Eddie redmayne you should let me know because I am obsessed and I want to talk about it

Hands- Cassian Andor


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I don’t know about everyone else but I’m excited for any Cassian content!!! Keen as a Mexican bean! But if you want a little prompt to hopefully kickstart you mind; what about write something based off the word “hands”? Anything at all, the first thing that comes to your mind write it! I hope you get out of it soon darling

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Warnings: None

A/N: Don’t know how special this one is, but at least it got me out of the rut! :) Thanks for your patience, loves. As always. 

He had strong, capable hands. Marred with scars and callouses. I remembered how they’d felt against my skin…running up my thighs, and skimming along my sides as he slipped my shirt off.

You could tell a lot about person based on what kind of hands they had. And I was nothing more than putty in Cassian Andor’s hands.

He caught me alone in the corridor, catching up to me after I’d been caught watching him meticulously clean the blaster that normally hung at his hip.

His fingers curled around my wrist, pulling me to a stop.

“Not now, Cassian.” I murmured, trying to shrug him off. Instead, he tightened his hold on me and pulled me closer.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” he asked calmly, his voice barely above a whisper. I lifted my gaze from the floor to meet his dark brown eyes and instantly regretted it. His expression was filled with pain, and want. Two things I wondered if he saw mirrored back at him.

I averted my gaze back to the floor, where I wouldn’t have to look at his perfect face. “It’s just better this way, Cass. You know that.”

“How is this better?” he asked me in disbelief. “You let me kiss you, you sleep with me…and then you won’t even speak to me?”

“Because.” I hissed at him. I tried again to rip my hand from his hold but he held on, and I eventually gave up. I leaned against him, letting my head fall against his chest. “Because I’m afraid if we do it again, I might not be able to stop.”

I could hear the steady rhythm of his heart beneath his shirt, could feel the rising of his chest. His hand cupped the back of my head, fingers tangling in my hair. “Would that be such a horrible thing?”

“Yes,” I whispered, voice muffled into the fabric of his shirt. “If something were to happen to you it would be.”

There was a small part of me, though, that knew it was already too late for that. That how I felt about him was very real. 

Those hands that had worked so meticulously to make me his traced my spine, running down my back until he was gripping my hips on either side. His fingers dug into my skin, pushing me back and forcing me to look up at him.

“Anything could happen to either of us. At any time. Don’t shut me out.”

I sighed, wanting so badly to just give in. I grabbed his hand and lifted it to my lips, kissing his palm. “I can’t, Cass. I’m sorry.”

Frown lines creased his forehead, as he shook his head slowly. “I’m not giving up that easily. I know how I feel. I’ll watch you walk away a hundred times if it means just once you’ll stay. All it takes is one time to change your mind.” His words made me feel momentarily breathless as he untwisted his fingers from my grasp and cupped my face, his palm warm against my cheek. He leaned in closer, the smell of fuel and leather intoxicating. “You know where to find me.”

Cassian’s lips grazed mine, barely touching them. His fingers brushed my cheek as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Then he was gone, his warmth vanishing as his footsteps led him further and further away…once again leaving me with nothing but the echo of his touch.

Monday! 😍 4:30am wakeups to teach grit, attack and core and then the race was on to get from the gym to uni for an 8am lecture! First day back at uni after taking all of last year off to figure out if uni was for me, if the course was for me, to work and to save money! I am super glad I had last year off as now I definitely know that I want to study nutrition and dietetics, I am already way more engaged than I ever was in my first year straight out of high school and I’m so excited to learn more! I would highly recommend to anyone if you’re not sure about where you are or what you want to do, DON’T rush things! Take your time to think about it and do what you want to do. I went straight from school to doing my PT course and then to uni without thinking about it really, so I feel like I needed last year off to properly think and consider and I’m 100% glad I did! So do what feels right for you and don’t be pushed by anyone else to do what doesn’t suit you ❤️ after uni today I did the new body attack workout which was awesome! So excited to teach all the new stuff! Hope you all have a great start to your week 😘😘


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-waves- I have a really random question. I'm new (super new) to writing fanfics and I was just wondering what your approach is to sticking to canon? I've done a few dean drabbles but haven't posted them because I feel like they're crap. But would you have any advice on how to approach writing fanfiction? I really want to it just scares me a little, and I've read all your stories and they're just soooo good. If you could lend a little advice on how to write canon or anything about writing??

