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The Scary...Sneeze?

Context: Playing a Shadowrun group with a pixie sniper, a human mage, an elven mage (who is basically our healer), a human street samurai (who is down for the count at this point in the fight), my elven negotiator, and a minotaur street samurai. The minotaur hadn’t joined the fight at the start because he’d still been in the car, but after the pixie shot & killed 1 goon, and the mage killed the other in a 1-shot firewater cast, the other two were sent running at the sight of the minotaur wanting to join the fun. The minotaur chases after them, and decides to stun one/knock him unconscious so that we can figure out why they attacked us. After bringing the stunned human back, this ensues.

Minotaur: I want to intimidate him.

(The group proceeds to discover that none of us have the intimidate skill)

Mage: Who has the highest charisma

Pixie: I have 5

Negotiator(Me): I have 6.

Mage: Alright, you’re doing the intimidation check.

GM: Your Charisma is 6? (I confirm) What’s your social limit? (It’s 8) Alright, roll for it.

Negotiator: *rolls and stares in stunned silence* I have 1 hit. Almost critically failed there… I go up to the guy and sneeze on him.

(The whole group is snickering at this point)

GM: Alright… *rolls for the goon and proceeds to laugh so hard she is silent*

Negotiator: What happened?

GM: He crit failed… 

Minotaur: So basically, you walked up to him, sneezed, and he pissed his pants.

(The whole group erupted into laughter, my character had been stunned by the ambush attack, and had narrowly dodged being shot twice, only to sneeze in the face of a person who turned out to be the leader of a pretty impressive group of competition for a job we were about to try to get, resulting in him pissing his pants. Awesome!)

Alright, so. Thanks to the ones who said they didn’t want me to go but modding here’s become more stressful than fun for me. When going in I thought it was pretty clear that each mod would deal with their own blunders, but apparently we all have extremely different levels of awareness and it’s not happening. I’m also the only one using the warning list I took days to gather, which makes it not very useful. And I can’t be here all the time and it’s stressful to wake up or come home home to several angry messages about posts that I had no idea existed but that I now have to apologize for. Not to say that you guys are wrong for being angry—it’s just that considering the nature of some of those posts I just feel very uncomfortable having them associated with me in any way or apologizing for them when I would’ve never made them myself in the first place. 

However, I don’t want to have to watch over everything here like a hawk, because it’s not my job, and I’m not the boss of the other mods (I don’t want to be either). My ethics aren’t the same as theirs and that’s fine but it’s making being here a little toxic for me. So I’m gonna leave the blog, and if you want to react to this I ask that you do it to me, personally and not harass the other mods or clutter the inbox with your commentary. First because obviously I won’t have access to the blog’s inbox anymore and won’t be able to answer anyway, second because it’s my decision and they have no responsibility in it, nor should they have to face any negativity or intrusive questions about it. Thank you.

Overall it’s still been a lot of fun to be a mod here, and if EJ and Zoë decide to replace me I hope they find someone a lot better than me. Have a good day!

Can we trade this Tsukiyama

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For this TsukiYama?

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Also a major reason that I’m posting so much of the Science Marches, is that I really wanted to attend one of them.

But most of the Science Marches in Canada are only happening in the larger cities. The nearest one is 6+ hours away, and I’m in the middle of Final Exams so it wouldn’t have been possible.

So at the very least, I can share widely some of the photos of people that were able to go.

This is my way of helping. I have a popular science blog, the least I can do is to use it to support social causes that I believe in.

I want a story time with Gran Torino where he’s sitting in a rocking chair holding a scrapbook of photos from his youth.

- He shows them to Izuku who is eager to learn more about All Might before he was All Might.

- One of the first photos has Nana giving Torino bunny ears and grinning while he looks annoyed.

- Some of the photos are of Torino and Toshinori looking bruised and bloody after training sessions. Torino explains that no matter how annoyed or upset they were Nana made sure they smiled for the photo. 

- There was a photo of Toshinori napping with a stuffed bunny. Torino made Izuku promise not to tell Toshinori he kept that one. 

- One photo has Toshinori doing his iconic All Might pose for the first time in his hero costume. Torino said it took him a while to find a pose “befitting the Symbol of Peace”

- Most of the photos were heartwarming. Like Nana high fiving Toshinori. Hugs and arms around each others shoulders.

- One photo had Toshinori and Nana standing beside Torino who was in the middle. Torino looked grumpy, but Toshinori and Nana were both pulling his mouth into a smile.


hi dudes, quick note to say that i don’t think i’ll have time to post anything for a couple months. this isn’t a hiatus or anything, there’ll probably still be a couple posts going up once in a while, but they won’t be consistent. i’ve got 25+ exams in the next 3 weeks and i’m literally getting rid of my social life and hobbies to revise and prepare for them. i know i’ll be fine and won’t stress, but i just want to use every opportunity i have, to work. hopefully you’ll understand - if any of you wanted to write something for me or you want me to desperately write something to post, please just say. good luck to everyone who has exams too! don’t stress and relax! i’ll still be online and shit, and expect me to post loads during the summer holidays!👀❤️❤️

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It kinda bothers me when anti stuckies are like "why can't they just be friends" "stop making everything gay." Like, I know what friendship looks like. That ain't it. There are lots of really awesome, dynamic, fictional friendships between men that are just friendships and that read/watch like that. But this is just so obviously coded with romance both in terms of the characters' actions and the tropes used to tell the stories.

at this point i’m just like “bc i don’t fucking want them to be, get out my grill u weren’t invited to my BBQ” when asked the ever stimulating and thought provoking question “why can’t they just be friends? close male friendship is important too!”

Gr8, go watch any piece of media ever made for all ur close male friendship needs - Steve and Bucky were written on the same arc as a love story, to me it’s not platonic, leave me the fuck alone to contemplate a world where Marvel allows queer people to exist in the MCU.

Also, bc I’m petty, every time someone says to “stop making everything gay” i headcanon another of their dudebro faves as LGBT, it’s a simple pleasure but it’s a joy nonetheless.

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OKAY!! EMERGENCY!! my mom is forcing me to speak at an event, and to spite her i want to end my speech by saying, "here is a quote from the great philosopher Kim Han," and then say some deep thing he's said (because there's so many). do you have any i could use?

Since I don’t know at what kind of event you have to hold the speech, I’ll just post my favorite hanbin quotes and you can look for yourself if you can use any of them. 