Hi nonnie!

#1- Welcome to the crazy world of writing fanfiction.I hope you have a fun time here with the rest of us insane people.

#2- I know it is nerve wracking, but if you have put time into something, share it with the world. Post it. If you don’t, you will never know where you can improve, what your strengths and weaknesses are. You will be surprised how addictive writing and posting fanfiction becomes. If you took the time to write it, you deserve the opportunity to share it. Feel free to tag me :)

So *cracks knuckles* to the rest of your questions…

Staying in canon- one of the beautiful things about fanfiction is-you don’t have to! That’s why there are so many wonderful AU’s out there. AU’s, I will admit, are my weak point, I love to read them, I struggle to write them. But if you want to stay in canon, here are a couple of the things I do

  • WWXD? (What Would X-Character Do?)
    • There are 250ish episodes of situations that you can draw from where you see these complex characters interact. Use it as a starting point.
    • I avoid choices that the character wouldn’t obviously take unless there is something else involved. Like Dean would never choose to eat a salad (its a small example, but the devil is often in the details)
  • Know that some characters are going to come easier
    • For me, Dean is the absolute easiest to write. I have an easy time getting into his headspace becasue I see a lot of myself in his character (oldest sibling, dork, the way he handles emotions and brushes stuff off). You may find a character you do the same with, one that it is really easy for you to get in their head. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!
    • With this, also be aware of what characters you struggle with, but don’t avoid them. Just be aware. I struggle hardcore with Sam, but he is still a character in many of my fics.
  • That’s about all I have with canon. As starting off points, I use creatures that they have already had on the show or I do a little research on an area and make up my own ghost based on someone real. It is part of the fun!

Other writing advice

  • You are never going to be 100% confident in what you post
    • I’m friends with a lot of writers on here, and it seems the general consensus is that everyone loves our writing but us. We over analyze it and see the flaws, and it is because it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that. One good way to do this is to find yourself a writing buddy that acts as your cheerleader but you can also trust to be honest with you. Mine usually are @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @bloodysideofhell @winchestersnco and a few others that I am forgetting at the moment.
    • Just write what you feel, don’t think ‘oh well so and so wrote this and it is kinda similar’. If it is different, it is yours. If you are worried about it being too similar, go talk to that author and see what they think.
    • You’re never going to regret the things you do write, just the things you don’t
  • Take chances
    • write that weird AU, or that pairing that makes you nervous. Go for it.
  • Sometimes you get stuck, sometime you don’t post for awhile…
    • That’s okay :) We all write for fun. There isn’t a deadline, you aren’t going to miss a paycheck because you miss posting a fic. I haven’t posted in almost 2.5 weeks because real life and I’ve been a little under the weather. And that is okay and it took me a hell of a long time to learn that.
  • There is going to come a day when you feel like your writing is crap.
    • I can assure you it isn’t. It takes a lot for you to write, it takes a lot out of you to go on these journeys with these characters. And that’s where a lot of us come in…Talk to fellow writers, tell them that it isn’t unicorns and rainbows right now. The vast majority of us will drop what we are doing and help a fellow writer out <3

That’s all I have right now nonnie! If there are any lovely people who would like to chime in, please do <3

(Also, feel free to message me anytime)

Y'all, I don't know about you but


The Wedding

Lafayette x Reader

Possibly part one of The Godfather series! 

Note: Day three of the write-a-thon here we are for lit day! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this one, being able to adapt my all time favorite book/movie was so exciting. This is only an adaptation of the beginning scenes, and if this is received well I’ll turn this into a series and adapt the rest of the novel so please let me know what you think of this one and whether or not you want to see more. 