  • “Do not do it half-heartedly. Devote your life into it.”
  • “A winner is someone who gets up one more time when he is knocked down.”
  • “There is more to life than studying. Just do what you like.”
  • “I think we are able to stand here and sing because of the tears you shed for us. The happiness you felt with us, starting back from WIN. I’m so glad I became a singer and I’m so happy to meet you. We met so many people here, I think that this is a huge blessing for us. Really, thank you so much. And there is one thing we all want to say together. Well I don’t know if it will transfer over to you, but we’ll shout it together loudly. THANK YOU!”
  • “The gods asked me ‘won’t you regret this?’ I answered without hesitation ‘why should I regret?’. What’s left behind is either success or failure.”
  • “There is nothing humans can’t do. Just do it!”
  • “I don’t make music to make it to the charts. I’m happy even if just one person listens to our songs. I used to be fussy about the charts. I was blinded by something unnecessary. I let go of that, and it got a lot better.”
  • “It was like hell. But after being in hell, hell became comfortable. If I go to hell again, I think I’ll be prepared.”
  • “The moment they relax, I eat them up.”
  • “My determination has no choice but to be different from others.”
  • “If I were you I’d practice day and night. I would be too pissed not to. Where’s you determination? Do you really want this? Are you desperate? Your nose should be bleeding by now. You should feel so exhausted that you’d think you might die. Why do you even sleep? Why do you go to the house? Why do you rest? Why are you taking the weekends off?”
  • “In 10 years, I’ll be the best.”
  • “I want to become a person who doesn’t change even after debut.”
  • “Happiness, sorrow, hope, anger, desire, despair, love. What’s the meaning of these emotions that you feel only for a moment.”
  • “I absolutely have no regrets.” 
  • “All I could do as a leader, is to protect the team.”
  • “Before 6th grade, my dream changed once every 2 days. My parents said that if my dream doesn’t change for a year then they’ll help me with that dream and that was becoming a rapper. To see that my dream did come true, I think I was lucky.”
  • “Our business got nothing to do with you.”
  • “I don’t know this games rules. But fuck it, I don’t care. I will do it my way.”
  • “The pain given by god, I was getting over it. Brothers that share blood and flesh I was trying to protect.” 
  • “Hey haters, sorry, it’s my time now.”
  • “After ‘WIN’ ended, we went back to training. Fans sending their love, our families rooting for us and our performances. I wrote songs to cherish those memories.”
  • “No limit, gon touch the sky.”
  • “If you don’t know me, get to know me now. Korea’s music industry had no owner, but it’s mine now. If that disgusts you and you have the confidence, try to take away my leadership.
  • “Everyone look closely at how far I’ll come.”
  • “The fans are my motivation. They’re the reason I make music. I’m thankful that they experience sadness and happiness with us. They’re the people that make me make music.”
  • “We will become the best.”
  • “Life is sometimes heaven, sometimes hell. Sometimes pleasure, sometimes pain.”
  • “ I fell and learned how to walk on my own.”
  • “Giving up my youth, I ran barefoot for three years. Living each day nervous about tomorrow.I had no choice but to throw away the pressure and failure.”
  • “From now on I don’t want to bother about success or failure. I don’t want to think about win or lose. As long as we can bring happiness and good songs to you all then we are satisfied.”
  • “I don’t hate anyone. I learned from my mom that I shouldn’t hate people.”
  • “What are we fighting for? What do we find so funny? We are still young and naive, we just want happiness. After lots of moments of regret and the liquor glass that is emptied out along with our hearts. With the people and music that I like, this should be a satisfactory life.”
  • “Let’s take it slow, let’s last real long, let’s stay together until we die.” 
  • “The reason why I can’t run away when the gun is pointing at me? The reason why I can sleep in peace during the night after dark? What am I living for? I’m living for my fam, for my fan, do this thing for my team, for myself.”

how to delete someone else’s news article

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am i the only CSer who actually likes regina and don't mind/respect the swan queen fandom? lana is a lovely person and some of the swan queen fandom can be very rude (and some of the captain swan fandom too) but at the end of the day people ship who they want to ship and they don't need to bring another fandom down cause they don't agree with them i just wanna say to those swan queen fandom who use respect hook (or don't shine their negativity) you are great!

No, of course not, you’re definitely not the only one. Lots of us really like Lana/Regina and many of us also enjoy the Emma/Regina relationship.

The problems within the fandom aren’t really about the characters or relationships on the show, they’re about the awful dynamic that’s developed between a lot of the fans. The truth is that the vast majority of people in both the SQ and CS fandoms are lovely, respectful people who just want to ship their thing in peace. But they’re often drowned out by the people who can’t just ship and let ship and have to try and ruin anything good the other ship gets.

The people who are the most hateful in this (and all) fandoms are also the most vocal and prolific. They’re the ones that throw hate into the tags for everyone to see or add unnecessarily nasty comments on every single OUAT article or tweet. But they’re definitely not representative of the entire fandom, they just think they are.

And I think after so many years of this dynamic, a lot of even the most tolerant people have reached the end of their tether and have started to snap. 

By the way new class fans you might not know this because nothing about this shoe is ever advertised but there are three books about class. I read all three of them in a night so I remember nothing about their quality but I do remember weird odd little moments like:

-The time Charlie didn’t know how crossing guards worked and Matteusz had to carry him onto a round about to explain it all to him

-Quill has this weird romance with this ghost nerd

-April gets possessed and shows up to school shit faced and kisses Charlie

-Charlie and Matteusz sneak of while the gang are ghost busting to snog in the creepy house

-Tanya has this adorable friendship with this Syrian refugee (it was technically a friendship but we all know Tanya is gay)

-For some reason the only things I remember about Ram from these three books is that something really creepy happens to him in the first one but I won’t spoil it and he’s really good at shooting things

-Some amazing Quill and Charlie moments that probably should have been in the show because it adds so much to their already complex relationship

-At some point Charlie draws an anteater snorting ants through a rolled up five pound note, I’m not quite sure why I remember that but I do

Disclaimer: I read these books on like 2 hours of sleep and I was ill so I could have hallucinated a lot of this stuff (especially that last on) so of they didn’t actually happen in the books well now they are my headcanons, deal with it.

If someone else with a better memory wants to add more or correct my forgetful ass, feel free

Gift aaaaaaaaaaaaaart

Look at these two. Look at these fucking dieties. Christ, they just look fabulous together don’t they? They’re too good for us, man.

Anyways, you can post/do what you want with it! It’s a gift for you!!

matt stans really do have the biggest victim complexes ever. “let me love matt in peace”. no one’s telling you that you can’t love matt? saying your entire fandom doesn’t have bad apples does nothing because obviously you guys do have a fuckin problem in your little subfandom? you guys have racists in here. you may not do what “the other matt stans” are doing and you may not even be like “those other matt stans” but jesus at least try to acknowledge that there’s a reason the white boy with three lines and no personality that isn’t taken from established characters (2 of which are poc) is so well loved. fanon matt is flirtatious, a jokester, uses humor to mask how he’s feeling, troubled, kind. all of those are from lance. people want matt to take over as black paladin instead of allura who makes 1000% more sense to be bp over matt “i sure love them peas, dad” holt.

you’re not doing poc, especially latinxs and mentally ill/disabled folks, bc this racism was heavily targeted at lance and shiro, any favors by telling everyone to calm down and not make things into such an issue. telling people to delete racist anons or “trolls” and telling them not to be offended so you don’t have to think of this? well guess what just because you guys are having fun and shit doesn’t mean that poc have to deal with this shit in silence because it’s ruining your good time with your fave tertiary white boy.

hell even i loved the occasional matt posts and messing around and thinking about what he could be like and what he could bring to the team. but this matt love and appreciation would not be this big if he was not a boy or white and it doesnt mean you love him any less for acknowledging this and acknowledging the problems that are clearly present rn

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What is it with people saying Isak is going to dump Even? Just because Isak is curious or because Even has a background with Mikael and Yousef doesn't really mean anything? Im sure Evak will be endgame because this isn't some silly American tv show where they do things just for drama. Thoughts?

i totally agree with you. and i really wish to know why people think so. they hate isak and even? if it’s so it would be more understandable, but if they ship isak and even and think so i’m???? like they “love" them but used to some cheep tv show’s plots and want to see some drama?
i hate drama because i had some OTP’s what broke my heart just because creators wanted to make some drama and i’m done with it. julie is a special director and she won’t go this way.

do you ever realize just how lame some of your dreams are?

like I want to learn how to blow glass for the sole purpose of making a bong. a pretty red and black one, with very distinct decorations. not to use. I want it to be on my shelf, forever untouched, so that when people come over and ask me why I have the damn thing out in the open, I’ll just turn to them and say

“oh that’s just blaze falcon”

and just never explain why I’m laughing so hard

that’s like 50% of my life goals

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Anarchy is controversal and stupid it denyes itself. If only rule is that there are no rules than it's a paradox. And let us not get started on the topic of how uncivilazied the whole concept is. So my question is what makes anarchist so diffrent from somebody like caveman? They didn't have any gods, pope, bishops, laws, govorment, presidents, or any tax to pay at all just like your preachings. So what makes you better than them?

From the look of your blog you seem primarily concerned with using short replies to insult people who are trying to make the world a little better. I don’t really expect that you will take the time to read my long answer. But maybe other people do want to read it so I am writing it anyway for the people who are interested. Maybe that includes you maybe it doesn’t. 

I could say so many different things to this, starting with the fact that most evidence shows that cave dwelling people actually had very few wars, took care of the sick and disabled and had a far more equal distribution of food and goods than we do today. Historians have often imagined the ‘uncivilized’ caveman’s life to be full of rape and warfare but there is no evidence for that at all. Many died at 30, sure, but that was because they did not yet have the technology to do 21th century health care. 