Warning: drinking, mentions of cheating, drug mentions, organised crime (if this is something I need to warn about)

Setting: 1940′s New York

Word Count: 2,040

Tagged: @dem-shitposts-n-stuff @hamiltonsquills @rottwat @iamgrayfox @whatevernever @tallish-hobbit (because I know you were excited about this, not because you actually wanted to be tagged)

Originally posted by jamiiton

George Washington is the head of one of the five powerful mafia families of New York. With his olive oil business as his front, Washington has built himself an empire and sits comfortably at the top.

When he and his wife Martha discovered that they were unable to have children, the couple resorted to adoption in order to provide Washington a successor. They ended up with four children.

The oldest is Hercules a hot headed man who is expected to take over the family when George decides to step down (or dies). 

Next is John who after spending his childhood knowing there is no way he will ever become Godfather of the family spends his time with drink and women.

Third is Gilbert a young man who wants nothing to do with the family business and joins the war effort at the beginning of the second world war 

And finally the couple’s only daughter is Maria a sheltered girl who George is particularly protective of. 

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OMG! I’m speechless. I just received a hateful ask talking nonsense about Jared, but you know what anon I won’t post in this blog not now not never, a single word of hate about a person that’s only doing the things he loves in life and sharing it with all of us. If you don’t like someone just ignore him but it’s very low to talk shit about him. Just so you now this is MY blog and I’ll always post about him every single fucking day that I want. Just fuck off I don’t want hate about him in my blog. This is my happy place and is dedicated to him. Block me and block every Jared blog you ignorant people, you don’t know him at all to hate him and insult him just mind your fucking business and go with your hate somewhere else.

Losing followers by the truckload 😂😂😂 is it because I reblogged my own body photos or maybe the fact I mentioned I support body positivity for ALL GENDERS! Who knows but all I care about is I get rid of the weak ones to make room for the better ones. Peace ✌🏼👌🏼💕

You know, I didn’t hate La La Land, au contraire. I was quite good, but after years in the industry, I have to say that this movie was an empty nostalgia piece which didn’t make people question any aspect of their worldview or challenge them at all. Is it light hearted? Yes. Is it sweet? Yes. But at this point of my life , I want movies that challenge my views, I want movies that punch me in the face and make me think about my place in this world.

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One of the complaints about SU that bothers me is the "filler episodes" where there's nothing plot heavy and it angers people who want the heavy stuff, but every single one of those episodes either has hidden lore or v important character development so it isn't really filler at all??? But they still complain?????


like god okay the reason i made my posts right now is bc i saw a post talking about how some filler eps were worthless and some are useful

but one of the examples they noted for a useless filler ep was storm in the room because APPARENTLY ‘steven went into the room and came out unchanged’ and im like…

are you seriously telling ME. that NOTHING important happened in that episode. like, whether or not steven was basically just talking to himself and telling himself things he already thought/felt/knew, it was still important to have him have that introspective moment to himself.

and most importantly, it was significant that we saw it!! how tf are we gonna know how steven is honestly thinking and feeling about things if we didn’t have an episode like this? it was really cool and important that we got to see that!!

like… it was just. Bad! a bad post! dropped the fucking ball dude, bad post op

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do you think the karamel haters will stand in the way of their relationship in future seasons because i want them to be endgame sooo bad

You and me both!! You know how I like to keep it positive so I don’t think they will but it all depends on what they have in store for Karamel and how the audience, in general, will react to it. I’m like 90% sure that for now, Mon-El and Karamel aren’t going anywhere so we can just enjoy it because we’re about to get a lot more than we even asked for and there’s no use worrying about what will happen next.

I feel like everyone in the Supergirl Staff must know, just like I do, that the reason why antis are being so loud right now is because Karamel just got together, the whole thing is very new and fresh and they’re all going crazy. Just give them time. I believe that they will eventually get tired and the hate will die out (even if it never really disappears) because no one can be that negative and whiny for too long. It’s exhausting and they will soon get tired and find something else to obsess about. I’ve seen that happen in other fandoms. Moreover, Mon-El is still growing and his character is still changing. He’ll be a superhero soon and that’ll win some people over as he becomes more “likable”.