I do not want to get back to a caveman like lifestyle. All I am saying here is: the system we live in now brings out the worst in humanity. When people are not forced into a system of huge wealth unequality that forces people to work meaningless jobs for long hours under bad conditions for scraps, they’re actually pretty nice. When people have to distribute what they have in their own communities, they never come up with a ‘I keep 99% and you lot can devide this 1%’ system. You need the extensive system of capitalism to achieve that. 

Anarchy is not just about ‘no rules’, that is a twisted version of the concept that is being repeated over and over again by opponents and has no basis in real anarchism. Some of the main building blocks of anarchism are:

- The systems that are currently creating massive inequality need to be destroyed. That means dismantling capitalism, the state, borders, prisons, cops, and the distribution of money as we know it but it also means we need to dismantle white supremacy, the patriarchy, cissexism, heteronormativity, ableism, neuronormativity etc. 

- Distribution of goods should take place based on everyone getting what they need to live comfortably, and everyone working in ways that they want and can do comfortably. We can easily feed the world that way because we’ll no longer have to give 99% to the ultra rich. 

- All organization, be it a family, a factory or a whole city, should be organized around group-decision making and should be entirely voluntary. No systems should be set up that you can not leave.

- A lot of organizing involved setting rule together, things like ‘don’t put stuff on the wheelchair ramp’ and ‘everyone on this farm who can physically do the work needs to show up for the harvest because we need to get all the food inside before the weather turns bad’. But these are not rules as laws, they are rules as communication: stuff we agree on together because it makes our lives better. If someone feels that the rules they have set with a community no longer fit there is no punishment, there is a conversation about why they don’t fit and a search for a better way to organize the rules. If someone is harmful to others, there is a focus on protecting victims and simultaneously working with the harmful person to figure out what made them act in harmful ways and what they need to change. 

There is more, and there are a lot of groups within anarchism that would emphasize different aspects of anarchism, but as you can see, it’s definitely about a lot more than ‘no rules’. 

I once thought that Anarchy was just ‘no rules’ and it frightened me. Without rules, how would a small, neuroatypical, queer trans person like me be safe? How would my friends be safe? But I realized that anarchism is actually primarily concerned with breaking down all the systems that are creating an unsafe world for me and that the alternatives anarchists build focus on working together to create real safety in a way that the legal systems under capitalism can never provide. 

If you’re interested, check out the many books at The Anarchist Library

Or start with my favorite book Anarchy Works. 

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of course id want to date crispy boi. then i could discover his weaknesses and use them to my advantage to show the world who he really is

…………………… i  mean u got a point there

So.. lemme tell ya something. I really don’t give a shit even if i see my NOTPs everywhere and EVERYDAY. That’s how life is. Everyone doesn’t share all the same interest and that’s what makes us human. Unique. Ant that’s totally okay!. heck i even reblog my NOTPs for the sole reason that the art is nice and i LIKE IT. i don’t BITCH about it because i want to enjoy my goddamn self in the fandoms i’m in. I mean, hating on something just because oh ooohhh you don’t like it and you want them to LIKE what YOU like. that’s kinda.. selfish and douchey. Won’t life be better if you just enjoy what you like? And if you find and meet people who likes the same stuff as you do then all the more great! just don’t hate for fuck’s sake. Nor vague posting hate. Just hate in general.. is a huge no. just stop it. Let your saltiness go man. LET IT GO. and just enjoy what you like.

and if people bothers you in your own little world which you’re silently enjoying. ignore them. literally. black list them. just.. don’t give any attention to them. They may say hurtful things but if you let it get to you they’ll only be motivated to attack you more. 

Point is. To fully enjoy a fandom, you have to have fucking respect. As well as stop looking at the side you know you wouldn’t like. If you knew you won’t like this ship, then DON’T FUCKING LOOK AT THE TAGS OF IT OH GODS. Then when you see something that makes you uncomfortable you’re going to bitch about it and rant like oh damn, well the tags wasn’t bothering you, you’re the one looking at it out of curiosity.  As well as, if you see a type of fanart or ship that makes you uncomfortable, artists and writers ALWAYS tags their work so just black list it, jusmio. If you want to really enjoy yourself, theres lots of ways to do it. But if you’re secretly desiring for drama and dont want to do anything about the things that makes you uncomfortable and just gives excuses then, you really WILL not enjoy it.

besides, theres also the unfollow button. that’s also an option you know.

So yea. i hope ya’ll could enjoy the things that you like by STAYING THERE. and dont explore dark waters you know THAT WOULD MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE.

Chill out yo. And have a great awesome day.

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Headcanon for levi taking care of his messy drunk s/o in modern verse pretty please ( 🌸•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• 🌱 )

I kind of just went with drunk without the messy. I hope that’s okay, anon! 

  • Let’s be real: Levi Ackerman can hold his alcohol incredibly well so, if his s/o was trying to keep up with him at a function, they are going to end up super wasted. 
  • The minute he realizes what’s going on, Levi doesn’t let them out of his sight. If they have to use the bathroom, he forces a co-worker to go in with them just to make sure nothing happens. 
  • If his s/o wanted to drink more, he’d quietly tell the bartender to water down their drinks until they are drinking about 95% water. He knows they are going to have a killer migraine in the morning, so he wants to do his best to make sure they stay relatively hydrated. 
  • He’s pretty calm about getting them up to their apartment and to the bathroom just in case they begin to throw up. 
  • You know that scene from 30 Rock? This one? Yeah, that’s Levi if his s/o starts throwing up. Nothing disgusts him more, but he’s going to try and be there just to make sure they don’t choke on their own vomit. 
  • He’s the type to humor his s/o if they are just babbling nonsense. There’s plenty of “uh-huhs” and “you’re drunks” tossed in his sentences, along with a string of curse words when they fall over or do something incredibly sloppy. 
  • By the time they are settled down for the night, Levi stays by their side and refuses to leave just in case they might need something. Even though he isn’t one to state how he feels often, it’s obvious that he loves them if he’s willing to put up with how ridiculously wasted they were. 
  • The next morning, his s/o would wake up to Advil on the side of the nightstand with a glass of water and the smell of bacon. Levi would force them to eat breakfast before taking off, knowing that the only way for them to get over their hangover was to sleep it off and drink lots of water. 
  • Overall, he’s more supportive and caring than one might think he’d be. If he seriously loves a person, Levi is going to do everything in his power to ensure that they are comfortable, even if it’s something as simple and stupid as taking care of them when they are drunk.

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I just read your "Adulting 101". You'll probably see the review on amazon anyway, but I just wanted to tell you directly how much I enjoyed it! I LOVE that you didn't go the way of most stories about this topic like "He was stupid but now he realizes that and he gets a job and accounting is actually fun and he gets married and has children and tax season's his favourite season hurr durr". You showed another possible way of growing up and I'm just so happy to finally read that in a story!!

Aw! Thank you so much! I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, and I’m technically middle-aged. There are so many stories out there, particularly YA, with teenage protagonists who FIND THEIR PURPOSE. Which, good for them, but what about those of us who don’t? That’s okay too! It’s is totally okay to not know what you want to do, and to work a bunch of different jobs until you find one you like. Or you don’t! It’s totally possible that you work a job you really don’t like in order to finance the stuff that you do like. 

And I saw this as the person who went to university because she didn’t want to get a job yet. I cannot stress how glad I was to get into uni. I mean, I had my part-time job at the supermarket, but I didn’t want a real job yet. 

I am also the person who finally moved out of the flat at the back of my mum’s house and bought my own house just so I could get a dog. 

I am the person who accidentally adults for the most non-adult reasons. And guess what? There are a lot of us out here!

It was actually really important for me that in the end of Adulting 101 Nick still has no idea what the hell to do with his life. And why should he? He’s eighteen! He’s got his entire life in front of him to explore and to figure himself out. 

Society, and parents, and the education system too often want to lock kids into these decisions when they’re still kids. And while I really do have the greatest admiration for young people who know exactly what they want to do and how to get there, there are an awful lot of people out there who don’t. There are so many different paths in life, and sometimes it takes a little longer to find yours. I’m still trying new things, and I love it! 

I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I don’t usually check reviews, but I’ll head on over and take a look! 

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Adulting 101 is here on Amazon