Also let’s be honest, Karamel is creating a reaction from the audience. People aren’t apathetic like they have been toward past romantic relationships on the show. It is one of the most talked about couples right now whether people love them or hate them and that’s actually good for the show. They want people to talk in order to create buzz around the show and attract some new fans which is actually happening right now mostly thanks to the amazing chemistry between Melissa and Chris. The Karamel fandom is growing considerably and that’s for sure. I’ve had blogs that I follow from other fandoms starting to watch the show because of Karamel, I see people reblogging my posts and commenting about how they want to start watching Supergirl because of them. So as time goes by, the Karamel fandom will grow and the antis will increase and I’m sure whoever makes the creative decisions for Supergirl also know that and they aren’t about to throw away the relationship anytime soon when they have so much potential. 

 So we’ll see but for now just enjoy and don’t worry too much ;)

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tagged by @taehyxngs  thank you,so much !  sorry this took long , i do like being tagged, i promise i do

RULES: Tell your followers 11 random things about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts mentioned previously! The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! 

1. I love photography. Ever since I was a kid, it’s always been something that has intrested me. Throughout the years I’ve owned maybe three or four cameras. In the grand scale of things three or four camera isn’t alot, but they hold memories from different stages of my life and I really appreciate having them.

2. English is actually not my first language. I learned English when I started going to school in the United States, about ten to eleven years ago. 

3. I joined Tumblr in Summer 2015. It’s almost been two years. I don’t even remember when this turned into a kpop/bts blog, it just happened one day. Because of this fact, I love going through my archive from the earlier months.

4. I love reading and writing. I want to start writing again, the way I used to. I stopped a few months ago, because it stopped being fun. But  being on this website really made me miss it, so hopefully I’ll start writing again.

5.When I was in middle school I learned to read music and I learned to play the flute. I really want to learn to play piano 

6. I have really bad anxiety, and I hate it to much because it stops me from doing so many of the things I love. It’s also lowered my self esteem. 

7. Because of my anxiety I am quite reserved.  I am too afraid to say the wrong thing.  I keep everything in, which is very unhealthy.

8. I had very bad experiences with friends, which is why now I tend to be more cautious when selecting who I spend time with. 

9. Alexandra is my middle name. It’s what everyone calls me. I really dislike my first name.

10. I am 157 cm tall, so I am  on the shorter side.

11. Dope was the first BTS or KPop song  that I ever heard. 

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feel free to ignore, sorry i am not very intresting 

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you're so knowledgeable about reptiles/animals in general and i think thats so cool. goals honestly.... i'm curious where you learned a lot of the stuff you know?? :~0 also i just wanted to say that a lot of my gargoyle gecko care i learned from you and resources you've provided so thank you!!

Aww, thanks! It all boils down to how I spent my entire childhood with my nose in a book. One of my earliest childhood memories is my dad reading to me as a little kid from this encyclopedia of animals- he’d just read the entries to me one by one. They were divided up by ecosystems- I wish I could remember the encylopedia’s actual name, it had really pretty illustrations. That book was part of how I learned to read, actually- we’d take turns reading entries as I got older. I remember his favorite was always the fish- my dad’s a big fish guy- and his fave fish entry was the Moorish Idol. Then, when I was a little older, my parents bought me this subscription to an animal fact file- I had this big 3-ring binder I filled with these animal info cards that came in the mail every month or so. The only TV I really watched was shows about animals (and Reading Rainbow and Star Trek) and I just- 

I was shy and nervous and liked books and spent all my free time at the library. It was the first place my parents ever let me walk by myself. My favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast because of that magnificent library. And my favorite books of all were about animals- I’d read fact books and journals kept by naturalists and check out books of wildlife illustrations and do whatever I could to learn more. 

I also got my first reptile at age 6! My dad was the primary caretaker, but I would spend HOURS watching my anole. I would go outside and study bugs, too- I have this “book” at home I wrote when I was four that was the natural history of a grasshopper I observed. As long as I can remember, one of my favorite things has been to just go out and observe animals and take notes about what they’re doing- other precious childhood memories include going birding for the first time, raising tadpoles and then putting them back in our creek, letting turtles hibernate in our poolroom, and looking for snakes in the woods. 

So yeah, that’s kind of how my formative years were spent. In a book!